sakrecoerzequence: my installer crash bug also hapened with xubuntu so i don't think it was related to ardour.13:03
zequencesakrecoer: No, of course not. There's no ISO with ardour517:05
zequenceBut, as I was trying to install the system to be able to update ardour and see the failure for myself, I realized installing Studio was not possible17:06
zequenceThe ISO should build today, without ardour (since I have removed it temporarily)17:07
zequenceBut, probably it will be uninstallable17:07
sakrecoerzequence: ok.. i didn't think of ardour 5 specifically, just mentioning that installing yakkety failed for me with both ubuntustudi iso and xubuntu iso, sam error...17:32
sakrecoerboth had a weird issue with the DE: no buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons etc...17:34
zequenceWell, it's good to know that it's a generic problem and therefore more eyes will be on it.17:34
sakrecoer:) yes17:35
sakrecoeri'm also really looking forward to the beta1 i must add17:36
sakrecoerwhich reminds me i need to confirm our participation to the release team...17:38
zequenceI'm test building ardour with trebmuh's suggested change17:41
zequenceIf it's ok, I'll push it to Debian17:42
zequence(to the git repo, that is - someone else will need to upload)17:42
trebmuhzequence, you're a DM ?17:49
trebmuh(or a DD ?)17:49
zequencetrebmuh: Debian Multimedia member. But, I only have upload rights to the git repos17:50
zequenceOr, push rights that is. I can't create new repos17:50
zequenceRoss is also a member.17:51
zequenceSo, technically, we do have some ability to make changes. Ross has been a lot more active on that end. I've probably only done one or two commits in a few years time.17:52
zequenceI hardly have learned how the repos are set up, but there seems to be better docs now, and I've even found a new tool  - gbp17:53
zequencegit commit && gbp buildpackage17:53
zequenceSimple enough17:54
zequenceNow my Atom CPU is suffering through the build..17:54
zequenceActually, the Debian maint-guide is not bad, and the Policy docs are all there, and have been for a while, so there's plenty of docs for those who want to educate themselves on packaging.18:22
* zequence will read those some day18:22
trebmuhI'm adding a +1 on that, those docs are really good, I learnt a lot from these18:44
* zequence really should start using pbuilder on the 8-core instead. 1h 15min so far. If the builds fail, it will lead to tears.18:57
zequenceStill building. Getting ridiculous. Will have to continue tomorrow.20:35
zequenceHehe, I typed the ardour.install file. Need to do it again. Oh, well. It can do it over night.20:51

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