GEEMacreisio, Not sure what you mean.  I ran it from the nividia settings in system tools/admin00:00
GEEMac]Sorry my rensponces are a bit slow my hands are messed up so I type slow with the usual typos...00:01
ikoniaI think the wrong planet play time is over now that they have been beaten, I guess things can return to normal, sorry for the noise00:01
reisioGEEMac: and you got the res you wanted and saved a copy of the configuration to /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?00:02
GEEMacPlus I havent gotten to making the font size larger yet for this TV.00:02
GEEMacreisio,  apparently it saved to the xorg.conf, just not reading it on boot00:03
reisioGEEMac: like before X starts?00:03
GEEMacreisio, the pastebin is what I have here00:03
reisiodoesn't answer my question00:04
GEEMacreisio,  not sure what you mean before x starts.00:05
GEEMaclet me look at the conf again]00:05
reisioGEEMac: is the problem only before you login to Unity?00:05
owen1i used unetbootin on 15.10 to create installation of 16.04 but i see 'syslinux 6.03 edd boot error'. google lead me to some interesting results about incompatibilities but i didn't understand them. can someone explain how to create a bootable usb for 16.04? thanks!00:05
owen1btw, the target laptop is older that my current one in case it matters.00:06
GEEMacreisio,  all is well until it shows the desktop then it goes to 720p instead of 1080i00:06
reisioGEEMac: how exactly do you tell it's at 1080p before the desktop is there?00:07
GEEMacreisio,  I would take a guess that it is booting in 720 from the start right to the main desktop00:07
reisioowen1: could just use dd instead of unetbootin, you need only be careful00:07
GEEMacreisio,  that is where I have to go to the term to do the xrandr00:08
reisioGEEMac: kay...00:08
reisioGEEMac: a simple hack would be to put your xrandr line in your autostart stuff00:08
owen1reisio: i have no idea what dd means but yeah i heard it's scary. i prefer to stay away from scary things (:00:08
GEEMacCrazy thing is that I did not have that issue with 14.04 until I did the upgrade from the pop-up and it went down hill from there so I just did a clean install of 16.04.00:09
GEEMacreisio, where sould I find the auto start script to place that in? And why all of a sudden is 16.04 doing this? a Bug?00:10
GEEMacI was good from 12.x to 14.0400:11
reisioowen1: it's no scary, it's just a tool that can be improperly used00:12
GEEMacreisio, I'm completely lost with adding a script to auto start.00:12
reisioGEEMac: all of a sudden? It used to work with 16.04?00:12
GEEMacreisio, never worked here since I did the 16.04 upgrade to the fresh install.  Alll was working fine with 14.04.00:13
GEEMacI hate to have to go backwards.00:13
reisiookay, so the answer to that is: you upgraded, and nvidia prefers crappy proprietary drivers00:14
reisiowhat's the graphics device?00:14
GEEMacreisio,  old Nivida 7050.  Crazy thing is that it will boot to 1080 in VGA mode but not HDMI.00:15
GEEMacreisio, Apparently 16.04 does not support older graphics without forcing the res.00:15
reisioGEEMac: newer you mean?...00:16
GEEMacreisio,  The TV is talking to the computer.  it reports the res when you do a xrandr in either VGA or HDMI00:17
GEEMacreisio, Nivida 7050 is an old series.  It is built into the MB00:18
reisioGEEMac: do you recall what driver version you were using with 14?00:18
Megalexwhen you see ip addresses and they have /8 /24 after it, what does that number represent?00:18
reisioMegalex: http://networkengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/3697/the-slash-after-an-ip-address-cidr-notation00:19
GEEMacreisio,  Now if the Raspbery Pi 3 I have here would run Netflix and other protected formats I woould have ditched this old comp.  I use Kodi here and the main purpose is this is my HTPC for the TV.00:19
GEEMacreisio, Same driver as I am using now.  304.x tested version00:20
reisioGEEMac: same xorg.conf?00:20
GEEMacreisio,  Apparently  16.04 has an issue remembering or reading the saved settings.00:20
reisioI doubt it00:21
reisioGEEMac: same xorg.conf?00:21
GEEMacreisio,  No sadly when I upgraded I never thought of saving the xorg.conf. so 16.04 trashed it00:21
owen1reisio: so dd can replace unetbootin and also solve the 'syslinux 6.03 edd boot error'?00:22
reisioyou might try using nvidia's .run installer, instead of Ubuntu's builtin00:22
reisioowen1: I'd definitely give it a try00:22
reisioowen1: the syntax is like so: sudo dd if=/path/to/install/image of=/dev/foo# (where the value of 'of=' should, importantly, not be incorrect)00:22
reisioyou can get it from sudo lsblk -f00:23
reisioand other ways00:23
owen1reisio: sweet00:23
reisiodd also produces no output during copy except in very recent versions, so if you want to see that you can open _another_ term, run 'while true; do kill -USR1 $(pgrep -x dd); sleep 10s; done' and then _look at the original term_00:24
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GEEMacreisio,  the main problem is that Nivida configured the res properly, just 16.04 is not reading it or finding the xorg.conf.  Did you see the pastebin of the file?  1920x1080 is there .  I keep reading in all the old posts is that Ubuntu doeas not read the xorg.conf anymore. There is nothing new on this issue even setting Google to past year in the search.  all old stuff00:25
owen1reisio: very nice. i'll try it00:25
reisioGEEMac: it does, if it's present00:25
reisioit merely doesn't ordinarily _require_ it anymore00:26
GEEMacThere was a way some time ago to add the xrandr statement to rc. something.  I can't find that anymore.00:26
reisioyou'd want to add it to Unity's/GNOME's autostart00:26
GEEMacreisio,   I guess that should have been left alone.  If it is not brok don't fix it (or replace it with something not documented)00:27
owen1reisio: i see the mounting point of the usb stick - /media/usb00:27
owen1i also see sdc100:28
owen1and it's a vfat.00:28
GEEMacreisio,  I'll check that out.  If all else fails, back to 14.0400:28
owen1reisio: does this looks fine? sudo dd if=/home/owen/ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/media/usb00:29
reisioGEEMac: no :p00:29
reisioowen1: no, that looks like a mount point00:30
reisioowen1: run 'mount | egrep -i '\/media\/usb'00:30
hispeed67what's a good video card that's cheap?00:30
reisioowen1: to the left of '/media/usb' you will see the actual /dev/foo# path, which is what you want for of=00:30
reisiohispeed67: onboard intel00:30
owen1reisio: lsblk -f show me sdc and under it sdc100:31
owen1is that what you mean?00:31
GEEMacreisio,  so apparently there is no fix for this situation without a work around.  I even found one post stating it as a bug that when booting it does not read the graphics settings and boots to default.00:31
hispeed67:( no onboard video on my motherboard00:31
reisioGEEMac: quit unlikely, but there's always a fix even so00:31
reisiohispeed67: go to newegg.com, go to graphics cards, buy cheapest one00:31
owen1reisio: i see /dev/sdc100:31
owen1reisio: /dev/sdc1 on /media/usb type vfat00:31
reisioof=/dev/sdc1 then00:32
hispeed67but nvidia doesn't work with wayland, right?00:32
owen1reisio: sweet!00:32
reisioowen1: but unmount it first00:32
owen1reisio: oh00:32
reisiohispeed67: the drivers? Dunno00:32
GEEMacreisio, Guess I'll keep an eye out for a fix, hopefully within the next few months since 16.04 is too new to have any posts.00:33
hispeed67ive got an ati 2G card, but seems like it isn't 'mainstream' in ubuntu 16.0400:33
reisioGEEMac: try moving /etc/X11/xorg.conf elsewhere, then rebooting00:34
GEEMacreisio,  Guess I can try that.  I'm goin to ry the startup first and see what it does then I'll make the move, actually just rename the file.00:36
GEEMacgoing to try this startup file00:37
owen1reisio: do i need to delete the content of the usb before i start with dd?00:37
reisioowen1: no, but you need to not want that content back :p00:41
owen1reisio: good. because from some reason the content there became readonly. running dd now.00:41
reisioowen1: you shouldn't be seeing any content, if it's not mounted00:42
owen1reisio: btw, the foor loop is showing '00:42
owen1bash: kill: (31504) - Operation not permitted00:42
reisioowen1: make it sudo kill, then00:42
reisioneeds to be the same user/perms00:42
Bashing-omgrubles: Back,  sorry for the delau . Automobile overheating and taking a priority . Real live intruding . Now where are we ?00:50
GEEMac reisio, Stll no go.  Added the xrandr -s 1920x1080 line to the startup.  I'm thinking that there is something missing though like having the startup looking for a script to call the xrandr statement.  There is no "open in terminal" in the auto start or that would have run.00:55
GEEMacreisio, I'm going to open a bug report or add to the one already there if it pertains to this situation.00:57
reisioGEEMac: did you try moving the file?00:59
owen1reisio: no i see 'isolinux.bin missing or corrupt'00:59
reisioowen1: pardon?01:00
owen1reisio: dd was completed. i insert the stick into my older laptop and see this message01:00
owen1maybe checksum?01:00
reisioyou should check the sum, yeah01:00
owen1reisio: do u have a link to the md5?01:01
owen1it's 16.06 desktop01:01
reisio16.04, 16.04.1?01:02
reisiox86? amd64?01:02
owen1i run md5sum ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso -> 16a26716b0b4729e10ce5a0e3a3efbb701:03
reisiok, then it's wrong01:04
owen1reisio: ok. downloading again. thanks. and now i know how to use dd!01:04
GEEMacrei working on that now  I'm just going to rename it so if it blows up I can fix it at the log in term withinb nano01:06
GEEMacbrb again01:06
Bashing-omUsed to be a tremendous amount of effort was put into https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PopularPages to keep it current . I do not know if that effort continues .01:08
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YankDownUnderBashing-om: There is a link at the bottom for "contribution"...01:14
Bashing-omYankDownUnder: :) .. Though a good thing . I did post ^ in the wrong window . In the formative times I was quite active in making it happen .01:16
YankDownUnderBashing-om: "Been there done that" - a time ago - Mandrake/Mandrive + RH & Fedora..."back in the day"...01:17
Bashing-omYankDownUnder: We do our good deeds !01:19
YankDownUnder...with not even a donut or a coffee... :)01:20
Bashing-omBut look at all the cookies !01:20
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danrikcould someone help me to troubleshoot why I cant use mullvad vpn?01:37
danrikI download zip from mullvad, extract and import mullvad_linux.conf.01:38
danrikthen I click on "vpn" in network manager -> lock icon appears but when i open a browser -> I cant get to any site.01:40
Bashing-omgrubles: Status ?01:45
danrikping. could someone help with vpn?01:47
danrikpretty plz.01:47
GEEMacreisio, Strange that the xorg.conf file was renamed.  I renamed it to xorg.conf and no go.  Strangely I also added a couple programs to the startup and 16.04 does not read them either.  I looked in the .config/autostart folder and with the hidden files set to unhide it was empty.  Looks as if there are a few nast bugs in 16.0401:58
Bashing-omGEEMac: Have no kept up with your issue(s) ,, hybrid graphics at play here ?02:01
GEEMacnope nothing changed since 14.04 After the upgrade to 16.04 it went all down hill for the screen resolution of 1080P  I have to xrandr every time I log in to fix the resolution.  I tried placing xrandr in the startup, a linein Lightdm.conf, a file in .config/autostart etc etc etc02:04
Bashing-omGEEMac: Verified that the proper graphic's driver is loaded - as an obvious thing ?02:05
GEEMacBashing-om, Apparently there are some nasty bugs in 16.04.  One that I just found is thatg when booting it does not read and start the items in autostart.  Nothing in the .config/autostart folder.   Also apparently they took out start in terminal mode opt too.  But my main issue here is I can't keep my resolution at 1920x1080 atreboot02:06
GEEMacSame graphics drivers as in 14.04 where I did not have any issues.02:07
GEEMacSame exact system  with the old onboard Nividia 7050 chipset.  I am guessing 16.04 is not reading the xorg.conf file as stated many times that they don't use it anymore.02:08
Bashing-omGEEMac: And a driver is loaded ? ' sudo lshw -C display ' in the configuration line - driver= ??? .02:09
GEEMacXrandr is the only way now and there is no way to save the resolution or get 16.04 to read any autostart/startup files with the line in it.02:09
GEEMacI have been at this since 1500 EST and no joy here.  Looks as if I am going back to 14.04.02:10
Bashing-omGEEMac: I have no 16.04 experience, can not help in that department .02:10
GEEMacApparently this is what I am finding out so far with most.   I will post a few bug reports tomorrow. One being there is no saving screen resolution with out a work around that does not work anyway and also the application startup is broken since it does not save anything either.  I added a couple programs via "Add" and when rebooting nothing started up.02:13
vlabhave a fresh install of ubuntu server vm on hyper-v in windows. update, dist-upgrade, autoremove, autoclean. install openssh-server. used bitvisessh on windows to ssh into ubuntu server vm. enabled X11 forwarding. checked sshd_config and x11 forwarding is enabled02:13
vlabtyping in xclock in the terminal says "Error: Can't open display: localhost:10.0"02:14
GEEMacApparently someone took out the option to open in terminal which would have then worked for xrandr -s 1920x108002:14
GEEMacI Thank all that have been trying to help, but 16.04 is broken in many ways.02:15
GEEMacnot quite as bad as 10.x  was but close.02:15
Bashing-omGEEMac: Well, you have the right of it . can not get any joy here with problem resolution - next thing is file a bug report and get the big boy's attention.02:16
GEEMacThe release is too new for anyone to have any real experience with it to help out without using Google as I have been all day here.02:16
GEEMacToo bad the Devs don't mon itor the IRC.  It would save a bit of time.02:17
GEEMacWell anyway... Thanks to all that tried.  If no resolution here, back to 14.04 that worked on this computer.  Take care all .02:18
vogelfreihi, i'd like to know how do i change the foreground color permanently in the tty, not xterm.02:27
GEEMacJust a quick update before I call it a night here. (FL / US )  I got the system to read the xorg.conf file and after the resolution was 1080P it reverted back to 720P before the desktop came up.  I can tell by my TVs screen res indicator.  Man what a mess...02:37
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GEEMacagain, Night All and thanks...02:38
vlabhad to install xming02:45
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QwertieHow do I install bindsym? I cant find any package for it in the repos03:07
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rypervencheQwertie: Where are you seeing "bindsym"?03:10
rypervencheQwertie: Only reference that I see to that is in i3 configs.03:10
Qwertierymate1234: on guides for setting up shortcuts on i303:10
go-awayany girlz here?03:10
go-awayi'm, like, so fuckin' horny right now03:10
Qwertieoh, is that for configs and not basg03:10
OerHeks!ot | go-away03:11
ubottugo-away: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:11
cfhowlettgo-away, be gone.  wrong channel.  grow up.03:11
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:11
RarrikinsQwertie: Yeah, it looks like something for i3 configuration files.03:11
QwertieRarrikins: Yep, That seems to be it03:11
EmeraldExplorerFor my first course in AI, which one of these do you think would be best? https://www.udacity.com/course/intro-to-machine-learning--ud120 https://www.udacity.com/course/intro-to-artificial-intelligence--cs271 https://www.udacity.com/course/artificial-intelligence-for-robotics--cs37303:15
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go-awaydont tell the ops to go-aaway03:16
cfhowlettEmeraldExplorer, please ask in #ubuntu-offtopic03:16
EmeraldExplorercfhowlett: OK, wasn't really sure where to ask it so I just chose here :p03:16
daxDo not send people looking for sex to #ubuntu-offtopic, that channel abides by !guidelines too. kthx.03:19
cfhowlett?  no one sent the sex to ubuntu-offtopic03:19
roygbivno one was sent there for sex03:19
daxI guess my scrollback just makes things up then.03:20
cfhowlett<cfhowlett> EmeraldExplorer, please ask in #ubuntu-offtopic03:20
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daxi do occasionally notice problems with people who aren't you, cfhowlett03:21
cfhowlett:)  ouch ...03:21
daxanyway, back to supportland03:21
ddoobbHi guys is it OK to ask for help here?03:23
cfhowlettddoobb, please do03:24
ddoobbI've been getting this error message withing an hour or so of booting up after which my wifi doesn't work unless I restart. Here's the message "Connection activation failed. (2)Active connection removed before it was initialized"03:25
samba35i have newly installed 16.04.1 server ,i am getting this message03:28
cfhowlettsamba35, might want to ask #ubuntu-server for server help03:28
samba35a start job is running for rise for network intreface03:28
samba35but one of my freind has l laptop and he is also facing same issuse with desktop ubuntu03:31
cfhowlettsamba35, what exactly is the error msg??03:31
samba35"A start job is running for raise network interfaces (2 minutes of 5 mins 1 sec)"03:38
cfhowlettsamba35, vpn??  AWS?03:39
samba35regular lan03:39
cfhowlettsamba35, networking is way outside my area but I googled "A start job is running for raise network interfaces" + ubuntu.  many hits.03:40
cfhowlettdirect fix seems to be:  https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2323253&s=56db44234fca87ce0d76d0e375fa6014&p=13511349#post1351134903:41
samba35yes i did googleing also but still not fix soulastion03:41
chisaim trying to block all bots (googlebot does not respect robots.txt)03:43
chisaand both of these htaccess files should work03:43
chisabut both result in internal server error 50003:43
chisaam i doing something wrong?03:43
chisahalp! lol03:43
Rarrikinschisa: Please don't use the Enter key as punctuation. The actual Googlebot does respect robots.txt, but any bot can falsely claim to be Googlebot.03:44
Rarrikinschisa: I'm not really familiar with how to block bots, but I notice that, near the bottom of your files, you have two lines for ZyBorg. One of them seems incorrect and unnecessary.03:47
Pinkamena_Dcan anyone recommend a device to capture audio and video from composite (red/white/yellow) video to ubuntu? Either a card or USB device.03:48
chisawhich is wrong?03:49
chisaand on which file 1 or 2?03:49
Rarrikinschisa: Both.03:49
Rarrikinschisa: Also, according to http://www.auburn.edu/docs/apache/mod/mod_browser.html, you need to surround the user agents with quotes.03:49
lordcirthPinkamena_D, that is normally called a Video Capture Card03:49
cfhowlettPinkamena_D, would that also be called analog video?03:50
Pinkamena_Dyes, non-HD analog03:50
Rarrikinschisa: At least, you need to if there are spaces involved.03:50
Pinkamena_DI just wanted a recommendation of the video capture device which is well supported in ubuntu, possibly one that one of you has tried?03:50
cfhowlettPinkamena_D, https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Video_capture_card03:53
silv3r_m00nhi there, i have a strange problem on my pc03:54
silv3r_m00nwhen i start my kubuntu pc in morning, the time is , the time i shutdown last night03:54
silv3r_m00nafter about 5 minutes it sets the right time from internet03:54
silv3r_m00nwhy is this happening03:55
Rarrikinssilv3r_m00n: Your CMOS battery on your motherboard might be dead.03:55
owen1i am trying to use unetbootin but i can't see my usb drive in the dropdown. lsblk -f show me 'name:sdc1 fstype:iso9660 mountpoint /media/owen/Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS amd64'  any ideas?03:55
Rarrikinssilv3r_m00n: After a short time, the system will ask a server on the Internet for what time it is in case the computer's clock is off.03:56
owen1reisio: even after using the correct iso file (checksumed) and using dd i see: 'isolinux.bin missing or corrupt' ):03:56
cfhowlettsilv3r_m00n, did you shutdown or merely suspend?03:56
silv3r_m00nRarrikins: but i changed the cmos battery just 15 days ago after having lot of time problem03:56
silv3r_m00ncfhowlett: shutdown/switchoff after dinner03:56
silv3r_m00nthen on after breakfast03:56
danrikis there a channel for Linux help?04:00
lordcirthI have not always found ##linux very helpful, though...04:00
Rarrikinsdanrik: Also, this channel does help with generic Linux stuff that applies within Ubuntu.04:00
danriklordcirth, thx. Im looking for some help with this issue:04:01
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lordcirthThat sounds painful to debug.04:03
MannyLNJQuestion: How do I assign multple host names to one Ubuntu system?04:19
rypervencheMannyLNJ: You can't have multiple hostnames assigned to the machine, but you can have multiple hosts resolve to your machine's IP address(es). Locally it can be done in the /etc/hosts file.04:22
MannyLNJrypervenche, thanks04:22
studentofarkadit worked! finally registered :D04:24
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MannyLNJTrying to setup DNSMASQ per guide at http://blogging.dragon.org.uk/howto-setup-dnsmasq-as-dns-dhcp/ dnsmasq won't start says address is in use. How can I tell what DHCP service I am using and stop it?04:42
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ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:07
MannyLNJHow can I tell what DHCP and DNS server I have installed?05:11
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: ' cat /etc/resolv.conf ' may give a strong hint .05:17
MannyLNJBashing-om, it does not give me any idea http://pastebin.com/X9DQTy6M05:19
MannyLNJBashing-om, I am trying to get my system to use dnsmasq but it won't start because it thinks there is another service using the port05:23
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: Lots I do not know about routing . But the local loop ( for DNS ?/05:27
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: Mine : http://termbin.com/z0k3 where is my router handing out DHCP .05:28
MannyLNJBashing-om, If I can get dnsmasq to start it will assign DHCP but it won't start because it thinks something else is using the port05:29
RarrikinsMannyLNJ: To see DNS servers running, try sudo netstat -pnltu | fgrep ':53 '05:30
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: Sorry, just do not know in this instance .05:30
MannyLNJRarrikins, and Bashing-om thanks. Rarrikins dnsmasq appears to be running althought when I do service dnsmasq status  it says not running05:32
GrorcoHey I wrote a script to start up pycharm then move it using wmctrl to a different workspace, but it's not working. I think that it has to do with pycharm using a loading screen before the main screen pops up but I'm not sure.05:34
RarrikinsMannyLNJ: I think for DHCP, you'd use sudo netstat -pnlu | fgrep ':67 '05:34
Grorcohttps://paste.pound-python.org/show/DVltJbqcziQ3mD2gS99H/ this is the script can someone take a look at it and let me know if something seems off05:34
pestsI have kubuntu installed. How do I switch to a different window manager? I have it installed, just don't know how to use it. On unbutu I remember there being a selection on the login window but I cant find it.05:35
MannyLNJRarrikins, dnsmasq should serve IP address as well as DNS Here is the pastebin http://pastebin.com/F1JXD9rc05:35
cfhowlettpests, logout.  click on the gear icon.  select alternate.  login05:36
RarrikinsMannyLNJ: I'm not sure why `service` is inaccurate. Sometimes it loses track of things, though.05:37
Grorcothe option on the start screen is for de not wm if there isn't another de I don't think it will appear05:38
GrorcoI use dconf to change mine in mate05:38
pestsUgh sorry. Whoever answered me can you pasted what you said? Disconnected and didnt see it all.05:40
dustwhy arent all available?05:41
pestsOr public log link I can look it up?05:41
cfhowlettdust, ??? exactly what is your question now?05:41
dustkaldi is for example not in the repo05:41
pestsI cant find the way to switch window managers in kubuntu.05:42
Grorcopests, the options on the login screen are for different desktop enviroments ubuntu/ lubuntu ect... I use dconf in mate and you could/ may need to manually start it at start up05:42
pestsI got to the part of clicking the gear icon. Is it susposed to be there? I didnt see it if so.05:42
cfhowlettdust, many packages are not in the repos.  Kaldi is available from kaldi-asr.org05:42
pestsGrorco: Well, I'm trying to install awesome. I have it installed but what would I need to do to switch to it?05:43
cfhowlettdust, http://kaldi-asr.org/doc/install.html05:43
dustcfhowlett, and for what is the package system? that ppl need to search and install manually? incl keep it manully uptodate?05:43
dustyes i know05:43
Grorcopest, do you have dconf editor? it would be under apps/ system tools05:44
owen1i am trying to use unetbootin but i can't see my usb drive in the dropdown. lsblk -f show me 'name:sdc1 fstype:iso9660 mountpoint /media/owen/Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS amd64'  any ideas?05:44
cfhowlettdust, you asked how to install kaldi.  you have a link telling you exactly how to install kaldi.  for further support on kaldi, please consult the kaldi resources.  note that kaldi is NOT an ubuntu product so support for it here will be limited or non-existent.05:44
dustcfhowlett, no... i said that not all are available from the wikipedia link... kaldi is just an example... so the question is why such important stuff like voice input isnt well supported05:46
diverdudeHello. what is the normal way to use mesus? To have all machines initially boot via network and download a full OS like ubuntu with vagrant installed, which then inside vagrant runs X virtual machines (VMs) on that node with X docker instances in each VM, and mesos inside each VM? Or is mesos typycally run directly on the foundation OS? Or something else?05:46
pestsI figured it out. Aa bug that prevent it from being displayed in the list or whatever. I dont know if its a long term fix though,05:50
pestsI had to put NoDisplay=true but I had to go through Openbox? to load it.05:50
Grorcopests, I think you are making this way harder than it should be lol openbox is a de/ and wm05:52
Grorcopests, open a terminal and type dconf-editor05:53
Grorcoit'll open a window with list on the side05:53
zacwallsWhat exactly does apt-get update do?05:54
zacwallsI think I know but not 100%05:54
Grorcoit should be under org/lubuntu/desktop/session/05:54
cfhowlettzacwalls, open your terminal: man apt-get update05:54
zacwallscfhowlett: I am actually running arch, I just wanted to know. Pretty sure it just updates the package list for apt?05:55
Grorcoyou will see required components click it. on the right you will see your window manager, click the text and type in your new one. log out and in and it should be good05:55
cfhowlettzacwalls, yes05:55
zacwallsWow first time I've ever guessed something to do with linux and I was right....05:56
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swenssoncan I reach files in trash from terminal?06:52
Rarrikinsswensson: ~/.local/share/Trash (note that this might not exist if the trash is emptied).06:55
Netekhi all, I have made new installation of Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop but when I am loading Ubuntu it is telling me errors happened, but now I cannot find what the problem was.  Is there a log or something I can check?07:18
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YankDownUnderNetek: You can use (in a terminal): sudo dmesg | more => and as well, check out the logs in /var/log/07:19
MannyLNJHaving a problem with postfix now. Using the guide at  http://www.binarytides.com/install-postfix-dovecot-debian/  I have an error with the postmap /etc/postfix/virtual_mailbox_domains command http://pastebin.com/pL407PYs  help is appreciated07:20
NetekYankDownUnder I was looking inside /var/log but cannot see any errors07:20
NetekNo errors are showing with the dmesg command07:20
ducasseNetek: are you getting the "system problem detected popups"?07:21
Netekducasse yes07:21
ducasseNetek: look in /var/crash07:21
Netekducasse on boot only, since then I didnt get anymore errors07:21
Netekducasse ok will check thanks07:21
Netekahha fontconfig, libfontconfig, totem, language selector and unity scope loader.  I think i need to learn MUCH more to understand this but this is a starting point.  Thanks07:23
owen1i am trying to use unetbootin but i can't see my usb drive in the dropdown. lsblk -f show me 'name:sdc1 fstype:iso9660 mountpoint /media/owen/Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS amd64'  any ideas?07:25
ZeekHugeowen1: use Disks to create a filesystem on it . It must be visible then07:27
ducasseowen1: you can't write an image to it while it is mounted, try unmounting it07:28
owen1ducasse: i don't see it in the dropbown even after unmounting it07:33
owen1ZeekHuge: interesting. Disks is the name of the app i should use?07:34
ZeekHugeowen1: yes07:34
ZeekHugethats already installed07:34
owen1ZeekHuge: a bit about the history of this usb stick - i used dd to put the ubuntu iso on it. but when i put that usb in an older laptop and restarting it i see 'isolinux.bin missing or corrupt'07:35
owen1so i am trying to use unetbootin instead of dd.07:36
ducasseowen1: have you checked the image you downloaded?07:37
ZeekHugeowen1: I am not sure . But had similar problems and using 'Disks' to clear and create a filesystem on the usb stick did the trick for me.07:37
owen1ducasse: yup. checksum is fine07:37
owen1what the exact name of this app? i see gnome-disk-utility but can't figure out how to run it07:38
owen1ZeekHuge: ^07:38
owen1maybe u mean gparted?07:39
ZeekHugeowen1:  you are using terminal version ?07:39
V7owen1: Alt+F2: gnome-disks07:40
owen1ZeekHuge: i use i3 but i have ubuntu desktop so i can access everything from the desktop07:40
owen1works. thanks07:40
owen1i see my usb drive with this app07:40
owen1ZeekHuge: should i 'format partition' ?07:40
ZeekHugeowen1: yes07:41
ZeekHugeowen1: wait07:41
ZeekHugeowen1: nothing extra data in your stick right ?07:41
owen1ZeekHuge: yeah07:41
ZeekHugeowen1: then format it . remove and reinsert it07:42
owen1ZeekHuge: should i pick ext4 ?07:42
ZeekHugeowen1: yes you can07:42
ZeekHugeowen1: did that work ? is the stick now visible on unetbootin ?07:45
AzraelEnkiAny recommendations to read about traffic shaping? I don't know if that's even the right term. I have on my internal network an nfs server which also is a tftp server for network boot. I like to prioritize BOOTP over NFS.07:47
owen1ZeekHuge: i chose the slow option. it's half way. it's only 4GB07:48
lotuspsychjeAzraelEnki: perhaps the #ubuntu-server guys know more about that?07:48
AzraelEnkilotuspsychje, thanks!07:48
ZeekHugeAzraelEnki: google 'Wondershaper ubuntu'07:49
owen1ZeekHuge: i think i click on the off button07:54
exxiif i am using ufw than ufw will automatically manage iptables ?07:54
owen1ZeekHuge: and i think i just unmounted my main partition... not sure07:54
owen1ZeekHuge: can u please hold my hand and make sure i am still fine?07:54
ZeekHugeowen1: no problem. Just re-insert it and do it again07:55
owen1re-insert what?07:55
owen1ZeekHuge: i am not talking about the usb stick07:55
ZeekHugeowen1: usb stick07:55
ZeekHugeso what ?07:55
owen1ZeekHuge: i never removed it07:55
owen1ZeekHuge: i hit 'off' button07:55
ZeekHugeon Disks ?07:55
owen1and i think it unmounted an important drive07:55
owen1ZeekHuge: yes07:55
ZeekHugeoh ! ... ahh ...07:56
owen1the usb was formatted. i didn't remove it yet.07:56
ZeekHugecan you access a terminal.07:56
owen1ZeekHuge: yes. do u want to know the output of lsblk -f ?07:56
ZeekHugejust reboot you system07:56
owen1ZeekHuge: are u sure?07:57
Tin_manexxi, might read this article, I found it helpful. http://www.howtogeek.com/177621/the-beginners-guide-to-iptables-the-linux-firewall/07:57
ZeekHugeowen1: I *THINK* that it wont harm and just brings things on the right place. But not definitely sure.07:58
owen1ZeekHuge: i think i unmounted the external usb drive. so it's fine07:58
ZeekHugeowen1: pheww ..07:58
owen1thanks! now let me try remove and insert the usb07:59
owen1sdb1                  ext4        lexar 6d5c8e7f-a6e5-4a32-a4d4-8f4438a8236d07:59
owen1ZeekHuge: works! i see it now08:00
ZeekHugeowen1: Cool !08:00
owen1ZeekHuge: but unetbootin asks me to mount it08:00
ZeekHugeowen1: it should automatically get mounted as you insert it.08:01
owen1i use python-udiskie. let me try again.08:02
owen1now it's mounted. wierd.08:02
exxiTin_man, okay08:02
owen1ZeekHuge: ok. it's preparing the bootable ubuntu. i hope i don't get 'isolinux.bin missing or corrupt' again..08:04
BitnovaHi.  Im on 14.04.5, it says 1404 HWE EOL security updates is now end of life.   So im about to install the xenial kernel with: sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-xenial, and it throws this: WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!08:08
BitnovaCan someone tell me why its giving that warning?08:08
ZeekHugeowen1: fingers crossed.08:09
RarrikinsBitnova: Because it's getting packages with incorrect signatures.08:09
RarrikinsBitnova: I'd recommend not going forward until it doesn't do that.08:10
BitnovaRarrikins, oh ok - so il just have to wait for them to fix that then08:10
ViciousLooRollHey, is it possible to symlink to an external location08:11
ViciousLooRollEg a folder on my ssh server08:11
cfhowlettBitnova, could be that your mirror runs slow.  try the alternatives08:11
Bitnovacfhowlett, okay il try08:11
cfhowlettBitnova, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors08:12
owen1ZeekHuge: 'Syslinux 6.03 EDD' error08:12
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Bitnovacfhowlett, without changing mirrors, all i did was sudo apt-get update and after that re-ran the command, it started downloading..08:14
ZeekHugeowen1: sorry .. literally no idea whats that related to . You sure you have a correct image  ?08:14
cfhowlettBitnova, nicely done!  usually such problems self correct08:14
Bitnovaoh ok than im glad cfhowlett . thanks!08:14
BitnovaViciousLooRoll, im also interested if external symlinks would work. does anyone know?08:17
ViciousLooRollI've been told by someone in the fountain pen IRC of all places, that yes it is possible bitnova08:18
ViciousLooRollKurowa hello08:18
ViciousLooRollBitnova I'm not sure how to go about doing it tho.08:18
ViciousLooRollBitnova, oh.  Apperently it's not... Nevermind.08:19
owen1ZeekHuge: yeah. i found this - http://askubuntu.com/questions/696797/boot-error-on-live-usb-flash-drive-with-15-10  but i don't understand what they are saying.08:20
ViciousLooRollI'm just trying to work out how to scrot to a website folder08:20
BitnovaViciousLooRoll, so its not possible? :(08:20
ViciousLooRollBitnova: there must be a way!!08:20
BitnovaViciousLooRoll, i think if there had to be a network folder set up..08:21
Bitnovathen symlink that08:21
ViciousLooRollCan you mount a server to your computer?08:23
ViciousLooRollBitnova: https://github.com/libfuse/sshfs08:25
BitnovaViciousLooRoll, this might not work for you, but have you tried LuckyBackup?08:26
ViciousLooRollBitnova nope. I'll look into ut08:26
BitnovaViciousLooRoll, its actually the best, can do any type of transfer or backup, or automated transfer/backup.08:27
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FManTropyx"No candidate ver: linux-image-3.13.0-85-generic"08:31
owen1ZeekHuge: maybe it's not possible to use unetbootin from 15.10 to write USB images for 16.04?08:31
netvixtradd does the trick08:32
ZeekHugeowen1: yeah .. thats what it looks like. why not try as the ans. says ?08:32
owen1ZeekHuge: i didn't understand it ):08:32
owen1right click on the iso?08:33
ZeekHugeYou have the image file downloaded . right ?08:33
ZeekHugeowen1: ^08:33
owen1ZeekHuge: yup08:33
ZeekHugeowen1:  right click on it . and do as the post says.08:34
FManTropyxomg, lynx is no longer supported by Canonical08:35
owen1ZeekHuge: ok. i'll use nautilus08:36
ZeekHugeowen1: nautilus is the file-system08:36
ZeekHugeI mean the file-manger08:36
owen1ZeekHuge: i am on i308:37
ZeekHugeowen1: okay. yes got it. you need to go to the file and then right click on it.08:37
ZeekHugei3 ?08:37
owen1so if i want to do right click i need nautilus08:37
ZeekHugeowen1: okay.08:38
funkyheadgirlIs this working?08:39
JackMayolwee I can type08:39
RarrikinsIs what working?08:39
FManTropyxyou are on #Ubuntu08:39
funkyheadgirlOh this IS working sorry I had some problems with this chat08:39
funkyheadgirlHi everyone08:40
Folatt2Ah I can talk08:40
funkyheadgirlOh yeah I have this thing to ask, I was wondering if someone could help me?08:41
bazhangfunkyheadgirl, this is ubuntu support only08:41
Folatt2I apologize for falling asleep earlier. I have a network connection problem with my main computer.08:41
SaitamaI'd like to move my /home to another partition. On sudo blkid, the partition I intend to be the destination has TYPE = "crypto_LUKS", which I promptly added to /etc/fstab file. that being said, the mount -a command gives me : mount: unknown filesystem type 'crypto_LUKS'. I don't know what to do now?08:41
bazhangask the actual question funkyheadgirl08:41
funkyheadgirlOh ok, so can you help me to find another place to get some help with my ubuntu 16.04?08:42
Folatt2It' s a wired connection, Ubuntu 16.04 Unity 708:42
ikoniafunkyheadgirl: this channel will support ubuntu 16.04 for you08:42
EriC^^funkyheadgirl: this is the place08:42
ikoniafunkyheadgirl: please just ask the actual question08:42
bazhangfunkyheadgirl, what do you mean, this is ubuntu support08:42
Folatt2The network connection icon shows that it's disabled and I can' t ping anywhere to. No network found.08:43
Folatt2The last thing I was doing before I fell asleep ws posting a pastebin that was asked by bekks.08:44
Folatt2I was not doing anyhting. The connection dropped out of the blue.08:46
owen1ZeekHuge: i can't follow the instructions since my usb drive is not mounted. 'lsblk -f' show me 'sdb'    nothing in the FSTYPE, UUID, or MOUNTPOINT columns08:50
owen1maybe usb stick with bootalble ubuntu is not mountable?08:51
ZeekHugeowen1: I thinks so.08:51
funkyheadgirlyeah I think this solved it thanks all08:53
Netekif I want to block FTP and only allow connections from specific IP Addresses, is this done through proftpd or firewall?08:55
Netekikonia ok, well basically I am just trying to setup a new server for backups of websites.  I will carry on checking, thanks08:56
Folatt2Is anymore information needed?08:58
NetekFolatt2 me?08:59
Folatt2Like I said, main computer has no connection, I can' t ping anywhere, http://pastebin.com/e1p2iXBH, connection dropped out of the blue.08:59
Folatt2Netek, no, I have a connection problem myself.09:00
NetekFolatt2 ok, I am very sorry I cannot help.  I am very new09:00
ducasseFolatt2: which ubuntu version?09:00
Folatt2Unity 709:00
ducasseFolatt2: try 'sudo systemctl restart networking.service'09:01
Folatt2ducasse: done09:05
Folatt2ducasse: no change09:05
ducasseFolatt2: hmmm. have you tried rebooting after this happened?09:05
Folatt2ducasse: Yes, no change09:05
ducasseFolatt2: certain models of that network adapter has problems with this driver, and work better with the old r8168 driver. the problem with that is that driver only works with older kernels afaik.09:07
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ducasseFolatt2: but first, try deleting the wired connection and creating a new one.09:08
Folatt2ducasse: how?09:09
ducasseFolatt2: i don't use network manager, but just click the icon in the tray and select edit connections.09:10
FManTropyx"System upgrade is complete."09:14
Algebr`How can I see a list of the ppas I have installed and then remove ones I don't need anymore09:20
g00se_software sources09:21
Algebr`in the shell09:21
owen1ZeekHuge: works now. thanks a lot09:22
FManTropyx"Welcome to Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS" Yay!09:22
g00se_Algebr`: go to /etc/apt/sources.list.d09:23
RarrikinsAlgebr`: Run `software-properties-gtk`, switch to the `Other Software` tab.09:23
eldarkgAlgebr`: add-apt-repository09:24
Folatt2 ducasse: No change09:25
Algebr`g00se_: so I can just remove those files that I don't want09:26
bazhanguse ppa-purge Algebr`09:27
bazhang!ppa-purge | Algebr`09:27
ubottuAlgebr`: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html09:27
g00se_ppa-purge is probably better09:28
eldarkgAlgebr`: sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:<repository-name>09:29
ducasseFolatt2: then i'm guessing your network adapter is one of those that would work better with the older driver. i don't know for certain, but it's a common problem.09:29
Algebr`ah thanks, already did the file deletion and worked fine. but will use ppa-purge in the future09:29
RarrikinsAlgebr`: Now do `sudo apt update` so that your list of packages no longer includes that PPA.09:31
Algebr`ya did, had some ppas that no longer pointed to a valid http location09:31
RarrikinsOh, OK09:31
Folatt2ducasse: How do you know what driver I have?09:32
Algebr`it is a little bit annoying that the most popular linux distro doesn't offer a proper version of nodejs in its apt-get09:32
Algebr`hence the ppa motivation and housekeeping09:32
ducasseFolatt2: from the log you posted09:33
g00se_whats wrong with the ubuntu version of node?09:33
Folatt2Oh, I see now09:33
ducasseFolatt2: the driver you have is r8169, the older one is r816809:33
Algebr`g00se_: its very old09:34
Folatt2ducasse: So I should choose the r8168 driver instead?09:35
ducasseFolatt2: tbh, i would rather get a new network adapter. the old driver only works with older kernels, so you would need to switch to that first. lots of drawbacks.09:36
Folatt2ducasse: I don't get it, it was working fine for months until yesterday.09:37
Phryqis there anyprogram that will delete duplicate files and replace them with shortcuts to their duplicate?09:37
ducasseFolatt2: did you update the kernel?09:38
Folatt2Not when I it all of a sudden dropped, but over the months I have done kernel updates.09:38
ducasseFolatt2: is the link light on?09:39
Folatt2ducasse: yes09:39
Folatt2ducasse: both lights are on09:39
ducasseFolatt2: the adapter thinks the link is down, for some reason. have you got another cable?09:40
Folatt2ducasse: Yes, no change.09:41
ZeekHugeowen1: cool !09:41
ducasseFolatt2: ok, we can try configuring the interface from /etc/network/interfaces, to rule out problems with network manager09:42
ducasseFolatt2: try putting http://paste.ubuntu.com/23075025/ in /etc/network/interfaces09:44
mathlover97Is there some program that could list me a file's actual file format and its extension? Thanks.09:46
Rarrikinsmathlover97: `file` will try to tell you the format.09:47
Algebr`mathlover97: extension is just a convention09:48
MonkeyDustmathlover97  like    file photo.gif09:48
mathlover97Rarrikins, Algebr` MonkeyDust I see. Thank you guys :)09:48
ren0v0Hey, can someone recommend an application to manage photos, that supports tagging and grouping/stacking by filename? So i can stack RAW+JPEG whilst organising09:50
MonkeyDustren0v0  shotwell09:51
ren0v0MonkeyDust, hmm hadn't even thought about it, let me take a look see09:52
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ren0v0MonkeyDust, most people would say digiKam but even that doesn't allow me to group photos by filename09:55
ren0v0do you know definitely that shotwell allows that?\09:56
Folatt2ducasse: done, now what?09:56
ducasseFolatt2: try 'sudo systemctl restart networking.service' again09:56
Folatt2ducasse: I've tried, no change.09:57
MonkeyDustren0v0  install and find out what shotwell can do for you09:57
ren0v0MonkeyDust, well yes i'm currently importing but looks like it'll take an hour to do that, so was wondering if you actually know seeing as you suggested it based on my requirements :)09:58
ducasseFolatt2: i'm running out of ideas. can you try rebooting into an older kernel?09:58
noobuntuGuys how do I reinstall network-manager. If I uninstall it there will be no internet for installing it again.10:00
noobuntuDo I download a .deb?10:00
BillKGRnoobuntu, Yeap download the deb package so that you have it available10:01
RarrikinsThere's actually a better way.10:01
Folatt2ducasse: It is in an older kernel, no change. I might need to buy a new motherboard or something.10:01
noobuntuPlease, go ahead. Rarrikins10:02
RarrikinsLet me see if I can find it.10:02
tomreynapt-get install --reinstall10:02
ducasseFolatt2: i'm starting to suspect the nic might be busted. a new one isn't that expensive, though.10:02
Folatt2ducasse: I'm penniless10:03
ren0v0MonkeyDust, well so far it doesn't even import my JPG10:03
kittykittyi have an awfully big virtual machine on my disk and it takes a long time to backup. I rarely boot it. Is it possible to compress it transparently? Like, in filesystem?10:03
RarrikinsIn Synaptic, select the network-manager package, then use the 'Generate package download script' option in the File menu.10:03
ducasseFolatt2: normal pcie slots?10:03
BillKGRnoobuntu, or you can apt-get download <package> just to have it available offline10:03
RarrikinsIt'll make sure you have the dependencies as well.10:03
Folatt2ducasse: I think it' s pci, but the case won't allow it10:05
BillKGRtomreyn, is --reinstall an actual option of apt? I don't seem to find it documented anywhere10:05
MonkeyDustren0v0  how many files are being imported, more or less10:06
ren0v0MonkeyDust, also it doesn't let me edit/delete them in place. So i import them, but deleting doesn't touch the original file, so i can't organise sort through then delete the ones i don't want..10:06
ducasseFolatt2: half-height or something?10:06
ren0v0MonkeyDust, i did a test folder with 14 files, it shows "developer: RAW+JPEG" but i can't see the jpg file, split them or anything10:06
tomreynkittykitty: there are some virtual machine formats which support compression, usually those meant for transferring images over the network. but in most of those formats the VM won't be runnable unless it's decompressed first. which will take a while (both compressing, and again unccompressing it). the much better option is to resize the partitons / file systems available to the guest system and then resize the virtual storage and thus the image10:07
noobuntuRarrikins nothing happens after generate package download script10:07
bekksren0v0: you cant see them where?10:07
Rarrikinsnoobuntu: You have to do it on the machine that doesn't have the package.10:07
tomreynBillKGR: it is. re-check the apt-get(8) man page10:08
ducasseFolatt2: many nics come with a second bracket for half-height machines. you should be able to find one.10:08
Rarrikinsnoobuntu: You take the script from that machine to a machine with the Internet and run the script there.10:08
Rarrikinsnoobuntu: Then you take the debs back to the original machine.10:08
Folatt2ducasse: Thanks10:08
tomreynkittykitty: which virtualization are you using there?10:08
ducasseFolatt2: sorry, but i have no better suggestions :(10:08
BillKGRtomreyn: shit, I was looking at apt's man, not apt-get10:09
bekksFolatt2: Did you assign an IP address manually, and a default route, as have been instructed yesterday?10:09
ren0v0bekks, seems shotwell merges them in the library so i can't delete just the RAW for example, not a huge issue i guess at least it groups them. My main issue is now it won't let me delete them from disk. My aim is to organise 1000s of pictures i take and mark ones i wish to keep, but then i won't be able to delete the others?10:09
kittykittytomreyn, vhd with virtualbox. The type of file is a moot point though, I want to just be able to run it while it's compressed etc. You know, how ntfs does it but better? lol10:10
kittykittyi saw there was a patch for ext compression in filesystem but it's not been merged?10:10
Folatt2Whoops, Sorry for the caps lock10:10
noobuntuRarrikins yeah I haven't uninstalled it yet so I have internet right now. I marked it for installation, generated package download script, and went to "Add downloaded packages" but I cant select my scrip there (it's greyed out)10:10
bekksFolatt2: So do that now.10:10
Folatt2bekks: How?10:11
bekksren0v0: Ah, I never used shotwell.10:11
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bekksFolatt2: How what?10:11
Rarrikinsnoobuntu: You run the script in the terminal in an empty directory.10:11
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Folatt2bekks: How do I assign an IP address manually and a default route?10:11
bekksFolatt2: Like this: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html10:11
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Rarrikinsnoobuntu: Then, once you're ready to reinstall, you do, in that directory, `sudo dpkg -i *.deb; sudo apt install -f -y`10:12
Folatt2<- reads10:12
Rarrikinsnoobuntu: You should probably have a backup machine connected to the Internet, though.10:12
BillKGRnoobuntu: why do you want to reinstall a package in the first place?10:13
eldarkgIs it ubuntu/linux bug: coping a big file (like 4Gb)  to a usb flash (fs NTFS) make the system slow?10:13
tomreynkittykitty: zfs and btrfs support transparent encryption. but i wouldn't got this way if it can be avoided. better arrange for more available storage. or shrink volumes which have unallocated space.10:14
bekkseldarkg: No, it is an USB issue, by design. USB is slow.10:14
kittykittytomreyn, ugh thats annoying. Just wanted to avoid having to gunzip to run lol10:15
Rarrikinseldarkg: Your system itself shouldn't be slow, only perhaps the file transfer.10:15
noobuntuBillKGR I get this error after which my wifi doesn't work until I restart. I think network-manager reinstall might help? http://i.imgur.com/6qXGhhv.png10:15
eldarkgbekks: why the system became slow and hang sometimes10:15
tomreynkittykitty: using a compressing file system, you do not avoid decompression to run.10:16
bekkseldarkg: Because it needs to wait for the USB device to finish writing stuff.10:16
eldarkgRarrikins: maybe but the system shouldn't hang10:16
tomreynkittykitty: is there really no unallocated space available in the guest system?10:16
Rarrikinseldarkg: Right, the system shouldn't hang.10:16
kittykittytomreyn, there is but im going to fill it lol10:17
kittykittytomreyn, theres also a load of unallocated space at the end of it, dont know how to get rid of it either10:17
tomreynkittykitty: well then just add more storage to that host computer10:17
eldarkgbekks: I undestand you but the system shouldn't hang10:17
bekkseldarkg: So define "hang" first.10:17
kittykittytomreyn, what fs should i use? I have a disk i can format now10:17
kittykittytomreyn, btrfs?10:17
tomreynkittykitty: okay that's the thing you should focus on then, getting rid of the "load of unallocated space at the end of it"10:18
eldarkgbekks: after the begin copying the system became slow -> gui freezes some times10:19
tomreynkittykitty: gparted-live makes this process quite convenient (you just draw things around on a gui)10:19
kittykittytomreyn, i cant edit the disk image using gparted though can i?10:20
bekkseldarkg: So take a look at "top" while copying.10:20
tomreynkittykitty: no, you'd need to add a cdrom drive to the guest and insert the iso as a cd-rom in that drive, then boot off it10:20
kittykittyhm ok. I /can/ make the drive smaller in windows itself, thats no issue. I need to make the physical image smaller lol10:21
kittykittytomreyn, i'll finish my backups and then use --compact or something10:22
tomreynkittykitty: there'S a uitility which comes with virtualbox which allows for carrying out such modifications (reducing the size of an image / a virtual storage)10:23
kittykittyvboxmanage right? tomreyn10:23
RarrikinsIt works even better if you zero fill the deleted data on the partition.10:23
tomreynkittykitty: i think so, i haven't used it in a while10:24
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tomreynkittykitty: right, "VBoxManage modifymedium (--compact|--resize)" apparently10:26
=== Guest76570 is now known as isp_
kittykittytomreyn, maybe i could also make a compressed partition and add it to my lvm?10:30
tomreynkittykitty: so, i did not explain in detail why i think storing the virtual disk image on a transparent file system compression is a bad idea (whether you use NTFS or btrfs or zfs or the ext4 patch). doing so means that data would have to be compressed on any write to disk (within the running VM) and uncompressed on any read off the disk. this would slow things down a lot.10:31
=== daci is now known as iJens
tomreyni'm not familar with the concept of partition compression. but if it exists then the same restrictions will apply.10:32
kittykittytomreyn, yeah i know it slows it loads10:32
tomreynthat's why i'm saying: storage is cheap these days, so just extend your storage. or reduce unallocated / free space.10:33
kittykittytomreyn, individual files would be ideal but i think btrfs is disk only? I don't use it often at all so i guess it doesnt matter10:33
kittykittytomreyn, im a student ahahah10:33
kittykittytomreyn, that said, im nowhere near the max of my disk. it's 19% of 500gb so it's ok10:34
kittykittytomreyn, should the backup disk be much larger than the main disk ?10:34
tomreynkittykitty: which backup disk?10:35
kittykittytomreyn, i have a seperate disk for my backups10:35
tomreynkittykitty: 19% of 500gb on your host or guest system?10:35
kittykittytomreyn, my host's backup system. The vhd is included in the system backup10:36
Folatt2bekks: So I should follow the temporary IP address part?10:36
bekksFolatt2: Yes.10:36
tomreynkittykitty: and this 'backup system' is a NAS, or another storage attached to your workstation (which i assume hosts your 'main disk'?)?10:38
kittykittytomreyn, just another disk, cant use a nas since im in a couple of different places a year for uni10:39
tomreynkittykitty: maybe you could describe the bigger picture (repeating things is fine), since context is lacking.10:39
tomreynso it's not a backup at all10:40
kittykittywell, im backing up the files at least tomreyn ahah10:40
kittykittyi cant do offsite10:40
Folatt2bekks: Is the following correct? -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/2307529210:40
kittykittytomreyn, i have ubuntu 16.04 installed on a 1tb disk in a lvm container. A second 500gb disk with ext4 has the backups on it.10:41
tomreynokay, i'm just trying to understand what you have there, and also point out possible flaws in this concept ;)10:41
Folatt2bekks: Results are that I can ping the address, but not reach it via firefox10:41
bekksFolatt2: No it isnt. You are setting the same IP as your router on your host. You need to use different addresses.10:41
grasshopper_host chat.freenode.net10:42
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Folatt2bekks: First one is coorect IP, second one needs to be my host IP?10:42
bekksFolatt2: No.10:43
bekksFolatt2: for the ifconfig command, you need a different IP than your router.10:43
Folatt2bekks: Second one is correct IP, first one needs to be my host IP?10:44
tomreynkittykitty: well you seem to have plenty of spare disk space then, so there deosn't seem to be an issue (except the fact that you don't have offsite backups - maybe consider some cheap encrypted cloud storage provider)10:44
kittykittytomreyn, the virutalmachines i have take up ~70-80% of my usage lol10:44
bekksFolatt2: Define "first" and "second".10:44
kittykittytomreyn, yeah maybe if i can find some. Possibly amazon would work10:44
Folatt2bekks: ip in first command I patebinned10:45
Folatt2exclusing the netmask10:45
Folatt2excluding the netmask10:45
GrorcoHey I'm trying to run a loop until wmctrl shows a windows pid is on my 3rd workstation anyone think they can give me a hand on what I'm doing wrong?10:46
Folatt2bekks: How do I know what my host ip is?10:47
tomreynkittykitty: there are a couple options. if you care about your privacy / have at least somewhat sensitive (unpublished research?) data stored on those disks, or just your passwords, you may want to choose a solution which ensures data is encrypted before it's uploaded to the cloud. i think wikipedia has a comparison. personally i'm not a ig fan of cloud storage, because those solutions are usually proprietary or the encryption is just for data10:50
tomreynat rest or badly engineered, and i prefer self-hosted open source solutions. but YMMV, it's also a matter of money, and there are acceptable compromises in cloud backup.10:50
kittykittytomreyn, hm ok. Someone at uni is running a cloud server, maybe i can hop on that10:51
noobuntuDoes 'Ubuntu Software' in 16.04 just hang and do nothing? Is this a known issue?10:53
kittykittynoobuntu, i think the new one is so bad that ive gone back to the one we used in 14.0410:54
vladsvhello ;)10:54
noobuntuhow do I do system updates through command line?10:54
EriC^noobuntu: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:55
Rarrikinsnoobuntu: I do it with `sudo apt update; sudo apt dist-upgrade -y`10:55
noobuntuok thanks10:55
eldarkgnoobuntu: show upgradable list  'apt list --upgradable'10:56
Folatt2bekks: Which IPs should I use for each command?10:56
tomreynnoobuntu: i can't tell whether it's a known issue (you could review the bug reports on launchpad.net), but i don't think it just sitting there is intended behavior. here, it does more than that.10:56
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noobuntuRarrikins: I made a script with synaptic but it only shows up inside synaptic, not in the file manager or command line11:00
Netekcan somebody please tell me if I can use bash or something else to zip a directory and send it to another server via ssh?11:00
mbweyes you could do that11:00
Rarrikinsnoobuntu: Copy it to a text file and make that file executable.11:00
Netekmbwe ok, I will see how bash is done. thanks11:01
mbweNetek: you could do it like this tar -zxcf - /directory | ssh user@remote.com "cat > directory.tar.gz"11:05
Netekmbwe I will give this a test.  Is there a way to identify if a backup file already exists and remove this "AFTER" transfer is complete?11:06
tomreynNetek: you would need to combine the commands zip (or tar with options J or z or j) for compression, and either scp, sftp or ssh for the transfer11:07
mbweyou could also use a solution based on rsync11:07
Netekok.  This seems a bit advanced right now, I need to learn more and understand11:07
tomreynNetek: to test whether a file system object exists at a given path, use: test -f path/to/file11:08
Rarrikinsrsync has `--delete-after` and it supports SSH and compression.11:08
Netekbasically I have the following:  Webserver,  Online Backup server, Local Backup Server.  The backups from webserver to online backup server runs fine.  But I want the files to then be transferred locally for peace of mind11:08
Netekafter looking at rsync I think this seems a better solution.  Thanks for the suggestions people :)11:09
noobuntuhow can i find if my system is i386, arm64 or amd6411:10
Rarrikinsnoobuntu: What is `uname -m`?11:11
mbweand for elaborate cpu information use lscpu noobuntu11:11
Rarrikinsnoobuntu: Then you're currently using amd64.11:11
mbwenoobuntu: also take a look at the /proc/cpuinfo, you can display that information with the command "cat /proc/cpuinfo"11:13
u0m3hi. anyone around know how to debug resolf.conf issues? I think I did something and now the only line it has is to localhost and after a few mins, OS starts to fail to resolve DNS...11:13
TheLawyerI'm used to type calc in order to run the calculator but Libreoffice keep bullshitting me ... how to remove it from the dash?11:13
TheLawyerI want to see and run calculator only when I type that11:14
MonkeyDustTheLawyer  then type calcu11:14
mbwei believe that /etc/resolv.conf is not one that should be edited by hand, but via the NetworkManager u0m311:14
mbweSo go to your networkmanager and add the dns information11:14
MonkeyDustTheLawyer  if you don't want to see calculator and never use it, try and remove it11:14
mbweand it should also be added to /etc/resolv.conf11:15
TheLawyerMonkeyDust: lol that is good solution I didn't think about it11:15
TheLawyerbut anyway .. it's not what I wanted11:15
TheLawyerI want the take off libreoffice from the dash11:15
MonkeyDustTheLawyer  dash looks for and shows everything that's installed11:17
mbweu0m3: any luck11:17
u0m3mbwe, well that is the issue, I have specified additional IPv4 DNS servers but they don't seem to apear.. after every restart /etc/resolf.conf only has and for some strange reason it sometimes works briefly and than starts to fail...11:18
u0m3mbwe, I meant appear in resolf.conf11:18
mbweu0m3: did you directly edit the /etc/resolv.conf file or did you add it via the gui network manager11:19
Folatt2I don't know which IPs I should use for a temporary IP address assignment. Can anyone help me?11:20
u0m3mbwe, well I added it in NetworkManager->Edit Connections->my_wireless_connection->IPv4->additional dns servers11:20
u0m3mbwe, but it does nothing... so after every restart I edit resolf.conf by hand to have DNS resolving capability11:20
mbweu0m3: could you paste /etc/network/interfaces somewhere, not in the channel u0m311:22
u0m3mbwe, http://pastie.org/1093842711:24
tomreynFolatt2: what's the purpose of the temporary ip address assignment?11:25
tomreynFolatt2: i juts noticed you discussed a possibly similar topic here previously. i have not followed this converation, though, so please sum it up / provide context as needed.11:26
mbweok u0m3 add in the /etc/default/interfaces auto yournetworkInterface11:28
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noobuntuThanks guys for your help, things seem to be working for now11:28
Folatt2tomreyn: My network connection dropped all of a sudden yesterday, lights are on, but nothing can be pinged. We're trying to see if we can set it up manually.11:29
Folatt2Network connection of one computer11:30
noobuntuFolatt2 wired or wireless?11:30
Folatt2noobuntu: wired11:30
tomreynFolatt2: "we", that's you and someone else who's helping you at the same physical location?11:30
u0m3mbwe, so I added auto wlan0. restarting to test, or should I do anything else?11:31
Folatt2tomreyn: No, just me and whoever helped me here.11:31
Folatt2Sorry about that11:31
tomreynno worries ;)11:31
tomreynFolatt2: when you say "my network connection dropped", this is the network connection of a workstation computer / desktop / laptop to your home / office router, which connects you to the internet, i assume?11:33
mbweyes restart u0m311:33
Folatt2But I'm still confused about networking, so I don't know what exactly the commands do and which IPs needs to be used, the terminology or how I can find out the ip of my host?11:33
Folatt2tomreyn: My desktop computer at home11:33
lukastheblackIp addr11:33
Folatt2I'm communicating via a computer that is mdeant to be a server computer.11:33
Folatt2I just plugged in a keyboad and monitor11:34
parakovsky_Thinkpad l520 and latest Ubuntu, why video lags in firefox, also rental videos doesnt work, how to fix?11:35
parakovsky_All on youtube11:35
tomreynFolatt2: so you have a desktop computer, which has a single network interface card in use, which has an ethernet cable plugged in which connects to the other computer, which is meant to be used as some kind of server?11:35
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mbweu0m3_: and?11:38
tomreynFolatt2: the above question is still valid, here's the next one: When you say you are "communicating via [..] a server", does this mean that you are trying to connect to the internet through this other 'server' computer?11:39
Folatt2tomreyn: yes, yes, not directly, uhmm... put it this way, I have a modem/router connected to three server computers, one that has a DE so I can connect to it via my desktop computer that can I use for programming in a clean environment. The desktop one is down. The desktop one has one network card, both leds are on, it' s connected to a powerline adapter, all leds on, that leads to another powerline adapter, all leds on, that leads 11:41
Folatt2Forget about the server part.11:42
Folatt2That's of not part of the issue here,11:42
tomreynFolatt2: what you just posted was cut off after "to another powerline adapter, all leds on, that leads " due to this IRC networks' maximum line length11:43
Folatt2To the router11:43
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:44
Folatt2Since everything else is working, the issue is with the desktop computer and nothing else.11:46
mbweu0m3: ??? and11:46
=== ssaturos is now known as saturos
skinuxWhat is the current rewrite package for Apache??11:47
ducasseFolatt2: ok, this desktop is what you are trying to get sorted?11:47
tomreynFolatt2: okay, i think i understand the overall setup. so your desktop comnputer, there one with a keyboard attached, which you do the programming with, connects to another computer, which runs a desktop environment, which you usually use over the local area network (LAN). the computer running the desktop environement is also connected to a modem / router which connects it to the internet. your programming / keyboard computer is not directly11:47
tomreynconnected to anywhere else, specifically not to the router / modem.11:47
u0m3mbwe, nope, same, but I noticed that dnsmasq is actually running (via netstat) but for some reason after a while it stops resolving11:48
Folatt2tomreyn: yes11:48
Folatt2tomreyn: errr... my programming / keyboad computer is connected to my router directly, the desktop one is via powerline adapters11:49
mbwestrange, well in that case i am not sure what is the problem, i could help to try help you later on, but for now i have to go to my familily in law11:50
mbwethat was for yuo ouroumov11:50
mbwei mean u0m311:50
u0m3mbwe, ok, thank you for your time.11:50
juacadoHi, when I do "sudo dmidecode --type memory" I get the following:11:51
juacadoPhysical Memory Array... Maximum Capacity: 32 GB11:51
juacadodoes that mean that the motherboard of my computer can handle 32 GB RAM?11:51
tomreynFolatt2: hmm, you got me puzzled. so actually all computers are connected to the modem/router and there is no direct connection between them?11:52
Folatt2tomreyn: router 1. pa (pa - desktop) 2. programming computer 3. rasp pi (private email server) 4. rasp pi (testing)11:54
=== holgersson_ is now known as holgersson
ducasseu0m3: you can add the additional nameservers to /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base, then they will appear automatically after restarts11:54
tomreynjuacado: yes exactly11:55
Ben64juacado: not necessarily11:55
Folatt2I haven't actually tested the powerlines yet. I will do so now by putting them between this one.11:55
juacadothe specs say "Up to 8GB DDR3memory – 1600MHz [2 DIMM slots (1x2GB/2x2GB/1x4GB+1x2GB/2x4GB)]" that's why it surprised me to see those 32 GB11:56
tomreynFolatt2: thanks for this list of computers. it does not explain how they are connected to one another, though.11:56
tomreynjuacado: if there are not more than 2 dimm slots and the maximum amount of ram the motherboard can control per dimm slot is 4 gb, then 8 gb is the maximum configuration possible with this motherboard.11:58
Folatt2tomreyn: 1 = LAN1 2 = LAN211:58
Folatt2That's how they are connected.11:58
Ben64Folatt2: so what are 3 and 412:00
CinnamonRickRollHey, does anyone know if theres a way to set up workspaces (on 14.04) so that they are not viewports?12:00
adrian_1908hello. I'm trying to do the "ç" character with my keyboard. Ubuntu guides seems to suggest   ALTGR+,+c   but that gives me commas. Could someone try on their computer? Am I missing something?12:00
ducasseadrian_1908: which keyboard layout are you using?12:02
adrian_1908ducasse: German one, but the comma is in the same place as with the US layout from what I can see.12:02
ducasseadrian_1908: see if there is an 'international' layout variation of it, i'm guessing your layout doesn't have altgr enabled but just set as another alt.12:03
adrian_1908I mean, that's the only ambiguous of the three keys, right?12:03
adrian_1908ducasse: ok, i'll check that out.12:03
u0m3ducasse, just IPs or whole line "nameserver ..."?12:04
Folatt2Ben64: o_o;; None of this should matter for the actual problem at hand, but just for your curiousity, 3 and 4 are raspberry Pi's that I use and want to use as servers for email, pictures, social media, everything to not depend on google, facebook and other corporations.12:04
ducasseu0m3: whole line12:04
Folatt2Also to generate and host cryptocoins.12:04
Ben64Folatt2: the problem is you're not being very clear at all12:04
adrian_1908ducasse: that worked, thank you!12:05
Folatt2Ben64: What is not clear? I was surfing the web on my desktop computer and all of a sudden *poof*, no more internet or LAN.12:06
ducasseadrian_1908: yw12:07
monicai have problem with amd 7400m gpu fan working on my hp 8460p.since xorg 1.18 released fglrx not supported any more..i hade tested so many distro.but no result.12:07
parakovsky_Hey guys12:10
dongshow do I turn off GNU SCREEN statusbar.12:10
parakovsky_I am experincing this problem https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=196292812:10
ducasse!fr | philippe12:10
ubottuphilippe: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:10
parakovsky_And when i try to install hal it says the package is missing12:11
BluesKajmonica, what does sudo ubuntu-drivers list , show for your gpu driver12:11
parakovsky_How can i enable hardware abstraction method?12:11
monicaim runing ubuntu 16.04.1 redeon.12:12
monicado you think  upgreading to kernel 4.7 helps me?12:12
ducasseparakovsky_: hal is _old_, it is no longer maintained for recent ubuntu versions.12:13
ducassemonica: if you need fglrx to get decent performance, your best bet is to stay on 14.04 until you can get another gpu or the open drivers have improved.12:14
=== Folatt3 is now known as Folatt2
Folatt2It's not the powerline adapters. I just checked.12:17
ToAruShiroiNekoI am trying to follow this guide12:19
ToAruShiroiNekoI am supposed to add the whitelist to the ubuntu firewall?12:19
ToAruShiroiNekoI am not familiar with whm12:19
ToAruShiroiNekoI dont want to install some random tool for this12:20
GourlayI am contemplating buyin' an NETGEAR A6100. But can I plug it in my Ubuntu 16.04 and get it going 'out of the box'?12:21
ducasseGourlay: see https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2235778 . i have an adapter with this chipset, it works, but you need to build the driver and from source and won't get great speeds.12:24
archer121_hi! I am trying to get a reverse ssh connection to work. I have set GatewayPorts to clientspecified in the remote machine. But still I am not able to use the reverse tunnel from the remote machine's public ip. Any idea why?12:26
archer121_here are the ssh debug information(https://paste.debian.net/790773/) and the command I used is sudo ssh -vvv -R \*:2233:localhost:22 ubuntu@
kokohi everyone...during instalation of xubuntu from cd it blocked and give me Ernno 5...how I can resolve it12:29
jattkoko: http://askubuntu.com/questions/65830/errno-5-input-output-error-when-trying-to-install12:30
FManTropyxone of these days I will make swap automatic12:35
parakovsky_Ducasse how to solve the problem with drm prottected online videos in ubuntu, then?12:37
jarnosI tried to boot some older kernel and it tells: "A start job is running for dev-mapper-cryptswap.device (18m 10s / no limit)" And time keeps going on.12:37
ducasseparakovsky_: no clue, sorry.12:38
parakovsky_Solved, no problem12:40
the_voice_I installed authbind12:48
the_voice_but it doesn't seem to have been added to my /usr/local/bin/authbind12:48
the_voice_I assume I shoudl jsut symlink it?12:49
=== chrmhoffmann_ is now known as chrmhoffmann
the_voice_nm figured it out12:55
=== GordonGekko is now known as x-fak
CinnamonRickRollHey, when I change my desktop background in settings (or via terminal) the actual image being displayed doesn't change. I'm using 14.04 and I installed it earlier today, so its pretty close to fresh13:03
BluesKajCinnamonRickRoll, I have to ask, is a jpg or jpeg13:05
CinnamonRickRollJPG, I also tried PNG, this is also interesting, I just tried unhiding the desktop icons and it changed the background. However having hidden them again I am once more unable to change it, although any changes made before hand persist13:06
CinnamonRickRollfound a solution online13:10
paulzz1what is, or how can I find out the 32bit name of the 64bit libgtk-3-dev package?13:13
u0m3ducasse, you pointed to me earlier that I should add nameservers to /etc/resolfconf/resolf.conf.d/base to make them apear in /etc/resolv.conf but it does not seem to work... still only one line; any ideas why or suggestions on what I should be looking at?13:13
paulzz1lib32gtk-3-dev wasn't found13:13
MonkeyDustpaulzz1  who are you talking to and about what13:14
MonkeyDustpaulzz1  oh, you did ask something, didnt see13:14
paulzz1yeah I forgot to mention that I attempted to use lib32gtk-3-dev but it failed :P13:15
MonkeyDust!find libgtk-313:16
ubottuFound: libgtk-3-0, libgtk-3-0-dbg, libgtk-3-bin, libgtk-3-common, libgtk-3-dev13:16
paulzz1would libgtk-3-dev:i386 work?13:16
lordcirthApparently architectures are separate tags, rather than package names13:17
paulzz1lordcirth: so :i386 is the tag?13:17
lordcirthpaulzz1, that's the package.  It might conflict with something though.13:18
paulzz1hmm I get E: Unable to locate package libgtk-3-dev when trying to install libgtk-3-dev:i38613:19
Folatt2So now my question remains, what is my default gateway address?13:19
PrinceCharmingAnyone know if i rip a dvd to iso using dd (or ddrescue) with libdvdcss2, whether said iso is copy protected or not13:19
Folatt2How do I find my defaul gateway address?13:19
paulzz1Folatt2: router ip usually13:19
Folatt2Should I use the default gateway address for this comand: sudo ifconfig enp2s0 <IP> netmask
MonkeyDustFolatt2  what's the outcome of   dig | grep SERVER13:21
Folatt2paulzz1: Well I entered my router IP for both commands that bekks insteructed me and I asked him both IP' s should be my router IP and he said "No"13:21
paulzz1Folatt2: eh well, works for me13:22
Folatt2MonkeyDust: The router IP13:22
Folatt2Well I did that and I can ping the router, but still no internet connection13:23
blackflowFolatt2: netstat -rn | grep UG13:24
blackflowFolatt2: in particular, you probably have to add a default route13:25
blackflowFolatt2: eg... route add default gw <router-ip>   (man route   for more info)13:26
blackflowchances are your gw and router are at .1 of your /24, for consumer networks probably
Folatt2blackflow: Yeah I did that, just a minute on the netstat though13:28
niranjanHi, on 16.04 lost wifi connectivity after service packs updates.13:29
Folatt20.0.0.0 UG 0 0 0 enp2s013:30
niranjanEven enable  wifi menu item is disabled13:30
blackflowFolatt2: can you ping google?13:30
Folatt2blackflow: no13:31
Folatt2blackflow: I can only ping
blackflowFolatt2: can you ping outside by IP? eg.  ping -c 2
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hzutPlease help me13:34
=== Guest8546 is now known as pavlushka
Folatt2blackflow: No, I can not even ping 192.168.178,3113:36
hzut I am looking for an Alternative Search Engine, please?13:36
Folatt2hzut: what kind of search engine are you looking for?13:37
blackflowFolatt2: well, your routing is configured correctly (assuming the router is the gateway) so if you can't access anything past it, then I suggest the problem is on the router side.13:38
blackflowFolatt2:  is it possible that only icmp packets are throttled or blocked?13:38
hzutunderground/hack/conspiracy like altalavista there are 20 years ago13:39
Folatt2blackflow: If I knew what icmp packets are and I could tell if they arew I could tell you.13:40
blackflowFolatt2: ping is based on icmp packets13:40
blackflowFolatt2: can you check if dns works, eg. run "host google.com" do you get a result?13:40
CinnamonRickRollHey, the 'picture opacity' setting (for desktop background) in dconf Editor doesn't seem to be doing anything, has anyone been able to get it workign?13:40
blackflowFolatt2: for that your /etc/resolv.conf must list either the router or a valid nameserver, eg. "nameserver"13:41
blackflowFolatt2: but uhm... why aren't you using dhcp?13:41
Folatt2blackflow: no servers could be reached13:42
blackflowFolatt2: with a valid resolv.conf?13:43
Folatt2blackflow: Because that's not working either. This is the only thing that has had any result so far.13:43
blackflowFolatt2: oh that's indicative if a problem at the router side13:43
Folatt2The result being thta ping works to the address I assign to,13:43
Folatt2The router is able to find all connections except for the one I have a problem with.13:44
blackflowFolatt2: I don't understand that last bit13:44
blackflow"find all connections"13:45
Folatt2blackflow: All other computers are online13:46
Folatt2blackflow: Except for one13:46
blackflowFolatt2: is it a MAC-whitelist network?13:49
t3chcr0wThis is my first time using Ubuntu and Unix based OS. The firefox browser that came along with it, is it much like the Tor browser?13:49
Folatt2blackflow: no13:49
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, no thats just  a standard Firefox,  like what would you have with wINDows to and mac13:50
blackflowFolatt2: are other computers configured by dhcp?13:50
t3chcr0wOk, that is what I figured13:51
blackflowFolatt2: then it's simple. if you can't set it up with dhcp, there must be hardware malfunction or your router is preventing that computer to connect13:51
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t3chcr0wThanks Sebthree13:51
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, yep sme vrsion as windows13:51
Folatt2blackflow: The connection was fine for months/years until yesterday, I was surfing the web, then all of a sudden *poof*13:51
blackflowsounds like hw malfunction :)13:51
Folatt2blackflow: Yeah, I'm thinking that as well now13:52
Folatt2blackflow: Thanks13:52
Folatt2blackflow: I guess I'll have to buy a new motherboard13:52
Guest44080I want to change the files from computer/share/x11/conf.d but system is deniging the permission what should i do?13:53
SebthreeBQM10HDstoffepojken, enn svensk :D13:53
blackflowFolatt2: did you check the  usual suspect? different port on the router, cabling?13:53
t3chcr0wAnother quick newb question: The launcher to the left, how would I go about rearranging the icons up or down?13:53
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, ok that's a good question13:54
Folatt2blackflow: The first one I haven't, let me check that one13:54
* Folatt2 logs out13:54
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, and that's a main part of the default unity question, only found iN ubuntu, not othre distros as well13:54
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, you can't do that much with it by defult, but there's a unity tweak tool or something you can  install that will let you change it a bit13:55
blackflowt3chcr0w: drag them up or down :) you might need to "nudge" the icon a bit to the right before you can reorder13:55
stoffepojkenSebthreeBQM10HD, Japp :)13:55
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, if you right click you can add or reomve icons to it maybe, or from the icons them selves, not on Desktop Ubuntu right now,  instead one of the Ubuntu tablets and so with a later version of unity to13:55
t3chcr0wblackflow: Well hot damn, thank you very much. That was embarassingly simple.13:55
blackflowyou're welcome :)13:56
t3chcr0wSebthree, blackflow had it right, bring the icon to the right a little and it jumps out13:56
* SebthreeBQM10HD thinks Unty 7 and Unity 8 in the next Ubuntu, will be interesting13:57
t3chcr0wSebthree, but thank you for the responses. Great help in here.13:57
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, your new, but that software that version of Unity is uhmm years old now.  theres another version to, but that won't probably be in desktop ubuntu untill the next one.  I been enjoying it on phones and tablets though :)13:58
Guest44080sit is about calibrating my touch board, as per ubuntu help i have install touch calibrate software In that it tells me to change the conf.d file in the computer/share/x11/10-evdev.conf13:58
blackflowSebthreeBQM10HD: ur a bot?13:58
SebthreeBQM10HDproperly not probably above13:58
SebthreeBQM10HDblackflow, yes no maybe why you ask13:58
blackflowSebthreeBQM10HD: you sound like one.13:58
t3chcr0wSo what is unity anyhow?13:59
SebthreeBQM10HDblackflow,  anD I  am about to use teh real bot13:59
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity13:59
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, there are different interfaces that you can have with Linux distros13:59
t3chcr0wI am new. Used to be into computers when I was young and have recently been launched back into the cyber world with new interests, so I am sure you will be seeing me around. Time to make friends.14:00
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w,  its  not like Windows where you basically got that one itnerface and that's it really, well can mybe get one or two more working on there as well Windows, but not easilly if so14:00
t3chcr0wAh, ok. So unity is almost like a customization tool?14:00
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, it's the gui for the os by default14:00
SebthreeBQM10HDthe graphical user interface14:01
MonkeyDustt3chcr0w  http://imgur.com/a/9iaLJ#cMfLqdM14:01
SebthreeBQM10HDthing is there are a load of other ones Ubuntu can run as well!14:01
t3chcr0wAh, ok, I think I understand14:01
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, from the log in screen when you got more than one interface instlled, you can log into the one you waant to use14:01
SebthreeBQM10HDand out and back in ain14:01
MonkeyDustt3chcr0w  and http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-fpdM3UOam3Y/TzW6lrA9yNI/AAAAAAAAHuQ/5Wf9Xum-oxQ/s1600/ubuntu12.04-classic-session.png14:02
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, Unity is an interface, that has well lots of GNOME in the background, but for the next version uhmm no not quite,  some big changes on the verge of coming properly to desktop ubuntu as well, but not untill the next release14:03
t3chcr0wWow, lots of goo dinfo here14:03
ubottuGNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome14:03
MonkeyDustt3chcr0w  never too old to learn something new14:04
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, so many interfaces you can try, but certain things aren't just interfaces, they would put in other programs to. so muchchoice here14:04
t3chcr0wI have heard of gnome a few years back. What is the general consensus on it? was it something people really liked? Is it better than the current interfaces?14:04
MonkeyDustt3chcr0w  'better' depends on what you prefer14:05
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, let's take something basic as an example such as  irc client, your on irc now, probably about 20 if not more made for Linux14:05
ktosiekCan I make sudo only ask for confirmation (without password) in a GUI session?14:05
SebthreeBQM10HDktosiek, yes I belive so, probably a setting for thatsome where, or mybe set it up without a pssword via terianl, but thre should be a  password for security14:05
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w,  how big is your Ubuntu prtition?  if you want to have some fun and start trying some things out well...14:06
ktosiekSebthreeBQM10HD: I specifically don't want just "NOPASSWORD"14:06
SebthreeBQM10HDktosiek, I think there's a  setting in the gui, or maybe this would work via a terminal for no password at all.   sudo  passwd yourusername  and put in no password14:07
SebthreeBQM10HDconfirm that14:07
SebthreeBQM10HDktosiek, why woudn't you want a password though ?14:07
ktosiekwell, that would remove the password from my account14:07
t3chcr0wEh, my partition is sized to the OS, so what, ~16G?14:07
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, aout 16gb is  good size14:08
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, unless you start putting lots of big data in there,  since you won't have a seperate /home by default, but for trying out other interfaces and programs  in generl from the deafult ubuntu repos resporitories thta's big enough14:08
ktosiekI only don't want to type it while I'm already logged into a session, but I still want to be asked for a confirmation before some program uses sudo14:08
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, you should take a look at the ubuntu manual as well actually14:09
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/14:09
MonkeyDustt3chcr0w  partitioning is the hard part ... what'sz the output of    df -h|grep ^/dev      use a pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com/14:09
t3chcr0wAbsolutely. I just got into this OS with the last few days. Have links to the documentation that I am going to read soon. I am juggling that with also trying to teach myself Python coding14:09
=== tincan is now known as Guest55342
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/14:10
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, do you want to try some other interfaces for the os to ?14:10
t3chcr0wDefinitely interested, but would it be wise to get to know what I have first before I dive into others?14:11
SebthreeBQM10HDt3chcr0w, up to you,  when your ready for it, thre's whole  world of fun14:13
SebthreeBQM10HDKDE, GNOME, etc etc14:13
t3chcr0wThat is exactly why I got back into this. Felt like I was missing out on something14:13
t3chcr0wOk, I have to go and get my life together I guess. Thanks for the help everyone!14:14
foormeahi. posted this on #kubuntu but the chan is not very active, so i'm posting here too:     i've got kubuntu on a desktop, i650 processor. it works fine. going to sleep works, but when it leaves sleep the screen doesn't go back up. i can see in /var/log/syslog that it wakes up fine, nothing seems bad in the logs14:15
jon5000need some assistance setting up a printer... anyone?14:21
lordcirth!ask | jon500014:22
ubottujon5000: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:22
ioriafoormea, this works for xubuntu (about kde idk), switch to console and back in the X session (ctrl+alt+fX)14:22
=== mayur is now known as Guest50942
foormeaioria: http://askubuntu.com/questions/760381/wont-come-back-from-suspend-16-04-lts     suggests it might be a kernel bug. i'll try to go into console then back to x14:23
ioriafoormea, ok14:23
jon5000I plugged in my HP printer directly to my lenovo yoga 13 ubuntu 16.04 and nothing happens.  when i try to add a printer it doesnt show up and i need to figure out how to add it. do i need a URI or something? lost14:24
foormeajon5000: google up: "<your printer model> linux" for a start14:25
foormeaand tell us what printer model you have too :)14:25
BluesKajjon5000, which HP printer ?14:25
jon5000BluesKaj, hp deskjet f440014:29
jon5000BluesKaj, hp deskjet f448014:29
foormeajon5000: i've got no experience with hp printers in linux. first link of "f4400 linux" brings to: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/models/deskjet_aio/deskjet_f4400_series.html       which says that it should work with hplip. i think hplip is installed by default. try running the command:     hp-setup14:32
JustinHitlaI noticed when someone joins and quit this channel 10 times, fast, he get klined, how can I do that to my channel ?14:43
gparted_stuckhello, is it ok to interrupt partition resize in gparted? will it cause data loss? it's been doing it for a few hours, I think it stuck in some infinite loop or something14:47
JustinHitlagparted_stuck: what top says ? is it consumes CPU or ionice is it write or read anything ?14:47
gparted_stuckthere is no progress or anything, just "using libgparted"14:47
JustinHitlagparted_stuck: open terminal and run top and ionice14:48
JustinHitlagparted_stuck: next time copy files somwhere then resize partition using cfdisk then copy files back14:48
k1lgparted_stuck: how big is the partition?14:48
gparted_stuckit was 180 gb, new size is 100 gb14:49
JustinHitlagparted_stuck: if you kill it you can lose data14:49
gparted_stuckJustinHitla: top shows gpartedbin 1.3% cpu usage14:49
JustinHitlahow resizing is even possible, its so tricky so its prone to errors14:50
BluesKajjon5000, you can add the printer directly from the Printing console, by going to Find a Network Printer, and then selecting the printer, and then accepting the default connection of a "Remote CUPS printer via DNS-SD14:50
JustinHitlagparted_stuck: what about "iostat -m 1"14:50
gparted_stuckit's doing something to hdd i can tell, the led is on14:50
JustinHitlakeep it for a day or two then reboot14:50
JustinHitlagparted_stuck: or can you mount it readonly and look if you can copy files to some other place first ?14:52
reinecath!Xon James Bond 006 - Doctor No (Dr No) - Ian Fleming (retail) (azw3).rar14:52
ubottureinecath: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:52
JustinHitlagparted_stuck: you may be able to freeze gparted process copy files and then kill it or continue14:52
reinecath!Xon James Bond 007 - Goldfinger - Ian Fleming (retail) (azw3).rar14:52
ubottureinecath: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:52
sandisufiandiHello world, is someone here using Nvidia Jetson TK1?14:54
gparted_stuckJustinHitla: iotop shows gpartedbin does read and write with speed < 1000 K/s most of the time, with that speed I guess it will take forever14:54
JustinHitlait will14:54
zach2825hey guy im stuck, im on ubuntu 16.04, i've installed apache2 php5.6 and xdebug but now when i run php -v in terminal i get this error: Failed loading /usr/lib/php/20131226/xdebug.so:  /usr/lib/php/20131226/xdebug.so: undefined symbol: zend_sort14:54
zach2825has anybody come across that?14:55
avioniiihello. in system settings | details, it says my hard drive is double the size of what it actually is.. why would it do that?14:56
shaunHi, I'm using Ubuntu-mate and would like to use the windows (Super) key to maximize, minimize and tiled horizontal/vertical windows? Any suggestions on how to do this?14:57
JustinHitlashaun: xbindkeys ?14:57
gparted_stuckzach2825: try running ldd /usr/lib/php/20131226/xdebug.so and see if there are missing dependencies, not sure this will help but I'd give it a try14:57
zach2825gparted_stuck, thank you! i didnt think about that14:58
shaunJustinHitla, is xbindkeys similar to dconf-editor? Because thats what I've been tinkering with and its very difficult to get that to work?14:59
JustinHitlashaun: xbindkeys allows you to bind any key combination to some event15:00
JustinHitlaI have this:15:00
JustinHitlaShift+Alt + l15:00
JustinHitla"xscreensaver-command -lock"15:00
JustinHitlaand when I press "Shift+Alt + l" it locks the screen15:00
JustinHitlashaun: its in ~/.xbindkeysrc15:00
shaunJustinHitla: thank you let me give it a try15:01
tpw_ruleshey. i've got a file on an external volume, let's say /volume15:03
tpw_rulesi try to delete it. it ends up in /volume/.Trash-1000, but nautilus does not show it in the gui and the operation cannot be undone. why isn't that trash linked to the one on root?15:03
shaunjust out of curiosity, would using compiz manager be an easier fix? it seems like .xbindkeysrc seems to have its own protocol15:03
JustinHitlashaun: no idea15:04
TomAtreidestpw_rules: if you're using gui make sure "show hidden files" is checked, see if it shows up then15:04
tpw_rulesTomAtreides: nope. i'd expect it to be accessible by clicking trash on the sidebar, right?15:05
TomAtreideshttp://askubuntu.com/questions/229098/how-to-i-stop-ubuntu-making-trash-folder-in-each-device perhaps this may be able to help? it's made for 12.04 but should still be relevant15:09
BluesKaj control panel to prevent theW10 upgrade, but I removed it, but still haven't had an update since july615:09
tpw_rulesTomAtreides: i mean i want it to create a .trash folder so i can use the trash. the problem is that deleted files get moved to .trash, but there's no way to recover them from the GUI15:10
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tpw_rulesthey're not in the 'Trash' icon.15:10
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glitchdi was told that pae enable kernels installed by default in 16.04 and above, is that correct?15:20
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preguntatorhello, anybody there?15:26
BluesKaj !ask15:27
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:27
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BluesKajinstant gratification raises it's ugly head once more15:28
WaVTrying to install the latest version of Konversation from source because the only available version via apt-get is the older one, and the newer one supposedly has a bugfix for a problem I'm having. Well, aparently there are a lot of dependencies. One of them being KF5 (among the few others I already downloaded via apt-get), which I can't find. Is that available under any specific package?15:29
glitchdtrying to enable more than 3 gigs of ram on 16.04.1 x8615:30
ritztechanyone have a quick way to use a system to every few minutes curl/post data to AWS to send data to and then send data to retreive it like a live monitor (but15:31
ritztechi was looking at pubnub15:31
fenix_peregrinohey guys is someone expert on Windows security?15:36
glitchdfenix_peregrino, lol wrong room bud15:37
fenix_peregrinoglitchd: I know lol, how do you look for channels? I forgot lol :(15:38
BillK[GR]fenix_peregrino: /list15:38
nikopol_hola como cambio de sala a uno que sea en español?15:39
glitchdfenix_peregrino, server->list channels15:39
BillK[GR]nikopol_: Please type in English, no Spanish here15:39
JustANerdno i cant speak spain only english and german15:39
gadgixnikopol_: #ubuntu-es15:40
glitchdln-sd, ??15:40
MannyLNJIs there a simple way to remove all packages I installed within the last 24 hours?15:41
JustANerdwhat is the reason for this chat15:41
JustANerdjust delet them15:42
MannyLNJJustANerd, was that to me15:42
nikopol_join #debian-ar15:42
JustANerdno nikipol15:42
nikopol_como cambio de sala15:43
MannyLNJJustANerd, How do I get a list of all packages installed in last 24 hours15:44
JustANerdsry i dont know15:45
BillK[GR]MannyLNJ: cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep install --> Give you the installation date of all the packages15:45
JustANerddo you run it in virtual box or at a real pc15:45
MannyLNJBillK[GR], thank you15:46
glitchdMannyLNJ, There are logs of dpkg in /var/log/dpkg.log*15:46
JustANerdi am going to install ubuntu mate at my laptop15:46
MonkeyDustJustANerd  cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep "\ install\ "15:47
BillK[GR]MannyLNJ: cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep install | grep '2016-08-19\|2016-08-20' would give you the packages installed in the last two days15:48
glitchdtrying to open synaptic gives me this error15:49
glitchdsudo synaptic15:49
glitchdInvalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keyFailed to connect to Mir: Failed to connect to server socket: No such file or directory15:49
glitchdUnable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused15:49
glitchd(synaptic:20827): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.015:49
glitchdcan anyone help me figure out why?15:50
MonkeyDustglitchd  next time, use a !pastebin15:50
glitchdMonkeyDust, to paste 4 lines? geeze..15:51
BillK[GR]glitchd: try this -> export DISPLAY=:115:51
sasaikudasai /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER sasaikudasai muptwagjqiaf15:52
MannyLNJsasaikudasai, You posted to the channel15:52
glitchdBillK[GR], what does that do?15:52
ayush1hi my apt get is giving me the following error when ever i want to install or remove http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23075865/15:52
MonkeyDustsasaikudasai  change your password15:52
ayush1how do i fic that15:52
ayush1sasaikudasai: what a long password that is15:53
MonkeyDustayush1  did you try   apt-get -f install15:53
ayush1MonkeyDust: yes but it did not work15:53
MonkeyDustayush1  what's the ouptut of   cat /etc/issue15:53
TomAtreidessasaikudasai: awkward15:54
MannyLNJTrying to find a mail solution to let me get mail from my provider's POP system and host it internally on an IMAP server. Suggestions and ideas.15:54
ayush1MonkeyDust: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS \n \l15:54
MonkeyDustayush1  I picked this up in this channel ... save it as 'fixpackages' ... make executable with 'chmod +x fixpackages' ... then run it with './fixpackages' ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/15121279/15:55
ayush1MonkeyDust: wow15:55
BillK[GR]ayush1: did you google search? take a look at this http://askubuntu.com/questions/621284/unmet-dependencies-when-trying-to-install-kde-plasma-5-3-on-ubuntu-15-0415:56
SebthreeBQM10HDchris__,  hi15:56
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ayush1BillK[GR]: OMG it worked15:58
ayush1BillK[GR]: thank u15:59
BillK[GR]ayush1: no problem mate15:59
anonymous_who wanna be my friend16:03
Megalexif I comment out Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server16:12
Megalex from /etc/ssh/sshd_config does that disable sftp?16:12
bekksMegalex: What are you actually trying to achieve?16:13
MegalexConfigure openssh's sftp server16:13
bekksThen why do you want to disable it? And what do you want to configure, in particular?16:13
MegalexWell I don't know how to configure it so i thought I'd just disable it16:14
bekksMegalex: What do you want to configure there?16:14
bekksMegalex: And why do you want to disable it otherwise?16:15
MegalexWell i wanted to poke around the config file to see what could be done16:15
bekksWhats not ok with the default configuration?16:15
Megalexjust learning16:15
Megalexknowledge :)16:15
Megalexis lacking16:15
bekksMegalex: Then read the man page instead of nuking your configs :)16:15
bekksMegalex: "man sshd_config"16:16
Megalexoh cool, how would I have known of a manual page for that without you having told me?16:16
bekksMegalex: you could have asked?16:17
Megalex"teach a man to fish"16:17
bekksCorrect, thats what I just did.16:17
Megalexwell you told me where the fish is16:17
Megalexas opposed to giving me the fish16:17
bekksMegalex: From that point of view, "learning how to fish" would be "learning to read". Go figure.16:17
SchrodingersScatMegalex: also when you read the man page of an ssh thing, it should have a 'See Also:' which then has items like, scp(1), sftp(1), ssh(1), ssh-add(1), ssh-agent(1), ssh-keygen(1), ssh-keyscan(1), chroot(2), hosts_access(5), moduli(5), sshd_config(5), inetd(8), sftp-server(8)16:18
MegalexSchrodingersScat, cool! so basically just poke around man files until I find things that look relevant16:18
SchrodingersScatpurty much16:19
Megalexcool well now I got a lot more to read. thanks for the pointers16:19
bekksMegalex: No, you ask sane questions like "guys, where can I find information on xyz" instead of "teach me how to break the config for xyz".16:19
SchrodingersScatthere may be a way to search too...16:19
Megalexthanks you too bekks even if you're kinda rude :)16:19
bekksMegalex: Oh, so telling you where to find the information about the sshd_config is being rude? I'll note that for your next question. Good luck.16:21
MegalexStop playing victim16:22
bekksMegalex: Stop telling people how to support you. Accept the help you get when asking, or stop asking. I'm not a victim, I'm a volunterr supporter. If you dont like it that way, it is up to you.16:23
bekksMegalex: Oh, and to finish this discussion: *plonk*16:24
salamanderrakewho/what/when/where do I ask to have a package -updated- -backported- for the latest stable release of ubuntu? the latest release of pidgin is 2.11.* but ubuntu 16.04 has 2.10.* which has security issuses with it and also I am getting messages from yahoo that my client version will no longer work as of the 31st of Aug.16:26
SchrodingersScatsalamanderrake: is this it? https://launchpad.net/pidgin16:28
skinuxWhat is APACHE_LOCK_DIR supposed to be defined as?16:28
salamanderrakeSchrodingersScat: yes16:29
salamanderrakeSchrodingersScat: this is the new site, https://pidgin.im/16:30
salamanderrakeSchrodingersScat: if there is a better yahoo messenger client then pidgin let me know, I would not use it if I was able to get my Dad to stop using yahoo16:31
sorryclubSome people say that Chinese do16:32
MegalexChinese do what?16:33
Megalexsuspense is killing me16:33
salamanderrakeSchrodingersScat: never mind, I will just use kopete16:33
MegalexI can't see chinese characters :(16:35
SchrodingersScatsalamanderrake: saying maybe you want to contact one of those people, or post a question.16:35
sorryclubAdding system character set16:35
sorryclubChinese friends have been here for the night, ready for bed, my voice could not communicate well with the Google translation, I do not know you can not understand16:36
SchrodingersScatsalamanderrake: moving away from yahoo services isn't the worst idea, they're an arsonist company, but that also doesn't guarantee that that version won't work, guess we'll see.16:36
Megalexsorryclub, google translate is not very good at translation. it can be hard to understand :)16:37
salamanderrakeonce discord comes out, if ever, for linux I will try to move him to it instead, or some other chat service.16:37
Megalexsalamanderrake, who is he chatting with if he's so willing to switch solution?16:38
reisioMegalex: what's better?16:38
Megalexreisio, learning english lol16:38
sorryclubGood night to you friends!16:38
Megalexgoodnight sorryclub16:38
reisiomumble's probably what you want for Unix systems16:38
salamanderrakeMegalex: me and my sis, as far as I know, but he did do the dating site thing.16:38
Megalexdating site on yahoo chat?16:38
salamanderrakeMegalex: no, they had yahoo contacts, he had a yahoo contact, so they would comunicate through yahoo.16:39
salamanderrakehe is living in stone age.16:39
Uncle_Bobay ubuntu people16:39
Megalexsalamanderrake, facebook messenger? https://messengerfordesktop.com/16:41
salamanderrakeyeah, he is on that too16:41
salamanderrakehonestly I don't really know why he is on yahoo16:41
Megalexthat client seems to run on all OS so it would be easy to get him on it16:42
Megalexand then you can talk via phone/desktop/web16:42
salamanderrakeyou trying to make this worse for me?16:42
mlvmhnhow much RAM do i need for 16.04 LTS?16:42
salamanderrakemlvmhn: all of it.16:43
k1l!bug | salamanderrake16:43
ubottusalamanderrake: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:43
salamanderrakethanks k1l16:43
mlvmhni mean how many GB of RAM?16:43
Megalexsalamanderrake, i dunno lol, you asked for another IM solution and that one exists and you all probably already have a facebook account16:43
k1lsalamanderrake: file a bug there for that yahoo account thing. and see if that is yahoo stopping the chat  or pidgin.16:43
salamanderrakehe is on windows, I am on linux.16:44
k1lmlvmhn: didnt we link you that the last days several times?16:44
salamanderrakeubuntu-bug pidgin16:44
Megalexsalamanderrake, https://messengerfordesktop.com/ has a windows and linux version16:44
skinuxWhat is APACHE_LOG_DIR supposed to be #httpd told me to ask in here16:44
salamanderrakesorry all I am moron16:44
k1l<k1l> mlvmhn: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements16:44
Bashing-ommlvmhn: 2 Gigs or more for a good experience .16:44
=== FBI is now known as eviladmin
* eelstrebor tried to do a network upgrade from 14.04.5 LTS to 16.04.1 LTS on 6 machines and they all failed - had to do a fresh install on all of them to make them boot again16:46
mlvmhni have 4 GB of RAM and now i have used 3.7 GB. not having a good experience16:47
MegalexI installed xubuntu on my machine with 4gb ram and it runs really well16:47
MegalexI think unity isn't ideal for that low ram16:47
BluesKajeelstrebor, are you saying the installation failed to boot or the upgrade itself failed16:48
MegalexChrome takes several seconds to open but once it's open it runs smoothly16:48
skinuxThat messenger doesn't work. It just keeps loading and loading16:48
mlvmhnMegalex: xubuntu and ubuntu are two different os16:48
* eelstrebor still has a problem on one box where the touchpad laft and right click won't work - the mouse can be moved with the touchpad though - bug report submitted16:48
Megalexmlvmhn, what do you mean? it's not just a different window manager?16:48
skinuxmlvmhn: Not! Ubuntu just has Unity and Xubuntu has Xfce...just different desktop environments.16:48
Megalexskinux, messenger for desktop?16:49
BluesKajMegalex, watch chrome for a memory leak in about 10 mins16:49
eelstreborBluesKaj, the machines wouldn't boot16:49
k1lmlvmhn: no. its the same OS with a different desktop16:49
skinuxMegalex: Yeah, just keeps doing the blue loading thing16:49
BluesKajafter launch16:49
mlvmhnit is lower specs reqs for xubuntu16:49
eelstreborBluesKaj, after the upgrade finished16:49
MegalexBluesKaj, is that chrome's fault?16:49
Megalexmlvmhn, I think you can install xfce on your current install and change the default window manager to xfce16:50
Megalexinstead of reinstalling xubuntu16:50
Bashing-ommlvmhn: Unused memory is wasted memory : http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html .16:50
mlvmhnwhat in ubuntu 16.04 is taking all my RAM?16:50
skinuxI wish FB's Web Messenger feature would update friends' online status more frequently.16:50
eelstreborchrome works fine on my system with about 23 tabs opened - i have 16 GB of ram16:50
BluesKajMegalex, well it used 5.6GB out of 6GB RAM available in system monitor process table16:51
k1lmlvmhn: please pastebin the output of "free -m"16:51
skinuxI've 14 tabs open, 4G RAM and my system is sluggish on Latest Ubuntu16:51
reisioworks fine on my system, 'cause it's almost never open :)16:51
seednodeI have 6 tabs open, Chrome is using 620MB16:51
Grorcodoes anyone use thunderbird for their irc chat?16:51
skinuxWhy would you use an email client for IRC??16:51
seednodeNo, too bloated for an IRC client for me; I tend to use hexchat for gui16:51
seednodeor weechat/irssi16:52
MegalexMem:          ttl 3941        used 112       free 335316:52
Megalexthat's a lot of wasted ram lol16:52
lordcirthI didn't know Thunderbird even did chat16:52
=== Charlotte is now known as Guest88572
mlvmhni have changed my swap to start when i have 10 % of RAM left16:52
reisioskinux: ha, you use an irc client for irc16:52
lordcirthmlvmhn, look into zram instead of swap16:52
k1lmlvmhn: you know that swap makes your system very slow?16:52
seednodemlvmhn, you'd probably only want swap to start once you have 0% of RAM left, as otherwise you're slowing down for no reason16:53
BluesKajMegalex, guess i'm an anomaly :-)16:53
GrorcoI've been using hexchat I like it, but it would me nice to use one app. I wanted to know if it was slow for everyone else lol16:53
seednodeThe OS knows how to release RAM that's not needed to make way for other, more active processes16:53
seednodeSo no need to start swapping early afaik16:53
seednodeGrorco, thunderbird's IRC is slow, yes16:53
k1l<k1l> mlvmhn: please pastebin the output of "free -m"16:53
berikHi all!16:53
MegalexBluesKaj, well to be fair this linux box is just running a vpn server haha, it doesn't have anything else running than xfce as far as gui is concerned16:53
Grorcoyeah I can't take this, thanks guys16:54
Megalexbut xfce is surprisingly low in memory requirement and looks nice16:54
reisioXfce's pretty great16:56
reisiohi kay16:56
dwxselam aleykum  kekolar16:56
GaryHostso I am a noob17:00
GaryHostit is telling me the deb command is invalid17:00
GaryHostdeb http://httpredir.debian.org/debian/ jessie main contrib non-free17:01
reisiosure youˈre in the right channel?17:01
k1lGaryHost: this is #ubuntu for ubuntu support, you might want to ask #debian for debian support17:01
GaryHostfuck me17:01
SchrodingersScatGaryHost: this is ubuntu, if you're running ubuntu you probably shouldn't mix and match repos17:01
=== sfb is now known as ikeaninja
SchrodingersScat!ohmy | GaryHost17:01
ubottuGaryHost: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:01
* GaryHost blows brains out17:01
* reisio washes up17:01
GrorcoI have a question about bash scripts, I wrote one to open Pycharm and then move it to a different workspace with some help. But now I can't seem to get it to work with Thunderbird and don't understand why. When the curser just blinks what does that mean?17:06
netvixtraGrorco: hardcoded paths?17:07
Grorco[calBackendLoader] Using libical backend at /usr/lib/thunderbird/extensions/{e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}/components/libical-manifest     pops up and then does nothing.17:08
Grorconetvixtra, not on my end. I'm calling them with the terminal commands17:09
Grorconetvixtra, I figured it out. I just needed to type that :) it was %u stopping it17:12
netvixtraGrorco: checking everything a second time before hitting irc is a good thing :-)17:13
JakesDenI have tried to triple boot my laptop with 3 diffrent distros the only problem is the grub install only shows the last one i installed no others, what do i do?17:13
the_gentlemanwhere you all from17:13
the_gentlemani hate it when the grub bugs out and shows up on start up, always give up after trying to research a resolution17:14
Bashing-omJakesDen: Have you ' sudo update-grub ' in the primary operating system ?17:14
Grorconetvixtra, like I said I had help with the script I'm not great with the command line. I don't even know what %u does :(17:14
reisioJakesDen: pick one grub installation to be the primary17:14
reisioJakesDen: inform that grub of all the others17:14
reisioJakesDen: then keep it from being replaced17:15
reisioalternatively: pick one OS, how many do you need? :p17:15
JakesDenok i will try17:15
JakesDenyou can never have enough os's17:15
netvixtraGrorco: ok :)17:15
the_gentlemanany arch ninjas in here?17:15
k1lJakesDen: run "update-grub" on the  OS that should handle the grub17:15
k1lthe_gentleman: ask the arch guys in #archlinux17:16
JakesDeni am17:16
JakesDenwhat do i do with all the other os's what have grub?17:16
the_gentlemansudo update grub not working for me here...17:16
JakesDeni ran it and reboot but it still only shows 1 of the distros17:16
the_gentleman@jakesden...you delete them lol17:17
JakesDenyet in the command line it detected others17:17
JakesDenwhy delete them?17:17
k1lJakesDen: most times its the last OS you installed. run update-grub on that17:17
reisioyou don't need to delete them, but you also don't need more than one17:17
JakesDenthats the only one i can acsess17:17
JakesDeni did17:17
the_gentlemanhow do i get my bash up to par, i want to run linux only in terminal and hate having to be dependent on a de17:17
reisioup to what par?17:18
k1lthe_gentleman: this is the ubuntu support.17:18
the_gentlemanto the par that i wont need a de17:18
SchrodingersScatthe_gentleman: the more you use it the more you'll know17:18
the_gentlemani know, and im running ubuntu17:18
the_gentlemantrying to setup vnc server in terminal and it is a pain like hell17:19
the_gentlemanwhere you all from?17:19
k1lJakesDen: what OS is that?17:19
SchrodingersScat!info x11vnc | the_gentleman17:20
JakesDeni have (in order of instalation) peppermint, kubuntu and cub linux17:20
ubottuthe_gentleman: x11vnc (source: x11vnc): VNC server to allow remote access to an existing X session. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.13-1.2build1 (xenial), package size 915 kB, installed size 2195 kB17:20
k1lJakesDen: so ask the cub linux guys what is wrong with their grub scripts if its not finding the other OSs17:20
JakesDenit happened on all the others too17:21
JakesDeni tried doing that before i installed cub linux to get peppermint to show up in grub but no luck17:21
JakesDenthe command picked up all the other installes just when i rebooted they wernt in grub17:22
windowsxphello guys17:22
the_gentlemanhi xp17:22
JakesDenand the grub says gnu grub version 2.02 btw in the grub boot screen17:22
k1lJakesDen: you need to run that command on the OS that runs the grub in the MBR17:22
windowsxpit works on windows!!!!17:22
JakesDenwhat one would that bn17:22
k1lJakesDen: sudo update-grub, if its ubuntu17:23
windowsxpwell i download windows ISOs17:23
JakesDeni have a partition for boot, swap, and the other 3 os's17:23
k1lwindowsxp: this is the ubuntu support. go to ##windows for windows help17:23
JakesDeni tried that already17:23
JakesDenit showed me the other os's that where installed17:23
k1lJakesDen: make sure /boot is mounted properly then17:23
the_gentlemanssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused17:24
JakesDenbut when i rebooted it didnt17:24
JakesDeni will try now17:24
JakesDenis there a way to force it to use the boot partition for boot?17:24
k1lk1l> JakesDen: make sure /boot is mounted properly then17:25
JakesDeni will17:25
the_gentlemanssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused17:25
JakesDenupdate-grub or update-grub217:26
reisioyou have both?17:26
JakesDenfor some reason yes17:26
the_gentlemanshouldnt you be using grub2...the newer version?17:26
k1lJakesDen: on ubuntu the commands are the same. cant tell you for other OSs17:26
JakesDeni will use 217:26
JakesDenit is ubuntu17:26
reisioif /boot/grub/grub.cfg is unreadable, you're using GRUB217:26
JakesDendo i use the grub one or the grub2 one17:26
k1lits not. cub linux is not a proper ubuntu17:27
reisioalso grub.cfg is grub2 convention, vs grub.conf for older grub17:27
the_gentlemanok i need assistance please with vnc server setup...anyone keen to educate a nooB?17:27
JakesDenso i should use grub 2 command17:27
reisiothe_gentleman: for local network?17:28
reisioJakesDen: probably, but not necessarily17:28
JakesDensinceit uses .cfg17:28
the_gentlemanyes local for now17:28
the_gentlemani get this error open trying to vnc locally: ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused17:28
the_gentlemani installed vnc and all that good stuff, think i must allow the port 22, question is dont know where...17:29
SchrodingersScatthe_gentleman: if you want ssh access, install openssh-server17:29
shadaloocan someone explain why after formatting my hard drive right click --> properties reports 25.1 GB used, 467.0 GB free ?17:29
darkmessiah_Hello Guys.17:29
darkmessiah_How do I enter monitor mode in aircrack-ng?17:29
k1lshadaloo: the filesystem reserves some space already.17:29
JakesDeni ran update-grub and update-grub2 and it showed me all the os's i have installed but when i rebooted gnu grub version 2.02 only displays cub linux not the others17:30
shadalook1l: i used msdos for the filesystem17:30
MannyLNJusing the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/POP3Aggregator I get to /etc/init.d/dovecot restart17:30
MannyLNJ and I then get the error -bash: /etc/init.d/dovecot: No such file or directory17:30
MannyLNJ Help please17:30
shadalook1l: but 25.1 GB?17:30
k1ldarkmessiah_: since you do this for research and not to quick hack another wifi, do the research and read the documentation17:30
k1lshadaloo: its X %. you can lower that for ext4 if you wnat17:30
crazyphilis there a way to run apt-key via sudo?  I keep getting errors about only running as root, and I can't seem to find a way around it17:30
shadalook1l: why would the filesystem be taking up any space at all?17:31
JakesDenwhat do i do?17:31
Bashing-omshadaloo: House keeping overhead .. like a partition table and such ?? By defalt 5% .17:31
th0rshadaloo, it might be that there are two partitions on the drive. Check it with gparted17:31
shadalooBashing-om: why so much? housekeeping really needs 25 GB?17:31
reisioyou don't really want to mess with the reserved space, usually17:31
reisioit's part of what keeps ext FSes from needing to be defragmented17:31
shadalooth0r: I just parted it myself with 1 ext417:31
JakesDenplease help me17:32
reisiopartitions aren't FSes, though17:32
reisioJakesDen: ?17:32
k1lshadaloo: one part is limited to root only use. so root can still use the OS when a user runs out of space. another reason is the filesystem making reservations for having space to backup files if the filesystem gets corrupted17:32
shadalook1l: Bashing-om this drive is only going to be used for media storage, do I really need all that 'housekeeping' space?17:32
k1lshadaloo: some backstory: http://askubuntu.com/questions/19504/reasonable-size-for-filesystem-reserved-blocks-for-non-os-disks17:33
JakesDeni have been trying to get help with grub picking up my other os's but it wont, i have tried grub-update and grub-update2 and they showed me the other os's but when i rebooted it doesnt show the others17:33
crazyphilnevermind, fixed it17:34
JakesDendo you want me to send the files of grub's config and partition details?17:34
Bashing-omJakesDen: Multi disks . And have you changed in Bios to boot the primary operating system drive ?17:35
JakesDentheres only 1 drive17:35
MannyLNJWill someone please help me with the my issue?17:38
JakesDenand mine17:39
reisioJakesDen: what issue?17:40
reisiouse complete statements17:40
JakesDenthe one i have been talking about for the last half hour here17:40
JakesDeni have been trying to get help with grub picking up my other os's but it wont, i have tried grub-update and grub-update2 and they showed me the other os's but when i rebooted it doesnt show the others17:41
reisiothen you aren't updating the grub install you think you are17:41
reisioJakesDen: what're the distros/OSes you have installed, again?17:41
JakesDeni have (in order of instalation) peppermint, kubuntu and cub linux17:42
k1lJakesDen: ask the cub OS guys if they can give you a hand. we dont know if they chaged stuff there17:42
JakesDenbefore i installed cub linux i tried in kubuntu and the same thing happened17:42
WaVis there a way to install the kde framework via apt-get? I'm trying to install konversation from source as the version that is available via apt-get isn't the newest one and I need the kde framework.17:43
reisioJakesDen: just answer the questions, that's all you need to do17:43
reisioJakesDen: which of those three distros do you want to be your primary?17:43
reisioWaV: apt-source, was it?17:44
JakesDenthe kde one but i also need the other 217:44
reisioJakesDen: kubuntu?17:44
reisioJakesDen: these are all on /dev/sda ?17:44
SchrodingersScatJakesDen: and you installed these to different roots?17:44
JakesDendo you want a screenshot of my current partitions?17:45
reisioJakesDen: ...no I merely want the answer to my question17:45
JakesDenyes i think17:45
reisioacceptable answers are: yes, /dev/sda; no, something else; and "I don't know"17:45
reisioyes I think also works17:45
reisioJakesDen: first thing you need to do, then, is boot up kubuntu, and run sudo grub-install --no-floppy /dev/sda (or grub2-install)17:45
reisioJakesDen: that will ensure your kubuntu install's grub is in control of boot loading17:46
JakesDenhow can i boot up kubuntu17:46
reisioJakesDen: you don't have that option?17:46
JakesDenthats what i have said17:46
reisioJakesDen: which distro is booting?17:46
JakesDenthats what i need help with17:46
JakesDencub linux17:46
WaVreisio: apt-source is not a valid command?17:46
JakesDenthe last one i installed17:46
reisioWaV: apt-get source17:47
reisioJakesDen: okay, then you can either go into cub and update your grub config so you can boot kubuntu, or17:47
reisioJakesDen: you can boot your kubuntu install media and fix it from there17:47
JakesDenhow do i update grub config to show other installs17:47
WaVreisio: Are you talking about for KDE or konversation?17:48
SchrodingersScatWaV: are you looking for apt-get build-dep ?17:48
JakesDenfrom cub linux17:48
JakesDenas thats the only one that shows up17:48
JakesDenin grub17:48
reisioJakesDen: something like this: mv -n /boot/grub/grub.cfg /boot/grub/0.grub.cfg; sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg17:48
reisioWaV: for packages in general17:48
WaVSchrodingersScat: looking for KDE framework17:49
JakesDenwhen i run sudo update-grub it shows what installs i have but when i reboot it doesnt show them17:49
SchrodingersScatoh, excuse me then, thought you weer trying to get the dependencies for building konversation17:49
WaVactually yes pretty much17:49
WaVkde is one of them17:50
JakesDeni will run that command17:50
JakesDenthe long one17:50
k1lJakesDen: is the /boot partition mounted?17:50
k1lJakesDen: is it the /boot the grub that is installed into the MBR is using?17:50
JakesDeni dont know, how do i find out17:51
SchrodingersScatWaV: man apt-get , check out build-dep, can normally install the dependencies needed for the software supplied after it, apt-get build-dep konversation , for example.17:51
ovrflw0xJakesDen, how many partitions of hard disk do you have?17:51
k1lJakesDen: "mount" will tell you17:51
curlyearsheigh hough17:52
JakesDen1 sec17:53
curlyearstime's up17:53
JakesDenshould i run mount and send output to a pastebin17:54
ovrflw0xyo curlie wurlie burlie curlyears17:54
k1lJakesDen: yes17:54
ovrflw0xJakesDen, just run "lsblk" and tell here how many /boot you got17:54
JakesDenso i need to do one for lsblk and mount17:55
k1lJakesDen: that would give some facts besides "i dont use ubuntu but other OS that mess my grub"17:55
ovrflw0xJakesDen, just run lsblk17:55
JakesDenhere is the output for both: tiny.cc/jakecmdlog17:57
SchrodingersScatJakesDen: so the 46.6GB are /'s and then the single /boot?17:58
curlyearsI can't get mknod to work for me.  I am typing sudo mknod /dev/sdb b17:59
Nathan88hi guys18:00
curlyearsI am trying to format a 3TB HDD18:00
Megalexwhat are some useful servers to run at home? i already got openvpn running, ssh, what else could be useful? :)18:00
curlyearsMegalex:  useful to whom, for what?18:01
ovrflw0xJakesDen, which version you using? ubuntu18:01
Megalexcurlyears, just brainstorm :)18:01
=== Fuchs_ is now known as Lausefuchs
_unrealcurlyears: what is the 3tb drive formingg issue?18:01
JakesDen<JakesDen> i have (in order of instalation) peppermint, kubuntu and cub linux18:02
JakesDencub linux is the only one that shows up in grub at boot18:02
curlyears_unreal:   I can't glean enough information from the man or info pages to get mknod to work18:02
_unrealbut what are you trying t do18:03
_unrealwhat kind of a format18:03
JakesDenwhen i run update-grub it shows the other os's i have installed but when i reboot they dont show up in grub18:03
Nathan88is ubuntu used for making games?18:03
_unrealext 3-4?18:03
curlyears\so what would be the correct syntax for the command, to format a 3TB drive as a plain EXT4 filesystem?18:03
_unrealNathan88: it can be18:03
ovrflw0xJakesDen, try this command "sudo grub-install /dev/sda"18:03
OerHekscurlyears, just use the disks utility18:03
_unrealcurlyears: mkfs.ext4 /dev/xxxx18:04
curlyearsOerheks:  what disks utility?18:04
curlyearsahhhh...thanks guys18:04
JakesDenand reboot?18:04
OerHekscurlyears, you are clever enough to find the comandline :-D18:04
_unrealcurlyears: you can also use gparted18:04
ovrflw0xof course18:04
JakesDenstill nope18:05
ovrflw0xwhat message do you get/18:05
=== precise is now known as precise|snek
Nathan88i've got a business propostion for you guys18:05
JakesDenis grub stuupsed to say GNU grub version 2.02 ?18:06
Nathan88i'd like for a simple 2d top down multiplayer shooter made18:06
reisioJakesDen: that's fine18:06
_unrealshow me the money18:06
SchrodingersScat!support | Nathan88 this channel is only for ubuntu support18:06
ubottuNathan88 this channel is only for ubuntu support: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com18:06
ovrflw0xJakesDen, what message do you get?18:06
Nathan88well i was hoping we could reach an agreement based on equity18:06
JakesDennow why wont it list the other os's when grub is booted but it does when i run update-grub18:07
JakesDeni rebooted18:07
JakesDenbut it sayed no errors found or something like that18:07
BluesKajNathan88, reaad ubottu's message above18:07
ovrflw0xJakesDen, install os-prober or something18:07
SchrodingersScatmy question would be if you overwrote the /boot/ with cub linux and maybe that's why it's not going?18:07
Nathan88if this isn't the place i'll just leave]18:07
k1lJakesDen: details matter a lot.18:07
JakesDeni dunno18:07
BluesKajthis is not the place for sure18:07
ovrflw0xJakesDen, now log into ubutnu and run "update-grub"18:08
k1lJakesDen: if there is any output and you dont understand it clearly show it in pastebin.18:08
ovrflw0xsee if other linux gets listed18:08
reisioJakesDen: you ran grub-mkconfig and got no new boot options?18:08
JakesDenInstalling for i386-pc platform.18:09
JakesDenInstallation finished. No error reported.18:09
reisioJakesDen: edit /boot/grug/grub.cfg18:09
JakesDenovrflw0x, i will run update-grub now18:09
reisioJakesDen: change any of the menuentry titles to something you can notice the change for18:09
reisiothen reboot and make sure you see that change18:09
JakesDenok reisio18:10
Bashing-omcurlyears: Have you seen : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive for the CLI way ?18:11
ovrflw0xJakesDen, did update grub detect?18:12
reisioJakesDen: if you don't see the change, then the grub.cfg you are editing is not related to the grub that is in control of booting18:12
JakesDenupdate-grub alleays lists all other os's18:12
JakesDeni will reboot now i changed the name18:13
ovrflw0xJakesDen, no jackass that won't fix it18:13
JakesDeni was just saying18:13
ovrflw0xwhat name did you change?18:13
reisiodoesn't matter18:13
JakesDenit didnt show changes18:14
reisioJakesDen: then the grub that's loading your cub is not cub's18:15
reisioeither that, or you have a fake /boot that's full of misleading information, and your proper /boot isn't mounted18:15
ovrflw0xJakesDen, are your partitions listed in grub via UUID or /dev/sdaX?18:15
JakesDenit doesnt show anything in cub linuxes /boot when the boot partition is nmounted18:16
reisioovrflw0x: doesn't matter, that grub.cfg is not being read18:16
reisioJakesDen: you should probably just boot the kubuntu install image to fix this18:16
bipulHello Kindly check it out this http://paste.ubuntu.net/23076328/18:16
JakesDenok and should i see if that makes the pc boot kubuntu on grub?18:17
reisiobipul: can talk to ##linux about that, even18:18
bipulA kind of ACL's problem i am facing18:18
bipulreisio, You want me to past this link at ## linux18:18
reisioJakesDen: boot your kubuntu install media, mount & chroot your kubuntu, then grub-install18:19
reisioJakesDen: that should put kubuntu in charge of booting, then you need only ensure kubuntu's grub.cfg lists your other installs18:19
reisio(and then avoid having any of your other distros grub-install again)18:19
reisioJakesDen: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair18:20
reisioeither of those should suffice18:20
reisiogrub-install /dev/sda alone might do it18:20
reisioI forget18:20
JakesDenhow i chroot my kubuntu install18:20
ovrflw0xJakesDen, on which hard disk partition in kubuntu installed?18:21
ovrflw0xtell me /dev/sdX18:21
JakesDen let me boot the install usb and i will find out18:21
EmeraldExplorerI'm trying to figure out the best structure for my files. Right now I have my minecraft servers in /home/mcserver/[serverName] my xenforo in /home/spyderweb/xenforo and my teamspeak in /home/teamspeak . However, is this good? Isn't it better to make a user with a home directory in /opt/[username] or something?18:21
JakesDenit will say at tiny.cc/jakecmdlog18:22
reisioEmeraldExplorer: /home/ is the ordinary place for users' homes18:22
pete5x5Hi wondering if someone can help me out with WiFi issues on a macbook air 2,1?  Have followed instructions on installing the Broadcom proprietary driver for the chip BCM4321, It says that driver is being used in System Settings -> Software & Updates, but it still doesn't work.  Thoughts?18:22
JakesDenits the second ~50gb partition18:22
reisioEmeraldExplorer: doesn't actually matter where you put things, though18:22
reisioEmeraldExplorer: I will say that out of foo/bar, foo/baz, and qux, either two of those are pointlessly using another model, or one is18:23
ovrflw0xJakesDen, why are you posting mount command output?18:23
EmeraldExplorerreisio: I just see a lot of tutorials that put things in /opt/ or /someRootDirectoryIForgot/local/18:23
reisiomarcinsky: hi18:23
JakesDencause i was asked before18:23
reisioEmeraldExplorer: /opt/ is for 3rd party binary blob proprietary trash18:23
JakesDenfor some reason#18:23
ovrflw0xJakesDen, are cups and kubuntu linux on usb flash drive?18:23
reisioEmeraldExplorer: if you don't like /home/, then make /servers/18:24
reisioEmeraldExplorer: doesn't matter18:24
EmeraldExplorerreisio: I like home, I just want to figure out what is good18:24
JakesDeni have kubuntu installer on usb i will boot the usb now18:24
reisiohome is fine18:24
ovrflw0xJakesDen, what do you mean installer?18:24
ovrflw0xJakesDen, have you installed or are you trying to install?18:24
JakesDenthe default one18:25
JakesDenthe one that has the installer18:25
ovrflw0xJakesDen, you mean livecd?18:25
EmeraldExplorerreisio: would teamspeak be considered "3rd party binary blob trash"? :p18:25
JakesDenwhat you get from there site18:25
ovrflw0xdude wtf18:25
ovrflw0xyou don't need grub to boot live usb18:26
JakesDenso how do i <reisio> JakesDen: boot your kubuntu install media, mount & chroot your kubuntu, then grub-install18:26
ovrflw0xJakesDen, no jacko18:26
JakesDenthats what i was doing18:26
ovrflw0xJakesDen, what are you ACTUALLY trying to do?18:26
f380cedric_Hi, I have a question, notify-send from libnotify-bin has urgency level, the level critical should bypass full-screen app, but it does not bypass flash/html5 full-screen, is that normal? It is really problematic for critical battery level :/18:26
JakesDentrtying to get grub to detect my others18:26
JakesDenoter os's that are installed18:26
ovrflw0xJakesDen, which OS's are ALREADY installed?18:27
ovrflw0xkubuntu is on live cd so it is NOT installed18:27
JakesDenfor the 5th time now18:27
JakesDen<JakesDen> <JakesDen> i have (in order of instalation) peppermint, kubuntu and cub linux18:27
JakesDencub linux is the only one in grub18:28
ovrflw0xlol JakesDen you said kubuntu is on LIVE CD18:28
reisiof380cedric_: sounds normal, but still a bug18:28
EmeraldExplorerreisio: also one more question: would it be good to use /home/spyderweb/www/xenforo for www.mydomain.com ==> xenforo and /home/spyderweb/gitlab/gitlab for gitlab.mydomain.com ==> gitlab18:28
JakesDeni thought you where someone else18:28
reisioJakesDen: did you answer his question about which partition kubuntu was on?18:28
f380cedric_reisio, do you know if there is a launchpad bug report where somebody is working on a patch?18:28
pete5x5Hi wondering if someone can help me out with WiFi issues on a macbook air 2,1?  Have followed instructions on installing the Broadcom proprietary driver for the chip BCM4321, It says that driver is being used in System Settings -> Software & Updates, but it still doesn't work.  Thoughts?18:28
JakesDeni was told to chroot my kubuntu install from the kubuntu live cd and run grub-install18:28
reisioEmeraldExplorer: doesn't really matter; what's spyderweb?18:29
bipulreisio, Sir you know the answer?18:29
ovrflw0xthis guy is crazy18:29
reisiof380cedric_: no, but you can check yourself18:29
reisiobipul: yes18:29
reisiobipul: but what's the question?18:29
f380cedric_reisio, thanks :)18:29
EmeraldExplorerreisio: stuff for "the web"18:29
EmeraldExplorerjust called it a weird name so people couldn't hack me as easily18:29
EmeraldExplorers/hack/brute force18:29
reisioEmeraldExplorer: spyderweb/gitlab/gitlab looks stupid, but spyderweb/gitlab seems fine18:29
reisioEmeraldExplorer: it's just personal preference18:29
reisioEmeraldExplorer: what makes you think calling it 'spyderweb' will make it more secure?18:30
ovrflw0xJakesDen, what OS's does grub list?18:30
JakesDencub linux18:30
ovrflw0xcan you boot into cub linux?18:30
reisioJakesDen: did you answer his question about which partition kubuntu was on?18:30
EmeraldExplorerreisio: So brute forcers won't use a commonly used username (ex: web) to gain access to my system18:30
JakesDenbut when i was told to modify the name of cub linux in the /boot partition it didnt change it when i rebooted so it must be using grub somewhere else18:31
reisioEmeraldExplorer: won't make any difference18:31
bipulThe question is with bipul account, I am not able to edit the content of a file test. Even though bipul is in hary group.18:31
EmeraldExplorerreisio: ehh just going by what people tell me18:31
JakesDenkubuntu is on:18:31
EmeraldExplorerthey said "don't use common names"18:31
reisioEmeraldExplorer: then go by what I just told you :p18:31
reisioEmeraldExplorer: makes no difference18:31
EmeraldExplorerreisio: don't want to rip all my symlinks and too lazy to make another bash script to update them :p18:32
EmeraldExplorermight listen to you if I get another server though18:32
JakesDenits on /dev/sda818:32
reisioEmeraldExplorer: it's fine to leave it as is, you just don't need to do that in general, FYI18:32
EmeraldExplorerreisio: OK. So since gitlab might be sypderweb/gitlab then it would only make sense to have the main xenforo as spyderweb/www18:32
EmeraldExplorerand not spyderweb/www/xenforo18:33
pete5x5Hi wondering if someone can help me out with WiFi issues on a macbook air 2,1?  Have followed instructions on installing the Broadcom proprietary driver for the chip BCM4321, It says that driver is being used in System Settings -> Software & Updates, but it still doesn't work.  Thoughts?18:33
ovrflw0xJakesDen, nothing is mounted on /dev/sda818:33
reisioJakesDen: sudo mkdir /mnt/kubuntu; sudo mount /dev/sda8 /mnt/kubuntu; sudo mount -t proc none /mnt/kubuntu/proc; sudo mount --rbind /sys /mnt/kubuntu/sys; sudo mount --rbind /dev /mnt/kubuntu/dev; sudo chroot /mnt/kubuntu /bin/bash18:33
reisioJakesDen: then: sudo grub-install --no-floppy /dev/sda; exit18:33
reisioJakesDen: sudo umount -l /mnt/kubuntu{/sys,/dev,/proc} /mnt/kubuntu; sudo reboot18:33
JakesDencan you put that into a sh file i can wget and run on the device?18:34
reisioJakesDen: :p18:34
JakesDencause its very long18:34
bipulreisio, ?18:34
reisiopete5x5: what doesn't work, nm-applet?18:34
reisiobipul: ?18:35
JakesDeni gtg soon so be quick18:35
reisioJakesDen: heh18:35
ovrflw0xJakesDen, dude you got nothing mounted on /dev/sda8 according to lsblk18:35
JakesDenwell it isnt mounted atm ovrflw0x18:35
bipulreisio, I asked the question in channel :)18:36
ovrflw0xJakesDen, can you boot into kubuntu?18:36
JakesDenit isnt set to auto mount18:36
EmeraldExplorerreisio: OK. So since gitlab might be sypderweb/gitlab then it would only make sense to have the main xenforo as spyderweb/www , correct?18:36
pete5x5reisio: not sure what's not working, not really sure even how to start troubleshooting TBH.  Wifi shows up in top-right bar, but no networks are available even though it seems to be using the correct driver18:36
JakesDenhow do i boot into kubuntu18:36
EmeraldExplorerand not spyderweb/www/xenforo18:36
reisioEmeraldExplorer: as opposed to?18:36
reisiobipul: what question?18:36
ovrflw0xJakesDen, bye man use something simler18:36
EmeraldExplorerreisio: just so I can be consistent with naming practices18:36
JakesDencan i try to do what reisio is trying to tell me first18:37
reisioEmeraldExplorer: I don't know what you're comparing, but 'www' and 'gitlab' match nicely enough18:37
=== trickster is now known as Keitaro
ovrflw0xJakesDen, sometimes you say Kubuntu is on USB LIVE disk and sometimes you say it is on /dev/sda8? WTF?18:37
bipulreisio, The question is with bipul account, I am unable to edit the content of a file test. Even though bipul is in hary group. http://paste.ubuntu.net/23076328/18:37
reisiobipul: I'd ask ##linux about that18:38
EmeraldExplorerreisio: old: xenforo (www.domain.com): spyderweb/www/xenforo, gitlab (gitlab.domain.com):  spyderweb/gitlab/gitlab ==> new: spyderweb/www and spyderweb/gitlab18:38
JakesDenreisio, can you put the commands in a sh file on transfer.sh please18:38
bipulreisio,  ok :)18:38
JakesDeni have the usb installer and it has been installed ob my laptop as well18:38
JakesDenreisio, ?18:39
wolfmitchellDoes the installer iso for ubuntu server have liveusb support? Or just the instaler?18:39
wolfmitchellinstaller *18:39
YankDownUnderwolfmitchell: Yes, bro.18:40
wolfmitchellmmk, just making sure18:40
netvixtraDamn, Spotify uses alot of power.18:40
reisioJakesDen: http://dpaste.com/07ZQ120.txt18:40
JakesDenwill run now18:42
JakesDenreisio, k18:43
JakesDennow grub is a command line18:44
JakesDenwhat u done now18:44
damien__i have a burn in issue on my monitor any ideas18:44
AntipsychiatryPsychiatry MUST be abolished!!!!!!!!18:45
reisioJakesDen: what'd grub-install say?18:45
MonkeyDustAntipsychiatry  wrong channel18:45
reisioAntipsychiatry: would probably be alright, yeah18:45
reisiodamien__: new monitor?18:45
JakesDenno issues found18:45
JakesDeni think18:45
JakesDencan i use the grub command line to boot kubuntu and run grub-install18:46
AntipsychiatryMonkey? I read here ...maybe is one interested to abolish this FAKE .18:46
pete5x5reisio: not sure what's not working, not really sure even how to start troubleshooting TBH.  Wifi shows up in top-right bar, seems to be working, but no networks are available even though it seems to be using the correct driver18:46
damien__well i heard you can kind of get rid of the burn in. Either with a burn in fix such as a white screen does this work18:46
JakesDenreisio, will that work?18:46
reisioJakesDen: you don't need to grub-install again, you just need a working grub.cfg now18:47
JakesDeni cant even boot any os18:47
JakesDenunless you have commands to do so18:47
reisioJakesDen: you better just follow this -- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair -- till you can get one of your grub.cfg's to match your actual bootloader18:48
reisiodamien__: not that I'm aware of, no18:49
JakesDeni will boot that now18:49
reisiodamien__: could ask #hardware18:49
reisioactual burn in is... burnt in18:49
reisioit is a physical state change18:49
EmeraldExplorerreisio: old: xenforo (www.domain.com): spyderweb/www/xenforo, gitlab (gitlab.domain.com):  spyderweb/gitlab/gitlab ==> new: spyderweb/www and spyderweb/gitlab18:49
reisioyou can only undo it by melting it all down and remaking the matter in question without the impurities18:49
reisioEmeraldExplorer: sounds good18:50
EmeraldExplorerthe question is, if the domain was www.domain.com/xname I'm wondering what I would do for the file structure18:50
EmeraldExplorerif I had it in spyderweb/www/xname it wouldn't work18:50
EmeraldExplorerbecause then xname would be part of the xenforo files18:50
reisioEmeraldExplorer: what's wrong with that?18:51
damien__xubuntu is a great os it is very lightweight and much faster18:51
=== dans_ is now known as danshtr
reisioyou can think of 'www.domain.com/foo' as a really stupid way to name this directory structure: 'com/domain/www/foo'18:51
reisioor without subdomains: 'com/domain/foo'18:51
EmeraldExplorerreisio: spyderweb/www contains ALL the xenforo files, so couldn't the xname conflict with the files in the xenforo_home directory?18:51
reisioEmeraldExplorer: if www is /, then www/xname would be /xname just fine18:52
reisiobipul: what model macbook is it?18:54
bipulIt's ubuntu18:54
reisiobipul: what hardware model is the macbook18:54
bipulreisio, i don't know18:55
reisiobipul: did you say it was an air?18:55
bipulreisio, i don't know18:55
wolfmitchellYankDownUnder, ... ok, either the iso i dl'd doesn't have it or ubuntu live server isn't a thing18:56
bipulreisio, Now i got my answer hahaha18:57
EmeraldExplorerreisio: no I'm not talking about xname I'm talking about files in xname/..18:57
EmeraldExplorerfor example what if they store files in the directory xname?18:57
dwxping www.google.com18:59
dwxkimse yok mu19:00
bipulreisio, Now it's working19:00
nicarrownoob testing this out is it working19:00
dwxnı tisting wirking19:00
reisiobipul: gj19:04
=== sorinello is now known as BalcoraWRT
reisioEmeraldExplorer: got me, what if they do?19:04
apb1963I'm having a packages "held back" problem.  Details here: http://pastebin.com/H6gBX1hz19:05
=== BalcoraWRT is now known as sorinello
EmeraldExplorerreisio: I'm trying to get a better structure where this couldn't happen19:05
EmeraldExplorersince xenforo files are stored in www19:05
EmeraldExplorerand xname's files are stored in www/xname19:05
EmeraldExplorerxenforo could possibly store files in www/xname too19:06
EmeraldExplorerand then a conflict19:06
reisioEmeraldExplorer: k, then use /www and /xname19:06
reisiodoesn't matter19:06
raspyhi all, when running a pvdisplay, the PV Size is 13.00 GiB / not usable 4.00 MiB, when I run an lvcreate 100%FREE, It only says Avail 12G19:07
EmeraldExplorerreisio: but that wouldn't make any sense because what if I had xname.domain.com and www.domain.com/xname19:07
EmeraldExplorerreisio: just trying to think of a reasonable structure19:07
EmeraldExplorerthe only one I can think of is www/xenforo/[xenforoFilesHere]19:07
raspyis the unusuable space of 4.00 MiB preventing me from using the remaining 1GB of space on the volume I created?19:07
EmeraldExplorerbut then you said it would be weird to do gitlab/gitlab/[gitlabFilesHere]19:07
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kraghothi guys19:10
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
kraghotI have a question, where could I look up the .config for the kernel compilation19:11
pretodorguys, imagine this: you're in the terminal and you'd like to open the working directory in nautilus. easy right? just `nautilus .` or `xdg-open .`19:12
pretodorwhat if you wanted to bind this command to a keyboard shortcut. how would you do this?19:12
=== igniting is now known as Guest72512
kraghotbecause I have an x86 tablet and I can only use otg port for the keyboard. I tried both arch and ubuntu and it seems that the otg port doens't work so I want to check if it has the flag enabled for otg19:13
kraghotpretodor, you mean a shortcut in the terminal?19:13
=== ikeaninja is now known as sfb
kraghotyou could do alias bla="nautilus ."19:13
apb1963raspy: I don't know for a fact because I don't use lvm, but I have a feeling that the  missing space is taken up by overhead; so you may want to investigate and confirm one way or the other.19:13
kraghotsomething like that19:13
raspythx apb196319:14
kraghotbut then you have to put it in your .bashrc if you want it to be persistent19:14
pretodorkraghot: a keyboard shortcut to be precise. Not a bash alias19:14
reisioEmeraldExplorer: well, it'd make the most sense to know whether or not your own app was going to write to /xname :p19:14
pretodorI'd like to bind `xdg-open .` to ctrl+shift+e but I have absolutely no idea how19:14
pretodorkraghot: been scratching my head over this for a few days now19:14
kraghotpretodor, not sure what you mean. You want when you're in the terminal and press a shortcut for it to open that folder in nautilus?19:16
pretodorkraghot: exactly19:16
kraghotyou'll then need to somehow type in nautilus . and press enter19:16
pretodorkraghot: that's the thing. I'm trying to avoid that. I would like to execute `nautilus .` by pressing ctrl+shift+e19:17
pretodorkraghot: my thoughts exactly...19:18
kraghotit would be must easier to just alias it to a letter and press enter19:18
pretodorkraghot: that is my backup plan19:18
kraghotyou would have to find a command which sends keystrokes19:18
kraghotand then use settings to make e shortcut and execute that command19:18
kraghotpretodor,  how bout http://askubuntu.com/questions/280604/assign-hotkeys-to-paste-predefined-text19:19
pretodorkraghot: this might work. thanks for the link, kraghot. But i'm afraid it won't be sandboxed inside the 'terminal' program19:20
kraghotpretodor, which ubuntu version are you running?19:21
pretodorkraghot: 16.0419:21
kraghotpretodor, maybe theres a better terminal emulator that supports keybindings like this?19:21
pretodorsorry, accidentally closed the tab19:22
matt__hi there19:22
kraghotpretodor, could you please run "zcat /proc/config.gz | grep USB_OTG" and tell me if the variable is set? I don't know how else to check except for booting it froma usb :(19:22
pretodorkraghot: have you heard of any good contenders19:22
pretodorkraghot: doesn't look like it19:23
kraghotpretodor,  maybe rxvt?19:23
kraghotok thank you19:23
kraghotthat;s why my tablets usb ports arent working19:24
=== daci is now known as iJens
=== igniting_ is now known as igniting
Kraghotso does anyone know how to install ubuntu to a USB with UEFI19:31
=== igniting is now known as Guest87609
MonkeyDust!persistent | Kraghot start here19:34
ubottuKraghot start here: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:34
Kraghotthank you MonkeyDust19:35
=== Charlotte is now known as Guest71468
apb1963I'm having a packages "held back" problem.  Details here: http://pastebin.com/H6gBX1hz20:08
apb1963I'm having a packages "held back" problem.  Details here: http://pastebin.com/nTW3AAhY [sorry for repeat, previous paste expired]20:11
k1lapb1963: you can run "sudo apt full-upgrade". you need to run that to get all latest updates installed20:12
apb1963k1l: thx... did you look at the paste?20:13
k1lapb1963: that is what usual updates look like.20:13
apb1963k1l: I don't think you checked it out carefully20:14
apb1963I should also mention I'm running 14.0420:14
k1lapb1963: please explain what the issue is?20:15
apb1963k1l: I did.  In the paste.20:15
k1lno. explain in details what you issue is, if you dont trust me that this is a regular update.20:16
k1lthat pastebin output looks 100% like a regular update. so what is your exact issue there?20:16
spacecubhi all20:16
apb1963k1l: It wants to install specific packages.  My question is, are those packages safe to install?20:17
k1lapb1963: if they come from the ubuntu repo, why should they not be safe to install?20:17
spacecubusing lubuntu 64bit, want to use Asunder to rip cd to mp3, claims there is no "lame in my path" what does this mean?20:18
apb1963k1l: Because stuff happens and people aren't perfect.20:18
k1lapb1963: that is why the packages get automated testings and users do have backups of important data.20:18
apb1963k1l: Since I'm not familiar with the packages, and have no idea why after running it for years, it suddenly wants to install new packages in order to upgrade one that's been there all this time.20:19
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k1lapb1963: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/u/update-notifier/update-notifier_0.154.1ubuntu2/changelog20:20
k1lthat is why20:20
spacecuboooh, google..20:20
apb1963k1l: And there we have it.  "backups", something you assume I have, but don't due to a lack of space.  When my system is totally hosed and unusable what will you say?  "You should have had a backup".  Oh, thank you.20:20
k1lapb1963: ok. good luck with your issue, i am not here as a volunteer for having to ask eery detail 10 times and just get your rantings.20:21
reisiohi tito20:22
tito__hi amigo20:22
apb1963k1l: hardly ranting.  But when people tell me "just do it because I said so"... I ask questions.20:22
SchrodingersScatapb1963: you really should have backups though, sweet stallman20:23
tito__how are you reisio20:23
reisiopretty okay, you?20:23
apb1963k1l: I appreciate you taking the time to help, I do.  I just know that people make assumptions that are not always true.  And so, I have to protect myself and my system from random "suggestions" from unknown sources.20:24
tito__hi roman_20:24
tito__hi Afrix20:24
tito__hi esholx20:24
spacecubis  the lame codec workable?20:24
shaunHey guys, I have a complicated question, I've pasted here: http://pastebin.com/9GzwfSes Could someone take a look and give me some directions?20:24
reisiospacecub: ?20:24
apb1963SchrodingersScat: yes... I should... and... when the universe chooses to drop another hard drive in my lap... I'll make one.20:24
SchrodingersScatapb1963: at least one remote as well20:25
apb1963SchrodingersScat: yes... that would be ideal20:25
spacecubi googled my issue on the missing lame codec and it says to bypass if possible, looking for ruby ripper now, but cant find it20:25
spacecubjust trying to rip a cd..20:26
reisioshaun: those are a lot of different issues20:26
reisioshaun: bind is entirely virtual20:26
shaunreisio: even after putting it in fstab?20:26
spacecubusing lubuntu, its for my sons samsung phone, not sure if it likes ogg..20:26
reisioshaun: what is what after putting what into fstab?20:26
reisiospacecub: you can use rubyripper and lame, yes20:27
spacecubwhat are ppl using to rip cd`s?20:27
reisiospacecub: android should play ogg fine, too20:27
reisiospacecub: people aren't so much anymore20:27
reisiospacecub: there's not anything better than rubyripper for really good rips, but you might be entirely happy with, for example, cdparanoia (& frontends)20:27
spacecuboh, ill try and search rubyripper as one word.20:27
NytramI've used vlc before now, it does a pretty fair job20:27
reisiospacecub: you can get it from a ppa last I checked (last year)20:28
reisiospacecub: if you aren't concerned with bit-for-bit perfect copies, just use cdparanoia or any frontend20:28
spacecubk, thanky, looking :)20:28
apb1963spacecub: I don't know if this will help but back when I neeed to rip a CD I used "k3b" if memory serves.  I don't recall any details.20:28
NytramYeah! K3b is good.20:28
akikkde has a built-in ripper20:28
shaunreisio: for making mount --bind reboot-proof (as shown here http://askubuntu.com/questions/205841/how-do-i-mount-a-folder-from-another-partition)20:28
apb1963akik: I use kde... where is this ripper?20:28
akikapb1963: i have to look it up20:29
reisioand if anybody suggests 'morituri' to you, ignore them because that program barely even runs20:29
akikapb1963: i think it's described here http://www.linuxtopia.org/online_books/linux_desktop_guides/kde_desktop_user_guide/audio-cd.html20:29
akikapb1963: i used that last year in kde 420:30
MonkeyDust!info morituri20:30
ubottuPackage morituri does not exist in xenial20:30
mmethHi. I done goofed and now I have to reinstall windows. I want both ubuntu and windows on sda but atm grub is on sdb. I figure installing windows will break the boot to ubuntu, should I just reformat the whole drive before installing windows and then re-install ubuntu?20:31
mmethand on which drive should I put boot, for some reason the boot was on sdb20:32
spacecubhi all again, looks like cd paranoia may already be installed, I`m guessing i dont need .dbg and .dev packages to run20:32
spacecubstart from shell?20:32
apb1963akik: ty.  I'll have to investigate when I have more time.   Seems to built into konquerer, but like I say... will need to investigate.  Thx!20:32
reisiommeth: reformatting won't do anything but use up more time20:32
akikapb1963: yea it wasn't as built-in as i remembered20:33
shaunif I mount the folders instead of symlinking it and clonzeilla the ubuntu 16.04 partition, will the source of the mounted folders be backed up as well?20:33
SchrodingersScat!fixgrub | mmeth20:33
ubottummeth: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:33
reisiommeth: you can fix Windows stealing the boot loader after it happens easily20:33
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spacecubooh, it runs in the shell, no gui? :) (cdparanoia)20:34
MonkeyDustspacecub  ripping cds? try    jack -Q -R20:37
reisiospacecub: cdparanoia on its own, there are many GUI frontends20:40
MonkeyDustspacecub  try asunder or ripit20:42
spacecubasunder complains of missing lame codec, not sure what a frontend is :)20:44
spacecubinstalling k3b..20:44
spacecubfrontend like a gui?20:45
k1lthen install the lame codec. it is a similar one like mp320:45
k1lsudo apt install lame20:46
netsrotHi, I'm trying to follow the gallium-nine tutorial but aptitude refuses to install wine that way. I get the following message http://pastebin.com/n4DvjBpA is there any way to work around that to get wine g9 installed?20:46
spacecubhaha was just about to ask20:46
m_abdelfattahHelllo... I just created a new Ubuntu 16.04 droplet on DO and it keeps disconnecting me and I'm getting the following error on my mac terminal: packet_write_wait: Connection to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX: Broken pipe20:47
spacecubk, lame installed, thanky20:47
msev- can you guys help me with this -> http://pastebin.com/RVNnKkXA ,... here is the service -> http://pastebin.com/QBxyiiEy and this is mycroft.sh -> https://github.com/MycroftAI/mycroft-core/blob/master/mycroft.sh20:48
spacecubk, ripping, thanks guys...20:49
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EmeraldExplorerAnyone know if there is a way to always go with the side of the origin when using a git repository and merging?20:52
spacecubim going to leave to free cpu, thanks again20:52
reisioEmeraldExplorer: #git20:55
EmeraldExplorerThanks reisio20:55
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user512Which runlevels do get called if I call  reboot or shutdown -P?  0,6, both?21:10
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reisioweust: hi21:45
weustI am installing Ubuntu Server 16.04.1 on a Intel NUC 5i3RYB. It won´t boot past /dev/sda1: clean etcetc, or /dev/sda2. Iǘe installed in UEFI and BIOS mode. no difference. anything I´ve missed?21:46
weustalso, installing on a M.2 SSD.21:46
weustHad Arch Linux on it before and that booted just fine. BIOS mode.21:46
weust*sigh* the first term screen shows that message, but switching to vt2 shows a login prompt. this crap took me 2 hours :-(21:57
weustit somehow default to the tty on ctrl-alt-F721:58
weustinstead of showing tty1 with the yellow text login21:58
weusttty7 is appearently the GUI (looking up how to change it). I don´t have a GUI installed...22:00
reisioweust: probably need to disable the gdm service22:01
weustI do not have gdm installed. it is a clean Ubuntu Server installation. No X at all. only SSH server installed from the installer22:02
weustlookg at https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2143902 it might be something to do with the vt.handoff in the /etc/grub.d/10_linux file22:04
weustdoesn´t really matter. I want to build a Kodi machine of it, so a X will be installed anyway22:05
weustjust annoying it took 2 hours to figure this out. I´ve build several VM´s with Ubuntu Server now, and they never go to tty7 on boot.22:06
reisioyup, sounds odd22:07
weustfirst installation I do on hardware :-)22:07
weustbut now I can redo it for UEFI.....22:07
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic22:14
Guest7997new to IRSSI, was just testing stuff :)22:27
Guest7997irssi -n Phenom077222:28
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* reisio is a one22:59
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grizzlybear_Hola! Este es un canal de soporte para Ubuntu sólamente?23:01
reisiogrizzlybear_: si23:02
grizzlybear_reisio: Ok. Disculpen las molestias entonces.23:03
reisiogrizzlybear_: porque?23:03
grizzlybear_Es que necesito ayuda con kali linux en realidad y no sé adonde consultar23:06
reisiogrizzlybear_: you can talk to #kali-linux23:08
bazhanggrizzlybear_, kali is not supported here, also this english chat23:08
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grizzlybear_reisio: Oh! Gracias!!! Muchísimas Gracias! (bazhang: thanks to you too!!!)23:09
reisiogrizzlybear_: ordinarily you could send the message /msg alis list *kali*23:09
reisiobut the clowns in #kali-linux want their public irc support channel to be a secret for some reason23:10
grizzlybear_reisio: Ok! Thanks!23:11
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Guest64737alguien habla español23:20
hggdh!es | Guest6473723:20
ubottuGuest64737: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:20
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sulfasaldoing sudo do-release-upgrade on 15.10 box, keep getting "No new release found"23:26
c|onemananyone run Ubuntu Desktop inside OpenVZ?23:29
sulfasaldoing sudo do-release-upgrade on 15.10 box, keep getting "No new release found"23:34
c|onemanI don't think theres an upgrade path23:35
c|onemanto go to 16.x23:35
sulfasalhow does one upgrade?23:35
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Ben64!eolupgrade | sulfasal23:37
ubottusulfasal: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:37
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sulfasalc|oneman: been there; done that23:39
LARAVELGODc|oneman, you can start with minimal server and install desktop,23:40
LARAVELGODaccess through VNC is easiest, depends on the VPS provider23:41
LARAVELGODX over SSH is too slow23:41
LARAVELGODif you are not on a LAN23:41
LARAVELGODsome providers have VNC access outside of the VPS setup, otherwise you will have to set that up yourself23:43
lordcirthdodge29, hi23:49
ksftI'm not sure if this is a good place to ask this, but I'm trying to use Deja Dup to back things up before I upgrade to 16.04, and I have a directory that contains several other directories that each contain another directory with the same name as each other. I want to back up all the lowest level directories I mentioned without any of the others in the parent directory.23:54
ksftIs there an easy way to do that?23:54
ksftI'm not sure if I explained that well.23:54
MannyLNJAny ideas why the openvpn log is blank? Ubuntu 14.04 and inbound connections are refused23:55
c|onemanLARAVELGOD: yeah I've got it all setup, with thinlinc as my RDP, but there are some limitations23:57
c|onemanfor instance apps don't seem to be able to escalate properly, I have to login as root23:57
lordcirthksft, probably use 'find' and duplicity manually, or find the deja-dup config file and insert text23:57
LARAVELGODc|oneman sounds like a funky setup, it may relate to groups23:57
LARAVELGODsome apps you can put on autostart, before anyone logs in - that is how most root things are run23:58
ksftlordcirth: what's duplicity?23:58
LARAVELGODif you are having permissions issues when the OS is starting before anyone logs in, then yes too strange23:58
ksftI keep seeing references to it when I google "deja dup"23:58
c|onemanI cant install software with ubuntu software center, for instance, unless I'm root23:59
cootiepeople still use this stuff23:59
cootieanyone want to be my friend?23:59
ksftcootie: what stuff?23:59
ksftof course!23:59

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