Unit193https://launchpadlibrarian.net/279529126/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.xfce4-notifyd_0.3.0-0ppa1+gtk3~16.04_BUILDING.txt.gz very helpful...00:09
Unit193knome: Or, it's a new daemon, faild! :D00:51
knomemm, intriguing!00:52
Unit193g_warning ("Faild to parse css file : %s\n", error->message);  Oooooh nice stop to have it...00:54
knomenot error->massage at least00:55
Unit193Dial that colon back too while you're at it.00:55
Unit193g_warning ("Failed to export interface: %s", error->message);  and remove \n?  I dunno! :D00:56
knomedepends on the context i guess00:57
Unit193ochosi: http://paste.openstack.org/raw/AWpwBfQ00IymiGnQQaSR/ :>01:00
knomeMogwai - Dial Revenge (Welsh - English version)01:00
knomewhat just happened01:00
knomei guess some weird middle-click paste01:01
knomethough i didn't know i had that in clipboard01:01
Unit193bluesabre, ochosi: Got all the panel plugins that have had GTK3 releases in my staging repo now.01:24
Unit193ochosi: Plz2upd8?  https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.14/roadmap  exo had a release and so did eyes.  Oh, and if you'd make releases of notes and clipman we could break more. :D01:35
ochosiUnit193: thanks, pushed09:55
Unit193ochosi: Copied a bunch of panel plugins over thanks to Dave's testing.09:56
ochosii'll give them a shot09:58
ochosibtw, what about the notes release? that has had gtk3 support for quite a while09:58
ochosithe only thing it needs is fixing for gtk3.2009:58
ochosithat will likely horribly break it09:58
Unit1931. We have 3.20 now, so it'd be broken.  2. Thought we were waiting on a release. :P09:59
Unit193ochosi: Wasn't there a patch for xfce4-panel that unbroke xfconf?  Do shimmer themes have fixes for the xfce4-notifyd breakage?10:00
ochosii don't know of such a patch10:01
ochosione would have to get in touch with ali and ask him to fix it or provide a patch10:01
ochosithe notifyd breakage is covered by the latest greybird release10:01
ochosiin numix the .osd class will be used10:01
ochosiso the notifications will look ok and integrated, maybe not as before though10:01
ochosiso it's not real breakage10:01
ochosibluesabre: we should maybe take a look at this one (it's a bit annoying) https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/130636210:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1306362 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "AccountsService conflicts with configured logon background" [Undecided,Fix committed]10:02
bluesabreochosi: that file is for defaults, I think there might be a config option to disable user wallpaper10:03
Unit193Oh crap, bluesabre time already. ._.10:04
bluesabrebluesabre time10:04
bluesabrecan't touch this10:04
ochosibluesabre: hm maybe i didnt read the bugreport correctly then. what i get here is the flashing of the user wallpaper for a second and then the system wallpaper takes over10:04
bluesabreah, didn't read the comments (since thats not where bug reports go for something closed years ago)10:05
knomeochosi, i think i get that too10:09
knomeochosi, it worked once with some boot not a long time ago10:10
knomeochosi, but then it reverted back to old behavior10:10
knomethough i haven't done any special config..10:11
knomeand i'm on intel10:11
ochosisame here10:11
knomedo you have a black blink?10:13
knomethat's the most annoying part10:13
knomeit also denies you from inputting stuff during that10:14
knomeso practically i just have to wait for that to happen...10:14
knomethen sounds like the same bug10:15
ochosii'd say so, yes10:15
knomeso is the fix committed/released status real?10:15
ochosiwell we have the same bug, it's not really the one reported, only the final comment is10:16
knomeshould one of us file the bug then10:17
knomeor in other words, are you doing it now? if not, i can do it10:20
ochosiplease do so, am prepping lunch10:20
knomeagainst the greeter?10:20
knomeon it10:21
knomebug 161447410:25
ubottubug 1614474 in lightdm-gtk-greeter (Ubuntu) "After showing the user wallpaper, greeter blinks and reverts to default wallpaper" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161447410:25
knomefeel free to confirm10:27
knomeand linked to our bugs blueprint10:27
bluesabredefinitely does not affect me10:29
bluesabreor nvidia10:36
knomei actually think i might have this on both10:36
knomebut i'm not completely sure about nvidia10:36
knomei should check the next time i boot desktop10:36
ochosibluesabre: lucky you10:40
bluesabrenot so10:40
ochosii also have this consistently on pretty much all my machines10:40
bluesabreit's hard to fix what I can't reproduce ;)10:40
bluesabrethese days I depend on patches for most fixes10:41
bluesabrebut I'll take a look10:42
bluesabreI think the greeter might not even build with current gtk10:42
ochosiyeah, that's possible10:51
ochosii'm using it with gtk3.20 but it was built against 3.1810:51
ochosithat combination works10:52
ochosibluesabre: i guess you have to update the progress percentage on exo on the roadmap page, i have no clue about that :)11:00
bluesabreochosi: will do11:18
bluesabreochosi: there are some dialogs that exo creates, dunno if you want to go in and make sure they don't look bad (using gtk defaults, soooooo)11:19
bluesabreand I think I want to revive the xfce python bindings so I can rewrite less code in python :D11:21
bluesabrereally bbl11:21
ochosibluesabre: python bindings would be awesome!11:22
ochosiand yeah, can take a look at the dialogs i guess11:22
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Unit193ochosi: Also, know why notifyd didn't compile on Xenial?21:28
bluesabregrumpy notifications?21:54
ochosiUnit193: no?22:06
Unit193OK, juuuust figured I'd ask.  Copying it over.22:07
ochosiwell there is an open bugreport against building with gtk<3.2022:08
Unit193(Basically, you know more Xfce4 happenings than I do, this is bleeding edge.)22:08
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 12737 in general "gtk+-3.18.9 build failure: *** No rule to make target 'themes/gtk-3.0/Default/gtk.css'" [Normal,New]22:08
Unit193That's the one.22:08
ochosibut gaston had no issues with it22:08
ochosimaybe go and poke him22:08
Unit193But he's scary! :322:08
ochosilast time i tried i didn't get the right answer22:09
ochosibut i was likely not asking the right question22:09
ochosiiirc he said something about the patches that gentoo carries22:10
ochosido we have patches against notifyd in ubuntu as well?22:10
ochosimaybe something needs refreshing (just an idea)22:10
Unit193No patches, and that'd have failed yakkety too.  It is having xdt-autogen run as part of the build process.22:11
ochosihmm, not sure then22:11
ochosihaven't had time to look into the issue myself yet22:11
ochosithen again i'm not sure i'd know exactly what to look for22:11
Unit193Well, certainly like the GTK2 one better, but it does function, so over it goes.22:13
ochosiwhat exactly is more to like?22:13
ochosii see almost no difference between the gtk2 and the gtk3 vresion22:14
ochosianyway, i'll see whether i can find someone who can help with this issue22:16
Unit193The settings, just typical GTK3 stuff so doesn't matter.  Of course there's only Somke, Default, and ZOMG, I'm sure more themes will come later. :)22:16
ochosiif you figure it out lemme know and submit a patch22:16
ochosiyeah, i'm working on it (see my blog post)22:17
ochosialready ported over the two greybird themes22:17
ochosii'll move those to upstream notifyd (since it was the initial idea to ship with a few more default themes)22:17
ochosiand add at least a third one22:17
ochosianyway, time to get some sleep22:18
Unit193Didn't notice the huge preview button that goes across the entire dialog?  I like the older style tickers, but meh.  (I'm really only going to hold the old one due to themes, because it's not like you see the settings dialog enough to annoy you.)22:18
Unit193Sleep well.22:18
ochosiyeah, i made it look that way, i still think that's ok though22:19
ochosi(and has nothing to do with gtk3)22:19
ochosianyway, it's possible i'll redo the settings dialog, at least once i work on per-app settings or dont-disturb mode22:19
Unit193(GTK3 stuff is the dropdown box, newer ticker style, and generally bigger dialog, fwiw.  Anywho, not my point.)22:21
ochosiwhat dropdown box?22:22
ochosiat least here comboboxes look exactly as they did in gtk2...22:22
Unit193Really?  I'm using Numix on both, should be the same...22:23
ochosiwith greybird they do22:27
ochosianyway, night now (for realz)22:27
knomefor lulz!22:28
Unit193knome: I'm not even close to able to get rid of py2.22:32
bluesabreochosi: I know it's not on the xfce 4.14 roadmap, but I think porting and working with every component is a good chance to clean up interfaces and collect around some standards22:59
bluesabremaybe put some mini-hig basics in the wiki or something to that extent22:59
bluesabre(not #xfce-dev but xfce-devish stuff)22:59
Unit193sidi loves doing that. >_>23:00

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