k12That's how I got that error.00:00
Adam_MWhat was the error?00:00
k12dpkg: error: parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0012' near line 0:00:00
k12 newline in field name '#padding'00:00
Adam_MDid you try deleting the update that's causing the problem?00:05
Adam_Mthen reconfiguring dpkg00:05
MojtabaHello, I am using system proxy by ssh, and the problem is that thunderbird gives me connection refused for gmail. Do you know what should I do?00:06
murphy_does anyone have any information on editing the OEM install aka restore partition? i want to add LVM and other distros to the install00:06
murphy_there is a project.cfg and preseed.cfg but im not really sure which one to edit. ive seen a few preseed generators online but im stuck in a catch 22 situation00:07
k12Fixed it.00:08
k12sudo rm -rf /var/lib/dpkg/updates/* was the solution.00:08
t4c0c4thello folks, I have a gigabyte Z77n Mobo with a realtek NIC and, while the interface is detected, it does not light up/initialize when plugged in. I've tried installing the drivers from apt-get AND realtek's autorun.sh, but still no dice. Any advice?00:10
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ivanso uh don't install the San Francisco / System fonts from macOS Sierra beta on your Ubuntu, they break Ubuntu real bad as of 6 hours ago00:17
ivanthe older ones work fine00:17
YankDownUndert4c0c4t: I'm sure this is being pedantic, but have you checked in the BIOS to make sure the NIC is activated...?00:18
t4c0c4tYankDownUnder: yerp, both enabled, i may doublecheck, but, I figure if they're showing up in network manager, it's probably not a BIOS issue00:19
t4c0c4tthey have MAC addys after all00:20
OerHeksivan, oh, you KNEW the source of your issue :-D00:21
YokoBRhi guys and gals!00:28
YokoBRCould someone tell me a good web interface to admin an ubuntu server? It's set up with mysql, nginx and hhvm already00:29
YokoBRmust be open source00:29
OerHeksYokoBR, you better reask in #ubuntu-server00:30
Adam_MYou'll get a better response in #ubuntu-server00:31
YankDownUndert4c0c4t: So everything's "showing up" - but what, you're unable to get the card to work - or, DOES it work, but the light just doesn't go on? (That's been an issue in the past)00:34
YokoBRok, thanks00:34
vitlokIs bluetooth headphones work with latest ubuntu LTS now?00:35
blendergeekI'm trying to run ubuntu-sdk and I keep getting the following error: "This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "ubuntumirclient"."00:36
t4c0c4tYankDownUnder: doesn't work - shows 'disconnected' though it's plugged in (and re-plugged-in many times)00:37
OerHeks!info qtdeclarative5-qtmir-plugin00:38
ubottuqtdeclarative5-qtmir-plugin (source: qtmir): Qt plugin for Unity specific Mir APIs. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.8+16.04.20160330-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 169 kB, installed size 647 kB00:38
OerHeksi think you missed this one, blendergeek ^^00:39
blendergeekI just installed that package, still get the same error. Do I need to reboot my computer?00:40
OerHeksblendergeek, not reboot, logout/login perhaps ..00:40
blendergeekI'll try that.00:41
brian_Just installed ubuntu 16.04 from the mini.iso. I did not install a graphical desktop, but it still gives a splash screen on boot. What is needed to remove this?00:46
brian_I understand reconfiguring grub, but I've read that on systemd systems there is more that I have to do.00:47
YankDownUndert4c0c4t: Even though this "machine" is not able to connect view the onboard NIC, is the machine able to connect in some other fashion?00:47
brian_I've been told to run the following:00:47
OerHekseven on systemd this tutor is valid, edit grub, and run update-grub >. http://askubuntu.com/questions/129738/can-i-disable-the-ubuntu-splashscreen00:48
brian_sudo systemctl enable multi-user.target --force00:48
brian_sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target00:48
brian_OerHeks: that makes sense. This post wants me to change runlevels: http://askubuntu.com/questions/16371/how-do-i-disable-x-at-boot-time-so-that-the-system-boots-in-text-mode#7968200:49
brian_I'll try your suggestion and see what happens00:50
OerHekssudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target # should work fine too.00:50
brian_OerHeks: any reason to use one over the other?00:51
ivanOerHeks: I didn't. it was not fun to track down00:51
brian_I understand the grub one, but not the systemctl one, so I guess I should stick to what I understand. :)00:52
OerHeksbrian_, as it is enabled already, you only need the 2nd line00:53
t4c0c4tYankDownUnder: yes, the wifi on the mobo is working. I noticed that the interfaces listed in ifconfig -a (enp2s0, enp3s0) are not in /etc/network/interfaces - possible hint?00:53
YankDownUndert4c0c4t: Possible - however, that being said, have you updated the system and have you installed any of the "third-party" drivers the system requires?00:54
t4c0c4tYankDownUnder: I haven't.. a bit of a novice with ubuntu in a desktop environment - is there a guide for making sure things are installed? I did an apt-get install on the realtek driver required for the NIC, but that's about the extent of my updates/installation attempts00:55
YankDownUndert4c0c4t: Right oh - well, firstly, if you've not updated anything, open a terminal and do: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade => after that's all happy and done, you can open a terminal again (if you've had to reboot, which is a good thing, BTW) and type: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall => reboot again (a good thing) => see if the issue is resolved...hmm?00:57
t4c0c4tYankDownUnder: shall do, thanks!01:00
danny_Bluetooth has been a nightmare with my speaker, when I do get it to connect the audio quality is horrible unless I change the audio profile to high fidelity (a2dp_sink).  Problem is it rarely lets me change it to that and usually spits out Failed to change profile to a2dp_sink01:00
danny_I have to go through this every single time I want to use my speaker01:01
danny_using Ubuntu Mate01:01
malabarissi quieres ganar mirando anuncios mira esto: https://www.facebook.com/malabarista72/01:03
t4c0c4tYankDownUnder: update / upgrade didn't help.  second step didn't update *any* drivers :(01:13
bigpicdoes anyone here use ucarp?  I’ve installed it but tcpdump reveals that this box is not broacasting any carp traffic01:15
bigpicit’s receiving messages from the master (freebsd)01:15
bigpicbut it itself is not sending anything01:15
oplexHey all! I am about to install DNS and create a DC on ubuntu server01:16
oplexusing ESXi on a Dell R710. It will be a very small network maybe 1001:16
oplexnodes or less. I plan on setting up file sharing and managing active01:16
oplexdirectory through windows snapins. Any tips on setup precautions or01:16
oplextutorials that could help assist me in getting started?01:16
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blendergeekI'm trying to run ubuntu-sdk but keep getting this error: 'This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "ubuntumirclient" in "".  Available platform plugins are: eglfs, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, xcb.  Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. /usr/bin/ubuntu-sdk: line 6: 16588 Aborted                 (core dumped) $BINDIR/qtcreator -platformtheme appmenu-qt5 $01:23
blendergeekI tried installing qtdeclarative5-qtmir-plugin, and then reinstalling ubuntu-sdk but still the problem persists.01:24
trismblendergeek: looks like it is in either qtubuntu-desktop or qtubuntu-android01:27
YankDownUndert4c0c4t: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html => hints/tips01:27
danny_now Ubuntu won't let me disconnect from the bluetooth device01:28
blendergeekI have qtubuntu-desktop. qtubuntu-android conflicts with qtubuntu-desktop. I will try install qtubuntu-android and see what happens.01:28
danny_and won't let me even try to choose an audio profile for it01:28
blendergeekSorry I wass confused there. I don't have qtubuntu-desktop. I am installing it now.01:29
GoldschlagerDoes anyone know what fcitx-table-t9 does01:41
GoldschlagerIs it the T9 predictive text? Like the ol' cell phones used to use?01:42
OerHeksGoldschlager, seems so, yes https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+package/fcitx-table-t901:44
GoldschlagerOerHeks: Thanks. I thought so, but wasn't 100%. Almost made my own - for use with the ol' Raspberry Pi.01:44
OerHeksnever used it myself.01:45
GoldschlagerI seen it looks like it's a bit of biatch to get rid of, given a forum I was just looking at. So not going to test it out on the laptop01:45
electron_wasterI have a question about diff <--- anyone? is it appropriate for the channel?01:47
danny_I finally got my bluetooth speaker working after rebooting my pc, then it randomly stopped working.  Now it says the device is disabled01:49
Goldschlagerwhat's diff?01:49
Ben64electron_waster: just ask01:50
electron_wasterdont asking to ask... Im using diff to check that written files to an USB stick are fine: I had found that by issuing the diff wont IO! its using a buffer or cache - if I umount the drive diff will IO on the stick. Is there a way to force the IO without umounting?01:50
Goldschlagerdanny_ what usb program you using?01:50
Ben64electron_waster: use md5sum to verify files01:51
Goldschlagerdanny_ whoops, i mean bluetooth01:51
electron_wasterBen64, MD5 would be too expensive for this01:51
danny_Goldschlager, I guess blueman? whatever is default on ubuntu mate01:51
Ben64electron_waster: that doesn't make any sense01:51
danny_Goldschlager, most of the menus just refer to it as bluetooth01:52
GoldschlagerI've had luck with bluetooth manager, you can find it in the ubuntu software01:52
danny_Goldschlager, There is a good chance I'm using that one, how do I check?01:52
electron_wasterBen64, what does not make sense? I have files lying is a FS copied to another and just wan to to check if theyre the same - but I want diff to really read the files01:53
GoldschlagerThere'll be a 2nd bluetooth icon on top right01:53
danny_Goldschlager, Also, the most common and annoying issue is that it says "Failed to change profile to a2dp_sink"01:53
Ben64electron_waster: then use md5sum, if you want the files read, that'll do it01:54
Ben64theres no additional cost01:54
Goldschlagerdanny_ That one is outta my league. Not sure what a2dp_sink is.01:54
danny_Goldschlager, All I know is that it is the audio profile that doesn't sound like garbage, its the higher fidelity of the two options01:54
Goldschlagerbut, I started using that bluetooth manager app and it made my bluetooth stuff work better01:54
Goldschlagerdanny_ It's worth a shot.01:56
Goldschlagerif nothing else, click the remove button if it still doesn't work01:56
danny_Goldschlager, I'm trying to find bluetooth manager right now01:56
electron_wasterBen64, ill have to compare the checksum :) - btw: I know diff is not doing IO cuz stick led wont blink as it does afeter umount + diff01:56
danny_Goldschlager, I could not find a package called anything like bluetooth manager01:58
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Goldschlagerdanny_ are you using the ubuntu software program?02:01
Goldschlagerdanny_ or apt-get?02:02
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danny_Goldschlager, I used "apt search blueman | less"02:02
danny_Goldschlager, oops it was "apt search bluetooth | less"02:03
Goldschlagerdanny_ I never found it that way either, had to use the ubuntu software app02:03
OerHeksinstall synaptic, much better detailed softwarecenter02:04
OerHeks!info synaptic02:04
ubottusynaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.83 (xenial), package size 1333 kB, installed size 6929 kB02:04
Goldschlagerjust apt-get install synaptic?02:06
Goldschlagermine showed it was 11mb02:06
danny_Goldschlager, Well I couldn't find it in synaptic either and ubuntu software center doesn't seem to be able to search02:08
danny_Goldschlager, Oh I found it, the one called bluetooth manager is just Blueman02:09
danny_Goldschlager, so its what I've been using02:09
GoldschlagerWell, that's the one I use02:09
Goldschlagerdanny_ Oh, mine is seperate from the pre-installed bluetooth icon02:09
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ksftI was here a while ago for help getting my graphics cards to work.02:11
ksftI'm on a laptop with an integrated and a dedicated graphics card.02:11
ksftWith help from people here, I got games to run on the dedicated one, but there's one game in particular that's started performing horibly recently.02:11
ksftI think it's running on the integrated one now.02:11
ksftI don't know what changed.02:12
JHOSMANHi, I'm using Kickstart to perform an unattended installation of Ubuntu, but I have several problems when you start the installation starts in graphical mode, and not in text mode, I have to manually enter some values that have already been set in the file ks.cfg  I can do to resolve this? https://help.ubuntu.com/16.04/installation-guide/i386/ch04s06.html02:12
elliot1how do i get the cli version of emacs02:19
danny_elliot1, emacs -nw02:20
elliot1works! thank you02:20
ksftelliot1: Why did you want that?02:24
elliot1i have a sudden love for cli apps02:27
elliot1I'm even chatting from weechat right now02:28
elliot1downloading a cli torrent app as well02:28
ksftelliot1: It's recommended that you don't do that with Emacs.02:29
Bashing-omksft: - lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use' - to know the driver .02:30
ksftI forget why, but you aren't supposed to.02:30
elliot1hmm, actually i did some googling, someone mentioned its better to get emacs24-nox since its the cli version no gui02:30
ksftBashing-om: I don't see the dedicated graphics card listed there.02:30
ksftelliot1: #emacs might be helpful.02:30
c_nick barnabas02:31
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Bashing-omksft: You wont . that is " in use ' . If ya want to see what both set's are - lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D' - .02:32
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ksftBashing-om: what am I looking for?02:32
Bashing-omksft: Reprase your question ?? I am answering as best I know how .02:33
ksftBashing-om: How do I get the game to use the dedicated one?02:34
Bashing-omksft: In  the GUI ( nvidia-settings ??) change the graphic's set and restart the GUI .02:35
ksftBashing-om: how do I use nvidia-settings?02:35
Bashing-omksft: We do not even know what graphics you have .. pastebin - lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D' - for better advise.02:36
ksftBashing-om: I think this is the relevant part:02:37
ksft01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM107M [GeForce GTX 960M] (rev ff)02:37
Bashing-omksft: Yeah .. IF this is hybrid - which has yet to be known to me - then you should have "nvidia-settings ' in the GUI .02:39
ksftBashing-om: I also have an integrated Intel graphics card.02:39
ksftI can run nvidia-settings, but I don't know how to use the GUI.02:39
Goldschlagerelliot1: http://askubuntu.com/questions/23645/how-do-i-download-the-command-line-emacs-instead-of-the-gui-one02:40
elliot1yeah i just read that02:40
elliot1i got emacs-nox instead of the -nw thing02:40
Bashing-omksft: I do not run Nvidia, so I can not advise better .02:40
elliot1running good so far,02:41
Goldschlagerany difference between the 2?02:41
elliot1dont see one so far, then again im just learning emacs02:43
Bashing-omksft: My mistake, it is nvidia-prime we want . Is it installed ' dpkg -l nvidia-prime ' ?02:44
Bashing-omksft: ^^ and for gamming on 16.04 I understand one wants the 364 version driver or better for Nvidia .02:46
ksftBashing-om: It isn't installed02:46
ksftI'm on 14.0402:46
ksftI plan to upgrade soon02:46
vahehi, ssh works if I connect eth0 if you connect to the Internet with wlan0 not working , ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host ubuntu unity02:46
Bashing-omksft: we ned some way to control the graphic's sets . nvidia-prime is the preferred method . Before proceeding . show ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999 ' so I know what is installed and NO conflicts . The result is a URL back in terminal . Pass that link back here .02:49
ksftBashing-om: okay02:50
ksftI just installed nvidia-prime02:50
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/n60t02:50
Bashing-omksft: Ouch, ouch ! .. all kinds of conflicts .. even BumbleBee ! . Want to wipe all .. and start all over ??02:52
ksftBashing-om: if it'll help, sure02:52
ksftI went through a lot of combinations of packages installed until I found one that worked, and then I avoided touching it.02:52
Bashing-omksft: K. we wipe amd re-install . how heavy of a gammer are you .. is gamming performance critical ?02:54
ksftBashing-om: not so much, but I would like to get more than 10 fps in this one game02:55
ksftBashing-om: why?02:55
Bashing-omksft: Well .. the driver that Nvidia recommens is available to you in a PPA . However, what we have in the repo may do just fine for your use case . Gammers do say they get better results from the later version drivers .02:56
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ksftBashing-om: okay, how do I remove all the packages I need to remove?02:57
Bashing-omksft: ' sudo apt purge nvidia* ; sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf ; sudo apt purge bumble* ; sudo apt update ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo reboot ' . Will install the driver that the system thinks is best from what it has presently to choose from ( we can enlarge this selection ) .03:01
ksftBashing-om: I definitely need to reboot?03:13
Bashing-omksft: Affirmed .. for the graphics driver to load .03:14
ksftit's still running03:14
Bashing-omksft: A lot of updates ? should not take that long otherwise .03:15
RexyAnyone run into an issue before where LightDM locks and when I try to log back in all I set is a password without a user?03:15
etzerdhello all, how can I increase  the icons size on the menu for Ubuntu Mate?03:16
elliot-59sorry, is there a lubuntu specific channel? or this one covers all flavors?03:16
Ben64elliot-59: probably #lubuntu but yes this covers all of ubuntu support03:16
etzerdon ubuntu Mate beta version 16.10 that can be done on the MateTweak,but on the stable version of ubuntu it doesn't where to increase the icon size on the menu.03:17
elliot-59im trying to update lxpanel to 0.8.2 but its only up to 8.1 on the repos, i downloaded a zip with the new version but im not sure how to install it?03:18
Rexyelliot-59: I'd extract the files and go from there03:18
RexyNo ones ever run into the issue I'm having with LightDM? Cant seem to find anything on google03:19
elliot-59i did, i have a folder with a bunch of things, theres an install-sh file which seems to do nothing, a configure one that created extrea files in the folder the first time but now does nothing, and a compile file which does nothing either03:21
ksftBashing-om: "E: Failed to fetch http://download.mono-project.com/repo/debian/pool/main/m/mono/libmono-system-windows-forms4.0-cil_4.4.2.11-0xamarin1_all.deb  Hash Sum mismatch"03:24
ksftalso "E: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-headers-3.13.0-93_3.13.0-93.140_all.deb  Hash Sum mismatch"03:24
ksftand "E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?"03:24
ksftI'm going to assume that doesn't matter and reboot03:25
Bashing-omksft: Well, That ain't good, now is it . Lemme check the mono-project source .03:26
etzerdhello all, how can I increase  the icons size on the menu for Ubuntu Mate?03:27
etzerdon ubuntu Mate beta version 16.10 that can be done on the MateTweak,but on the stable version of ubuntu it doesn't where to increase the icon size on the menu.03:27
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Bashing-omksft: I do not see that http://download.mono-project.com/repo supports ubuntu . You are on your on as I do not even know how to back out of it.03:28
Bashing-omksft: on/own*03:28
etzerdok, it seem like nobody can help me on that.03:30
ksftBashing-om: I'm not going to worry about Mono for now.03:30
ksftI'm about to reboot.03:30
Pikiacurrently trying to Dual Boot WIndows 7 and Ubuntu. I've several HDD in my rig and I can't tell which is which. THey are all named /dev/sdb1 ntfs or simialr.03:31
Bashing-omksft: K, but that debian repo may be the source of the Hash Sum mismatch error condition .03:31
b-yeeziPikia: if you do lsblk in linux terminal you should be able to tell the difference03:32
PikiaThank you b-yeezi. One more question. I frist instailled windows 7 and shrunk one of the HDD. I never allocated the memory. Will that cause Linix to not be able to "see" it?03:34
PikiaI'm asking as I can't find it using lsblk03:34
b-yeeziyou can'tnfind the linux partition or the windows one?03:36
PikiaAh huh. I found it! I think... And I think I worded my question incorrectly.03:37
PikiaI shurnk the HDD in Windows, but never allocated it in Windows.03:37
PikiaI was wondering if that would affect wheater or not03:37
PikiaLinux would "see" it.03:37
Bashing-omPikia: Might be real good at this time to show the channel what you are working with ' sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 ' and pass the resulting link back here .03:38
b-yeeziIf you never allocated the space, then you won't see it in lsblk03:38
b-yeezigparted should show you unallocated space. or parted on the commandline, like Bashing-om said03:38
PikiaHm. I never knew you could use pipe with "links"03:39
Bashing-omb-yeezi: Ya want to be that bearer of bad news ?03:41
Pikiaahahaa, where did I screw up on :P03:41
b-yeeziEverything is in ntfs format. Looks like Linux is gone03:42
PikiaShould it not be in ntfs?03:43
Bashing-omPikia: Well .. that can not be said. What can presently be said is that there is no ext4 ( linux) partition(s) .03:43
b-yeeziI never dual-boot. I only run windows in a VM, almost never03:43
PikiaOh, I hven't installed linix yet. I'm trying to find the partition I want it on03:43
b-yeeziBut for my wife, Windows is installed first, then install Ubuntu03:44
b-yeeziThat way Windows won't wipe out your install03:44
b-yeeziOh then no problem03:45
PikiaI set up a new Partition on the Samsung SSD.03:45
PikiaI may have found it but I want to be sure.03:45
PikiaIts listed as Free Space in the installation screen03:45
b-yeeziGParted should be able to reformat a partition durinf the install03:45
b-yeeziOr you can reformat from the Live Disk03:46
PikiaMhmm Okay.03:47
PikiaThank you!03:47
Bashing-omPikia: Ya gonna have problems here - think this through . as the drive is msdos .. BUT Windows isa booting UEFI . The 2 are not compatible .03:47
PikiaI'm sorry I don't follow03:48
PikiaI understood maybe half of your sentence03:48
b-yeeziThe Partition Table: msdos line03:49
b-yeeziThis is why I don't dual-boot. Anyway, you have to create a new partition table03:50
b-yeeziright Bashing-om? To gpt?03:50
PikiaI alredy did that in Windows, but its not showing in the termbin.03:50
PikiaHowever, it does show on the installtion page as "Free Space"03:51
Bashing-omPikia: Understandable . Look Windows on the 1st hard drive " Partition Table: gpt >>  EFI system partition          boot, esp . right . And now you want to install ubuntu onto the 2nd drive (Disk /dev/sdb: 120GB) .. It is on the legacy (msdos) partitioning .. and efi will not cope with it . if this is your entent, gonna have to learb to jump throght hoops to reset in the formware each time ya want to boot a desired system . Can be a real pain .03:51
ReddyTeddyDoes anyone know if there's a way to play BluRays with menus in Ubuntu ?03:53
ReddyTeddyI want to see if there are chapter names in the scene selection03:53
ReddyTeddyNothing I've tried so far has given me access to the menus, just the bluray itself03:53
b-yeeziset it to gpt and you should be fine Pikia03:53
PikiaBashing-om: Mhmm I see. That makes a bit more sense. Is this becasue windows uses differnt ways of reading data from Linix?03:54
b-yeeziReddyTeddy: Did you try VLC? or Xine?03:54
ReddyTeddyTried VLC, it can play the BluRay fine, but won't let me see the menu03:55
=== OERIAS2 is now known as Aerius
b-yeeziI think you can change the view in VLC to show chapters03:56
Bashing-omPikia: NO, Windows here is not the factor . it is the RFI booting specification . The way the firmware hands off to the boot code . It is a different process between EFI and MBR ( legacy ) . Whole with effort one can do this - if willing to reset the formware each time you switch operating systems . EFI and MBR are not compatible and can not chainload the respective bootloaders .03:57
ReddyTeddyHm, can't seem to find that03:58
Bashing-om!efi | Pikia03:59
ubottuPikia: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:59
b-yeeziReddyTeddy: I'm on my raspberry pi right now so I can't confirm. Sorry04:00
ksftBashing-om: having trouble booting Ubuntu now04:01
ReddyTeddyNo worries, thanks04:01
ksftBashing-om: the screen just goes black04:03
ksftCan someone else help me?04:09
Bashing-omksft: K, boot to console - ctl+alt+F1 at the login screen . show now what is installed for the driver ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .04:13
ksftthat's how I started my IRC client04:15
ksftI had to boot a few times04:15
ksftctrl-alt-F1 didn't work the first couple times04:15
ksftBashing-om: https://termbin.com/m82204:16
Bashing-omksft: Try again as I get " Your connection is not private " on that link .04:18
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/m82204:18
ksfttypes the URL wrong04:18
cfhowlettksft, same here04:18
ksftcan't copy/paste in this thing04:19
Bashing-omksft: Where and how did you get " ii  nvidia-370 " ?04:21
ksftBashing-om: I have no idea.04:21
ksftBashing-om: I ran the commands you gave me.04:22
Bashing-omksft: Ya must have our trusted PPA enabled for the source . System likes 370 .. we go with it . Lemme think a bit .04:24
KurowaSay, any tips to clean files on / ?04:25
KurowaI have low disk space04:25
Bashing-omksft: Let's see what X thinks ' cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .04:26
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/iq6504:28
Bashing-omksft: Reading . I will be a while .04:29
avioniiI'm upgrading to a larger hard drive.. What's the best way to move ubuntu to it?04:47
Kurowathe best way huh...04:50
avioniieasiest way?04:51
Bashing-omksft: I see no fault . anything relavent ' /etc/X11/xorg.conf | nc termbin.com 9999 ' ?04:52
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/ca3p04:54
ksftI don't know if any of that is relevant04:54
Bashing-omksft: All proper there also . next log ' /var/log/gpu-manager.log | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .05:02
gp5stI’m trying to upgrade a (very) old vm from 10.04 and am getting “WARNING: The following essential packages will be removed.” for lzma. I’m not exactly sure how to go about finishing the upgrade05:03
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/qgio05:03
ksfter, that's wrong05:03
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/qgiu05:03
KurowaSo, I lack disk space. It is safe to move usr folder to another partition?05:05
Bashing-omksft: No fault there either ! .. What erorrs do you get starting the GUI from terminal ' sudo service lightdm start ' ?05:08
ksftBashing-om: it says it's already running05:09
prashant_123456hello to all05:09
prashant_123456i have created bootable pen drive ubuntu 16 and it does not show up in boot menu05:09
Bashing-omksft: Hummm .. and you loged in from ctl+alt+F1 console ? .. anyway .. is the GUI running key combo ctl+alt+F7 to switch to the graphical interface .05:11
ksftI did05:11
ksftit doesn't look like it05:11
ksftctrl-alt-F7 shows a black screen05:11
ksftBashing-om: ^05:12
Bashing-omksft: Stranger alla the time .. ok .. what results ' sudo service lightdm restart ' ?05:13
ksftBashing-om: it makes the screen go black and then ctrl-alt-F1 doesn't work05:15
ksftI just had to reboot05:15
=== massive_minnow is now known as MassiveMinnow
Bashing-omksft: Yeah .. seen the connection here drop . Look, I am at a loss here . we can look at the .xsession-errors file in your home directory .., see if there are any hints there .05:17
ksftBashing-om: okay05:18
ksftBashing-om: one line05:18
ksftdoesn't look like an error05:18
ksft"Script for uim started at run_im."05:18
Bashing-omksft: I am out of ideas . I do not know where to go from here . A cuda thing ? A compiz thing ? I just do not know where or what else to check . All the log files say it is working .05:21
ksftBashing-om: I had trouble with cuda before05:22
ksftI tried to install it, but I couldn't get it to work.05:22
ksftI think I ran into a problem like this when I tried to install it.05:22
ksftBashing-om: would `sudo apt-get purge libcuda*` be a bad idea?05:23
prashant_123456bootable ubuntu pen drive wont boot in uefi mode05:26
Bashing-omksft: Removing cuda is a bit involved . hang on a bit .. let me ' look ' .05:27
=== llorephie1 is now known as llorephie
Bashing-omksft: Prep for removal . what returns ' ls -al ~/NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK /opt/cuda ' ?05:31
ksftBashing-om: neither directory exists05:32
Bashing-omksft: Well, that is not expected . next in ~/.bash_profile file do these paths " PATH=$PATH:/opt/cuda/bin and export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/cuda/lib:/opt/cuda/lib64 " exist ?05:34
ksft~/.bash_profile does not exist05:34
ksftBashing-om: ~05:35
PikiaI managed to get the dual boot working, but it seems as if the intel drivers will not detect my secondary monitor05:36
Bashing-omksft: K. run ' sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove nvidia-cuda-toolkit ; rm -r ~/NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK ; sudo rm -r /opt/cuda ' .05:38
ksftagain, neither of those directories exists05:38
Bashing-omksft: That was just cheap insurance to make sure they were gone .05:38
ksftokay, it's running05:39
ksftBashing-om: what does --auto-remove do?05:39
Bashing-omksft: remove any orphaned files .05:40
ksftBashing-om: it finished05:40
ksftBashing-om: should I try to restart lightdm again?05:40
ksftshould I reboot first?05:41
Bashing-omksft: Well .,. now let's try ' sudo apt install --reinstall nvidia-370 ' . Reboot and let's see what we now have .05:42
freakyyhi all. is there any voice changer realtime for ubuntu?05:43
Pikiamanaged to install Ubuntu. However, there is a huge black bar running across the bottom of the screen. Its as if that part of the screen doesn't exist05:44
freakyymaybe change resolution?05:44
freakyyjust press windows-key05:44
freakyyand type in: resolution05:44
PikiaNo, its set to 1080p, which is the correct resoultion, but it's not utilizing the full screen05:44
freakyyit should come up with screen config05:44
freakyywhat graphics card do u have?05:45
Geomis there such cli command to force optical's led to blink?05:45
ksftBashing-om: reinstalled05:45
freakyyati card?05:45
Pikiaerr 280x right now. Yeah AMD.05:45
freakyyhm, they dropped uspport for the unofficial drivers in ubuntu xenial05:45
freakyyi dont know did u try rebooting?05:45
PikiaYes, multiple times05:46
freakyytry setting to a different resolution05:46
PikiaThat did it.05:46
PikiaI switched to a lower res then back and it seemed to fix it05:46
PikiaThank you!05:46
freakyynp ;DF05:47
PikiaYou wouldn't happen to know how to get INtel GPU drivers for ubuntu 16.04 do you? I can't seem to find anyhting about it05:47
PikiaOr I'm just looking in the wrong place05:47
freakyyPikia: umm05:47
=== EriC^^ is now known as Guest74008
freakyypress windows key05:47
OerHeksintel is supported standard in the kernel.05:47
freakyythen search for, drivers05:48
freakyyall non-free drivers will be listed there05:48
freakyyin some tab05:48
PikiaOerHeks: Yeah, thats what I thought. However, ubuntu isn't picking up my second monitor, which is attached to the iGPU :(05:48
freakyyi could install some properiety drivers05:48
freakyyPikia: are u sure ur second card is not disabled, if u use the first one?05:48
freakyyintel is onboard probably05:49
PikiaI'm sorry, I don't udnerstand what your are saying.05:49
PikiaYes Intel is onbaord05:49
Pikiaits the GPU in the CPU05:49
Bayanganhow to set env variable on desktop file [unity]? i tried to change GTK_THEME, but not working05:49
freakyyare you sure ur ati card doesnt deactivate the intel card05:49
ksftBashing-om: should I restart lightdm or reboot now?05:49
OerHeksPikia, if it is a laptop, check the FN key to switch internal/external/both screens.05:49
Pikiafreakyy: Yeah, if I boot into my windows os, all monitors work fine05:49
PikiaOerHeks: Its a desktop05:49
Bashing-omksft: I had in mind to re-boot .05:50
freakyyPikia: hmm, is your moniator listed when u go to the desktop settings?05:50
freakyyi mean screen settings05:50
ksftBashing-om: okay05:50
freakyybut it doesnt work?05:50
Bayangantheme changed when i type 'env GTK_THEME=Theme apps' in terminal05:50
PikiaNo, its just a black screen, freakyy05:50
hateballPikia: Using two different GPUs for the same X session is not possible05:50
freakyyhmm, i cant help u there. u could try resetting the screen resolution of that second monitor too05:50
Pikiahateball: what do you mean "same x session"?05:51
OerHekshateball, how would one switch between open radeon driver and intel?05:51
hateballPikia: the... thing that shows you a GUI05:51
freakyyPikia: x is the graphics server05:51
freakyyand to that server a gui connects it hink05:51
hateballOerHeks: blacklist radeon driver05:51
freakyyandf u work with taht gui graphical user interfaace05:51
hateballIt is however possible to spawn a new Xsession using the intel gpu05:52
hateballbut then you have the headache of not being able to move windows and panels and so on05:52
ksftBashing-om: well, it still isn't working05:52
Pikiahateball: I am fine with that. Could you point me in the direction of doing that05:52
PikiaDoes that mean I will lose access to my Radeon GPU's though?05:53
freakyyPikia: if its a desktop, doesnt the ati gpu have more than one connectors?05:53
freakyybecause my nviida card even has 4 hdmi connectors05:53
PikiaI'm currentlly using three moniors atm.. :P05:53
freakyyort slots05:53
PikiaThe third one is the one thats connected to the intel GPU05:54
Bashing-omksft: Well, as said I am out of ideas , I am open to any suggestion . Maybe try the suggested 367 version driver rather than 370 ?05:54
hateballPikia: let me see if I can find something comprehensible. gotta go afk for a bit tho05:54
OerHeksoh, the opendrivers work with 2 monitors max , iirc05:54
PikiaIts fine. Its late for me too. I'll be one around next week to persue this issue furterh.05:54
PikiaI'm going on vacation so :p05:54
PikiaThanks for all the help guys05:54
PikiaI really appreciate it05:55
ksftBashing-om: so just `sudo apt-get purge nvidia-370; sudo apt-get install nvidia-367` and then reboot?05:55
Pikiangiht mates05:55
freakyyso does anyone know if theres a realtime voice changer for ubuntu?05:56
freakyylike so i can use it for discord?05:56
Bashing-omksft: Yeah, wont hurt to try .. but be aware we have seen no problems reported for 370 by the system . do not hold your breath for 367 .05:57
sho__can I request help?06:00
ohjeezof course06:00
ksftBashing-om: trying it...06:01
sho__So, I dual booted with windows 10. my ubuntu root partition is almost full though. The cleaning doesn't give any meaningful space and the software I installed in my ubuntu is necessary for my work right now, so I cannot uninstall.06:02
ohjeezboot win 10, shrink partition in disks, then boot linux and expand. you may have to boot gparted or similar usb to resize linux partition.06:03
sho__I want to extend the size of root partition, but doesn't really have access to flash drive or CD drives.06:03
Bashing-omsho__: Did you try ; ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' ? to free up space .06:04
sho__Bashing-om: yes.06:04
OerHekssho__, to resize, you need a live iso.06:04
ohjeezmy suggestion seems complex but I just had your problem today, it's an easy fix if you want to fix it right06:04
Bashing-omsho__: What does ' df -h ; df -i06:04
sho__let me restart my pc first.06:05
sho__I'm still at windows.06:05
Bashing-omsho__: show for disk space usage ?06:05
ohjeezok guys im leaving this channel now... teach me something before I go?06:05
ksftstill not working06:05
ohjeeztech stuff, amaze me06:05
freakyyhi all. i have a problem with ubuntu gnome and sound volume. its somehow all so quiet i cant turn the music loud. i mean i could put it over 100% but not without distortion. there must be something wrong. how can i fix it?06:06
ohjeezpulse audio06:06
ksftBashing-om: slight correction: ctrl-alt-F1 freezes whatever's on the screen06:06
ksftit doesn't make it go black06:06
ksftnot sure if that matters06:06
Bashing-omksft: Beats me .. others here with ideas ?06:06
VorapCheck alsamixer freakyy06:06
ohjeeznothing ? no tech in the news? :(06:07
OerHeksVorap, his problem is: there is no problem :-D06:07
OerHeksif sound works, not distorted, i see no issue06:10
freakyyVorap: no alsamixer doesnt help everythings at max06:10
VorapHmm :/06:10
freakyyOerHeks: well, i have it on 100% and its still quiet06:10
freakyyis there any app specific sound volume06:11
freakyyahi found it06:11
freakyythanks :D06:11
sho1so... continuing from before.06:12
Vorapfreakyy: oh awesome!06:13
sho1so this is my df -h result.06:13
freakyythe sound output was 100% but the one from my headset wasnt up06:13
freakyyand the setting is a bit hidden06:14
freakyyi first had to click hw mixer and then specific 7.1 audio :)06:14
sho1so can I request help?06:15
freakyysho1: just ask ur question06:15
=== sho1 is now known as sho__
sho__well... so, as I have stated before. I am running low on ubuntu root partition and would like to extend it. Unfortunately making liveCD is not an option right now.06:16
freakyysho__: try live usb?06:17
freakyyu cant resize partition without unmounting06:17
Bashing-omsho1: " 42G   38G  2,3G  95% / " so what is installed for kernels ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' ?06:17
sho__not even if I dual booted and do something in windows?06:17
freakyyhmm, if u find a program that can resize partitions for windows ... maybe that works06:18
freakyycheck that it supports the fs u use on ur linux partition06:18
sho__bashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23066497/06:19
sho__to be honest, windows disk management can do that.06:19
Bashing-omsho__: So much for that thought ,, not a kernel space usage issue .06:20
sho__yeah... those at stackexchange suggested removing old kernels too.06:21
freakyysudo apt autoremove06:21
sho__I have, and only freed 24.2 MB worth?06:22
freakyyold ones should be "not needed" anymore and should be autoremoveable06:22
freakyyi dont nkow06:22
freakyyif u need more ... do the resizing ;D06:22
sho__yeah. that is what I intend to do. is there any way to do that, with that restriction I've mentioned?06:23
freakyywhat restriction?06:23
sho__don't have CD drive and accessible flash drive.06:24
ducassesho__: you need to boot a live image to resize the root fs.06:24
mgedminsho__: you could shrink the windows partition, create a new ext4 partition in that space, and move some of your data over into it06:24
freakyyah yea ... if u boot into windows ... that doesnt work cuz then that partition is mounted and cant be resized06:24
mgedminbe sure to create a backup any time you're messing with partitions, just in case06:25
freakyyhe cant he cant even make live dvd ;D06:25
mgedminalternatively, use tools like Baobab to see why you've got 38 gigs used -- maybe you'll find something you can remove06:25
sho__mgedmin, not an option right now?06:26
mgedminwaht is?06:26
sho__say, can I run that gparted with emulator?06:26
sho__like VMware?06:27
freakyysho__: well u use gparted, resize the windows partition then boot into windows and from there increase the linux partition? i dont know06:28
freakyyi dont konw if that work sthough06:29
sho__freakyy... using gparted means that I had to make liveCD/bootable USB.06:29
ksftso can anyone help me?06:30
ksftwhen I try to boot, the screen goes black06:30
freakyysho__: no. arent u already on linux?06:30
sho__yes. I am.06:30
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:31
freakyysay u have sda1 (linux) sda2 (win) then u stay in linux use gparted to resize sda2 and move the beginning of it more to the end and free space AFTER sda106:31
OerHeksksft, tried that? ^^06:31
sho__But GParted need the linux partition to be unmounted?06:31
freakyythen u boot into windows and use that freed empty space and join it with ur linux partition06:32
ksftOerHeks: I haven't06:32
ksftOerHeks: slightly difficult to see that forum thread without a GUI06:32
bhaveshLast time I tried using WINE to play on a MTA server (for GTA SA). They kicked me as they have set up some OS detection system. It detects that I am using Linux (through WINE) and doesn't allow me. Is there any way to bypass it? Like for example, change the variable where OS Name is stored, from Linux to Windows on WINE or somewhere else in a configuration file?06:32
freakyysho__: no gparted needs that partition to be unmounted which u wanna shrink06:34
OerHeksksft, hold shift @ boot, press 'e' to edit the boot line , GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash "  and add nomodeset >> GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"   and try to boot06:34
freakyyand that would be the windows partition06:34
Blue1bhavesh: winecfg will allow you to set a default "os type"06:34
Blue1for the programme06:34
ksftOerHeks: what does holding shift do?06:34
bhaveshBlue1: okay, I'll try finding it. Thanks06:35
sho__the problem is to extend? I already have the space to extend it.06:35
sho__and empty drive.06:35
OerHeksksft, without shift, you might boot straight into linux06:35
antwoodteam need help... have mounted root(/) on /dev/sdc1 and /home on /dev/sdd1. Can any assist me as to how I can swap them ?06:35
ksftOerHeks: I see grub each time I boot06:35
ksftI'll try that06:35
freakyysho__: oh ... is it external?06:35
Blue1bhavesh: try entering winecfg on the command line -- you can set the default os needed for the programme.  I have one programme I use that needs win nt to find the dvd drive -- okay -- so I set it to nt and if found the dvd drive.06:36
freakyyu cant extend partitions over several hdds06:36
freakyyso the only thign u could u06:36
freakyyok well06:36
sho__to swap huh. clone it?06:36
bhaveshBlue1: okay06:36
freakyyumm, u dont have a live cd06:37
freakyyelse u could have put a bootable linux on there06:37
freakyyand resize partitions06:37
sho__sorry, I try to answer antwood's question.06:37
freakyybut yeda06:37
Blue1I have found that wine works pretty well in about 90% of what I want to run -- I wish it had better usb support, but hey it works.06:37
ksftOerHeks: sorta working now!06:38
ksftOerHeks: when I try to login, the screen flashes, and it asks me to log in again06:38
bhaveshBlue1: cool.06:38
ksftI've gotten to this point when I've had similar problems in the past, but I have no idea what I did to fix it06:38
Eth3rello! not sure if this is the right irc for my thing06:38
sho__freakyy: right now I just need to extend root partition.06:39
antwoodyea sho__ need to move swap the mounts to allocate right disk space06:39
freakyyu cant extend over several drives06:39
freakyydo mount and paste it06:39
dandelsEth3r, go ahead and ask and we'll tell you :p06:39
Eth3rim trying to install ubuntu on a home brewd pc and getting the error "{     4.836452} nouveau 0000:03:00.0: gr: failed to load fecs_inst"06:41
hateballEth3r: What GPU is this?06:41
freakyysho__: well ... u cant increase the partition over other drives u could just mount that drive into some directory and move data into it06:42
hateballEth3r: a 9xx or 10xx series ?06:42
ksftOerHeks: any idea what I can do?06:42
Eth3rlet me get u exact model hateball06:42
sho__freakyy: in other word, move root and its content?06:42
freakyyno u cant do that06:43
freakyyu could use dd and make an exact copy then resize partitions and only use the new drive06:43
freakyybut ive never donet aht06:43
ducassesho__: is /home on the root partition, is that what takes up so much space?06:44
sho__I think?06:46
hateballEth3r: That would be your CPU06:47
dandelsEth3r, that's the CPU, not GPU (graphics card).06:47
Eth3roh sry its 970 gtx06:47
ducassesho__: if it is, you can create a new /home on the other partition, copy your data across, boot into recovery mode, delete the old /home and mount the new.06:47
dandelsdid you just assemble it and it's not working, or did it have some other working OS before?06:47
hateball!pm | Eth3r06:48
ubottuEth3r: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.06:48
Eth3rnoted, so u think its the gpu?06:49
hateballEth3r: You're trying to install 16.04? You likely need to boot using nomodeset and then install the proprietary drivers06:49
=== Guest74008 is now known as EriC^^
hateball!nomodeset | Eth3r06:49
ubottuEth3r: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:49
sho__ducasse: so I reinstall ubuntu. Before I install ubuntu, I made sure of making /home and /root on different partition. But maybe that isn't the case?06:50
hateballEth3r: So, use nomodeset to get a GUI so you can install. Then once it is installed and you reboot you need nomodeset again until you have proper drivers installed06:50
sho__Sorry, it is reinstalled.06:50
hateballEth3r: And to get the latest drivers from a !ppa you can run this oneliner in a terminal on your installed ubuntu: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-37006:50
Eth3rnow im installing it from usb should be ok? didnt finish reading yet06:50
lucas_aiWhen I run rsync -vr fromDirectory toDirectory, to backup files to an external drive, it takes too long to check the deltas for the whole file list, and my drive gets disconnected. Every time I run it again, it doesn't get to send new files because checking for changes takes so long and always starts from the same place. Any ideas on how to continue transfering files, but faster or avoiding the initial06:51
lucas_ailong checks?06:51
ducassesho__: 38g used on the root partition indicates to me that there is _something_ there that takes up a lot of space. maybe /home or vm images.06:51
Eth3ri am loveing linux i can update my driver from cli!? that is sweet!06:51
sho__yeah. and the other partition is empty, so I think I messed up somewhere in the process of reinstalling.06:53
antwoodnot sure if sho__ has more or less the same request as that of mine. I basically have a remote server and / and /home needs to swapped. Like the partiottions and now swap memory :)06:53
antwoodwithout losing data though06:54
Tin_mananyone notice that spotchat.org has been down for a couple of days. I use ubuntu, and linux mint and sometime enjoy going over there, but even the website has been down for a couple of days.06:54
Blue1Tin_man: I just tried to bring up the webpage (I am in southern arizona) does NOT work here either.06:56
ducassesho__: there you have a solution, then. it's a bit of work, but fully doable.06:56
VorapTin_man: i just tried here as well  (Sweden) didn't work here eithrr06:56
Tin_manwell at least it's not just me..06:57
VorapYeah :/06:57
Blue1nope -- as they say:  "It's dead, Jim!"06:57
Blue1wow even traceroute fails06:57
Blue1tnwayno@bart:~$ traceroute spotchat.org06:59
Blue1spotchat.org: Name or service not known06:59
Blue1Cannot handle "host" cmdline arg `spotchat.org' on position 1 (argc 1)06:59
Blue1nwayno@bart:~$ traceroute usatoday.com06:59
Blue1traceroute to usatoday.com (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets06:59
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:59
Bitkid_hey how can I load drivers thru cli? complet noob in linux sry06:59
hateballBitkid_: What drivers do you need to load?06:59
VorapSorry :$06:59
Blue1ooops sorry07:00
Bitkid_well not sure, systeam seems weird... i think there is a bunch of missing drivers..07:00
Bitkid_is there a way to know what drivers i need?07:00
hateballBitkid_: Seems weird is not a good description. What is not working as intended?07:00
Bitkid_graphics seem off, usb not working07:01
hateballBitkid_: If there are proprietary drivers your system needs you can run "ubuntu-drivers devices" in a terminal and it will inform you07:01
Bitkid_ok let me try that07:01
Bitkid_can i past the output here?07:02
hateball!paste | Bitkid_07:02
ubottuBitkid_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:02
hateballBitkid_: What do you mean by "usb not working"? Are the ports not detecting devices?07:03
Bitkid_ok http://paste.ubuntu.com/23066573/07:04
Bitkid_ya, so im thinking maby something with the driver07:04
hateballBitkid_: to fix your GPU, run this in a terminal: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-37007:04
hateballand once it is all done, reboot to have it use the new driver07:05
Bitkid_sweet! ok07:05
hateballBitkid_: the intel microcode: sudo apt install intel-microcode07:05
Bitkid_so this is a new systeam, when i boot of usb i go thr an error then finaly loads the trial. i installed it before but it just gose to this thing ... grub i think07:05
hateballBitkid_: Is the system installed or are you on a live-usb?07:06
Bitkid_live usb / trial option07:06
hateballBitkid_: Right. Then you cant install any drivers07:07
Bitkid_when i try oem install or install stuck on gr: error07:07
hateballBitkid_: try booting with nomodeset first07:07
hateball!nomodeset | Bitkid_07:07
ubottuBitkid_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:07
Bitkid_do i have to add it to the usb?07:07
Bitkid_oh sweet ok let me read link07:07
hateballBitkid_: it's a kernel option that should let you boot and install. then you boot with nomodeset again on your install, and install the proper drivers with the oneliner I gave you07:09
zetheroocould someone out there with 16.04 please test if sharing a folder with the Local Network Share dialog works for them?07:09
Bitkid_ty hateball but since im on the trial verson on the irc when i boot ill lose it. when i reboot and install ill come bac to the irce07:10
Bitkid_tyvm hatball and ubottu07:11
hateballBitkid_: yes, no worries07:11
WulfUbuntu 16.04, x64. valgrind /usr/bin/openssl; Does this break for you too?07:11
OerHeksDrunken_Irishman, please don't spam on freenode, kiddie07:12
Drunken_IrishmanSorry fucktard07:12
Drunken_Irishmanbut you are not my mother07:12
FlannelDrunken_Irishman: Please mind the language.  And yes, please don't spam.  Thanks.07:12
bittinStarting the work day with downloading latest Ubuntu for fixing a thing07:12
Drunken_IrishmanFlannel: oh, you aren't my mother either07:13
* doodom greets everybody07:13
milestone234Drunken_Irishman, someone named opal was talking some mad shit about you....ask him in #krustykrab07:13
FlannelDrunken_Irishman: While true, you still should pay attention.07:13
Drunken_IrishmanWHO DA FUQ IS OPAL07:13
abhinavhow good is Ubuntu Tablet for ROR web programming?07:14
OerHeksabhinav, what is ror ?07:15
abhinavRuby On Rails.07:15
abhinavOerHeks: in genral, is it capable enough for a web app programming?07:16
sho__say, there is an unused partition as a remain from ubuntu reinstallation. I want to assign it as /home partition (as it is originally intended). how do I do that?07:17
OerHeksabhinav, sure, any machine will do.07:18
ducassesho__: i told you earlier, copy data, boot in recovery mode, delete old home, mount new07:19
sho__ducasse: no need to go to disks, edit partition, and change it to linux home partition?07:20
ducassesho__: no, just make sure it has a file system. create one if the installer didn't07:21
sho__ducasse: do I need to format the partition first, to clean it from any traces of data from previous installation?07:24
boomernanghi. buying a new computer over the next few days and I will be using Ubuntu! Is there still troubles with UEFI mode on newer motherboard? Ubuntu will be the only operating system07:25
Wulfboomernang: never had problems with that.07:25
OerHeksboomernang, no, there is a fine uefi manual07:25
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:25
ducassesho__: if there is anything on it, i would. as long as it's nothing you need, at least.07:25
boomernangand Samsung SSD's are all good? the evo 850.. dont have to do any commands?07:26
ducasseboomernang: i have two of those, work fine.07:27
sho__it is almost empty. ok, just format it from disks window?07:27
ducassesho__: yes, or command line. whatever you're comfortable with.07:28
Bitkid_no luck hateball, however I do have an installed linux distro but only cli stuff i can f6 in to root07:32
Bitkid_what is the sudo command for checking what drivers need to be installed and the one for installing them?07:33
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sho__ducasse: say, I never paid attention to disks, what is the indicator that I have successfully formatted it?07:45
bekkssho__: the fact that mkfs returned no error.07:45
bekkssho__: What are you actually trying to accomplish by "formatting your drive"?07:45
sho__emptying it for my new /home?07:46
sho__bekks: right now I use the disks GUI. and I never use it for formatting before.07:47
bekkssho__: you dont need to format it before, just tell the installer to do so.07:48
sho__bekks: already done?07:48
sho__already in progress, tbh.07:48
ducassebekks: he needs to move /home to a new fs, / is full.07:49
bekksducasse: ah, I see.07:49
BlackDaleknone of the USB 3.0 (blue) ports on my computer are working with ubuntu 15.10 (kernel 4.2.0-41-generic). Devices are getting power and pointing devices/flash drives etc. all light up their LEDs... but devices are not detected by system pointers are frozen on screen etc.07:52
sho__so... any indicator of whether it is done formatting or not, ducasse, bekks?07:52
ducasseBlackDalek: 15.10 is eol07:52
BlackDaleklsusb shows nothing connected to computer07:52
ducassesho__: there shouldn't be any, it should finish without errors.07:52
ikoniaBlackDalek: what devices are you plugging in07:52
ikoniaooh yes, 15.1007:53
sho__the circle is still spinning. is that means the drive hasn't been completely formatted?07:53
BlackDalekikonia, every conceivable USB device... mice, usb memory stick, external hdd, bluetooth dongle.. none work in the USB3.0 ports. All devices work in the USB2.0 ports.07:53
ducassesho__: i never use the disks gui, is there no output?07:55
ikoniaBlackDalek: ducasse is right though, 15.10 is EOL, support has ended, sorry07:55
BlackDalekikonia, I know 15.10 is eol, but a laptop, also running 15.10 has working USB3.0 port. Thought might be some simple reason why they don't work on the desktop computer. :/07:56
sho__mm... can you open your disks GUI and see whether there is a spinning icon beside the hard disk?07:57
ikoniaBlackDalek: yes, its EOL which means end of support too07:57
sho__if that doesn't inconvenience you...07:57
BlackDalekikonia, I guess I'll upgrade it to 16.04 and see if the USB ports magically start working.07:58
OerHeksBlackDalek, know issues, no solution than using a usb2 port.07:58
ducassesho__: no spinning icons here.08:07
sho__ducasse: ok.08:10
OerHeksdisks give a apinning wheel when buzy,  no notion when the partitioning is done. it just appears on your unity panel.08:10
sho__there is no way to cancel formatting process in linux, is there?08:12
Wulfsho__: ctrl-c?08:12
sho__0erHeks: but is it automatically mounted?08:13
sho__Wulf: using GUI, sorry.08:13
OerHekssho__, not automaticly mounted, it appears as an icon.08:13
Wulfsho__: close the GUI?08:13
sho__not working.08:15
sho__I try to reformat it again using quick format and it gives me this:08:15
sho__Error wiping device: Command-line `wipefs -a "/dev/dm-1"' exited with non-zero exit status 1: wipefs: error: /dev/dm-1: probing initialization failed: Device or resource busy  (udisks-error-quark, 0)08:15
sho__and the circle is still spinning.08:16
bekkssho__: wipefs will take several hours to complete, and there is one process still running.08:16
sarekIm trying to mount my drive afp in fstab rather than cifs since afp is faster. I've searched the entire internet and havent found anything even attempting to mount afp in fstab instead of cifs08:16
sho__haa... I'm still in a cafe too... I can't get anywhere if this goes on.08:16
bekks!info afpfs-ng-utils08:17
ubottuPackage afpfs-ng-utils does not exist in xenial08:17
bekksHmm :)08:17
sho__can I "hibernate" my PC and continue it home?08:18
OerHekssho__, i won't try to find out.08:19
bekksI'd rather just terminate that process, since it isnt needed.08:19
sho__what process should I kill?08:21
bekksthe wipefs process still running.08:21
sho__pgrep wipefs08:21
sho__no process of that name.08:22
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sho__err... what is it again the ubuntu channel that does off-topic stuff?08:26
ikonia#ubuntu-offtopic ?08:26
Vorap#ubuntu-offtopic sho08:26
sho__it is rather quiet there? is the channel active?08:30
hateballsho__: there is also #ubuntu-discuss08:31
_Wise__Hi *08:33
VorapHello _Wise__08:34
sho__hateball: it is same?08:34
sho__hello _Wise__.08:34
blckshephi all08:35
blckshepcan anybody help me with my problem with VPN08:35
_Wise__I have a couple of Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS servers that have nscd segfaulting (nscd 0.51-1build2)08:35
_Wise__I need to manually upgrade to nscd 0.5208:35
_Wise__what is the best way to proceed ? 0.52 is not available in the repo08:36
firmantau cara instal steam gak08:36
keinigoodmorning all of you08:36
blckshep hi08:36
sho__ok... on topic question. Is there a way to get this data: timestamp, process name, process title, when a window becomes active?08:37
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OerHeks_Wise__, upgrade to xenial, or compile yourself?08:37
keinido you see me?08:38
_Wise__OerHeks: upgrade to Xenial is not an option, yet... we have plenty of 14.04 LTS deployed in the wild08:38
testingkingyou may find the API usage here https://test-case-generator.herokuapp.com/documentation/08:38
sho__firman, google?08:38
_Wise__OerHeks: so, compile from source is the only option ?08:38
firmangogole cant helping me08:38
blckshepanybody  have any solutions   i have usb tethering  and VPN is workink only when i have both connections bluetooth+ usb tethering. When i have only usb tethering is only ping working.08:39
sho__that one?08:39
sho__other than google, duckduckgo?08:39
blckshepany  ideas08:39
keiniwhat about you?08:39
OerHeks_Wise__, for now, yes. xenial and next ubuntu yakety are build.08:40
firmanwho comefrom indo08:40
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.08:40
sho__Sorry ubottu.08:40
VorapDo we have a Indonesian ubuntu channel08:41
sho__we do.08:41
keiniplease can you see me08:41
sho__it is pretty much inactive though.08:41
sho__I can see your name printed keini.08:41
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia08:41
blckshepcan anybody help me with my problem with VPN connection?08:41
keinitanks you08:42
Vorap!indonesia | firman08:42
ubottufirman: please see above08:42
_Wise__OerHeks: ok, thanks08:42
keinibecause i'm new in the chat08:42
OerHekshi keini, so do you have an Ubuntu support question?08:43
keinii don't know how it 's fonctionning08:43
sho__keini: sorry, it refers to?08:44
blckshepcan anybody help me with my problem with VPN connection?08:46
keinimy question is how can i use  my camtel key in ubuntu?08:47
jairhello all, with the new interface naming for NICs e.g. wlp2s0 for my wireless adapter and for my ethernet NIC enp0s31f6 if the configuration file "/etc/network/interfaces" do I need to replace eth0 with this new names?08:47
keinifor having internet connexion08:48
testingkingyou may find the API usage here https://test-case-generator.herokuapp.com/documentation/08:48
firmanyang indo cungh08:48
mgedminjair: if you use /etc/network/interfaces for networking (as opposed to NetworkManager or systemd-networkd), yes08:49
skylitehow can I edit the sudoers file so that one specific command would run without the need of "sudo" ?08:49
mgedminjust the other day I created a xenial VM with ubuntu-vm-builder and it had no network because /etc/network/interfaces said eth0 instead of ens3 :/08:50
bekks!sudo | skylite08:51
ubottuskylite: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:51
blckshepdo anybody have ideas  why when i connect to VPN thru usb tethering is only ping working , but when then  connect with bluetoth + usb tethering is working ok. I only want to use usb tethering, What am i missing? is it route problem?08:51
bekksblckshep: Sounds like a DNS issue.08:52
blckshepyes but i have edit dns08:52
jairmgedmin: hi... thank you for your info, I am using the /etc/network/interfaces for networking08:52
bekksblckshep: Sounds like you still have a DNS problem.08:53
jairmgedmin: can I show you what I have in my file? paste.debian.net for example?08:53
blckshepi have check route -n  when is only  usb tethering  and again to see when i have both connection to see the diference08:53
jairmgedmin: because what I am not understanding is that when I type dig by itself I get the as my dns server in use08:54
blckshepwhere to look any ideas*08:54
bekksblckshep: of course the output will be different.08:54
HoolaHoopI have 2 ubuntu systems dual booting sharing a home partition but with 2 seperate home dirs. One ubuntu ghot damaged how do I reformat only its root partion. Lets assume its root partion is /dev/sda1108:54
bekksblckshep: What exactly isnt working?08:54
ikoniaHoolaHoop: the installer will format the patitions you choose08:55
HoolaHoopI am in a live boot session with the livecd of the version for which I want to reformat its root partition only08:55
bekksHoolaHoop: Dont let us assume, but tell us about the actual root partition :)08:55
ikoniaHoolaHoop: or use the disk tools to format the partition you select08:55
jairmgedmin: http://paste.debian.net/790209/08:55
HoolaHoopikonia: Ok I have ubuntu 14.x and kubuntu 16.0408:55
ikoniaHoolaHoop: exactly what I said to do08:55
keinihow can i chat well in this channel?08:55
ikonia!guidelines | keini08:55
ubottukeini: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:55
HoolaHoopmy kubuntu 16.04 root is /dev/sda1008:55
blckshepwhen is only  usb tethering  is only ping working ,but when i have bluetooth+ usb tethering connection  is VPN working ok08:56
ikoniablckshep: only ping ?08:56
mgedminjair: as DNS server indicates you're running a caching dnsmasq locally08:56
mgedminjair: it's perfectly normal08:56
jairand my host file looks like this: http://paste.debian.net/790211/08:56
keinitanks you ikonia08:56
bekksblckshep: "only ping is working" means nothing. Do you ping an IP or a FQDN?08:56
stilllifehi, because of two issues i am not able to login on my ubuntu system. 1. something got broken on nvidia config. i just want to restore my old xorg. I cannot access any terminal. i ve tried the "text" kernel param but it does not work. moreover any tty is blank screen i think beacuse of a resolution problem of my hidpi laptop display. i ve tried also booting in recovery mode. i can just get into a read only system. any suggestion on ho08:56
ikoniablckshep: what is the address of the device you are using and what is the route it's using and what interface is it going out of08:56
HoolaHoopikonia: so in manual options in the setup if I pick only a root patrtition and continue with the install partition it will over overwrite the root without touching the other partitions ?08:56
mgedminjair: your /etc/network/intetrfaces looks weird; "nameservers" and "search" are not supported options for that file08:56
ikoniaHoolaHoop: it will format whatever you tell it to08:57
jairmgedmin: hmm but what if I would like it to use a different dns server becaue I am not able to access my machines by the prefix name08:57
jairI have to always put the fqdn08:57
ikoniajair: is this ubuntu or debian you are using08:57
jairmgedmin: what are the supported options dns-search? and dns-nameservers?08:58
ikoniajair: ok, we don't support debian here08:58
mgedminI'm not sure; I rarely use those :/08:58
ikoniaI can see you asking in #debian - so please take this conversation there08:58
mgedminjair: you can always replace the /etc/resolv.conf symlink with a file that hardcodes your config08:58
ikoniaerr no08:58
jairikonia: dude do you know that if it wasn't for debian you will not be using ubuntu08:58
ikoniajair: so ?08:58
jairikonia: please stop bothering08:58
ikoniajair: please use #debian for debian support08:58
jairikonia: if  you will not help\08:59
ikoniajair: please follow the rules, take the conversation to #debian08:59
ggnoredois it possible to watch netflix via firefox on 16.04.1? i can't get it work tried everyting on duckduckgo09:00
jairmgedmin: if I edit the resolv.conf file it shows that it will be overwritten :(09:00
mgedmindon't edit the file; remove the symlink and create a new file09:00
blckshepthis is route -n when is usb tethering09:00
blckshepblckshep@t43s:~$ route -n09:00
blckshepKernel IP routing table09:00
blckshepDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface09:00
blckshep0.0.0.0         UG    0      0        0 usb009:00
blckshep0.0.0.0         U     1002   0        0 eth009:00
mgedminassuming debian does the same as ubuntu -- you should really be asking this in #debian09:00
ikoniaggnoredo: what has duckduckgo got to do with netflix09:00
ikoniablckshep: use a pastebin to share data09:00
ggnoredoi meant i searched a lot on the internet09:00
ikoniaggnoredo: so netflix still has flash depdencies and a html5 pilot09:01
HoolaHoopggnoredo: did you try another browser09:01
ikoniaggnoredo: and silverlight I think09:01
ikoniaggnoredo: so it really depends what you are using and how09:01
HoolaHoopit may be some special plugins needed and not the browser itself09:01
ggnoredoit was working on 14.01. Yes it's silverlight with pipelight plugin09:01
ikoniaggnoredo: there are documents on the options for netflix on linux in general on the web09:01
ggnoredoit's working on chrome out of box but i don't use google products09:01
hateballggnoredo: it is supposed to work in Firefox 4909:02
hateballggnoredo: which is out soon-ish09:02
testingkingyou may find the API usage here https://test-case-generator.herokuapp.com/documentation/09:02
ikoniatestingking: please stop pasting that randomly09:03
ggnoredohateball: my silverlight plugin is working for other websites09:03
ikoniatestingking: it is nothing to do with ubuntu and no-one is asking for it09:03
ikoniatestingking: you won't be asked again not to do this09:03
kopiasi have a problem with lenovo U550 lcd brighness fn+up on ubuntu-mate - it inputs this character "±" as well as changing brightness09:03
hateballggnoredo: well I dunno about that stuff, I only read some news pointing to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=128858009:03
ubottuMozilla bug 1288580 in General "Mark Widevine as supported on Linux" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]09:03
kopiaswhere to fill a bur raport ?09:04
ikonia!bug > kopias09:04
ubottukopias, please see my private message09:04
ggnoredohateball: thank you for the link, it looks like i need to wait09:04
jair I don't what to be kicked out of the channel again, but I want you guys to understand this, THIS IS A FREE SOFTWARE CHANNEL mother fuckers we help everyone no matter what here if we know the answer we help, we are here volunteering to help, please keep that in mind09:04
testingkingyou may find the API usage here https://test-case-generator.herokuapp.com/documentation/09:05
gnyrftaso I was trying to get the library libsndfile to work, and I managed that.09:06
gnyrftanow my computer does not output audio09:07
hateballggnoredo: should be out in september-ish, there are probably betas you can use now to test but they are not packaged in ubuntu09:08
gnyrftathis happened after installing: alsalib 1.1.2, flac1.3.1, libogg1.3.2, libvorbis1.3.5 and sqlite-autoconf09:08
gnyrftaanybody have any idea how i go about starting to fix this?09:09
hateballgnyrfta: and did installing that remove any conflicting packages?09:09
hateballgnyrfta: have a look/paste /var/log/apt/history*09:09
indistyloHow should I parse and filter those IPs from text file which states is unreachable eg. this is the text file looks like https://gist.github.com/arunsingh/cd2f31e4af4bb37875d9545fd95b276d out of which I want to filter unreachable IP & write that output to new file09:10
indistyloAnnouncing: crossposting09:10
ikoniaindistylo: what ?09:11
gnyrftahateball: hi again! I am not sure if it removed any conflicting packages, will paste that.09:11
gnyrftahateball: only this one was installed using apt-get :09:13
gnyrftaStart-Date: 2016-08-17  15:55:3309:13
gnyrftaCommandline: apt-get install flac09:13
gnyrftaInstall: flac:amd64 (1.3.0-2ubuntu0.14.04.1)09:13
gnyrftaEnd-Date: 2016-08-17  15:55:3509:13
hateballgnyrfta: And the rest?09:13
hateballgnyrfta: Did you manually overwrite packaged alsalibs with a compiled/external version?09:14
gnyrftadownloaded the packages and built from source,09:14
hateballYeah, that's...09:14
gnyrftahateball: yes, that is probable09:14
gnyrftahateball: do you think I could reinstall alsalibs using sudo apt-get and have it overwrite my overwriting?09:16
HoolaHoopyes you can force reinstall it09:16
hateballgnyrfta: first I would make uninstall, if that was provided with your source09:16
hateballgnyrfta: and then reinstall, yes09:16
sarekIm trying to mount my drive afp in fstab rather than cifs since afp is faster. I've searched the entire internet and havent found anything even attempting to mount afp in fstab instead of cifs09:16
gnyrftahateball and hoolahoop: thanks, I'll try that09:17
HoolaHoopyour welcome but hateball suggestion of running "make uninstall" is good would give you a better cleanup09:17
HoolaHoopthen you wont have to force reinstall alsalibs09:18
HoolaHoopyuou can just install it with apt-get isntall09:18
G66Khello everyone09:19
G66Kcan anyone explain why im getting :"the connection was reset"09:19
HoolaHoopwhere ?09:19
G66Kmozilla trying to connect to my localhost apache209:20
HoolaHoopwhat address did you type09:20
HoolaHoopdid you configure apache correctly09:20
HoolaHoopwhich ubuntu are you using ?09:21
G66Kkubuntu last version09:21
HoolaHoopkubuntu 16.0409:21
HoolaHoopare you using the default directory as your webroot09:22
HoolaHoopis apache2 started ?09:22
HoolaHoopcheck with "systemctl status apache2"09:22
G66KHoolaHoop: yes apache2 is on and other website is working except this one09:22
G66Kctive: active (running) since Thu 2016-08-18 09:46:33 WEST; 36min ago09:22
HoolaHoopG66K: then you need to add the site to the apache config and enable the site09:22
keinican i find the dreamweaver equivalent in ubuntu?09:23
G66Kkenrin: bluefish09:23
sarekIm trying to mount my drive afp in fstab rather than cifs since afp is faster. I've searched the entire internet and havent found anything even attempting to mount afp in fstab instead of cifs09:24
HoolaHoopkeini: there isnt really exactly a dreamweaver equivalent. Buthtere are lots of other softwares you can use. E.g. pingendo for bootstrap09:24
HoolaHoopyou may be able to get dreamweaver to run on linux via wine but you need to check09:24
G66Kkeini: bluefish09:24
pwnGuys i am trying to install a software through the software center, but it asks me for password for the root account.09:25
keiniok tanks09:25
ducassesarek: there should be a man page (mount.afp), try reading that09:25
pwnI have sudo access, but i dont know password for root account09:25
HoolaHooppwn: give your user password09:25
pwnHoolaHoop: It doesnt work09:25
G66KHoolaHoop: that still didnt work09:25
pwnugh none of his crappy advice works for anyone09:25
HoolaHoopG66K: did you run a2ensite ?09:25
pwncan someone else help us?09:26
HoolaHooppwn:  then use apt09:26
sho__pwn: give it sudo password?09:26
HoolaHoopand ditch the sofware centre09:26
pwnsho__: It says: Password for root: __________09:26
pwnif i give me sudo password, it says authentication failed.09:26
pwnAnd i dont see place to change account to my account.09:26
HoolaHooppwn: ok then use apt or synaptic09:27
pwnBut yes i can do sudo apt-get install perfectly lfine..09:27
G66KHoolaHoop: i just did and still same issues09:27
HoolaHooppwn: then its a software centre glitch I guess switch over09:27
bekkspwn: root has no password. And sudo asks for the user password, not the root password.09:27
bekkspwn: So which command are you running there?09:27
HoolaHoopG66K: look at apache logs in /var/log/apache2/error.log09:27
pwnbekks: different user name that is the root basically and made the setup09:27
pwnlets call it ROOTCOMPANY09:28
pwnor whatever09:28
HoolaHoopbekks: he seems to have a problem with the password prompt in the ubuntu software centre09:28
G66KHoolaHoop: all other website logs into error.log except that one im trying to make it work09:28
pwnpoint is i can't put my sudo password, it wont work09:28
bekkspwn: So which command are you running there?09:28
gnyrftahateball: i did make uninstall, the alsa package to install, would it be alsa-base?09:28
bekksthere is no such thing as a "sudo password".09:28
keinihow can i install it?09:28
HoolaHooppwn: we understood that now we dont know what is causing that problem so in the meantime use apt or synaptic if somewhere else can help you troubleshoot then cool. But in the meanwhile use apt or synaptic.09:29
G66Kkeini: apt-get install bluefish09:29
HoolaHoopkeini: its is closed source just download the archive for your architcture extract and run09:29
HoolaHoopbut it is specifically for bootstrap.09:30
HoolaHoopFor a more general purpose environment as suggested use bluefish09:30
HoolaHoopG66K: hmm09:30
stilllifeanybody can please check my question?09:31
HoolaHoopG66K: Just recheck your config09:31
HoolaHoopI am sure it must be some sort of config issue if the daemon is running and other sites are working except this one09:31
HoolaHoopmaybe a typo in the config ?09:31
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
keiniwhat good  dictionnary can you propose me in ubuntu os?09:39
keiniand how to having it09:40
hateballgnyrfta: I assume so09:40
gnyrftahateball: i found the list of alsa packages in my distribution here http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/sound/ so I'm testing installing them : )09:41
hateballgnyrfta: apt-get install --reinstall alsa-base09:41
hateballgnyrfta: but it may have dependencies that needs reinstalling also09:42
hateballgnyrfta: you can check with apt-cache depends alsa-base09:42
hateballor whatever package09:42
gnyrftahateball: ah, ok - I did a normal install, I'll do that instead.09:42
MihaiSandorTryVps-Company Afiliates Program and Promo Code ACTIVE.09:49
MihaiSandorPlease Register.http://tryvps.net/register.php  and active affiliates account after REGISTER http://tryvps.net/affiliates.php09:49
bekksMihaiSandor: Can you spam elsewehere please?09:50
pwnDrone`: i have a question, can you help me?10:06
bekkspwn: it is a bot.10:06
bekks!ask | pwn10:06
ubottupwn: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:06
pwnbekks: you're a bot10:07
sho__wait... bekks is a bot?10:07
sho__I'm impressed if that is true.10:07
bekksToo bad it isnt.10:08
BenSolo|CellIs it true Ubuntu is working on its own Kernel so it can break away from Linux completely and become it's own OS completely?10:08
bekksBenSolo|Cell: No.10:08
popeyBenSolo|Cell: no10:09
popeyBenSolo|Cell: people have been saying that for years, and it's still just as untrue as it was when it was first suggested as a joke.10:09
BenSolo|CellSo you know this for sure?10:09
BenSolo|CellCause it seems beneficial for canonical.10:10
ikoniareally doesn't10:10
teemoBetter for Canonical to continue to contribute to the Linux kernel, benefiting themselves in that way10:10
teemoAssuming having its own kernel is inherently somehow better for canonical/ubuntu is completely incorrect and missing the point.10:11
popeyBenSolo|Cell: yes, it's nonsense10:11
BenSolo|CellI guess if Redhat never did it,  Ubuntu won't.10:11
BenSolo|CellWorked well for Mac OS though..10:11
sho__slightly off topic, is that true that Qubes is going to do that?10:11
BenSolo|CellIt came from Unix.10:12
sho__or too much off topic?10:12
popeyBenSolo|Cell: Google are the ones making a new OS, not us.10:12
ikonianot sure where this is going10:12
popeyBut yes, this is off topic10:12
popeyBenSolo|Cell: do you have a support question we can help with?10:12
teemo#ubuntu-offtopic is active and appropriate10:12
popey(I'd continue this topic in #ubuntu-offtopic)10:12
sho__popey, I do.10:12
BenSolo|CellGoogle has already made 2 failed OSes where have you need?10:12
ikoniaahhh so it's just a bashing session10:12
popeyBenSolo|Cell: enough now.10:12
mcphailBenSolo|Cell: please move this elsewhere10:13
msev-Popey i cant believe it why cannonical went with an arm tablet vs a x86. Why are u making life hard for urselfs guys10:13
popeymsev-: there are very few intel tablets10:13
popeymsev-: intel pulled out of the market10:14
BenSolo|CellPopey nope I'm always here answering questions and helping..  Have been for years I'm fine chan was dead. There is helping the channel there is just complaining to complain.10:14
sho__I'm fine chan was dead <- meaning?10:14
popeyjust because a channel is quiet, doesn't mean it reverts to chatter10:14
popeyit's a support channel10:14
popeyuse it properly10:14
sho__so, here is my question.10:14
BenSolo|CellI do.10:14
sho__how do I get current focused windows title and name?10:15
popeysho__: xwininfo10:15
sho__uh... wrong question, I think.10:15
sho__correct me, please. Right now I am using firefox to browse webchat freenode.10:16
sho__is firefox the focused windows?10:16
rp2I have a support question.10:18
popeysho__: not sure I understand what you're asking. yes, the window that has focus, is the focused window..10:18
rp2is there any way I can see how long a given process has been blocking on the current system call it is trying to execute?10:18
akiksho__: xdotool has "getwindowfocus" which might be what you're looking for10:19
rp2I have an application in which prcesses issue flock()s, I want to lok when they start and terminate10:19
rp2but I can't change the application code10:19
sho__so, the definition of focused window is the current window that I am engaging right now?10:20
sho__well, the stackexchange also suggested that. =10:20
sho__this one. http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/38867/is-it-possible-to-retrieve-the-active-window-process-title-in-gnome10:20
akiksho__: well there's your answer?10:21
brancaleoneHey guys, i have a strange network problem on a 14.04 install. When booting normally, it just block when activating network devices (and network related services i guess). If i boot on recovery mode and just manually start network and resume boot, everything goes fine10:21
brancaleoneany idea on how find out what is blocking the normal boot ?10:21
bekksCheck your netorking config?10:22
sho__Erm... I am not a programmer, nor I am fluent in bash. I am searching for ways to automatically create a log for it, but doesn't know how to capture the event? my programming experience is just scientific programming/data analysis.10:23
popeysho__: a log for what? a log of which is the current window focussed, with date/timestamps?10:23
sho__yep. the moment a window is focused.10:23
sho__or is there such log?10:24
popeysho__: it's do-able in a script, sure.10:24
brancaleonebekks: network conf seems fine, since it's starting ok on recovery. Also after resuming boot on recovery, i can ifdown -a and ifup -a without any problem10:25
popeysho__: http://askubuntu.com/questions/779873/is-there-software-which-time-tracks-window-application-usage10:25
indistyloHow should I parse and filter those IPs from text file which states is unreachable eg. this is the text file looks like https://gist.github.com/arunsingh/cd2f31e4af4bb37875d9545fd95b276d out of which I want to filter unreachable IP & write that output to new file10:26
EriC^indistylo: /join #bash10:27
sho__thanks popey.10:29
pwnUbuntu 14.04 software center is asking the admin password to install a package. I tried using my sudo password but authentication fails. I dont see a button to change user from admin to my sudo user. the package is a  .deb package.10:31
pwnwhat can i do?10:31
sho__now I can remove rescuetime and own my own data *insert evil laugh here*10:31
pwneveryone type test10:32
drumcode303when starting a shell script from home directory: what could cause this error?  Syntax error: ")" unexpected10:32
sho__so, bekks, popey, ducasse, and every other that helped me today, thank you very much.10:34
hateball!paste | drumcode30310:34
ubottudrumcode303: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:34
vroapBye sho__10:34
=== timp is now known as t1mp
t1mppwn: admin password should be the sudo password10:35
ducassedrumcode303: the message is pretty clear, the shell gets an unexpected ')'.10:36
keinisomebody  can tell me  how to install  aircrack-ng in ubuntu?10:36
pwnt1mp: it's not.10:36
popeypwn: it is by default.10:37
pwnadmin installed computer with his own account.. adminstrator or whatever, then added me as new user and as a sudoer.10:37
hateballkeini: sudo apt install aircrack-ng10:37
popeypwn: open a terminal and type "sudo -l" to see if you have sudo permissions10:37
pwnpopey: look, i can type sudo in the console and use my password to do stuff.. if i try it in the software center when it asks: type password for Adminstrator10:37
pwni get failed to authenticate10:37
h-pwn: open terminal and install with dpkg10:37
pwnh- whats dpkg? can i install with apt-get?10:37
pwni have a .deb file10:38
popeypwn: does the dialog not have a button to change to another user?10:38
pwnpopey: nope10:38
h-pwn: it comes with ubuntu... run sudo dpkg -i package.deb10:38
pwnh-: 1 sec10:38
pwnh-: it says missing dependenceis.. can i add a flag for it to download and install deps?10:40
popeypwn: now run "sudo apt install -f" which will add the dependencies10:40
h-pwn: now run: sudo apt-get install -f (to fix dependencies)10:40
h-popey: ah you type faster :)10:41
keiniafter do it i have this info"0mis a jour,0 nouvellement installé,0 à enlever et 25 non mis à jour" at end!10:41
pwnok thanks guys i think it worked10:41
h-cool :)10:41
popeypwn: yay10:43
=== enkei is now known as kei
=== kei is now known as enkei
drumcode303ducasse: thanks, would it help looking at the script that caused the error in line1?10:51
=== cockerspaniel is now known as muskrat
glitchdthis is trivial, but has anyone ever configured grub to allow booting from usb without having to go into the bios and change the boot order?11:13
FinalXglitchd: uhm your bios decides which device your hardware is going to try first. you could possibly boot usb from grub on another drive, but still.11:16
FinalXand also, most newer bioses have an F-key shortcut to bring up a boot menu, like F12 on Dells for example11:17
=== muskrat is now known as cockerspaniel
glitchdFinalX, yep i know, but i was just wondering11:23
BluesKaj'Morning all11:34
ducassedrumcode303: paste a link, and i'll take a look11:37
drumcode303ducasse: http://dpaste.com/0EVQGXA - the error varies when I try to run it with bash instead of dash11:42
=== chance is now known as cts
=== root is now known as Guest4439
yoggI have an ubuntu 16.04 with an iscsi drive (marked as _netdev). I have an rsyncd which should write data to the iscsi drive. After an restart the iscsi drive gets mounted automatically, but rsync starts to early and dies.11:45
yoggHow can I start the rsyncd after the iscsi drive is mounted? I already have tried to change the "Required-Start:" line and added "$all"11:47
ducassedrumcode303: how are you calling it?11:48
drumcode303with ./filename.sh and the bash test with sudo bash ./filename.sh11:49
mmethIs there anything I can do to optimize power consumption? Ubuntu 16 seems to be drawing unreasonable amount of power while idle11:51
mgedmintry running powertop, see what it says11:51
ducassedrumcode303: must be something in your environment, it works fine here11:53
mmeththe battery lasts close to 10 hours on windows with the default power settings11:53
mmethabout 1 hour on Ubuntu 1611:53
k1l_mmeth: make sure you have the proper drivers installed11:54
mmethshould be11:55
drumcode303ducasse: is there an easy way to do a reinstall from ubuntu or should I use the stick i prepared? and many thanks for the help!11:56
ducassedrumcode303: do a reinstall from the usb stick, it's the easiest way11:57
=== cts is now known as lifeofchance
mmethBattery reports discharge rate of 30W11:58
gnyrftahi all,12:00
xroHi, i have to transfom RSA priv/bub keys into an pkcs12 file. I cannot figure out how add the intermediate and CA into that pkcs12. what openssl pkcs12 option should i use?12:00
gnyrftai do not have audio on my computer, i installed a different alsa version from source for a c++ program12:02
gnyrftai followed advice to make uninstall that version12:02
gnyrftathen reinstalled alsa-base and other alsa libraries12:03
gnyrftastill no luck12:03
gnyrftahateball: got ideas?12:03
hateballgnyrfta: not really no, did you reinstall alsa-utils also?12:03
gnyrftai think so, i'll try again to be sure.12:04
hateballgnyrfta: sudo apt-get -y --reinstall install linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils12:05
gnyrftathx, i'll try that - that is not exactly the command i was using12:06
baakohi guys if i ran this command12:08
baakosudo apt-get install redmine redmine-mysql12:08
baakohow do i undo it?12:08
baakoi want to uninstall redmine12:08
kriptoniumwhy you need redmine at first?12:09
kriptoniumand why you need to remove redmine now baako12:09
baakokriptonium, install it wrongly12:09
baakopurge will do the job12:10
=== barzogh is now known as Barzogh
sarekIm trying to mount my drive afp in fstab rather than cifs since afp is faster. I've searched the entire internet and havent found anything even attempting to mount afp in fstab instead of cifs http://askubuntu.com/questions/813607/mount-afp-fstab12:16
Ben64never heard of afp, cifs is going to be faster than your drive anyway12:17
gnyrftahateball: still no luck, noticed now that in sound settings output device is 'dummy device'12:25
TomyWorkwill ubuntu 16.04 ever upgrade from systemd 229 to 230 (released May 22) or should I look into workarounds for the issues i have with 229?12:28
SwedeMikeTomyWork: typically Ubuntu doesn't release new versions of anything, instead they try to bug fix existing versions. So report them in the bug tool, and then start looking for workarounds would be my suggestion.12:29
Tin_manTomyWork, i'm just curious what issues are you having? I use 16.04 now, and was just wondering what I should look out for.12:30
TomyWorkTin_man you cant symlink units to anything but /usr12:31
Tin_mani'll take a look see..12:32
Tin_manwell guess that's why i haven't run across the bug, don't have any symlinks set up.12:35
TomyWorki'm trying to package something for ubuntu 16.04 and I like to keep everything belonging to the application in one folder under /opt12:35
akiki thought the path for systemd files is /lib/systemd12:35
Tin_manin one of those comments said it would be fixed by #2973, guess that didn't happen?12:36
TomyWorkTin_man 2973 is post-22912:37
TomyWork16.04 is already too old :)12:37
Tin_mani guess I don't do enough tweaking to get to many problem, just kinda run out of the box stuff.12:38
=== dv is now known as dv_
danangjust asked, anyone use laptop got problems with suspend-wake up issues?12:44
TomyWorkdanang suspend to what?12:45
danangi use thinkpad L412, i'am able to suspend to ram, but often freeze when wakeup12:46
k1l_!phone | deef12:58
ubottudeef: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch12:58
wildmanronI asked for help yesterday on my Ubuntu 14.04 wont wake up from sleep mode after i had to reinstall 14.04 after upgrading to 16.04 so is there any one out there that can try to give me a little help please.13:04
danang_wildmanron: some said about xhci/usb3 module not properly wakeup13:07
wildmanroni did the upgrade to 16.04 and the system wouldn't wake up so i formated the drive and reinstalled 14.04 now it wont wake up it use to be ok now not so much.13:09
xroHi, what tool do you use to manipulate JKS keystore ?13:11
danang_some suggest to disable usb3 support with boot option noxhci-port-switch , compile kernel without usb3 support or upgrade to kernel 4.6/4.713:11
BluesKajwildmanron, sleep or suspend?13:11
wildmanronwhen the system goes to sleep after the time where you don't use the system and it blanks the screen well it wont wake up from that anymore and i never had that trouble before with 14.04 till i upgraded the system13:12
wildmanronthen when i reinstalled 14.04 now when it blanks the screen it wont come back on i have to power off the system then back on again to use it13:13
danang_i upgraded to kernel 4.7 and seem suspend to ram fine, occasionally freeze though13:13
BluesKajwildmanron, i don't let the system timer put the pc to suspend/sleep. Think using pm-suspend in the terminal works best , then just a keystroke will wake it when needed13:14
danang_freeze when i remove battery on suspend state, freeze on waking up13:14
wahyudinSelama malam13:15
wahyudinselamat malam13:15
danang_wahyudin: bahasa inggris saja mas13:15
wildmanroni am sorry folks i am still kind of stupid to the system stuff i have been running Ubuntu for a while but not much wrong with it till now and i just don't know what else to do13:15
xendonHi, how to execute apt-get/apt/aptitude on a ubuntu mini live cd ? only apt-install and apt-setup is available13:16
=== precise|snek is now known as precise|snek|AFK
wildmanronso is there a comand that i need to put into the terminal to get it to do the wake up thing13:17
danang_this systemd thing rise some problems indeed13:18
ducassexendon: the mini cd is not intended to be used as a live system13:18
xendonducasse: its the only one which is available for arm6413:19
ducassexendon: you use it to install, that is all it is intended to do13:19
ducassexendon: other than that, for arm you better try #ubuntu-arm13:20
xendonducasse: is there any other iso available for ARM64 ? we need that for root on a zpool13:20
danang_xendon: archlinux13:21
danang_i think13:21
wildmanronI have to go thanks for the talk i will be back later.13:21
Picileonardo_: /quit13:22
=== MuffinMedic is now known as evanmuff
ducassexendon: i have no idea, you really should try #ubuntu-arm13:24
=== evanmuff is now known as MuffinMedic
xendondanang: I'm already on it and waiting for an answer so far :) Thanks anyway. First we wanted FreeBSD on it but the installer is unable to but T____T13:25
=== MuffinMedic is now known as Evan
=== kurth is now known as hredbeard
=== Evan is now known as MuffinMedic
=== precise|snek|AFK is now known as precise|snek
styler2goI am running an smb server on linux and want to copy some files to samba. windows copy process sometimes tells me that the path/file name is too long. can i disable this somehow? i can move the files on windows to anywhere and it works but not to the smv13:33
styler2gowhen i create the subfolders manually and only copy small amoutn of subfolders first it does work.. but that can't be the solution to it :/13:35
ubuntu-matehi all13:37
ubuntu-matei really could use some help with a acer aspire laptop, alsa only shows a HDA-INTEL-HDMI connection, and PA only has a dummy.13:39
ubuntu-mateThis old barrel hasn't even got HDMI ????13:39
=== ubuntu-mate is now known as jaco_ACER
jaco_ACERSo it would really be apreciated to get some help13:41
hateballjaco_ACER: what model is it?13:42
hateballand you could !paste the output of lspci13:42
jaco_ACERhateball, 5610Z13:44
jaco_ACERhateball, ubuntu-mate@ubuntu-mate:~$ lspci | grep -i audio13:45
jaco_ACER00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)13:45
hateballjaco_ACER: is this on 16.04 ?13:46
jaco_ACERhateball, yup13:46
jaco_ACERhateball, mate edition, but same prop at normal desktop13:46
akikjaco_ACER: i've used "pacmd list-cards" to check out my audio outputs, the profiles: section13:48
OneM_IndustriesOk, Ubuntu-related question. I use matlab, and it seems to keep a copy of each previous version around when I install a new one. Any suggestions? (I don't see a matlab IRC, and I've looked for an answer to this before..)13:49
hateballakik: hmmm, I can only offer google help, maybe the second post here can be of use http://askubuntu.com/questions/461391/how-to-make-audio-work-on-old-laptop13:49
hateballerrr, jaco_ACER ^13:49
hateballakik: sorry, wrong nick13:49
jaco_ACERakik, it sayz it has non13:49
OneM_IndustriesI want to only remove the old versions, as I just got the new version.13:49
tusharm567I cannot boot to my hdd's ubuntu. It says error in filesystem and provides a grub rescue prompt. I tried gparted, but it also says unable to detect filesystem13:50
tusharm567any diagnosis?13:50
jaco_ACERhateball, indeed, Acer = SpAcer :P,13:51
tusharm567I am currently running a live usb on the same device.13:51
jaco_ACERWell thanks for the help anywayz, gonna try some else13:51
akikjaco_ACER: have you tried searching for the pci id of your audio chip ?13:51
tusharm567BTW I am a noob so please bear with me13:52
jaco_ACERakik, according to all i found it should work13:53
jaco_ACERtusharm567, tried to install on a NTFS partition ?13:53
jaco_ACERtusharm567, because you can not. Needs to be ext2/3/413:54
Bravenanyone have experience join a unbuntu server to Active Directory(AD) Domain? I am able to join the Domain but when I remove the server from the domain. The admin account no longer works13:54
tusharm567jaco_ACER: My ubuntu was up and running for the past 3 months. It was on an ext partition afaik and remember.13:54
tusharm567although I do remember installing knotes the last time it booted up13:55
tusharm567then my battery died13:55
jaco_ACERtusharm567, did fsck on the partition ?13:55
karlrovehello, im using ssh -D socks proxy for my browser, my ubuntu server has a ipv4 and v6 adress, is there any simple way to make the connections passing through the tunnel use ipv4 only? without disabeling ipv6 alltogether since i use it for irc13:56
tusharm567i didn't. Should I?13:56
Harishello all13:56
Hariswhat's the modssl pkg for apache2 on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS13:56
Harislibssl is no pkg. doesn't install13:56
jaco_ACERtusharm567, you should on the boot aswell on any other NIX partition13:56
jaco_ACERHarris, openssl ?13:57
Harisopenssl is the general pkg for openssl. modssl pkgname is different13:57
tusharm567jaco_ACER: I am a noob. so I didn't know about this. Running fsck /dev/sda1 now!13:57
ducassekarlrove: try 'ssh -4'13:57
jaco_ACERtusharm567, we all been NOOBS sometime13:58
PiciHaris: I'm pretty sure it just comes with the apache2 package.13:58
tusharm567jaco_ACER: Deleted inode 6947906 has zero dtime.  Fix<y>?13:58
Harisnope. I think it has to be separately installed13:58
PiciHaris: is  a2enmod ssl   failing?13:58
karlroveducasse: thing is the ssh connection itself is ipv4 since i dont have ipv6 at home, its just the forwarding. or do you mean disable v6 in ssh alltogether?13:58
ducassekarlrove: with -4 it should be forced to use ipv4 only13:59
jaco_ACERtusharm567, you should do fsck /dev/sda -a i believe13:59
indistyloAnnouncing: crossposting13:59
indistyloI am trying to copy whole content of the file in vim, what is the command ? i tried :%y+ ; it says E850: Invalid Register name13:59
Harisyep. working13:59
Haristhanks all13:59
PiciHaris: on my 14.04.5 server /etc/apache2/mods-available/ssl.load is part of the apache2 package.13:59
PiciHaris: yay :)13:59
tusharm567jaco_ACER: will do13:59
BrandonXFoxafternoon all having issues formatting a usb boot stick, when i try to I receieve this error message: This partition cannot be modified because it contains a partition table; please reinitialize layout of the whole device. (udisks-error-quark, 11)14:00
BrandonXFoxany help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.14:00
karlroveducasse: im afraid to say this here, but the client is putty :914:00
ducassekarlrove: then i can't help, look at the putty docs?14:01
karlroveill try with a linux client and see if it persists like this, thx14:01
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
as2000BrandonXFox: have you tried using Disks?14:01
jaco_ACERBrandonXFox, unmount USB, and use parted on it14:02
GnomethrowerQuick sanity check - is this correct cron syntax?14:03
Gnomethrower* /6  * * * * /root/backup-nb-subscribers.sh14:03
Gnomethrowerfor "run this script every 6 hours"14:03
jaco_ACERBrandonXFox, if that fails, You can always do some hokus spokus with DD and clean the first few sectors which contains the main partition table14:03
SwedeMikeGnomethrower: it's * */6 etc14:04
GnomethrowerSwedeMike: * */6 * * * * /root/backup-nb-subscribers.sh ?14:04
jaco_ACERSo i'm off, thanks for the help you all, BYE BYE14:04
as2000jaco_ACER: I forgot about DD. Shoot need to make the coffee stronger14:04
SwedeMikeGnomethrower: "* */3 * * *" is every 3 hours. I think you have a * too many in yours.14:04
jaco_ACERas2000 dd if=/dev/zero of=/sys/brain count=214:05
jaco_ACERas2000, :P14:05
GnomethrowerSwedeMike: yep, looks like it. thanks!14:05
PiciSwedeMike, Gnomethrower: no. thats every minute every 3 hours.  0 */3 * * * is every 3 hours.14:05
jaco_ACERbye bye all14:05
SwedeMikeGnomethrower: ah, Pici is correct.14:05
GnomethrowerPici, SwedeMike: thanks to you both :D14:06
Gnomethrowerso, finally, it should look like this14:06
Gnomethrower0 */6 * * * /root/backup-nb-subscribers.sh14:06
Gnomethrowerto run once every 614:06
PiciGnomethrower: yep, at 0 past the hour.14:07
Gnomethrowerexcellent! Thank you! :)14:07
Haristhankyou all14:08
karlroveducasse: i tried connecting with -4, however the v6 address still leaks14:10
ducassekarlrove: no other ideas, sorry14:19
sho__I want to request help uninstalling from tarball? do I have to download the tarball again if I delete the folder I use to make it?14:25
akiksho__: your question is a bit weird. if you have the tar file that you unpacked, the directory contents are in the tar file14:27
maxbAm I missing something, or has the graphical configuration applet for keyboard layouts disappeared in Xenial?14:28
sho__akik... uninstalling from tar file that has been made that I am confused about.14:29
akiksho__: usually a tar file is just a copy of a directory structure14:29
akiksho__: i'm unsure what you mean by uninstalling from tar file14:30
sho__mm... Just assume I am  just a beginner at ubuntu.14:30
akiksho__: so what do you mean? :)14:32
ducassesho__: you want to do a 'make uninstall'? does the software in question even support that?14:32
sho__so, I unpacked a tar.gz file, ./configure, then make, then make install. I confess that I don't know what I did and just following the instructions.14:33
ducassesho__: yes, but what is it you want to do _now_?14:34
sho__ducasse: remove it from my PC.14:35
sypherit would seem that sho__ wants to do the equivalent of a "make uninstall," interpreting from previous statements.14:35
DArqueBishopsho__: try running "make uninstall" from the source/build directory.14:35
sho__now I just need to remove all of the file and folders?14:38
syphersho__: That should have already done so.14:38
sho__it is still there?14:39
syphersho__: You're being very vague with your questions. Please be specific.14:40
AntonMIs what still there?14:40
ducassesho__: the source directory you will need to remove manually, but any installed files should now be gone.14:40
sho__wait. So, as long as the program exists, its existence depends on the existence of the uncompressed tar folder?14:43
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ducassesho__: no, everything it needs is installed other places in the file system14:46
r00chyxxxI have a question regarding DNS. This zone has a TTL set and the records have a TTL set. What is the difference between these?14:50
xissburgWhy do I have to run `eval "$(ssh-agent)"` after every login? -_______-14:55
ducassexissburg: is this on a local or remote system?15:00
coutureI'm having an issue with iscsiadm, such that after logging in, I do not see new block devices to talk to my SAN.  What I tried / my output http://pastie.org/private/dkxkn2tp1wtbqzp4duuwa -- using Ubuntu 16.04; open-iscsi 2.0.873+git0.3b4b4500-14ubuntu3 -- I've been trying to follow a few online resources but when it comes listing the device, there's nothing. Is there anywhere I should be looking to see wha15:00
couturet other errors might be happening?15:01
ducassexissburg: if you want to always run ssh-agent on login, put it in ~/.bashrc15:01
main_LIKA: hi15:01
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TestingIRCcan I bring can I bring my bot here ?15:12
PiciTestingIRC: no15:12
=== annoymouse_ is now known as annoymouse
Deruyteranyone tried to update their Ubuntu on Windows 10? (The built in shell)15:16
DeruyterEither i'm crazy and missing something or they've locked it to 14.04TLS15:16
PiciDeruyter: #ubuntu-on-windows would be a better place to ask (but be patient, they're not as busy as here)15:17
DeruyterOh handy, didn't think there was a channel. Cheers!15:18
precise|snekSomething something PS on Ubuntu15:23
precise|snek*Cough* https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell15:23
* precise|snek prepares for kick15:24
DeruyterHaha, oh gosh!15:25
ovrflw0xhello people15:30
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ubuntu456how do i make a bootable isoi have ubuntu  instslled as my main os15:54
=== tristam__ is now known as Tristam
freakyyhi all. is there  a way i can mount an sftp drive into the file manager?15:55
ioriafreakyy, nautilus -> connect to server15:56
rp2xissburg, it sets an environment variable to hold the name of a socket to talk to your agent. without it the shell doesn't know how to talk to the agent. the environment variable exists in your current shell process only, it is lost when you exit the shell15:58
freakyyioria: thanks :D16:00
freakyycan i also somehow name it16:00
freakyybecause i have sftp://mydomain.tld but severla different accounts16:00
freakyyand it displays just as mydomain.tld16:00
rp2LIKA: all-lowercase text is a Unix tradition. just in case you didn't know16:00
ioriafreakyy,  sftp://username@server_ip16:03
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main_who can help me i have in usb3 but when i copy with dd it makes only 7mb/s16:05
ksftWhen I try to log in, the screen goes black, and then it goes back to the login thing.16:11
freakyyioria: thank you very much :)16:11
ioriafreakyy,  no prob16:11
ioria!details | ksft16:12
ubottuksft: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.16:12
ksftioria: I'm not sure what more details you need.16:13
ksftI'm on Ubuntu 14.0416:13
ksftI have an nvidia dedicated graphics card and an integrated one.16:13
raspyis there anyone that can help me explain my disk layout, we're moving to a smaller /jenkins volume and I'm noticing alot of /jenkins in lsblk , heres the output of lsblk  http://pastebin.com/Wgu0Uh6M16:14
ioriaksft, uname -r16:14
ksftI've had problems like this before. It started happening this time when I tried to fix my graphics drivers to get a game to run on the dedicated one again.16:14
ksftioria: 4.2.0-38-generic16:14
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ksftI'm worried that if I fix this and then switch to 16.04, I'll have these problems again.16:15
ksftIs it easy to upgrade without a GUI?16:15
ioriaksft, i'am afraid you'll need to upgrade kernel and xorg anyway16:16
Compuhey i just upgraded my ubuntu 14.04 to the newest hardware enablement stack, is anyone else having issues with the new hardware enablement stack on intel graphics? im getting reduced performance in games and after playing games putty wont launch until i reboot16:16
ksftioria: okay, how do I do that?16:16
DirangedHey .. I'm launching new Ubuntu 14.04.05 images in Amazon and I'm finding they come up with the 3.13 kernel rather than the 4.4 kernel. I thought thatb ased on the release notes, that the 4.4 kernel was the default now. Am I using the wrong AMI images?16:16
ioriaksft, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack   ... but not necessarily related to your issue16:17
ioriaksft,  sudo lshw -c Video16:17
Compucan anyone help me out here?16:17
ksftioria: http://termbin.com/apdo16:18
raspycan anyone help me understand my lsblk output? http://pastebin.com/Wgu0Uh6M16:19
ioriaksft,  and regarding the upgrade, this part in particular : udo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-core-lts-xenial... etc etc .16:19
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ioriaksft,  looks like the prob is with intel ...16:19
ioriaksft,  how did you install the nvidia drivers ?16:21
raspywhy would a mountpoint like /jenkins be mapped to multiple block devices?16:23
ksftioria: apt-get, I think16:23
ioriaksft,  from the repo ? ppa ?16:24
ksftioria: `ubuntu-drivers autoinstall`?16:24
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ksftioria: I ran a list of commands someone here gave me yesterday16:24
ioriaksft,  can you paste ubuntu-drivers list16:25
ducasseraspy: looks like lvm across several devices16:25
ksftioria: http://termbin.com/uhar16:26
raspyducasse: is that normal? looks like to me a misconfiguration but im not entirely sure16:26
ioriaksft,  you added A ppa , i think16:27
raspybecause some block devices are different sizes like 1T,2T,5T,10T16:27
Compuis there a way to go back to my previous hardware enablement stack?16:27
ioriaksft,  there is no nvidia-370 or 367 in the repos16:28
Compui think i had the one from 15.10 but only the xorg stuff, my kernel was still from xenial16:28
Compuis there a way to put the xorg stuff back to the 15.10 stack?16:28
Compucuz i have no idea what else to do16:28
ioriaksft,  can you paste /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:28
ducasseraspy: normal enough, lvm has built-in raid capability. haven't used it much myself.16:29
ksftioria: http://termbin.com/eboe16:29
ioriaksft,  you're using nomodeset ....16:30
ioriaksft,  you set it now ...or what ?16:30
ksftioria: without it, I can't try to log in at all16:30
ksftioria: the screen is black16:30
ksftioria: I asked about that problem here, and someone suggested nomodeset16:31
ioriaksft,  sure... without it... what happens ?16:31
ksftioria: the screen goes black on boot16:31
Harishello all16:31
Hariswhen I remove address2 from /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Wired connection 2, how do I implement that option ?16:32
HarisDoes one need to restart Network Manager ?16:32
ioriaksft,  you installed 367 ?16:34
ksftioria: yes16:34
Harisguys is there a way to manage network manager through cli/shell ?16:34
pesariHaris: nmcli16:34
Compui guess ping me when someone can help me16:34
ioriaksft,  EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)16:35
main_Haris: ceni16:35
pesariHaris: and nmtui (interctive)16:35
Harisceni, nmtui is not present on this box. only nmcli is present16:35
ksftioria: what does that mean?16:35
ksftioria: should I have a different driver installed?16:35
ioriaksft,  ls -al ~/.Xauthority16:36
ksftioria: it's correct16:37
riqjhello everyone, my ubuntu devices have bluetooth visibility of each other, but the connection is off..how can I enable it?16:37
ksftioria: -rw------16:37
ioriaksft,  you're the owner ?16:37
ksftioria: of the file or of the machine?16:37
ioriaksft,  the Xauthority file ...16:38
ksftioria: yes16:38
ioriaksft,  have you tried the Guest Account ?16:38
ksftI haven't.16:38
ksftI'll try it16:38
ksftioria: same problem16:38
ioriaksft,  can you paste dpkg -l | grep nvidia-16:38
ksftioria: http://termbin.com/999s16:39
ioriaksft,  secure boot enables ?16:40
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ksftioria: I'm pretty sure it isn't16:40
ksftgrub works, anyway16:40
ioriaksft,  ok, what have you done to make it mad ? :)16:40
BadCodSmellhttp://ports.ubuntu.com utopic/universe16:41
BadCodSmellWhere di dit go?16:41
riqjaint noone to help?16:42
ksftioria: I ran these commands at the suggestion of someone here: `sudo apt purge nvidia*; sudo rm /etc/X11/Xorg.conf; sudo apt purge bumble*; sudo apt update; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall; sudo apt-upgrade`16:42
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PiciBadCodSmell: Utopic reached end-of-life in July of 201516:43
ksftapt upgrade*16:43
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ioriaksft,  ok, have you tried that  again  ?16:45
ksftioria: how would doing it a second time help?16:45
atrikahello, i've accidently deleted some files in ~ and now, everytime i open a window, they appear at the very top left corner, under the dock and panel. I have to drag them down using the alt key. how can i fix that16:45
AntonMIs there a way to install Ubuntu on a Surface 3 non pro?16:45
ksftioria: this problem started after I rebooted right after I did that16:45
ksftioria: what I've done since then has been trying to fix it16:46
ioriaksft, oh, so never worked ?16:46
abdel_hello, I have connected my hard drive and deleted some files, but it does not free any disk space on my hard drive, please help16:46
ksftioria: not since I ran those commands16:46
Compuabdel_: empty ur trash with the drive connected16:46
abdel_i have done that16:47
SchrodingersScatabdel_: how did you delete them?16:47
abdel_still the same16:47
ioriaksft, and before that ? what driver were  you using  ? gtx 960 is troublesome16:47
abdel_i just highlighted the folders in my external drive and deleted, then went to the trash and emptied my trash16:47
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atrikadoes anybody know which config file/applicaiton manages the window placement offset on unity16:49
abdel_i can't see the files in my drive or trash16:49
abdel_but there is no free space16:49
abdel_on the drive, please help guys16:49
ksftioria: I don't know16:49
riqjhello, I cant make bluetooth work between two ubuntu devices. can you help me please=?16:49
MonkeyDustabdel_  is it a ext4 partition?16:50
ioriaksft,  ok, we can try to purge nvidia and then see which drivers install ... what you think ?16:50
ksftioria: about what?16:50
ksftioria: I'll whatever you think'll help16:50
ioriaksft,  sudo mv /etc/X11/Xorg.conf  /etc/X11/Xorg.conf.back16:51
abdel_file type is ext3/ext416:51
abdel_@monkey dust: ext3/ext416:51
ksftioria: /etc/X11/Xorg.conf doesn't exist16:51
ioriaksft,  did you set nomodeset at boot or in /etc/defaul/grub ?16:53
ksftioria: at boot16:53
abdel_please I need help guys, I have deleted some files in my external drive and emptied my trash can but I still dont have free space in my external drive16:54
abdel_pls help16:54
ioriaksft,  sudo apt-get purge nvidia*    and reboot16:54
ksftioria: the GUI works now!16:57
ksftioria: can you help me with the original problem now?16:57
ioriaksft,  sudo lshw -c Video , please16:57
abdel_please i need help guys16:58
abdel_its urgent16:58
ksftioria: https://termbin.com/3j3f16:58
atrikaabdel do you want those file back or do u want free space16:58
ioriaksft,  try again ... it's weird  what i see16:59
atrikahello, i've accidently deleted some files in ~ and now, everytime i open a window, they appear at the very top left corner, under the dock and panel. I have to drag them down using the alt key. how can i fix that16:59
codeamendhello folks16:59
aguitelhow boot ubuntu in samsung chromebook 3 ?17:00
ksftioria: typed it wrong: http://termbin.com/3j3f17:00
ioriaksft,  ok, now you're using intel card ...17:01
ksftioria: yeah, how do I use the nvidia one?17:01
ksftioria: at least for certain programs17:01
ioriaksft,  ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf   ?17:02
codeamendHow can I get a similar systemd service as this upstart conf? https://ptpb.pw/KZsz17:02
ksftioria: doesn't exist17:03
ioriaksft,  ok....17:03
ioriaksft,  apt-cache policy nvidia-35217:04
ksftioria: http://termbin.com/kjew17:04
ioriaksft,  let's try  sudo apt-get install nvidia-352 nvidia-prime   but if not working you'll need to purge it again ...:(17:05
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riqjhello, I cant make bluetooth work between two ubuntu devices. can you help me please=?17:09
ksftioria: should I reboot?17:09
ioriaksft,  yep17:09
jordilahi #ubuntu community17:13
ksftioria: screen's black again17:16
ksftshould I purge those packages and install something else?17:16
ioriaksft,  wait17:16
ioriaksft,  can you paste /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:16
ioriaksft,  you're not encrypted right ?17:17
jordilaI'm running Xenial Xerus (16) ... i'm looking for, say 'TurtleArt' app... seems to be only available on Wily (15), ... How To make ( kind of backport or something ? ) it run in a newer (like Xenial) version ?17:17
ksftioria: http://termbin.com/2l4317:17
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ksftioria: what isn't encrypted?17:20
ioriaksft,  do you use encryption  ?17:20
ksftioria: for what?17:21
ksftlike all my stored data?17:21
ioriaksft, nvm, xorg.log  looks better i think, but not working ...17:22
ioriaksft,  are you in console right now ?17:22
tomreynjordila: https://launchpad.net/~alanjas/+archive/ubuntu/turtleblocks?field.series_filter=xenial17:22
jordilakids, they will enjoy it, in my daughter's school...17:23
justJanneQuestion: If I’m having an issue with postfix on ubuntu 16.04 (specifically, postfix, despite having postfix-pgsql installed, refuses to accept the dictionary type pgsql), where would be the best place to ask?17:23
ksftioria: yes17:24
ioriaksft,  sudo nvidia-xconfig17:24
ksftioria: I used ctrl-alt-F117:24
ksftioria: does that do something, or do you want the output of it?17:25
ioriaksft,  it should create a /etc/X11/xorg.conf17:25
ksftioria: it did17:25
ducassejustJanne: #postfix, you will need to register if you haven't already17:26
ioriaksft,  sudo service lightdm restart17:26
daemonl55i need help when i take out the power cord of my laptop i get flickering!17:28
ksftioria: the screen went black, and ctrl-alt-F1 didn't work17:28
blackdev1lwhat's the difference between apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade?17:28
ioriaksft,  ok, rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf and sudo apt-get purge nvidia*17:29
ioriaksft,  oh, wait17:29
ctjctjblackdev1l, Sometimes packages are "held back" dist-upgrade upgrades even those and there are a few other reasons.  In general I use apt-get update; apt-get upgrade.  If there is somethings that I want upgraded that were held back then I do "apt-get install held_back_packages"17:29
ksftioria: waiting17:30
ioriaksft,  can you paste again   sudo lshw -c Video17:30
ksftioria: http17:31
ksftioria: http://termbin.com/t5ak17:31
ioriaksft,  looks good =_=17:31
ksftioria: so should I purge nvidia* now?17:32
ioriaksft,  are you updated ... update, upgrade dist-upgrade17:34
ksftioria: I'm on 14.04 right now17:35
ksftis that what you're asking?17:35
ioriaksft,  ok, but if you run the commands, ... update, upgrade dist-upgrade, what you get ?17:35
ksftioria: are those two commands?17:35
ksft`update` and `upgrade dist-upgrade`?17:36
ioriaksft,  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:36
ksftoh, okay17:36
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xcyclistHow do I make my terminal dark, so I am not distracted by the video I am running behind it?17:42
=== jstein is now known as Guest96187
YankDownUnderxcyclist: You should be able to set the colours in preferences/profiles - depending on which terminal you're using, mind you.17:42
xcyclistJust the default terminal.  Not xterm.17:43
pavlosSnackerr, re the log question you need to change to log10 and use the calculator.17:43
YankDownUnderxcyclist: "Default terminal" actually depends on the "Desktop" that you're using...Unity, KDE/Plasma, XFce, LxDE, Gnome, Mate - all have different default terminals.17:44
pavlosSnackerr, if I remember my math, log2(x)=log10(x)/log10(2)17:44
xcyclistDefault desktop.  Probably Unity.17:44
YankDownUnderxcyclist: Either which, you should be able to go into "Preferences" -> profiles -> change as you desire17:44
=== jstein__ is now known as jstein
xcyclistYes, I don't see it there...checking..17:44
xcyclistGot it.  Thanks.17:45
YankDownUnderxcyclist: Get creative! (it's a terminal - how creative can one get?) :)17:45
xcyclistNo.  I am busy already.  I don't need to shop for baubles.  Thanks for your intent, though.17:46
ksftioria: done17:46
ksftioria: should I reboot again?17:46
TBotNikAll: Got a Q posted at: http://pastebin.com/rBcbhkGm I only want to read *.sh files! My current cmd is reading everything!17:47
ioriaksft,  yep...17:47
TBotNikAll: How do I fix this?  What is the right cmd/syntax?17:47
Harisguys, how does one define these ? ---> http://pastebin.ca/369683817:49
ksftioria: still a black screen when I boot17:50
ksftthe terminal says 14.04 too17:50
bekksksft: And you are using "nomodeset" all the time?17:50
ksftbekks: oh, no, I hadn't been17:50
ksftdo I need to do that each time I boot?17:51
bekksksft: Yes. :)17:51
bekksksft: At least when your screen stays black.17:51
ksftokay, rebooting again17:51
pavlosTBotNik, use ls instead of locate17:51
lol768Hi there! My key store seems screwed up and I can't install anything without a WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!17:52
ducasseTBotNik: 'find /Scripts -name \*.sh | grep whatever' - or something like that17:52
bekkslol768: So pastebin "sudo apt update" please.17:52
lol768I've tried to import a bunch of keys with sudo apt-key and not gotten very far17:52
Harisenvvars:23:export APACHE_LOG_DIR=/var/log/apache2$SUFFIX17:53
ksftbekks, ioria: login loop again17:53
lol768you want stderr and stdout bekks? I'll redirect the former to the latter just in case17:53
Harislooks like apache is not including this file when its config is read17:53
bekkslol768: Just pastebin the entire output.17:54
TBotNikpavlos, ducasse: the "find" and "ls" commands only work on the default drive, There are multiple drives that have to be searched.  "locate" finds the files on all drives.17:54
jordilahi #ubuntu community17:54
lol768worth noting I've already tried grepping for NO_PUBKEY and running apt-key :P17:54
bekksksft: Can you log in using a tty?17:54
PiciTBotNik: find /Scripts/ -name "*.sh" -exec grep -inHo "grep" {}  \;17:54
bekkslol768: Can you please just pastebin the full output?17:54
ksftbekks: yes, that's how I'm using IRC17:55
Harisguys, apache2 (2.4.7) on my box just stopped loading /etc/apache2/envvars file when it loads config a few hours ago. before that, it was working fine for many months17:55
Harishow do I get apache to load this file with config ?17:55
lol768bekks I did?17:55
bekksksft: And you did check the obvious things like the xorg.log etc.?17:55
RarrikinsHaris: Restore from backup.17:56
ksftbekks: I don't knwo what I'm looking for in it17:56
ducasseTBotNik: 'find' works with whatever you point it at17:56
HarisRarrikins: ?17:56
bekkslol768: Havent seen that much PPA on one system yet.17:56
bekksksft: Error, anomalies, etc.17:56
HarisRarrikins: there's nothing wrong with the file. I guess its just not being included17:56
bekksksft: Or just pastebin it?17:56
PiciTBotNik: fine, then find / -path "*/Scripts/*.sh" -exec ...17:56
lol768I should clean them up one day17:56
jordilasay... in a group of (5) PCs have Xubuntu 16 as base distro... and i'll would like to add on top of, the same set of extra packages/apps.. any hints on how to do this more efficiently than 'on by one' PC (individually) ?17:57
Hariswhat can I do to make apache2 load this file ?17:57
lol768jordila: it's simple, but .. shell script?17:57
HarisRarrikins: I don't know what 'restore from backup' means. I don't think I have backups for this thing17:57
MonkeyDust!clone | jordila17:57
ubottujordila: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate17:57
bekksjordila: Create on master image, backup the box, restore the image on the other boxes?17:57
jordilaah... lol768, i like simple solutions17:58
ksftbekks: where is it?17:58
lol768ooh, apt-clone sounds cool though17:58
Harisdo I need to re-install apache2 on this box ? this is 14.4 LTS17:58
bekksksft: where did you look yet?17:58
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jordilaah... bekks, this adds the value of backup/snaphot kind of ?17:58
Harisdo I need to reboot this box ?17:58
jchampionHaris: executing apache2 doesn't load envvars. apachectl does. You can source the envvars file yourself before executing apache2 if you want.17:58
ksftbekks: for xorg.log?17:58
bekksksft: Yes.17:58
ksftwell, it isn't in ~17:59
Harisjchampion: I want the box to be back to as it was implemented by ubuntu makers. is that possible ?17:59
bekksksft: So look in /var/log/17:59
Harishow does ubuntu do it ?17:59
jordilaubotty, i'll have a look at your suggested "apt-clone" ...17:59
ksftbekks: there's Xorg.0.log17:59
bekksksft: So look at it.17:59
ksftbekks: Xorg.1.log, Xorg.8.log Xorg.failsafe.log18:00
jchampionHaris: restore from backups, or purge the installation entirely. hopefully someone here can explain apt purging better than I can.18:00
TBotNikducasse: So I have to address the drives individually, when instead I want to address the entire computer with all drives at once?18:00
jchampionHaris: but that's a fairly drastic option, mind you18:00
jordilabekks ... how do you create a master image ? ^^ any hint will be more than welcomed18:00
bekks!clone | jordila18:01
ubottujordila: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate18:01
ducasseTBotNik: if you want to search all drives, point find at the root. locate will only return indexed files.18:02
ksftbekks: which of those should I pastebin?18:02
bekksksft: The latest one.18:02
ksftbekks: http://termbin.com/fgy318:03
TBotNikducasse: Just need my search to return all .sh scripts with "grep" in particular "grep -vE"18:04
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com18:04
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/i386/apb.html - See also !cloning18:04
bekksksft: Which nvidia do you have?18:05
ksftbekks: GTX 960M18:05
Harissaved config. removing and re-installing apache218:05
ducasseTBotNik: no, you use 'find' to return all files matching *.sh, then grep those.18:06
thor_silly question maybe. but im confused about the "connect to server" option in nautilus. What is the best way to share a folder over my wifi network with another ubuntu machine? openssh or samba? It seems difficult to find info on the correct way to do this. any suggestions?18:06
bekksksft: I suppose you tried to purge (not only remove) all nvidia related packages, and tried nvidia-prime?18:06
TBotNikducasse: Having trouble getting that command right.  Will update the pastebin with what I'm actually writing the new script for!18:07
thor_ksft: life would be so boring if Nvidia on ubuntu worked out of the box :D18:07
Hariswhat could cause this problem that I'd need drastic measures ?18:07
Bashing-omthor_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2159449 <-easiest way to cp files 'tween two Lubuntus that share the same router/house (Morbius1)18:08
pavlosTBotNik, would locate "*.sh" -q work?18:08
ducasseTBotNik: 'find / -name "*.sh" | xargs grep "whatever"' should grep all .sh files for 'whatever'18:10
ksftbekks: I think someone suggested that18:11
helplessis it possible to install 16.04.1 lts over 14.04.1 lts and keeping dynamic files such as those in /etc, /home and where the mysql database resides?18:11
ksftbekks: nvidia-prime and another package18:11
bekksksft: which other package?18:11
thor_Bashing-om: thanks for the link :) read It, and discovered Nitroshare. Will give It a go :)18:11
ksftnot sure, checking logs...18:11
ksftbekks: nvidia-35218:12
Bashing-omthor_: :) great .. Pleased it helps .18:12
bekksksft: can you please pastebin "dpkg -l | grep nvidia"?18:12
ksftbekks: http://termbin.com/z09z18:13
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lol768bekks: So I executed sudo apt-get update 2>&1 | grep NO_PUBKEY | while read line ; do sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys $(echo "$line" | rev | cut -b -16 | rev) ; done18:14
lol768and it's still upset18:14
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bekkslol768: So fix each error manually?18:14
Guest57589are these things safe18:14
lol768there's nothing wrong with the script18:15
lol768fixing them manually does nothing different18:15
bekkslol768: But it didnt fix your issues.18:15
lol768that doesn't mean my script didn't work18:15
lol768apt-key doesn't appear to work18:15
lol768gpg: Total number processed: 1 gpg:              unchanged: 118:15
OerHekslol768, depends where the keys must come from, 3rd party ppa does not store the key on our keyserver.18:15
lol768let's take a look at a simple example then18:16
lol768http://uk.archive.ubuntu.com trusty-security18:16
bekkslol768: Just fix each line manually.18:16
lol768^ will be in your keyserver, surely?18:16
lol768bekks: I've tried running apt-key manualluy18:16
lol768it does exactly the same18:17
bekksYu did that for each missing key?18:17
lol768I did it for one key18:17
lol768and then re-ran apt-get update18:17
lol768and noticed that the line in question was still there18:17
lol768W: GPG error: http://uk.archive.ubuntu.com trusty-security InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 40976EAF437D05B5 NO_PUBKEY 3B4FE6ACC0B21F3218:18
Hariscan I force an automatic fsck on restart if I touch /autofsck or /.autofsck on 14.4 LTS ? this works on cnetos18:18
lol768^ is the one I tried to resolve18:18
Harishow can I force automatic fsck on reboot ?18:18
Harison 14.4 LTS18:18
bekksHaris: sudo touch /forcefsck18:18
bekksHaris: And its 14.04 not 14.4 - this is Ubuntu, not some Suse ;)18:18
lol768sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys 40976EAF437D05B5 3B4FE6ACC0B21F32 is the command I executed to try and fix it.18:18
Haristhe same18:19
lol768which returned "unchanged: 2"18:19
bekkslol768: And whats the entire output of that?18:19
lol768bekks: https://gist.github.com/21a9679def42fef0e0266f7379be0e8d18:19
OerHeks40976EAF437D05B5 3B4FE6ACC0B21F32 are 2 keys ..18:19
lol768the line mentioned two keys OerHeks18:19
lol768maybe I mispoke earlier :P18:19
lol768but I think my point is still valid, no?18:20
OerHeksthat is your culprit i guess.. 1 key at the time?18:20
lol768I will humour you OerHeks, but I doubt it18:20
lol768https://gist.github.com/47d5cafdbd4d4eda2f2d96920e119171 https://gist.github.com/7bad22adb1101977d8d579e95e559e1e18:20
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lol768and it still warns me in apt-get update.18:21
ksftbekks: should I replace those packages with just nvidia-prime?18:21
bekkslol768: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/126354018:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1263540 in apt (Ubuntu) "Apt-get reports NO_PUBKEY gpg error for keys that are present in trusted.gpg." [Undecided,Fix released]18:22
bekksksft: I guess you need to activate your nvidia card too.18:22
bekksksft: Is that a laptop?18:23
ksftbekks: yes18:23
bekksksft: Can you choose the GPU in the BIOS?18:23
ksftI don't know how to get to the BIOS settings18:23
bekksksft: thats describedin the manual of your laptop, I guess.18:23
ksftbekks: I think I selected the dedicated graphics card in the BIOS a while ago18:24
ksftI don't think that's the problem18:24
bekksksft: do you think or do you know? :)18:24
ksftbekks: think18:24
ksftlooks like it's F2 to get to the BIOS settings18:26
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Harisguys ---> http://pastebin.ca/369690218:29
TBotNikSorry Interupted, will not be back for a while.18:29
HarisI'm trying to remove apache, but processes doesn't do much past this point in paste18:29
Harisis there a way I can force the issue ?18:29
ksftbekks: I don't see a way to change which graphics card is used18:30
HarisI need to remove and re-install apache2 sooner than later. its getting midnight. I have to recover this situation, get off of work and call it a day18:30
DaniliHello in here :) I'm kinda newb at linux and I admit that, but I have run in to a problem that my / is used 100% on my rented server. I have root access but I don't know what to do about this problem, because i only know whats in my home folder. How do i find out what i can remove from / without making any problems with the system? https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068124/18:30
lol768bekks: thanks for that bug link, it was really helpful18:30
lol768I sudo rm /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/* -rf'd and then readded them all with my script18:31
lol768and it's now happy again :_18:31
mohsen_hey can anyone help me?18:31
lol768thanks OerHeks for your suggestions too18:31
Bashing-omksft: bekks A thought, as you have the 352 driver installed . remove the boot parameter 'nomodeset' as that defeats Kernel Mode Setting ?? Reboot and see what results ?18:32
OerHekslol768, glad you fixed it18:32
MonkeyDustDanili  start with    sudo apt autoremove && sudo apt clean18:32
HarisI'v rebooted this box. I think fsck has also been run. I'm not sure what it causing this error. need help to recover from this situation18:32
ksftBashing-om: I've only been remembering to add nomodeset some of the times I boot.18:32
ksftWhen I add it, I get a login loop.18:32
Harisplease help18:32
ksftWhen I don't, I get a black screen.18:32
DaniliMonkeyDust, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068134/18:34
Bashing-omksft: Login loop !  .. verifues authority to access the desk top ? ' ls -al .Xauthority ; ls -al .ICEauthority ' That "you" own and are grouped to these files .18:34
MonkeyDustDanili  cat /etc/issue18:34
ksftBashing-om: yes, I've already checked .Xauthority18:34
ksftBashing-om: .ICEauthority is -rw-------18:35
bekksksft: so whom does this file belong to?18:35
bekksksft: thats what you need to check, not its permissions.18:35
DaniliMonkeyDust, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068137/18:35
ksftbekks: oh, me18:35
ksftI'm the only user18:35
MonkeyDustDanili  ok,    sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean18:36
DaniliMonkeyDust, same result as https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068134/18:37
mohsen_who knows how to hack?18:37
bekksmohsen_: No one on this network.18:37
ducasseHaris: first, do18:37
ducasseHaris: first, do 'install --reinstall' of all three, then 'purge'18:38
Bray90820What commands run when software update checks for updates18:38
MonkeyDustDanili  ok, try   sudo apt-get install aptitude && sudo aptitude purge ~c18:38
Harisducasse: all 3 ? 3 what ?18:38
Harisgot it18:38
DaniliMonkeyDust, still same result :(18:39
MonkeyDustDanili  lsblk -f18:39
ducasseHaris: one of the packages were incompletely installed, so we reinstall all of them to make sure that's fixed.18:39
ksftbekks, Bashing-om: any other ideas?18:39
DaniliMonkeyDust, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068144/18:40
Harison trying to re-install I'm getting this ---> http://pastebin.ca/369693018:40
MonkeyDustDanili  md ... is that RAID?18:41
Bashing-omksft: Well .. yeah .. nother thought . as we have been messing about with cuda . What is in the /var/run/lightdm/root/ file ?18:41
DaniliMonkeyDust, I dunno it's a rented machine18:41
ksftBashing-om: ":0"18:42
Marius-IThey guys18:42
ducasseHaris: you might need to do an update first18:42
Haristhe problem is, install or reinstall process goes to a certain point and then doesn't move ahead from that point18:42
MonkeyDustDanili  vg = volume group, which means it's LVM ... pastebin    df -h18:42
Marius-ITany ideea how to install a package from 16.10 to 16.04?18:42
Marius-ITusing apt18:42
bekksMarius-IT: you dont.18:42
ksftbekks: so should I purge nvidia* and install just nvidia-prime?18:42
bekksMarius-IT: why are you trying to break your box?18:42
WulfMarius-IT: backports, if possible18:43
Harisdon't want to do an update. don't know what further it'll break. need to remain on this version18:43
ksftbekks: you implied that might help18:43
bekksksft: you already have that installed.18:43
Bray90820Is there a terminal command to check if the computer n needs to be restarted after installing updates?18:43
ksftbekks: should I get rid of the other nvidia packages?18:43
bekksksft: No.18:43
Harisneed to repaire current damage, rather than prolonging my grief by upgrading to a new version. that way I may end up finding myself in more of a mess than I'm currently in18:43
DaniliMonkeyDust, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068149/18:43
ksftokay...what should I do?18:43
bekksBray90820: needrestart18:43
ducasseHaris: i mean update the package cache, so it can find the package. 'apt update'18:44
Haristhis is happening ----> http://pastebin.ca/369693518:44
Marius-IT@bekks, current package in 16.04 is aplha -> and the only stable version is on 16.1018:44
heedlyHow do I type in a hex unicode point?18:44
bekksMarius-IT: And installing packages from different releases break your box.18:44
ducasseHaris: ok, now try to remove them18:44
Marius-IT@bekks, ok, ty18:44
Harisinstall and reinstall process don't move past the points in the paste18:45
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MonkeyDustDanili  again, but don't show the same pastebin ... sudo apt-get autoremove18:45
bekksksft: I'm sorry, I dont know. Maybe you could try postingon the forums?18:45
ksftbekks: that's slightly difficult with no GUI18:45
Harisisn't there a force switch that can forcefully remove or reinstall apache18:45
HarisI'm not sure how messed up apache install is18:45
DaniliMonkeyDust, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23068153/18:45
Harisroot@WebSever:/etc/apache2# dpkg --configure -a18:45
HarisSetting up apache2 (2.4.7-1ubuntu4.13) ...18:45
Harisit doesn't move past this point18:45
ksftbekks: I removed all the nvidia packages earlier, and that made it sorta work, except then I couldn't use the nvidia graphics card18:45
ducasseHaris: sure, 'dpkg -P --force-all apache2'18:46
MonkeyDustDanili  your /home is 11T (terrabyte), i'm not getting that18:46
bekksksft: So it didnt make anything work.18:46
Bray90820bekks: Could I also check if  "/var/run/reboot-required" exists?18:46
heedlynm, got it.18:46
DaniliMonkeyDust, yes i paid specific for that18:46
ksftbekks: well, I could log in and see a GUI18:46
heedlyHow would I support all unicode code points?18:46
Harisroot@WebSever:~# dpkg -P --force-all apache218:47
Haris(Reading database ... 207933 files and directories currently installed.)18:47
HarisRemoving apache2 (2.4.7-1ubuntu4.13) ...18:47
Harisits not moving past this point18:47
MonkeyDustDanili  try and ask in    #ubuntu-server18:47
bekksksft: Sotry it again?18:47
bekks*So try18:47
DaniliMonkeyDust, I'll try that thansk :)18:48
ksftbekks: removing all the nvidia packages?18:48
bekksksft: 0818 204559 < ksft> bekks: I removed all the nvidia packages earlier, and that made it sorta work, except then I couldn't use the nvidia graphics card18:48
ducasseHaris: your dpkg database might have become corrupted, that should absolutely remove it.18:48
ksftbekks: yeah, okay, doing that now18:48
ksftnow it's working even without nomodeset, I think18:49
ksftexcept that now I can't run programs with the nvidia graphics card, which was the original problem18:49
ksftcan anyone help me with that?18:49
Bashing-omksft: Nother thought, as the driver has been changed so many times - does the hardware agree with what the system thinks is loaded ? compare : - lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use' ; cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log - for the hardware "in-use" .18:50
atralhea-if I change partition table of my HHD, will I lose my data?18:50
ducassehabbasi: try 'dpkg -C apache2'18:50
ksftBashing-om: first one says "Kernel driver in use: i915"18:51
ksftBashing-om: /var/log/Xorg.0.log does not contain the text "in use"18:51
YankDownUnderatralhea-: Changing the partition table changes the entire drive - so yes, your data will be lost. Back up before you do anything like that.18:52
ksftBashing-om: or "in-use"18:52
atralhea-YankDownUnder: the problem is, I had windows with Ubuntu, moved the windows 350mb partition (I think its for the bootloader or something) and windows broke, so I formatted it partitions, I did not change partition table, but now it says it needs another partition table to work18:54
Bashing-omksft: In the file in the section - Section "ServerLayout" - is it  Inactive "nvidia"  ?18:54
atralhea-YankDownUnder: how can I check what is my partition table now? and is the partition table for all partitions of a hard drive? or just one partition of it?18:54
ducasseatralhea-: parted can tell you partition table type. they can be converted, but there is a risk in doing so.18:55
YankDownUnderatralhea-: Use gparted (it's on the liveUSB/CD/DVD => you'll be able to see what's what using that utility18:55
ksftBashing-om: I don't see "ServerLayout" anywhere in that file eitehr18:56
Bashing-omksft: Post the file .. lemme have a read then .18:57
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/18kp18:57
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xcyclistI thought Lilo was long ago retired by grub, but I see it's still around.  I don't know much about bootloaders.  Why does Ubuntu use grub instead?18:59
atralhea-can I somehow switch to MBR and also have multiboot option with windows?19:00
Bashing-omksft: Sorry, to be clear, this cat /etc/X11/Xorg.conf is the control file here in question ., post that one .19:00
YankDownUnderxcyclist: GRUB has more functionality than does "lilo" - I was in the "school" that refused to move from lilo for a long time...however, especially with a vast array of different partition layouts - and drives - and EFI/UEFI setups, GRUB works heaps better...19:01
ksftBashing-om: doesn't exist19:01
xcyclistThank you.19:01
xcyclistIs there any performance advantage to Lilo?19:02
ducasseatralhea-: mbr or gpt doesn't really affect multiboot, except that gpt can have more partitions.19:02
YankDownUnderxcyclist: Mmmmm...no. :)19:02
xcyclistI wonder what docker uses?19:03
Bashing-omksft: Got to have it for being able to switch graphic's sets ! .., try and make up one ' sudo nvidia-xconfig ' Reboot - without the boot parameter in force . now see what nvidia-prime will do .19:04
ksftBashing-om: I don't have nvidia-prime installed now19:04
atralhea-ducasse: the problems is that I need to change partition table to gpt, but its risky, I can use MBR to have windows beside my ubuntu (for some apps I need it), windows is now supporting GPT or MBR partition tables, not msdos. I just... hate that I need it!19:04
ksftBashing-om: or nvidia-xconfig19:05
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YankDownUnderxcyclist: There are a few different options for booting in Docker...Boot2docker is one...obviously grub is used...19:05
Bashing-omksft: ^^ in that case then, you also do not have the Nvidia driver installed .. back to square one .19:06
ducasseatralhea-: there is a risk, but normally it works fine. you should back up first, though.19:06
ksftBashing-om: right, because I uninstalled it19:06
ksftBashing-om: that's the only way I've found to log in normally19:06
atralhea-ducasse: I can fool it with installing 8.1 first, and then upgrading to 10, so I have win10 on msdos partition table! thats what im going to do. can I bring back bootloader to be able to boot ubuntu, with a live ubuntu?19:07
ducasseatralhea-: i don't understand what you mean.19:07
atralhea-ducasse: which part?19:08
Bashing-omksft: Tell ya what .. let's see if we can get the system up graphics wise with the default open source graphic's driver . Yeah ?19:09
ducasseatralhea-: all of it :) ubuntu can use both mbr and gpt, if that's what you mean. you might need to reinstall the bootloader if you convert, though.19:09
ksftBashing-om: how?19:10
ducasseatralhea-: the big deal is really whether you want to boot in legacy or uefi mode. some machines can only run uefi on gpt.19:10
atralhea-ducasse: I have msdos partition table, and I have ubuntu installed, I wanted to install windows (10), but it needs GPT partition table, but windows 8.1 would be installed fine on msdos partition table, so I will install windows 8.1, upgrade to 10, and then, installing windows problem solved.19:11
ducasseatralhea-: maybe, i know nothing about windows.19:12
atralhea-ducasse: then my laptop will directly boot to windows, so I need to bring the linux bootloader back, I can do it with a live disk, right?19:12
ducasseatralhea-: yes.19:12
atralhea-ducasse: thank you :)19:13
ducasseatralhea-: np.19:13
Bray90820Would this be a good way to check and restart if a restart is required after installing updates?19:16
Bray90820if [ -f /var/run/reboot-required ]; then reboot;19:16
Bashing-omksft: Let's try this ' sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-* ; sudo apt install linux-headers-`uname -r` ; sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ' Reboot and now what do you see for the GUI ?19:17
paracusiahello, I have an MD-RAID-5 with 4 drives. Everytime I want to access it and the drives have spun down, they get active one after the other, resulting in about 30second delay. Is there any way to tell the kernel that he spins up all together?19:18
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ksftBashing-om: the first two commands did nothing19:20
noobuntudoes anyone use redshift here to lower color temperature? how do I adjust the color temperature to a certain value in redshift?19:20
ksftBashing-om: the third one says it can't be installed because of something about dependencies19:20
ksftubuntu-desktop is already installed19:20
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alkisgAfter ejecting a usb disk from nautilus (or using udisksctl power-off), how can I re-connect it without physically unplug/replugging it?19:21
eelstrebori have a problem with a dell xps15 touchpad after upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04 - the right click no longer works on the touchpad but works fine with an external mouse - i tried the suggestion @ https://askubuntu.com/questions/579645/right-click-on-synaptic-touchpad-not-working-on-ubuntu-14-10 but it didn't fix the problem. i haven't found anything else that suggests a fix19:26
Bashing-omksft: K; then the 1st order of predidence is to fix the dependencies . pastebin ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' . Let's se what has to be fixed .19:27
ksftBashing-om: you want the output of those?19:29
Bashing-omksft: Unless you can fix the depencency issues on your own. then yes I need to see what the nature of the dependency problem is .19:30
ksftjust a sec19:30
ksftBashing-om: apt-get update: http://termbin.com/o5e219:34
ksftBashing-om: apt-get upgrade: http://termbin.com/9jli19:34
helplessi mounted a partition with an encrypted home. how do i decrypt it given that i have to login password of that user?19:36
Bashing-om!info xserver-xorg-video-nouveau trusty19:37
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-nouveau (source: xserver-xorg-video-nouveau): X.Org X server -- Nouveau display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.0.10-1ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 76 kB, installed size 299 kB (Only available for linux-any)19:37
Bashing-om!info xserver-xorg-video-nouveau xenial19:37
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-nouveau (source: xserver-xorg-video-nouveau): X.Org X server -- Nouveau display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.0.12-1build2 (xenial), package size 87 kB, installed size 272 kB (Only available for linux-any)19:37
paranoidabhihow can I combine multiple images into a pdf?19:38
Bashing-omksft: I see no prblem with the aboves . Show me now ' sudo apt install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau ' .19:38
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/j7lu19:39
Grorcohi I'm trying to run two commands on one line using the start up prefrences and getting errors, I'm getting && not found in /home/me/ does anyone know how to get this to work?19:40
crazyphilso I'm trying to setup an Ubuntu 16.0 LTS server to use nsupdate to update DNS, however when I add any script to the /etc/dhcp/dhclient-exit-hooks.d directory, the system refuses to bring up the network, stating the network interface is down, the same script works perfectly on 14.x LTS, any suggestions?19:40
Bashing-omksft: Well, well .. maybe now we are getting somewhere ! .,. try ' sudo apt install xserver-xorg-core xorg-video-abi-15 ' .19:41
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/8ef519:43
alkisgGrorco: writing two commands and joining them with && means that you want "shell" to execute them. So, try instead something like this: sh -c 'command1 && command2'19:43
alkisgGrorco: or, create a script, put it in your /home/username/.local/bin (new folder, create it), and then call that script19:43
Bashing-omcrazyphil: Maybe your script does not have the correct name for 16.04's systemd ? : https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/ .19:43
Grorcoalkisg, thanks I didn't feel I needed a script I'm just opening pycharm and moving it to another workspace19:44
Bashing-omksft: Been in this rabbit hole before, may take us a bit to get to the bottom ! .. try now ' sudo apt install libcheese7 libcheese-gtk23 ' .19:45
akkonradhey, my laptop after upgrade to 16.04.1 could not start - I had this error "Failed to start load kernel modules". So I logged in as root, entered "sudo dpkg --configure -a" command but still failing. now I'm trying to connect to wifi network to run updates again, but can't do that.19:46
akkonradis there any way to backup to previous version of kernel from command line?19:46
akkonradwithout internet conneciton?19:46
Bashing-omakkonrad: Try booting to the grub boot menu and boot an older kernel ??19:47
alkisgakkonrad: ls /boot/vmlinuz*  ==> if you have many files there, you have many kernels, and you can select an older one19:47
alkisg(from grub like Bashing-om said)19:47
ksftBashing-om: already installed19:48
=== pingwindyktator is now known as dupa
Bashing-omksft: Huh ? as we have " libcheese-gtk23 (>= 3.4.0) but it is not going to be installed " your reply " already installed" ' Does not compute . Details please .19:49
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/rwk119:50
crazyphilBashing-om:  that was the first thing I checked, it's definitely using the right interface name, and if I run the script manually it works without issue, just don't know why it kills the boot19:51
alkisgcrazyphil: verify that it returns 0, success19:52
Bashing-om!info linux-headers19:52
ubottuPackage linux-headers does not exist in xenial19:52
k1l_!info linux-headers-generic19:52
Bashing-om!info linux-headers-generic19:52
ubottulinux-headers-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel headers. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB19:52
k1l_but if you install "linux-generic" it will pull in the kernel+ headers19:53
Bashing-omk1l_: I am concerned that " http://termbin.com/rwk1 " wants to remove this latest header package .. huh ??19:54
k1l_kernel 4.2? is that a 15.10?19:54
alkisgBashing-om: it's 4.2, not the 4.4 found in xenial... which version is ... ^ that19:54
ksftI'm on 14.0419:55
alkisgSo probably kernel-lts-wily or something19:55
crazyphilalkisg: how do I verify that?19:55
ksftnot opposed to upgrading to 16.04, though19:55
alkisgnot lts-xenial19:55
k1l_ksft: "dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 9999"19:55
alkisgcrazyphil: for starters, run it from the command line, and immediately afterwards, run: echo $?19:56
ksftk1l_: http://termbin.com/niwt19:56
alkisgAnd see if it's zero19:56
k1l_yeah, i suspect the wily lts stack (which is EOL now). so that needs to be changed to the xenial LTS stack anyway19:56
crazyphilok, it's definitely returning 019:56
crazyphilhowever I just noticed I might have had it using the wrong shell19:56
alkisgcrazyphil, it would help if you put it to pastebin19:57
alkisgksft: I haven't seen your initial issue, but yes you need to upgrade your kernel to lts-xenial by following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack19:58
ksfteven though I'm on 14.04?19:58
alkisgRead that wiki page, it explains the kernel updating policy19:58
k1l_ksft: ok, lets try to get the depencies out of the way and bring you to the supported kernel stack: "sudo apt-get remove unity-control-center "  then run "sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-core-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-xenial libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-xenial "19:59
alkisgYou now have the kernels of vivid and wily, which are old and replaced by xenial19:59
ksftk1l_: should I be doing that in addition to what alkisg suggested?19:59
k1l_ksft: and after that: "sudo apt-get install --install-recommends unity-control-center "19:59
k1l_ksft: that is the same19:59
ksftoh, okay19:59
crazyphilalkisg: http://pastebin.com/512ppL4k19:59
alkisgksft: follow what k1l_ is suggesting, he combines the wiki page with your actual issue20:00
alkisgAlthough k1l_ I think that removing and reinstalling unity-control-center won't also put back its r-depends...20:00
k1l_the issue with the unity-control center is a known issue if you have one LTS stack and try to change inbetween.20:00
k1l_afterwards you could get rid of the metapackages for the vivid and wily kernels and stack20:01
ksftk1l_: http://termbin.com/8c1o20:01
k1l_ksft: from what command?20:03
ksftk1l_: the one you just gave me20:03
ksftiinstalling all those packages20:03
ksftthe second one20:03
crazyphilhere's my boot log after I add the script:  http://pastebin.com/u7Zh3v5V20:03
Bashing-omksft: k1l_ : finally at last we are getting to the root of the problems .20:04
k1l_hmm ok. ksft do you have PPAs in use?20:05
ksftprobably some20:05
alkisgcrazyphil: these scripts are sourced by dhclient, so when you're setting the error flag, you're setting it for all scripts, so if some other scripts fails later on, boot stops20:06
Bashing-omk1l_: ^^ There is a debian repo at play here !20:06
alkisgcrazyphil: either don't set flags, or put them back as they were20:06
crazyphilok, that makes perfect sense, and I was unaware it'd set the for all20:07
OerHeksls -la  /etc/apt/sources.list.d | nc termbin.com 3999920:07
ksftOerHeks: I assume that's for me20:08
OerHeksthat line shows ppas indeed20:08
ksftcould `graphics-drivers-ppa-trusty` be relevant?20:08
OerHekswhy filter it,...20:09
ksftyou want the whole thing?20:09
OerHeksIf you want serious help, yes.20:09
k1l_ksft: ok. lets try to downgrade your trusty to the original trusty 3.13 kernel and xorg and if that worked then upgrade to the xenial stack again.20:10
k1l_ksft: "sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-video-all xserver-xorg-input-all libwayland-egl1-mesa "20:10
OerHekshttps://launchpad.net/~fpco/+archive/ubuntu/stack is empty, so you can safely remove that one.20:13
=== Starky is now known as Guest68271
ksftk1l_: should I reboot now?20:15
k1l_ksft: no.20:15
k1l_"dpkg -l | grep lts | nc termbin.com 9999"20:16
ksftk1l_: http://termbin.coma78c20:17
ksftk1l_: http://termbin.com/a78c20:17
k1l_ksft: sudo apt purge linux-generic-lts-vivid linux-generic-lts-wily20:18
akkonradafter rebooting system with older kernel I was able to display login screen, but after login it dissappears for a second and shows up again, need to type password again and then situation goes the same: dissapears for a sec. and shows again20:18
k1l_akkonrad: does guest account work?20:19
ksftk1l_: done20:19
k1l_ksft: did it remove those 2 packages or more?20:19
akkonradk1l_, no, same situation20:19
Bashing-omakkonrad: ' ls -al .Xauthority .ICEauthority ' do "you" own and are grouped in both files ?20:20
ksftk1l_: there's a big list of packages that "were automatically installed and are no longer required"20:20
k1l_ksft: "sudo apt autoremove"20:20
ksftk1l_: are you sure that's right?20:21
ksft"E: Invalid operation autoremove"20:21
akkonradBashing-om, is there any way to turn on terminal from login screen?20:21
OerHeksfor 14.04 it is the old way> 3 apt-get20:22
k1l_ksft: yes. that should get rid of the vivid and wily kernels and xorg.20:22
Bashing-omksft: ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' apt does not support "autoremove" in 14.04 . ( does in 16.04 ) .20:22
k1l_ksft: ok, try apt-get instead of apt.20:22
MojtabaHello, I am using system proxy by ssh, and the problem is that thunderbird gives me connection refused for gmail. Do you know what should I do?20:22
ksftokay, done20:23
elliot-59anyone know how i can upgrade to the latest version of lxpanel (0.8.2) if its not on the ubuntu repos?20:23
Bashing-omk1l_: In respect to the above . recon it is save to get rid of the cruft ' dpkg --list |grep "^rc" | cut -d " " -f 3 | xargs sudo dpkg --purge ' ??20:24
k1l_ksft: ok, lets check with "dpkg -l | linux-image | nc termbin.com 9999"20:25
ksftk1l_: missing a "grep"?20:25
k1l_ksft: ok, lets check with "dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 9999"20:26
k1l_ksft: yeah, sorry20:26
ksftk1l_: http://termbin.com/wtxn20:26
k1l_Bashing-om: yes, but i like to check those things20:26
OerHeksMojtaba, go to https://myaccount.google.com >> Connected apps & sites >> and check "Access for less secure apps" might work for your proxy20:26
k1l_ksft: hmm, i wonder why those kernels are still present. they shouldnt20:27
MojtabaOerHeks: it is checked already20:28
OerHeksMojtaba, then i have no clue :-(20:28
exezinHey, I've got a friend who recently built a new rig and is having a lot of trouble getting ubuntu to boot (and lubuntu)20:28
exezinHe is using a modern i3, with intel hd 53020:28
exezinAfter grub he just gets a black screen20:28
exezinAre there any known issues with Intel HD 530 and Ubuntu-based distros?20:29
Bashing-om!nomodeset | exezin20:29
ubottuexezin: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:29
exezinBashing-om: Tried that20:29
exezinNo luck20:29
exezinI'll have him give it another go though20:29
k1l_ksft: "echo $(dpkg --list | grep linux-image | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort -V | sed -n '/'`uname -r`'/q;p') $(dpkg --list | grep linux-headers | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort -V | sed -n '/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\([0-9.-]*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/q;p') | xargs sudo apt-get purge"20:29
k1l_ksft: that should remove all old kernels and headers in one go.20:30
Bashing-omexezin: that "nomodeset' does not apply to Intel graphics .20:30
paracusiahello, I have an MD-RAID-5 with 4 drives. Everytime I want to access it and the drives have spun down, they spin up one after the other, resulting in about 30second delay. Is there any way to tell the kernel that he spins up all together?20:30
exezinBashing-om: uh, why did you suggest it then20:31
exezinWe've been struggling for like two weeks trying to get this damn thing working :/20:31
Bashing-omexezin: I responded prior to seeing that Intel is a factor here .20:31
exezinOh alright20:31
k1l_ksft: after that make sure "ubuntu-desktop" and "linux-generic" are still installed. then you could try a reboot. i need to have dinner now.20:32
ksftk1l_: "Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Abort."20:33
k1l_ksft: it should list what it wants to remove. if that is all that old kernels and headers press yes20:33
ksftk1l_: I don't have a chance to answer20:34
ksftit automatically aborts20:34
k1l_ksft: ok, wait. looks like xargs doesnt want user interaction.20:34
k1l_ksft: "echo $(dpkg --list | grep linux-image | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort -V | sed -n '/'`uname -r`'/q;p') $(dpkg --list | grep linux-headers | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort -V | sed -n '/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\([0-9.-]*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/q;p') | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge"20:34
k1l_(made a -y at the last command, which will make it say yes automatically"20:35
ksftworking now20:35
exezinAnyone have any suggestions?20:36
exezinI'm running out of forum threads to read here ;-;20:36
FuraiHey, how can I debug ubuntu gnome dash? I have two custom installed versions of firefox, normal and dev one. I have for both dekstop entries.20:39
FuraiBut when I luaunch dev version it shows up as the normal firefox.20:39
jarnosunattended-upgrade has been running at about 100% CPU power for more than an hour already on my 14.04 box. What is wrong?20:41
akkonradBashing-om, there is no .Xauthority .ICEauthority files in my root20:41
Bashing-omakkonrad: Those 2 diles are in the normal user's /home .20:42
Bashing-omfiles *20:42
akkonradI think they were not, let me check quickqly again20:43
ksftit finished20:43
Bashing-omksft: Let's verify what is set to boot, and that you will boot . what returns : ' ls -al /vmlinuz* ; ls -al initrd.img* ; ls -al /boot ' ?20:45
ksft./vmlinuz.old ->boot/vmlinuz-4.2.0-42-generic20:46
ksftsecond one doesn't exist20:46
ksftBashing-om: ^20:47
k1l_ksft: sudo apt install linux-generic20:50
Bashing-omksft: My bad . try as ' ls -al /initrd.img* ' . :(20:51
ksftinstalling linux-generic20:51
ubuntu-mateВсем привет из России! Hello for all from Russia!20:53
AntipsychiatryATENTION !!!! Danger in Israel . they use forced psychiatry !!!!!! This is TORTURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Visit www.antipsychiatry.org to seeeeeee why psychiatry MUST be abolished .    T h a n k. You !20:54
ksftk1l_: done20:54
daxAntipsychiatry: Ubuntu technical support only here.20:54
daxno other stuff.20:54
jarnosLast thin unattended-upgrades-dpkg log is saying is "Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.19-0ubuntu6.9) ..."20:54
k1l_ksft: "dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 9999"20:55
ksftk1l_: http://termbin.com/ktql20:55
k1l_ksft: sudo apt-get purge linux-image-4.2.0-42-generic20:56
jarnosoh, it is proceeding20:57
ksftk1l_: done20:58
k1l_ksft: ok, try a reboot20:59
soeewhat would be command to resize all images in folder to some max width/height ?20:59
ksftk1l_: seems to be working now, without nomodeset!@21:02
Bashing-omksft: Up and running the GUI ? .. no problems ?21:03
ksftBashing-om: I think so!21:03
ksftnow I just need to fix my original problem21:03
Bashing-omGreat .. looks like we were trying to build the proprietary driver on a broken X stack !21:04
ksftI was using primusrun before to run things on the dedicated graphics card21:05
=== beisner is now known as beisner-biab
Bashing-omksft: Bumblebee is depreciated in favor of nvidia-prime . just so you know . The 2 will not co-exist !21:06
ksftBashing-om: what's Bumblebee?21:07
Bashing-omksft: primusrun I believe is the operator for BumbleBee .21:08
ubottuThe Bumblebee Project aims to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux. The Bumblebee website can be found at http://bumblebee-project.org/21:08
ksftso I shouldn't use Bumblebee?21:08
ksfthow should I do it?21:08
Bashing-omksft: As above .. BumbleBee is depreciated . use nvidia-prime . ( there are those cases where BumbleBee is the better option .. it is still maintained !) .21:09
ksftBashing-om: how do I use nvidia-prime?21:10
Bashing-omksft: I do not have it .. can not advise in that respect .21:11
Bashing-omksft: Gor starters: ' apt show nvidia-prime ' .21:12
Bashing-omksft: Are you up presently on the nouveau driver ? show ' sudo dpkg -C display ' .21:14
ksftBashing-om: "--audit takes no arguments"21:15
Bashing-omksft: Again my bad / ' sudo lshw -C display ' . Mind moving faster then fingers .21:16
bitkid_hello, I am unable to finish the ubuntu installation pelase help21:16
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/n82z21:17
Bashing-omksft: Shows you are using the Intel chip set " configuration: driver=i915 " . And what results in nvidia-prime when you switch the graphics to Nvidia ?21:19
Bashing-omksft: OR but but but .. may have to install the nvidia proprietary driver ! To have the ability to switch graphics sets .21:20
ksftBashing-om: okay, how do I do that?21:20
Bashing-omksft: Well .. same as before .. happy to see if 370 works now ? easy as ' sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' as we are working from a clean base .21:22
bitkid_Is there a way to see what driver i have installed?21:24
bekksdriver for what?21:25
bitkid_or maby if there is a driver i need to install?21:25
bitkid_well my instrallation keeps crashing21:25
bitkid_im thinking its driver stuff for gpu21:25
=== beisner-biab is now known as beisner
bitkid_I can past an imige of the crash report21:28
bitkid_not sure what else to do iv been trying to get this thing running for the past week, it started with black led light screen then did the nomad(cant rember whole thing) now its just not finishing install :(:(:(21:30
ksftBashing-om: running…21:30
Abe_one question I just clicked on creating a backup and it just eats all of my hdd space now. I probably have the wrong settings. cuz when i'm done with the backup i won't have any space on my hdd left. can I delete my backup. I would like to make a new backup but only of pc settings not all my files.21:30
Abe_so can I just cancel the backup and delete it somehow?21:31
ksftBashing-om: should I reboot now?21:32
Bashing-omksft: Yep. If ya feel all went well , reboot .21:32
ksftBashing-om: screen's black again21:34
Bashing-omksft: YUK !21:34
Abe_can I just delete deja-dup folder to get rid of my backup?21:35
Bashing-omksft: Let;s look at what fot installed ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia  ' .21:36
Abe_a yes would be enough21:36
ksftBashing-om: http://termbin.com/5qml21:36
Bashing-omksft: Ouch ! I though we were in a "clean" state . nope ! " ii  bumblebee  " and all that cuda stuff .21:38
ksftBashing-om: should I remove it?21:39
ksftlibcuda* and bumblebee21:39
Abe_k thx21:40
Bashing-omksft: Out of my depth again . We did remove all that .. and it is back for some reason .. All I can do is reinerate that BumbleBee and nvidia-prime will not co-exist ! And I know nothing of cuda . Earlier today the slate was clean !21:41
ksftI might've reinstalled bumblebee when I was trying to run things on the nvidia graphics card21:42
ksftno idea where cuda came from, though21:42
Abe_ksft do you have nvidia optimus problems?21:42
ksftAbe_: yes21:42
ksftI purged bumblebee21:43
Abe_make sure to disable secure boot in uefi and get the recommended driver thats how i got my running. optimus is a pain21:43
ksftAbe_: how do I get the recommended driver?21:44
Abe_under system settings and the additional drivers option21:44
alshulaihHello World!21:44
Abe_hello alshulaih21:44
ksftokay, I'm going to reboot again21:44
ksftremoved bumblebee21:46
Abe_ksft: what ubuntu version are you using21:46
ksftstill a black screen on boot21:46
ksftAbe_: 14.0421:46
Abe_mine got a black screen too cuz I have also optimus21:46
ksftI don't think I have optimus21:47
Abe_I figured out it was the kernel version that gave me a black screen somehow, went back to my old ubuntu version with old kernel now everything works again21:47
Abe_or nvidia-prime what do you have for a graphics card. do you have this intel nvidia setup right?21:48
ksftAbe_: that's right21:48
ksftit only seems to boot correctly when I have no nvidia packages installed21:48
Abe_nvidia-prime is nvidia optimus. do you have a driver installed right now?21:49
ksftI had nvidia-370, nvidia-prime21:49
ksftnvidia-370 and nvidia-prime*21:49
ksftI just removed nvidia-prime21:49
ksftwas about to reboot to see if that made it work21:49
Abe_yes just get the recommended driver21:50
Abe_I would remove the driver first with apt-get remove nvidia*21:50
Abe_maybe try a different driver. I got a black screen cuz i upgraded and I had this ver. 4.x kernel and i wouldn't run with it. when i went back to 3.13 everything worked again. so in my case it was the kernel21:52
ksftso it boots when I have no nvidia* packages installed21:52
ksftotherwise, the screen goes black21:53
Abe_so you're using the standart noveau driver now?21:53
ksftwithout any of those packages installed, can I run programs on the nvidia graphics card?21:53
ksftAbe_: I don't know21:53
Abe_anything high graphical no i don't think so21:54
ScrewedUpI turned my storage into swap... am i shit out of luck on recovering data?21:54
Abe_well you have to actually21:54
ksftAbe_: have to what?21:54
Abe_oh sorry running the noveau driver now21:54
Abe_you already do it it's okay21:55
ksftI assumed it was just using the Intel graphics card21:55
Abe_it does but with open source drivers21:55
ksftoh, I thought nouveau was specifically for Nvidia graphics cards21:55
foul_owlWhat strategy do people generally use for naming internal-only servers from public servers? ie, wiki01.foo.com would be ext, vs wiki01.int.foo.com would be internal only, however it looks ugly imo and you have to type more. I like the idea of using a fake tld (ie, .lan) but that's a no-no.21:56
ksftso how do I run things with the Nvidia one?21:56
ScrewedUpI wrote my storage space over into swap... is there a way to reverse it or recover data21:56
Abe_ksft: you have a laptop right? to get nvidia cards working you need to disable secure boot in your UEFI "Bios" too21:56
Wulffoul_owl: I registered a real domain with a short name21:56
ksftdid that already21:56
foul_owlI was considering that21:58
foul_owlUrgh why isn't .lan reserved for internal use? It's so nice looking haha21:59
Abe_ksft: what laptop do you have there or what graphics card would be useful to know21:59
eelstrebori have a problem with a dell xps15 touchpad after upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04 - the right click no longer works on the touchpad but works fine with an external mouse - i tried the suggestion @ https://askubuntu.com/questions/579645/right-click-on-synaptic-touchpad-not-working-on-ubuntu-14-10 but it didn't fix the problem. i haven't found anything else that suggests a fix22:01
Abe_i also went through a lot of trouble to get nvidia-prime running. i never used bumblebee though22:02
ksftAbe_: GTX …something22:03
Roland_the_headl-server darknetproject.anon/669722:03
ksftAbe_: GTX 960M22:04
=== Roland_the_headl is now known as RolandThompson
ksftAbe_: what Nvidia packages did/do you have  other than nvidia-prime?22:04
Abe_nothing just the nvidia driver22:05
ksftwhich is it?22:05
Abe_k now i can google for your card22:05
Abe_gt hold on22:05
Abe_i use gt 730M22:06
ScrewedUpi reformat my ext4 storage partition to swap - can i recover data?22:06
Abe_here google tells me this22:07
Abe_maybe that helps ksft http://askubuntu.com/questions/768959/ubuntu-16-04-nvidia-drivers-for-geforce-gtx-960m22:07
ksftI'm on 14.04, but maybe22:08
Abe_they use nvidia-36422:08
Abe_driver is driver22:08
i_am_alive_herecan anyone help me install lg gp60ns50 dvd writer drivers on ubuntu?22:08
Abe_i don't think it makes a difference I also got that ppa actually :D also using a newer driver now22:08
ksftwhich one are you using?22:09
ksftwhy do I need a ppa to install nvidia-264?22:09
Abe_well i have a different card so I use nvidia 35822:09
Abe_ksft: they give you the newest drivers22:10
Abe_but i know that you should actually recommend doing this22:11
ksftthen what should I do?22:11
Abe_ksft: to be honest I would try it anyway different driver maybe fixes it. maybe*22:13
ksftinstalling nvidia-36422:14
ksftif it doesn't boot correctly after, I'll uninstall it and install nvidia-prime22:15
Abe_ksft: after I added this ppa I had lots to choose from. not all are working but my recommended one originally was nvidia-352 and now I'm using nvidia-358. the other once will not work like 370 they recommend me not working. http://www0.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=7331769122:15
Abe_ksft: but my problem back then wasn't the driver... even if people don't believe me, it was the kernel i was using for some reason. it just wouldn't boot with it. i chose in grub menu my old kernel and it booted right up22:18
eelstreborthis is strange, xinput --list doesn't display the touchpad22:20
ScrewedUpi reformatted my ext4 storage partition to swap - can i recover data?22:24
HanumaanI have Fedora 24, Ubuntu 16.04(just upgraded with errors) and Windows grub2 is controlled by Fedora but in Ubuntu I suppose it is not finding the partition .. and getting this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23068723/ how to resolve? is it possible to control the grub2 with ubuntu without loosing any OS?22:29
Bashing-om!testdisk | ScrewedUp Not at all sure as swap has no file system22:32
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode22:32
ScrewedUpi haven't even used the partition so it seems doable to undo the formatting22:32
ScrewedUpi'm trying to recover data on the partition22:33
Bashing-omScrewedUp: Not at all sure , but try some of these :https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery as swap has no file system .22:34
ksftnow I can't boot at all22:37
ksftthe screen goes pinkish purple22:37
ksftI'm on a different computer now22:38
lordcirthksft, choose fallback/recovery/whatever at grub menu?22:40
zaccanastaso no qtwebengine in ubuntu22:40
zaccanastaqtwebkit has been removed on windows22:41
k1lzaccanasta: that depends on the qt version. not the base os22:41
zaccanastaqt 5.5 i guess22:41
zaccanastathe last supporting qtwebkit22:42
ksftlordcirth: that doesn't work either22:42
k1land that is what 16.04 shipps.22:42
k1l!info qt5-default22:43
ubottuqt5-default (source: qtbase-opensource-src): Qt 5 development defaults package. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.5.1+dfsg-16ubuntu7.1 (xenial), package size 16 kB, installed size 98 kB22:43
zaccanastawell i guess i must use a bunch of #ifdefs for supporting both22:43
zaccanastafedora for instance has qt5-qtwebengine, why is it not possible in ubuntu?22:45
k1lzaccanasta: iirc the change came with qt5.622:45
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zaccanastai've been told no qtwebengine support in ubuntu even with qt5.622:46
k1lah yeah, its included since qt 5.4, but its an issue on debian and ubuntu22:47
ksftcan anyone help me?22:48
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k1lzaccanasta: https://marc.info/?l=kde-core-devel&m=142954900813235&w=2 this gives you some background22:49
k1lzaccanasta: and here is some more uptodate view on it: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2016-May/010438.html22:50
zaccanastai know it's been a pain in the neck even for fedora (a dependency mess)22:51
DC85Greetings, i'm kind of in panic with a RAID issue in a factory server, i need help22:52
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lordcirthDC85, Step 1: Don't panic.  Step 2: Tell us the actual problem.22:53
DC85Hi mister lodcirth thank you for your atention, let me write it22:54
i-make-robotshi!  I'm running LTS 12.04.  I've tried to follow the upgrade instructions for latest php5.5 and I keep getting 5.5.37.  MediaWiki is insisting that to run their latest I need 5.5.9.  What do?22:55
ksftI can't boot Ubuntu. The screen goes pinkish purple, and I can't do anything.22:55
TheMar|usany news regarding the new AMD drivers so i get life in my old 5870 again?22:56
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ksftIf I try to use recovery mode, there's a bunch of text I obviously can't pastebin.22:56
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k1lTheMar|us: radeon is the only chance you have. there will be no amd support for that old cards22:56
TheMar|usi have radeon 587022:56
OerHeksTheMar|us, no, the open radeon driver should work for you, as it does for me22:57
k1lradeon is the kernel open source driver22:57
TheMar|usmany steam games wont run22:57
Hoshitfw when you got radeon 3000 built in your mobo22:57
TheMar|usah ok22:57
lordcirthi-make-robots, well, you should probably use a newer version of Ubuntu than 12.04.  That's almost done support.22:57
TheMar|usso i guess it will be nvidia next time i buy a computer22:57
k1lTheMar|us: amd stopped making fglrx. the now help making amd_gpu in the kernel, but they wont support old cards. you need a new cng card22:58
i-make-robotslordcirth - how, please?  I'm old, I need a reminder.22:58
lordcirthTheMar|us, new AMD cards are supported, just not old ones.22:58
OerHeksTheMar|us, or a recent AMD card, AMDgpu driver is more advanced.22:58
HoshiToMar|us lets see when AMDGPU will get better perfomance to the good level.22:58
OerHeksAMDgpu is also opensource.22:58
TheMar|usatleast rx 480 has a descent price22:58
HoshiOerheks - 880fps on linux vs 2500fps on glxgears windows port? no thanks22:59
k1lthe amd_gpu setup is way better for linux users. but it needs some more time and work right now22:59
lordcirthi-make-robots, does this server have other things on it?  Migrating to 16.04 may be some work, if so.22:59
lordcirthHoshi, glxgears is not a benchmark22:59
Hoshistill, my 8500M in laptop still works really slower at Wine than on windows22:59
Hoshidont tested it on steam games so far22:59
Hoshiwhat about 6790? is that card supported by linux driver? should be23:00
lordcirthHoshi, Wine being slow is Wine, not drivers23:00
mr-rich-76Does 16.04.1 have a good olde-fasion "run command" dialogue?23:00
lordcirthmr-rich-76, Alt, if I remember correctly?23:00
k1lmr-rich-76: alt+f2?23:01
DC85I have a Ubuntu Server 14.04 with a root fs within a raid1-two disk array. Then i have a raid10 array for data, 4hdd+1spare. Someone did a hard shutdown (power button hold) on the system and the system started to hang on boot after grub - Got a blank screen and have to hit ctrl+d to boot. Looks like the powerdown messed the raid10 array.23:02
DC85 While checking the arrays with "mdstat -D /dev/mdX" i by mistake removed 2 hdds from the raid10 array and added them to the raid1 array23:02
DC85and tried to mdadm --assemble --scan23:03
DC85now the mdadm -D reports 2 spare disks on my raid array. I the removed them and stoped the raid10 array which now misses 2 disks. Im afraid i messed it up...23:04
DC85*now the mdadm -D reports 2 spare disks on my raid1 array.23:04
danny__I have unbuntu Mate installed but my version is older than the new release... When I installed directly the new release I had issues with my WIFI... I wonder... if i upgrade to the new version, will I keep my ancient wifi drivers or the new release will brake it again?23:09
lordcirthDC85, this may help: https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/RAID_Recovery23:09
DC85lordcirth im afraid something wrong might have been written to those disks oh my23:12
lordcirthDC85, And this is one of the many reasons that "RAID is not backups" :(23:12
DC85lordcirth the mdadm --examine now tells me that the unwanted drives are part of the wrong array :(23:15
DC85and i cant add them to the wanted array because i stoped it23:15
Bashing-omksft: Can you boot to grub's boot menu ? from there we can try and activate a terminal interface .23:18
lordcirthDC85, you could try the linux-raid mailing list mentioned in the article.23:20
clifton1970hi all23:26
clifton1970can i install a ubuntu version on a dvr?23:26
ksftBashing-om: I can23:26
ksfthow do I do that?23:26
ksft"activate a terminal interface"23:26
ksftI have grub's boot menu open now23:27
soeeanyone was using is using ubuntu lite kernel ?23:27
OerHeks ubuntu lite kernel ??23:29
OerHekssoee, tell us more about it.. it is not official though.23:29
OerHekssoee, i see, not supported here AFAIK23:30
soeeim asking because of http://news.softpedia.com/news/linux-lite-s-devs-invite-ubuntu-and-debian-users-to-install-the-latest-kernels-507412.shtml23:31
OerHeksNope, i won't. as i loose support here :-)23:31
Bashing-omksft: press the 'e' key for edit mode -> boot option screen. The line starting with linux containing quiet splash. replace quite splash with the term text. key combo ctl+x to continie to TTY1 . Log in here .23:31
OerHekssoee, and carefull, latest might not be the best for your system now.23:32
ksftreplace it with what?23:32
ksftwhat's "the term text"?23:32
Bashing-omksft: one word "text" with out the quotes .23:33
ksftBashing-om: okaty23:33
ksftthe screen still goes purple23:33
OerHekssoee, and what is light about it? our 4.7 kernel = 47 mb, and *your light kernel* 61 mb ... troll-lol-lol23:36
soeelight is distribution name23:37
Bashing-omksft: Only one kernel left installed ?23:37
mentocHas anyone had any luck with running apt-get upgrade in the cron?23:37
mentocI'm pretty sure it's a bad idea23:37
mentocbut I've been told to make it happen :/23:37
ksftBashing-om: I think so23:38
OerHekssoee, you better look for their irc channel then. inviting people here to use it, is not done.23:38
Bashing-omksft: Well we got to boot something . Ya got a liveDVD of 14.04 on hand ?23:39
lordcirthmentoc, don't you just need -y ?23:40
ksftBashing-om: I don't23:40
ksftI might have a USB thing...I'll look...23:40
Bashing-omksft: A liveUSB of 14.04 will work .23:41
soeeOerHeks: well im sure all this distro user use it :) i was wondering if any ubuntu is using it and this is best plae to ask23:41
OerHekssoee, no we don't.23:41
Bashing-omksft: One can also try and boot the OS from grub .. maybe ?23:41
OerHekssoee, it is an other distro, take it to #ubuntu-offtopic maybe?23:42
OerHeks.. with a huge kernel, lite?23:42
ksftBashing-om: how?23:43
ksftnot sure if this is relevant: I also have Windows installed, but it won't connect to the internet23:44
Bashing-omksft: We tell grub where the config files are located . see if the system boots .23:44
ksftokay, how?23:46
mentocI found a configuration group called Unattended-Upgrades in a few files in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d, but I don't see it in the man page for apt.conf23:47
mentocare they used for the same system?23:47
mr-rich-76anyone install Powershell yet?23:49
Bashing-omksft: very slowly and very carefully . boot back to the grub boot menu, this time is the 'c' key for a (C)ommand line interface . ya get a 'grub >' prompt . we need to know where the files are lovated . we start looking by what is returned from the terminal commnad ' ls ' .23:49
mentocjust use bash23:49
ksftBashing-om: (hd0) (hd0,gpt9) (hd0,gpt8) [...] (hd0,gpt1)23:50
Bashing-omksft: Once more stone walled by the state of my ignorance. I have no experience booting a GPT partitioned system from grub . This is to be a learning experience for both of us .23:52
compdocbooting is no difference23:54
compdocyou just install the OS on the partition type you like23:54
omarsincaraany tips on installing msfconsole and armitage23:55
ksftBashing-om: so...what do I do now?23:57
elliot-59anyone know how to update lxpanel to 0.8.2, its not on repos23:57
OerHekselliot-59, it is available, for xenial 16.04 >> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel23:58
Bashing-omksft: Well . best thing is to hope eric^^ returns . Give us a hand :) . Is this machine also EFI endowed ?23:59

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