SebthreeBQM10HDanyone about>?00:05
SilvarionAnybody around?01:03
blendergeekI am trying to run ubuntu-sdk but I keep getting this error: This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "ubuntumirclient" in "".01:34
SilvarionHmmm... did you install the dependencies?01:54
blendergeekI tried several different possible dependencies.01:55
blendergeekI have installed everything it automatically installs when I install from the repos. But I'm not sure where the 'ubuntumirclient' thing comes from.01:57
Silvariondo you have a filename? Or did you use apt-file to look for it?02:08
SilvarionIt's completely weird02:08
SilvarionI'm trying to run phablet-dev-bootstrap but I'm getting service unavailable 50302:09
SilvarionInvalid clone.bundle file; ignoring.02:19
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kaisozhi all06:40
folfDoes anyone know the difference between webbrowser-app on Ubuntu 16.04 and touch? I am having trouble playing videos from a specific site (www.dr.dk) on my MX4, but it works fine on 16.0408:35
davmor2folf: possibly down to codecs the phone has far fewer08:37
folfdavmor2, as in they are not available on the phone, or as in I could install them on the phone?08:38
davmor2folf: as in they are not available by default, if you install them they will likely get broken on upgrade as you would need to install them via apt not click and then there is a chance that they might not work anyway08:41
folfdavmor2, thanks!08:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1602522 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "The new Calendar on indicator doesn't use the translation's date format" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:56
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jgdxanyone know how I can change the account associated with my youtube scope?10:35
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robinherohey, will the new owncloud calendar snyc support (OTA-13) work with nextcloud too?11:41
mcphailrobinhero: would be surprised if it didn't. There isn't any real difference between nextcloud and owncloud at this stage11:43
mcphailIs this definitely coming in OTA13 though?11:43
mcphail(If so, we just need to crack bluetooth connectivity to make me a very happy boy...)11:44
popeyI believe so, yes. poke bfiller for updates when he's on11:47
ubot5Launchpad bug 1234336 in Canonical System Image "Search queries are not escaped" [High,Confirmed]11:51
kaisozdid you finally decided if this bug will be fixed or not?11:51
kaisozIIRC it wasn't clear if you finally wanted this bug to be fixed...11:52
sergiusensoSoMoN hey, I have a question for you; when looking at long log files (like the ones from autopackage tests) in the browser there is no easy way to go to the end of a file (without a keyboard), is this a known issue?12:41
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deefanyone has experience with the bq m1 0 tablet?13:00
popeyA few people here have one13:01
* popey looks at his13:01
deefi just own such a device but to certain WIFI networks it won't connect13:02
deefthe hotspot of my e45 is fine thoug13:02
deefand with that one it connects13:02
deefexcept here at home13:02
popeyStrange. Mine sees all the same networks as my laptop13:03
deefwell, my tables sees all my networks, but it cannot connect to the home network, only to my phone-hotspot and the wifi at the office13:04
deefany suggestions?13:05
popeyWhat's special about the home network?13:05
deefnothing at all13:05
popeymaybe check the logs on the tablet? sudo dmesg...13:05
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mardyMirv: commented on bug 160882213:12
ubot5bug 1608822 in signon (Ubuntu) "signon fails tests on Qt 5.6" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160882213:12
deefanyone knows a workaround for my prob?13:18
popeyWell, we need to know where the issue is.13:19
popeyNeed a bug report really.13:19
oSoMoNsergiusens, can you point me to such a log file, so I can reproduce the issue?14:12
mardyMirv: looks like it failed, but where can I get the full build log? https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/qt5-beta2/+build/1063238414:15
sergiusensoSoMoN https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-yakkety/yakkety/amd64/s/snapcraft/20160818_125139@/log.gz try getting to the end of that without a keyboard or mouse while on your phone or tablet :-)14:15
pmcgowangihel, hey, your sms problem, are you running ota12 and which device?14:16
oSoMoNsergiusens, ok, I see what you mean (sorry I couldn’t get to it earlier I was in a meeting)14:26
oSoMoNsergiusens, do you happen to know how other mobile browsers behave in that regard?14:26
oSoMoNactually I have an android tablet on my desk, let me check14:27
sergiusensoSoMoN I think you can just drag with the sidebar on other devices14:27
oSoMoNsergiusens, I can’t drag the scrollbar on chrome on android (that’s on a M10, don’t have a phone handy for testing)14:37
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kaisozhi there :)17:04
mimecarhi kaisoz17:06
kaisozhi mimecar17:09
brunch875I just had a naughty naughty idea17:13
brunch875Know how most phone providers charge you a crapload for a limited internet whilst also giving you unlimited calls at 0 cost?17:14
brunch875What if phones used dialup to connect to the internet instead? Would that be possible? ☺17:14
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dobeybrunch875: sure, but then you're paying a different ISP for really poor bandwidth (think 56 kbps)17:21
dobeybrunch875: better to shop around and get a better deal on data than to try and use dial-up17:21
brunch875just food for thought17:22
dobeybrunch875: also, easier to just set up a VPN at home, and then use open public wifi spots with VPN through home ISP, for unlimited free bandwidth, at this point17:22
brunch875I guess it would depend on the country17:23
brunch875but this also leads me to thinking... given all the utouch model of app security, implementing a program which does this wouldn't really be possible, would it?17:24
brunch875I hope unity8 doesn't end up being unpractical17:26
REAPer61616Can someone tell me what is going on with sources of touch? I can't sync, got curl 22 error - 404 not found17:33
dobeybrunch875: i don't think there's any way for an app to control the network connection, no. that's a system thing.17:34
dobeybrunch875: but, i suspect "make unity8 work well for PCs" at some point includes making it so that indicator-network will support pppoe/dun connections17:35
brunch875I guess it's fine for the phone, but the desktop is going to suffer greatly if convergence isn't handled with care17:36
dobeybrunch875: well i guess all i can say to that is "we care" :)17:37
brunch875I can see that!17:37
brunch875otherwise utouch wouldn't be rolling so good17:37
TheKitREAPer61616, they didn't work before, but are working again as of few hours ago17:43
TheKitwhat's your url?17:43
REAPer61616e.g. ubuntu/libhybris got curl 22, but true, see progress, yesterday trying sync and it hangs on 4% of all packages17:45
REAPer61616will wait until sync finish17:45
taiebotdeef popey: is there not a bug open about password with two many characters like more than 20 it will not connect?19:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 1588126 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "[regression] Adding new wifi networks (with long passwords) never connect at all in OTA-11 and OTA-12" [High,Confirmed]19:08
taiebotawe it is sorted now it was the phone provider ;-) which messed it up.19:11
aweah good to hear!19:11
dobeytaiebot: as expected. they usually do that :P19:19
taiebotdobey: Yeah it was good to hear the phone ring in the morning after the daily rumble of the OTA update19:34
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javier4_Guys, I added to the Ubuntu tree my vendor/, kernel/, external/, device/ and prebuilts/. Everytime Make find inside a file a variable named "Y", it fails. I have to #undef Y just before the problematic line to make the build go over. It seems that some other file defines globally a variable named "Y". Is there a way to find which file do that?23:12

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