Unit193pleia2, nhandler and jose should all be at OLF, anyone else from here?03:52
yanoreally? awesome05:05
yanoi might try to make it out this year05:05
belkinsaGod, I think that the lamest thing that I said on our mailing-list.15:45
belkinsaBut it's the truth, Adam-M.  And welcome, Adam-M to our LoCo and our IRC home.  Where do you hail from?15:46
belkinsaI think Unit193 is in that area also.15:46
* belkinsa hails from West Chester, a place between Ciny and Dayton15:47
belkinsaUnit193: well, you gave me a reason to come to OLF.15:48
belkinsao/ AntonM15:48
belkinsaAre you two bothers, AntonM and Adam-M?15:48
belkinsaHa, I knew it.  :D  Anyways, welcome to our LoCo and our IRC home.15:49
AntonMBTW, how were you able to tell?15:50
belkinsaNot a problem.15:50
belkinsaLast names when you requested to join.15:50
* belkinsa is one of the leaders15:50
belkinsaalong with Unit193 and jrgifford.15:51
belkinsaDid you discover Ubuntu recently?15:53
belkinsahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/belkinsa <--- that's me.15:53
jenni[ belkinsa - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://bit.ly/1eqs1VA15:53
Adam-MI started with Ubuntu 10.04, but I only ran it in a virtual machine until 12.04.15:55
belkinsaI started with 9.10.  So I guess you two want to voluteer in the Community or just support our LoCo and Ubuntu?15:57
Adam-MHow will we volunteer?15:58
belkinsaIt depends on what skills you have.16:00
belkinsaFor example, I don't really have techical skills but I do have people skills that allow me to build community and that's what I focus on.16:01
jenni[ ContributeToUbuntu - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://bit.ly/2bg0z6c16:01
belkinsaOh, and Unit193: http://askubuntu.com/questions/811218/failed-to-restart-idmapd-service-unit-idmapd-service-is-masked Can you give me some insight if possible.  Or whoever is the server guy here.16:03
jenni[ networking - Failed to restart idmapd.service: Unit idmapd.service is masked - Ask Ubuntu ] - https://bit.ly/2bg01gC16:03
belkinsaAdam-M and AntonM: we always need help in building this LoCo.16:04
belkinsaBut you can go out of our LoCo and help the greater Community if you wish.16:05
AntonMI'll help this LoCo16:05
belkinsaFrom what I know, I think most of members are from nothern Ohio.  One idea is to restart the idea of the Regional LoCo in that area.16:07
AntonMHow do we get started?16:10
belkinsaAsk on the mailing-list who is from the area and suggest the idea of doing a meet up.  See if you can get some folks that way.  You can also try Twitter and other social media.16:12
belkinsaAnd I do wish you luck, we do need a few active peeps.16:15
belkinsaNot a problem.16:15
belkinsaAnyways, I need to go to work.  If you need me, please feel free to ping me here (and stay of course), PM me, or e-mail me.  Just keep in mind that I might not repsonsd quickly like I did.16:17
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Unit193Wosh, there's backlog here.19:56
Unit193belkinsa: While it may partially be a "got a life" problem, that's not entirely it.20:08
Unit193AntonM: Well howdy and welcome back.  I'm not in the Akron area actually, just Mans.21:33
Unit193Welcome to Freenode.21:34
Unit193One of the guys from Ashland was going to the Akron area LUGs, seems they had some good sessions.21:37
Unit193http://www.meetup.com/Akron-Linux-Users-Group/ this, I think.21:38
jenni[ Akron Linux Users Group (Akron, OH)- Meetup ] - https://bit.ly/2b55ovx21:38
Unit193I'd take a guess that you use Ubuntu/Unity?  Doesn't really matter, but I'm an Xfce user myself.21:41

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