brushdem-install gentoo02:36
daftykinssorry was that a response to someone asking "what would be really silly?"02:36
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ducassemorning all06:23
lotuspsychjegood morning to all07:39
ducasse\o lotuspsychje07:40
lotuspsychjeducasse: i had to reinstall the trusty to xenial box update07:40
lotuspsychjeducasse: totaly broken07:40
ducasselotuspsychje: not that uncommon, it seems...07:40
lotuspsychjeducasse: new reinstall crashed on saving /home aswell so..07:40
lotuspsychjehad to install fresh07:41
lotuspsychjelets hope this was lasts 5 new years :p07:41
lotuspsychjeducasse: how are things in norway?07:42
ducassei'm soon going to upgrade to yakkety, i never stay that long on one version :)07:42
lotuspsychjeducasse: wich stage is yakketty in now?07:43
ducassealpha 1, i think. i usually wait until the first beta or so.07:43
ubot5Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) will be the 25th release of Ubuntu. It is due to be released in October 2016. Discussion in #ubuntu+107:43
lotuspsychjeah october07:44
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic yakkety07:44
ubot5linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB07:44
ducassethey're waiting for 4.8, i believe07:44
lotuspsychjeducasse: yeah ive read an article they wanna ditch 4.607:45
lotuspsychjeim curious how unity 8 will develope07:47
lotuspsychjeand thrilled about OTA 13 on phone07:47
ducassei'm not too concerned about that, although the convergence thing would be nice07:48
ducassei'd love a phone/tablet that could give me a full desktop when connected to a screen07:50
ducassejust wish that desktop wasn't unity ;)07:50
lotuspsychjethat would be awesome07:50
lotuspsychjeducasse: i really wish ubuntu would choose the way, users left more choices07:51
ducassehow do you mean?07:51
lotuspsychjeducasse: well you know like old linux setups, where you could choose kde or gnome etc07:51
lotuspsychjein the setup screen07:52
lotuspsychjeimagine the tablet starts that way, leave the user the choice for window manager07:52
lotuspsychjeor i3 :p07:53
ducassethe problem with that is that the tablets etc run mir, not x1107:53
ducassethey _really_ should have gone with wayland, imho07:54
lotuspsychjebut i saw a kde tablet project once07:54
lotuspsychjenot sure if its still active07:54
lotuspsychjelemme lookup07:54
ducassefedora 25 will run wayland, i read07:54
lotuspsychjewould be so nice if ubuntu could be installed on every device07:56
ducasseintresting. have you seen this? http://hawaiios.org/07:56
lotuspsychjelets c07:57
lotuspsychjescreens look delicious07:57
ducasseit looks really nice, i don't know how ready it is.07:58
ducassethere will probably be many options soon.07:58
ducassemore promising news: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3109327/hardware/let-the-cpu-wars-begin-amd-shows-its-zen-cpu-can-compete-with-intels-best.html07:59
lotuspsychjevivaldi kde tablet has been depraced..07:59
ducassehave you tried vivaldi btw? been using it for a couple of days, i like it.08:02
lotuspsychjeyeah ive tested the other day08:02
lotuspsychjenot bad, but prefer my chromium08:03
ducassei'm still trying to decide, but i'll probably go back to firefox. stuck with it since the days of netscape navigator.08:04
lotuspsychjeducasse: yeah netscape was nice, but surely vurlernable as hell by now08:05
lotuspsychjei wonder why they so proud about the Bq m10 tablet when stopped the bq phones to sell...08:05
ducassehehe, i wouldn't be running that or mosaic today, no :)08:06
lotuspsychjethats really bad news for my business08:06
ducasseotoh, there was a lot less in netscape that could be exploited, no js etc.08:06
lotuspsychjeZTE also announced users want android over linux on devices08:07
lotuspsychjeducasse: also true, was more back to basic08:07
lotuspsychjebut still you hear alot of exploits existing for the old style browsers like opera etc08:08
brushdemonsimpler tools had simpler hacks08:09
brushdemonmore sophisticated tools have similar hacks however there is a larger footprint and more potential for exploits08:10
ducasseif only flash would finally die...08:10
lotuspsychjeand more users using an app, more chance of hackers finding mass exploits08:10
brushdemonwell that would get rid of a few million issues :p08:10
brushdemonthat's also true08:11
ducasselotuspsychje: i wonder how big a market there really is for ubuntu phones. most people who would want one are probably enthusiasts and hobbyists.08:14
lotuspsychjeducasse: the only problem is the most wanted android apps everyone else uses08:14
lotuspsychjeand users dont search for security08:15
ducasselotuspsychje: yep, it would need some big name apps to have a chance in the bigger market.08:15
lotuspsychjeducasse: but i can convince users, by telling how vurlnerable android is08:16
ducassethere will be vulnerabilities for ubuntu phones as well.08:16
lotuspsychjeprobably, but they will be handled much faster08:16
ducassethat's true, the android update system is horrible.08:17
ducassewell, it doesn't really exist at all.08:17
lotuspsychjeusers dont mind security, until one day they personal pics are gone or shared08:17
lotuspsychjewhen reality comes too close..08:18
lotuspsychjei helped few customers with stalkin/wifi issues in the past08:18
ducassewell, i wouldn't want a china-made phone anyway :)08:27
lotuspsychjemeizu is chinese08:27
lotuspsychjebut if its broken and you have to send back to china : |08:28
lotuspsychjeif one day ubuntu-touch will be installable on more devices itl get interesting08:30
ducassethe m10 looks really nice, though. making it possible to install ubuntu on more devices would be a good way to get more users.08:31
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:44
ducassehow are you today, BluesKaj?11:45
BluesKajHi ducasse. I'm fine, and you?11:45
ducassefine, thanks. raining heavily here, the cat and i are holed up indoors :)11:46
BluesKajyeah , we had terrble thunderstorms last night, went to bed with flashlights because our electricity went out about 4 times, it's back on now, but we still have storm clouds12:05
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