ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (go-away)03:16
ubottuEmeraldExplorer called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (go-away)03:18
sho__Hello. I'd like to inquire on the reason why I am banned from ubuntu channel, please?08:03
sho__Username: Kurowa08:03
=== sho__ is now known as Kurowa
Kurowaanyone here?08:06
Kurowahello? can I inquire the reason I was banned from ubuntu channel, please?08:25
ikoniawhen where you banned Kurowa08:38
Kurowa+ikonia, sorry, AFK just now. I cannot give approximate time, but right now I'm at 15.40, I think it is between 8.00 to a few minutes ago? Yesterday I can still chat fine.08:41
ikoniaI can see you join the channel earlier as sho_08:41
ikoniawhat's the actual problem08:41
KurowaI want to know the reason I am banned? To not repeat it again.08:42
ikoniayou are not banned08:42
ikoniaI saw you enter the channel earlier as the user sho_08:42
Kurowaerm... not now, previously?08:43
Kurowasorry, let me rephrase that. I want to know the reason I was banned.08:44
ikoniaI don't see you being banned08:44
ikoniaI see you joining the channel just fine08:44
Kurowahuh... really? I swear there was notification in status that said that I was banned. on the context that it happened in the past, not now. Right now I can chat just fine.  but previously I was not able to.08:49
ikoniaI don't see any record of you being banned,08:51
ikoniaif you have another nickname you use, if you share it I can check for that08:51
Kurowafione, Kurowa, sho__08:51
Kurowathat's the three I use today, I think.08:51
ikonianope, don't see anything there08:52
ikoniayou may want to consider registering a freenode account and grouping your nicknames together08:52
ikoniait will make things easier for you08:52
ikoniaahh you have an account08:52
ikoniaok, so yeah, I see nothing on you at all08:53
Kurowayes I have.08:53
Kurowaok. thanks. hope that this don't occur again.08:56
bazhang'proper version of nodejs'09:33
bazhangnever seen those two words togethere before09:34
k1lEmpyrium: hi17:42

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