YokoBRCould someone tell me a good web interface to admin an ubuntu server? It's set up with mysql, nginx and hhvm already00:34
sarnoldYokoBR: please be careful if you choose to use one; I think web admin interfaces are the second most common reason why linux systems are compromised. be sure to firewall it to only allow access to specific IP ranges that you want to allow to admin the machine00:36
YokoBRsure :)00:42
YokoBReverywhere i look, i only find ajenti00:44
RoyKYokoBR: ssh is a good way to administer thing ;)01:25
RoyKYokoBR: it doesn't take long to learn it the old way and you'll thank me after you learned it01:26
YokoBRRoyK: It's what am I doing right now.. But I wish I had a faster way to deploy domains there01:26
RoyKYokoBR: AFAIK there isn't really any good web frontends for administering linux yet01:27
RoyKYokoBR: just get used to it - it's not hard01:27
YokoBRoh, fine :(01:28
RoyKit takes me about 2 minutes to setup a new website01:29
Geomis there such cli command to make yor optical's led to blink?06:09
OerHeksGeom, all perhepials ( incl leds)  are accessible in the filesystem, however, dvd lights not , see /sys/class/leds06:17
GeomOerHeks oh thats not good. have to find an alternative… thanks for the info06:20
Geomhow come i dont have ls /sys/class/leds/06:21
OerHekshmm maybe because i am on a desktop ..?06:23
Geomprobably :)06:24
OerHeksodd, never noticed this difference06:25
Geomi might have to make it speak instead of blinking led06:30
lucas_aiWhen I run rsync -vr fromDirectory toDirectory, to backup files to an external drive, it takes too long to check the deltas for the whole file list, and my drive gets disconnected. Every time I run it again, it doesn't get to send new files because checking for changes takes so long and always starts from the same place. Any ideas on how to continue transfering files, but faster or avoiding the initial long checks?06:51
bekkslucas_ai: Better fix the issue of your drive disconnecting instead ;)07:34
lucas_aibekks, I don't think that's realistic. I'm using a tablet, and an external dock with disks in it07:35
bekkslucas_ai: And why isnt it realistic to fix it then? Are you pulling the cables while you are transferring data?07:36
lucas_aiNot really, but I'm running windows10, as well07:36
lucas_aion a surface pro 307:36
lucas_aiI don't think it's designed to do long hours of file rsyncing07:36
bekksSo your question isnt about Ubuntu then?07:36
bekksAnd windows doesnt care how long a file transfer takes, as long as you dont pull the cables :)07:37
GeomOerHeks: Solved it by using keyboard instead08:46
GeomKB led i mean08:46
OerHeksGeom, what was your goal with that led?08:47
Geomto blink for error on a headless server based on my custom script08:49
OerHeksah oke.08:49
OerHekselse you could annoy the admin with eject && eject -t08:50
Geom^^ correct08:50
OerHeksor just eject ..08:51
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caribourbasak: nacc: jgrimm: I just remembered that there is still a MR outstanding for clamav :https://code.launchpad.net/~louis-bouchard/ubuntu/+source/clamav/+git/clamav/+merge/29863013:11
rbasakcaribou: I'm on it. It's the last one I have left!13:17
rbasakThough after that I'm going to go through the merge list again.13:17
caribourbasak: oh ok, I thought it had fell off the radar13:17
Bravenhas anyone done used Realm to join a ubuntu server to AD13:29
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DirangedHey .. I'm launching new Ubuntu 14.04.05 images in Amazon and I'm finding they come up with the 3.13 kernel rather than the 4.4 kernel. I thought thatb ased on the release notes, that the 4.4 kernel was the default now. Am I using the wrong AMI images?16:28
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coreycbbeisner, ceilometer 1:5.0.4-0ubuntu1~cloud0 is ready to promote to liberty-proposed when you get a moment17:14
coreycbbeisner, also horizon 2:9.1.0-0ubuntu1~cloud0 is ready to promote to mitaka-updates17:16
coreycbbeisner, aodh 2.0.2-0ubuntu1~cloud0, ceilometer 1:6.1.3-0ubuntu1~cloud0, and betamax 0.5.1-1~cloud0 are also ready to promote to mitaka-updates17:19
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DaniliHello in here :) I have rented a ubuntu server, and I'm kind of a newb I admit that. Anyways my problem is that my / is filled 100% I can't even do a apt-get autoremove. I don't know what to do about this problem because I only know what I have in my home folder https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068124/ https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068153/18:51
PryMar56Danili, apt-get clean18:52
PryMar56Danili, or whack the /var/cache/apt/*deb18:52
Danilistill 100% used after a sucessfull apt-get clean so rm -rf /var/cache/apt/*deb ?18:55
compdocDanili, boot the Ubuntu Desktop dvd, and see if you can remove any junk files that you dont need18:55
bekksDanili: can you still pastebin?18:55
compdocfree up space18:55
Danilicompdoc, It's a rented server, I don't have hard access18:56
compdocyou'll have to pay your provider, then18:56
bekksOr just see where space is used.18:56
bekksThats why I'm asking wether pastebin stuff is still possible.18:56
RoyKDanili: tune2fs -m 0 /dev/mapper/vg00-root18:57
compdoccant ssh into it? you can login and free up space18:57
Danilibekks, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068215/18:57
DaniliI can ssh in to it18:57
RoyKDanili: ext4 normally reserves 5% for root18:57
RoyKDanili: use the tune2fs command above to set that to 0%18:58
bekksDanili: Can you pastebin "df -i" please, too?18:58
Danilibekks, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068216/18:58
patdk-wkwell, two issues18:59
patdk-wkone is attempting to run apt-get as non-root18:59
patdk-wksecond is, the disk is full18:59
patdk-wkthe permission issue has nothing to do with diskspace18:59
patdk-wkfind out what used your diskspace all up19:00
Danilipatdk-wk, the permission issue is not a issue :P19:00
patdk-wkit was in the pastebin :)19:00
patdk-wkjust start doing a, du -s * | sort -n19:01
patdk-wkjust start doing a, du -sx * | sort -n19:01
patdk-wkstarting in /19:01
patdk-wkand going into subfolders for the larger ones19:01
patdk-wksee if it's all used up in /usr or /var, or /var/lib/...19:01
patdk-wksomething like, you have mysql installed, and have a bunch of data in it, or log files turned on, it will fill up /var/lib/mysql19:02
bekkssudo du -sh /19:02
bekkserr, cd /; sudo du -sh *19:02
patdk-wkh becomes annoying to sort with19:02
patdk-wkwhen you have >10 folders :)19:02
RoyKbekks: no, sudo du -sc /*19:02
bekksWorks fine for getting an idea :)19:02
patdk-wkonly if the list is short19:02
patdk-wkit's too hard to deal with the units quickly19:02
patdk-wkfor / and /var it might be ok, but not for /var/lib19:03
Danilithanks everybody, I'll try to go through the folders :D19:07
Danilidiscovered that I have some giant logs19:14
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DaniliHello again in here. Earlier I had some problems with my / being filled 100% so I couldn't even use apt-get autoclean or autoremove. I cleaned up some space manually and after that I thourght it was time for the autoremove and autoclean, but after those there was even less space avail, can anyone explain that? https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068441/20:56
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OerHeksDanili, odd... you cannot run ' apt-get full-upgrade ' ?21:23
RoyKdavisonio: did you try tune2fs -m0 /dev/mapper/vg00-root21:24
RoyKDanili: that was for you, sorry davisonio21:24
DaniliOerHeks, I think I should clean up some more space before I upgrade anything21:24
DaniliRoyK, Now I have and as you said it gave me about 5%21:28
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RoyKDanili: then look for whatever's filling up your rootfs21:30
DaniliRoyK, I have found out and I'm working on a fix :D You have all been really helpfull and I have learned alot about cleaning my / today :D I just wondered why the autoclean and autoremove was taking and not giving free space21:33
RoyKDanili: try du -sc /*21:37
RoyKDanili: it may take a while, but it'll show where the the space is used21:37
aroonianyway (besides say ping) of determining latency on a ssh connection ?  and is there anything i can do to reduce latency ?  connecting from mac os x to ubuntu server 14.04 over ssh and using tmux23:50

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