elachecheYo Na3iL !08:27
elachecheCheck the buttom of the list! :D http://endscreen.sysengquiz3.host/halloffame.html08:27
Na3iLawww :D congrats! :D :D08:28
Na3iLYou made it! :D08:29
elachecheFinally, last night x)08:29
Na3iLout of curiosity how many stages there?08:31
elachecheBTW, it's not just a challenge, it's a the way to a job position in the Switzerlands08:31
Na3iLyep, I noticed that and I like it very much08:31
Na3iLThat's what FOSS companies should do to hire their employees :D08:32
elachecheThere is 5, the 3rd one is just a snake game (the old snake game you know :p) it's just a bridge so the script will prepare an other VM for the next 2 stages.. Stage 4 is about finding a dir and a file in it.. The 5th is based on that file (a docker challenge)08:32
Na3iLseems pretty cool08:34
elachecheYep! Oh! That new VM is abailable onl for 50min, after that it's destroyed and you should start over all the stages :)08:35
Na3iLAfter, finishing it today, I wanna know how they made it the way it is08:36
Na3iLThey used python as much as I know but the vm how, a headless mode?08:36
elachecheWhat do you mean the "way it is?"08:37
elachecheYou mean the creation of the VM for the last 2 stages?08:37
elachecheIt's called "Provisioning".. In this case, they tell the script to provision a new VM via a template whenever you finish the 2nd stage.. They assign a public IP to it (so the next ssh action will be for an IP not a domain) then when they destroy it the IP will be liberated (the IP thing depends on their ISP, we can't compare it to here)..08:41
Na3iLoh, that's good!08:44
elachecheHello lotfi ! Welcome to our irc channel and our ML :)10:03
lotfican i speek french10:03
elachecheSpeak whatever you like :)10:04
lotfithank you10:05
Na3iL\o/ welcome lotfi10:12
lotfien fait je un debutant et je cherche une aide a proprs de l'installation d'une imprimante ricoh aficio mp1600l sur ubuntu10:14
elachechelotfi: T'as ubuntu 16.04 ?10:18
Na3iLwhat kind of problem lotfi ? the driver for that printer? give us some details10:19
lotfioui j'ai ubuntu 16.04 j'ai utuliser la methode graphique et sa pa marcher10:20
elachechelotfi: http://www.openprinting.org/printer/Ricoh/Ricoh-Aficio_MP_160010:20
lotfilorsque j ouvre langle imprimante je trouve qu elle est installer mais si je veut imprime des document sa marche pa10:22
elachecheEmm.. J'ai pas utilisé des Ricoh avant, alors je sais pas l'astuce :/10:24
elachechelotfi: Essaie de partage ton problème sur la ML10:24
Na3iLTry to debug the problem, execute the program via the terminal and see what happens, otherwise did you installed a specific driver to manage the printer?10:25
lotfiok mercie je vais essai10:26
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ChikoreHello !16:43

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