elachecheo/ Nuage11:47
elachecheNa3iL: so! you mnaged to pass that quizz! x)11:52
Na3iLelacheche, I didn't played the stage 2 too long x)11:56
Na3iLbut I have plan for it tonight! :D11:56
elacheche:) Na3iL :) K11:57
Na3iLand you in what stage?11:57
elachecheThe last one.. It's about docker, should be easy to solve using docker-compose, but I don't master it, so I lost the 1st 50min trying to using docker-compose, then the 2nd 50min trying to figure out why I can't use the containers without compose, for the last quizz you'll get access to an other VM for 50mn (no further spoilers :p)12:02
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elachecheHey chaker wassup! There is a nice It/SysAdmin quizz that you'll like to try :D → https://redd.it/4y46zb20:09
elacheches/ chaker / crack3r20:09

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