Kilosmorning everyone05:39
dlPhreakMorning Kilos 05:45
Kiloshi dlPhreak theblazehen 05:45
dlPhreakHow are you Kilos ?05:47
Kilosok ty and you?05:47
dlPhreakQuite well thanks.05:50
ra1v3nMorning all09:00
Kiloshi ra1v3n 09:00
ra1v3nHi Kilos how are you09:00
Kilosok ty and you09:00
ra1v3nIm good10:31
ra1v3nsorry I was cleaning 10:31
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Kilospaddatrapper you here lad12:55
paddatrapperKilos: I am13:04
Kilosdid you also get 11 emails about ibid13:05
Kilosor do you see things on github thing13:05
Kilosseems the weed spent some time there13:05
inetprouh oh?13:33
inetprogood mornings13:33
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paddatrapperKilos: yes I did. I've read them, but I haven't addressed them yet13:43
Kilosno prob paddatrapper 14:25
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Kilospaddatrapper you ever get bored16:10
Kilos#kubuntu-devel could always use more testers and helpers16:11
Kilosoh sorry i forgot its study time16:14
arts1Kilos, testers?16:15
Kilosyes for kubuntu 16.04 and 16.10 i think16:16
arts1for the Kubuntu team?16:16
Kilosif i had uncapped i would test and reports bugs16:16
pavlushkaahoy ZA!16:47
Kiloso/ pavlushka 16:47
pavlushkao/ Kilos 16:49
Kilosohi thatgraemeguy 17:10
Kilosstandby again?17:10
Kilosor gaming17:11
* superfly could really do with a good night's sleep17:28
Kiloseish superfly 17:28
superflyMaaz: tell kulele88 yes, I am. I'll still be around on IRC, but I'll be 9 hours behind you17:28
Maazsuperfly: I don't know who kulele88 is. Say 'kulele88 on freenode' and I'll take your word that kulele88 exists17:28
Maazsuperfly: By the way, magespawn on freenode told me "tell superfly i just read the blog post, don't know how i can help but just say the word and we will do what we can" 18 hours, 32 minutes and 6 seconds ago17:28
superflyMaaz: tell kulelu88 yes, I am. I'll still be around on IRC, but I'll be 9 hours behind you17:29
Maazsuperfly: Sure, I'll tell kulelu88 on freenode17:29
superflyMaaz: tell magespawn are you in joburg yet? I will need a place to crash for a week in November/December17:33
Maazsuperfly: Sure, I'll tell magespawn on freenode17:33
paddatrappertheblazehen94: You around?17:36
superflyohi paddatrapper17:43
paddatrapperhey superfly 17:45
superflypaddatrapper: you ok?17:58
paddatrappersuperfly: Yeah, just snowed under with varsity work. Having been away for 2 weekends in a row has made it pile up...18:03
superflyI can imagine18:03
paddatrapperHow's the moving going?18:04
tumbleweedpaddatrapper: I finally looked at your thing \o/ (sorry it took so long)18:07
tumbleweedI was impressed how little work that took (but also haven't actually tried it)18:07
paddatrappertumbleweed: No worries :) I saw your comments, but will probably ony be able to deal with them next week18:07
tumbleweedcool. Please beat me up if I don't respond18:08
paddatrapperI mimicked the Google one. The only issue is that it only checks the DDG instant answers because they legally cannot provide an API to their other results18:08
tumbleweedfair enough18:08
paddatrappermeans that for complex queries there are usually no results, which is sad18:08
paddatrappersuperfly, tumbleweed: do either of you know how to fix an apt error apt-listchanges: APT_HOOK_INFO_FD environment variable is not corrently defined?18:10
tumbleweednever seen that18:10
tumbleweedhow are you running apt? in a normal shell?18:11
paddatrappernormal shell - apt upgrade18:11
tumbleweedsounds like an apt-listchanges bug18:12
tumbleweedI see there's a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-listchanges/+bug/161419118:12
paddatrapperAPT_HOOK_INFO_FD=3 sudo apt upgrade doesn't help either18:13
tumbleweedI see this in the apt-listchanges changelog:18:13
tumbleweed   * Move the code responsible for reading apt pipeline to new ALCApt module,18:14
tumbleweed     refactor it, and add support for reading from file descriptor given in18:14
tumbleweed     $APT_HOOK_INFO_FD instead of stdin.  This requires InfoFD option to be18:14
tumbleweed     set in the apt configuration file.18:14
SEpticevening boys18:14
paddatrapperhey SEptic 18:14
SEptichi paddatrapper18:14
paddatrappertumbleweed: Thanks, I'll have a look at the config then18:15
tumbleweedpaddatrapper: xenial, I presume?18:15
* tumbleweed tries to reproduce it18:16
paddatrappertumbleweed: Debian sid18:17
superflypaddatrapper: it's going, mostly just doing things like sorting out financial stuff, trying to sort through stuff in the house (what goes with, what is sold, what is donated and what is thrown away)18:18
paddatrappertumbleweed: Updating the config fixed it. DPkg::Tools::Options::/usr/bin/apt-listchanges::InfoFD "20";18:19
paddatrapperin 20listchanges config18:19
paddatrappersuperfly: Lots of work... Eish18:19
superflypaddatrapper: indeed18:19
superflypaddatrapper: the mrs has been doing most of the house sorting, I've been doing most of the admin wrangling18:20
superflybut I've also been struggling to sleep18:20
tumbleweedpaddatrapper: there is also this in the changelog18:21
tumbleweed  - The way apt-listchanges cooperates with apt was slightly changed; please18:21
tumbleweed    make sure to accept the new version of `/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20listchanges'18:21
tumbleweed    configuration file in case dpkg prompts about the file.18:21
tumbleweederr in NEWS18:21
tumbleweeddid you do that?18:21
tumbleweedI jsut upgraded to apt-listchanges 3.3, it updated 20listchanges, and it continude to work perfectly18:22
paddatrappertumbleweed: yup. That's what I did. 18:26
* paddatrapper should really look at change logs18:26
tumbleweedno, it should have done it itself18:26
tumbleweedyou shouldn't have had to do anything18:26
paddatrapperIt saved it as .dpkg-new instead of updating it18:27
tumbleweedhrm, did you configure dpkg to not update config files?18:27
paddatrapperNope... Or at least I haven't changed it from the default 18:29
* superfly hasn't actually updated his netbook in ages18:29
tumbleweedsomething has18:29
tumbleweedthis should have happened:18:30
tumbleweedSetting up apt-listchanges (3.3) ...18:30
tumbleweedInstalling new version of config file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20listchanges ...18:30
paddatrapperthe first time it did throw that error mid apt upgrade18:31
paddatrapperI'll check my dpkg config18:31
paddatrapperNothing in there disabling it18:32
nlsthzno/ uncle Kilos and all18:44
Kiloshi nlsthzn how are you lad?18:44
nlsthznfine thanks and yourself uncle Kilos ?18:44
Kilosim ok ty. flying to aus in 9 days18:45
nlsthznvisit long time in the coming yes?18:47
Kilosyip 6 years18:48
Kilosbut gonna make the most of every second18:48
Kiloshows the family nlsthzn 18:48
nlsthzndaughter back from SA, school starting soon.  Wife is fine, baby bear strong on his way to the terrible two's :p 18:50
nlsthznwow, 6 years18:50
nlsthznman time flies18:50
nlsthznwell enjoy it uncle Kilos , spank a couple of wallabies while you are there19:00
Kiloslol ty lad, will do19:01
Kilosmaybe eat some roo steaks as well19:01
nlsthznif not why not19:11
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:26
kulelu88Maaz: tell superfly Don't worry, I'll be around to catch you most days :D20:07
Maazkulelu88: Righto, I'll tell superfly on freenode20:07

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