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Researcherhi Rezwan05:23
Rezwanhi Researcher :)05:29
Rezwanw'alaikum salam05:29
Rezwanwb Kilos 05:31
Kilosmorning Rezwan 05:31
Kilosthank you05:31
Kilosi just woke up05:31
Rezwanwhat time is it?05:32
Kiloshows things there05:32
Rezwanwhat's your plan?05:33
Kilosplan for what?05:33
Rezwanfor the day05:34
Kilosoh. well. i still do daily chores and then ill hang here most of the day05:34
Kiloswhats your plan?05:35
RezwanI'm relaxing today05:36
Kilosi have to start packing soon as well i suppose05:38
Kilosleave on the 30th for australia05:39
Rezwanoh really?05:41
Rezwanfor vacation?05:41
Kilosyes going to visit my daughter and her mom05:41
Kilosfirst time in 30 years05:42
Rezwanit is certainly a great occasion then05:42
Kilosyes very05:42
pavlushkaHello Kilos Rezwan ahoneybun Researcher rhct wxl :)08:34
Kiloshi pavlushka 08:42
Kilosis your wiki complete08:43
pavlushkahow are you Kilos ?08:43
Kilosok ty , much better than yesterday08:43
Kilosslept 10 hours08:43
pavlushkaKilos: you need sleep of 10 hours, its the recommended span at your age, so its supposed to be usual, :)08:53
pavlushka*/sleep for 08:53
Kilos7 hours is good man08:59
Kilosits only on bad nights that i need to make the time up08:59
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pavlushkaHellu AudaciousTUX !13:25
AudaciousTUXhellu pavlushka 13:26
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: whassup?13:27
AudaciousTUXvalana... kalke exam... pura ict boi... kissu parina :313:28
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ahoneybunhey pavlushka15:07
pavlushkaHello ahoneybun , :)15:08
pavlushkaHow are you ahoneybun ?15:10
Kilosahoneybun tell pavlushka to complete his wiki page15:11
ahoneybunpavlushka: do what Kilos says15:14
ahoneybunand sleepy lol15:14
Kilosno escape pavlushka 15:15
pavlushkaha ha, power is not consistent, kind of a hell15:17
pavlushkaso, cant do much, will try to do later in the night.15:18
pavlushkathe wiki15:18
Kiloswe will check up on you15:18
pavlushkaha ha ha, sure, anytime :)15:19
zakihello Kilos pavlushka and others15:20
Kiloshi zaki 15:20
pavlushkaHello zaki 15:20
zakihow are you Kilos? :)15:21
Kilosok ty and you lad?15:21
zakiand pavlushka how's everything?15:21
Kilosi had a good day today15:21
zakifine. ty :0 15:21
zaki:) *15:21
zakiKilos: anything special happend? 15:22
pavlushkazaki: everything is wet, it has been raining :p15:22
zakihe he. :D  SAME HERE15:22
Kilosnope zaki 15:22
Kilosoh yes15:22
zakiWAHT IS IT?15:22
pavlushkaKilos: how good what good, ???15:22
Kilosahmed on pk needs to be convinced why kde is better15:22
Kiloswell pavlushka i slept 10 hours last night and head was mild only today so good day15:23
pavlushkaKilos: leave it to me, I'll do that15:23
pavlushkaKilos:  \o/15:23
pavlushkaKilos: ahmed will start xfce4 soon :p15:24
zaki10 hours! nice15:24
Kilosno man15:24
Kiloshe has better hardware so kde is good15:24
Kilosxfce is hard work to get everything working15:25
pavlushkaKilos: I am kidding, :P :P15:25
Kilosxfce is for old hardware15:25
pavlushkaKilos: so what happened to ahmed later?15:25
pavlushkafor his CLI15:25
Kilosi dont know15:25
Kiloshe said he gives up on debian15:25
Kilosif pc can run win7 it can run kde15:26
pavlushkaKilos: and he looks not that concerned now15:26
Kilosmaybe he is battling with something15:26
Kilosdont forget he was online with 715:26
pavlushkaKilos: yes, if he is a starter, he better use some Ubuntu flavor, :)15:26
Kiloscan be here while doing installs15:27
Kiloskde is best 15:27
Kilosask zaki why15:27
pavlushkayes Kilos , Kubuntu is a Ubuntu flavor.15:27
Kilosits the best flavour15:28
pavlushkaha ha | ha ha15:28
zakikde kde kde15:28
Kiloshee hee15:28
zakiha ha15:28
zakibut still avro not working in kubuntu. :( :315:29
Kiloswhat is avro?15:29
zakibangla typing app15:29
pavlushkaKilos: a phonetic Bengali writing interface15:30
Kilosthat will break your pc man15:30
Kilosand put too much gibberish here15:30
pavlushkazaki: he is kidding, :p15:31
pavlushkazaki: we fixed some ubuntu guys avro-phonetic few days ago, :)15:31
zakihe he.. i know. :p15:31
zakiwhen? 15:32
zakioh yes. that new user15:32
zakiforget his name15:32
Kiloslook in logs15:32
Kilosmaybe its what you need15:33
zakino luck15:33
zakinow i'm trying to learn jatyo lay out as pavlushka suggested15:34
pavlushkazaki: here https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntubd/10153835276642217/?comment_id=10153841032042217&notif_t=like&notif_id=147149156012253715:36
ahoneybungoing to leave this here: #kubuntu-devel15:46
* pavlushka scratching his head15:48
Kilosyou  wondering why15:49
Kiloshe wants more guys to join them15:49
Kilosor to go there and ask for help15:49
pavlushkaso zaki, you better be there :)15:50
Kilosthey will know how to sort gibberish15:50
pavlushkaI'll join later, after buying a high end PC, :p15:50
zakipavlushka: you alrdy in there15:52
pavlushkaonly as a spectator :)15:52
ahoneybuncould always use more testers and helpers16:06
pavlushkaHello AudaciousTUX , hello zaki  :) welcome18:52
zakipavlushka: thank you. :) 18:53
AudaciousTUXহেল্লু 18:55
Kiloshi AudaciousTUX 18:57
AudaciousTUXhi kilos19:02
Kilosnight guys19:26
pavlushkanight kilos!19:26
AudaciousTUXpavlushka: 19:39
pavlushkayes AudaciousTUX 19:39
AudaciousTUXhttps://www.facebook.com/computerprogrammingbook/posts/1151202864950466?comment_id=1151245618279524&reply_comment_id=1151488691588550&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R1%22%7D kije koite munchaichilo :319:39
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: wise, http://www.potaka.io/, অনেক মজার :)19:44
AudaciousTUXcha script tulonamulok shohoj chilo19:44
AudaciousTUXjodio kom jinishpotro chilo19:45
pavlushkanight every body!20:56
zakigood night all. :) 21:11

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