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subetHey everyone, I've got a small problem:14:09
subetSince a recent rc-proposed update the following apps (which I'm the author of) don't start anymore: Ubuntu Hangups, Liri Browser, YourGus.14:09
subetWhen the user tries to open one of the apps (e.g. tapping the icon) nothing happens.14:09
subetunity8-dash.log (http://paste.ubuntu.com/23071050/) shows that the url dispatcher fails.14:09
subetI experimented a bit and it turns out that it looks like it has a problem with dots in the app's hook name:14:09
subetWhen I change the manifest.json like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23071214/14:09
subeteverything works fine again.14:09
subetMy question: Is this by design (shouldn't there be no dots in the hook name now) or should I report a bug?14:09
subetThanks in advance :)14:10
popeyhi subet - sounds like something jdstrand might know about. - jdstrand has manifest parsing changed recently/14:11
subetAh, thanks popey, is he around?14:12
popeywe'll see :)14:13
subetAlso I'm not sure if the problem is with the manifest parsing ... maybe it's the URL dispatcher?14:14
jdstrandpopey: I'm unaware of that issue or anything that would've caused it. probably need to ask the unity8 team14:35
popeytedg: kenvandine ^ see the conversation above with subet? Is that your domain (u-a-l / url-dispatcher) ?15:51
kenvandinepopey, that's tedg :)15:52
* popey nails tedg down15:53
tedgpopey: We have a MR for that, need the UAL ABI silo to land, then we can look to land it.15:53
tedg(UAL ABI silo is now over two weeks to land)15:53
tedgThough, today is looking good.15:54
tedgFYI bug 159134215:55
ubot5bug 1591342 in url-dispatcher (Ubuntu) "Complains about bad url on libertine scope urls" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159134215:55
popeytedg: awesome, thanks16:01
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subetjdstrand popey kenvandine tedg: great, thanks very much!17:36

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