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tacodhey I know it's off topic, but is there anyone in here who is a whiz with electronics engineering? I need someone to look over a schematic I just drew up and tell me if it would work03:24
tacodor I could build it but that means finding a +5v regulator.03:25
tacodwhich I know I have, just not sure where one is.03:25
tacodwhy are most of my regulators negative ._.03:28
RajRajRaj.tr :en :pl mama tata03:36
ChanSeba<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head>    <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="http://static.ct8.pl/favicon.ico" />    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />    <meta name="description" content="Żądanie odrzucone" />    <title>CT8.pl - Darmowy hosting WWW - 502 Żądanie odrzucon03:36
RajRajRaj.re :pl :en mama tata03:36
RajRajRaj.tr :pl :en mama tata03:36
ChanSeba<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head>    <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="http://static.ct8.pl/favicon.ico" />    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />    <meta name="description" content="Żądanie odrzucone" />    <title>CT8.pl - Darmowy hosting WWW - 502 Żądanie odrzucon03:36
RajRajRajChiefJustice: is it your bot03:37
Researchergood morning04:25
ResearcherHello everyone.04:26
RajRajRajResearcher: gm04:26
Researcherhi RajRajRaj04:26
Researchersup mate04:26
RajRajRajResearcher: u tell04:28
Researcherlol @ Games05:12
Researcheraaj lagta hay tum free ho05:12
Researcherhi hi tacod05:13
* Researcher makes a cup of coffee for tacod05:13
RajRajRajResearcher: haan05:13
RajRajRajtacod: hi05:13
tacodResearcher: it's 10:20PM05:19
tacodwhy do I need coffee?05:19
tacodhey RajRajRaj05:19
RajRajRajtacod: because u r not sleepy05:19
Researchertacod you wont sleep now05:19
* Researcher makes another cup of Turkish Black Coffee Al Intiqaam05:21
Researchertacod :D05:21
Researcherfor you turkish black coffee05:21
tacodResearcher: I had some coffee in California that was really strong and I had like 5 cups and had a caffeine overdose05:26
tacodI was sick like all day05:26
Researcherwb Kilos Good morning05:52
Researchertacod : lol05:52
Kiloshi Researcher and all others05:52
Researcherhi hi05:53
Researchersup Kilos05:53
Researcherdid you completed your packing05:53
Researcheretc etc05:53
Kilosjust another day05:53
Kilosno still lots of packing to do05:53
* Researcher advice Kilos to get some red roses for EX05:53
Kilosill get at the airport05:54
Researcheryeah fresh one05:54
Kilosone is enough05:54
Researcherwell yeah one from each color05:55
Kilosi dont like wasting money on stuff you cant eat05:55
Researcheryou are foodholic dude05:55
tacodKilos: what about not wasting money on stuff you can eat?05:55
Kilosthats fine05:55
Kilosbut i only buy healthy stuff05:55
tacodas in, I have a garden that is producing probably more spaghetti squash than I will be able to eat during its peak season05:56
Kilosthen you barter for other foods you dont have05:56
Researchertacod i can offer weed to exchange with fresh vegs05:57
tacodResearcher: if you were nearby I would be so down.05:59
Researcherlol tacod05:59
Researchertacod : have you ever weed  ?05:59
RajRajRajL tacod06:02
RajRajRajM Researcher06:02
Kiloshi RajRajRaj06:02
RajRajRajN ChiefJustice06:02
RajRajRajKilos: hi06:02
tacodResearcher: I sometimes have weed, but I'm currently out ._.06:06
RajRajRajtacod: hmmm06:06
tacodand the thing is, it's legal to just go into a store and buy here, but I'm broke as fuck.06:08
RajRajRajtacod: get a gf06:08
tacodRajRajRaj: yeah, as if it's that easy06:08
RajRajRajIt is06:08
RajRajRajtacod: find a gf online06:09
Researchertacod : bad bad bad boy :D weed is not good for brain growth06:23
Researcherbetween if you feel upset you can find some online chiks06:23
RajRajRajlubmil: hej09:43
lubmilRajRajRaj: cześć09:43
RajRajRajlubmil: how are you09:43
lubmil.tr :pl :en zajebiście :) a ty?09:44
ChanSebacool :) and you?09:44
RajRajRajlubmil: i m fine too thank you09:44
RajRajRajlubmil: what are u doing09:45
lubmil.tr :en :pl  what are u doing09:45
ChanSeba co robisz09:45
lubmil.tr :pl :en gram w gry09:45
ChanSebaI play games09:45
lubmil.tr :pl :en piję kawę09:45
ChanSebadrink coffee09:45
RajRajRajlubmil: nice09:45
lubmil.p Zielona Gora09:46
ChanSebaZielona Gora, PL: 17.22°C, Umiarkowany deszcz, 1017 hPa, wsch. 05:53:04, zach. 20:07:36, wiatr 0.51 m/s (274°), wilg. 94%09:46
lubmilchief śpi jeszcze09:46
RajRajRajahmed_bilal: halo10:19
ahmed_bilalhello RajRajRaj my friend10:19
RajRajRajahmed_bilal: kiddan10:19
ahmed_bilalRajRajRaj u from india10:20
Kiloshi ahmed_bilal10:20
ahmed_bilalhi kilos10:20
RajRajRajahmed_bilal: yes10:20
RajRajRajKilos: hi10:20
Kiloshi RajRajRaj10:20
ahmed_bilalKilos is that ok that i ask questions about linux/ubuntu here or not allowed here10:21
Kilosyou can ask about any linux10:21
Kilosall linux need to unite10:21
ahmed_bilalRajRajRaj u there10:22
ahmed_bilalSystem V is this about the booting the linus?10:23
ahmed_bilallubmil u there?10:28
ahmed_bilalno one here10:33
Kiloslooks like they are all busy10:34
ahmed_bilali just recently installed debian10:48
ahmed_bilalthe problem is it booting only in command line mode. do i have to install gui for it ?10:49
Kilosit should be complete10:49
Kiloslets try an ubuntu trick10:49
ahmed_bilali have debian 810:50
Kilosi think it isnt seeing your graphics card10:50
ahmed_bilalok. any fix Kilos?10:50
Kiloswhat card have you10:50
Kilosyes if you know the card and are online you can install it\10:50
Kilosyou need to know the correct driver for it10:51
Kilosim sure pavlushka and Researcher will know what to do10:52
ahmed_bilalKilos i wanna do that offline10:52
ahmed_bilalto learn10:52
Kiloswhere will you get the driver offline10:52
Kilosis it a pci card?10:53
ahmed_bilalno its built in in my laptop10:53
pavlushkaHello ahmed_bilal10:53
Kilosoh you on laptop10:53
ahmed_bilalhello pavlushka my friend10:53
Kiloshi pavlushka10:53
ahmed_bilalpavlushka can u help me in getting gui of my new debian install10:54
pavlushkaahmed_bilal: tell me from the beginning10:55
pavlushkaahmed_bilal:  after installing, you never boot into a gui mode, or you did?10:56
Kilosno it went to cli10:56
Kilosi have no debian experience10:58
Kilosbut on ubuntu after first reboot if it goes to cli it isnt seeing the graphics card10:58
pavlushkaahmed_bilal: can you paste bin the result of "sudo apt list | grep installed | grep dm"11:00
ahmed_bilalpavlushka yes from the very start it is only booting into CLI11:00
ahmed_bilali am in windows right now11:01
ahmed_bilallet me try to send u11:01
pavlushkaahmed_bilal: one more Q, how you are connected to #ubuntu-pk now?11:01
pavlushkaahmed_bilal: paste it in paste.ubuntu.com and paste me the link11:02
ahmed_bilali have two os on my laptop win 7 and debian11:02
pavlushkaahmed_bilal: so you are now on win7?11:02
ahmed_bilal also i have xchat. wh network should i connect on starting xchat?11:05
pavlushkaahmed_bilal: can you connect to the network being on debian cli? and and you install packages in debian?11:06
ahmed_bilalwell i tried $ping www.yahoo.com it didnt worked.11:06
pavlushka*can you install packages11:06
ahmed_bilalso i guess its not seeing my network either11:06
ahmed_bilallet me try to past your command output11:07
RajRajRajKilos: ai112:03
Kilosmissed the shift12:06
RajRajRajKilos: ph12:07
RajRajRajWhich shift12:07
RajRajRajKilos: u know i am going to be probably sad12:08
RajRajRajAlone from 13 sep12:08
Kilosoh my12:08
RajRajRajFor at least two month12:08
RajRajRajI will have to buy food n eat everyday12:09
Kiloswb ahmed_bilal12:09
ahmed_bilalu thee12:09
Kilosyou will get stronger RajRajRaj12:09
RajRajRajKilos: i dont know12:10
RajRajRajI hate being alone12:11
RajRajRajahmed_bilal: yes12:11
KilosRajRajRaj what do you know about debian12:14
RajRajRajI just installed it12:14
RajRajRajNot much12:14
Kilosahmed_bilal installed debian 8 but it boots to cli12:14
ahmed_bilalRajRajRaj u linux guru ?12:22
RajRajRajahmed_bilal: no12:23
RajRajRajKilos: i got graphics too12:23
ahmed_bilalthan at wh level u stand in linux bro RajRajRaj12:24
Kilosit must be battling to see the graphics card12:24
Kilosahmed_bilal when installing the graphics worked right?12:25
Kilosonly after first boot it went to cli12:25
RajRajRajahmed_bilal: middle level12:25
Kilosahmed_bilal why did you chose debian and not ubuntu or kubuntu12:26
Kilosyou can also type in /j #debian  maybe someone there knows the answer12:28
ahmed_bilalsome geek here recommend me to start with debian12:28
Kilostery this12:29
Kilospress alt+shift+F1012:29
Kiloson ubuntu it goes to settings12:30
Kilosif you were onl;y online with it then you could do apt update and upgrade12:30
ahmed_bilalon my win 7 mirc takes 3 to 4 times to connect12:32
Kilosif you dont have data cap to worry about get kubuntu here and install that in place of debian then i can maybe help you more12:38
Kilosand zaki also uses it12:39
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ahmed_bilalwhat difference fbw ubuntu and kubuntu12:56
ahmed_bilalare they both from same mother?12:56
Kilosdifferent gui12:56
ahmed_bilalany notable difference12:56
Kilosand kde is more pollished to me12:57
Kilosyes very different12:57
Kilosi wish zaki was here he has used both12:57
ahmed_bilalme done with debian12:59
Kilosnot nice to battle with a new system12:59
Kilosonce you are used to it then you can work things out12:59
ahmed_bilalbut to get used to it u have to sweat13:00
Kilosi agree. thats why i use kde13:00
Kilosmostly everything just works first time13:01
ahmed_bilalkde refer to gui?13:01
ahmed_bilalgnome x1113:01
Kilosthe gnome interface isnt as polished i think13:01
Kilosthats my personal opinion of course13:03
ChiefJusticeRajRajRaj: this bot was made by Dominiol13:07
ChiefJusticehi all13:08
Kiloshi ChiefJustice13:08
ahmed_bilalchief jstice13:09
ChiefJusticehi Kilos ^^13:09
ahmed_bilalChiefJustice u r wh country chief?13:09
ChiefJusticecountry which John Kerry forgot :P13:11
ChiefJusticelunch, afk13:14
pavlushkasorry ahmed_bilal I fell asleep :)13:15
RajRajRajChiefJustice: ok13:20
pavlushkaHello RajRajRaj !13:25
RajRajRajpavlushka: yo13:26
RajRajRajChiefJustice: so long for lunch13:26
ChiefJusticeI've finished right now.13:26
pavlushkaahmed_bilal: ping13:26
RajRajRajChiefJustice: chess13:27
RajRajRajpavlushka: play chess?13:27
ChiefJusticeRajRajRaj: not now13:27
RajRajRajChiefJustice: k13:27
ChiefJusticemy friend is going to arrive in a minute13:27
RajRajRajHow does she look :p13:28
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: used to13:28
RajRajRajpavlushka: now13:28
ChiefJusticeRajRajRaj: he's a boy13:28
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: Now I follow Einstein13:29
RajRajRajpavlushka: :/13:30
RajRajRajpavlushka: are u following him to heaven?13:30
RajRajRajHe is already there13:30
pavlushkaRajRajRaj: I wish I could :p13:30
RajRajRajpavlushka: me too :p13:31
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ahmed_bilalanyone here13:52
Kilosim here ahoneybun14:25
Kilosjust got back from sheep14:25
zmeu_te iubeste inima mea14:33
Kiloshi zmeu_14:34
zmeu_ubuntu still haz my book14:34
zmeu_i don't use anymore this distribution14:35
zmeu_crash again my battery14:37
Kiloszmeu_ have you looked at those links14:43
zmeu__connection broken14:53
zmeu__hi bro14:56
Kilosdid you look at the links i posted14:56
Kilosabout saving battery14:56
zmeu__they can't do nothing14:56
zmeu__ubuntu just drain life battery14:57
zmeu__i'm use laptop-mode-tools14:57
zmeu__but still same14:57
Kilosyou can turn things off man14:57
zmeu__only way15:00
zmeu__turn off battery15:00
zmeu__it's a real shit that15:00
zmeu__i know you love ubuntu15:00
zmeu__but accept the reality15:00
zmeu__they don't resolved this bug15:01
zmeu__old ubuntu distribution don't make that15:01
zmeu__< 1215:01
ahoneybunhey Kilos15:07
Kiloshi ahoneybun sorry i tried to message ahmed and didnt notice when i hit tab complete that he was offline15:08
Kilossee how this channel has grown15:09
Kilosfrom about three15:09
zmeu__we need too talk15:15
Kiloswb pavlushka15:15
pavlushkahaha thanks!15:17
ChanSebalubmil: smacznej kawy! :)16:08
RajRajRajlubmil: :)17:25
lubmilraj :)17:26
* lubmil oglada: Uriah Heep - Lady In Black.mp418:31
RajRajRajlubmil: how r u18:42
lubmil.tr :pl :en normalnie18:42
* ChiefJustice 18:43
RajRajRajChiefJustice: yo18:43
ChiefJusticehi again18:43
RajRajRajWhats up18:43
RajRajRajlubmil: what u doing18:43
ChiefJusticeI've got a headache and I don't know why18:43
RajRajRajlubmil: whats gram18:44
RajRajRajChiefJustice: y18:44
lubmil.tr :pl :en gram w gry: wolni farmerzy i zielone imperium18:45
ChanSebaI play games: free farmers and molehill Empire18:45
lubmilo, chiefuś się obudził18:45
RajRajRajChiefJustice: why does he keep saying that18:46
ChiefJusticeRajRajRaj: what?18:46
RajRajRajEverytime i ask him whats up he says he plays game18:46
RajRajRaj.tr :pl :en 00:15:45 <lubmil> o, chiefuś się obudził18:46
ChanSeba00:15:45 <lubmil> Oh, chiefuś woke up18:46
RajRajRajKilos: yeah weird18:47
ChiefJusticeI ain't his mama, I don't know what is he doing18:47
RajRajRajAint your mama18:47
Kilosbots pick up trigger words18:47
RajRajRajChiefJustice: may u know bettet18:47
RajRajRajThat's why i asked u18:47
RajRajRajU know what he exactly mean18:47
ChiefJusticeand I say I don't know :P18:47
ChiefJusticehe plays some games over the net18:48
RajRajRajlubmil: see18:48
RajRajRajlubmil: this is what happens18:48
ChiefJusticeI don't know which one he plays, but if he said he plays, he definitely plays :P18:48
lubmil.tr :pl :en gram w te gry co napisałem - z http://upjers.com18:51
ChanSebaI play these games that I wrote - http://upjers.com18:51
RajRajRajOmg he wrote games18:51
ChiefJusticeand what's the joke?18:51
lubmilfree farmers and molehill Empire18:52
lubmil.tr :en :pl free farmers and molehill Empire18:52
ChanSebatemat rolnicy i Zielone Imperium18:52
lubmilrolnicy ;>18:52
RajRajRajlubmil: agw of empires18:52
lubmil.tr :en :pl age of empires18:53
ChanSebaage of empires18:53
RajRajRajIts a game18:53
ChiefJusticeand it's not online game, so this can't be18:54
RajRajRajI dont know18:54
RajRajRajI never played it18:55
ChiefJusticehaven't you played any game via web browser?18:55
RajRajRajI said i have not played age of empire18:55
ChiefJusticethis is what lubmil is doing at the moment :P18:55
RajRajRajlubmil: why u always play games18:56
RajRajRajKilos: what u taking for the family with u18:56
Kilosmy heart18:56
lubmil.tr :pl :en to są jedyne gry w które gram, bo tak ogólnie nie grywam w gry lokalne wcale18:57
ChanSebathis is the only game that I play because I don't play in the local games at all18:57
RajRajRajlubmil: i also want to play18:57
RajRajRajLet me see what it has18:57
RajRajRajThat u always play it18:57
RajRajRajAnd saw that u r busy18:57
Kilosand family eirlooms18:57
RajRajRajKilos: nice19:01
RajRajRajBe careful19:01
Kilosi will ty19:01
RajRajRajKilos: send us the pics :p19:02
RajRajRajShare pics with us19:02
Kilosi will post some yes19:02
Kilosill drop links here19:02
lubmil.tr :pl :en ja ty19:21
ChanSebame and you19:21
Kilosoh RajRajRaj im going to visit family not tour hey so pics wont show much about australia19:23
RajRajRajKilos: hehe ok19:24

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