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Kiloshi Na3iL16:41
Na3iLo/ Kilos16:42
Kiloselacheche you here?16:42
Kilosthe LC is making me tired16:42
Kiloscant wait a week for a mail reply16:42
CraigZwhats the LC?16:42
Kilosloco council16:42
CraigZOh OK16:43
Kilosthe group the is supposed to manage locos16:43
Kilosi like things to happen16:44
CraigZSome thing plod along slowly16:44
KilosNa3iL kick cheche17:13
Kilosand his brother17:13
Kilosbedis never comes here anymore17:13
Kilosand anis is too forgetful17:14
elachecheHey Kilos how can I help18:02
Kiloshaha elacheche you woke up18:06
Kilosplease ask luna to vote + in that rt mail18:07
elachecheTo be honest Kilos, I am not sure that she even know what is rt.. But I'll tell here any way.. I'm giving up on here comming back to activity soon.. :(18:14
Kilosill mail the relevant mail to you now elacheche18:14
elachecheI'll forward it to her.. Or you can send it directly to her18:15
Kilosok elacheche i sent it to you18:15
Kilosi dont have her addy sir18:15
Kilosdont the LC peeps have any contact with each other?18:16
elachecheI'm forwarding it18:16
elachecheKilos: I have no idea how the LC members work, I'm trying to not put my nose in others stuff (and I am trying hard x) :D )18:17
Kilosjust ask her please i ask can she do it asap18:18
Kilosi cant spend so much time on only 2 locos18:19
elachecheI'll do it.. She's not around right now18:19
Kilosit will take 3 lifetimes to get around the world at this rate18:20
Kilosill ping you mor ning again18:20

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