Unit193wxl: Last warning for swift110 about linking his blog given, btw.00:42
jairHello there06:22
jairI was banned by this individual over a week ago. BY I believe Ikonia.  May I know why is this individual still banning me?06:23
jairI am not happy with what he does, the way he act in the channels and the way how he speaks to new users looking and having an interesting discussion with other members, all good and educative not just for Ubuntu but also for any debian based distro06:24
jairhowever I will speak about Ubuntu specifically related issues because I also support clients using Ubuntu06:25
jaircan someone remove that please so I can join #ubuntu?06:25
valoriejair, #ubuntu is a large channel, and therefore must stay on topic06:25
jairvalorie: understood06:26
valorie#ubuntu-offtopic is for "interesting discussions" about anything not Ubuntu support06:26
valorieikonia does not act alone06:26
jairvalorie: but it is OK to be banned for certain amount of time specially if I am talking about debian or mint in ubuntu channel but it's been over a week06:26
valorie!guidelines | jair06:27
ubottujair: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:27
jairvalorie: I believe you should investigate more about the discussion with ikonia06:27
jairUnderstood and will stay in topic06:27
valorieI don't have ops in #ubuntu so I can't help you, but I've known ikonia for a long time06:27
jairI believe the internet is free, and IRC is free for people to join06:27
valoriecertainly, and *buntu channels are created and maintained for *buntu users06:28
valorienot for everyone06:28
jairso having a group of individuals abusing of their right is really negative for the channel and for Linux06:28
valorieikonia was not abusing his rights; he was acting on behalf of those who need support06:28
valorieas we need him to do06:29
jaircan anyone here remove the stupid ban I said I will only discuss topics related to #ubuntu06:29
valorieperhaps they will come along presently06:29
daxalrighty, some things:06:31
jair15:30 -!- Cannot join to channel #ubuntu (You are banned) this is being showing for over a week now, and you are saying this is not abussing?06:31
dax1) as i think we already covered adequately, #ubuntu is for Ubuntu, and #debian is for Debian06:31
dax2) it's been three days, this is not an unusual ban length for users who have demonstrated attitude issues in #ubuntu06:31
jairI said for 3rd time, I will discuss Ubuntu ony things I understood06:31
dax3) you do not have a right to be in #ubuntu, it is a technical support channel that you are free to use as long as you do not go against its rules and cause us to think you'll cause issues in it06:32
dax4) ikonia was not "abusing his rights", he acted appropriately in response to your behavior, which was inappropriate for the channel06:32
daxso, all that said: have you read the guidelines linked above and agree to not throw a fit in #ubuntu again?06:33
jairmay I get access to #ubuntu to discuss and help other newbies you normally don't help instead send them to read manuals and search in google? I do have the time and the will to teach them and show them, you are affecting more them than me06:33
jairI said I will talk about #ubuntu stuff only06:34
daxas I said, the issue is not only with being ontopic, it's with the attitude06:34
dax"#ubuntu stuff only" includes not making snarky comments at other users or chanops06:34
jairOf course06:35
daxi'll remove your ban now, one sec06:35
jairI am just telling you what I think, I am not in #ubuntu06:35
daxdone, please try rejoining now, and note that we do keep history so future goings on may not be as simple to resolve06:35
jairIf I create issues or do not respect the guidelines you can ban me again easy?06:35
jairchecking my access06:36
jairI can avccess thank you dax have a good day06:36
dax@mark jair ban removed per agreement to behave06:36
ubottuThe operation succeeded.06:36
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* valorie has little confidence there was any change in attitude06:47
daxconsidering they just asked about the same sort of thing they were asking about before they got banned, and they were using Debian then...06:48
daxbut yeah, rope etc.06:48
daxif they behave they behave. if they don't, poof06:49
daxhuh, they actually took the /kick hint. unexpected07:20
ikoniajust for the record I message jair 3 times in the last few days about his ban - he ignored all pm's08:46
ikoniaon the 18th, 19th, and 20th08:47
valorieikonia: oh but didn't you hear, it's all about your power trip08:47
ikoniaI'd not done anything over the weekend08:47
popeybest make up for it today then! triple power-trips for you!09:17
ubottuOerHeks called the ops in #ubuntu (windowsxp)14:52
hggdh@mark windowsxp noise on #ubuntu, trying to engage in PM14:57
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:57
hggdh@mark windowsxp results from the PM: many lines written NOOB NOOB... mute should stay15:00
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:00
k1l_not the first time he is an issue15:04
k1l_"<windowsxp> chu your a noob"  so this is an issue from -ot?15:05
phunyguychu is +o in #ubuntu....15:20
phunyguyprobably triggered from that.15:20
hggdhwhy chu, IDK. Myrtt i kicked it a few minutes before my mute15:46
k1l_hggdh: that was the first sentence when he joined initially today15:47
hggdhyes. Only chu knows15:48
k1l_i just thought that was again a -ot issue that spilled over to #ubuntu (because i am not in -ot and dont have a backlog). but seems its not. so we will never know15:50
wxlUnit193: what huh?21:20
k1l[shr30] (~rw@ realname. that is a leaseweb server running a prox23:25
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