pavlushkaMorning every one!03:48
Researcherhello everyone.04:27
pavlushkaHello Researcher !04:58
pavlushkaKilos:  o/06:26
* pavlushka reading a legal document, trying to understand illegally.06:44
RemonShaihi... Kilos & AudaciousTUX08:36
Kiloshi RemonShai AudaciousTUX 08:37
AudaciousTUXhi all08:37
RemonShaihow're you ... my grand friend ;) Kilos08:38
Kilosok ty and you08:38
RemonShaiok too & ty ;)08:39
RemonShaiAudaciousTUX what about you..?08:40
AudaciousTUXbamboo is on :308:42
RemonShaiwhy & how...?08:49
AudaciousTUXexam :308:50
RemonShailat's hug..... /08:52
AudaciousTUXmara khan08:53
RemonShaiyou fast you fast08:53
pavlushkawb Kilos 10:11
Kilosty pavlushka moved modem to desktop pc10:11
Kilosbit stressed here10:12
Kilosyou musta read what i said in za and africa10:12
pavlushkagot it Kilos , I wish he recovers soon.10:16
pavlushkawb Kilos !16:12
Kilosty pavlushka been packing16:17
Kilos what a job , i hate packing16:17
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest4994
zakihello ..!!17:30
Kiloshi zaki 17:30
zakihow are you doing?17:31
Kilosok ty and you17:31
zakiexam ended. :) now kind of tention free17:32
zaki:) 17:32
zakihows everything here?17:32
Kilosi have been busy today so did check here much17:33
pavlushkawelcome zaki 17:33
zakiKilos: oh17:34
zakithank you pavlushka17:34
zakihow are you?17:34
pavlushkazaki: there was nothing much here today except AudaciousTUX's come and go :p17:34
Kilosand tomorrow i will be away most of the day17:34
pavlushkame good,17:34
zakihad your dinner guys? 17:34
zakihe he.. :D17:34
zakiKilos: what are you busy with? 17:35
AudaciousTUX:v pavlushka 17:35
zakipavlushka: we shoul start a countdown for membership board mtng. :D17:36
pavlushkaha ha ha17:36
Kilosis your wiki done pavlushka 17:36
AudaciousTUXyah.... zaki ..... but not virtual.... :317:37
pavlushkaKilos: still on it, will do :)17:37
pavlushkazaki: too late :p17:37
zakiKilos: pavlushka what's missing in that wiki?17:38
zakiAudaciousTUX: physical? :P 17:38
pavlushkazaki: irc log reference and FB references17:38
AudaciousTUXyah :p zaki 17:38
zakipavlushka: cook well that wiki. :D 17:40
AudaciousTUXany taylor swift fan here?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-ORhEE9VVg&index=8&list=RD7NJqUN9TClM :v17:40
pavlushkablank space17:41
pavlushkaback to December17:41
zakiblank space. 17:42
AudaciousTUXlady antebellum??17:42
pavlushkaRomeo Juliete17:43
AudaciousTUXband perry??17:43
AudaciousTUXyoutube channel name.... :p17:43
zakiyou guys must see this. must must must. :D17:44
* pavlushka eating, gop gop17:44
AudaciousTUXmairala :v zaki 17:44
zakihe he. :D17:46
AudaciousTUXjoss jinish :v17:46
AudaciousTUXmust watch :D17:47
zakihmm, sometime i wonder how he manage to do them. :D 17:47
AudaciousTUXyah :317:47
* pavlushka just guessing without checking.17:48
zakiBart Baker17:48
zakiyou should check that.17:48
zakihe he17:49
zakiTaylor Swift - "Blank Space" PARODY 17:49
zakiAudaciousTUX: :v andromida..!! andromida!! 17:50
zakitime for dinner. bbl17:50
zakii'm back again. :P18:06
pavlushkawb Kilos 18:19
zakipavlushka: 18:23
zakiপতেঙ্গা'র চট্টগ্রাম বিমান বাহিনী বেজমেন্ট18:23
zakiপার্শ্ববর্তী এরিয়া ও এয়ারপোর্ট এরিয়া 18:23
zakiকাফকো'র/ Dap 2 এর18:23
zakiগ্যাসে ছেয়ে গেছে ।18:23
zakiগ্যাসের কারনে নিশ্বাস নেওয়া যাচ্ছেনা ।18:23
AudaciousTUXeida ki gas??18:23
zakimost southern area are affected18:23
pavlushkazaki: how and from where?18:24
AudaciousTUXhoitecheki deshe :'(18:24
zakifrom an urea fartilizer factory18:24
zakiকাফকো' urea fartilizer18:24
zakibig one in bangladesh18:24
* ahoneybun walks in18:51
pavlushkaHello ahoneybun !18:51
ahoneybunsomething about wikieditor?18:52
pavlushkaYEs ahoneybun , If you can help AudaciousTUX to be a wikieditor, please18:53
ahoneybunhe's locked out like mostly everyone18:53
AudaciousTUXyah please ^_^18:54
ahoneybunI want to say it's an LP group18:55
ahoneybunAudaciousTUX: here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide18:55
AudaciousTUXumm... okay... i'll follow that letter... working on the website... :)18:57
ahoneybunwhat are you building it with?18:57
ahoneybunthe Kubuntu site is on WP18:57
AudaciousTUXyah.... but some people hate wp :p18:58
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: come AudaciousTUX, just drop that word hate, as long as it works, its fine18:59
pavlushka*come on AudaciousTUX 18:59
ahoneybunI use it from my blog18:59
ahoneybunas well as my friend18:59
ahoneybuna lot of people do18:59
ahoneybunI was thinking of using it for my LoCo as well19:00
AudaciousTUXi know... but that's not me.... raihan,mateen bros are 2 of them :D19:00
AudaciousTUXi use it for my blog too :)19:00
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: drop them too :p19:00
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: and tanjim, we are not talking about them, we are talking about you, be relevant, :)19:01
AudaciousTUXokay :'( pavlushka 19:01
pavlushkaahoneybun: AudaciousTUX is waiting there to be approved in the LP wikieditor's team, as tanjim19:03
ahoneybunalright, I19:03
ahoneybunI'm not in control of that so19:03
pavlushkaahoneybun: ok, I noticed wxl helping bipul getting approved :p, so wxl19:05
pavlushkaahoneybun: but you can refer may be :)19:05
zakipavlushka: they approved my request in 24 hour.19:05
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: is in the proposed list of 20 as tanjim hossain19:05
pavlushkazaki: Michael Hall approved me in an hour, :p19:06
AudaciousTUXwhy me!? :'(19:06
* ahoneybun looks19:07
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: what do you mean by , why me ?19:07
ahoneybunthe heck19:07
ahoneybunI'm not even in the group lol19:07
ahoneybunbut I can edit19:07
ahoneybunI've done it for you all lol19:07
AudaciousTUXwhy my requ not approved till now :'( pavlushka 19:07
pavlushkaahoneybun: point is, its effective for the new one, I was able to edit the wiki before approved too ahoneybun 19:08
ahoneybunguess since I've been around for about 3-4 years19:08
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: chill walrider too is in the waiting list with 18 more, :)19:08
AudaciousTUXpavlushka:  oh.... i'm not the only one ! :v19:09
pavlushkaahoneybun: its a new system, previous system was to be in the team of Etherpad instance to be able to edit wiki.19:11
pavlushkaand I was19:12
ahoneybunoh etherpad19:12
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: try to join here too https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-etherpad, although as a BD team member, you are passively a member of etherpad instance.19:15
* ahoneybun got approved by popey19:17
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: try to make some noise, so that you get noticed, try get involved here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/GettingInvolved19:20
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: be in the #kubuntu and #kubuntu-devel channel as well19:21
AudaciousTUXthanks ahoneybun 19:22
AudaciousTUXmy desktop crying for ram.... :319:25
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: how much RAM do you have?19:26
pavlushkashould be enough :p19:27
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: type "/sysinfo" here, :p19:27
AudaciousTUXkde.... :319:27
AudaciousTUXArchitecture:          x86_6419:29
AudaciousTUXCPU op-mode(s):        32-bit, 64-bit19:29
AudaciousTUXByte Order:            Little Endian19:29
AudaciousTUXCPU(s):                419:29
AudaciousTUXOn-line CPU(s) list:   0-319:29
AudaciousTUXThread(s) per core:    219:29
AudaciousTUXCore(s) per socket:    219:29
AudaciousTUXSocket(s):             119:29
AudaciousTUXNUMA node(s):          119:29
AudaciousTUXVendor ID:             GenuineIntel19:29
AudaciousTUXCPU family:            619:29
AudaciousTUXModel:                 4219:29
AudaciousTUXModel name:            Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz19:29
AudaciousTUXStepping:              719:29
AudaciousTUXCPU MHz:               1865.27319:30
AudaciousTUXCPU max MHz:           3300.000019:30
AudaciousTUXCPU min MHz:           1600.000019:30
AudaciousTUXBogoMIPS:              6587.2619:30
AudaciousTUXVirtualization:        VT-x19:30
AudaciousTUXL1d cache:             32K19:30
AudaciousTUXL1i cache:             32K19:30
AudaciousTUXL2 cache:              256K19:30
AudaciousTUXL3 cache:              3072K19:30
AudaciousTUXNUMA node0 CPU(s):     0-319:30
AudaciousTUXcat /proc/meminfo19:30
AudaciousTUXMemTotal:        2975532 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXMemFree:          239720 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXMemAvailable:     230084 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXBuffers:            6168 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXCached:           282780 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXSwapCached:         8548 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXActive:          1812220 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXInactive:         770076 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXActive(anon):    1718928 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXInactive(anon):   693004 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXActive(file):      93292 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXInactive(file):    77072 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXUnevictable:          32 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXMlocked:              32 kB19:30
AudaciousTUXSwapTotal:       1048568 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXSwapFree:         956952 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXDirty:                 0 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXWriteback:             0 kB19:31
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: stop it.19:31
AudaciousTUXAnonPages:       2193076 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXMapped:           177892 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXShmem:            118364 kB19:31
zakioh my19:31
AudaciousTUXSlab:              65904 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXSReclaimable:      38308 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXSUnreclaim:        27596 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXKernelStack:        6592 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXPageTables:        35732 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXNFS_Unstable:          0 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXBounce:                0 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXWritebackTmp:          0 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXCommitLimit:     2536332 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXCommitted_AS:    5063384 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXVmallocTotal:   34359738367 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXVmallocUsed:           0 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXVmallocChunk:          0 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXHardwareCorrupted:     0 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXAnonHugePages:    622592 kB19:31
AudaciousTUXHugePages_Total:       019:31
AudaciousTUXHugePages_Free:        019:31
ahoneybunhey hey19:31
AudaciousTUXHugePages_Rsvd:        019:31
AudaciousTUXHugePages_Surp:        019:32
AudaciousTUXHugepagesize:       2048 kB19:32
ahoneybunuse pastebin19:32
AudaciousTUXDirectMap4k:       87812 kB19:32
AudaciousTUXDirectMap2M:     3014656 kB19:32
AudaciousTUXdouble swap... 512-512 on 2 hdd :v19:32
AudaciousTUXhehehe.... :p19:32
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: you copy pasted these, right?19:32
AudaciousTUXpavlushka: said : type "/sysinfo" here" hehehe :v19:32
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: you pasted the result of "lscpu" from terminal19:33
AudaciousTUXand cat meminfo19:33
AudaciousTUXoh.... okay.... type /sysinfo :v19:33
pavlushkaahoneybun: dont do it next time, better use pastebin19:33
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: : dont do it next time, better use pastebin19:34
AudaciousTUXokay ahoneybun  :v19:34
pavlushkaahoneybun: sorry wrong ping19:34
AudaciousTUXokay :D19:34
AudaciousTUXanyway.... need host access :(19:34
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: and you pasted "cat /proc/meminfo" too, you just spammed this channel, man, grow up.19:36
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: ok, talking about host access, which host?19:37
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: and btw, i just told you to run that specific command "/sysinfo" on IRC client^^19:38
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: zaki's exam is over, your's too?19:39
AudaciousTUXand i tried that on terminal... wow :3 19:39
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: you should notice the code "/" all irc commands precedes by "/"19:40
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: so we will try to make a move on that after your Exam, :)19:41
AudaciousTUXokay :)19:42
zakiSysinfo for 'zaki-Satellite-C800D': Running inside KDE Plasma 5.5.5 on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (Xenial Xerus) powered by Linux 4.4.0-34-generic, CPU: AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics at 850/1700 MHz, RAM: 2380/2621 MB, Storage: 133/190 GB, 190 procs, 2.27h up19:42
zaki:) 19:43
zakipavlushka: thnx19:44
zakican we see your sysinfo ? :p19:45
pavlushkaha ha ha, I am just a poor guy, trying to hide my misery :(19:46
pavlushka HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.4.0-36-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 1 x Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU          540  @ 1.86GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.86GHz ** RAM: Physical: 1.9GiB, 25.1% free ** Disk: Total: 619.3GiB, 6.3% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel ** Ethernet: Qualcomm Atheros AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network 19:46
pavlushkaAdapter ** Uptime: 7h 37m 49s **19:46
zakiha ha. :p pavlushka19:47
ahoneybunguys use pastebin20:09
pavlushkayes ahoneybun, its actually a hexchat feature by typing "/sysinfo" in the client, it gives the systeminfo like this automatically.20:10
pavlushkaahoneybun: and yes, we will not spam the channel like this further, :)20:11
zakigood night all. :) 22:38

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