magicaltrouthow dare lazypower not be working on a weekend13:15
marcoceppimagicaltrout: I know, right?16:09
magicaltroutdisgrace marcoceppi19:26
magicaltroutabsolute disgrace19:26
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bradmpetevg: I know technically I was the maintainer, but I'm not in ~charmers so I doubt I can even write to the main branch22:42
petevgbradm Got it. I'm not in charmers, either.22:44
petevgI think that we're supposed to be moving stuff out of charmers, anyway, though.22:44
petevgI'll bug people about it tomorrow -- I'm still kind of fuzzy on what is supposed to happen with some of these charms that still have their main branch in charmers.22:46
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