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jancoowHi there. When i want to install owncloud i get this error07:22
ducassei've noticed a weird thing with an lxc container on 16.04. inside the container 'free -m' reports 350mb used, while lxc-info reports "memory use" as 25gb. for other containers the numbers match. what could cause this?07:39
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TahvokI'm trying to understand the following list: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/pkg/linux-lts-trusty.html11:29
TahvokAccording to the list none of the cve are applicable if I use the lts-trusty kernel?11:29
TahvokOr am I misunderstanding something?11:29
mdeslaurTahvok: if you use linux-lts-trusty, the first column applies to you11:33
mdeslaurso everything in orange, yellow, and red11:34
mdeslaur(though it appears old stuff isn't triaged properly)11:34
TahvokSo what are the other columns? There is even one that says 'trusty'?11:34
mdeslaurthat's for the trusty release11:34
mdeslauryou're running precise11:34
TahvokNope, I'm on trusty11:35
mdeslaurif you're on trusty, then you're definitely not running the linux-lts-trusty kernel11:35
mdeslauryou're running the "linux" kernel11:35
mdeslaurwhich is here: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/pkg/linux.html11:35
TahvokOh, so I was checking the wrong package..11:35
mdeslaurthe "linux-lts-trusty" package is the trusty kernel backported to precise11:35
TahvokGot it. Thank you!11:36
admin0hi .. can  anyone help me understand what caused this kernel bug ? http://pastebin.com/MPza7mbJ12:53
eatingthenighthello, I am trying to figure out if this is possible at all. can i through the use of unionfs or something similar have a process that writes to a directory but then at some given time later set the directory back to it's original state?14:25
xnoxeatingthenight, you mean git?14:48
UssatREally ? installing into a VM, "can not install bootloader into /dev/sda515:43
Ussatits Monday15:43
soahcccHello everyone! What could cause two identical servers (same hardware, same configs, same settings overall) to behave different in regard to ipv4/ipv6? When I update packages or when I just curl google.com... One server uses ipv4 and one uses ipv6, times out and falls back to ipv4. Where do I have to look? I guess I should fix ipv6 but this is really annoying at the moment.15:50
Odd_Blokesoahccc: If they're doing DHCP then they'll be getting (at least some) networking config from the DHCP server.15:55
soahcccOdd_Bloke: there is no DHCP involved, I'm wondering though why ipv6 doesn't work. We have other working servers and the v6 setup is the same :/ I can't currently find it anymore but we don't have "proper" v6 addresses but use some mapping from v4 to v6.15:56
soahcccI think it's called address embedding but I can't for the love of laziness find a converter anymore16:03
soahcccOdd_Bloke: I'm just wondering where I have to look if not in /etc/network/interfaces why one prefers v6 while the other prefers v4 despite having the same config except the IP's of course16:08
Odd_Blokesoahccc: I don't really know, I'm afraid16:09
soahcccThanks anyway :) I'll try to fix v6 if I can manage to find a converter again. I only find code or descriptions which I can't work with :/16:10
soahcccOh nevermind, we actually use the assigned block from our provider. weird, maybe it's a problem on their side as 5 out of 7 have working v6 with the exact same setup16:13
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eatingthenightxnox: yes essentially git for an entire directory such as /tmp16:32
xnoxeatingthenight, use ... git?16:33
xnoxthat's what etckeeper is essentially.16:34
xnoxor any other backup/restore.16:34
xnoxwhy use directory? why not use e.g. a database with a transactions and a rollback.16:34
eatingthenighti'll test it out, for some reason it seems like the wrong approach or that something else such as union fs should handle it better but we will see.16:36
tammy5how often are releases done on ubuntu18:02
macskayhi guys, got a question regarding vhosts. A mate got a domain running and I got a server running. At the moment I have multiple domains running on it, which are registered with the server. however I want to add the domain of my mate to my server as well. Can I do that, when his domain is from another provider and registered with my server?18:09
macskay*not registered18:10
centaur5tammy5, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases18:11
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dr4c4nhi there, does anyone have a couple minutes? I'm having issues with openldap over ssl connecting to phpldapadmin. I get an error ldap_connect: cannot create session handle19:23
dasjoekirkland: nice seeing you doing the OpenZFS summit keynote :)20:13
tomreyndr4c4n_: your ldap connection uri is probably wrong20:31
tomreynor rather not in the format php expects20:32
tammy5is it possible to add my name to the list of triaging daily? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/KnowledgeBase#triager20:46
tammy5I would like to have sunday20:46
nacctammy5: I don't believe that list is current21:03
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DexDeadlywhat is the easiest way to share a directory via samba so that I can write files to it22:24
supraleposeurHi - I just upgraded my server from 14.04.5 to 16.04.1 and my RAID1 array is now empty. I'm very new at using mdadm and I don't want to destroy my data inadvertently. Is anyone available to help?22:52

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