YankDownUnderchuckmcm: I've the same basic problem, however, it was resolved with using "arandr" to deal with my dual displays, and also turned off the "power saving" overall.01:37
chuckmcminteresting YankDownUnder I've got a script that I run (which manually invokes xrandr to move things back into place) but its annoying that the miniDP port seems to turn off for its own reasons05:41
glitchdhow would i go about installing a pae kernel?08:27
OerHeksUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal) and onwards: The generic default kernel already has PAE enabled.08:29
glitchdim on 16.04.108:29
glitchdLinux ubuntu16041 4.4.0-34-generic08:30
glitchdthats the kernel thats running08:30
glitchdits only using 3 of my 8 gigs of ram08:30
OerHeks... Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal) and onwards .....08:31
glitchd...if it was pae enabled, it would show i have 8 gigs of ram..08:31
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knomeor maybe some of your ram isn't working?08:32
glitchdits working fine08:32
OerHeksgrep --color=always -i PAE /proc/cpuinfo08:32
glitchdif i boot a 64 bit live usb, it shows 8 gigs08:32
Unit193OerHeks: Or check the kernel config in /boot/config-4.4.0-34-generic08:33
glitchdits in the first line08:33
glitchdgrep --color=always -i PAE /proc/cpuinfo08:33
glitchdflags: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov08:33
glitchdbut that doesnt make sense08:33
glitchdit would show in system monitor i thought08:34
glitchdalthought free -m makes me think it does see it08:34
glitchdfree -m08:35
glitchd              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available08:35
glitchdMem:           7972        4263        1079         619        2629        236808:35
glitchdSwap:          4095           0        409508:35
glitchdso maybe it does already see it08:35
glitchdthanks for the info OerHeks08:39
drumcode303when starting a shell script from home directory: what could cause this error?  Syntax error: ")" unexpected10:31
knomethe script has a syntax error.10:32
drumcode303it runs fine on many other distros. could it be it's a 32/64bit thing?10:33
knomei don't think so10:33
knomeare you giving some parameters to the script? how are the quoted/escaped?10:33
drumcode303no parameters when launching it, want me to upload it to dpaste?10:34
knomesure, i can take a quick look (though i don't have too much time)10:35
knomehmm, no ideaw10:38
drumcode303thanks for taking the time though :)10:38
knomeit's *very* unlikely it's related to 32/64-bit10:38
drumcode303ok. should any ideas cross your mind, please let me know :D10:39
knomeyou could try asking #ubuntu if somebody knew there10:39
Unit193Does it say what line?10:39
drumcode303i think so: 110:39
knomeor you could try asking Unit193, who always has good ideas10:39
drumcode303looks like an L but it's probably a one10:40
drumcode303it doesn't have to start like #!/bin/bash does it? instead of ../sh?10:47
drumcode303could it be installation error, so that the shell doesn't operate as it should?11:21
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