brouschcmaloney: I finally have some friends by me who like Munchkin.11:50
brouschLast night I got my wife to pay me to take a level from her. Totally worth sleeping on the couch.11:51
cmaloneyexpect more if that12:00
brouschWe have normal and Pirate. What flavor should we get next?12:20
cmaloneyI like Space personally. It has some interesting mechanics for adding weapons together13:17
cmaloneyApocalypse might be fun as well13:23
cmaloneyCthulhu is also a personal favorite but it's not to everyone's tastes. :)13:23
cmaloneyrick_h_: Somehow I think Lococast is going to be resurrected based on your last tweet. ;)17:41
rick_h_cmaloney: man, it's just crazy17:42
rick_h_"have you thought about x, y, and z? After all, we've only repeatedly broken crap due to those three things and I'm sick of fixing it over and over"17:43
greg-gI could use a good Rick's Rants17:48
cmaloney"Rick's Rants! Rick's Rants! Doin' it wrong. Excellent".17:53
rick_h_what's sad is I am old enough to put together your last line with "wayne's world"18:04
cmaloneyyou're welcome. :)18:08
Scary_Guyif you like games you should consider finding a friend who goes to the game nights at #i3detroit and getting in on that19:28
cmaloneyThat's on Monday, right?19:28
Scary_Guyshit I just cleared the backlog19:29
cmaloneyWell, there goes my whole life there.19:29
Scary_Guyalternatively, a linux/MUG game/social night might be fun too19:34
cmaloneyIf only we knew someone that had games...19:34
cmaloneyand wasn't anti-social.19:34
Scary_Guyy'all are more social than most of my friends.  going to a goth meetup tonight.  most we ever get is like 1519:35
Scary_Guyalso if anyone is on Steam /query me.  I have like three games on that, mostly single player.  Why does linux gaming have to be such a joke?19:46
Scary_Guyhttp://www.bitfighter.org/downloads/ is fun though19:53
cmaloneyI have 178 games on Steam. :)19:54
cmaloneyand I only run Linux.19:54
Scary_GuyI'm also cheap and only play the free as in beer ones19:54
cmaloneycraigmaloney1 is what I'm on as19:56
Scary_Guymy account does not meet the requirements to use the add a friend feature?  what in the actual fuck?20:01
cmaloneyMaybe you have to pay for games? :)20:03
Scary_Guyto use the add a friend feature?  that's like basic functionality of any social network20:04
cmaloneyYeah, I don't know20:04
cmaloneysometimes Steam is a black art to me20:04
cmaloneystaying logged in if you don't play within a week20:04
cmaloneythat's like magic or something20:05
Scary_GuyI need to take off and get ready anyway, I'll try this later.  Also I have 16 friends on steam, so it didn't used to be that way20:09

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