pavlushkaahoy ZA!03:52
Kilosmorning superfly inetpro and all other geeks06:22
superflymorning oom Kilos06:23
Maazsuperfly: By the way, kulelu88 on freenode told me "tell superfly Don't worry, I'll be around to catch you most days :D" 10 hours, 15 minutes and 39 seconds ago06:23
Kiloshows my fly06:24
superflytired, stressed and anxious06:24
Kilosme there too06:24
Kilosmin sleep06:24
paddatrapperMorning Kilos superfly06:31
Kiloshi there paddatrapper 06:32
theblazehen94morning all06:33
Kiloshi theblazehen94 06:33
Kiloswhy 94 now06:33
=== theblazehen94 is now known as theblazehen
theblazehenUnexpected reboot of home server06:34
theblazehenI learnt yesterday my UPS lasts 2 min 40 seconds with all my stuff powered up06:34
Kiloseish thats like my lappies battery06:36
pavlushkalol , hello theblazehen , a very good morning, :)06:36
theblazehenhey pavlushka06:36
theblazehenKilos heh. It says it can power a normal PC for 10 min06:36
Kilossjoe, you need a bigger one06:36
Kilosi go do chores06:38
theblazehenhttps://linx.home.theblazehen.com/bsrvwv4a.jpg <- old, https://linx.home.theblazehen.com/f81k5qfb.jpg <- new, little less shit :)06:45
theblazehenhttps://linx.home.theblazehen.com/19rfvxpa.jpg new, rotated correctly06:47
theblazehenhttps://grafana.home.theblazehen.com/dashboard/db/home :)06:54
andrewlsdHi Kilos, paddatrapper, superfly, theblazehen, thatgraemeguy, inetpro and others07:47
theblazehenhey thatgraemeguy, andrewlsd07:48
Kiloshi andrewlsd 07:58
Kilosi installed webcam and cheese on desktop and it works07:59
Kilosi see v4l is then installed07:59
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 07:59
Kiloshi ra1v3n 07:59
magespawnThabks for the rotated picture, i was not sure which way was up ther for a bit08:02
Maazmagespawn: By the way, superfly on freenode told me "tell magespawn are you in joburg yet? I will need a place to crash for a week in November/December" 14 hours, 28 minutes and 37 seconds ago08:02
thatgraemeguymornin' superfly08:03
magespawntheblazehen: is that graph live?08:03
theblazehenmagespawn yeah08:03
superflysup thatgraemeguy08:03
thatgraemeguyI don't think my American accent comes through strong enough on IRC.....08:03
superflythatgraemeguy: nope, sorry08:04
thatgraemeguycongrats & good luck Mr. U.S.A. :-)08:04
theblazehenmagespawn grafana + influxdb + collectd08:04
magespawnsuperfly: yes i am, should be busy moving the family up sometime December/January, but i am sure we can make a plan of some sort08:04
superflymagespawn: no worries, I've got other people I can crash with08:05
superflythatgraemeguy: uh, thanks.08:05
Kiloseish, boet been in hospital for a week with pneumonia but not responding to any meds, so we going through to jozi tomorrow08:40
paddatrapperHey andrewlsd08:52
magespawnsuperfly i have no idea what my time frame is, but keep in touch09:00
magespawnKilos: sorry to hear that, why JHB? different hospital?09:01
Kiloshe lives there09:02
andrewlsdKilos: thought you meant "eish, boet. I have been in hospital"09:14
andrewlsdas opposed to "eish, my boet is in hospital"09:14
andrewlsd(neither is nice, though)09:14
Kilosoh sorry09:21
Kilosno my brother is there09:21
* nlsthzn plays around with irssi... all very strange :p11:08
Kiloshaha hi nlsthzn 11:09
Kilosthat was hard work11:10
nlsthznalo uncle Kilos ... these cli based apps can be addictive but also difficult11:10
superflynlsthzn: I stick to Quassel :-)11:15
nlsthznpeople that use KDE goes to stay with Donald Trump... or so I hear11:17
* nlsthzn reboots to see if mouse cursor now changing >.<11:17
* nlsthzn doesn't know how to quit irssi :p11:17
magespawn"/exit" without the qoutes11:19
magespawnMaaz tell nlsthzn "/exit" without the quotes11:20
Maazmagespawn: Righto, I'll tell nlsthzn on freenode11:20
nlsthznfigures it out11:22
nlsthznquit also worked11:22
jeritvodacom won't give me the iphone 6 like I want11:25
jeritbecause paying customers don't get to have what they want11:25
nlsthznsuperfly: unabridged marriage cert... first time i hear of it11:28
superflynlsthzn: same here11:28
Kilosnormally unabridged birth cert11:28
ra1v3n 11:29
nlsthznyup know about that one11:29
nlsthznhas cost me dearly over here11:29
superflyMeh, we're dealing with that one right now. Thankfully the US consulate is being nice to us, and we can use an official letter from the hospital instead.11:30
nlsthznglad to hear :)11:30
nlsthznbest way to get confused, use an unknown base distro, add an unknown windows manager (without DE) and use unknown appliations ;p11:42
jerithow do I charge Old Mutual with harassment?11:47
* nlsthzn goes to see if he can fix the theming 12:00
jeritthis is so weird... vodacom won't approve my contract application for iPhone 6 on uChoose Flexi 200 plan for 499/month but they just offered me an iPhone 5S on uChoose Flexi 110 for 199/month12:05
theblazehennlsthzn heh. I saw the screenshot preview in IRC client, was like, how the hell did someone find my old screenshots that I posted on /r/unixporn?13:10
magespawnnlsthzn: can al use "/close window" closes the window you are currently in13:33
calhaxafternoon all13:40
nlsthzntheblazehen: :)14:31
nlsthznmagespawn: thanks, had a look online for some commands :p14:31
theblazehen$EDITOR: /usr/bin/nano14:32
theblazehennlsthzn I am dissapoint14:32
superfly^^ what he said14:34
jeritsomeone order me a pizza... wanted to make a sandwich now but bread is mouldy14:35
nlsthznhey, either its nano or things like sudo gedit :p14:39
theblazehennlsthzn Have you tried running gedit over ssh with X forwarding? To a host in the UK it takes around 10 min to load an xterm :(14:46
nlsthznI actually was using my home pc as a prozy and running full desktop over ssh :p14:47
nlsthznfrom home to work, 14:47
nlsthznsame country over broadband which helps14:47
theblazehennlsthzn yeah, I had like 250 ms RTT14:48
nlsthznlater found out about just using the ssh connection as proxy, no need for the excess bandwith for a graphical display >.<14:48
* theblazehen runs most things in lxd containers on home pc from work as well14:48
nlsthznbut the work promptly blocked everythign :p14:48
theblazehenPretty much everything except firefox, termite, and rambox for chat services (like irc)14:49
theblazehennlsthzn blocked icmp? Dns?14:49
nlsthzndunno what they did but their are constantly updating the firewall software14:49
theblazehenhttp://code.kryo.se/iodine/ http://code.gerade.org/hans/14:50
* nlsthzn won't push his luck... need the work :)14:51
nlsthzntransmission-cli for the torrents (rtorrent and magnet links don't seem to be friends)14:52
* theblazehen uses aria214:53
theblazehenbasically wget but with more support for stuff (torrent / magnet links, http, ftp, metalink, sftp)14:55
nlsthznwget is already so cool :p14:58
calhaxanyone home?16:11
* nlsthzn is home16:13
Kiloshi calhax nlsthzn 16:18
* Kilos been packing16:18
calhaxhow are you kilos?16:19
Kilosok ty lad and you16:19
calhaxgood thanks, I see KDEnlive got a awesome new update16:21
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest4994
Kiloshi Guest4994 16:29
Kilosoh pavel16:29
calhaxthis is probably the first time ub ubuntu is working on my system 100%17:05
Kilosbe happy17:05
calhaxI had to upgrade the wifi deriver it kept cutting out every 30 minutes, now its good17:06
Kilosi had that with 3g17:07
calhaxalso 16.04 not has support for hybrid graphics cards out of the box :D17:07
calhaxKilos: 3G driver?\17:07
Kilosbattled for months then went to lappy 17:07
Kilosi didnt look for drivers17:07
Kilosbut now i did a clean install of 14.04 on desktop again and its working fine17:08
calhaxI have to say the linux xommunity is stronger now than ever before, thanks windows 8 :)... and 1017:08
calhaxxommunity ... aish17:09
Kilosmodem manager is supposed to sort that without me hunting for extra drivers17:09
calhaxyeah 3g usually works out of the box...17:09
Kilosit worked but kept timing out17:09
calhax and after driver update?17:10
Kilosi just do apt update and apt upgrade normally and when something is sick i use synaptic to reinstall everything that shows when i type in the trouble app name17:11
Kilosbut today had to purge skype and delete its conf files and then reinstall because it couldnt connect17:12
calhaxhaha, apt-get install -f17:12
calhaxdid it work?17:13
Kilosyes all good now17:13
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:13
magespawngood night 18:15
magespawngood night all18:46
nlsthznstill finding irssi a bit cluttered (perhaps I should disable log on and partking messages)?19:14

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