flocculantpitti: had some fun over weekend with desktop failing on xubuntu and mate, changing exec line for xubuntu.desktop fixes it temporarily here (thanks Ukikie ;)) bug 161534108:16
ubot5bug 1615341 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Yakkety desktop fails to start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161534108:16
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Rosco2Can someone with the right foo please trigger a rebuild of Ubuntu Studio live CD?11:01
Rosco2I can see other flavours have a successful build today11:01
Rosco2I tried from the iso tracker - but no workie11:01
flocculantRosco2: I did - but looking at buildlog it looks like it's got issues with gnupg1 and kactivitymanagerd11:09
Rosco2flocculant, Thankx. It has had that problem for a few days. I was hoping it sorted itself out. Will have to dig deeper11:26
Rosco2Atctually https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/yakkety/ubuntustudio does not show a rebuild in the last 17 hours11:28
flocculantRosco2: right - I'd guess it needs more than just asking to rebuild if it's not showing recent attempts11:49
flocculantnot sure why it built ok on the 19th and also failed to build on the 19th though :)11:49
flocculantthanks Laney :)13:04
Laneywhat? what did I do?13:07
Laney</fat tony>13:07
flocculantLaney: grabbed from -proposed, restored original xubuntu.desktop, booted properly here - thanks again fat tony :p16:45

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