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elachecheHello nizarus10:33
nizarusbonjour elacheche10:34
elachecheYour @ubuntu.com is an alias to gmail or clibre.tn/nizarus.tn ?10:34
nizarusalias to @nizarus.tn10:34
elachecheThat's why mails to spam :/10:36
elachecheCan you send a mail to f339de4263e6ded1152a93c405b9830348997ed9@multirbl.valli.org using @ubuntu10:36
nizarusmais comment Oussema à détecter que le serveur de canonical est blacklisté ?10:38
nizarusrDNS for IP record found!Failed10:41
nizarusnotre IP10:41
elachecheOussema à lu le "code source" du mail (tu peut trouver dans thunderbird aussi).. Il a trouver que le mail à passer par un serveur canonical.. il a chercher dans les RBL et trouvé que c'est black lister, mais c'est pas ça le vrai problème..10:41
elachecheMail dans les spam à cause du PTR (qu'on a pas pu résolu sur Op.tn)10:42
elachechePTR == rDNS10:42
MarwenDohi elacheche12:58
elachecheHey MarwenDo13:15
MarwenDohow can i edit my wiki page on wiki.ubuntu.com ?13:15
elachecheYou already have one?13:26
elachecheMarwenDo: just login then you'll find the edit link13:28
MarwenDocan't find it13:28
elachecheAre you logged in?13:28
elachecheIt's just below the ubuntu logo.. What do you have in that menu?13:29
MarwenDoImmutable Page Info Unsubscribe Attachments   marwen-doukh  Logout   Help13:29
elachecheWeird :/13:30
elachechelogout then login again13:30
MarwenDoi did it13:30
elachecheI can edit it..13:30
elachecheWhy you can't :/13:30
MarwenDocould you click edit and send me the link ?13:31
elachecheI don't think that'll work13:32
MarwenDoYou are not allowed to edit this page.13:32
elachecheLet's ask #canonical-sysadmins13:33
elachecheLet's ask #canonical-sysadmin13:34
elachechejoin that channel13:34
elachecheMarwenDo: here?13:52
MarwenDothank you elacheche13:57
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elachecheYo Na3iL !!!17:24
elachecheHow are you doing!!17:24
Na3iLHello elacheche I am fine as usual :) what about you17:25
elachecheThere is a nice It/SysAdmin quizz that you'll like to try :D → https://redd.it/4y46zb17:25
Na3iLaw!! seems interesting :D17:26
elachecheVery! :D I was stuck in Stage2 since yesterday.. Today I almost finished it.. Need to go home to focus on the last stage17:27
Na3iLhahaha :D I think you just gave me reason to not sleep this night17:29
elachecheYou're clever then me, you'll solve it in less time17:29
* elacheche GTG.. BRB17:29
Na3iLhaha, okay take your time17:30

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