Mike2358hey guys first off I'd like to say that it"s been a while since ive done anything with Ubuntu. 10.04 to be exact. I was attempting to give my plex server rights so that it could read my external hard drive and now when i try to connect plex it tells me that it cannot connect to localhost. i'm currently running 16.04. anyone available to give me a hand?00:32
NonymeHello, world!12:42
NonymeI have a problem with gnome-shell extensions.12:43
NonymeI never managed to install them the normal way.12:43
NonymeThat is, through https://extensions.gnome.org/.12:43
NonymeDo you all have this problem or am I the only one?12:43
NonymeWhen I do search on the web I find many "solution"12:44
Nonymebut none worked so far.12:44
NonymeSo, there I am. Looking for up-to-date information.12:44
NonymeI am using Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.12:44
NonymeAnd firefox (for the website).12:45
NonymeI am not sure if the problem comes from the firefox plugin, or my internet connectivity.12:45
NonymeHere are the non standard caracteristics:12:46
NonymeMy ubuntu is in a virtualbox VM.12:46
NonymeI am behind an HTTP proxy. (might be the problem)12:46
NonymeAnd that's it, I think.12:47
NonymeI never got this working. Under 12.04, 14.04 or 16.04.12:47
NonymeI don't know if the problem comes from me using Ubuntu GNOME instead of Ubuntu.12:48
NonymeOr if it is due to anything else...12:48
NonymeThe failure is message-less. All I get is the slider going green, but nothing happens.12:48
NonymeAnd when the page reload, it goes back to off.12:48
Nonyme(I am speaking to nobody, isn't it?)12:49
mgedminI used to have some success with extensions.gnome.org, using firefox12:50
Nonyme"used to" ?12:50
mgedminchromium was broken for a long time (because it dropped support for NPAPI plugins)12:50
mgedminit's been a long time since I last tried to install an extension12:50
mgedminbad experiences turned me off the concept of shell extensions altogether12:50
mgedminyou may want to try epiphany (the official GNOME Web browser)12:51
mgedminbut actually no, never mind12:51
mgedminlack of plugin would give a different error indication12:51
mgedminthere were always _some_ extensions that would fail to install in the manner you describe12:51
mgedminnever got to the bottom of that12:52
mgedminnever found any useful log file12:52
mgedminsorry :/12:52
NonymeI have a workaround that demands a lot of job...12:53
NonymeI basically download the xml file (or json, I don't remember) that describe the extension.12:53
NonymePick the right version, and download the archive.12:53
NonymeThat I extract in the extension folder.12:53
NonymeThis work, but it is supposed to be the job of the extension.12:53
NonymeI do not understand why gnome-shell do not comes with a script that does that.12:54
NonymeInstead of only a web browser extension that does not provide any error message.12:54
NonymeAre the extensions a concept that is meant to die?12:55
NonymeI mean, it looks like an un-maintained service of gnome.12:56
NonymeHum, seems like this will do the job: http://bernaerts.dyndns.org/linux/76-gnome/345-gnome-shell-install-remove-extension-command-line-script#h2-all-in-one-installation-removal-script12:59
NonymeIf it were working...13:08
jbichaNonyme: gnome-software 3.22 will include the ability to browse and install extensions so you won't have to use a web browser plugin then13:10
NonymeThat is a good news, except that I am stuck with LTS, which means I won't see the benefit of that until 2018.04...13:11
NonymeOk, so that script relies on "gnome-session --version"13:12
NonymeAnd gnome-session does not have a --version option apparently...13:13
NonymeHum, no, it has one, but it is broken.13:14
NonymeAt least on my system.13:14
NonymeLet's use gnome-shell --version instead...13:15
NonymeGnome Shell version is 3.18.5. Extension Applications Menu version 3.20 has been installed in user mode.13:15
mgedminone fun thing about ubuntu gnome is how it mixes and matches gnome components from various gnome releases, for reasons13:17
NonymeCan we know those reasons?13:18
NonymeDoes ubuntu have the same "funny" thing?13:20
NonymeI am stuck with Ubuntu LTS, else I would have used something structurally sane. [troll]like archlinux[/troll]13:22
jbichaUbuntu comes with Unity; Ubuntu GNOME comes with GNOME Shell but they use the same repositories so installing Ubuntu first instead of Ubuntu GNOME (probably) won't help you with a GNOME bug13:22
NonymeFor some reason my P key stoPPed working unless in caPs...13:24
jbichaNonyme: the Applications Menu extension is already installed by default (as part of the gnome-shell-extensions package; it is used in GNOME Classic mode)13:25
NonymeI know, but I have some other that are not.13:25
NonymeI disabled the gnome-shell-extensions Package to see if the bug did not comes from that.13:26
jbichaFirefox works here on UG 16.04; there was a little bar under the address bar I had to click to enable the plugin to work on extensions.gnome.org and then I reloaded the page13:27
jbichaand then I installed dash to dock13:27
NonymeYes, I had that too.13:28
NonymeBut it didn't work.13:28
NonymeI even enabled the Plugin "always"13:28
NonymeIn the oPtions.13:28
Nonyme[f**k this P key...]13:29
jbichacould you try with a brand new user account?13:29
mgedminwhich extension were you trying to install?13:29
NonymeI will try.13:29
NonymeI cannot swith user account because of autologin...13:30
NonymeHum even after disabling autologin.13:31
NonymeOk, I will assume Virtualbox is the culPrit.13:31
Nonyme(for the P key too)13:32
NonymeLet me kill it (with fire) then start it again (with hoPe...)13:32
NonymeHi, me again.14:02
NonymeHow do I lock my session and change user?14:02
NonymeWhen I do lock my session I cannot change user, it log me back it.14:02
Nonyme(I do not have a Password)14:03
Nonyme(and how my god I still have this P Problem...)14:03
NonymeThat is what you get when you have a windows host.14:04
NonymeLets reboot this haunted beast.14:04
NonymeOk, so...14:23
NonymeWithout Num Lock: p14:23
NonymeWith Num Lock:14:23
Nonyme(pas p)14:24
NonymeOups, my french slipped out. :-)14:24
NonymeAnyway, it is working correctly in tty.14:24
NonymeWeird Virtual Box bug I guess.14:25
Na3iLNonyme, what was your problem again?14:29
NonymeWhich one?14:30
NonymeI was trying to install gnome extensions.14:30
NonymeAh, let me try on a clean user with firefox.14:30
Nonyme(I had a problem in the mean time)14:30
NonymeI cannot change user.14:31
NonymeThis worked 5 min ago...14:31
Na3iLThe display manager doesn't appear when you log out?14:31
Nonyme_Not working on an other fresh account.14:35
Nonyme_Although that might be due to the proxy.14:35
Nonyme_Anyway, using a script to install them manually seems to work.14:35
Nonyme_Except that the script was asking for gnome-session --version14:35
Nonyme_Which does not respond...14:36
Nonyme_Do you know why we have this frankenstein gnome mix on ubuntu gnome?14:36
=== Nonyme_ is now known as Nonyme
NonymeAnd I guess that is the same mix on ubuntu itself.14:37
NonymeIs it too hard to use a released version correctly?14:38
jbichait's not frankenstien and installing extensions works fine here14:38
NonymeIt is a mix between 3.14, 3.18 and 3.20.14:40
NonymeAh, I see some 3.614:40
NonymeWhat does gnome-session --version gives you?14:41
jbichanautilus 3.18 had regressions so it was better for an LTS to use a version without does regressions; anyway nautilus isn't realated to your issue at all14:41
jbichanothing, but apt policy gnome-session says I'm using
Nonymegnome-session --help says that gnome-session --version is handled.14:44
NonymeAnyway, I can install the extensions by hand (with a crappy script).14:45
NonymeI guess the problem is due to the proxy.14:45
NonymeBut I can only guess, there is no log file/error message for the plugin.14:45
NonymeAs for the p that does not work when Num Lock is enabled... I don't understand.14:46
NonymeHow do you enable Nun Lock at startup?14:46
Nonyme(I am using Virtualbox)14:46
jbichaI don't know, my computer doesn't have a separate numpad14:47
NonymeLets assume that problem is due to me using EFI boot in Virtualbox.14:48
NonymeHow do I migrate to a BIOS boot without reinstalling the system? :-)14:49
NonymeI am guessing the hard part is to migrate from GPT to BIOS partition table.14:49
NonymeThen I will only need to install grub2-pc instead of grub2-efi14:50
Nonymegpart has that feature, good.14:53
NonymeExpert -> Recovery -> Convert14:53
Nonyme(if you ever need it)14:54
SrAcevesI have a problem that i just can't fix15:10
SrAcevesIt's related to the python installation15:10
SrAcevesusing apt-get to install something, it throws this error:15:11
SrAceves'/sbin/ldconfig.real: file /usr/lib/libmkl_sequential.so is truncated'15:11
SrAcevesbasically, the pattern is this one: `/sbin/ldconfig.real: file /usr/lib/libmkl_*.so is truncated`15:12
SrAcevesand when i run the `update-manager`, i get this error:15:12
SrAceves`/usr/bin/update-manager:28: PyGIWarning: Gtk was imported without specifying a version first. Use gi.require_version('Gtk', '3.0') before import to ensure that the right version gets loaded.15:13
SrAceves  from gi.repository import Gtk15:13
SrAceves/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/UpdateManager/UnitySupport.py:29: PyGIWarning: Dbusmenu was imported without specifying a version first. Use gi.require_version('Dbusmenu', '0.4') before import to ensure that the right version gets loaded.15:13
SrAceves  from gi.repository import Dbusmenu, Unity15:13
SrAceves/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/UpdateManager/UnitySupport.py:29: PyGIWarning: Unity was imported without specifying a version first. Use gi.require_version('Unity', '7.0') before import to ensure that the right version gets loaded.15:13
SrAceves  from gi.repository import Dbusmenu, Unity15:13
SrAcevesGLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.  Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications.15:13
SrAceves/usr/bin/python3: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgtk-3.so.0: undefined symbol: g_param_spec_get_name_quark`15:13
SrAcevescan any one help?15:13
NonymeI broke my mbr then repaired it.15:16
NonymeI am now booting in BIOS mode.15:16
NonymeAnd I still have that p problem.15:16
NonymeHowever, I used the livecd to repair my mbr and in the live cd the p problem did not appear.15:17
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