Kiloshelloooo africa06:21
Kiloselacheche remind luna please,09:25
Kilosill be offline tomorrow, going to visit brother in hospital, critically ill with pneumonia and not responding to any meds09:26
Na3iLaw Kilos I hope he get well10:12
Kilosty Na3iL im very worried10:13
Na3iLhe will be fine, don't worry10:15
elachecheKilos: I hope he'll be fine16:14
elachechepaddatrapper: Hey! I passed that quiz  and my name is in the Hall Of Fame → endscreen.sysengquiz3.host/halloffame.html :D16:16
elachecheDid you try it?16:16
Kiloswell done elacheche16:17
Kiloswhen is luna going to approve my request?16:17
KilosLC need waking up bad16:18
elachecheI don't know.. I'm not sure that she knows how to use RT16:18
Kilosshe must just reply to rt in the mail16:19
Kilossame as wxl did16:19
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest4994
paddatrapperelacheche: I haven't had a chance to try again. Just been to crazy. Well done!18:54

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