mate|29719Hey! I was trying to figure out how to get the weather applet to work under the clock applet in the taskbar in Ubuntu MATE 32Bit to pick up my location? I have right clicked and manually added my city into the applet, but the weather is not showing up. Does anyone know how to get this edited for my local conditions? Thanks04:00
raspberryhi I've been trying to run my program at the boot with crontab, but I have en error connected with display, when I add delay to the proccess of startup then there is none error, but nothing happens, do you know what could be the problem?08:29
ZigguratI am interested in having a browser, preferably Chromium with hardware accelerated h264 and vp8 in Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi308:33
raspberryhi I've been trying to run my program at the boot with crontab, but I have en error connected with display, when I add delay to the proccess of startup then there is none error, but nothing happens, do you know what could be the problem?08:36
alkisgZiggurat: does chromium support that in any raspberry distro, e.g. raspbian?09:31
Zigguratalkisg: to my impression I could get it on rasbian from Ubuntu repos and it would have h264, but I don't know about v809:36
alkisgZiggurat: do you have some link that explains how someone got chromium with h264 working in a raspberry pi?09:38
alkisgTo my experience, it's hard to get apps to support hardware acceleration for arbitrary boards, that's why I prefer x86 based hardware instead, which is much faster and is supported out of the box by all apps... e.g. http://www.gearbest.com/tv-box-mini-pc/pp_367432.html ==> only 65 euros, 10 times faster than an rpi3 etc09:40
Zigguratalkisg: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=121195&start=2510:04
Zigguratalkisg: Sorry I was taking a bit to answer, I am at work :)10:04
alkisgZiggurat: I see nothing about h264 there10:04
Zigguratalkisg: Yes I have a baytrail device, the wifi i so slow that its unusable. I have a cherry trail handheld on order, but it hasn't started shipping yet :P10:05
alkisgZiggurat: is it also slow if you move it near the router, so that the signal is stronger?10:06
Zigguratalkisg: Its not my routuer. I have a stable 6MB/s connection when downloading from usenet :) Yeah thats Byte not bit, and over wifi10:12
Zigguratalkisg: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12119510:13
ZigguratI followed this guide, but I really have to go take my lunch now before the cantina closes, ill be back in 30 minutes.10:13
alkisgI don't see anything about h264 there either10:14
alkisgAlso, I don't believe that the wifi performance is related to the cpu10:15
Zigguratalkisg: Hi back from lunch. WiFi pref on baytrail is related, because most baytrail devices use the same Wifi chip. I have a few of them. The chip is not on the SOC, but its still horrible.10:38
ZigguratAlso Linux plus baytrail is a nightmare10:39
ZigguratHope its better on cherry trail10:39
ZigguratI will look into rendering flags in the settings when I get home http://www.webupd8.org/2014/01/enable-hardware-acceleration-in-chrome.html10:40
ZigguratBut I dont think this is for h264 and vp810:40
ZigguratAlso I did not yet install Chrome inside Ubuntu, I just set up i3 yet. But I tried a few things in raspbian before I flashed ubuntu to my SD card.10:42
rangergordouroumov: hi, you ther?11:42
ouroumovrangergord, hi12:58
rangergordouroumov: I see our bug was categorized with Virtualbox. Do you by any chance have the hardware to try it natively? Personally I doubt it's a VBox bug. If it's a regular Ubuntu bug, that woud make it a lot more severe. But the only computer I have access to is a laptop on which I cannot do a modification as serious as disabling UEFI/trying to install a native alternativeOS.13:16
rangergordI won't be going home for a couple of weeks13:17
ouroumovrangergord, I'm pretty sure this is a virtual box bug13:19
ouroumovrangergord, I've installed the iso on metal many times, with no issues13:19
ouroumovWhat I don't understand is why it was working fine with the 16.04 iso as per rahtgaz13:20
rangergordouroumov: you've installed it on metal without swap many times?13:20
rangergordremember, it works fine with a default partition scheme13:20
ouroumovrangergord, hmm, I don't have a spare x86_64 machine at hand, but I should be able to try it when I get home tonight13:21
rangergordUbuntu used to have an option to install itself in a single file in c:/Program Files/Ubuntu/SomeBigDisk.dat, without affeting the original OS, didn't it?13:22
rangergordI did it like that the 1st time I installed Linux, ages ago13:22
rahtgazI've installed the 16.04 once without a swap partition without problems. the plan was to add a swap file later. I'm convinced it's not actually a problem wit VBox. It was probably a mistake of the maintainers to categorize it so fast.13:22
rahtgazIt's more likely a regression in 16.04.0113:22
rangergordthat's what I think too. Which would make it a lot more severe than a mere VBox bug.13:23
rahtgazhowever between the three of us we were using different VBox versions... so, I don't know13:23
ouroumovYou guys think this would affect he 32bit iso too?13:25
ouroumovCause I have an old 32 bit laptop handy13:25
bittinLinuxcon has started: http://content.jwplatform.com/previews/sGxezkWB-oygsdW3u13:25
ouroumovThat I don't mind stressing seeing it's not mine x)13:25
ouroumovbittin, error loading player: no Playable source found13:26
bittinouroumov: yeah did not work in Firefox here had to open it in Microsoft Edge :( and yeah i know i use the wrong OS on my work computer13:26
bittinseems to work better in Webkit based browsers13:26
ouroumovbittin, that's kind of ironic13:27
bittinhaha yeah :(13:27
ouroumovYou know, the linux con feed, can't play it unless you're Microsoft's bitch.13:27
bittinhaha yeah ironic as crap13:28
rahtgazI'm not sure, ouroumov. The problem had to do with a missconfigured Xauthority, right?13:29
rangergordrahtgaz: no, unrelated13:29
rangergordrahtgaz: that happened cause I ran "sudo startx" from the terminal13:30
rahtgazoh right13:30
rangergordif you don't do it, Xauthority is never created in ~13:30
rahtgazI honestly can't understand Martin's comment. At least he didn't close it13:34
rahtgazI find it always funny that users are asked to be clear and test throughly while maintainers can post laconic replies, seemingly without having even tested once13:36
rangergordi don't see a comment. where is it? The only thing I see is he transferred it from Ubuntu MATE to Ubuntu13:38
rahtgazIt's the last comment on that bug report13:39
ouroumovI'm burning a 32 bit key13:39
rangergordthis is what I'm referring to. 5 hours ago, right? Martin Wimpress has the comment "no longer affects: ubuntu-mate "13:39
rahtgazyes. I don't understand what he means. Did it affect Ubuntu-MATE before? when? but clearly it is affecting Ubuntu-MATE now because at least two people report it13:40
rahtgazunless ...13:41
ali1234bug number?13:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1615363 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "(Virtualbox) Installing with no swap partition results in corrupted system, despite having high RAM" [Undecided,New]13:41
rangergordwithout reproduction outside of Vbox, they're going to consider this a VBox issue, and this will remain a minor bug no one will fix13:42
ali12342GB and no swap?13:42
rangergordali1234: yeah13:42
ali1234seems optimistic13:42
rangergordtbh I don't know what to think myself. I would have assumed there's automated tests that make sure the new images can be installed with all partition configurations.13:43
rahtgazyes, but currently the only version we are sure does not reproduce outside vbox is 16.04. No one tested it qith 16.04.113:43
ali1234can you get a dmesg from after the crash?13:43
rangergordali1234: I would have increased it to 4GB after I built it13:43
ali1234this likely affects every version of ubuntu hence why he removed ubuntu mate tag13:43
rangergordaah, so it still has the  Ubuntu tag? It's not just a Virtualbox tag?13:43
ali1234it is all ubuntu13:44
rahtgazbut "no longer affects"?13:44
rangergordali1234: deleted the VM cause I'm low on space. I could do it again, but ouroumov is gonna try it on metal tonight, so that would kill 2 birds with one stone13:44
rangergordit only takes me 15 mins to reproduce it though13:44
rangergordif you insist13:44
ali1234yeah unless metal doesnt crash13:44
ouroumovI'm gonna try on metal right now with the i386 version13:45
* DarkPsydeLord HELLO13:45
ali12342GB is probably not enough RAM to run ubuntu13:45
ouroumovhello DarkPsydeLord13:45
rahtgaz2gb is fine. I ran it with 1.713:45
ali1234without swap?13:45
rangergordali1234: that's not the cause of this issue. Cause I found a workaround for the corrupted graphics (manual startx). So RAM is not the reason13:45
rahtgazwhen I was trying to reproduce only, of course.13:45
ali1234wait which one of you actually reported this?13:46
ouroumovAnd I reproduced13:46
rahtgazouroumov was able to reproduce and I wasn't on a different iso13:46
ali1234have you tried for example xubuntu?13:47
rahtgazwe are only interested on MATE here :)13:47
rangergordali1234: to  quote rahtgaz, we dont have a decent internet connection between the 3 of us :)13:47
ali1234okay i will try xubuntu13:47
rangergordwe're all on crappy cellular links13:47
rangergordali1234: why not try pure Ubuntu instead? That's the big fish13:47
rangergord(assuming you're on broadband)13:48
ali1234because ubuntu doesn't work properly in virtualbox at all13:48
ali1234due to unity requiring hardware acceleration13:48
rangergordoh right...i remember now, trying it a couple of months ago13:48
* rahtgaz shakes fist at canonical13:48
rahtgazwell done13:48
rangergordali1234: but to reprouce it we just need to get to a working login screen after boot, it doesnt matter if its slow13:49
rangergordie, if you see the Ubuntu login screen, you haven't run into the bug13:49
rahtgazyeah. that's why RAM doesn't matter here13:49
ali1234which ISOs have you tested and which ones reproduced it?13:49
rahtgaz16.04.1 reproduces ir. 16.04 doesn't13:50
ali1234hmm okay13:50
ali1234so that suggests a problem with the enablement stack13:50
rahtgazit would be great though if you did both to confirm13:50
ali1234i dont think xubuntu has a 16.04.1 ISO13:50
ali1234i'll try regular ubuntu13:50
rangergordregular ubuntu would definitely draw the most attention to the bug, if it's affected13:51
ali1234hang on let me check what isos i have13:51
olehhi, everyone)13:51
ouroumovhi oleh13:51
ali1234what happens if you use 4GB by the way?13:53
ouroumovWe haven't tried13:54
rangergordali1234: dont have enough RAM to try, but I would be very surprised if it behaved any differently13:54
rangergordthe installer needs like 1GB at most13:54
ali1234okay what about 16.04.1 + 2GB + swap?13:54
rangergordali1234: if I do that, then it works13:54
rangergordif RAM was the reason, the installer would crash/fail, like any other app13:54
rahtgazali1234: the problem is entirely on the presence or absence of swap13:55
ali1234hmm i don't have any ISO to test this with13:55
ali1234download ETA 2 hours13:56
rangergordhaha, another person with bad internet13:56
ali1234nah, the torrent is just slow13:56
ouroumovlol rangergord13:56
ouroumovI'm at my workplace so I have a decent connection today.13:57
ouroumov45MB/s download speed13:57
rangergordouroumov: what do you do?13:57
rahtgazI have a bigger number but a smaller acronym13:57
DarkPsydeLordwoa 45mb?13:57
DarkPsydeLordi have 200 kb/s:(13:58
ouroumovI'm in a CS laboratory, I just came today cause the authentication server for our compute cluster was on the fritz and I'm the only one reasonably close that also know how to bring it back up.13:58
rangergordcool...good luck13:59
ouroumovI've already brought it back up13:59
rangergordI know what it's like to be the defacto IT guy13:59
ouroumovWorse is, we actually have a dedicated sysadmin since last year14:00
rangergordat least I finally got my relatives to stop giving my number to their friends14:00
ouroumovHe should really change that server14:00
ouroumovShit is running Ubuntu Server 8.0414:00
rangergordcouldn't he have remoted in?14:00
ouroumovServer was down, not responding to ping14:00
ouroumovhad to walk into the server room, pull the server from the rack, unplug the battery on the RAID card, then put it all back in14:01
ouroumovfun stuff14:01
rangergordthis is why sysadmins are going towards virtualization.14:01
rahtgazso sysadmin too tired to go fix it and calls you in14:01
rangergordwhat was the problem?14:01
ouroumovsysadmin is currently in Texas x)14:01
rahtgazsysadmins belong with their servers. travelling is for other professions :p14:02
ouroumovI'm not sure what's causing the problem but it's the second time this month the server went down and the only way to bring it back up is to reset the RAID card by pulling the battery14:03
rangergordidk about that. if you're a good sysadmin, nothing should ever go wrong. and if it does, you can easily pull up a redundant system14:03
ouroumovI'm rebooting the i386 now, we'll know shortly14:04
rangergordnot saying your guy is a bad sysadmin, just saying IN THEORY, you can have systems in place to detect failure. notify you, and bringing up redundancy14:04
rangergordit would be my ideal job, I think. Just keeping a system automatically monitored, maybe even automatically maintained14:05
rahtgazautomated redundancy is *expensive*14:05
ouroumovOkay guys, I wasn't able to reproduce using the i386 iso on metal.14:05
rangergordrahtgaz: how so? if you're using a FOSS stack like KVM14:05
rangergordall it takes is the time to automate it14:05
rangergordouroumov: 16.04.1 or 16.04?14:05
rahtgazrangergord: you can't count on software alone. you have to also implement hardware controlled rendundancy systems. For instance, what if the CPU burns?14:06
ouroumovrangergord, ubuntu-mate-16.04.1-desktop-i386.iso14:06
rangergordrahtgaz: that's why I said 2 servers. Something goes wrong on the 1st, that's what the 2nd one is for.14:06
rahtgazrangergord: what I mean is that you generally have a decentralized server architecture. One server for this, one server for that, etc. So, you have to at least duplicate each server on hardware. So, a decentralized web+db is already 4 machines. and this can go on on certain types of businesses14:09
rangergordrahtgaz: 1 physical server running a virtualization hypervisor, can run each of those servers in a VM. The 2nd physical server acts as redundancy for the 1st.14:10
rahtgazI agree VMs came to help. But frankly, from what i've seen, the costs of those xeon servers capable of handling this type of architecture makes one of them more expensive than two normal servers14:11
ouroumovOkay I'm done here, I'm going home and when I get there I'll try and reproduce using the 64 bit iso on metal.14:12
rangergordthat could be true, i dont actually know the costs of servers. I think i've only ever installed VMWare ESXi on an old workstation.14:12
rangergordouroumov: cheers, thanks14:12
ouroumovsee you later14:12
rahtgazI'm not an expert, mind you. But I'm very skeptical of the claims of low cost redundancy. I have yet to see anyone implementng it14:13
rahtgazsafe return14:13
rahtgazi mean, I have yet to see anyone implementing it and not complain about how much it cost them14:14
rangergordcould be14:18
rangergordgotta go, be online later14:25
davidehello people15:36
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uncle_some can give me tips how to increase performance on ubuntu mate?Please!16:23
netvixtrawhat application?16:23
uncle_whatever it is16:24
uncle_just something that will help me to improved16:24
ouroumov_uncle_, the system is not running fast enough for you?16:25
uncle_probably bcuz of my hardware idk16:26
uncle_i use dell latitude e4300 4gb ram intel core duo 2.4 Ghz16:27
uncle_but now it is run more smoothly when i change swappines16:29
rangergordouroumov: how did it go?16:45
ouroumov_rangergord, haven't started yet, I have a backup to do16:46
rangergordok dont stress it, even if you dont have time to do it, it's no big deal16:48
ouroumov_I have time, and it'll be nice to know the role of VirtualBox in the story.16:51
ouroumov_Damn I had a ton of stuff on that machine17:04
ouroumov_rangergord, I'm Backing up. It's taking a while for the cp -rv to complete.17:10
mate|95431Anyone have a problem with the software updater not working?17:17
ouroumov_mate|95431, you have an error message?17:18
mate|95431No, when I restart my comp, the software updater is on my panel but when I click it nothing happens. When I try to open software updater, nothing happens.17:19
ouroumov_Interestingly there's a "Software and Updates" update in the software updater. I'm installing now to see if it will break things.17:20
mate|95431I just tried to open it now. And nothing.17:20
mate|95431Wont even open through Synapse17:20
tripoutmaybe via terminal?17:22
ouroumov_mate|95431, what do you get when you type "update-manager" in a terminal?17:22
mate|95431Gtk was imported without specifying a version first. Use gi.require_import tpo ensure that the right version gets loadrd17:26
mate|95431I moved away from my friend that got me into Ubuntu and he isnt answering the phone. My whole system feels slower, but I am atttributing that to not being able to update anything.17:27
mate|95431I don't know what happened, did you get my last message.17:27
ouroumov_<mate|95431> loaded**17:28
ouroumov_mate|95431, you have the software boutique handy?17:28
ouroumov_mate|95431, there's a "Fixes" section (last icon on the right)17:29
ouroumov_<ouroumov_> mate|95431, you have the software boutique handy?17:30
ouroumov_<ouroumov_> mate|95431, there's a "Fixes" section (last icon on the right)17:30
mate|95431im there17:31
mate|95431update source list?17:31
ouroumov_Run all fixes17:31
mate|95431Said failed to download repository information. Told me to check internet connection. But that is obviously fine lol17:33
mate|95431W:The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/synapse-core/ppa/ubuntu xenial Release' does not have a Release file., W:Data from such a repository can't be authenticated and is therefore potentially dangerous to use., W:See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details., W:http://download.videolan.org/pub/debian/stable/R17:33
mate|95431elease.gpg: Signature by key 8F0845FE77B16294429A79346BCA5E4DB84288D9 uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1), E:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/synapse-core/ppa/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found, E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.17:33
ouroumov_Can you drop to a terminal and run: sudo apt update17:35
ouroumov_Then run: sudo apt upgrade17:35
mate|95431apt-get update gave me more synapse core errors, running upgrade now17:37
ouroumov_rangergord, my backup is done, I'm gonna proceed to install now17:44
mate|95431Ok, firefox is asking to restart to install updates. I will do this, restart computer and report back.17:45
ouroumov_rangergord, rebooting post install17:52
rangergordthat was quick! you got an SSD?17:53
ouroumov_rangergord, could not reproduce using 16.04.1 amd64 iso on metal.17:53
rangergordthat's interesting. out of curiosity, how much RAM you got?17:54
rangergordso it is a VBox issue...17:54
ouroumov_I think so yes.17:54
rangergordI want to try it again in a VM, and this time use 6GB RAM17:54
rangergordjust in case at some unknown point during install, it tried to get more17:54
rangergordand instead of crashing, it tried to keep on going17:55
ouroumov_rangergord, can you also check in BIOS you have virtualisation stuff enabled? I'm gonna reboot this machine now and do the same cause I'm not sure I haven't disabled it.17:55
rangergordI do17:55
rangergordfirst thing I enable on a computer17:55
ouroumov_OK I had it enabled too.17:57
rangergordwell, guess it was a false alarm then18:00
rangergordtbh i did not expect this18:01
rangergordwhy would VBox care about stuff like that? it gives the guest OS RAM and a disk to do whatever it wants with it18:01
rangergordmaybe the installer does some clever check somewhere that gives different results on VMs18:02
ouroumov_I don't know, but remember what ali1234 said a while earlier? That it could be related to the hardware enablement stack?18:02
ouroumov_Anyway, looks like flexiondotorg was right to shift this towards VirtualBox18:04
ouroumov_I'm gonna redo the install on my 64Bit machine now, to get a decent partition layout18:06
nixerHello. Ubuntu-Mate on 32GB sd-card, is it possible? What should I consider?18:47
ouroumov_hi nixer18:47
ouroumov_nixer, sure is possible, minimum disk requirement is 9GB18:47
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nixerSorry, had to answer the phone. I think sd-cards wear out quicly if used as regular drives. Cannot find anything about Ubuntu-Mate install on sd-cards. So I thought I would ask here and see if anyone knew something about it.19:07
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alkisgnixer: raspberry pis run out of sd-cards, so it's definately doable19:08
alkisgI've been working on a pi for 1 year now, with the same card19:08
alkisgIt's going to wear out some time, but it hasn't done so yet19:08
nixerI thought instead of a bulky usb-stick, it would be nice to have as a seconday boot option in the laptop. RPi OS may have some special stuff as it was meant to be used on sd-card only, I guess?19:12
alkisgNot really, only a few settings differ, nothing very significant19:13
nixeralkisg:  So I should just try the install, you say? And report my findings possibly ...19:15
alkisgnixer: yup19:18
alkisgnixer: there are also some usb 3 sticks that support up to 100 mb/sec read/write, if you'll be working with that a lot, maybe you could use a stick instead of an sdcard19:19
nixeralkisg: Yeah I could, I have 2 that reads almos 200MB/s, but they are in the way whan carrying the laptop and I fear broken stick and broken connectors in the laptop. The sd-card sits nicely protected, nothing sticking out.19:22
alkisgAnd of course you can install many ubuntu versions in the same hard disk...19:23
nixeralkisg: Sure, I know, but the disk has some other operating system that's also needed for work19:24
alkisgE.g. you can have windows, mate, mate, ubuntu, fedora and debian19:25
nixeralkisg: I didn't know they could be so small and still fast ...19:26
nixeralkisg: OK, fast read speed at least19:27
alkisg30 mb/sec is still a nice write speed for usb sticks (and too much for simple sd cards...)19:28
nixeralkisg: I have the Samsung Pro SDHC here: http://www.custompcreview.com/reviews/best-microsd-memory-card-review-roundup-2015-update/22978/2/19:35
alkisgnixer: is that true? does hdparm -t /dev/sdb give you something like 80 to 90 mb/sec?! That's impressive for an sd-card...19:37
nixerI can try that later. The card is new, bought for this purpose. I have a sd-usb3 adapter so I can even crosscheck usb-sd-slot19:39
alkisgThat'd be useful as well; to compare the speeds of sd vs sd over usb19:40
nixeralkisg: I just put in in my little nuc-server, un the usb3-adapter: Timing buffered disk reads: 154 MB in  3.03 seconds =  50.89 MB/sec19:45
nixeralkisg: It is not an expensive card, Danish kroner to USD it would be 13,5USD. But we have much more tax, so about 10USD I would guess19:48
alkisgVery nice19:52
nixerLaptop is busy doing "soft lockups", so I can't use it right now19:58
r3pt1l3It's sad.. UbuntuMATE would be a great distro..19:59
r3pt1l3back to debian I guess20:00
alkisgr3pt1l3: how so?20:00
alkisgDo you mean that you have an unsolved issue?20:00
alkisgthat you expect it to be solved in debian?20:00
r3pt1l3Not really. It just seems like a dead-end20:02
alkisgI've no idea what you're talking about20:02
alkisgDo you mean that it's not developed anymore? Would a git commit list help you there?20:03
r3pt1l3You kinda read my mind20:04
r3pt1l3ellinas ?20:04
r3pt1l3Nice !20:04
alkisgDebian is fine too, and does have mate20:05
nixerI was also considering Debian, but 10-15 years ago at least, it was an uphill battle. Ubuntu on the server for years and now it's time to try another desktop os than Windows20:08
r3pt1l3I'm testing out distros in VMs to replace Windows. I've been using centOS on my servers although I'm considering ubuntu20:10
r3pt1l3distros for desktop20:10
alkisgBoth debian and ubuntu are fine. Debian is a bit less polished for the desktop.20:12
ubuntu-matehi anyone russian there?21:33
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.21:34
ubuntu-matethank you21:34
alkisgYou're welcome21:34
ali1234ouroumov i reproduced the vbox bug with ubuntu 16.04.122:56
ali1234easy workaround: press right ctrl f1, right ctrl f722:56
ali1234almost certainly a virtualbox problem22:56
ali1234ha! it's a race condition23:17

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