hggdhphillw: this is, indeed, the current kernel for yakkety. Why the version string, though, I do not know00:08
phillwhggdh: thank you, sir. I'll *carry on testing* :)00:09
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bjfphillw, from the changelog the odd abi number is to avoid namespace clash with xenial kernels while yakkety ist still a 4.4 kernel (which hopefully isn't for much longer)02:52
phillwbjf: thankyou for the clarification :)09:19
xnoxphillw, hggdh: the version string is correct.09:33
xnoxall other kernels in 4.4 series were built for xenial and copied into yakkety.09:33
xnoxthis one was built in yakkety  with sources different from xenial.09:33
xnoxhence the probably-will-never-class-with-xenial version number.09:34
xnoxin theory this would not be required at all, as by now, one usually has a new kernel series in the development release - e.g. v4.6/v4.7/v4.8 but we are not there yet.09:34
xnoxphillw, also see #ubuntu-release backlog from last week.09:34
phillwxnox: I'm on the mailing lists, but missed this one.. Would it be possible to put out a mail to clarify for any others who are testing and scratching their heads? :)09:35
xnoxphillw, #ubuntu-release is IRC channel.09:36
xnoxphillw, there is nothing to clarify and nobody is scratching their heads =)09:36
phillwxnox: okies, just me being dumb, in that case :)09:36
xnoxversion strings really do not matter at all, and encode ABI09:36
xnoxphillw, to be honest we could be using ephemeral key hash in the package names, to encode the ABI.09:37
xnoxjust to make sure the abi tag is meaningless fingerprint like string.09:37
phillwthat is something else you've just taught me! I was under the false impression that grub always chose the highest number for the default kernel :)09:37
xnoxit picks last configured kernel.09:38
xnoxubuntu -> vmlinuz -> symlink to last kernel image that dpkg postinst was called on.09:38
xnoxthat has always been the case.09:38
phillwthanks, I'll leave you good people in peace!! On the plus side, if I do get asked I can reply... saves another person landing here asking!!!09:41
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xnoxYour kernel's Performance Events Subsystem does not support your processor type.13:30
xnoxhorum, but ibm say it should be....13:30
chrisccoulsondoes the kernel in yakkety support MADV_FREE?13:31
apwchrisccoulson, that is documented as 4.5+ so we will, and currently don't13:33
chrisccoulsonapw, ah thanks. See bug 1613258 for context - the new glibc defines MADV_FREE13:34
ubot5bug 1613258 in glibc (Ubuntu) "signal 4 ILL_ILLOPN in webbrowser-app tests (glibc upgrade?)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161325813:34
apwchrisccoulson, that may have been built with the 4.6 which was in -proposed for a time (glibc)13:35
apwthat said, i am supprised that glibc is assuming it can use it13:35
apwinfinity, ^13:35
apwchrisccoulson, oh but it is likely the seccomp bits right?  so just a profile change ?13:39
apwchrisccoulson, in the sense it is resonable for glibc to define it, and the kernel to return EINVAL or indeed work, but we need the seccomp profile to reflect that possibility13:41
chrisccoulsonapw, we'll probably end up doing the same as http://code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtwebengine-chromium.git/commit/?h=49-based&id=b12ffcd411d4776f7120ccecb3be34344d930d2b13:43
apwchrisccoulson, wouldn't it make more sense to try MADV_FREE and if it fails ENOSUPPORT or whatever dropback to whatever it does when it doesn't have _FREE ?13:45
apwso one uses it in 4.5 and not before that all shiney and automatically 13:45
chrisccoulsonapw, we could probably do that13:45
apwi assume it uses like _DONTNEED or similar instead13:46
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