zztoplessOffcial support, sweet.  Can I book someone to come around this afternoon?00:37
zztoplessHilariousness aside, I was hoping someone here might have had some luck getting 16.04 to function as well with two monitors (in terms of pbeing able to hit the cycle monitor button any time, on ether one and have it just work)00:40
zztoplessat the moment, from the bits and peices I've been experimenting with, I can't even get one monitor full screeb :/00:41
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> That's odd, are you on 16.04 with back ports?00:52
zztoplessjust the deault repos, only think I've touched in that area is changed the main repo to a local mirror, as 8MB/sec beats 500KB/sec01:00
zztoplessTO at least get back to where I was 12 houurs ago, other than a reinstallation, what packages would I need to remove or remove and install to achieve the same thing?   plasma-desktop seems a no brainer with vm tooks01:02
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> reinstall?01:03
zztoplesslol, Im tired enough that I was wondring hwo two people got together on the one line and spoke to me01:04
zztoplessyeah, you're right, it's 5 minutes installed off the iso on  a ram drive to a small virtual drive on my hdd... but... magic bullet?01:05
zztoplesswhat is you're opinion on vmware's guest tools vs open vm tools?  They never worked that well for me in the past and my short forey into using them earlier today seemed to have no impact01:07
zztoplessI manged to edit that file too so I can install it with -d despite needing to say no to the first question (the one that tells you open vm tools is better, will provide oral sex etc)01:08
mparilloI run kubuntu as a vmware guest. I always sudo apt install open-vm-tools-desktop on the guest.01:14
zztoplessand you can go full screen and use the clycle monitor button with the secon monitor?01:15
zztoplessIt's very handy for me to be able to close on monitor if there's somethign on the host on that screen I need to see01:15
mparilloI can go full screen, and I can extend the Kubuntu guest across the laptop and external monitor.01:16
zztoplessit workd so well and was fast01:16
zztoplessif you treat them as two monitors though, can you use the cycle button?01:16
mparilloBut usually I go kubuntu guest on my external monitor and win7 host on the laptop.01:16
zztoplessfair enough01:17
mparilloI do not know how to use the cycle button. So when I have two monitors running the Kubuntu desk it acts as one big monitor, and I simply slide the mouse across.01:17
zztoplessI can see the value for some situaions in extending, but this is for my home workstation01:17
zztoplessI run windows 10 host, something ubuntun based with a kde desktop as a guest (kubuntu, mint kde being two to main ones i've gone backa nd forward between)01:18
zztoplessyeah I can do that too, but if you maximised a program, would it maximise over both screens?01:19
mparilloBy default no01:19
zztoplessthen it's probably the same setup as me01:19
zztoplessthe button is small (I don't htink it's on player, just workstation too)01:19
mparilloSo even when you extend the guest to two screens, then maximise only is to one screen.01:19
zztoplessit actually snaps to one01:20
mparilloBut, if you do not maximize, you can stretch it across two screens, IIRC.01:20
zztoplessvirtualbox can let you minimise two screens seperately01:20
zztoplessbut that has downsides too, as does other areas of virtualbox01:20
zztoplessyeah, you can01:20
mparilloBut my usual case would be to have something (IRC, terminal, editor) in one screen and the output (say a web page) on the other.01:21
zztoplessthere is a way to naje kubuntu see it as one monitor too, but it would be a pain01:21
zztoplessyeah, me too01:22
zztoplessbut I used windows for some things (Skype for work, outlook etc) and of course anything resource intensive that it can't run abracted away from the cpu/gpu (yes the odd game :P)01:23
zztoplessI'm really liking how much kubuntu has improved since the 15 (and kde 5) launch. I'd like to make it my dailer vm, but gotta sort this out01:24
zztoplessdoes anyone know if bother to change which repo mittor is used in the muon app from the installation live version of the os, does that mean the downloads done during installation should go through it, ir does the read only nature of the installation disk make that not possible?01:37
zztoplessi stuppose netstat during installation will answer that01:39
mparilloThe ISO is read only, but as I understand it, while it is running, it is running in memory. That means you can, for example, install software, change configs, etc. You just loose it every reboot. Which makes it perfect for one of my use cases: Home Banking.01:44
mparillolose it.01:44
mparilloGood night all.01:48
zztoplessthanks, that was my hope01:48
zztoplessnight (well good midday here)01:48
zztoplessI mean live OSs wouldn't function if they couldn't use memory that way short term01:49
zztoplessAlthough I suppose it's the volume of data that can eb stored that's the limited factor, now time01:50
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dubisHello, Where Can I find java extension for Kdevelopp ???07:44
dubisI tried to download it with extention installer but it seems jamed since 10 minuts07:45
valoriedubis: please ask in #kdevelop08:41
dubisThanks valorie I 'm afraid they told me why java?08:47
valoriewell, there are java IDEs if you insist on java08:48
valorieuse the right tool for the job, I suppose08:49
nadimI'll ask again, zef core dumps with the latest p6, build from git, and panda can't find Shell::Command. install is on a brand new box.10:23
nadimoops, wrong channel10:27
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Naaish#sudo apt10:46
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BluesKajHowdy all11:13
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hazamonzo_Hi BluesKaj11:34
BluesKajHi hazamonzo_11:35
BluesKajahh more coffee...11:39
hazamonzo_Funday Mondays!11:40
BluesKajyeah well, they used to be "fun" , but since retirement one day is pretty much the same as the next in that sense11:45
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discoveredHow i hide all application from the panel that is running in a Virtual Desktop?17:10
acheronukuser|6672: Hi18:12
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Dr_CokeDoes anybody know why mozilla thunderbird can't connect to hotmail or gmail20:37
Dr_CokeIt keeps telling wrong username or password but I am sure they are correct20:37
Dr_CokeI would use the Kmail but it doesn't work either for google20:38
valorieDr_Coke: I believe you have to allow it on the Google side20:39
valoriefor security reasons20:39
valoriefrom googling:20:40
valorieHere are the steps:20:40
valorieLog into your Gmail account.20:40
valorieClick the gear icon at the top right, then choose Settings.20:40
valorieClick Forwarding and POP/IMAP to bring up the POP and IMAP settings.20:40
valorieClick Enable IMAP.20:40
valorieClick Save Changes.20:41
valoriethat was about using in Outlook but I believe it is the same for any other application using Gmail20:41
Dr_CokeThanks valorie20:42
Dr_CokeI think I did that a long time ago though20:42
Dr_CokeI will try it though20:42
Dr_Cokebut thunderbird won't work at all now20:42
Dr_Cokewith hotmail and gmail20:43
valoriewell, tbird isn't our application20:43
valoriewe release KDE stuff for the most part20:43
valorielibreoffice and FF being exceptions right now20:44
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valoriethat said, more specific help: https://support.google.com/mail/troubleshooter/1668960?hl=en20:47
* valorie goes afk20:47
Dr_CokeHey valorie I enabled less secure apps20:53
Dr_Cokein gmail20:53
Dr_CokeI couldn't find where to do it but it gave me a link and I enabled it and now Kmail is working with gmail20:53
valoriereally away....20:54
Dr_CokeI just can't figure out what to do with thunderbird though20:59
Magkneetoeanyone using a dock-like thing for apps on lubuntu?22:33

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