flocculantreporting the desktop fail against xorg *shrug*07:16
flocculantthough I've got apport file to report against linux too07:16
flocculantbluesabre: bug 161533807:42
ubottubug 1615338 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Yakkety fails to start desktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161533807:42
flocculantadded what I could to that07:42
Unit193flocculant: Could edit /usr/share/xsessions/xubuntu.desktop so it launches it like it used to, not in a systemd session.07:43
flocculantnever had to ssh into a livesession nor a kvm guest - so that was fun and the thing I learnt today - makes the rest of the day easy \o/07:43
flocculantUnit193: you mean for my dead install? 07:43
flocculantI assume you mean change Exec=/usr/share/xfce4/scripts/run-systemd-session xubuntu-session.target to something else that I don't know :D07:44
flocculantit's quite refreshing being in a system that doesn't need 100's Mb of updates twice a day :D07:45
flocculantok - biab07:47
flocculantwell I got in ok :)07:48
Unit193Knew xorg wasn't right since that one works, figured it was systemd.07:51
flocculantUnit193: do you mean report bug against systemd? 07:51
Unit193Eh, time to poke pitti and tell him what you discovered? :P07:52
flocculantwell I'll start with a bug report then :D07:52
flocculant"pitti - I discovered that if I did what ukikie said I've got a working desktop" :p07:53
Unit193Hah. :P07:54
Unit193Well he's Canonical so he'll be back Monday.07:54
flocculantjust set up the desktop again ...07:54
flocculantyea - I'll leave him a message in -release :)07:54
flocculantthen hassle him when I wake up07:55
flocculantUnit193: thanks :)08:00
Unit193Sure thing, I suppose.08:00
flocculantwell then - I'm hardly likely to not thank you am I :p08:04
flocculantbug 1615341 08:13
ubottubug 1615341 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Yakkety desktop fails to start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161534108:13
Unit193knome: Can you auto-discard *.bid and *.stream?09:08
knomeUnit193, sure09:44
knomei just came here to thank whoever cleared the moderation queue anyways :P09:45
Unit193'Welcome, it had a toooon of .stream ones.09:45
Unit19323 to be exact.09:46
knomenow blocking them from both -devel and -users09:48
knomeand synced the other wildcards between the two too09:48
knomefwiw, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23075033/09:49
Unit193I have a log of emails and actions if you want it. :P09:53
knomerather just a diff for the blocklist :P10:04
knomebut basically, if you see a pattern, always feel free to ping me here or send an email, and i'll happily edit the lists10:04
knomemakes it easier for us all10:04
knomebut, time to go10:04
knomeand have a nice.. night?10:05
flocculantbluesabre: laney is on the case it seems13:04
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bluesabreflocculant: thats good news16:31
flocculantbluesabre: yup :)16:34
flocculantguessing because he's running b1 from canonical side he knew it would cause mate issues :)16:35
flocculantbluesabre: grabbed it from proposed, restored original xubuntu.desktop, rebooted fine :)16:45
flocculantUnit193: thanks for pointing in the right direction :)16:45
flocculantakxwi-dave: if you've not read backlog - network is fixed, something else broke - possibly won't land before our images build early tomorrow - so if they're still fubar - should be ok Tuesday 17:52
akxwi-daveflocculant: cheers bud.. will keep an ee one em18:38
sakrecoergreetins, may i ask if your latest daily iso installs? i tried ours today and it failed again18:51
flocculantsakrecoer: nope 18:51
flocculantbug 161534118:51
ubottubug 1615341 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Yakkety desktop fails to start" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161534118:51
sakrecoerflocculant: ok... but at least, it finishes installation?18:52
flocculantsakrecoer: assuming you are impacted same as us - it installs but then the desktop fails on reboot18:52
sakrecoerok, well here the install doesn't even finish..18:53
flocculantsakrecoer: oh hang on though - you've got issues anyway with iso builds failing18:53
sakrecoerflocculant: yeah, lets hope that will do...18:55
sakrecoerthank you anyways flocculant :)18:55
flocculantyou need to find out what's causing your issue - then get that sorted for your iso to build - afaik ross is aware of all that18:56
sakrecoerthanks, yes.. lets hope he is available too :)18:58
sakrecoer(note that he tends to be available... don't get me wrong :) )18:59
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