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ahoneybunpopey: can I help clear some of the quere in the ubuntu-wiki-editors LP group?19:08
popeyahoneybun: are there some you'd vouch for?19:19
ahoneybunAudaciousTUX is trying to rebuild his LoCo , I believe Kilos would also vouch19:20
pleia2Ralf Mardorf has been asking for approval on the ubuntu-doc list, he's working on Studio19:21
popeyaha, thanks19:21
popeystupid launchpad mail had been going to a filter with bugs.19:22
popeyso I missed that there were applicants19:22
popeyjust chugging through them19:22
popeysorry about that19:22
ahoneybunnp thanks popey19:22
ahoneybunmhall119: I think we have hit a deadend with the slideshow19:33
popeyahoneybun: what's up?19:37
ahoneybunpopey: our slideshow is broken atm19:43
ahoneybunKubuntu, since QtWebkit was dropped in PyQt419:43
ahoneybuntrying to move it to PyQt5 atm19:43
popeyLooking for someone to do the porting?19:44
ahoneybunif someone would19:44
ahoneybunit's only use being effected though19:44
ahoneybunno one here will because of the license19:45
ahoneybunriddell will not since he is on Neon19:45
popeythe license?19:45
ahoneybunand they are moving to Calamares or whatever19:45
ahoneybunPLA or something19:45
popeythe CLA?19:45
ahoneybunsomething about coding becoming nonfree19:45
popeywhen you say "here", where is "here"?19:46
popey"within the kubuntu community"?19:46
popeyis there a bug filed for this?19:46
ahoneybunI don;t think so19:46
popeywell, that's step 119:46
ahoneybunnot sure if anyone other then use have noticed19:46
ahoneybunwould it be against the core slideshow?19:46
ahoneybunubuntu-slideshow-ubuntu I think19:47
popeyI don't know, I've not experienced the bug.. how does it manifest itself?19:47
ahoneybunwell only in Kubuntu iso19:47
ahoneybunthe daily images slideshow does not show anything19:47
ahoneybunthe installer works fine though19:47
popeyokay, so lets get a bug filed.19:47
popeythat's step one, then we can debug it, and get someone to fix it19:47
ahoneybunlet me get LP building another try19:47
ahoneybuntrying to fix it on my own19:48
ahoneybunit's not that package19:48
ahoneybunit's core ubiquity19:48
ahoneybunthough the test slideshow script is broken in ubuntu-slideshow-ubuntu as well19:49
ahoneybunI fixed that19:49
ahoneybunhave it on my own branch19:49
ahoneybunthough I did change one of our slides so the translations would be useless on the welcome one19:51
ahoneybunpopey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/161579919:54

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