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jonahhi can anyone help. I've upgraded to 16.04 server and most things work, but can't enable suphp - I'm not sure what happened to it but I get this error: http://pastebin.com/kDU1Rdm800:38
jonahhi does anyone know how I can install suphp in ubuntu 16.04?00:58
danrikcould someone help with this issues?01:59
samba35i have newly installed 16.04.1 server ,i am getting this message03:28
samba35a start job is running for rise for network intreface03:29
tsimonq2samba35: #ubuntu might be a better place for this :)03:30
samba35i ask same they  ask me to ask in server :)03:30
chisaim trying to block all bots (googlebot does not respect robots.txt)03:31
chisabut both of these htaccess files should work03:31
chisabut result in internal server error 50003:31
chisaam i doing something wrong?03:31
chisahalp! lol03:31
tsimonq2chisa: be patient and somebody will answer your question eventually :)03:33
tsimonq2samba35: weird...03:33
chisai am patient03:33
tsimonq2samba35: well let me do my best to help you then03:33
tsimonq2samba35: so how do you connect to the internet?03:34
chisai live on the internet so i dont need to sleep03:34
tsimonq2:D chisa03:34
chisathere was no reason for me to stay in the real world any longer03:34
chisain the real world, it didnt matter if i was there or not03:34
chisawhen i realized that, i was no longer afraid of losing my body03:34
chisaso i commited suicide03:34
chisaand here i am03:34
samba35after 5 min wait system boot but it wait for 5 mints and it work03:35
samba35i have configure this is client to dhcp03:35
tsimonq2samba35: I mean wirelessly or wired?03:36
samba35"A start job is running for raise network interfaces (2 minutes of 5 mins 16 sec)"03:36
tsimonq2I know03:36
samba35i have both interface but if i remove lan cable still i get this message03:37
tsimonq2aha, there's your problem03:37
samba35what is should do then03:37
tsimonq2so you don't NEED it to be there all the time?03:37
danrikCould someone help with this Linux openvpn issue? :04:01
DexDeadlyI just updated from 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS, when doing this to my home automation server and my emby media server nothing starts on boot now04:54
DexDeadlyI'm looking at the emby media box right now and if I look in the /etc/init.d and i see my emby-server in there however when booting it does not start04:57
ubottusystemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers For a guide to basic service management with systemd, see https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-to-manage-systemd-services-and-units04:59
tsimonq2I suspect that's the issue04:59
tsimonq2(I could be wrong)04:59
DexDeadlyis there a way when doing ls -l to only put what fits on the screen before showing more05:02
DexDeadlyanyone create anything to make the migration easier lol05:05
AzraelEnkitraffic shaping? (new at this, so sorry if I use the wrong words) I have in my local network an nfs server which is also an tftp server for network boot. I like to prioritize BOOTP traffic over NFS. What is the most helpful docs about this?07:55
Azrael_Any docs about traffic shaping?08:12
FManTropyxdoes a2ensite do anything else except create a link from sites-enabled to sites-available?08:16
Azrael_I´m new at this. I´m asking because I have an NFS server in my local network which also provides BOOTP but I want BOOTP/TFTP traffic to be a higher priority from the NFS traffic.08:21
FManTropyxwhat do I do when no mirror entry for the upgrade was found?08:29
FManTropyxI am updating sources lists anyway08:30
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FManTropyxwhy the change from Upstart to systemd?09:59
ograbecause of debian10:01
FManTropyxdo I need to do something special to receive mail and pick it up with POP3?10:27
FManTropyxI have a problem with postfix... it sends with erroneous hostname, even with mailname set correctly (I think so)10:37
tomreynto receive mail and pick it up with pop3, you need a pop3 client on the client, a pop3 server on the server, and an smtp server on the server.10:58
tomreynif postfix sends mail involving a hostname which you do not mean to use then it suggests that postfix is not configured to use the hostname you would rather use.11:00
tomreyndpending on how you configured it, the hostname postfix uses to identify itself over SMTP can be a combination of multiple elements.11:02
tomreynFManTropyx: ^ i suggest to review the available documentation, which is large, but quite good. r you could paste it to a pastebin and look for someone to go over it with you.11:03
FManTropyxeasy guess is that it does not use the set mailname for some reason, but no idea why11:07
FManTropyxwhat is the name of a POP3 server package I can use?11:08
tomreyndovecot-pop3d, courier-pop(-ssl)11:11
FManTropyxhow do I make rsync service start automatically at boot?11:40
FManTropyxthere seems to be /lib/systemd/system/rsync.service that looks acceptable and I assume the --no-detach is appropriate in there11:41
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tammy5hello everyone19:08
Langlettammy5: hi19:19
tammy5I am trying to see how I can work with some things regarding ubuntu server19:20
LangletOk cool :)19:20
tammy5how do I add my name to the daily triaging19:36
tsimonq2hey now :P19:47
tsimonq2I can add you19:48
tsimonq2tammy5: what day?19:48
UssatSo, we are (where I work) Mainly a RHEL shop when it comes to Linux, recently we have added 2 Ubuntu servers in the mix for some very specific purposes. Is there a way to buy souuport contract for Ubuntu like we do with RHEL ?19:51
tsimonq2Ussat: http://www.canonical.com/services20:02
UssatThanks, I honestly doubt we will ever need it, but ....thats what they want20:03
LostSoulMy blkid shows devices that are no longer on VM21:21
LostSoulIt shows /dev/vda and /dev/xvda where only first ones exists21:21
LostSoulWhat could have gone wrong?21:21
RoyKLostSoul: xen?21:37
FManTropyxmy email failed because "No MX or A records for" ...21:37
RoyKFManTropyx: you need an MX record for email to work correctly21:43
LostSoulRoyK: I migrated VM from XEN to KVM21:52
LostSoulAny idea why it still apears? :)21:53
RoyKI don't think there's an xvda in kvm21:53
LostSoulYeah, I don't know why blkid shows it21:54
FManTropyxthat makes no sense, because I specified the IP address to which deliver :P21:55
FManTropyxI forgot to update the old MX, but it should propagate now21:55
patdk-lapFManTropyx, ip address?22:09
patdk-lapemails work on domain names22:09
FManTropyxwhy is it not possible to send to root@
FManTropyxdo I need to have something running on my server to handle incoming mails?22:12
patdk-lapcause an ip address !=domain/host name22:12
LostSoulRoyK: got it22:12
LostSoulblkid -g ;)22:12
FManTropyxI installed postfix and did some configuring on it, but it is confusing :)22:12

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