mapppssleep...try do or watch new bourne03:13
=== mappps is now known as mapps
mappshmm anyone here watch agents of shield? need a new show to watch04:16
mapps26c 69% humid here ARGHHHH04:51
knightwiseMorning everyone07:45
MooDoohowdy :)07:48
knightwisehey MooDoo07:50
knightwisehow are you doing today07:50
MooDooknightwise: yeah not bad, just winding down for my hols next week :D07:50
knightwisehmm. interwebz are spotty at work today07:51
MooDooI'm having fun with printers :D08:01
davmor2MooDoo: dude you print on printers there is nothing fun to be done there, unless you are making a life sized firefly08:04
davmor2Morning all08:04
MooDoodavmor2: shush08:07
davmor2MooDoo: Printers just aren't fun any more you plug it in connect it to the network and connect to it ;)08:09
knightwiseMooDoo is probably herding printers08:09
knightwiseor doing a printer dragrace08:09
MooDoohaving to use old cups drivers as it's rhel 508:11
davmor2MooDoo: ah there is you're problem :P08:14
davmor2knightwise: how else do you drink tea?08:20
knightwiseI just chew the leaves and drink boiling water08:22
davmor2knightwise: hahaha08:25
knightwiseRunning Ubuntu mate in a Vm on the surface pro 4, :) Smooth as silk08:26
knightwiseOooh :) John Carpenter , the guy who makes the "Stranger Things" music ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YZ60mQA4Q808:39
* popey runs youtube-dl -x "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YZ60mQA4Q8&list=RD3YZ60mQA4Q8"08:51
knightwisePopey , there is a link to an entire playlist there08:52
popeyyeah, that's what i posted :)08:52
knightwiseAha :)08:53
knightwiseGreat themes there , original Terminator, escape from new york etc08:53
popeyalan@gort:~/Music/John Carpenter/Vortex$ ls -l | wc -l08:53
* knightwise happy to have made popey's day 08:55
davmor2NSFW but funny as hell if you haven't seen it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13roSy7kdLI09:00
JamesTaitRoses are red, Or sometimes white, Or yellow, This poem is rubbish.  Happy Bad Poetry Day! 😝09:04
davmor2JamesTait: there can be only one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UKpZxM-c9w09:07
davmor2JamesTait: and for a song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjjMH_PdCvI09:12
brobostigongood morning boys and girls.09:17
* knightwise looks for hot needle to pierce eardrums09:17
knightwisemorning brobostigon09:17
brobostigonmorning knightwise09:17
davmor2knightwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8JJH7ZL_Fk09:21
knightwiseYOU WIN this battle davmor2 , but you havent won the war !!!!!09:25
* knightwise cackles and disappears in a cloud of smoke09:25
MooDoodavmor2: knightwise here's one for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVj0ZTS4WF409:30
davmor2MooDoo: kinda reminds me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXa9tXcMhXQ09:33
davmor2MooDoo: which then reminds me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwaxWoJPUC009:34
knightwiseThat is BRILLIANT09:36
davmor2knightwise: no this is brilliant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NbnQZrK8xA09:40
davmor2I love the way bill bailey head works :)09:40
knightwisewatching him battle "the match of the day" themesong09:41
davmor2knightwise: the full version from part troll or tinsel worm is better09:41
davmor2knightwise: enjoy this after https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHhlHhWGUhw09:43
popey\o/ bill bailey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4wzJZdmelA09:45
davmor2popey: you could of just left it at \o/ bill bailey ;)10:21
davmor2duelling sitars10:23
user123using 14.04.5 lts, fglrx won't install10:52
user123it says something is missing and that it is broken. fresh install10:52
daftykinswhat card?10:53
daftykinsand kernel10:54
user123ati radeon 5450 it is supported according to wiki10:57
user123default kernel10:57
daftykinswell that's only the default on a newer HWE stack but yeah10:58
daftykinsthat's deprecated so you're better off sticking to the 'radeon' open source driver, you won't get newer with that card10:58
user123yeah a suggestion online suggested to remove the stack but then unity breaks10:59
daftykinsit has long since moved to legacy status10:59
daftykinsyes you would have to install from 14.04.1 media then upgrade to stay on the 3.13 kernel really10:59
user123i need fglrx. I downloaded this lts because i read that it supported it. now it appears to be a bug10:59
user123can't i just install 3.13 ?11:00
daftykinsdon't use that language here11:01
MooDoodarn power cut11:08
* zmoylan-pi says a prayer to thor that MooDoo's power is sorted...11:12
user123yeah sorry for the language11:21
user123would it be possible to use 3.13 kernel on my current lsb release?11:22
user123and still get the fglrx to work?11:22
daftykinsdidn't you only just install?11:23
popey14.04.5 ships with the HWE kernel11:23
daftykinswe've been over that, that's the problem11:23
daftykinsyou can go and look up how to purge out the newer Xorg and all the components, drop to TTY and then reinstall 3.13 and its' X.org, but it'd be easier to just install 14.04.111:23
popeyand never update11:24
popeyand end up with an unsupported system :(11:24
daftykinsno, it updates fine11:24
daftykinsno it will just run 3.1311:24
daftykinsit can still be 14.04.5 - it just won't use an HWE11:24
popeyhm, actually, true, he can stay on 3.13 I guess11:24
popeywonder if 3.16 works?11:24
user123i found that solution on stack-exchange but unity breaks with that solution11:24
daftykinsuser123: why do you feel you need fglrx?11:24
popeyoh, forget that, yeah, stay on 3.13 then11:25
daftykinsuser123: right it needs some work11:25
user123daftykins: flash is slow and gaming11:25
daftykinsyou have a legacy status card, you should just dump it11:25
user123i need some decend netflix quality11:25
popey\o/ new card day11:25
daftykinsif you insist, reinstall with 14.04.111:25
user123does 14.04.1 have the newer unity updates or at least similar version as to 14.04.5?11:26
daftykinsit's fine, it just bases on the original 3.13 kernel 14.04 came with11:26
davmor2user123: fglrx is removed from the kernel stack for xenial which is in 14.04.5 so it will not be installable on 14.04.5, You can I believe downgrade the stack by installing linux-lts-wily or something like that11:27
daftykinsalready covered that davmor211:27
daftykinssee the bit about unity breaking11:27
user123so just for sake of clarity if I install and I run apt-get upgrade it won't upgrade to 14.04.5 right?11:28
popeywell, it will11:28
popeybut not the HWE stack11:28
davmor2daftykins: oh sorry I only saw kernel changing not the full stack11:29
user123ok that is good enough for me11:29
daftykinsuser123: you can run dist-upgrade just fine11:29
daftykins(and should)11:29
user123daftykins: so with dist upgrade it will stay with 3.13 kernel? what is the difference then between apt-get upgrade and dist-upgrade?11:30
daftykinsyes it will11:31
user123also guys, what tool would you recommend me to use to get the iso to usb?11:31
user123ok time to reboot11:31
popeyddrescue -d -D --force path/to/iso /dev/sdX11:31
popey(package is gddrescue)11:32
daftykinscp :D11:32
daftykinsanother wrong channel customer aptly disposed of11:33
daftykinsthose graphics card legacy status moves have a really surgical way of severing users11:34
davmor2cat (Why not it's all just reading 1's and 0's from files anyway) :D11:34
zmoylan-piwait till quantum computing takes off. 1's 0's and boxes of cats...11:35
daftykinsi don't even know whether to buy food for the cats11:35
daftykinsit's a nightmare!11:36
zmoylan-piare they looking at you like you're the last steak in the house? :-P11:36
daftykinsthey're all in boxes and i can't observe whether they're alive or dead11:36
zmoylan-piopen the fridge door...11:37
gebruikerhttp://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/14.04.1/ leads to 14.04.2  guys11:37
daftykinslook down the list and you will see the correct image11:37
daftykinsmay want to pay a little bit more attention in future ;)11:38
gebruikeryeah I have been up all night trying out distros. You know in search of the perfect one11:38
gebruikeris there an alternative that you can recommend that has GUI instead of ddrescue?11:39
daftykinsyou don't need a GUI to prepare a flash drive11:40
popeyddrescue is awesome11:40
gebruikerAlso the opensource ATI Radeon driver, how does it perform in comparison to the proprietary driver  in terms of general use i.e netflix, youtube. espesially with a hd 5450?11:41
daftykinsthe answer to that is on a card by card basis11:41
daftykinsthere's no universal statement for all the cards AMD make/made11:41
daftykinswhy ask that now when you've already been provided with the plan to avoid it entirely? :)11:42
gebruikerdaftykins, if I am dissapointed with the result of the proprietary driver then I have to either switch back to the latest LTS or decide this machine to be just a windows machine because netflix, youtube, office apps ran fine11:43
daftykinsno you do not need to switch back11:43
daftykinsgebruiker: or you could buy a £25 graphics card and all these problems go *POOF!*11:44
gebruikerno job atm11:46
gebruikerbtw what works best? nvidia?11:47
* zmoylan-pi casts ward evil at mention of nvidia... :-)11:48
popeygenerally, yes.11:49
gebruikerintel then eyh?11:49
gebruikerI am unable to remove the files from my usb drive it is mounted as read only. Is there a way in ubuntu through the GUI to remount it easy?11:50
daftykinsthe eject button beside the drive in nautilus11:50
daftykinsall this is much easier in the terminal :)11:51
zmoylan-piwhen you know all the commands to memory11:52
popeyyou dont need to remove them if you dd over the top11:52
gebruikerpopey, are you sure because if something broks my install I have to start all over again11:53
daftykinszmoylan-pi: if only there were an IRC channel perhaps with folk in that respond11:53
zmoylan-pion slack you say? :-P11:54
daftykinshey you're supposed to like the old things, not the flavour of the week!11:55
gebruiker mount -o remount,rw /dev/sdc1 /mnt/ -t fat32mount: cannot remount block device /dev/sdc1 read-write, is write-protected11:55
zmoylan-pisorry, i read it on a bbs... :-)11:55
daftykinsgebruiker: you don't need it mounted at all, umount it11:56
daftykinsmake sure no window has it open, too11:56
gebruikerddrescue is running to bad it does not format it11:57
gebruikeri wanted to clean the usb drive first11:57
daftykinswhen writing an image, formatting isn't necessary11:57
daftykinsno that's irrelevant11:58
gebruikerdaftykins, alright its finished. btw on windows i used c.flux any good alternatives you can recommend me?12:13
gebruikerf.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you're in, all the time.12:14
daftykinsyou'll need to aim that to the rest of the channel, i don't use Linux on the desktop12:15
zmoylan-piwindows user!! :-P12:15
gebruikeralright going for a reboot now return later12:15
daftykinstyping from my Linux server :P12:15
zmoylan-pityping from console on rasp pi...12:16
daftykinswouldn't console mean direct input? i thought you SSH'd over from some horrible netbook :D12:16
zmoylan-pifrom netbook running lubuntu, or s40 nokia phone or laptop running linux mint... still from console12:18
daftykinsi thought 'console' was only to mean using a TTY directly on the device itself12:18
user123if netflix or youtube is going to perform poorly I might have to return to my previous OS :(12:19
user123fingers corssed12:19
user123dardevil is just a too good of a show hahaha!12:19
BigRedSHah, I use Android for tricky things like video playback12:20
=== user123 is now known as gebruiker
daftykinsgebruiker: so you're actually new to Linux this week entirely?12:21
zmoylan-pii watch all my videos on android tablet... currently an 8" i got from argos sale for €99.  thinking of going back to my 4.5" one...12:21
daftykinshonestly it sounds like your hardware is not appropriate12:21
gebruikerdaftykins: yeap.. well I installed it 10 years ago12:22
gebruikerdaftykins: have to make the best with what I got :)12:22
zmoylan-piusually the older the hardware the better the linux support12:22
daftykinsnot anymore12:22
daftykinslegacy graphics card and up to date distro = no go12:22
daftykinsthanks to AMD at least :)12:23
gebruikerat the end of the day i just want something stable and that works and that doesn't spy on me :P12:24
zmoylan-pidos :-D12:24
daftykinssigh. tinfoil hat alert12:24
gebruikerI don't have large antena's attached to my tinfoil hat haha12:25
zmoylan-piand i thought we came to the conclusion lead foil is were it's at? :-)12:25
daftykinsprogress is slow, sir12:25
daftykinsgebruiker: your requirements are many DRM related things that'll likely always work worse under Linux12:26
knightwisegebruiker: you in .be or .nl ?12:27
daftykinsnobody should make a decision based on flash though, that's a dead duck12:27
gebruikerknightwise: .nl12:27
* knightwise waves his .be flag :) 12:27
gebruikeri like .be - great food and ppl12:27
gebruikerdaftykins: well still much in use it seems12:28
* knightwise points at the rest of the room .. See ! Belgians ARE cool :p12:28
daftykinsgebruiker: less and less, depends what you use12:28
daftykinsthere are often alternatives / easily avoided12:28
gebruikerdaftykins: but wouldn't you rather spend time doing other things than finding work arrounds?12:29
daftykinswell i don't need to because i don't do flash things12:29
daftykinsgebruiker: and sure, that's why i run Windows :P12:29
daftykinsmy games just work! :D12:29
knightwiseOnly archeologists still do flash12:29
gebruikerinstallation is done12:29
gebruikerdaftykins: you are such a tease12:30
zmoylan-piyou're in there daftykins :-P12:30
daftykinshaving seen the topic went from how to get AMD to work to "i'm a tinfoil hat wearer, save me from the spying" i want nothing to do with this one anymore12:31
daftykinsthis printer job i got asked to attend is looking better by the minute...12:31
knightwiseCompared to hear , monthy python is more predictable12:32
daftykinsthat guy was just running an IRC client as root, too12:32
daftykinsyou lot are welcome to that one ;)12:32
zmoylan-piwhat type of printer? :-)12:33
* zmoylan-pi imagines daftykins taking 12 hours explaining why a winprinter won't work on linux...12:33
daftykinsi'm told they've finally murdered their Ricoh multi-function and want something put in place of it as they still - no idea why - use fax with suppliers in England12:34
zmoylan-piah... fax... that'll be easy... :-P12:34
daftykinsit was almost suggested on the phone that some cheap canon be put in place to handle fax, i'm not sure if they know that you can't plug a printer into another printer and share features12:34
zmoylan-pii've got a 2400 baud fax modem you can have... :-D12:35
knightwiseagain : Archeologists12:35
zmoylan-pioh, if you want old, give me a day and i can a modem that draws more power than the 10 pcs in the same room... :-)12:36
zmoylan-pithough i think it's limited to 300 baud...12:37
daftykinsanywho often the real job differs greatly from what that one says in a call, so it's anyones best guess ;)12:39
zmoylan-pioh yeah... my printers not working translates to my printer caught fire, was thrown out window, hosed down and now we want you to pop out and make it work again...12:39
zmoylan-pioops, 2nd story window, i always leave that little bit out for some reason... :-)12:40
daftykinswell they know it's dead, but the briefing was "we have some tiny canon we want to use temporarily"12:42
zmoylan-pitemporarily... any time that was used... i once set up a computer to print 'temporarily' via ir till they got a cable 2 days later bouncing the ir signal off a strategically placed mug... 2 weeks later the mug was on a sheet of paper saying 'do not move'12:44
gebruikerit works! running apt-get upgrade as I type.12:48
gebruikeris there anything I can do kernel wise to increase responsiveness?13:06
BigRedShow are you defining 'responsive'? And why kernel-wise?13:18
diddledanit's up at the moment. maybe they've fixed it?13:29
gebruikerBigRedS, well I am open for other options13:35
TwistedLucidityResponsiveness in what way? You could overclock, for example, not burden the GPU with compositing or even a DE.13:41
TwistedLucidityFit and SSD...13:41
TwistedLucidityi.e. what is the requirement?13:41
diddledanintel is licensing arm IP now?!14:12
diddledanref: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-3710657214:13
popeythey have done for years14:19
popeyIt's wierd, Intel could crush arm in a moment, but i guess that's anti-competitive14:19
popeytricky now softbank own them too14:19
diddledan24bn is a huge purchase14:20
davmor2diddledan: no it isn't14:22
davmor2diddledan: it's big not huge14:23
diddledansaid the actress to the bishop14:23
davmor2oh get you and smutty innuendo, also why is the word innuendo so innuendous (or some word similar to that)14:25
diddledanan innuendism?14:26
davmor2diddledan: muppet14:26
diddledanno, I don't think muppet works14:27
Seeker`diddledan: I don't think they're licensing from ARM, I think they're making ARM chips for clients14:27
davmor2diddledan: so let me redefine, You Muppet!14:27
diddledanI think I'm gonna rewire my PC today14:35
diddledanI'm fed-up looking at the messy cable layout I made without thinking14:36
BigRedSjust put the lid back on the case, problem solved14:42
diddledanunfortunately it's got one of those silly windows14:44
BigRedSah, that was silly14:46
BigRedSerr, is this linux?14:46
BigRedSwrong box!14:47
BigRedSexperimenting with IRC in pidgin, getting confused14:48
diddledanapple showing stuff I don't understand but still awesome that it's low-level debug output they're showing: https://youtu.be/BLGFriOKz6U16:36
daftykinsdiddledan: hilarious one, one of my wealthy clients bought an iMac for home use a bit ago, but he wants rid now because every time he goes to do something it's not like Windows in the office, so it makes his life a nightmare :D16:39
daftykinsproper smug mode on that one 'cause i warned of that16:39
diddledanI'll take it if it's going free :-p16:39
diddledaneven better if you pay me to take it :-D16:40
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daftykinsit's a non optical drive cheese slicer edges one ;)16:40
daftykinsi dunno what he'll do with it16:40
=== ahmed_bilal is now known as pavlushka2
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zmoylan-pii got my first mac mini cheap second hand from a person who wanted to run windows apps in vm on mac but was confused by mac os17:43
zmoylan-pii did have a pink imac prior to that from someone who couldn't sell it as it was pink... i bought it as i pointed out no one would ever nick it...17:44
zmoylan-pia steal for €150, whisper quiet, great for the bedroom17:46
diddledanICANN's job is "No As A Service": Dan Kaminsky's Black Hat keynote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAGwol-keXM18:04
diddledanroughly at 35 minutes18:05
daftykinszmoylan-pi: weird when they could've installed Windows natively, but yeah silly approach regardless :>18:06
zmoylan-pithey had installed parallels but i think it might have been the lack of windows key on keyboard that really threw them off18:09
diddledanno windows key?!18:09
zmoylan-pitheir loss was my gain18:09
diddledanthat's unpossible!18:09
zmoylan-piand then when they tried using with windows keyboard mac os 'didn't make sense'...18:10
daftykinsbootcamp would've handled that ;) albeit had it in the wrong place18:10
zmoylan-pii think they wanted magic keyboard that changed depending on the os they chose to use that day...18:11
daftykinsstandard user :)18:13
zmoylan-pirich standard user that they could just dump a mac and get a silly expensive replacement running windows18:14
daftykinsmac minis were quite underpowered iirc18:14
diddledanI'm wondering how that decision process went: "I need this app which needs windows. I am comfortable with windows. I know, I'll get a mac!"18:15
daftykinsa wealthy client had a girlfriend who wanted a mac but wanted to run Windows once - as horrified as i was, i set it up18:16
zmoylan-piat the time macs were been described as some of the best hardware to run windows on18:16
daftykinsmaybe aesthetically for people that way inclined, but they always run worse18:16
zmoylan-pibut when people see something in print it's hard to prise that out of their memory no matter how wrong it is18:17
zmoylan-piunless you're allowed use a lart of course... :-)18:17
zmoylan-piluser attitude readjustment tool... http://catb.org/jargon/html/L/LART.html18:29
diddledanlive action role something18:30
daftykinslive action rotten tomato18:30
zmoylan-pisometimes called a clue by four... :-)18:30
daftykinsthese games are fun :D18:30
diddledanlive action rude tube?18:30
m6lpiBeelink BT7. Ubuntu able?18:42
daftykinsm6lpi: can you try that one again in English?18:43
m6lpiH as anyone had success with installing Ubuntu on a Beelink BT7?18:43
daftykinsi would say it isn't worth the risk to try18:44
daftykinsmight work, might have a locked down EFI/BIOS18:44
m6lpiWe have one at my ARC and wanted to find out if it was doable18:45
m6lpiI suspect it is locked down, but not too familiar with efi18:45
daftykinssometimes these lower end things make it hard, can only find out if you start to give it a try really18:46
m6lpiOK... I'll see what I can do with it...18:46
daftykinseric in #ubuntu is great with EFI boot issues :)18:46
m6lpiCool, thanks for the pointer18:46
zmoylan-pi'issues'... :-)18:47
daftykinsyeah some budget end devices make it a challenge, sometimes they even used 32-bit EFIs to make it tough18:49
zmoylan-pipitting their wits against hackers... it's merely a matter of time, isn't it?18:50
daftykinsi don't think we've seen many anymore18:54
diddledanmr robot today shows nano and nginx config18:54
daftykinsi'm still not gonna touch it 'til it's done18:54
diddledansqueely tires outside19:17
zmoylan-piprobably someone detected a rare pokemon in your area19:18
diddledandamned poke ya mom19:19
diddledanooh this episode has a big twist19:27
* diddledan zips the mouth19:27
* zmoylan-pi gets out the glove puppets and re-enacts the scene...19:29
=== brmbrmca1 is now known as brmbrmcar
=== brmbrmca1 is now known as brmbrmcar
mappsugh typical morrisons out of fans21:05
zmoylan-piyou don't buy fans in summer, winter is the time to get them cheap21:19
daftykinshe might mean people to worship him21:25
zmoylan-pithen tescos is the place for cheap fans... :-)21:26
daftykinsi sold one of the PCs yay \o/21:27
daftykinsonly 5 left :P21:27
zmoylan-pihuzzah \o/21:28
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
* daftykins spies kitten 23:45
* daftykins looks at christel 23:45
* daftykins squints23:45

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