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HiDeHoHi all anyone here atm06:29
cfhowlettHiDeHo, you could have asked your real question and not wasted time ...06:29
HiDeHoyes i can lol06:30
HiDeHoi have installed audour in my os but its not working and i get this error06:30
HiDeHo[ERROR]: JACK: Cannot lock down 82274202 byte memory area (Cannot allocate memory)06:30
HiDeHo[ERROR]: JACK: Cannot use real-time scheduling (RR/5)(1: Operation not permitted)06:30
HiDeHo[ERROR]: JACK: JackClient::AcquireSelfRealTime error06:30
HiDeHocfhowlett: there you go lol06:30
HiDeHomy suspicion is jackd is not installed properly and set up06:31
HiDeHocfhowlett: guess you cant help06:33
Rosco2HiDeHo: I may not be able to help. But what is your OS? Which version?07:05
HiDeHoRosco2: ok i have linux mint 17 which is ubuntu 14.04 lts07:06
HiDeHoits built on that version of ubuntu07:06
cfhowlett!mint | HiDeHo,07:06
ubottuHiDeHo,: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:06
HiDeHocfhowlett: lol your funny07:07
HiDeHoRosco2: if you think you can help please pm me07:07
cfhowlettHiDeHo, please ask mint for support of your OS.  it is NOT supported here.07:07
Rosco2One of the benefits of using Ubuntu Studio is that there is a sensible set of defaults for audio work07:08
Rosco2I am just learning how to work with JACK myself so I wouldn't be much use07:09
HiDeHoyes i had US set up on another laptop after i had installed and set everything the computer stopped working arg07:12
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studio-user027UbuntuStudio Rocks!! That's all i have to say.14:56
sakrecoerstudio-user027: :)15:01
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studio-user742Hi! I'm having problems with multiple monitors. Seems that Ubuntu Studio can show an animation in my second monitor when it shuts down, but the rest of the time it is blank.19:06
studio-user742Can anyone help?19:06
studio-user742Please? :)19:07
sakrecoerstudio-user742: have you checked the settings in display in "settings manager"19:08
studio-user742Yes, but with no result.19:09
sakrecoerstudio-user742: you see 2 screens in there with their respective names?19:09
studio-user742yes, number 1 and number 219:09
sakrecoerstudio-user742: when you click on the one that is blank, is the box "Use This Display" checked?19:10
studio-user742Each with its resolution (they are different)19:10
studio-user742Yes, it is checked19:10
sakrecoerstudio-user742: do you have nvidia drivers installed?19:10
studio-user742The one that is not working is an intel chipset, it is the moderboard graphics19:11
studio-user742How can I check if I have the nvidia drivers installed?19:11
sakrecoerstudio-user742: the one that is working, is it plugged to your graphics card?19:12
studio-user742Yes, in fact it shows an ubuntu studio animation when I shut down the system19:12
studio-user742but the rest of the time it remains blank19:13
sakrecoerstudio-user742: is your graphics card an nvidia?19:13
studio-user742the main one, yes19:14
sakrecoerstudio-user742: in settings-manager there is an entry called "additional drivers"19:14
sakrecoeropen it and tell me what you see19:15
studio-user742NVIDIA Corporation: GF108 [GeForce 730]19:16
studio-user742Using X.Org X server -- Noveau display driver form xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (open source)19:16
studio-user742Unknown: Unknown19:17
studio-user742"This device is using an alternative driver."19:17
studio-user742"Using Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs from intel-microcode (proprietary)19:17
studio-user742That is what I see19:18
studio-user742There are other two options form the NVIDIA driver: version 361.42 and version 340.96, both proprietary19:19
sakrecoerok, i think we found it then studio-user742 :) can you tick the box that says "Nvidia bunary driver - version 361.42"? if you do, it will ask for your password and then you will need to reboot19:19
sakrecoerstudio-user742: wait...19:19
sakrecoeris your nvidia card fairly recent?19:19
studio-user742i bought it last month19:19
sakrecoeryou may want to google which version suits you best first19:19
sakrecoerthen it is probably 361.4219:19
sakrecoerthat is the one i use...19:20
studio-user742ok, I'll try that one19:20
studio-user742thanks so much, sakrecoer :)19:20
sakrecoerafter that, you are going to have to open the Nvidia X server settings to setup your screens19:20
sakrecoeri personaly have my both screens plugged into the graphics card...19:20
sakrecoernp, but lets celebrate once we know it works ;)19:21
studio-user742ah, I plugged one to the nvidia card and the other to the motherboard19:21
studio-user742ok :D19:21
studio-user742how can I open the nvidia x server settings?19:21
studio-user742Are they in the settings manager?19:22
sakrecoerstudio-user742: you will find it in the menu19:26
sakrecoerthe nvidia x server settings19:26
sakrecoerbut of course, you need to press "apply" first, let it do the job then reboot...19:28
sakrecoer"Apply Changes" in the Additional Drivers thing, that is..19:28
studio-user742Ok. I've applied the changes. I'm going to reboot.19:28
sakrecoercrossing fingers for you! :)19:28
studio-user742thanks! :)19:28
studio-user742Hi, sakrecoer19:32
sakrecoerstudio-user742: hi! did it work?19:33
studio-user742Things got better, now my second display shows an underscore on the upper left corner19:33
sakrecoercan you find the ncidia settings?19:33
studio-user742Yes, but I don't know how to set it up19:33
sakrecoeryou see the left-hand field? there is one entry called "Xserver Display Configuration"19:34
sakrecoerdo you see your both screens in there?19:34
studio-user742No, only one19:35
sakrecoerthat is probably because your other screen is connected to your motherboard19:35
studio-user742Yes, I guess so19:35
sakrecoerlet it be like that for now..19:35
studio-user742ok :)19:36
sakrecoeris verything set as it should for the screen connected to your motherboard?19:36
sakrecoerconfiguration is not set to "disabled", Resolution is ok, refreshrate is ok.. etc..19:37
studio-user742mmm... I can see in settings manager - displey that i cannot see the other monitor either19:38
sakrecoerare you looking in the Nvidia settings now studio-user742 ?19:39
sakrecoerunder "X Server Display Configuration"19:39
studio-user742No, in Settings Manager > Display19:39
sakrecoerbelow the layout window, what is set in "Configuration:"19:39
sakrecoergo to nvidia settings19:39
studio-user742I could see both monitors before the changes19:39
sakrecoerdo you have the possiblity to plug both screen in your graphics card?19:40
studio-user742No, I'm afraid not :(19:40
sakrecoerit should be possible anyway..19:40
sakrecoerbut please, now lets focus on the nvidia settings19:40
sakrecoerunder "X Server Display Configuration", below the layout window, what is set in "Configuration:"19:41
studio-user742X screen 019:42
sakrecoerand the resolution is ok?19:42
studio-user742It's "Auto"19:43
sakrecoertry to set it to what ever resolution your screen is and then plress "apply"19:43
sakrecoerno change?19:44
studio-user742No, no change.19:44
sakrecoerin that case, open up a terminal19:44
sakrecoerand type this: "sudo apt install nvidia-modprobe" (without the quotes)19:45
sakrecoernow reboot and cross fingers :)19:46
studio-user742ok :D19:46
sakrecoerlet's hope the installation was done.... :|19:46
studio-user742Hi sakrecoer19:48
studio-user742Still no luck19:48
studio-user742When I start Ubuntu i get a system problem19:49
studio-user742I got it the previous reboot19:49
studio-user742as well19:49
sakrecoerstudio-user742: but you did let the installation of nvidia-modprobe finish before reboot right?19:50
studio-user742Yes, it was quick19:50
sakrecoerphew... :p19:50
studio-user742I waited until it showed the system prompt19:50
sakrecoerjust a second...19:50
sakrecoerstudio-user742: what version of ubuntu-studio are you running?19:51
studio-user742How can I see it?19:51
studio-user742I downloaded it last month, but I don't remember19:52
sakrecoeropen a terminal and type: lsb_release -a19:52
studio-user742Release: 16.0419:52
sakrecoerok... you could try this:...19:54
sakrecoerhmm... sorry... i thought i had it, but...19:56
sakrecoerwas looking at this:http://askubuntu.com/questions/600834/nvidia-graphics-card-issues19:56
sakrecoerlooks like it is not going to be easy if you don't plug both screens in the graphic card...19:58
sakrecoerbut... the screen that is blank is connected to your motherboard, or your graphics card? studio-user742 ?20:00
studio-user742The blank one is connected to my motherboard20:08
sakrecoeri can't find an easy sollution for your setup (not both plugged into graphics card)20:09
sakrecoeris the screen plugged in your motherboard having a VGA cable?20:10
sakrecoeris there any DVI plug in your nvidia card?20:10
studio-user742yes, there is20:10
sakrecoerstudio-user742: you could probably solve it like this: http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001485.htm20:12
sakrecoerthat is how i do...20:12
studio-user742Both my monitors are using VGA plug20:14
studio-user742But my main one can be connected with a DVI20:15
studio-user742maybe I won't need any conversion20:15
studio-user742I'll have to get a DVI wire20:15
sakrecoeryeah, i'm affraid it will be much easier than trying to set up what seems to be called "Multi-head with X server"20:16
sakrecoeri cannot guide you on that path at least...20:17
sakrecoeryou could try ask in #ubuntu or on the forum maybe?20:17
sakrecoersorry it didn't work out studio-user742 ..20:18
studio-user742No problem. Sure. Thanks for all your help, sakrecoer. :-)20:18
sakrecoerNo problem! studio-user74220:19
sakrecoerhmm... multi-head is the same as multi-display... however, setting it up to work whenscreens are plugged into different gpu's seems too hard for me..20:23
sakrecoergone.. oh well..20:23
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