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yuchenHello. I'm making a dictionary scope, and I'd like the scope to play the pronunciation when user hit the button. What should I do in the Activation::activate() method to play the url audio?09:05
rimHi , I'm Rimsya09:27
rimHow to install Asus T100H wihout windows 1009:29
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yuchenHi. When I add audio widgets on my scope's preview, it always fails to play and log that "No decoder available for type audio/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)1, ..." Can anyone give some hints?11:20
oem_i want to install ubuntu touch to my Sony Xperia Tablet Z11:52
oem_can anyone help me11:52
oem_i'm stuck11:52
oem_cant find any decent tutorial etc11:52
popeyoem_: maybe speak to ondra as I believe he was part of the team that did some sony porting in the past11:56
popey(if he's around)11:56
yuchenHi. When I add audio widgets on my scope's preview, it always fails to play and log that "No decoder available for type audio/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)1, ..." Can anyone give some hints?12:22
davidcallepstolowski: ^ maybe you know which codecs we ship?12:25
pstolowskidavidcalle, no, sorry. jamesh may know12:25
yuchenWell.. the problem seems to be solved after installing `ubuntu-restricted-extras' package. Thanks anyway!12:36
donaldbonjour je veux installer un multiboot.  j'ai déjà installé un ubuntu. Je veux installer un kali à la suite. Je suis en train de partitionner manuellement avec le guide https://openclassrooms.com/courses/reprenez-le-controle-a-l-aide-de-linux/partitionner-son-disque. Quel point de montage est-ce que je dois choisir pour la partition qui contiendra  le systeme de kali. est-ce bien "/" ?12:55
dobeydonald: english please, and #ubuntu is the channel for general ubuntu support. for kali you should go to a kali-specific channel as it's not an offically supported derivative13:26
SirCmpwnWPA enterprise on the ubuntu tablet13:34
davmor2SirCmpwn: it works has done for a while, why?13:38
SirCmpwnwhen I tap a WPA enterprise network to join it13:38
SirCmpwnnothing happens13:38
SirCmpwnany other network and I'm connected or presented with an auth dialog13:38
davmor2SirCmpwn: it should open system settings to allow details to be added13:39
davmor2SirCmpwn: what image are you on?13:40
davmor2SirCmpwn: and what device13:40
dobeyand is the screen unlocked?13:40
SirCmpwnI'm on an bq aquarius M1013:40
SirCmpwnfully updated13:40
davmor2SirCmpwn: what dobey said, is the screen unlocked?13:42
SirCmpwndoing this from the settings menu13:42
SirCmpwnor screen, rather13:43
SirCmpwnnot from the slide down thing13:43
davmor2SirCmpwn: it is working here fine for me. So not sure why it isn't for you.13:45
SirCmpwnhow can I gather more information about what's going wrong13:46
davmor2SirCmpwn: /var/log/syslog most likely13:46
SirCmpwnwill check that momentarily13:47
dobeyor ~/.cache/upstart/indicator-network.log (or whatever log file is in ~/.cache/upstart/ for the network indicator i guess)13:48
jgdxmzanetti, hey, does ubuntu-authenticator build using gcc6? I'm getting failures like http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23078400/13:49
mzanettijgdx, I've no clue13:49
mzanettijgdx, but the error looks like an SDK bug13:50
mzanettijgdx, try this:13:50
mzanettimkdir /home/jonas/Work/ubuntu-authenticator/build/po/13:50
jgdxmzanetti, okay, anyway, it started segfaulting on yakketi, and I wanted to do a rebuild.13:52
mzanettijgdx, does the mkdir thing help?13:52
jgdxmzanetti, I don't see any difference, no13:53
mzanettidunno then... haven't tried gcc6 myself yet13:53
SirCmpwnnothing particularly interesting in either log13:55
SirCmpwnDebug: Connecting to: "xxxx" ((null):0, (null))13:55
jgdxmzanetti, https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-5336713:56
jgdxmzanetti, seems to be an issue in qmake13:56
SirCmpwnalso, is there a way to run x11 apps on ubuntu touch?13:56
jgdxmzanetti, (workaround: use cmake)13:56
dobeySirCmpwn: libertine is how that's done13:59
SirCmpwnI take it ubuntu touch runs mir, correct?14:01
davmor2SirCmpwn: it does14:02
SirCmpwnlast question for now, and probably off topic tbh14:02
SirCmpwnbut does anyone know where I could go to get some help installing other OSes on this device?14:02
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davmor2SirCmpwn: see the BQ site for help with that I don't know what OS'es they support for it14:06
donald1I want to install kali linux in multiboot after an ubuntu and I want to install another os later. how to make thepartitions?14:25
ogradonald1, try asking in #ubuntu14:25
k1l_donald1: on a smartphone?14:25
k1l_donald1: this is the ubuntu-touch channel with focus on the ubuntu phone. for your qeustions about partitioning for several linux OS you might want to ask in ##linux14:27
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tedgjdstrand: kenvandine is finding that the vivid apparmor profiles don't have the UAL demangler binaries in them, where the xenial ones do.15:29
tedgjdstrand: Do we need to backport those? Or is there a different plan?15:29
jdstrandtedg: there is no plan that I am aware of. sounds like they need to be pulled back if the demangler is expected to be used on vivid15:30
tedgjdstrand: Yeah, he is using it for content hub.15:31
kenvandinejdstrand, maybe backport those when we land the pasteboard policy changes15:31
kenvandinewe'll need it for the clipboard UI for sure15:31
tedgjdstrand: Is that something you'd want us to put in a silo with kenvandine's changes or do separately?15:31
kenvandineso soonish... and i know we'd rather not update those more than needed15:31
jdstrandtedg (cc kenvandine, tyhicks): definitely land with anything else that is changing the default policy. I'd be fine with that landing via silo15:38
kenvandinetedg, can you propose a branch against the 16.04 branch and i'll make sure it gets into my landing when we're ready?15:42
kenvandinetedg, much appreciated :)15:44
tedgkenvandine: Wait, won't your pasteboard branch do that by default?15:44
tedgkenvandine: It'll grab the latest and push it back.15:44
kenvandineno, i have 3 branches just adding what i need for each15:44
kenvandineit was cherry picks from my branch against trunk15:44
tyhicksElleo: hi - are you still needing the default template to be updated for maliit? (bug #1606595)15:45
tedgWait, why do we have different?15:45
ubot5bug 1606595 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Default profile should allow communication with maliit-server" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160659515:45
kenvandinetedg, dunno... there are 3 branches for apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu, one for each series15:45
kenvandineand they do differ15:45
kenvandineElleo, if you need the template changed, you should get it in with my changes :)15:46
tedgkenvandine: https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu/ual_typo/+merge/26232615:47
kenvandinei did that?15:47
tedgI think that it's fixed, I don't see it in xenial at least.15:48
kenvandinetedg, so funny, i ran into this same problem before :)15:49
tedgkenvandine: You should really fix this15:49
kenvandinejdstrand said he merged it... and clearly it went into trunk15:49
kenvandinebut this is still not marked merged15:50
tedgkenvandine: This is the target we need, right? https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu/1.3-stable-phone-overlay15:50
tedgThat's vivid15:50
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tedgkenvandine: https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu/vivid-ual-mir-helper/+merge/30360217:05
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Aureliei'm looking for some help about ubuntu-touch17:14
Aureliei've read these informations but i have an issue (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DualBootInstallation)17:14
afmuller_is there a relation between ubuntu touch and snappy ubuntu core? Does the latest version of ubuntu touch run on ubuntu core?17:15
Aureliei have no idea, i don't know snappy ubuntu core17:15
Aureliei had ubuntu phone and android on my phone but, since i didn't use ubuntu phone, i choose to uninstall it today17:16
Aureliei realized my partition's size didn't go back to its normal 8Go17:16
Aurelieit stays at 5Go, but i would like to get back the ubuntu partition to use it with android, and i have no idea how to do so17:17
Aurelieif anyone has an idea, i would like to try17:18
kenvandinetedg, thx17:19
dobeyAurelie: no, the phone images don't run on snappy core yet17:19
Aureliei'm sorry17:20
afmuller_dobey: is it something that will likely happen in the future?17:20
Aureliethat wasn't my question, i don't talk about snappy core, it's afmuller who was looking for that information17:20
dobeyafmuller_: yes, the goal is to switch to snaps at some point when things are ready17:21
dobeyAurelie: oh sorry, my bad :)17:21
afmuller_dobey: ok, interesting. Thanks.17:21
dobeyafmuller_: we are working on it, but it's a lot of work17:22
afmuller_dobey: yeah I imagine it's going to be a big thing for something that in the short term won't yield immediate benefits17:22
dobeyAurelie: sorry, i can't help with that. i'm not sure how that works. have you tried recovering space from the "Ubuntu Installer" app in system settings?17:23
Aurelieno problem at all, i'm looking for any information i can get to try and solve my issue :)17:23
Aureliei have wipe all cache and data, to try, so i have no more ubuntu installer on my phone17:24
dobeyAurelie: worst case, you could back up your data from android, and just re-flash the full android image from fastboot17:24
afmuller_Is it possible to run 16.04 on a nexus 5? I've tried with http://system-image.ubports.com -> devel_stable but it's still based on 15.0417:24
dobeyafmuller_: you shouldn't use 16.04 anyway. lots of things won't work, because gcc5 broke ABI.17:25
Aureliei already did it but it didn't do anything about the size of my partition17:25
afmuller_dobey: are bq/meizu images based on 15.04? I'm trying to understand the ecosystem a little bit17:26
dobeyoh. i'm not sure then. maybe you have to repartition the device17:26
dobeyafmuller_: yes, all stable supported phone images are still based on 15.04 at the moment17:26
afmuller_dobey: got it, thanks17:27
Aureliei'm trying to repartition it, but i have no idea of how, i didn't succeed with my computer, and i didn't find any app on F-droid to allow me to do it17:28
mhall119mariogrip: I don't have any update for our call today, Olli has been out on holidays so I haven't spoken with him since our last call17:29
dobeyAurelie: i guess do the opposite of whatever dualboot.sh does to create it17:29
Aurelieyes, now, i'm going to search for what dualboot.sh do, it's a good start ! thanks :)17:31
Aurelieanother way i'm thinking of, is, to make my computer take my phone as an external drive, and with some gparted tool, resize the partition17:33
Aureliedo you think it is possible?17:33
dobeyAurelie: no, I don't think android exposes the internal storage as a usb mass storage device17:45
Aurelieok, too bad, it would have help me a lot, but i understand the security lack that would have been!17:45
dobeyi don't recall who all was involved with that dualboot.sh script, but if one of them is around, they're probably the best one to help get back to a single OS partition setup17:56
Aurelieyes, i try to send a mail to the team (link from the "get help" page of ubuntu-phone), if anyone could help me, i'm sure they will answer when they will get time, and now, i'm trying another cyanogenmod rom, with gapps this time to look in android market, in case there is any app to resize partitions in it !18:05
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Aureliei'll stop my search for today, thank you for your help, have a nice evening !18:31
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jgdxmzanetti, ubuntu-authenticator builds fine in cmake19:02
JRCSisleyHello, has anyone there installed ubuntu in a galaxy note 4 o a galaxy note 10.121:22
JRCSisleyIm new on this but I was thinking to install Ubuntu in my phone (Galaxy note 4)21:24
Elleotyhicks: yep, that'll be needed to allow us to confine maliit and distribute it via a snap in the future (sorry for delayed reply, I'm away on holiday this week, so aren't near a computer much)22:46
tyhicksElleo: thanks22:54
tyhickskenvandine, tedg: ^ how soon do you need to land your changes to the default template?22:54

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