Guest73476@noste99 how can i fix the problem with "welcome"?00:42
biaxhow do i uninstall some default preinstalled software?05:20
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)05:26
mate|51664Hello! I have an issue with mate. The fonts i see at some places is poor. Here is an example: In the appearance settings...http://imgur.com/a/3ypyg05:42
mate|51664Can anyone please help?05:43
mate|51664Take a look on the fonts in the open button. I am on ubuntu mate.\05:44
mate|51664Anyone there?05:47
mate|51664can ayone help?05:56
mate|51664HELP PLEASE05:59
mate|5166488 users !!! COMMON05:59
netvixtraintel gfx?06:03
mate|32899Hello. Which version of Ubuntu Mate should I install on https://www.msi.com/Laptop/U270.html#hero-specification ?07:41
ouroumov_hello mate|3289907:43
ouroumov_mate|32899, 16.04 amd64 should do it, you have the machine already?07:44
mate|32899ouroumov_: I've got it in the room.07:45
mate|32899ouroumov_: It will be for traveling usage, because of small screen.07:46
ouroumov_mate|32899, how much RAM does it have? 4GB?07:46
mate|32899ouroumov_:  8GB07:47
ouroumov_So yeah, 16.04 amd6407:47
mate|32899But is processor strong enough for 64-bit version?07:48
ouroumov_Seeing the specs says it's supposed to run Windows 8, yes07:48
ouroumov_That msi specs page is freaking useless btw07:51
ouroumov_Why can't they write the actual processor model or amount of RAM?07:51
ouroumov_If you want to collect exact specs for your machine, boot into the live session from you Ubuntu MATE USB stick then run the command "inxi -ACDSMNGI" in a terminal07:52
mate|32899ouroumov: OK, thank You.07:53
rangergordHi. I'm trying to install Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 in VBox 5.1.4 on a Windows 8 laptop. Default VM options. The installer works fine, I can even load the Try/LiveCD OS and get a high-res desktop, but if I install, this is what I get early during boot: https://i.imgur.com/EMSFDyU.png   . If I press CTRL+ALT+F1, I can switch to a terminal prompt, then I can "sudo startx" to load the desktop. How08:31
rangergorddo I fix the boot sequence?08:31
rangergordWhat I've tried: installing VMware guest additions, which should provide better graphics intergration. When I did this, the boot sequence goes further, up to the point where I have to log in. When I do this, the screen flickers, and I'm returned to the login prompt. I also can't use CTRL+ALT+F1 to go to a console anymore, I get a white screen.08:33
rangergordyeah :/08:34
ouroumov_hm, I think that login loop problem has been encountered by a few users on the forum.08:34
ouroumov_I think it had something to do with an .XAuthority file08:34
rangergordthank you, checking it out08:34
ouroumov_Problem is dude used tty1 to remove it08:35
ouroumov_Not sure how you would do the same since you can't08:35
ouroumov_Maybe boot into recovery mode?08:35
rangergordlooking that up now08:36
rangergord. /home/me/.XAuthority is indeed owned by root. But I can't change it from recoveyr mode, it says it's a ready-only FS08:38
rangergordlots of files there are owned by root. ~/.ICEAuthority, .gvfs, .dbus08:39
rangergord(last 2 are dirs, I know)08:39
rangergordah nm, found out how to remount08:39
rangergordjust wondering, why would this happen to me, and not everyone else? aren't we all using the same iso?08:39
ouroumov_rangergord, I don't know why, I was also affected a while back as I said in the thread, but I don't remember what triggered it, anyway it's rare.08:41
ouroumov_So let's remount your drive read write for starters08:41
ouroumov_Identify the drive by running df -h ~08:41
rangergordalready did it, we'll know in a sec :)08:42
ouroumov_oh, ok08:42
rangergordI have unbalanced Linux knowledge. I'm a casual user, and don't try to learn it just for the sake of it, but when I do learn something (df, chown), I remember them08:43
rangergordthis is new territory08:43
rangergordyeah I can boot now. Got error dialogs about those other root-owned files (ICEauhority), I'll chown them now08:43
ouroumov_Yeah you should08:44
ouroumov_I don't know where that ownership problem comes but it's a Pita08:44
rangergordah, dammit, I still can't access tty1, it's just a white screen. and i cant open the terminal due to .config being owned by root. I'll go back to recovery mode.08:44
ouroumov_All files in my $HOME are owned by me on the machines I have at hand08:44
rangergordouroumov: idk either. I can reproduce it 100%. I installed the OS 4 times since yesterday.08:44
rangergordhoping for a different result08:44
rangergordthe only things I did different, that others might not have done, is: a) no swap partition (gave it 2GB RAM though), b) a single / partition that takes up the whole disk08:45
rangergordmy next attempt was gonna try with swap enabled08:45
ouroumov_Why don't you use the default "erase disk and install" ?08:46
rangergordcause I think it would've assigned a few GB of swap, and I'm on a tiny SSD with limited disk space08:47
rangergordhey...you know what, I'll do it right now. Start over. At least this way we'll know if that was the reason, or if the ISO is borked08:47
rangergordI'll just click Next at every step of the installer08:47
rangergordyou'll have an ansewr in 30 mins :)08:48
ouroumov_hm but use "erase disk and install" that's not default I think08:48
rangergordI'll erase the disk then08:48
ouroumov_It would be great to know the cause for this, then we could do a bug report08:48
ouroumov_I'm not sure against what to file the bug though, the ubiquity installer?08:49
rangergordidk...but with steps gauranteed to reproduce it, someone more knowledgeable can figure it out08:50
ouroumov_I'm gonna get the iso and install in a VM myself, it might take a while though08:50
rangergordOK. One other thing I did: I went in the VM's network settings, and set the network cable to unplugged.08:50
rangergordnot saying this will matter, but just so you have the same config as me. otherwise, straightforward VM08:51
ouroumov_yeah but my version of virtualbox is not the same08:51
rangergordI'm using the latest08:52
ouroumov_current stable in 16.04.1 is 5.0.1808:52
rangergordbut it was the same on the  previous version (5.1.2), I only updated to see if it made a difference08:52
rangergordactually...I'm pretty sure I had 5.0.something a few days ago when I first did this. You might still hit the bug.08:52
rangergordtbh I don't think the VBox version will matter08:53
rangergordno, sorry, I didn't have 5.0 initially. I mean, I did, but I updated last week, before my 1st attempt to install Ubuntu MATE08:53
ouroumov_Starting VM and installing now08:55
ouroumov_oh crap I forgot to set the number of CPUs08:55
rangergordno worries, it just uses 1 by default08:56
ouroumov_I know, I don't like that default :D08:56
rangergordyou picked 64-bit, right?08:56
ouroumov_aw crap the installer is reporting BIOS problems08:57
rangergordthat's weird...VBOx is as compatible as can be08:58
rangergordyep, I got a working desktop08:59
ouroumov_I rebooted the VM and it ignored the bios problem this time, proceeding to install09:00
ouroumov_You used "erase disk and install" and got a working desktop?09:00
rangergordyes. so it could be the lack of swap in my previous attempts? But I had 2GB of RAM, and it's just an installer?09:01
ouroumov_I had to restart again, default disk size was insufficient, I'm gonna mimic your partition layout when I finally manage to install09:02
rangergordPick a 15GB disk, but make it dynamic. It'll only use however much the installer needs.09:03
rangergord(since you're only testing. fixed size disks are slightly more performant for every day use)09:03
rangergordi tend to avoid swap because I have more RAM than I can use, but little SSD disk space09:07
rangergordI'm going to eat lunch, bbl09:07
rangergordgood luck, and thank you for your help!09:08
ouroumov_have a nice lunch and so on09:08
ouroumov_rangergord, guess what: https://i.imgur.com/Mt4JTaH.png10:01
rangergordouroumov: glad you could reproduce it10:14
ouroumov_rangergord, except I don't know how to install guest additions to get past this10:15
rangergordwhy did you want to? Even when I got past it, tty1 was dead forever, remember?10:15
ouroumov_Oh right10:16
rangergordbut for the sake of completeness: CTRL+ALT+F1 to open, then sudo startx. First open a terminal and "apt-get build-essential module-assistant", then run "m-a prepare". Then in VBox click Devices > Install Guest Additions. This will auto-insert a CDRom, and prompt you to auto-run. Accept. Then when it finishes, reboot.10:17
rangergordbut once you do this, tty1 is gone, it's just a white screen10:17
rangergord(remember to reconnect the network cable before apt-get)10:18
rangergordcan I make MATE have a searchable menu, like cinammon/?10:20
ouroumov_Except I can't switch to tty1, I'm not on Windows so that key combo switch my host to tty110:20
ouroumov_Also the VM refused to release my mouse and keyboard, I had to kill it10:21
rangergordhaha, OK. Sorry then. But you got the main bug down.10:21
rangergordwhat now?10:21
ouroumov_I'm gonna try to boot to recovery see the state of xauthority10:22
ouroumov_What's the GRUB shortcut again? Esc? Shift?10:22
rangergordhold shift during boot10:22
ouroumov_I got it, esc10:22
ouroumov_Well it's esc for French layouts10:22
rangergordah, t'es francais?10:23
rangergordj'aime vraiment pas le layout de vos claviers10:23
ouroumov_Oui. :)10:23
ouroumov_Moi j'y suis habitué, mais je vois ce que tu veux dire.10:23
rangergordje suis du Quebec10:24
ouroumov_So rangergord I don't have any .Xauthority file in my $HOME10:24
rangergordare you checking root's home, or /home/someuser?10:24
ouroumov_ /home/me10:25
rangergordso you have the same problem, but no .Xauthority? huh10:25
rangergordis anything in /home/me owned by root?10:25
ouroumov_No: https://i.imgur.com/6dMRvAG.png10:26
rangergordI had a lot more files than that in my home. where's your .dbus, .ICEAuthority, etc? I have them even on my working install. Maybe they were only created when I went to tty1 and logged in normally.10:28
rangergordie first login10:28
ouroumov_I didn't actually managed to login yet10:28
rangergordtry this to get to tty110:30
ouroumov_Didn't work10:32
ouroumov_All it did is zoom on the irregularity on the left10:33
ouroumov_That happens to be the name of the machine, btw10:33
rangergordhey, do you know how i can replace the default MATE menu button (top left) with the Advanced one? I can add an Advanced Menu, but then I can't move it to the left of Applications/Places/System + quick launch bar.10:34
rahtgazrangergord: right click the normal menu and unset 'lock to panel'10:36
ouroumov_rangergord, you gotta unlock the menu from panel, so you can remove / move it10:36
rangergordah, the old menu and applications/places/system are a single item...10:37
mykey0815I have installed ubuntu-mate 15.04 on a WETEK MK808B Plus Stick (http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-support/amlogic-based-tv-players/s805/others-ab/520884-ubuntu-14-04-and-15-04-on-mk808b-plus)  - I have create a symlink from "/var/lib/backuppc" to a external UBS-Drive ("/HDD/backuppc").  "ls -l /var/lib/backuppc" brings up "lrwxrwxrwx 1 backuppc root 26 Aug 12 07:56 /var/lib/backuppc -> /HDD/backuppc". Bu10:39
ouroumov_mykey0815, Ubuntu MATE 15.04 is no longer supported.10:40
ouroumov_Please update to 16.0410:40
ouroumov_rangergord, after startx from recovery I now have .Xauthority, but it's not owned by root10:44
ouroumov_rangergord, can you file a bug report on launchpad for the first issue?10:46
rangergordouroumov: where on launchpad?10:46
ouroumov_My guess would be here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mate10:46
ouroumov_Since we don't know the package and we don't know if other flavors are affected10:47
rangergordok, will do10:47
ouroumov_Also put the link of your screenshot in the report10:48
ouroumov_I'll put my screenshot too after marking myself as affected10:48
rangergordI'll attach it, no?10:49
ouroumov_I guess that works too10:50
rahtgazShare the link here afterwards please. I've just arrived and have no idea what you are talking about :)10:50
ouroumov_rahtgaz, https://paste.debian.net/hidden/a4cecf26/10:51
rangergordwill take a little while, I gotta go through the installer to remember what the command names were10:52
ouroumov_CTRL+F1 switched to tty110:58
ouroumov_Erf, but X won't start10:59
mykey0815Is that fixed in 16.04?10:59
ouroumov_Oh wait10:59
ouroumov_Sudo startx worked10:59
mykey0815I dont know, I MK808 can use 16.0410:59
ouroumov_mykey0815, I don't know, I've never seen your problem, and I don't want to read that three-kilometers-long thread11:00
ouroumov_rahtgaz, I still have that weird graphical bug11:01
ouroumov_after reboot11:01
mykey0815My problem is, that the symlink is set and I think it works - but the "free space" on "/dev/root" (the external is /dev/sda1) is more and more decrement11:02
ouroumov_mykey0815, more and more decrement?11:04
rahtgazouroumov_: Not sure I know what's going on with that problem. To be honest, as far as VMs are concerned; I never thought much of VMBox on Windows hosts despite being great on Linux. And I don't think this is a Ubuntu-MATE problem. The VM is probably borking the installation process and resulting in that mess11:06
rangergordrahtgaz: with swap enabled, the OS installs fine. Why would VBox care what Ubuntu does with its disk and RAM?11:07
rangergordit's only when SWAP is disable that I can reproduce it11:07
rangergord(ie, no swap partition during install)11:07
rangergordI can't try it natively, because I'm traveling and all I have is my Windows laptop11:07
rangergordI can't risk a native install at this time11:08
ouroumov_rangergord, after switching to tty1 and doing "sudo systemctl restart lightdm.service" I get this: https://imgur.com/a/rqkfd11:08
ouroumov_I think I might have accidentally switched on accessibility settings during a previous boot11:09
ouroumov_Yeah that was it11:10
mykey0815ouroumov, yes. I have running backuppc as software on this stick. And when I start a backup then the files will write on the harddisk, but the result of "df" show me that the files write on "/"11:11
rahtgazrangergord: the problem is that Ubuntu installs just fine with swap disabled as a host. Hence why I am being suspicious of VBOx intentions. As a shot in the dark, have you tried with a dynamic disk?11:11
rahtgazI mean without a dynamic disk11:12
rangergordrahtgaz: I did it with both a fixed disk and a dynamic disk11:12
* rahtgaz nods11:12
ouroumov_mykey0815, when you say backuppc do you mean the Ubuntu backup utility (Déjà Dup) ?11:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1615363 in ubuntu-mate "Installing with no swap partition results in corrupted system, despite having high RAM" [Undecided,New]11:12
rangergorddid i do this right?11:13
ouroumov_rangergord, can you update the title with "virtualbox" instead of writing that in the description?11:13
ouroumov_rangergord, also specify the amount of RAM in the steps to reproduce (2GB I used, as you said)11:14
ouroumov_(And the thing about disabling network)11:14
rangergordI mentioned the network bit to make things faster, it happens regardless of network state11:15
rangergordupdated to include RAM11:15
rahtgazI can't unfortunately add my name to the affected because I have no way of reproducing this. No windows host here. But good luck11:16
ouroumov_rahtgaz, I reproduced this using Ubuntu MATE as host11:16
rangergordall done11:16
rangergordouroumov: let me know if anything's missing11:17
rahtgazOh! that's a whole new game then, ouroumov_11:17
rahtgazyou guys may be right then11:17
rahtgazI'll do it later today11:17
mykey0815ouroumov, no i mean the sourceforge software "backuppc"11:17
rahtgazin fact let me do it now11:18
rangergordrahtgaz: if you got an SSD you can reproduce it in less than 15 mins, most of it unattended :)11:19
rahtgazno ssd here. but i'm patient :)11:19
rangergordif you get a chance to get one, do it! it'll feel like you just jumped 10 years into the future, in terms of PC performance11:20
rahtgazI'll use 16.04 instead of the 01 point release, to add some flavour. Although I expect that won't matter11:20
rangergordgood idea11:20
ouroumov_rangergord, I marked myself as affected and posted a comment.11:25
ouroumov_That warrants a brew.11:27
rangergordyep. thanks again for the support11:28
ouroumov_mykey0815, maybe that's the component responsible for the problem then11:29
rahtgazit's a weird symlink, mykey0815. As is a strange path /HDD isn't GHS compliant at all11:34
mykey0815rahtgaz, when I rename from "/HDD/backuppc" to "/hdd/backuppc" that shoulb be go?11:37
rahtgazerr... why are you doing that link?11:38
mykey0815rahtgaz, the application is installed on the system via apt-get. But the root-device is a 16GB SDCard. The Datapool for my Backups should be stored on the 4TB-USB-Harddisk. So I have make the symlink via "ln -s ..."11:40
rahtgazyes, but removable devices should got to /media/yourusername/devicename11:41
mykey0815normaly the datapool directory is /var/lib/backuppc - now it should be /HDD/backkuppc11:41
rahtgazalright. I'm just guessing here. Sorry mykey0815. I just don't know that tool at all11:42
rahtgazUbuntu-MATE install really could do with a software selection screen like in the old days. the time I have to wait for it to install stuff I delete  right after boot... :p11:43
ouroumov_You mean the debian interface? x)11:44
ouroumov_That would scare off newbies11:44
rahtgazand there's also so much stuff that could be installed at a later date. like gimp and so forth...11:44
rahtgazyeah. I understand.11:45
ouroumov_I don't think GIMP is installed by default in 16.0411:45
rahtgazcan't reproduce on the 16.04 image11:52
ouroumov_rahtgaz, interesting11:52
rahtgazgot a perfect login screen. a sec11:52
ouroumov_You used the same partition layout, yeah?11:52
rahtgazyes. full primary partition on /11:53
ouroumov_no swap?11:53
ouroumov_2GB RAM?11:53
rahtgazJust collecting some more data for you guys, a sec11:54
ouroumov_rangergord, I edited name of your attachment: this is not the MATE login screen, it's probably the LightDM login11:58
rahtgaz1.7 GB RAM; no swap naturally (that's the whole point); did enable PAE/NX on the processor tab (always do);11:59
rahtgazsorry had to afk11:59
rahtgazI can share the settings file if that matters12:00
rangergordouroumov: ok, no problem12:00
ouroumov_rahtgaz, I enabled PAE but it didn't change anything12:00
rangergordI can't download 16.04 to test, I'm on a cellular connection12:01
rahtgazI haven't either change anything either other than that12:01
mykey0815rahtgaz, thanks for the important tip: the usb device is mounted automatic as /media/usb0 - I dont need a extra mountpoint (/HDD/backuppc) for it - Now it works fine12:01
rahtgazglad to help mykey081512:01
ouroumov_rahtgaz, can you comment on the bug that you can't reproduce on 16.04?12:02
ouroumov_rahtgaz, also can you check on 16.04.1 too?12:02
ouroumov_I don't have 16.04 either and I'm on a crap wifi12:02
rahtgazyes. I will. But can't download the 16.04.01. would eat through my monthly plan :(12:03
ouroumov_ah crap12:03
ouroumov_lol we don't have a decent connection among the three of us12:04
rangergordyou're not in France?12:04
rangergordoh, right, crap wifi12:04
ouroumov_I am, but I'm using a free wifi cause I'm in student housings xD12:04
rahtgazI'm in Angola. That's 170 USD for a 2GB plan. Nuts!12:05
rangergordand to think, back home, I sometimes download a movie I already have because I don't feel like getting up and copying it from the laptop12:05
rangergordrahtgaz: ouch. do you get your ISOs from a school?12:05
rangergordlike how'd you get 16.0412:06
rahtgazI'm portuguese. Just here as a volunteer. I get most of my stuff from Portugal. However I do get to 10GB on a discount some months. This isn't one of those months.12:06
rangergordrahtgaz: cool, what are you volunteering in?12:07
rangergordalso, hope you configured your browser to block ads, not auto-play videos, maybe even NoScript. Modern websites are huge.12:07
rahtgazeducation. Used to be a software developer. stopped some 5 years ago. Now I teach math and physics12:07
rahtgazrangergord: yeah. I have it all covered :)12:08
rangergordthat's nice12:08
rangergordwere people in Angola cheering for Portugal at the Euro?12:08
rahtgazsure. although with the way we played this euro, there's was much criticism too12:09
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shaunhey guys, I'm new here and to ubuntu-mate, I've been using Ubuntu for a long time and wanted to give this a try and its amazing. I've got a couple of questions, I'm so used to maximizing and minimizing windows with the Super_L and arrow keys which also promotes tiling (both vertical and horizontal), but that doesn't work (default) in ubuntu-mate. Any suggestions on how I would go about enabling that?14:03
ihorhi I'm wondering how to change the color of the mate panel14:04
shaunany ideas for tiling guys?14:17
neoackSorry but i need some help14:34
neoacki m ubuntu but no sound my driver is alc282 and i follow ubutnu process but i dont know how model with option snd-had-intel14:36
neoacknobody ?14:40
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n0b0dyhi all19:11
n0b0dyone body help me i sound trouble in ubutun my card is ALC282 , i have sound by jack but no speaker19:12
n0b0dysome help ?19:26
ouroumov_hi n0b0dy19:26
ouroumov_Have you checked the Sound preferences, hardware tab to see if you have multiple hardware outputs?19:26
n0b0dyi trouble with sound alc282 in my ubuntu 16.0419:26
n0b0dyyes i have 3 hardward. but i use internal because with jack sound is ok by this way19:27
ouroumov_Have you asked on the forums about this?19:28
n0b0dyyes in french forum ans no solution for this time19:28
ouroumov_I don't see your post: https://ubuntu-mate.community/c/multilingual/french19:30
n0b0dythis my post19:31
ouroumov_Yeah I think you should post on the Ubuntu MATE forums, in English19:32
n0b0dyhum ok i try but my level in english is bad lol il try ty19:35
ouroumov_n0b0dy, in your post provide the output of "inxi -A"19:35
n0b0dyok http://pastebin.com/B5yUM8Nd19:37
ouroumov_Also mention what you tried before19:38
CrazyDesiI posted this on the forums a little while ago, but is there any possibility anyone wants to implement a tiling window manager as an option for mate tweak?22:30

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