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tsdgeospstolowski: any idea what can cause13:14
tsdgeos[2016-08-22:15:06:15.330] ERROR! Caught unity::scopes::TimeoutException: Request timed out after 5000 milliseconds (endpoint = ipc:///run/user/1000/zmq/Registry-R, op = list)13:14
tsdgeossomeone is complaining they don't get scopes13:14
tsdgeosi gyuess that's it?13:14
pstolowskitsdgeos, looks like registry is not available/running13:32
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mterrytedg: I tried url-dispatcher application:// in u7, but just kept getting "is not handleable by the URL Dispatcher" -- am I missing some config bits?15:59
mterrytedg: (this is re: bug 1612255)15:59
ubot5bug 1612255 in url-dispatcher (Ubuntu) "url-dispatcher should use xdg-open as a fallback if not in Touch" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161225515:59
tedgmterry: I think that you need three /15:59
tedgmterry: This works for me: $ url-dispatcher application:///gimp.desktop16:00
mterrytedg: yup, that stopped the error  :)  But I still don't get an app open16:00
tedgmterry: Another error in the Upstart log?16:01
mterrytedg: is it supposed to work with a package from ubuntu, like gimp.desktop?16:05
mterrytedg: or just clicks?16:05
tedgmterry: Yeah, it should fall back to legacy application mode in that case. I literally ran that command and GIMP started on my machine.16:06
tedg(and after it started, cut and pasted it)16:06
mterrytedg: hmm.  didn't work for me, and no error I could see in the logs16:06
tedgmterry: Can you run url-dispatcher with G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all16:07
tedg(not the CLI tool, but the service)16:07
mterrytedg: Unable to parse Application ID: gimp16:10
mterryfull log:16:10
mterry** (process:5678): DEBUG: Dispatching URL: application:///gimp.desktop16:10
mterry** (process:5678): DEBUG: Emitting 'application-start' for APP_ID='gimp' and URLS='(null)'16:10
mterry** (process:5678): DEBUG: Unable to parse Application ID: gimp16:10
mterry** (process:5678): DEBUG: Started Message Callback: gimp16:10
mterry** (process:5678): DEBUG: Remote error: com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Error.JobFailed16:10
tedgmterry: Do you have GIMP installed?16:10
mterrytedg: yeah, with gimp.desktop sitting in /usr/share/applications16:10
mterrytedg: on yakkety16:11
tedgmterry: Have you run U8 desktop on the machine?16:11
mterrytedg: yeah, though maybe not with this user...  hm16:11
tedgmterry: Reason I'm asking is that perhaps cgmanager/libpam-cgfs isn't setup?16:12
tedgmterry: That'll cause Upstart to not start the job.16:12
mterryIf true, maybe we should do the setup in unity7 too16:12
* mterry logs out and back in...16:13
tedgHmm, realizing if we move U7 over to be all systemd, that could cause issues...16:13
mterryu8 isn't systemd yet is it?16:13
tedgNo, U7 isn't quite yet either.16:13
tedgMuch closer though16:14
tedgBut unless we were to get UAL/URL Dispatcher ported to systemd, they wouldn't work on a U7 with yakkety.16:14
mterrytedg: nope, logged into u8, then logged out and back into u7, tried again16:16
mterrytedg: still no gimp16:17
tedgHmm, not sure why that'd be...16:18
tedgmterry: $ initctl start application-legacy APP_ID=gimp INSTANCE_ID=5 APP_EXEC_POLICY=unconfined APP_EXEC=gimp16:21
mterrytedg: just tried it on a testing user I've only used u8 for before, and same problem.  So it's not an issue with my user config16:21
mterrytedg: "initctl: Job failed to start"16:21
mterryno log16:21
mterryI have ubuntu-app-launch installed, with the application-legacy job16:22
tedgmterry: Try grabbing the job and putting into your ~/.config/upstart directory16:25
tedgmterry: Then edit out the cgroup line16:26
mterrytedg: that worked16:34
tedgmterry: When you run U8 can you start applications?16:42
mterrytedg: great question...  I'm not sure I've ever tried, I use it mostly for testing the lockscreen  :-P16:42
mterrytedg: hah nope.  A window flashes on screen but immediately close16:43
tedgmterry: systemctl status cgmanager16:44
mterry‚óŹ cgmanager.service - Cgroup management daemon16:45
mterry   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/cgmanager.service; disabled; vendor prese16:45
mterry   Active: inactive (dead)16:45
mterryThat can't be good16:45
tedgmterry: It's disabled, which seems to be happening on some upgrades from older distro versions.16:45
tedgmterry: You can enable it, and I bet things will work.16:45
mterrytedg: yeah if I start it, I get gimp16:46
mterrytedg: thanks!16:53
tedgmterry: np16:53
aladdinit is impossible to install unity8 currently with Yakkety ?18:05
aladdinwith daily image from today18:05
aladdinI got this error http://www.hastebin.com/jatizuraka.vhdl18:07
aladdinAny tips ?18:07
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mterryjosharenson: can you update session-chooser-gui with trunk?21:04

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