Omnifrogcolors in Hexchat make no fucking sense anymore http://imgur.com/a/Xeupn02:54
cyberangerOmnifrog: Hexchat never made sense to me anyway03:06
Omnifrogat least it's colorful03:08
minasotairssi or weechat are good, too Omnifrog21:16
* cyberanger uses a few with znc23:06
wrstI like Quassel it is like screen and irssi but looks nice ;)23:10
* Unit193 wonders if it has aliases or scripting support yet.23:11
wrstI use a Mac I don't use that ;)23:13
wrstI'm not smart enough too23:13
cyberangerwrst: Mac has aliases and scripting too23:13
* cyberanger thinks wrst is smarter than he knows23:13
wrstcyberanger: an attempt at a dumb Mac user joke23:13
* cyberanger knows23:13
wrstBut I'm always chatting via debian when I use Quassel even if on Windows23:14
cyberangerwrst: and people say ubuntu users are the dumbest unix users23:14
Unit193wrst is likely smarter than me. :323:14
* cyberanger might need to hide for that comment23:14
Unit193cyberanger: I disagree, Mint users seem to take the cake on that one..23:15
cyberangerUnit193: More than a Mac even? (Kidding aside, don't know too many mac owners who know how to reinstall it)23:16
wrstHa ha cyberanger it's easy on a Mac to reinstall, but really if you can install arch you should be able to install anything except maybe Gentoo?23:18
* wrst misses arch 23:18
wrstcyberanger: ssl certs were do you go for such things?23:27
wrstI'm tired of self signed and not being able to easily share files in owncloud23:28
Unit1931. My own CA.  2. StartCom.  3. Let's Encrypt.23:29
wrstThanks Unit193  I need to make that a weekend project23:30
cyberangerwrst: Why not run Gentoo23:33
cyberangerSorry, I meant arch23:33
cyberangerwrst: Let's Encrypt + my own (I cross sign mine too sometimes)23:34
cyberangerI am trying to remember who my backup was, but I think it'll soon be StartCom too23:35
cyberangerUnless I get an EV (I might for hidden service too)23:35
Unit193StartCom is nice in the fact you get a year's cert, Let's Encrypt gets you 90 days.23:36
cyberangerLet's encrypt is a cronjob away from being forever though23:37
cyberangerUnit193: best part is it doesn't mess up my cert pinning at all, and that really was a pain to do.23:40
cyberangerI can have StartCom or any other sign my backup key, then use it (Or use it now, self signed)23:44
* cyberanger does too much crypto, on his "shopping list" is a true hardware random number generator and a good GPU for generating primes23:49
* wrst may need assistance :)23:51
cyberangerwrst: Willing to help23:55
wrstthank you23:55
cyberangerbbiab, church run23:55
* cyberanger loves driving the van23:55
wrstha ha23:59
wrsthave fun23:59

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