floridagram<ahoneybun> @mhall119 planning for the Orlando area, @itnet700:14
floridagram<mhall119> Was that a question or a statement?00:16
floridagram<ahoneybun> Statement00:16
floridagram<ahoneybun> My bad00:16
floridagram<ahoneybun> I'm wondering how we want this to run, like a BBQ like last time or conference like00:17
floridagram<mhall119> we can always just meet for food or drinks somewhere00:43
floridagram<mhall119> like we did at the coffee shop in Deland00:43
floridagram<AbMind> Conference in Orlando hah00:43
floridagram<ahoneybun> Nice00:44
floridagram<AbMind> Yeah.00:44
floridagram<ahoneybun> We could, it would be the most simple way @mhall11900:44
floridagram<ahoneybun> @mhall119 Keith still wants his smoked meat00:45
floridagram<mhall119> didn't get enough in Charlotte?00:46
floridagram<ahoneybun> No he did not lol00:46
floridagram<ahoneybun> He was a bit speechless at first XD00:46
floridagram<ahoneybun> @AbMind @govatent have anytime after Oct 20 free?00:49
floridagram<AbMind> Oct 20?!00:50
floridagram<ahoneybun> @Ivoriesablaze your by default coming00:50
floridagram<ahoneybun> That's the release date, we will pick a weekend date of course00:50
floridagram<AbMind> I'm sure I can make free time after Oct 2000:50
floridagram<AbMind> Ah!00:50
floridagram<itnet7> Sounds cool00:50
floridagram<AbMind> Yeah that works. Halloween weekend maybe?00:50
floridagram<govatent> My October is crazy. The weekend of the 20 I'm heading to Tampa to be a patient for a dental exam for a friend00:51
floridagram<ahoneybun> Good it'll be around Orlando area @govatent lol00:51
floridagram<ahoneybun> The date is not hard coded00:51
floridagram<ahoneybun> Its flexible00:52
floridagram<govatent> Alrighty. I guess I'll also toss I can't go the weekend of the 29th cause I got tickets for a show in town00:53
floridagram<govatent> That'd about the only two days I can't go in October00:53
floridagram<ahoneybun> @AdamOutler ^ central Florida location00:54
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> @ahoneybun if I can get the time off, lol,or if its on a weekend00:58
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> And only if there are no hot dogs involved00:59
floridagram<ahoneybun> XD01:02
floridagram<ahoneybun> @KMyers you can see Sausage Party at 11 in Sweden01:13
floridagram<AdamOutler> Probably won't make it :(01:22
floridagram<KMyers> @govatent, You better start coming or we will start involving a suspicious looking white van, a hood and rope in the future01:30
floridagram<govatent> Lol01:34
floridagram<govatent> I must listen to the gnu lord01:39
floridagram<SivaMachina> has anyone tried KDE Neon?01:45
floridagram<ahoneybun> I have not01:45
floridagram<SivaMachina> https://m.imgur.com/a/Y6IEt01:55
floridagram<SivaMachina> How am I supposex fo install this?01:55
floridagram<ahoneybun> not sure01:57
floridagram<ahoneybun> I think the slideshow will be broke as well01:58
floridagram<SivaMachina> I don't think there is one for KDE Neon02:14
floridagram<SivaMachina> I rebooted the installer is working fine now02:14
floridagram<SivaMachina> installation succesfull02:24
floridagram<AdamOutler> How to Install Microsoft PowerShell on Linux or OS X … http://www.howtogeek.com/267858/how-to-install-microsoft-powershell-on-linux-or-os-x/03:37
floridagram<AdamOutler> Now install powershell03:37
floridagram<SivaMachina> ok then.... Why have I not tried kde connect before.03:42
floridagram<ahoneybun> and the OnePlus X has Marshmallow finally!10:19
floridagram* ahoneybun makes a backup of the ubuntu-fl server10:40
floridagram<KMyers> It's time!!!18:21
floridagram<ahoneybun> Nice18:27
floridagram<govatent> Shame I'm no longer on a pure Android device18:46
floridagram<govatent> I will dream of Android n for years to come18:46
floridagram<ahoneybun> XD18:47
floridagram<ahoneybun> Custom ROMs will come for me18:47
floridagram<KMyers> @govatent, The S7 should get it in a few months18:48
floridagram<ahoneybun> not Pure18:49
floridagram<ahoneybun> AOSP like18:49
floridagram<KMyers> @ahoneybun, Yes, I doubt there will be an official N release from One Plus for your phone so custom Roms will be the best for you18:50
floridagram<ahoneybun> well yea18:53
floridagram<ahoneybun> even the OnePlus X got killed lol18:53
floridagram<ahoneybun> @SivaMachina was the Neon slideshow broken?19:16
floridagram<SivaMachina> Not sure if it actually used one19:17
floridagram<ahoneybun> the dev or user one?19:17
floridagram<SivaMachina> user19:17
floridagram<ahoneybun> mm19:17
floridagram<SivaMachina> I does not seem to be useing the normal Ubuntu installer either....unless Kubuntu has a different one that KDE Neon is useing19:18
floridagram<ahoneybun> we do19:18
floridagram<ahoneybun> that looks like the one we have19:18
floridagram<ahoneybun> the UI is different from the Qt frontend19:19
floridagram<ahoneybun> it's possible19:23
floridagram<ahoneybun> I think we might have a new one in backports19:23
floridagram<SivaMachina> Um ok then I would have thought that KDE Connect would be more up to date19:23
floridagram<SivaMachina> since I am useing Neon19:23
floridagram<ahoneybun> oh IDK about them19:24
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> I haven't gotten the update yet19:33
floridagram<KMyers> @Ivoriesablaze, It is a rolling update, it will hit the newest supported devices and go from there over the next few days. I would not worry. Honestly I have not seen any differences between the beta and the production yet19:55
maxolasersquadFactory images are not yet available.20:20
maxolasersquadI'm wanting to do a fresh install.20:20
floridagram<KMyers> What device are you running?20:28
maxolasersquadNexus 620:44
floridagram<Abrerr> Got the ota for 5X today too.20:44
floridagram<Abrerr> Yeyyy20:44
floridagram<KMyers> I left my Pixel at home today, cant wait to go and update that as well20:45
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> I just found a medical reason why my next smart watch needs a heart rate sensor21:00
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> Anxiety attacks21:00
floridagram<KMyers> Then my current one is out of the question.21:01
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> The fossil doesn't have hr?21:01
floridagram<KMyers> Nope21:01
floridagram<Ivoriesablaze> Damn21:01

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