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mappswatching new ep of power, the shows so good:D04:44
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:19
dwatkinsgood morning world!07:54
davmor2Morning all you cyberwarriors08:08
brobostigonmorning dwatkins and davmor208:09
davmor2morning brobostigon08:13
TwistedLucidityWelcome to Monday, it's all downhill from here08:25
dwatkinsfeels like uphill for me so far08:26
popeyThere's a BBC TV crew in our steet, filming the neighbours who have a dog - a thing called "Me and my pet"08:42
popeythey have a lot of equipment!08:43
dwatkinsReality TV at its best, no doubt.08:43
popeyeducational telly for cbeebies I think :)08:43
bashrcThe equipment is probably for effect. I expect you actually don't need much equipment now to make broadcast quality video.08:44
dwatkinsWhen I did my ice bucket challenge, it was filmed on four phones (!)08:45
davmor2popey: tell them you have small tigers but no dog08:59
foobarry"My pet and me"09:02
foobarryprobably applies to 70% of the country, I guess people will watch it because they feel it applies to them even though its basically a boring programme about a guys dog. could probably get the same from a guy in the pub09:03
popeyWell, it's a bit interesting.09:04
popeyHe's a British Transport Police officer, and the dog is a bomb/drug-sniffer trained dog :)09:04
bittina british girl was hitting me in the face yesterday, becouse i was too tired to be really social and started coding intead09:06
bittinis that how you do in the UK?09:06
popeySeems reasonable ㋛09:07
foobarrybittin: my daughter does that all the time, but she is 309:08
bittinfoobarry: :P09:08
bittinthis one was like 2709:08
foobarryshe likes you09:08
bittinfoobarry: haha don't think so09:08
bittini don't atleast09:09
foobarrythats the schoolage rule anyway. i hope teenagers grow out of that09:09
foobarry"i like you so much i'm going to pretend i hate you"09:09
bittinyeah who knows then09:09
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Monday, and happy Be An Angel Day! 😃 👼09:12
BigRedSBe An Angel Day? You're getting desperate...09:20
* christel chortles09:20
JamesTaitBigRedS, they're all a bit rubbish today, tbh.09:39
BigRedSHaha, hadn't occurred to me there'd be a choice09:40
BigRedSsurely no more than 365 things need days dedicated to them?09:40
foobarryhttp://imgur.com/a/GJj5n ubuntu on mr robot se2e0509:40
bittinfoobarry: a bunch in Season 3 aswell09:41
foobarrythere's a season 3?09:41
bittinyeah its ongoing atm09:43
bittin7 episodes so far09:43
foobarryhe's installing nano. o hdear09:43
Seeker`S2 is ongoing atm09:43
bittinah sorry i am tired and confusing :(09:43
bittinconfused it with Halt and Catch Fire09:43
bittinsleept 2 hours yesterday as i am not feeling well09:44
bittinoh well09:44
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luwAMFcc2f8 gotcha covered09:44
zmoylan-1ii have installed nano on some systems that it hasn't come installed on... my android tablet most recently10:43
davmor2zmoylan-1i: why would you not install vim instead? ;)11:01
zmoylan-1ii tried vim on tablets but lack of real keyboard presents itself quicker than using nano11:02
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zmoylan-piwhat is needed is a keyboard with a standard mounting dock/connector to attach tablet so that it become mini laptop/netbook11:03
davmor2zmoylan-pi: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Device-Bluetooth-Keyboard-Smartphone/dp/B00NB2NZ92/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1471864408&sr=8-3&keywords=logitech+bluetooth+keyboard11:13
zmoylan-pii have seen bt keyboards with some attempts to hold the tablet but as there is no standard size, thickness or special connector they more balance the tablet precariously than hold it11:15
TwistedLucidityAnd that's why the OEMs with fixed form factors (e.g. Apple) can win11:18
davmor2zmoylan-pi: that one is pretty good to be honest though any keyboard and one of these is probably easier http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/391180564442?lpid=122&chn=ps&googleloc=1007249&poi=&campaignid=620865095&device=c&adgroupid=27378760866&rlsatarget=pla-181484341026&adtype=pla&crdt=011:18
zmoylan-pii think we've reached a standard with laptops with keyboard on lap/desk and screen just above it.  until a new standard paradigm like a google glass screen that you wear comes along the manufacturers should try and aim towards what we know works...11:30
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foobarrytaking the plunge for cm13 on my phone12:23
foobarrycm12.1 is rebooting when i t12:24
foobarryravel between wifi/3g12:24
foobarryi always end up destroying my phone12:24
foobarrywhen i go near it12:24
popeyI'm running cm13 nightly on my OPX12:25
popeyupdated it this morning, see a few interesting changes12:25
foobarrywhat did you notice?12:26
foobarryi've got a 20 aug snapshot12:26
foobarrythere remain a few vulnerabilities in cm13 unpatched12:30
foobarryhmm settings-> battery "unfortunately settings has stopped"12:33
foobarryfirst crash within 60s of using it12:33
zmoylan-piwow, it's quicker at everything... :-)12:33
brobostigonon my nexus 4, i havent had any issues that i can think of with recent cm13 nightlies.12:35
foobarryfirst thing i notice is something about asking for premissions when the app uses them12:37
foobarryupon app install12:37
popeythat and I noticed when it's "optimising" on boot, it actually names each app with the icon12:39
popeyrather than just a count of 1/15312:39
foobarryman amazon prime video is weird soetimes12:46
foobarrysometimes the quality sucks badly, and plugging my tablet to tv gives terrible quality always, although iplayer is fine etc12:47
zmoylan-piyou probably need the prime extra pixels package... :-)12:48
foobarryhmmm can't update an app now.12:48
foobarrygetting nervous about this vm1312:48
foobarryerror 92412:48
Daveoh damn, I forgot to look into my OPX's weirdness again.12:55
DaveI keep meaning to do it every weekend and then forgetting12:55
* davmor2 staples a post it to Dave's head to remind him13:07
bittinLinuxcon has started: http://content.jwplatform.com/previews/sGxezkWB-oygsdW3u13:17
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xnoxthat feed is so boring13:51
* xnox will read summary on lwn.net later13:51
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foobarrybittin: are the linuxcon sessions recorded and available for me to watch later?17:09
bittinfoobarry: no idea17:10
foobarryone thing i mis about cm12 is the arrows on the wifi/mobile signal to show which network is receiving/sending data18:32
popeyi use a separate app which prints the network traffic on screen all the time18:55
foobarrywhich ones that popey ? i see the activity when i swipe down though19:27
popeyfoobarry: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.kfsoft.android.TrafficIndicator&hl=en_GB19:36
popeyI have used it for years.19:37
nexpls someone write something20:24
nexalso im sorry for spamming into this channel20:24
popeynex: ?20:26
ali1234popey you've done some apt caching right?20:27
ali1234is there anything that actually works?20:28
popeyi use apt-cacher-ng these days20:28
popeythe only thing it doesn't work for (currently) (for me) is snapcraft cleanbuild in lxd20:28
ali1234does it work with foreign repos?20:28
popeywhich bypasses the cache20:28
popeyyeah, i think so, you can tell it anything to cache I think20:28
ali1234i need it to work with multistrap and debirf20:29
ali1234that means no changes to sources.list20:29
ali1234approx fails if you have two repos with the same distro name, eg ubuntu main archive and the partner repo which are both /ubuntu20:31
popeyacng is the only one that worked for me20:31
ali1234it can't tell them apart20:31
ali1234unless you change sources.list20:31
popeymy sources.list is vanilla20:32
ali1234does it start the service as soon as it is installed?20:33
popeyi think so20:33
popeyi think i followed a guide20:33
ali1234hah. it just works20:35
ali1234okay let's give it a slightly harder test...20:35
ali1234that also works :)20:37
popeynice admin/stats page http://localhost:3142/acng-report.html?doCount=Count+Data#stats20:38
popeyhttp://imgur.com/a/pmzUU what I see20:40
popeyusing snapcraft means a lot of apt gets20:41
ali1234yeah really20:41
ali1234ogra made packageproxy snap for this reason20:41
popeyoh neat20:41
ali1234but it uses approx, which is broken20:41
ali1234it only works properly if you edit your sources.list, not as a proxy20:42
ali1234which isn't much use when you are trying to bootstrap a foreign repo20:42
ali1234is that a moose?20:44
ali1234hmm... not reachable from my lan20:45
ali1234hah... my IP changed because i have a new computer, and i didn't notice20:47
zmoylan-pithe police will alledge that is you evading their lawful surveillance... :-P20:47
ali1234popey: another random question: http://askubuntu.com/q/815431/1243520:48
ali1234see also pm20:49
daftykinsjust been out planning a stag do for a friend :) check out the view over the town harbour area from the proposed venue, it's the local Royal Yacht Club https://www.dropbox.com/s/9f90mqkofk6ejqf/IMG_20160822_195411.jpg?dl=020:54
zmoylan-pithose railings look good for handcuffing someone to them... :-)20:55
* daftykins whistles20:55
zmoylan-piuseful tip, drop a small key that looks like the key for the cuffs out of reach... keeps them amused for hours... :-D20:56
daftykinsour mate is a tough one, he's likely to walk out and bail on a whole evening if he's pushed too far... so it's quite a tame event planned21:00
daftykinsthey're going karting in the morning, followed by a boat trip over to Herm (the narest smaller island) with some clay pigeon shooting, then back here and into the above Yacht Club for some old school consoles like Nintendo 64s from our school days to play whilst a curry house buffet one street over is delivered to the tables \o/21:01
zmoylan-piand hopefully no drinking before or during the clay pigeon shooting...21:02
daftykinsway too many weddings this past few years21:03
zmoylan-pii just bought a small silly pressie for the landlords son who is getting married this friday...21:04
zmoylan-pii just buy small piggie banks and fill them with €1 coins.21:05
zmoylan-piweddings are just silly expensive for those getting married21:06
daftykinstoo right, seems insane for an event like that to cost so :) i've always been the type to shy away from standing up and being known so i would avoid it entirely for sure!21:09
daftykinsthat's a neat plan though, i wonder how many you fit in ;)21:09
zmoylan-pia guy i worked with spent 50k on a wedding.  getting divorced now.  spending the same again on lawyers i think21:09
zmoylan-piabout €14021:09
daftykinserk! and that's a good value for sure21:10
daftykinsyou pop down the bank and say "fill 'er up!"21:10
daftykins+ ?21:10
zmoylan-pii throw coins into a pot when i get home, small coins go in piggy bank, large coins go in pot.  i just emptied the big pot into the gift piggy bank21:11
popeyali1234: thanks, will take a look21:13
zmoylan-pipiggy bank ttp://imgur.com/a/QxvlF21:14
daftykinszmoylan-pi: are any local ones green? Sark has a golden one21:15
zmoylan-piseems the uk ones used to green at first too.  only went red later iirc21:16
daftykinsours here in Guernsey are blue :)21:18
zmoylan-pihttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pillar_box#Moving_towards_a_standard_design bronze green21:18
zmoylan-pithey painted a few around dublin red for the centenary of the 1916 rising a few months back.  they've since been repainted green21:21
daftykinsPenfolds!? That reminds me of my new Dangermouse shirt ;)21:22
zmoylan-piwasn't their secret hideout in a post box in 80s series?21:22
daftykinsi think so :D21:22
daftykinsfinally i know the origin of that name!21:22
zmoylan-piand now we know the connection between name of sidekick and location...21:23
daftykinsminds officially blown21:23
zmoylan-pimuch deeper than we ever gave it credit... :-)21:23
zmoylan-pi blue boxes for airmail... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pillar_box#Air_mail21:24
zmoylan-piyou don't realise when you look at them but those post boxes are the result of 150 years of development and perfecting a design21:37
daftykinswhat a strange modern time where consoles get games before PC :P23:36

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