ksftif you think this channel's big, see #python00:00
MannyLNJcootie, I will be your friend00:00
c|onemanSoftware can't be installed or removed because the authentication service is not available. (org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed: ('system-bus-name', {'name':  ':1.431'}): org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages00:00
LARAVELGODc|oneman then your user account doesn't have proper permissions,00:00
LARAVELGODc|oneman, try as root usermod -a - G sudo username00:00
LARAVELGODthe user may need to be in the sudo group00:00
c|onemannah thats already done. the user can install stuff in apt with sudo as normal in the command line00:01
LARAVELGODabandon the software centre then haha00:01
LARAVELGODi always found it semi-useless, especially if terminal works fine00:01
LARAVELGODi even have problems with it soemtimes, but never permissions issues00:01
LARAVELGODi know with the upgrade to 16,04, ther ewere some issues with the software centre00:02
c|onemanwell, Ill find another example of failed escalation then00:02
MannyLNJI need help with two tasks 1) Get OpenVPN setup so I can connect to my home network securely from the outside and 2) Setup a working IMAP server with getmail or fetchmail and an IMAP server.00:02
LARAVELGODyes, sounds like buggy software if anything,00:02
LARAVELGODespecially if you have right permissions00:02
LARAVELGODMannyLNJ, sudo apt-get install openvpn easy-rsa postfix dovecot00:03
LARAVELGODMannyLNJ, https://www.exratione.com/2016/05/a-mailserver-on-ubuntu-16-04-postfix-dovecot-mysql/00:03
c|onemanis there Window manager where the main menu has a right click "Show command that this menu is running"00:05
LARAVELGODhttp://github.com/dreamfast/maxxsuite this seems to be a BASH package that has some OpenVPN functions, I think it can generate server and client configurations automatically depending on what variables you give it00:05
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nexusguy59Evening everyone00:07
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MannyLNJLARAVELGOD, thank you for the linls00:11
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c|onemanLARAVELGOD: if I gksudo /usr/bin/software-center it works00:12
LARAVELGODc|oneman i think it's more software related, since command centre uses sudo and apt anyway to do what it does, you'd be better off checking the logs to see if it's giving something more precise00:12
c|onemanlike the system logs?00:15
LARAVELGODyes c|oneman, open a terminal and try sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog00:16
LARAVELGODthen try use the software centre and see if it puts anything out00:16
LARAVELGODtail -f lets you watch the log in real time as it updates00:16
c|onemannothing in the log, just the same error popup as before in the gui00:19
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effectnetis this on?00:28
Mike2358hey guys first off I'd like to say that it"s been a while since ive done anything with Ubuntu. 10.04 to be exact. I was attempting to give my plex server rights so that it could read my external hard drive and now when i try to connect plex it tells me that it cannot connect to localhost. i'm currently running 16.04. anyone available to give me a hand?00:28
ubuntu447Anyone here?00:33
ubuntu447Hi anyone here?00:33
LARAVELGODyes we will solve all your problems00:33
effectnetheh i've had many problems solved00:34
Mike2358this is where i used to come when i was stumped00:34
LARAVELGODi am the solver of all problems00:34
effectnetall you can do is ask and hope someone knows00:34
ubuntu447Cool.  I basically accidentally formatted my whole PC and I go directly to the BIOS when I boot up, USB booting doesn't work, something wrong with my bios, and I'm trying to get Windows back, I don't have a copy00:34
Mike2358@LARAVELGOD then maybe you can help me out with my server issue00:35
LARAVELGODubuntu447, flash your bios and try again00:35
ubuntu447How do I do that00:35
LARAVELGODMike2358, what is the server issue ?00:35
LARAVELGOD!google how to flash bios00:35
ubottuI have no google command, use http://www.google.com/00:35
LARAVELGODdepends on your motherboard model00:36
dmileswhere is the  /proc/sys/kernel/softlockup_threshhold ?00:36
LARAVELGODdmiles, needs to have proper kernel support for it to be there00:36
akiva_editing my .bashrc00:36
akiva_how can I remap in bash vi-insert mode, my upkey to do an <Esc>+<Up> macro, escaping into vi-command mode?00:36
Mike2358i tried to give my plex media server admin rights so that it could access my external hard drive, followed the steps found in the forum and now i get a "cannot connect to local host" message when trying to load the server00:36
dmilesLARAVELGOD: ok .. is there any apt-getable knerl this is in by default?00:37
dmilesok maybe it was rnamed http://askubuntu.com/questions/592412/why-is-there-no-proc-sys-kernel-softlockup-thresh00:37
LARAVELGODMike2358, sudo netstat -l | grep PORT00:37
LARAVELGODyou can use that to see if the service is running on the port00:38
Mike2358getnameinfo failed00:38
Mike2358sudo chown -R user:group /var/lib/plexmediaserver00:39
Mike2358sudo systemctl --system daemon-reload00:39
Mike2358sudo service plexmediaserver start00:39
Mike2358thats the command string i followed trying to enable permissions00:39
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LARAVELGODMike2358, then i'd say that the server is not starting with your permissions change00:41
LARAVELGODyou can try sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog and do it again to try pinpoint the error00:41
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ksftI'm trying to learn how to use find.00:45
ksftWhen I run it with -exec basename {}, it prints a list of the base names of the things it finds, just like I would expect.00:46
ksftWhen I run it with -exec echo `basename {}`, it prints the full paths to each thing it finds.00:46
ksftWhy is that?00:46
ubuntu680Flashing the bios doesn't work00:48
LordLaravelubuntu680, then it's not a bios issue00:49
ubuntu680Well it kind of is00:49
ubuntu680Because I deleted everything00:50
ubuntu680I lost Windows00:50
LordLaravelyes but you just reflashed your bios.. and if you have the same issue00:50
LordLaravelit may not be the bios00:50
ubuntu680No I didn't ref lash it00:50
ubuntu680I didn't00:50
ubuntu680It didn't work to go to the flash menu00:50
ubuntu680When I pressed start easy flash it said some bs message00:51
BlackBallAnyone here know how to use PTPP Authentication against a MySQL databse instead of FreeRadius00:54
BlackBallor am I SOL00:54
BlackBallAlso I know the inherent flaws in PTPP and L2TP over OpenVPN00:54
BlackBallI'd prefer to use L2TP with MySQL as the authentication backend00:55
owen1where is my sounds settings on ubuntu 16.04 ?00:55
owen1unity-control-center only show me 'language support', 'printers', and 'software & updates'00:56
FizeroIs there a roadmap for learning linux? I feel what I learn is all over the place.00:58
rypervencheFizero: There are so many things that you can learn, it's hard to have a roadmap. You kind of need to know what it is that you want to learn first.01:01
FizeroRypervenche the basics first? I want to be able to troubleshoot my issue at least.01:02
coolbrah33I just tried to update my graphics drivers for nvidia on a fresh install of 16.04 . However upon restarting my computer after the install occurred it said it failed. When I try to go to a tty from the login screen my terminal is flooding with output, any thoughts? Also If I login the comp just says the graphics failed to install01:02
rypervencheFizero: Even that is difficult to day. The basics of what? GUI stuff? Command line? Do you want to be able to use a desktop? Do you want to be able to troubleshoot things from the command line?01:05
coolbrah33Should I just throw my computer out the window?01:06
coolbrah33That's the only solution I got atm01:06
ksftcoolbrah33: do you have a hybrid graphics thing?01:06
coolbrah33Ya I can use my cpu if that's what you mean, should I change it to that in the bios?01:07
ksftI have no idea.01:07
coolbrah33And then try and uninstall01:07
ksftI have a hybrid integrated/dedicated graphics card thing that I've been having trouble with, and I've been preparing to upgrade to 16.04 and hoping it'll help.01:08
ksftuh oh01:08
ubuntu241Hey, does anyone have skype or google hangouts?  Need some help01:08
coolbrah33 lol you never know with upgrading01:08
coolbrah33I might go back down to 1401:09
rypervencheubuntu241: You minht want to start with your issue first.01:09
BlackBallANyone know about L2TP/IPSEC against a MySQL backend for auth01:10
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coolbrah33Ubuntu241: by switching to my cpu graphics I was able to log in and remove everything. I'm trying a fresh install right now I'll let you know how it goes01:15
MojtabaHello, I am using system proxy by ssh, and the problem is that thunderbird gives me connection refused for gmail. Do you know what should I do?01:15
ubuntu241Coolbrah, do you have another form of chat, kik, Skype, etc?  I want to send photos of my computer state lol01:16
rypervencheubuntu241: You can paste your images to an image bin, like imgur.com.01:17
jmaderohi all - I just installed server edition and installed E17 with lxdm - it's still botting int tty1 - wondering what I need to do to get GUI01:18
BlackBallAnyone here have a suggestion for a DNS server?01:19
coolbrah33I just reinstalled 14.0401:33
krabadorcoolbrah33, and then, problems ?01:35
coolbrah33Oh no^ sorry I should have said @ubuntu241: I was just letting him know01:36
freaksterHi, I'm a nube. I apologize for that. I'm looking for help with a microphone.01:38
pestsI somehow messed up my Lubuntu install. It's fresh, just installed yesterday. I had set up awesomewm and think I messed up something.01:39
pestsWhen I reboot or turn it on it gets stuck at the login screen background with no login box or other UI. No mouse.01:40
pestsI've managed to reboot into recovery and got root access but I don't know how to repair.01:40
effectneti need to get another laptop now01:49
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cluelesspersonI cannot get hdmi audio out to work02:02
cluelesspersonMy user has been added to audio, pulseaudio, pulse, etc02:02
cluelesspersonI see video on the screen, I'm selecting hdmi as audio output sink, but it won't STICK02:02
Obadiah1why is lubuntu so slow02:07
Obadiah1it worked great for the first 48 hours02:07
Obadiah1now its slow as balls02:07
effectneti want something like this, can i dual boot this easily? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=1TS-000D-003Z802:07
reisioObadiah1: you installed stuff02:07
reisioObadiah1: you left firefox running, etc.02:07
reisioit's probably slow because your hardware is old02:08
Obadiah1cpu sux02:08
reisioeffectnet: most likely02:08
reisionew computers are real cheap02:08
effectnetoh any good deals?02:09
reisioeffectnet: internet says people are using Ubuntu on that computer02:09
reisioeffectnet: the best deals are usually in local retailers, really02:09
reisioyou can get a decent laptop for $100-200 these days02:09
reisiosomething akin to an ultrabook, even02:10
reisioI have a chromebook that I put ordinary GNU/Linux on, it's an ultrabook, and was $140, that was more than a year ago02:10
Obadiah1can i install ubuntu on a laptop that has windiows 1002:10
reisioif you can change the OS at all, yes02:10
Obadiah1okay. engage mach 1 warp speed. thanks02:11
reisiowhich will usually be the case for x86/64 hardware02:11
Obadiah1now my puter is fine02:12
Obadiah1running smooth02:12
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ksftIs there a way to add arguments to the end of the command with xargs?02:17
ksftor to use the argument more than once02:17
rypervencheksft: Just add the arguments after the command.02:17
ksftno, to add arguments to the end02:18
KiritoThis is getting rather old :| my mouse cursor has vanished and won't re-appear after restarting like it usually does02:18
ksftlike after the argument in the list xargs gets02:18
reisioI usually just use an sh loop instead of xargs02:18
reisioit's "dumber", but more reliable02:18
reisio| while IFS='' read -r line; do foo "$line" bar; done02:18
ksfthow do you do that?02:18
ksftI don't know bash very well02:19
reisionow you do02:19
ksftbut I have no idea what that does02:20
reisiofor i in {1..3}; do echo "$i"; done | while IFS='' read -r line; do bc <<< "$line"+1; done02:20
ksftwhat's "IFS"?02:20
reisioit does the bit between 'do' and '; done' for each line of stdin02:20
reisiointernal field separator02:20
reisioaka delimiter02:20
reisioit's... just an unfortunate requirement02:20
Kiritooh well, who needs a mouse anyways I guess02:21
reisiotechnically it will work without that bit, but only for so many things :p02:21
ksftI don't understand02:22
reisiowell man bash has all the answers02:22
reisioit's very reliable, though02:22
reisiomore reliable than xargs, IME02:23
KiritoWell "gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.cursor active false" makes the cursor appear again but it still won't move02:24
artprogI use Python Console in Pycharm, I enter  __name__ and it shows 'builtins'. why?02:24
KiritoBecause __name__ is a Python builtin02:25
artprogbut in Terminal it will give me a '__main__'02:25
ksftI have sixteen directories in another directory. Each one has a subdirectory with the same name as the other subdirectories.02:26
artprogout of Pycharm02:26
ksftI want to copy all those subdirectories to another location, named based on the name of its parent directory.02:26
ksftI can't figure out how to automate that with bash.02:26
ksftIt seems like it shouldn't be this hard.02:26
reisioksft: it isn't02:26
ksfthow do I do it?02:27
reisioksft: so you want have directory/foo/bar, and you want otherdir/foo with the contents of foo/bar ?02:27
reisioso you have*02:27
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ksftI have foo/1/bar, foo/2/bar, etc.02:28
ksftI want to copy them to baz/1/, baz/2/, etc.02:29
ksftthe names of the directories I gave as numbers don't follow a pattern that simple02:29
ksftfoo contains no other directories02:29
reisioksft: hrmm?02:29
ksftreisio: Was that confusing?02:30
reisiosounded like you said you have foo with dir 1, 2, etc., but that they weren't dirs :p02:30
reisiooh I see what you were saying02:30
reisioall the dirs in foo are the dirs in question02:30
ksfteach dir in foo has a subdirectory called bar that I want to copy02:31
ksftthe dirs in foo have other subdirectories that I don't care about02:31
reisioksft: so always exactly 'bar'02:32
reisioksft: if you run "find ./foo/ -type d -name 'bar'", does it find any dirs that you _are NOT_ interested in?02:32
ksftreisio: no02:33
MannyLNJI had my 14.04 to 16.04.01 upgrade crash. I have no X support but can SSH in. I need help fixing my system back to a stable state. When I ssh in ut shows it;s on 16.04.102:35
reisioksft: here's a nice awful way: mkdir baz; find ./foo/ -type d -name 'bar' | sort | while IFS='' read -r line; do rsync -av "$line"/ "$(echo "$line" | perl -pe 's@^\./foo/([^\/]+)/.*@\./baz/\1@g')"/; done02:40
ksftmaybe I'll just use Python02:41
ksftwish file moving stuff was easier with it02:42
ksftI wish there was a language specifically for interacting with and moving fil--02:45
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reisioksft: sh :p02:45
reisiothis'd work, too, it's just less flexible, really: mkdir baz; find ./foo/ -type d -name 'bar' | sort | while IFS='' read -r line; do rsync -av "$line"/ ./baz/"$(echo "$line" | cut -d '/' -f 3 )"/; done02:47
reisioeasier to read, though02:47
calcalis there a way to install ubuntu in such a way that all nonfree software, firmware and kernels are removed or replaced with free versions?03:02
coresthis might not be the right place to ask, but what file system can i put on an external drive that supports files larger than 8GB and supports linux, mac os x and windows?03:04
reisiocores: NTFS or exFAT03:05
jmaderocores: nothing good03:05
reisiothat, too03:05
jmaderoyou'll be limited with permissions and ownership03:05
reisioexFAT is more suited for flash storage, but is more of a unicorn than TNFS03:06
reisioNTFS, eben03:06
LordLaravelextfat doesn't work on lesser versions of os x03:08
reisioparted -a optimal -s /dev/foo mklabel gpt; parted -a optimal -s /dev/foo mkpart primary 0% 100%; mkfs.exfat /dev/foo1; exfatlabel /dev/foo1 TEHFATNESS03:08
jmaderodammit - virtual box is not playing friendly for me03:09
coresexfat might have the least amount of compromises, so i might hvae to use that03:09
jmaderothere are other alternatives....I duplicate the stuff I want o share using spideroak03:09
jmaderobasically just documents03:10
reisio6 years of support on macOS03:10
jmaderomusic I just setup a server that can serve to Windows in the 0.01% of the time that I'm in Windows03:10
MannyLNJ16.04 system I recovered from a upgrade crash bow /usr/sbin/unity-greeter is experiencing internal errors. Need help fixing03:11
reisiocores: for long term usage you can use anything, really; but for random computers you'd want one of those two03:12
jmaderodo you need a modern processor to run a VM of Ubuntu 16.04 within a *buntu based distro?03:14
reisiojmadero: nope03:14
jmaderoreisio: hitting this error: http://askubuntu.com/questions/298290/smbus-bios-error-while-booting-ubuntu-in-virtualbox03:15
jmaderothe solutions either aren't available or aren't working03:15
owen1new install of 16.04. unity-control-center only show me 'language support', 'printers', and 'software & updates'. where are all the other icons?03:15
owen1(i am using i3 and open it from the terminal)03:15
reisiojmadero: same arch host and guest?03:15
jmaderoreisio: older processor can't do 64 bit guest03:16
jmaderoduo core 203:16
reisiojmadero: that doesn't answer my question03:16
jmaderoreisio: 64 bit host, 32 bit guest03:17
jmaderoon 3rd try it booted into live in VM - going to try to install03:17
reisiooh you know03:17
reisioI do recall 16.04 in particular having problems with vbox by default03:17
wildmanron1can I post here yet03:18
reisiowhat're you using the guest for?03:18
reisiowildmanron1: :)03:18
jmaderoreisio: web development03:18
jmaderodon't want to mess up my main system03:18
reisiojmadero: how would you mess it up03:18
jmaderobasically messing around with sql and php :-b03:18
jmaderoinstalling a bunch of crap as I test stuff out03:18
reisiojust make a backup of your system :p you should be doing that anyway03:18
reisioit's very hard to b0rk an OS just playing with those things03:19
jmaderoreisio: I have one for every 3 months for the past year03:19
reisiothat should suffice03:19
jmaderobut I still prefer to keep the screwing around stuff separate03:19
* reisio shrugs03:19
jmaderoat least getting through install now, let's see what happens03:19
reisiojmadero: don't have vt-x/amd-v, then?03:19
wildmanron1I tried to post last night and it keep telling me i couldnt so anyway I was hopeing that someone could help me with the problem of Ubuntu 14.04 not comeing out of sleep mode I have to shut down the system and restart to use it after it gose to sleep any one help me on this problem.03:20
jmaderoreisio: not sure what vt-x or amd-v is03:21
reisiojmadero: just a thing: egrep -i 'svm|vmx' /proc/cpuinfo03:21
reisiowildmanron1: make sure the sleep state specified in the bios and that specified in the power manager config match03:23
reisiowildmanron1: if that doesn't work, try suspend instead of hibernate, or hibernate instead of suspend03:23
reisiothese are unfortunate vague names and sometimes only one works03:24
wildmanron1i never had this problem till i let the system upgrade to the new 16.04 lts that didnt work so well on the system it was on had the same problem so I just formated the drive and reinstalled 14.04 lts now the system gose to sleep and when i touch the mouse or keyboard it wont wake up and it use to before i upgraded to 16.04 lts it was 14.04 lts with no problems so I dont know what changed or happend to the system03:26
jmaderowildmanron1: when you install 14.04 did you use same home folder or was an entirely a new install?03:27
owen1i think i have issues with unity-control-center. new ubuntu install (16.04) and i don't see all the icons for managing my laptop in unity-control-center. googling gave me this - http://askubuntu.com/questions/466720/system-settings-icons-missing-in-14-04 which suggest to reinstall unity-control-center. that sounds wierd since i already have this installed. any ideas?03:28
jmaderoreinstall it....it won't hurt anything03:28
wildmanron1was a new install cause the 16.04 wouldnt come out of sleep state eather so i went and formated the drive and reinstalled03:28
owen1jmadero: ok. jmadero do i need to purge it first?03:29
jmaderoowen1: no03:29
owen1sudo apt-get install unity-control-center ?03:29
owen1jmadero: the most popular reply on that thread is actualy sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:30
jmaderosudo apt-get install --reinstall03:30
Nautilus_anyone around thats good with network settings? I'm running a ubuntu vbox on top of win7 and have recent;y replaced my router. I have eth0 set to DHCP but it's not coming up03:31
owen1oh ok. i never heard of --reinstall03:31
jmaderoif something is already installed, "install" without option will just tell you it's up to date03:31
reisioautomagic getting in your way03:31
* reisio hugs 'emerge foo'03:32
Nautilus_I figure I need ubuntu to look at my router which is, but am not sure how that happens or if theres something I need to do in vbox03:34
owen1jmadero: i did that and restarted. still missing icons.. maybe 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop' ?03:34
owen1that's crazy. it's a new install03:34
owen1and i see ubuntu-desktop as 'installed'03:35
owen1i'll try start unity instead of i303:35
panpanHello everyone, I have a IPtable ready to allow outside traffic in regards to ping/icmp - but i get a request timed out; what can i do?03:35
Guy1524is it true that wine converts DX10+ calls into OGL 2 calls, if so, why?03:36
jmaderoowen1: just try installing a different icon set ;)03:36
jmaderohundreds of choices (better than the default) available03:36
wildmanron1so should i format the drive again and reinstall the 14.04.5 or do you think that it is just a setting in the power manager i never thought of looking in there like i was saying i never had any problems waking it up till i let it do the upgrade over the 14.04 to 16.04 then it wouldnt wake up after it went to sleep so i thought there was a problem with 16.04 upgrade so i went back to 14.0403:37
reisioGuy1524: #winehq?03:37
Guy1524reisio: k03:37
gladiatorhey all03:38
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gladiatorcan anyone let me know how to change my screenname?03:40
reisiogladiator: /nick foo03:40
owen1jmadero: i can see the setting icons when starting the default WM (i think it's unity) so maybe the issue is i3..03:40
wildmanron1i am not at that system right now but when i get home i will check the power manager and get back to you thanks for you help so far i am sorry i didnt think to look there before i typed here thanks again jmadero03:40
levtimHas anyone had any luck installing Starcraft II (purchased as download online) on Ubuntu?03:40
NSGFKWithout anyone saying "USE OPENVPN"03:40
NSGFKHow can I make OpenSwan / StrongSwan authenticate against username password03:40
Nautilusanyone around thats good with network settings? I'm running a ubuntu vbox on top of win7 and have recent;y replaced my router. I have eth0 set to DHCP but it's not coming up. I figure I need ubuntu to look at my router which is, but am not sure how that happens or if theres something I need to do in vbox03:40
NSGFKhell, pptp works.03:40
reisiogladiator: can run /save afterward to save to the config in ~/.irssi/03:40
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p4velthx reis03:41
p4veldoes anyone have trouble booting Tails from thumb drive on Ubuntu OS?03:42
NSGFKAny idea how to use OpenSwan without PSK03:43
NSGFKI want to authenticate using username password03:43
NSGFKGuess you can't.03:44
NSGFKOk, how do I make PPTP authenticate against MySQL?03:44
reisioNSGFK: nope; #openswan ?03:45
reisiowell it's pretty late, on Sunday night03:45
* reisio shrugs03:45
NSGFKreisio, My only option with pptp is through RADIUS03:45
NSGFK; - ;03:45
NSGFKwhy must VPN's on mobile devices be hard.03:45
AndrostI'm having issues installing my internal wifi card03:45
NSGFKWhy can't any of them have native OpenVPN support03:46
Androstcan anyone help?03:46
NSGFKAndrost, no.03:46
NSGFKYou didn't tell us your wireless card.03:46
NSGFKSo we can't help.03:46
NSGFKVPN technologies are terrible.03:47
AndrostIts a trendnet internal wifi card03:47
NSGFKI either get to deal with FreeRADIUS or go f mself.03:47
p4velVPN's are the worst.03:47
NSGFKI don't want to continuously generate secret keys slamming my CPU03:47
NSGFKNot to mention transfering them to a phone03:47
p4velI havent even attempted to get my VPN working on my mobile device yet.03:48
NSGFKp4vel, rip03:48
NSGFKif I say I want to use PPTP people scream03:49
NSGFKAnd refuse to accept that I want native support.03:50
AndrostNSGFK it's a trendnet internal wifi card03:50
NSGFKAndrost, that's not very helpful still03:50
NSGFKwe need to know a model03:50
MannyLNJSpeaking of OpenVPN I am getting this error error on line 198 of /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/openssl-1.0.0.cnf 140224783447712:error:0E065068:configuration file routines:STR_COPY:variable has no value:conf_def.c:618:line 19803:51
AndrostNSGFK Sorry i just installed ubuntu today and I am new to this. I actually am using a linksys wireless-G(pci adapter), the model number WMP54GS03:53
NSGFKAndrost, I wont be of much help right now03:53
NSGFKI'm in Windows 703:53
Androstokay thanks anyways!03:53
NSGFK; - ;03:55
ajdonnisonAndrost, what do you get back from: sudo lspci03:56
ajdonnisonDoes the card show up?03:56
NSGFKDoes anyone here know how to setup PPTP with username password authentication against mysql04:00
NSGFKWIthout dragging freeradius into the equation04:00
ninguI have a gigabyte brix (similar to a NUC) running Ubuntu server. I've noticed that it will freeze every few days and I have to hard-reboot it. any idea how to debug that and figure out what's happening?04:10
goldenapplehow do I open iso files and extract files from them without burning to a disc?04:11
ninguthere is nothing in syslog or kern.log04:12
ningugoldenapple: mount -o loop?04:12
goldenappleok ty04:13
ninguyou might need -t to specify the fs type04:13
Nautiluswhere are the settings for the IP to get DHCP info from?04:14
goldenappleningu, what if it can't find in /etc/fstab or /etc/mstab??04:15
goldenapplei tried mount -ot ext304:15
ningugoldenapple: that is not going to work04:16
ninguyou need something like:  mount -o loop /path/to/iso /mnt04:16
ninguiso files are not ext304:16
ksftI have an external SSD attached to my computer that I think uses exFAT.04:16
ksftWhen I cd to /media/<my username>/<name of drive>, I can't use man.04:17
goldenappleoic, how do I learn the command line? any good books?04:17
ksft"man: can't change directory to '(unreachable)/backups/manual/1': No such file or directory"04:17
ningugoldenapple: read man pages04:17
ninguand/or tutorials04:17
ningubut it's good to get into the habit of reading man pages04:17
goldenappleoh ok i can do man pages i guess04:17
=== twwwater is now known as tww
goldenappleningu what fstype should I use?04:19
goldenapplenvm i'll google04:20
ninguis it giving you an error?04:23
ninguprobably -t iso966004:23
ksftalso, I can't copy files to it04:23
rehatwhat does upstart do?  I have .conf files already in /etc/init but initctl is not installed04:25
NautilusAh geez, just fixed my problem. In VirtualBox the "Cable connected" (at startup) checkbox was off04:27
owen1how to generate system output like this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-control-center/+bug/155572904:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1555729 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) "Security & Privacy missing from System Settings" [Medium,Confirmed]04:33
ksftI'm having trouble copying files to an external exFAT drive.04:33
MannyLNJubuntu dnsmasq[15010]: failed to load names from /etc/dnsmasq_static_hosts.conf: No such file or directory   How to resolve?04:33
jmaderoksft: we need more than that04:34
jmadero"I'm having problems with my computer"04:34
ksftjmadero: I gave significantly more information that that.04:34
jmaderohow are you moving, what errors coming up, size of files, all files or just some files04:35
ksftsome directories show up in the GUI file viewer thing but not with ls04:35
Rarrikinsksft: Do they show up with `ll`?04:36
jmaderoor dir04:36
ksftthey don't show up with `la`04:36
ksftI tried to copy them with `cp -r`04:36
ksftI think it sorta copied them04:36
ksftunplugged it and plugged it back in04:37
ksftthey show up now04:37
ksft"cp: preserving permissions for <directory name>: Function not implemented"04:39
=== Cryptic-Infidel is now known as Guest2071
ksftnevermind, it seems to be working now04:45
chippingIScrimeHello ubuntu users !!!!!!04:51
chippingIScrimeA brain victim speak out !!!!!!!!!!!!  http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_mindcon29.htm04:52
owen1is there a way to access the sound settings without running unity-control-center?04:52
chippingIScrimeMagkneetoe? Pls spread the link to u frends !!!!!!04:52
Ben64chippingIScrime: wrong channel man04:53
chippingIScrimeBen64 ! Where ..... Must to tell to the people this story04:53
Magkneetoethat was random, dude04:54
chippingIScrimeThey want all to be chipped by this luciferians.04:54
Ben64go to #tinfoilhatsociety04:54
Ben64does not belong in ubuntu support04:55
chippingIScrimeAbolish secret service !!!!! They nothing good for the people.04:55
RexyI seem to keep running across a problem in my new Ubuntu install on my laptop. When I close and reopen my lid, sometimes LightDM comes up with a lock screen that only asks for a password. No user. Anyone ever encounter this issue?04:59
owen1is there a way to tell if gnome settings daemon is not running?04:59
RexyIt's weird as hell. Locking it with the lock command makes it happen. If I close the lid without even locking it doesn't lock.05:00
chestnutpiehi. can someone help me choose the right options here? https://i.imgur.com/J7JA7Zm.png05:00
Rexychestnutpie: Literally google how to do it. It's the easiest thing.05:01
chestnutpiei'm asking here now.05:02
Rexychestnutpie: Next to "ISO Image" click the disk button. It'll open up a file browser asking you for the input file. Find xubuntu and load it05:02
RexyNext it should be self explanatory05:02
chestnutpiewell, it isn't.05:03
chestnutpiemind helping me?05:03
RexyYeah, read what I put above05:03
chestnutpiefile system? cluster size?05:03
RexyI'd leave it with the default05:03
RexyClick the CD drive icon next to the iso image05:03
RexyLoad your ISO, hit Start, and wait05:04
chestnutpiefat32 and 16 kilobytes is default.05:04
chestnutpieokay then.05:04
RexyI'm not sure if ntfs or fat32 matters. If there's any problems it'll notify you05:04
chestnutpieseems to be fine, for now.05:05
Rexyafter that's done you'll have a bootable iso!05:05
chestnutpieneat. thanks for the help (minus the google recommendation).05:06
RexyNo problem! I always recommend googling stuff because you can find majority of stuff on there!05:06
RexyIf it's your first time using linux/ubuntu, you might wanna get use to doing it05:07
chestnutpiei'd use duckduckgo, but yeah.05:07
Rexystill can't figure out this damn lock problem05:07
Rexychestnutpie: To each their own.05:07
psiiii am on solaris now05:07
chestnutpieit's done now with a green bar, but it didn't give me any 'done' indication. it just sits there telling me 'ready'.05:08
chestnutpiei guess it worked and i can close it now?05:08
RexyYep that's all there is to it05:08
chestnutpiesome 'successful' message would've been nice.05:09
chestnutpieor any message at all, really.05:09
WhiteWhaleso i had an NFS mount on my laptop and the power went out and the server went down but the laptop did not.  now i can't unmount the drive to correct the issue.  can anyone help me?05:09
Rexychestnutpie: I didn't write it, I've only used it05:09
chestnutpiei'm still keeping you responsible.05:10
chestnutpiejust kidding.05:10
Rexychestnutpie: Hopefully Xubuntu goes smoothly for you :)05:10
KiritoOkay. My patience has been pressed too far at this point. Can anyone provide any ideas why Ubuntu is suddenly not letting me use my laptops touchpad at all? After booting, I can see it briefly, then it vanishes and doesn't respond at all. I've tried reloading the mouse module, restarting lightdm, switching tty's05:10
chestnutpieit's for a family member, rexy.05:10
WhiteWhale-xinput -list and find the touchpad05:11
WhiteWhalethen -xinput -list-props [device ID]05:11
WhiteWhaletell me what Device Enabled says05:11
MannyLNJOn 16.04 how do I restart dnsmasq?05:12
KiritoAll I have listed is "Virtual core XTEST pointer" and "E-Signal Keyboard"05:12
Kirito(Which is enabled)05:13
WhiteWhalethere is no touchpad listed under input devices?05:13
KiritoApparently not.05:13
WhiteWhaleah, i'm sorry, that was all i had in mind.  i'm new to linux myself05:14
RexyKirito: Maybe try a liveCD and verify its not a hardware issue05:14
=== Liz is now known as Guest63504
dayronHello I need help?05:26
hateball!help | dayron05:26
ubottudayron: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:26
dayronI have problem when i try to install VLC05:27
LordLaraveldid you try turning it off and back on again ?05:28
wildmanron2this is a test to see if this is posting05:28
hateballdayron: How are you trying to install it? From the software center or using apt?05:29
Bashing-om!info vlc trusty05:29
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.6-0ubuntu14.04.2 (trusty), package size 1170 kB, installed size 3604 kB05:29
dayronhateball, Using apt but no work fine then unistall ann now want to intall from the software center but i have message of error05:31
hateball!paste | dayron05:32
ubottudayron: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:32
Bashing-om!test | wildmanron305:33
ubottuwildmanron3: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...05:33
dayronSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have05:33
dayronrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable05:33
dayrondistribution that some required packages have not yet been created05:33
dayronor been moved out of Incoming.05:33
dayronThe following information may help to resolve the situation:05:33
dayronThe following packages have unmet dependencies:05:33
wildmanron3ya sorry folks last night this thing would let me post to you guys here so i was just testing05:33
=== andyhuzhill1 is now known as andyhuzhill
dayronhateball, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23077492/05:35
=== sfb is now known as sob
dayronHow I can resolve this problem  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23077492/05:36
=== sob is now known as sfb
wildmanron3ok i came home and check my power management settings and it said the same on two different systems it said not to suspend and i don't know if that is a problem or not05:37
hateballdayron: run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" first05:37
=== sfb is now known as sbb
=== sbb is now known as sfb
dayronhateball, ready!!!!05:38
wildmanron3the system wont wake up from sleep state after it goes to sleep i have to shut down and restart05:38
OMGilluminatedYO is Ubuntu easy05:38
hateballdayron: Did it complete without errors?05:38
Ben64OMGilluminated: sure05:39
dayronhateball, Yes, without error05:39
OMGilluminatedWord, Goooooooot it on USB05:39
hateballdayron: and if you not try "sudo apt install vlc" ?05:39
dayronhateball, i'll go!!!05:40
wildmanron3i never had that problem before i upgraded to 16.04 then it wouldn't wake up but it did just fine before i let it upgrade to 16.04 it was 14.04 with no problems.05:40
dayronhateball, same problems05:40
wildmanron3now that i reinstalled the 14.04 on a newly formated drive it wont wake up for some stupid reason i have to power down and restart05:41
hateballdayron: ok, are you using any PPA? Can you paste the output of "apt policy libgles1-mesa" ?05:42
dayronhateball, let me explain...I installed  vlc from PPA version 3.0 but not work fine...Then uninstall and delete the PPA05:45
TechspectreI have a device that can be controlled via RS232. Here's a description of its commands. http://www.rotel.com/sites/default/files/product/rs232/RSP1066%20Protocol.pdf how would I send these commands via Ubuntu with a USB to serial adapter?05:46
dayronhateball, Now I want install vlc from software center and i have this problems05:46
tassilo_tazzDo any of you know any good Skype Programming Chats?05:46
hateballdayron: Yes, you still havent answered my last question tho05:47
hateballTechspectre: you can use minicom for instance05:48
dayronhateball,  Can you paste the output of "apt policy libgles1-mesa" ?05:48
hateballdayron: Yes, that would be helpful if you did05:49
dayronhateball, understand05:49
hateballTechspectre: or CuteCom if you want a gui05:49
Techspectrehateball, awesome05:51
Techspectrethank you05:51
Techspectrecutecom looks perfect05:52
dayronhateball, I don't know how to do05:52
=== wildmanron3 is now known as wildmanron2
dayronhateball, I try and read for everywhre but nothing05:52
hateballdayron: run "apt policy libgles1-mesa" in a terminal05:52
hateballdayron: then you pastebin the text it returns05:53
hateballTechspectre: :)05:53
dayronhateball, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23077506/05:54
hateballdayron: and if you run "sudo apt install libgles1-mesa" ?05:55
Bashing-om!info libgles1-mesa trusty05:56
ubottulibgles1-mesa (source: mesa): free implementation of the OpenGL|ES 1.x API -- runtime. In component main, is optional. Version 10.1.3-0ubuntu0.6 (trusty), package size 11 kB, installed size 119 kB05:56
dayronhateball, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23077508/05:57
Techspectrehateball, are you used to dealing with RS232 devices?05:59
hateballdayron: could you try using a different mirror?05:59
hateballTechspectre: No can't say I am, I only use minicom to connect to things like switches06:00
dayronhateball, I'll go06:01
hateballdayron: go into the software center and change your source to the UK or something instead of canada, then "sudo apt update" and try installing VLC again06:01
Techspectrewell, I'll ask you anyway since you seem knowledgeable enough06:02
Techspectrethe RS232 port on the device uses an RJ45 connector. I'd like to send commands over the network, but that won't work because RS232 data can't be passed over ethernet naturally. But what if I use this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Serial-Device-Server-RS232-COM-to-Ethernet-LAN-TCP-IP-Converter-Module/291683719795?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D38530%26meid%3D4c8e3f1ecba44f90bc702dd395f5abd8%26pid%3D106:03
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=== abhishek_ is now known as Guest15124
Guest15124hii all !06:16
linociscohi all06:16
linociscoI have Canon LBP 3050 printer06:17
Guest15124hey acored06:17
dayronI was solved 're a genius. Thank you very much.06:17
Guest15124can u tell me how I can login to my machine .. gui not working and psuedo terminals are also not working06:17
hateballdayron: :)06:18
acorettry ssh?06:18
dayronhateball, change the mirror for the main server and buala fix06:18
hateballdayron: Good it got sorted out!06:18
linociscoI want to find 64bit driver for my ubuntu 64bit, 16.0406:18
WhiteWhaledoes anyone here have experience with NFS mounts?06:18
acoretGuest15124 : try  using ssh to connect06:19
dayronhateball, :)06:19
Guest15124networks also not working !! @acort06:19
hateballlinocisco: googling gives me https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CanonCaptDrv190?action=show&redirect=HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters%2FCanonPrinters%2FLBP3010#A64-bit_Systems06:20
hateballlinocisco: It looks like a pain to get working. But there is some info at least06:20
acoretGuest15124 : Ctrl + alt +F1 or F2 change tty use real terminals06:21
acoretGuest15124 : try to connect internet ,reinstall gui and check the log06:22
linociscohateball, thanks. it is pain with ubuntu 64bit. because everytime we print, paper size should be defined A4 to match default printer paper size A4 on printer. otherwise, error occurs always06:22
V7Who told us that RAM doesn't use battery ?06:22
hateballlinocisco: If it were me, I'd trade it in for an HP printer :p06:23
WhiteWhaleis this a thing that people believe?06:23
linociscohateball, here our country has no cheaper choice06:24
acoreti believe that RAM does use battery06:24
RarrikinsDRAM needs power.06:26
SweepyofaceWhat's the difference between nova.clouds.archive.ubuntu.com and archive.ubuntu.com?06:27
Sweepyofacemy VPS came with the former for some reason06:27
RarrikinsSweepyoface: The first is probably the name of one particular machine, while the second might allow your computer to select one of many machines.06:28
Sweepyofaceso the second one would be better to use then?06:28
RarrikinsSweepyoface: Yes.06:29
Sweepyofacenot sure why it was default06:29
RarrikinsSweepyoface: I think countrycode.archive.ubuntu.com is actually a bit better for speed, though.06:29
RarrikinsSweepyoface: For example, us.archive.ubuntu.com06:29
Sweepyofaceah ok06:29
linociscohi , how to set log in screen wallpaper? whenever I set wall paper, it was found active only after I set. If boot, and startup, wallpaper on login screen is not shown06:31
lajoswardTalking about changing your splash screen?06:33
lajoswardOr the image behind your login?06:34
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
linociscolajosward, hi06:37
lajoswardTalking about changing your splash screen?06:37
lajoswardOr the image behind your login?06:38
linociscolajosward, image behind login screen06:38
linociscolajosward, should show on screen while desktop is locked or after boot before password is entered06:38
jairhello all I am running ubuntu 16.04 and I have a question regarding the network settings for client configuration06:39
bazhangask the question directly jair06:40
Rarrikinslinocisco: Maybe try this: https://askubuntu.com/a/694249/14776306:42
jairhello bazhang, thanks, I have a network with the FQDN liquidityfx.net example06:42
jairbazhang: I am trying to get my machine to use the dns server to ping and search for the domain liquidityfx.net06:43
jairso I don't have to always ping or ssh or telnet machines using the whole name everytime e.g. machine1.liquidityfx.net06:43
linociscoRarrikins, thannks let me check06:44
jairHere is my current configuration: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23077554/06:45
jairI mean my "/etc/network/interfaces"06:45
linociscomine is Ubuntu 16.04, 64bit. how can I download incremental update file for Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS? because I can't do live update because of slow and unstable internet here06:46
Ben64you don't, you need to 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get full-upgrade'06:46
jairhere is my "/etc/resolve.conf" http://paste.ubuntu.com/23077555/06:47
hateballlinocisco: you use upgrade using "apt full-upgrade". packages will be cached before installing so it doesnt matter if your network dies06:47
Sweepyofacewhen I sed -i 's/nova.clouds.archive.ubuntu.com/us.archive.ubuntu.com/g' /etc/apt/sources.list06:47
Sweepyoface apt can no longer find any packages06:47
linociscohateball, thanks06:48
daxSweepyoface: have you done apt update since then?06:48
jairdon't we need to use the new naming convention for the network adapters? instead of eth0, eth1 ubuntu is using this names: ethernet: enp0s31f6 and wireless: wlp2s006:48
Sweepyofaceah, didnt think of that06:48
m1dnightI have a few "important" services running with upstart, can I just apt install upstart after upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04?06:49
Renonjair: new naming convention is non static06:50
Renonmy wireless is wlp4s006:50
FinalXit's network manager that does that .. in my ubuntu containers on my server, it's perfectly static and the old "normal"06:51
FinalXnetwork manager also wipes interfaces you put a config on manually, etc.06:51
jairI noticed that06:51
V7Renon: Your name always changing ?06:51
V7Wirelesss name *06:51
jairRenon: I am not saying is static, just saying it depends on the harware06:52
FinalXit's not entirely dynamic, same adapter seems to get same name06:52
Renonnope, but it seems it's not wlan0 for everybody anymore06:52
FinalXor rather, same mac through udev(?) was it?06:53
Renonsame mac, can it be ?06:54
V7nope ... physically ... this can be, but very rare.06:55
FinalXon server i remember having to delete some files that mapped ethX to a certain mac in udev settings after upgrading from older debian to newer one (with systemd and all), i assume something similar is now used in ubuntu06:55
FinalXwill have a look later, gotta get to work first :P06:55
hateballFor your reading pleasure https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/06:56
Sweepyofacehateball, down?07:00
hateballSweepyoface: Just... slow as a slow thing07:00
V7MarcoPolo: Hey !07:11
MarcoPolotsup V707:12
V7All works !07:13
MarcoPolohaha,,, I know07:13
MarcoPolosame here07:13
redm0squit0iv got credit card numbers ccv and expire dates also info on the owner07:15
redm0squit0many many07:16
LordLaravelyou can get a ton of them for like $1 lol07:16
daxredm0squit0: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support. freenode is for peer-directed projects. Neither are for crap like carding.07:16
ducasse!illegal | redm0squit007:16
ubotturedm0squit0: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o07:16
redm0squit0wanna get some?07:16
LordLaravelpaste some07:16
redm0squit0ahh fuckit07:16
LordLaravelif your product is good07:17
LordLaravelyou can give samples07:17
linociscohi all , where to get ubuntu 16.04 wallpapers?07:17
LordLaravellol like dude wtf, get on the deepweb lol07:17
redm0squit0nah no freebies.....these are numbers from large companies07:17
LordLaravelthis is a linux irc channel07:17
LordLaraveland.. that shows how inexperienced you are07:17
redm0squit0been there07:17
LordLaravelif you had experience you wouldn't be advertisingh ere07:18
daxthat's enough on this topic, thanks07:18
redm0squit0just felt like seeing what kind of reaction id get07:18
LordLaravel12 year old kids would buy your stuff07:18
LordLaravelbecause they don't know any better07:18
Myrttiare we done with this any time soon?07:18
daxwe're about to be, one way or another07:18
redm0squit0well i would may just use them my self07:18
LordLaravelall heil operator07:19
V7linocisco: ... get 'em on Google07:25
totesMagotesIs there no website to browse snaps like what fedoras equivelnt of https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/ is?07:30
totesMagotesi c snapcraft.io but just ways to create it :(07:30
totesMagotesis it just cli based right now?07:30
cfhowlettask in #snappy totesMagotes07:33
cfhowletttotesMagotes, see also the UNofficial snaps explorer  https://uappexplorer.com/apps?type=snappy07:35
mbigrashello all, anyone active?07:38
VorapYes hello mbigras07:38
mbigrashello @Vorap, do you have time for a quick question about $PATH?07:39
cfhowlett!ask | mbigras07:39
ubottumbigras: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:39
mbigrasubottu: got it :)07:39
ubottumbigras: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:39
mbigrasI'm trying to use a version of git that I built from source into my ~/opt directory. I'm able to run it: hoarty@hedgehog:07:45
mbigras~/dev/git/git$ ~/opt/bin/git --version07:45
mbigrasgit version 2.10.0.rc107:45
mbigraswhile normally:07:45
mbigrashoarty@hedgehog:~/dev/git/git$ git --version07:45
mbigrasgit version 2.7.407:45
mbigrasbut in my path:07:45
cfhowlettmbigras, first; use paste!!!   second; if you are truly using Hoary, keep if off the internet07:46
cfhowlett!paste | mbigras07:47
ubottumbigras: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:47
geirhaput  PATH=~/opt/bin:$PATH   in ~/.profile. The log in again07:51
halpmehave you ever installed any ubuntu distro on a NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK?07:53
halpmeim reading reviews at the intel site and there seems to be bios problems . Im not sure if that affects only windows os or is a general problem07:53
nucare messages from user "halpme" readable for you?08:03
netvixtrahalpme: I have ubuntu mate on a NUC08:04
halpmenetvixtra: bios problems with it?08:04
halpmehow long have you had the unit running?08:04
netvixtraFor a month ish08:05
netvixtrajust bought it08:05
=== teemo is now known as rory
halpme.... Im thinking about getting a nuc for xubuntu 16.04. Intended use: editing papers for college, virtualizations, watching movies and editing video, as well as RAW pictures (32 MB per picture)... Im not sure if I need a NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK (newest skylake) or a NUC6i5SYH  (thats iCore 5 instead of 6)08:07
netvixtrahalpme: it's kind of slower running ubuntu08:08
halpmeslower than a windows OS you mean? netvixtra ?08:08
netvixtrait needs tweaking for getting Netflix 4K running smooth etc08:08
halpmeI dont use windows since 6 years, so I cannot tell... That tweaking you mean, is it something a total noob like me can do?08:09
netvixtraObviously, I bought it for tv use08:09
halpmeI just want a powerful computer to last for the next 10 years08:09
cfhowlettcustom build one?08:10
netvixtraAlso I had some overscan issues, but solved it08:10
c|onemanyeah, probably should go mini-itx if you want future proofing08:10
Hounddogif my cmputer was 10 years old i would be running a dx2 with 256mb ram...08:10
halpmecfhowlett: Im doing it, aint I? I have to choose 2 ram modules plus a ssd...08:11
halpmeHounddog: precisely the point why I want it to be expandable08:11
netvixtraits more than just memory and a ssd, halpme08:12
halpmethe core, thats why Im aiming for the newest one08:12
netvixtrac|oneman is pointing you in the right direction if you want a small form factor08:12
halpme... 2 GiB RAM wont take me anywhere...08:16
bazhanghalpme, please go to ##hardware for that sort of discussion08:18
NeoFrontierI am trying to connect an old Nokia C5 to the local network via USB, is that no perhaps somehow possible with PC Suite ? Using the phone as a modem via USB works fine, but that means the phone wants to provide internet, I want it to work the other way around it must get network access via USB.08:20
=== eviladmin is now known as evilop
cfhowlettNeoFrontier, pc suite? that a linux app?08:29
minimecNeoFrontier: There is a software called 'gnoki' that may allow you to sync contacts and sms and so on... http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/gnokii08:29
NeoFrontierpc suite mode08:29
minimecNeoFrontier: http://gnokii.org/08:30
NeoFrontierI have used gnokki before, you think it can get my Old nokia to get network access somehow ?08:31
minimecNeoFrontier: I do not know that. MY only Nokia Phone I had was (still is) a Nokia N9, And I can sync with the evolution data server... But that phone is based on Meego (Linux).08:35
minimecNeoFrontier: First maybe try to connect via bluetooth...08:36
NeoFrontierIt seems the Nokia C5 does not recognize the bluetooth tethering service on my Android phone :\08:37
NeoFrontier@ minimec08:38
minimecNeoFrontier: Maybe have a look here (post is rather old) https://tareqalam.com/2008/07/11/connect-your-nokia-phone-with-linux-without-pc-suite/08:38
NeoFrontierU thanks but that post is about using it as a modem.08:40
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=== Guest25517 is now known as croppa
sandstormHello, particle cli installation failed in my latest Ubuntu system because of serialport package. You can find the logs here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23076307/ . How may I resolve this issue, any tips?08:44
dafrankenstein2how to open .upd file in ubuntu08:47
minimecdafrankenstein2: try gedit... http://file.org/extension/upd08:50
NetekI use visual studio and have done some apps with vb.net.  What is the closest I could get to anything like this for Ubuntu development?  Mostly it would be database reports and filtering08:51
Netekor am I better off learning a new language entirely?08:51
hateballNetek: well visual studio is available for linux as well, if you are comfortable with it already08:52
hateballvisual studio code, that is08:52
Netekhateball it is?  I thought it was a MS App08:52
hateballNetek: It is. https://code.visualstudio.com/download08:53
Netekhateball trying this right now, thank you very much08:54
C0untZer0hi everyone :)08:57
salamiNetek might not be the best choice for your database stuff, as vscode is mostly an enhanced code editor with plugin support08:57
C0untZer0during compilation got error (missing separator) in this line >>>   $(if $(wildcard $(srctree)/arch/$(hdr-arch)/include/asm/Kbuild),, \08:58
C0untZer0can anybody to explain where in this line according syntaxis miss siparator?08:59
_KaLiFHi everybody08:59
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ceegeehi there09:08
netvixtraPalmer Luckey still hates mac09:11
ayogihi guys, does anyone knows good system admin channels on irc09:16
Mathisenayogi,  /msg alis list sysadmin09:17
ayogiMathisen, okay thanks which one is good among these for discussion and knowledge09:21
Sqwonkhello people of ubuntia :>09:21
Sqwonkdoes this picture mean anything to anyone? it's a lot of error codes. i'm not fully sure what is hindering my many installation attempts.: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/gPs9x1zcocIl-MzsF_s5TMYJgHQiQ07yPrDtuuF25SeGmXdUF334pWLw3cFYLyHso4_27ckWWaam=w1366-h768-no09:22
Sqwonki keep getting read/write errors. and i did try with a secondary hard drive.09:22
ceegeeare there known problems with ubuntu 14.04 and lsi sas3008 (mpt3sas) controllers? we have some unscheduled reboots with it09:23
hateballSqwonk: have you tried a different sata channel?09:24
hateballSqwonk: or even a different sata cable09:24
hateballSqwonk: are these HDDs or SSDs?09:24
Sqwonkhateball ~ it is a laptop. i will search on how to try and change channl. it should be a combo hdd/ssd09:25
hateballSqwonk: Oh.09:25
k1l_Sqwonk: are you sure the hdd is technically fine?09:25
yinflying2016jser: 。。。。。09:25
hateballSqwonk: Do you have access to another machine where you could plug in the drives and check them with smartctl ?09:26
Sqwonkk11i tried another drive. i can try a third if need be.09:26
Sqwonkthere is no chance this is a ram error? right?09:26
hateballSqwonk: By channel I meant a physical port, and you wont be changing that in a laptop09:26
Sqwonkhateball ~ yes if i power down this one :>09:26
=== jatt is now known as Guest84309
Sqwonki am very appreciative of all your informational assistance. i shall try the hdd ssdon this machine and see where i end up.09:27
Geomhello... sorry if this is OT. when ripping a dvd...which is more faster, ripping jt directly from dvd or copying the content first to the HDD?09:28
evilopGeom: the former obviously09:29
=== ssaturos is now known as saturos
evilopI asume by "ripping" you mean "reencode"09:30
Geomthanks evilop. i mean, dvd to mp4¿09:30
evilopmp4 is just a container, it can contain pretty much anything09:32
Geomso "encode" is the correct term for it rather than rip?09:33
evilopa dvd may already contain a mpeg4 encoded video/audio stream, or it might be mpeg2 or similar09:33
evilop(asuming it is some video dvd you are talking about)09:34
Geomyeah, a video dvd09:34
evilopripping == just copying the data pretty much 1:1 from the dvd09:35
evilopreencoding == taking the data and converting it into some other format09:36
Geomcool! thanks for the info :)09:36
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al_926xcan anyone help me with these error messages? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23077816/09:52
al_926xwhat do they mean?09:52
samwongmsI am new to xchat. Are there many channels under #ubuntu?09:52
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|lunch
evilopal_926x: go and talk to the hardware maker09:53
evilopal_926x: or whoever sold it to you09:53
evilopsamwongms: 1. you should use hexchat not xchat  2. /query alis list *buntu*09:53
evilopsamwongms: 3. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList09:54
al_926xevilop: that was not my question. my question was what these errors mean. if you don't have an answer, why respond at all?09:54
evilopal_926x: they can mean one of several things, the ones who made the hardware can help you with determining which09:54
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
evilopal_926x: since they know the exact meaning of the status and error code09:55
samwongms./query alis list *ubuntu*09:55
al_926xevilop: are these related to my hard drive? does it say my hard drive is faulty?09:55
evilopal_926x: possibly09:55
al_926xevilop: would zeroing it out help?09:56
evilopal_926x: no09:56
Ben64bad drive, bad cable, bad controller, bad driver, bad power09:56
evilopyou could try to smartctl it, but it is somewhat unlikely to sucseed09:56
Ben64try replacing as many of those as you can until it starts working09:56
al_926xevilop: could it be kernel bug?09:56
evilopsince it is getting reset constantly09:56
al_926xevilop: a kernel bug*09:56
evilopal_926x: unlikely, but as I said, contact the hardware maker09:56
alkisgal_926x: see what Ben64 said, that it may also be a power issue, not a hard drive issue. And it can also be a kernel issue, yes.09:57
alkisgIt might help if you tell us more info about it09:57
evilopit is highly unlikely to be a kernel bug09:57
alkisgevilop: I've seen such messages related to kernel bugs in my own i509:57
evilopusually don't get hard resets from that09:57
alkisgAnd solved with newer/older kernels09:57
alkisgIt's unusual, e.g. 2% of the cases, but not impossible09:58
alkisgIt's usually a malfunction of the hard drive09:58
al_926xis this dangerous? possible to lose data?09:58
Ben64yes very possible09:58
KeyboardNotFoundDoes ubuntu comes with dns cache configured ?09:59
Netekcan anybody suggest an app for monitoring multiple server ftp, httpd, ssh, mail etc09:59
Netekpossibly something that would alert me on this laptop if anything is down10:00
=== ssaturos is now known as saturos
evilopNetek: nagios10:00
ducasseNetek: there are tons of motitoring tools, nagios, icinga, xymon etc10:00
Netekok, thanks evilop and ducasse.  I have some to look at :)10:01
al_926xwould you like to see the output of smartctl? if that helps?10:02
Ben64al_926x: drive broken (or cable, or one of the other things i said eariler)10:05
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hateballal_926x: try booting with libata.force=noncq and see if that changes anything10:12
al_926xhateball: what does that do?10:12
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
hateballal_926x: disables use of NCQ for your drives. I have to use that on my samsung ssd (it's blacklisted in kernel now) to get it to behave10:13
joeliohateball: even after f/w upgrades?10:21
hateballjoelio: a fw upgrade is what caused it in my case, and as I see no real world performance drops I keep using it.10:23
hateballjoelio: At least I know the machine wont freeze and lose data randomly then10:23
=== KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
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joeliohateball: fair enough, got a whole slew of them in various machines.. had issues with the early firmware on the 840 Pros, but that was it really.. never had any other issues and run them in workstations and ceph cluster10:37
hateballjoelio: seems it isnt samsung exclusive tho, this problem10:39
helpppphello, how to fix this http://paste.ubuntu.com/23078054/10:41
helppppi fixed it by deleting /etc/vulkan/icd.d/intel_icd.json10:51
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hicoleriHow do I play mp4 files movie files encoded using H264 in GNU Icecat?10:58
evilopdidn't icecat die?10:59
hicoleriit did?10:59
evilopanyway if it uses gstreamer then you can probably install all the evil plugins11:00
hicolerilet me see11:00
evilopunless they are doing explicit blacklisting in icecat, which would be no suprice if they do11:01
evilophmm aparently you can explicitly build icecat against gst 1.x11:01
hicoleriI did set media.gmp-gmpopenh264.enabled to true so i thought it would work11:01
evilopno idea if ubuntu does build it against 1.x, if it does then install the bad and ugly gst plugins11:02
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chrismli ran into some "too many open files" errors w/ nginx over the weekend. would setting this value higher have any negative effects? or is it just a low default?11:03
chrismlwhen i say value i mean ulimit, etc11:03
evilopchrisml: find out why it is opening 20k files all at once11:04
chrismlevilop a lot of traffic11:04
evilopthen it is time to start caching11:04
chrismlyeah with varnish, but i don't think i need that yet, when i google "too many open files" it says raise the ulimit, the nginx process has max open files set to 409611:05
chrismleven if i used varnish, it would hit nginx first anyway, and cause this error, iirc11:06
jlahi #ubuntu community11:06
jlanot being optimum (i know, i know...) are there any major drawbacks when installing a  x32 bits .iso in a x64 architecture ? :-/11:08
evilopjla: lots, don't do it11:08
jlacan you extend ?11:08
evilop(also x32 isn't what you think it is)11:08
jlai need arguments... thanks11:09
evilopjla: ram limits, less optimised packages, less registers11:09
jlai see...11:09
jlacrystal clear now evilop11:09
evilopx32https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X32_ABI  not what you think it is11:09
* evilop dislikes the misuse of "x32" and "x64"11:10
jla* jla dislikes answers (just) " don't do it.." , like11:11
evilopfun fact: the linux kernel doesn't even run on i386 anymore, but distroes still keep shipping i386 packages11:12
blackflowevilop: it doesn't? since when?11:13
blackflowunless, you literally mean i386 (x86_386)11:13
BluesKajHowdy all11:13
evilopblackflow: a few years ago11:16
evilopblackflow: 2012 actually11:17
blackflowevilop: so you literally mean 8038611:17
blackflowmake sense.11:17
evilopso there is no reason to build for i386 anymore11:17
blackflowI hate that misnomer, i386 used to mean IA-3211:17
blackflowevilop: but still plenty of reason to build for IA-32, say i586 or i68611:18
evilopi586 should be the minimum, but realisticly i686 covers 99.9% of use cases11:18
blackflowis any distro really building 32-bit binaries to be 80386 compatible, today? I doubt that11:18
=== llorephie1 is now known as llorephie
evilopeven more fun when people make "i386" packages that are actually i686 + sse2 etc11:19
k1l_distros and projects started to abandon 32bit builds. ubuntu links to the 64bit isos as standard on ubuntu.com since some time. and 32bit isos will be deprecated in future too.11:19
Nicholas3214314Hey, on my ssd i have ubuntu and and windows on different partitions. How do I delete windows partition and merge it with linux?11:19
blackflowyeah, the only place where 32-bit will make sense is embedded and arm11:19
evilopx32 makes 32bit builds much less attractive11:20
evilopNicholas3214314: depends on where it is located and what fs is used11:20
evilopNicholas3214314: lsblk -f11:21
Nicholas3214314evilop: http://pastebin.com/QRpvcfj211:21
k1l_Nicholas3214314: start a live usb with ubuntu. use gparted. delete the partitions with windows, resize the ubuntu partitions to use the unallocated space11:22
Nicholas3214314i have gparted open11:22
Nicholas3214314i cant do it from ubuntu? i have to do live?11:22
k1l_Nicholas3214314: yes. you cant change the partitions the OS is using right now11:23
Nicholas3214314ok i will download ubuntu live11:23
blackflowk1l_: uh, what? the ntfs partitions are at the beginning of drive, how do you expand sdc5 to take space of sdc1?11:23
k1l_blackflow: Nicholas3214314 actually you will have to pull the unallocated space into the extended parititon first on that setup11:24
evilopNicholas3214314: please use a sane pastebin like ptpb, bpaste, gist11:24
k1l_blackflow: how?11:24
* evilop can't open pastebin.co11:24
k1l_blackflow: using gparted?11:25
Nicholas3214314evilop: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e94db50d036ef799a2dacbbd2d5bd71611:25
blackflowk1l_: gimme an example command to do that11:25
evilopNicholas3214314: just delete the windows partitions, make a new one, mkfs it and then mount it to /home/<youruser>/stuff11:25
k1l_blackflow: gparted got a gui. its very easy to do with that.11:25
evilopeasiest way to do it11:25
evilopno gparted nor livecd needed11:26
blackflowk1l_: no it's not, you can't expand partitions at the END of the drive to take space from a partition from the BEGINNING of the drive11:26
k1l_blackflow: of course you can.11:26
evilopyou can move the partition but that is not a safe operation11:26
blackflowyou can't even do taht. you can copy data from sda6 to sda1, then delete sda2,5,6 and expand sda1 to take whole space11:27
blackflowyou _cannot_ expand sda6 to take space from sda1.11:27
evilopyou can move11:27
blackflowif you had LVM then it's easy to add sda1 as a pv11:28
blackflowbut there's no lvm here11:28
evilopanyway, easiest is just to fdisk/mkfs and then add the volume somewhere in your fs11:28
evilopit is safe and fast, and gives you seperation of user-data which is a good thing11:29
Nicholas3214314evilop: Im not sure how to do it, also im afraid my boot will not work11:30
Nicholas3214314since sdc1 has boot flag, which is the windows drive11:30
philippebonjour cmt rejoindre ubuntu fr ?11:30
k1l_!fr | philippe11:30
ubottuphilippe: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:30
k1l_Nicholas3214314: ubuntu doesnt use the boot flag11:30
Bob_Hello, i need help11:31
Nicholas3214314Ill just do the ubuntu live thing, i need to expand my swap also so maybe its better that way11:31
blackflowmake sure you have good backups11:32
Nicholas3214314blackflow:  u dont think its a good idea?11:32
blackflowNicholas3214314: I don't think it's a good idea to touch anything without proper backups.11:32
Nicholas3214314blackflow:  i have backups, but I just want the windows partition gone and add swap, what i should i do then11:33
evilopNicholas3214314: boot flag doesn't matter if you have grub installed to mbr11:33
Bob_Im having a vps but the root password is not right, i try to use rescue mode, now my rootfs at /dev/sdb1 , how to enter it and change the root password in order to boot again into normal mode?11:34
=== daniel is now known as Guest73140
k1l_blackflow: i just tested my advice in a vbox. can you please prove your advice that this doesnt work properly=?11:35
blackflowNicholas3214314: you can try moving sda6 to the beginning, like evilop suggested, there are tutorials on the net, like this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/557751/gparted-move-extended-partition-on-the-left11:35
Nicholas595493I have gparted open, can I just unallocate the windows drives11:36
Nicholas595493sry dc11:36
blackflowk1l_: the only thing you did was moved partitions around. you cannot expand without moving11:37
evilopif you just want swap then just change the partition type and then mkswap it?11:37
k1l_blackflow: sorry. but your are confusing users in here and telling things dont work besides they clearly do work.11:37
blackflowk1l_: no, I'm just using proper terminology. because when you move partitions like that, suddenly sdc5 is no longer sdc5 which means more problems unless you know what you're doing, eg. using uuids for mounts etc..11:39
k1l_blackflow: that is not right.11:42
k1l_blackflow: http://imgur.com/a/hUpHU11:43
k1l_partitions in a extended partition do start at 5 everytime11:43
qwebirc957752k1l_:  alright im here now i11:45
=== qwebirc957752 is now known as Nicholaslive
Nicholaslivek1l_:  i have gparted open, so just delete sdc1sdc2_11:45
k1l_Nicholaslive: yes. then resize the extended partition to use all that unallocated space in front. then resize the sda5 and sda6 to your needs11:46
blutI'm looking to setup a nfs client for version 3?11:47
Nicholaslivek1l_:  i unallocated the, but how do i resize extended sdc3 _11:47
Nicholasliveresizing is gray11:47
blutThat's not a question. I found a tutorial for v4. Is there information available for setting up v3 clients?11:48
Nicholaslivek1l_:  im able to resize sdc6 though11:48
blut'mount -t nfs -onfsvers=3 /home' gets 'rpc.statd is not running but is required for remote locking.'11:48
k1l_Nicholaslive: is any partition mounted there? sometimes swap gets mounted on live-cd. so see if you need to unmoount that11:48
blutobviously I want to have lock for home11:48
Nicholaslivek1l_:  sec11:50
blutoh and stackexchange suggests starting statd, which is apparently part of nfs-common, except it's not so 'service statd start' doesn't work11:50
Nicholaslivek1l_:  https://s10.postimg.org/sxm4wqubt/Screenshot_from_2016_08_22_11_48_44.png11:51
Nicholasliveit looks like that11:52
Nicholasliveso should I just extend resize ext4?11:52
k1l_Nicholaslive: right click on swap, then see if there is "unmount"11:52
Gochaianhi everybody, can i have some help please, i am using ubuntu 16.04 64bit, after installing virtualbox when i start the guest os it says "kernel driver not installed"11:52
hateballGochaian: do you have dkms installed11:52
Nicholaslivek1l_:  i dont see any unmount11:52
Gochaianhateball, yes i have11:53
k1l_Nicholaslive: look at the extended, too11:53
Nicholaslivek1l_:  maybe swapoff_11:53
lordcirthswap is 'swapoff'11:53
k1l_Nicholaslive: yes11:53
Nicholasliveyea i swapoff now I can resize whole parition11:53
Nicholaslivek1l_:  Now i resized sdc3 to whole space and have 370gig unallocated inside sdc311:54
hateballGochaian: did you install virtualbox from repos or elsehwere?11:54
k1l_Nicholaslive: now resize/move the partitions inside the extended to your needs11:54
hateballGochaian: if from repos, check that you have virtualbox-dkms installed also11:56
Gochaianhateball, virtualbox-dkms already installed and is set to manually installed11:57
hateballGochaian: you could try removing it and reinstalling it I suppose11:58
hateballGochaian: or run "sudo dkms autoinstall" and see if it builds the modules11:58
nexusguy59msg NickServ identify new2day11:58
nexusguy59ooops lol sorry guys11:58
hateballnexusguy59: probably want to change your password if that was yours11:59
Gochaiansudo dkms autoinstall does not return anything11:59
nexusguy59I did already12:00
nexusguy59I did hateball yeah that was a dumb mistake lol12:00
Nicholaslivek1l_:  now it looks like this: https://s9.postimg.org/t4kd92873/Screenshot_from_2016_08_22_11_58_58.png12:01
nexusguy59Had that password forever lol12:01
Nicholaslivek1l_:  i didnt find an option to encrypt new partition#2 though12:01
Nicholaslivek1l_:  is this okay?12:01
k1l_Nicholaslive: i thought you want to rezise your used partitions only12:02
k1l_and not create new one.12:02
nexusguy59hateball, thanks for lookin out for me though12:02
Nicholaslivek1l_:  So I delete new partition #2 and just extend sdc5?12:02
MacroManAfter updating .bashrc, is there a way to refresh the terminal other than exiting a logging back in?12:03
k1l_Nicholaslive: yes12:03
Nicholaslivek1l_:  I just want to get rid of windows partition increase swap12:03
k1l_Nicholaslive: and why did you not increase swap instead of making a new one?12:04
Nicholaslivek1l_:  ill go back and do that12:04
hateballNicholaslive: if you delete a partition and create a new one rather than resize it will get a new UUID, so you have to update /etc/fstab to reflect this12:05
MacroManGochaian, This usually happens when your kernal is old. Did you perform a dist-upgrade before installing virtualbox?12:05
mandlaHello, is there a way to install Adobe Flash Player version 11.5.0 on 16.04.112:05
Nicholaslivehateball:  alright12:06
MacroManGochaian, If so, purge the virtualbox install, autoremove, autoclean, update, dist-upgrade and try again.12:06
=== simong is now known as sfgreenwood
=== sfgreenwood is now known as simong
Nicholaslivek1l_:  I can increase swap, but I cant increase sdc6 size without first creating a new partition12:08
GochaianMacroMan i will try12:09
Nicholaslivek1l_: actually i cant increase sdc6 without first deleting swap12:09
Nicholaslivek1l_:  what should I do then...12:09
k1l_Nicholaslive: enlarge the extended partition first to use the whole disk. thenmove the swap to the beginning and increas it to your needs. then move sdc6 to use the rest12:11
Nicholaslivek1l_: https://s4.postimg.org/yq4vkwq6l/Screenshot_from_2016_08_22_12_10_11.png12:11
Nicholaslivek1l_:  how do I move swap to beginning_12:12
GochaianMacroMan, how does autoremove and autoclean working?12:12
Nicholaslivewithout deleting it12:12
blutwhere can I find 'statd'?12:12
blut!help statd12:12
k1l_Nicholaslive: right click on it  and see what it offers. if there is a move/resive option12:13
MacroManGochaian, `sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean`12:13
Nicholaslivek1l_:  ah yes you can move it from there, okay ill increase swap now and then sdc6, thanks12:13
MacroManThis will remove uneeded packages that may cause problems and autoclean removes the .deb downloads that are no longer needed.12:14
GochaianMacroMan, do i need a reboot? cuz i am remotely connected to the pc12:15
Nicholaslivek1l_:  https://s13.postimg.org/nrtopdyuf/Screenshot_from_2016_08_22_12_14_30.png12:15
Nicholasliveis this good now?12:15
Phryqso I tried to put Arch on a USB stick, and I did some strange thing, now it's impossible to format the stick12:15
MacroManGochaian, So a full command to do everything `sudo apt-get purge virtualbox* && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install virtualbox`12:16
MacroManGochaian, And no, you shouldn't need to restart.12:16
hateballNicholaslive: that looks good12:16
Nicholasliveokay so i just accept and boot12:17
hateballNicholaslive: be aware it will take a good amount of time to complete the move12:17
hateballNicholaslive: as it will relocate all the data to the new sectors12:17
Nicholasliveyeah np, thanks guys12:17
hateballNicholaslive: is it an hdd or ssd?12:17
Nicholaslivessd 850 samsung pro12:17
Nicholasliveshould not take too long12:17
hateballyeah, certainly better than on an HDD :D12:18
Nicholasliveyeah >D was formatting old 1tb hdd with zeros, it took 2hours geez12:18
hateballdont turn it off before it completes tho or you're smoked12:18
Phryqhow can I mount a USB disk?12:18
Phryqthe disk type is Hidden HPFS/NTFS12:22
debi_manHola esto solo es una prueba, disculpad por las molestias12:22
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Nicholaslivehateball: it finished now, can i just boot freely or do I need to fix my boot too with grub/12:27
hateballNicholaslive: well it depends how things were set up prior :)12:27
Nicholaslivehateball:  i had dual boot before12:28
k1l_worth a try.12:28
Nicholaslivenow i deleted the windows partition12:28
GochaianMacroMan, it didn't worked but the system wants a reboot so i  will try it a few hours later when i go back home12:28
hateballNicholaslive: you still have /boot on the same partition tho, and if you used MBR that should still work12:28
k1l_if there is an issue boot to livecd again12:28
hateballNicholaslive: otherwise you can return to liveboot ^12:28
Nicholaslivealright thanks guys12:28
wrksxI'm tryin to download an unbuntu iso image from the website, but am looking to install it on a core 2 duo, which is 64bits bot not from amd. But the 64 bits versions are labeled amd64 which does not really seem to fit my proc.12:32
Ben64amd64 is the 64bit version12:32
wrksxBen, alright, thanks for confirming. the amd in the name does not mean it is specifically targertting amd architectures?12:32
wrksxthat is so confusing12:33
Ben64amd64 "won" the 64bit platform, so it's called amd6412:33
Ben64same way 32bit says i386 or i686 or whatever, you don't need one of those to run it12:33
wrksxBen64, exactly I could find any reason behind those names12:34
wrksxBen64, anyway thanks for letting me know12:34
V99there is some problem with intel graphic driver and nodm?12:37
wrksxHum, download speed is not going above 200Ko/s12:38
V99im trying to make a kiosk environment12:38
V99but when i install xserver-xorg-video-intel12:38
V99nodm cant start12:38
Aliekezhihi, I'm having a weird issue with browsers : I can't post files on some websites. A colleague has the same Ubuntu version with same firefox and no problem on that website. I tried different versions of firefox, restarted profile, failsafe mode etc, tried with chrome instead...Still the same problem12:40
AliekezhiI really have no idea what could cause that, maybe a different dependency ?12:40
wrksxThe default mirror selected to download from my location was capped to 200Ko/s12:43
wrksxLuckily there was other mirrors accessible12:43
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admin0hi .. in which channel do I ask help to identify a kernel bug that appeared in a server running ubuntu ?12:53
admin0can  anyone help me understand what caused this kernel bug ? http://pastebin.com/MPza7mbJ12:54
MacroManwrksx, It's most well known as x86-64, but is also known as x64, x86_64 and AMD64. Personally I think x64 is the least confusing, but that's not what most people use.12:55
bumblefuzzHi, I cannot connect to my school's guest network. It's using a captive portal that won't display. I'm connected right now via my phone. Can someone help me connect using a captive portal?12:55
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k1l_admin0: doesnt matter since the vivid (15.04) kernels and OS are end of live anyway. please update to the xenial lts stack at least12:56
wrksxMacroMan, Yeah I noticed there is some confusion on those things, I even seen x86 opposed to x64 in some sofware I believe. But first time I see this called amd64, or maybe first time I need to install on something else than an amd core12:56
wrksxSo maybe I just didn't thought about it like, it's amd, it's 64, just what I need YAY12:57
MacroManwrksx, And to make matters worse, x86 is 32 bit12:57
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wrksxthat's what I meant, I've seen x86 for 32bits support and x64 for 64 bit support.12:58
k1l_wrksx: the 64bit patent is from amd. so its called amd64 on the linux kernel12:58
admin0k1l_: but does that error says anything ? apart from “you need to upgrade to the latest"12:58
k1l_admin0: honestly that doesnt matter. since no one will invest any effort in fixing it if its not happening in a supported jernel12:59
MacroMank1l_, Not so. Intel hold the patent but it's licensed for use by AMD12:59
admin0exactly, all i want to know is that its also not happening in the “latest kernel"12:59
bumblefuzzcan anyone help me connect to a wifi network that uses a captive portal? I can connect to the wifi and receive an IP address from the AP but no captive portal comes up either automatically or when I try to access a website.13:00
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BluesKajcaptive portal ?13:00
BluesKajperhaps you expalin what you mean13:01
bumblefuzzdo you know what a captive portal is?13:01
k1l_MacroMan_away: you are wrong. the 64bit instruction was invented by amd13:01
MacroMan_awayk1l_, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-64#Licensing_issues13:02
k1l_MacroMan_away: read carefully. amd extended the x86 instructions to 64bit. the x86 is from intel. but intel didnt have any 64bit stuff.13:03
admin0where do I see what is the latest stable kernel is in ubuntu ?13:04
MacroMan_awayk1l_, Ah. You're right. Mis-read it.13:04
admin0https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds — there ?13:04
k1l_admin0: on 14.04 you can have the original 3.13 or the 4.4 kernel that is the lts backport from 16.0413:04
k1l_!hwe | admin013:04
ubottuadmin0: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack13:04
bumblefuzzcan anyone help me connect to a wifi network that uses a captive portal for access? I can connect to the wifi and receive an IP address from the AP but no captive portal screen comes up either automatically or when I try to access a website13:05
seednodeAre you using static DNS servers?13:06
telboonwhen i set a swapfile in fstab, but the swapfile isn't mounted (i put it as a usb drive) i get an error which halts boot. this is despite butting nobootwait in the option13:06
telboonhow to i skip the error message to ensure the boot continues?13:06
bumblefuzzseednode: I don't know13:08
bumblefuzzall I know is that it won't connect13:08
BluesKajbumblefuzz, do you have the url for captive portal saved anywhere so you can paste it into your browser , or am I on the wrong track here?13:09
bumblefuzzI don't have it saved, no13:09
akiktelboon: does adding "noauto" work in that case?13:09
bumblefuzzbut that's a good idea13:09
seednodebumblefuzz, check default gateway, open in browser13:09
seednodeSometimes works13:09
bumblefuzzseednode: how do I do that?13:10
seednodei.e. on McDonald's public wifi with captive portal13:10
BluesKajbumblefuzz, also browser history13:10
seednodetry ip route | grep default via13:10
telboonakik: let me try. thanks for that. i'll update it in a bit13:10
seednodeshould say i.e. "default via"13:10
bumblefuzzseednode: No such file or directory13:10
Rarrikinsbumblefuzz: Surround default via with quotes.13:11
seednodeoh, right13:11
seednodesorry about that13:11
bumblefuzzok, well I'm on my phone right now so, brb13:11
admin0so i need to upgrade to version 4.4 and that will be supported for the next 5 years ( and we can also file bugs and get help on understanding )13:12
telboonakik: wow. it works! thanks so much! :)13:12
admin0because we are running 3.19, its EOL so no help13:13
k1l_admin0: not for 5 years. 14.04 looses suppor tin 3 years. then you will need to upgrade to 16.04 at least13:13
akiktelboon: never needed that :)13:13
k1l_admin0: but yes. no one will fix bugs on a dead horse13:13
admin0k1l_ . .. correct .. but with 4.4 we are good to go for at least 3 more years13:13
k1l_admin0: yes13:14
bittinLinuxcon has started: http://content.jwplatform.com/previews/sGxezkWB-oygsdW3u13:14
k1l_!ot | bittin13:15
ubottubittin: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:15
admin0k1l_:  is there a way from threre to show that this bug has been fixed in recent kernels .. that will make the upgrade case very easy13:16
admin0for example, in  http://pastebin.com/MPza7mbJ  .. how do I check where its been fixed13:16
k1l_admin0: you are mixing the steps. first upgrade. then see if that bug is fixed. if not make an bug report so the kernel team can look at it13:17
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j_triple_95I have a dual boot machine; it would not go to grub menu on startup, went to win and to reboot to ubuntu had to do advanced startup from device. That issue just disappeared. Anyone else see that?13:24
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cuaoxhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/812244/games-freezing-after-some-time-on-steam-audio-works-can-move-coursor-around            <---    Can anyone help with this?13:33
de-factoHey guys trying to help out a friend on phone: her xenial wont get a GUI (just black screen) after grup, she cant get a login at all the TTYs (they change but wont display login), and the recovery root console disappears after short amount of time (is that a nasty bug?), heaving her with nothing but a sysrq reboot as option. Any ideas what went wrong on update (i think she said she switched from gdm to lightdm on updates) and how to remotely13:34
de-factofix it (on the phone)?13:34
OerHekscuaox, what driver is in use? radeon or AMDgpu? lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'13:34
FatalNIXSeems sort of generic.. but what package provides libopengl.so.0 ?13:34
FatalNIXfor use with Ubuntu 16.0413:34
cuaox0erHeks:Kernel driver in use: amdgpu13:35
de-factowe tried different kernels on grub menu, none would let her into a login at the TTYs and since the recovery root console disappears after short amount of time (this makes me kinda annoyed at the implementation of it), we cant dpkg-reconfigure gdm or such from it13:36
OerHekscuaox, oke  ( btw perfect askubuntu Q, with good details)13:37
cuaoxwell thanks :) too bad no answer yet :/13:37
hateballde-facto: have you tried booting with nomodeset ?13:38
OerHeksAMDgpu is in development, and i read kernel 4,7 gives many fixes.. but that does not help you now. >> http://news.softpedia.com/news/linux-kernel-4-7-2-is-a-big-update-with-numerous-amdgpu-and-arm64-improvements-507504.shtml13:39
OerHeks R9 38013:39
hateballOne can try a !mainline kernel13:39
hateballOr the padoka !ppa13:39
de-factohateball no havent tried that, but with older kernels (which worked before)13:39
cuaoxyeah but im already on 4.8 kernel13:39
OerHekshateball, he tried padoka.13:40
hateballOerHeks: Ah13:40
cuaoxOerHeks: you think downgrading to 4.7 is a good idea if im already on 4.8?13:40
OerHeksand vulkan api, but get notified cant run it.13:40
hateballOerHeks, cuaox didnt notice you were also having AMD issues. I actually meant my suggestions for de-facto heh13:40
OerHeks4.8 is way too new i guess, you would need to test the beta driver from AMD too...13:41
cuaoxhateball: lol :D i remember you also trying to help me but yeah, my issue is still not resolved and im getting here from time to time to ask if someone can help13:41
de-factohateball its an intel integrated gfx afaik, i thought if its a driver issue the older kernel (which was working before updates) should rule that "nomodeset" out13:42
hateballde-facto: ugh, I'll blame lack of coffee for mixing things up13:42
hateballde-facto: are you *sure* it is intel?13:43
Lornzerhaving some trouble with properly setting up dynamic libraries13:44
Lornzera short paste with an overview of relevant cmds & output: http://pastebin.com/bdUn2Nmj13:44
hateballde-facto: right, it shouldnt hurt to try nomodeset anyhows. kernel regressions happen after all13:44
Lornzerbasically my init.d script doesn't find the library provided in /usr/lib64, running the binary manually works fine13:45
Lornzergrateful for any pointers :)13:46
de-factoyes but the older kernel lead to a working gui before... what i dont understand actually is that Ctrl alt F1-7 works for switching but wont let her login to a terminal13:46
de-factohateball ^^13:46
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cuaoxhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/812244/games-freezing-after-some-time-on-steam-audio-works-can-move-coursor-around    so anyone with knowledge big enough to resolve this?13:53
Na3iLcuaox, are you using a proprietary driver?13:57
t3chcr0wQuestion: New to ubuntu. I have a 200 Gb partition that I encrypted. Whenever I log on to Ubuntu and put the passphrase into the encrypted drive, it disappears from the launcher to the left. Where did it go? And how to save files to it? And how do I access those files?14:04
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: On your hard drive or a removable drive?14:05
t3chcr0wIt is a seperate partition on the hard drive14:05
t3chcr0wI encrypted it through Ubuntu14:09
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: You can open a terminal (press Ctrl+Alt+T), type `mount | fgrep ext`, and press Enter. Each line tells you the `/dev` device followed by "on" followed by where it's mounted. Do you see it there?14:10
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: Usually, the device for encrypted drives will start with `/dev/mapper/`.14:10
t3chcr0wThis is what I received: mount | fgrep ext14:11
t3chcr0wmount | fgrep ext14:11
t3chcr0wsays: /dev /sda7 on / type ext4 (rw, relatime, errors=remount-ro, data=ordered)14:12
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: If that's all it says, then it's not mounted (i.e., loaded up).14:14
t3chcr0wit was present on the launcher and when I click on it and enter the passphrase, it dissappears14:14
t3chcr0wdo I need to mount it?14:14
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: What is the launcher you used called?14:15
dcboyhi all`14:16
t3chcr0wI mean the launcher bar on Ubuntu14:16
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: Oh. In the terminal, run `gnome-disks`.14:17
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t3chcr0wOk, now we are getting somewhere. I see the partition there. Under LUKS (have been reading about that this morning though not fully aware of what it is) and a little lock symbol that is unlocked. How would I access the system?14:19
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: Let me format a disk right quick.14:20
t3chcr0wNo problem. I appreciate the help14:21
zacktuI have been mounting an external drive automatically with a credentials file on a 14.04 LTS distro.  I changed the password on the, and now get a "mount.cifs permission denied" message.   I've used the password in the credentials file to login on the drive, so I'm sore that the password is correct.  What's the next step?14:21
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: OK, if it's unlocked, it'll have that partition with a partition under it.14:23
noobuntuGuys can anyone suggest which services I should try to restart to enable my wifi again (it stops working ~30min after boot). I tried network-manager and nm-appplet already.14:23
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: You can click the partition under it, and press the play button.14:23
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: If it's there.14:23
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: Under it all, it should tell you where it's mounted.14:24
ducassenoobuntu: try restarting the 'networking' service14:24
t3chcr0wNo play button visible. If I click on it and click on the settings button I get: format, create image, restore image and benchmark partition14:25
t3chcr0wyes, I see it's location under it14:25
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: OK, open a second terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T), and do `cd whateverItSaysThere`, then `ls`14:26
noobuntuducasse: didn't work14:26
t3chcr0wLet me see what happens if I try to save a filoe to it14:26
donald1I want to install kali linux in multiboot after an ubuntu and I want to install another os later. how to make thepartitions?14:26
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: OK.14:26
t3chcr0wone moment14:26
Rarrikinsdonald1: I'm not sure how to make it all bootable with GRUB or whatever, but the partitions are easy enough. Make one swap partition that you reuse with all of them, then three partitions for each OS.14:27
EskoKeskivakkuriHello, is there a way to watch HBO Nordic on ubuntu? i have tried installing pipelight widewine and also libhal1-flash but it does not work14:28
k1l_EskoKeskivakkuri: i would test if it works with chrome14:29
EskoKeskivakkurik1l_:  Did not work14:29
donald1Rarrikins: you forgot the partition for the packages and for the system14:30
t3chcr0w@Rarrikins Can't seem to see any sort of file system other than the Ubuntu space and when I enter that command into terminal I get "Not a directory"14:31
t3chcr0wSorry, still learning IRC commands14:31
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: Make sure to replace whateverItSaysThere with the directory it mentions when Gnome Disks says where it's mounted at.14:32
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: So, if it says "Mounted at /media/t3chcr0w/whatever", you'd do `cd /media/t3chcr0w/whatever; ls`14:33
ubottuAutomount is the modern way to mount directories over a network. It is much easier to manage and  more economic in bandwidth than static mounts via fstab. For more info - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Autofs14:35
noobuntuI have some info maybe this will help: iwconfig gives me wlp16s0 as network interface name. When I do 'sudo ifconfig wlp16s0 up' I get the error 'SIOCSIFFLAGS: Input/Output error'.14:35
t3chcr0wRarrikins: Actually I was looking at the device name. I don't seem to see where the partition location actually is14:35
blutnoobuntu: are you sure you are running ifconfig as root there?14:36
EskoKeskivakkurik1l_:  fyi. I got it to work when I removed old adobe flash install according to this instruction https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227446714:36
noobuntublut yes14:36
noobuntublut: seems to be a known problem http://superuser.com/questions/139156/linux-will-not-activate-wireless-after-device-has-been-re-enabled14:37
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: It should show the encrypted partition with the label "n GB LUKS", then below that, the unencrypeted partition with the label "n GB Ext4". Click on the unencrypted partition. Look below the partitions. It'll list some information. Line one will be "Size". Line two will be "Device". Is there a line below that?14:38
t3chcr0wRarrikins: Just say content: unknown14:39
t3chcr0wRarrikins: The one above says LUKS Encryption (version 1) — Unlocked14:40
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: OK. Between the partitions above and that listing of information below, there should be a few buttons. One will look like gears. Are there any other buttons there?14:40
t3chcr0wRarrikins: The version without the lock symbol does NOT have any other buttons aside from the gears, but the partition with the lock symbol on has the gears as well as a 'delete partition' option and a 'lock partition' option14:42
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: Try clicking the lock symbol.14:42
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Guest52365Anyone here know how to get my Canon ImageClass MF3240 printer working with ubuntu???14:43
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: Then, click it again to decrypt again.14:43
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: See if it mounts properly.14:43
t3chcr0wRarrikins: Locked it, joining those two partition tables together. Now the image of the encrypted drive is back on the launcher to the left14:43
noobuntu'sudo ip link set wlp16s0 up' gives 'RTNETLINK answers: Input/output error'14:44
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: OK, now in Gnome Disks, try clicking the unlock button.14:44
OerHeksGuest52365, did you check the openprinting database??14:44
Guest52365I have tried everywhere.  Googled everything.14:44
t3chcr0wRarrikins: Now back to where we were. I entered the passphrase and now the partitions tables split again14:45
t3chcr0wRarrikins: and the drive image is gone from the launcher14:45
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: OK, now select the unencrypted bottom partition. Does it still say Unknown for the Contents?14:46
OerHeksGuest52365, you didn't look there, i gues,  The OpenPrinting database suggests that it does not have Linux support.14:47
t3chcr0wRarrikins: Yes. Is it posssible it isn't formatted correctly?14:47
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: Yeah, that's the most likely reason.14:47
Guest52365DerHeks, Canon states on the site it works with Linux.14:48
t3chcr0wRarrikins: What s the best option for formatting?14:48
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: If you didn't have any data on it, you can use Gnome Disks to reformat it as an encrypted partition.14:48
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: You'd just click the lock icon on the upper partition again.14:48
skinuxHow can I get file browser to show previews of JPG images?14:48
windowsxpchu your a noob14:49
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: Then, click the gears, format partition, type will be encrypted, enter the volume name and password.14:49
noobuntuThis guy had the same problem: Looks like no one found a solution http://askubuntu.com/questions/359538/how-to-bring-up-wireless-after-it-sometimes-goes-down-on-reboot-wlan0-up-gives14:49
windowsxpwhy dont you go run windows 8.114:49
OerHeksGuest523365 really/?? i went to canon driver page, ..14:49
TheLonelyLonerUse windows XP14:50
windowsxpstop it NOOB14:50
OerHeksGuest523365 did they provide a driver?14:50
Rarrikinst3chcr0w: Once that's done, try clicking the lock icon again to decrypt and see if it mounts properly.14:50
windowsxpyou all shut up you fart heads14:50
t3chcr0wRarrikins: Copy that. Formatting now...14:50
OerHekswindowsxp, kid, behave yourself14:51
windowsxpplease upgrade to windows 1014:51
ducassewindowsxp: go troll ##test or something14:51
OerHeks!ops | windowsxp14:51
Guest52365No driver provided.  Had this printer forever.  Just choose to go to Linux as I got sick of windows.14:51
ubottuwindowsxp: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu14:52
Guest74940hello i am new in ubuntu14:52
OerHeksGuest523365 always check openprinting.org14:52
Guest74940is there anyone knowing how to use irssi14:52
windowsxpi am a noob on roblox14:52
Myrttiwindowsxp: are you done?14:52
windowsxp#1 Noob on Roblox!14:52
Guest52365Tried that as well.14:52
windowsxphey noob14:53
Tin_mani'll be glad when school starts back up, then the Kindergarten class will start back up, and windowsxp will be back to school14:53
Guest52365Gues i have a large paperweight14:53
windowsxpnoob can we play roblox14:53
OerHeksGuest523365 i wish i could help :-(14:53
nooboh no14:54
windowsxpnoob do you live in roblox?14:54
Guest52365Thanks anyways.14:54
hggdhwindowsxp: this is an Ubuntu support channel, not a social channel. Please follow the guidelines14:54
windowsxpwe are on roblox14:55
noobi don't think so14:55
noobuntuGuys can anyone suggest which services I should try to restart to enable my wifi again (it stops working ~30min after boot). I tried network-manager and nm-appplet already.14:56
noobuntuThis guy had the same issue, again no solution https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=21427715:00
noobuntuOK so this guy did solve it but I have no idea what he means here. Can you guys help?15:03
noobuntu"I've finally solved the mystery and the problem (thanks to the help I received on IRC). Apparently I had a faulty wpa_supplicant.conf file, I used the default one instead of creating it myself. So I followed the wiki to set up a connection with wpa_cli, and this worked!15:03
noobuntuGreat, thanks for all!!! Problem solved."15:03
t3chcr0wRarrikins: Thanks for the help. Restarting my machine right now15:04
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G4b1tHello everyone. Can someone guide me on how to disable touchpad hardware buttons but keep tap-to-click? 16.0415:08
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=== everest is now known as everestt
the_voice_Using upstart to start a gunicorn job15:10
poisonbyG4b1t: Use synaptics. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Touchpad_Synaptics15:10
the_voice_but it appears to be tracking the wrong pid, sow when I kill it is not automatically restarting15:11
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G4b1tpoisonby, thanks for the resource, will dig more into it.15:13
noobuntuwill reinstaaling ubuntu fresh work?15:14
poisonbynoobuntu: Did you edit the wpa_supplicant config file?15:17
poisonbynoobuntu: What happens when you use NetworkManager?15:18
noobuntupoisonby network manager doesn't list any networks and shows 'device not ready' greyed out15:19
poisonbynoobuntu: what does ip link say about the wireless interface?15:19
kittykittyi'm using lm-sensors and it says that my 'Fintek F71868A Super IO Sensors' has no driver?15:20
kittykittyhwmon has it listed as supported though https://hwmon.wiki.kernel.org/device_support_status_d_f15:21
noobuntupoisonby wlp16s0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 100015:22
noobuntupoisonby 'sudo ip link set wlp16s0 up' gives 'RTNETLINK answers: Input/output error'15:22
poisonbykittykitty: sudo modprobe f71882fg15:22
poisonbynoobuntu: I/O error :/ Weird15:23
kittykittypoisonby, device or resource busy lol15:23
kittykittypoisonby, [ 6954.827962] f71882fg: Found f71868a chip at 0x290, revision 4815:24
kittykitty[ 6954.828023] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000290-0x0000000000000297 conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000290-0x000000000000029F (\_SB_.PCI0.LPCB.SIO1.RNTR) (20150930/utaddress-254)15:24
kittykitty[ 6954.828032] ACPI: If an ACPI driver is available for this device, you should use it instead of the native driver15:24
kittykitty[ 6958.760708] f71882fg: Found f71868a chip at 0x290, revision 4815:24
kittykitty[ 6958.760769] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000290-0x0000000000000297 conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000290-0x000000000000029F (\_SB_.PCI0.LPCB.SIO1.RNTR) (20150930/utaddress-254)15:24
kittykitty[ 6958.760778] ACPI: If an ACPI driver is available for this device, you should use it instead of the native driver15:24
poisonbykittykitty: Might be relevant for you: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Lm_sensors#Sensors_not_working_since_Linux_2.6.3115:24
poisonbykittykitty: And yeah, use ACPI instead15:24
poisonbyIf possible15:24
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:25
noobuntupoisonby how do I get default wpa_supplicant.conf file?15:26
Rickster_Hello people15:26
jcasehas anyone deal with login screen loops? 16.04 amd64, ive reconfigured lightdm, ive purged/ reinstalled lightdm, ive removed .Xauthority, ive purged lightdm and installed gdm (gdm completely failed), this is my .xsession-errors file http://i.imgur.com/7MRkIuS.png15:26
rictoowaarom regent het zoveel. het is de einde vand e wereld15:27
Myrttirictoo: wrong channel15:27
rictoooh sorry15:27
poisonbynoobuntu: https://w1.fi/cgit/hostap/plain/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf15:29
poisonbyThere maybe15:29
poisonbyNot sure if it's been modified15:29
poisonbyI guess you could reinstall it too, should reset the default config15:29
Rickster_So I had issues before with Installing the latest Ubuntu (16.04)... basically the live CD will load, shows the menu where you can "install / try or test media" etc... but when i select Install or try I get a black screen with a blinking cursor... I suspected that it could be graphics card related so i tried the nomemset and a bunch or other boot parameters (for nouveaux) but it all yieleded the same result...15:29
noobuntupoisonby I just checked and my system doesn't have any wpa_supplicant.conf so it cant be the problem15:29
Rickster_I tired the cd on another pc with similar specs and it worked fine... different graphics card.15:30
Rickster_But then i tried ubuntu 14... same thing ... then ubuntu 12 and that booted into live cd fine...15:30
poisonbyHuh, he left.15:30
Rickster_so i upgraded from 12 -> 14 -> 16... then i got the same problem when booting from grub :S then i reinstalled 12 then upgraded just to 14 and that works fine... What's the deal? Any thoughts?15:31
Rickster_(I would ideally like to run the latest ubuntu) I have a zotac geforce 210 1gb pci-e graphics card...15:32
aneesh_hi everyone15:32
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:32
OerHeksRickster_ ^^15:32
aneesh_hi rickster15:32
aneesh_can u help me out15:32
poisonbyRickster_: Weird. You could check the journal after it's happened, and see if you find anything off15:33
Rickster_I tried nomodeset.... got the same result unfortuntely...15:33
aneesh_i am running ubuntu 16.0415:33
Rickster_BUT I also tried fedora... live CD ... and that gave the same bloody thing lol15:33
aneesh_hi subhojit..u seem to be indian15:33
bpthi! i run ubuntu on the surface pro and have a custom kernel for the type cover. the problem now is that i use an encrypted install and on boot when i am asked to provide the cryptfs password, i cannot type. what do i need to do so that the newly installed kernel is used at that point already?15:34
OerHeksjournalctl -b -0 shows messages from the current boot, journalctl -b -1 from the previous boot15:34
aneesh_hi <rickster>15:34
ksftI'm upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04. There's a list of packages that "are no longer supported by Canonical".15:34
ksftWhat does that mean?15:34
ksftDoes canonical officially support all the packages?15:34
aneesh_hi <bpt> i can help15:34
ksftGIMP is no longer supported?15:35
Elec_A_can I send AT commands to CD Drive ?15:35
tgm4883ksft: no, only packages in main15:35
OerHeksksft, some packages not, like 'universe' and 3rd party stuff15:35
k1l_ksft: canonical makes the support for the packages in main.15:35
Rickster_but... this is from a livecd OerHeks.... isn't most temp stuff just stored in memory, will a log be actually written somewhere where I can accesss it?15:35
bptaneesh_: that would be great, i just need to know what to google for.15:35
ksftwill I have to reinstall GIMP?15:35
k1l_ksft: no15:35
OerHeksRickster_, good question, journalctl -b -0 would work i guess15:36
ksftit says it's being removed15:36
k1l_ksft: gimp changed from main repo to universe repo. that is what this message is about15:36
ksftoh, no it doesn't15:36
ksftI misread it15:36
OerHeksksft, depends, where you got that gimp from, ppa?15:36
k1l_ksft: no need to panic :)15:36
aneesh_@bpt does your device boot properly? with keyboard and mouse?15:36
fivekeysI jumped from 12 to 16, now this network interface rename got me by surprise15:36
OerHeksfivekeys, new feature that comes with SystemD15:37
aneesh_<bpt>  Hi guys !!!  am working with ubuntu 16.04 LTS i38615:37
OerHeksfivekeys, source https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/15:37
aneesh_<bpt>  does your device boot properly? with keyboard and mouse?15:37
bptaneesh_: if i attach a normal usb keyboard everything works, but for the type cover i use a custom kernel that of course just runs after i typed the cryptfs password.15:38
fivekeysOerHeks: oh, thanks for the ref. Reading15:38
OerHeksfivekeys, eth0 > ens1o1 on my machine15:38
philspainHi, can anyone help me with re-installing mysql after upgrade to ubuntu 16.04? it looks like its damaged for good. I followed all guides I could find but end up with "invoke-rc.d: dangling symlink: /etc/rc5.d/S03mysql"15:38
=== ssaturos is now known as saturos
OerHeksphilspain, there is mention of a fix in the releasenotes https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes#MySQL_5.715:39
fivekeysOerHeks: it beame eno1 on mine, but something strange is happening15:39
aneesh_<bpt> is it a custom kernel? i think your problem is not with the OS????15:40
fivekeysOerHeks: on bash, ifdown autocompletes to eno1 (agreeing with ifconfig) but on execution it says 'unknown interface eno1'15:40
bptaneesh_: the problem is that the keyboard only works with the custom kernel, but that custom kernel is not loaded until after i typed in the cryptfs password.15:41
poisonby bpt That's problematic :P15:41
philspainOerheks, thanks but I read this already. I didnt have any customized config file, nevertheless I tried the 3 workarounds without success. I think now I already messed up everywhere and should use a new image :/15:41
poisonbybpt: Excuse my ignorance, but why not just boot the custom kernel directly from your boot loader?15:42
fivekeysI guess this renaming is a good thing? even though I've never seen anything different from eth0...15:42
akikfivekeys: you can go back to the previous method if you wish15:43
Elec_A_How can I see CDrom related commands? like eject.15:43
akikfivekeys: the interface names are strange for usb interfaces, they include the mac address15:43
Rickster_Many thanks for all your help :) Have a nice day, will get back to you with the results.15:44
bptpoisonby: maybe the way i formulated it was wrong. i installed ubuntu on encrypted lvm, everything works except the built-in keyboard. then i installed a custom kernel and the built-in keyboard works with it. the problem is how do i get the keyboard to work at the point during bootup when it asks for the lvm password?15:44
fivekeysakik: the naming itself doesn't bother me15:44
fivekeysakik: ifdown not getting his shit together does15:45
aneesh_<bpt> sorry dont get you....if you cant boot up the kernel...i.e. you cant move your mouse or type in the keyboard, its definitely is a different issue...if u can boot your machine, i belive there is nothing to worry about. You can expunge the faulty kernel and install custom kernel again...15:45
bptpoisonby: my assumption is that in this early stage of the boot process, a different kernel is running that doesn't know my custom kernel even exists15:45
akikfivekeys: are the interfaces defined in /etc/network/interfaces ?15:45
OerHeksbpt, seems to be a known issue, touch screen and encryption password. what guide dit you follow?15:45
=== h-1 is now known as h-
poisonbybpt: You specify the custom kernel in your boot loader config.15:46
fivekeysakik: no, just lo15:47
akikfivekeys: ifdown reads the settings from there(?)15:47
fivekeysakik: likely, but eno1 is up and running... that's some inconsistency right there15:48
poisonbybpt: But yeah, maybe you're right, this is a bit out of my area. I'd ask in #linux or some channel dedicated to the actual kernel and ask there15:48
akikfivekeys: if you are using network-manager, don't use ifdown15:48
aneesh_hi help please...15:49
bptpoisonby: in grub i have "Advanced options for Ubuntu", there i can choose the custom kernel. when i do so it asks me for the passphrase for the lvm container, but the built-in keyboard is not working yet. after successfull boot it works though, so i'm not sure what exactly is running at the time when i'm asked to provide the password15:49
fivekeysakik: I wasn't, but probably will from now on. It still baffles me that ifdown won't find eno1 **but still autocompletes it as command line argument**.15:49
L72g5sSqI have a stupid question. I want something that will encrypt a folder that contains some random Python scripts. After entering a password to decrypt the folder, it will execute the Python code and load it in memory *then* encrypt the folder back again. Is this even possible?15:51
aneesh_<bpt> if you are using a old keyboard ?? BIOS dont recognize it???15:51
poisonbybpt: I meant edit the config file in /boot/15:51
bptOerHeks: just added the tigerite ppa to install the custom kernel. everything works smootly except that i'm using an encrypted lvm and my keyboard isn't recognized at that early stage in the boot process when i have to provide the lvm password. if i enter the password with a normal usb keyboard everything works fine including the built-in keyboard.15:51
aneesh_<bpt> may be basic things we have to check out first?15:51
bptpoisonby: i'm looking at it right now, just don't know what to look for as i'm not familiar with the boot sequence. where do i see what kernel is running prior to lvm decryption?15:54
bptpoisonby: or am i wrong if i assume that at the point of the password query a different kernel is running than the one that will be executed after decryption?15:55
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
poisonbybpt: I'd be of a lot more help if you used systemd-boot :P I haven't used grub in years. There should be a menuentry in the config file and "linux /boot/vmlinuz", which would be your kernel. Change that to your custom one15:56
poisonbybpt: Again, though, I'd ask in a kernel specific channel to be safe15:56
pengjiayouanybody here?15:57
leozordHi there.15:57
poisonbyHello pengjiayou15:58
bptpoisonby: i'm using what the lubuntu installer installs, which is grub at the moment :-/ but maybe i'll give systemd-boot a try if i can't figure this out. i'll ask at a kernel channel, thanks for your help!15:58
pengjiayouhello poisonby15:58
pengjiayouI am testing Polari15:59
jcaseany ideas on  login screen loops? 16.04 amd64, ive reconfigured lightdm, ive purged/ reinstalled lightdm, ive removed .Xauthority, ive purged lightdm and installed gdm (gdm completely failed), this is my .xsession-errors file http://i.imgur.com/7MRkIuS.png15:59
poisonbyjcase: Use startx and consider your problem fixed :P16:00
jcasethanks, i now consider my problem fixed, well i would except yeah that doesnt help16:01
poisonbyjcase: I was joking. Can you startx? Seeing as neither GDM nor LightDM work, it might be related to X.16:01
jcaseim teasing in kind16:02
mcphailjcase: I can't follow your link from here, unfortunately. Can you log in with the guest account?16:02
jcasemcphail, no i cant16:02
jcasepoisonby, forgive me im a mobile linux person, ive havent used a desktop linux box in years (osx)16:02
jcaseso login to console and run statx?16:02
jcaseif thats what you are suggesting, that errors out16:03
jcasemcphail, bad password fails liek normal, good password or guest send me back to the login screen16:03
poisonbyjcase: Are you using GNOME? If so: echo "exec gnome-session" > ~/.xinitrc && startx16:03
poisonbyOh wait16:03
poisonbyUbuntu uses Unity16:03
jcasepoisonby, im using whatever is default in ubuntu 16.04, im assuming thats not gnome16:03
jcasepoisonby, mcphail possibility of disabling login all together?16:05
jcaseits a vm for fuzzing, i dont actually need to be concerned about security of it16:05
poisonbyjcase: Try this then: $ echo "exec gnome-session --session=ubuntu" > ~/.xinitrc && startx16:05
poisonbyjcase: If it's a VM, make sure to install the drivers for the VM graphics card.16:06
jcasepoisonby, i did16:06
jcaseits been workign 2 days16:06
jcaseno changes16:06
jcasemany reboots16:06
jcaserebooted today16:06
jcaseand this16:06
poisonbyjcase: Ah. Tried startx?16:06
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_0xbadc0dehi there fellas16:08
_0xbadc0deI have a problema:16:08
L72g5sSqGuys, what are the available hardware IDs I can obtain other than the mac address of the NIC?16:08
L72g5sSqSomething on the motherboard, perhaps16:09
poisonby_0xbadc0de: What problem?16:09
_0xbadc0deis there any not very large linux distro (ubuntu) such that it allows to serve as a server16:09
tgm4883_0xbadc0de: you mean like Ubuntu Server?16:09
poisonby_0xbadc0de: Debian?16:10
_0xbadc0deubuntu server would be fine I thinkl16:10
_0xbadc0deI just want to install stuff like apache and phpBB16:10
tgm4883_0xbadc0de: yea ubuntu server is what you want16:10
marty__Hi guys. Tried too google towards a solution, but i'm stuck. I have installed openvpn on ubuntu server 16.04, running in a VM with bridged connection. The problem i'm having is that when openvpn is on, i can't access internet. Tried to allow all trafick in and out, no dice.16:11
marty__Don't know if there is any way to solve this? :)16:13
marty__Hi guys. Tried too google towards a solution, but i'm stuck. I have installed openvpn on ubuntu server 16.04, running in a VM with bridged connection. The problem i'm having is that when openvpn is on, i can't access internet. Tried to allow all trafick in and out, no dice.16:19
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest4994
tgm4883!patience | marty__16:24
ubottumarty__: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:24
tgm4883marty__: are you connected the openvpn now?16:24
ksftI'm trying to upgrae from 14.04 to 16.04.16:25
marty__tgm4883 sorry, yes i think so, but any way to check it for sure?16:25
ksftIt's said "Fetching file 2031 of 3192" for a while now.16:25
tgm4883marty__: well, can you reach things on the other side of the VPN?16:26
k1l_ksft: its loading the files. maybe that takes some time16:26
marty__I am connecting to private internet access servers, running client only.16:26
marty__i can ping my router and other computers on my subnet16:26
ksftk1l_: It went through the first two thousand or so, but it looks--16:26
ksftoh, nevermind, it's on 2034 now16:27
ksftI guess these files are just much larger16:27
tgm4883marty__: well ok, you said when you are connected you can't access the internet. So can you currently not access the internet?16:27
marty__No, i can not. No response if i ping any website.16:27
FeersumEndjinnOn Ubuntu 14.04, how can I replace MySQL 5.7 with MySQL 5.5?16:30
tgm4883marty__: what if you 'ping'16:30
marty__That works :o16:30
tgm4883marty__: perfect, so it's a DNS issue16:30
FeersumEndjinnSorry, 16.0416:30
tgm4883marty__: did you setup the openvpn server?16:31
marty__tgm4883: Yes. Followed this guide: https://raspinotes.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/setup-vpn-with-privateinternetaccess-com/16:31
marsuanyone know how i could resize my partitions using gparted?16:33
marsuit doesn't give me to the option to16:33
marsufor some reason16:33
baizonmarsu: are they mounted?16:33
baizonmarsu: thats why its not working16:33
marsuis that why?16:33
marsudo i have to boot into usb?16:34
marsuto resize them?16:34
tgm4883marty__: Do you have any DNS servers listed in your network config?16:34
beardy_So i found out someting really strange, my password for a certain cifs share had expired on said windows machine. I updated it an ran a mount, after that the folder that it binds to i have lost access over16:34
beardy_and now all the permissions/owner/group fields all contain "??????????"16:35
=== tomer is now known as Guest61166
marty__tgm4883: No. No entry of that.16:36
marty__only  "remote sweden.privateinternetaccess.com 119816:36
poisonbyjcase: Did it work?16:37
Shadow`any way to remove all packages that came with the "ubuntu-desktop" package instead of manual?16:37
tgm4883marty__: You can ping your local network resources?16:37
jcasedumped code from vm16:37
jcasegoing to nuke it16:37
poisonbyjcase: Okay16:37
marty__tgm4883: Yes, all of them.16:37
jcasesee if i can pickup a cheap junker pc16:37
jcasefor fuzzing16:37
tgm4883marty__: Can you do 'nslookup google.com'16:38
marty__tgm4883: "connecton times out; no servers could be reached16:39
tgm4883marty__: what's the DNS server on your local network16:39
marty__On my local network is my isp16:40
marty__I use those settings from dhcp16:40
tgm4883marty__: ok, so your router then?16:40
tgm4883marty__: what's your router IP?16:40
tgm4883marty__: Can you do 'nslookup google.com'16:40
marty__That worked.16:41
=== icedwater is now known as Guest69563
marty__it gave me name and ip of google.com16:41
Rebelnetwould anyone recommend a ubuntu ready laptop?16:42
=== p0sh is now known as WeeDyMeeDy
tgm4883marty__: ok, so I think you've got two options. 1) in the openvpn server config, I believe there is a setting to not push DNS servers. 2) You can specify DNS server's to use locally16:42
tgm4883Rebelnet: XPS 13?16:43
_0xbadc0deshould I install lvm in my ubuntu distro»16:43
marty__tgm4883: I would like to use the dns settings of my vpn provider. Is there any way to do that?16:43
tgm4883marty__: well what are those?16:43
_0xbadc0deprobably yes?16:44
tgm4883_0xbadc0de: that's completely up to you16:45
marty__tgm4883: It looks like they are the same as the ip16:45
marty__atleast when i check with ipleak.net16:46
tgm4883marty__: their VPN IP?16:46
tgm4883marty__: Can you do 'nslookup google.com <their VPN IP>'16:46
ash_workzso my icon for phpstorm is missing ever since I tried to remap the dash item to the newer version16:46
ash_workzthe only icon-esk thing I see in the phpstorm folder is webide.png which is their logo16:46
varazirHello, To start of I have 3 NAS devices one with 2 USB drives. Right no it's all mixed up with data. I'm looking for a software that can scan all drives/shares and then start them based on type and remove dublicated files16:46
ash_workzso I dropped that in jetbrains-phpstorm.desktop under Icon= but it doesn't seem to have an effect16:47
marty__tgm4883: Done. Not working, no servers could be reached.16:47
tgm4883marty__: ok then that's not their DNS server16:47
ash_workz`file webide.png` yields: webide.png: PNG image data, 256 x 256, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced16:48
tgm4883marty__: or it's broken16:48
ash_workzso maybe I can't use that16:48
=== llorephie1 is now known as llorephie
marty__I will try to contact their support line. Thanks for your help!16:48
tgm4883marty__: yw16:48
ash_workzany ideas?16:48
trismash_workz: what is the exact Icon= line you used?16:48
brunch875the spanish ISP movistar has an online TV service. And it runs on silverlight16:49
* brunch875 grabs an axe16:49
ash_workztrism: Icon=/opt/PhpStorm-143.382.38/bin/webide.png16:49
trismash_workz: looks fine if that is the right path, did you try logging out/back in sometimes the old icons get cached16:50
trismash_workz: or lack of icon16:50
brunch875there's a thing called pipelight to run that on ubuntu16:50
ash_workztrism: erm... so I did this yesterday, and I guess the laptop died because I had to boot it up.16:50
brunch875but I get the feeling I'm doing something terribly wrong16:50
ash_workzyesterday, it actually had an older icon of phpstorm in the dash but the launcher was messed up16:51
ash_workztoday, the icon in the dash looks like a blank page16:51
crazyzurferI've got 32 GB ram which I think is too much, and hard drive is a little bit slow.. so is there a way to use more ram and fast things up?16:52
hicolericrazyzurfer: seriously16:52
crazyzurferhicoleri: yes...16:53
souravbadamiHow to close a port ( Say 8080 )16:53
ash_workzokay, and the launcher still looks like a ` ?⃞ `16:53
crazyzurfersouravbadami: with a firewall16:53
SchrodingersScatcrazyzurfer: could make ramdisks, tmpfs16:53
souravbadamicrazyzurfer: I enabled it using sudo ufw allow 8081/tcp16:54
hicolericrazyzurfer: use slid state drives16:54
Rarrikinssouravbadami: sudo netstat -pant | fgrep ':8080 '16:54
Rarrikinssouravbadami: At the end of the line, it tells which program to close.16:54
Rarrikinssouravbadami: Also, alternatively, which PID you can kill.16:54
ash_workztrism: any other advice? both launcher and dash are screwy16:54
crazyzurferhicoleri: I know, but this computer isn't mine, it was borrowed to me by the university16:55
hicolericrazyzurfer: If the computer is pretty old, and/or has an NTFS filesystem, you might want to run a disk defragmenter on it16:56
* tgm4883 wonders why a Ubuntu computer would be running on an NTFS filesystem16:56
hicoleriif it has other drives16:56
hicolerior partitions16:57
trismash_workz: strange, not really sure what is up, if I were messing around with it I would create a completely new .desktop file (maybe just copy the old one to a new name in ~/.local/share/applications/ ) then log out back in and see what you find in the dash...can you pastebin the whole .desktop file? maybe sometime got messed up in it16:57
hicolericrazyzurfer: anyway i'm out of ideas16:57
crazyzurferhicoleri: nope, just formatted it and installed ubuntu16:57
hicolericrazyzurfer: Can you give me an estimate?16:58
ash_workztrism: I will, but right now I am gonna try the old icon16:58
hicoleriof the data transfer speed?16:58
ash_workztrism: see what happens16:58
ash_workztrism: brb16:58
Rarrikinscrazyzurfer: You can set up `/tmp` to actually use `tmpfs` rather than disk.16:59
_0xbadc0dehmm, so about ubuntu server16:59
_0xbadc0dehow do you suggest that I should transfer data between my host and my guest ubuntu server vm?16:59
hicoleri(Okay I need to go now.)17:01
crazyzurferhicoleri: It's a Desktop computer, with 32 gb ram, 1gb video AMD, i7 vpro 3,4 GHz 8 threads, 500 GB HDD17:01
=== fsociety is now known as Guest62470
raspywhen creating lvm volumes, is it expected for some disk space not to be usable? I created an lvm volume with 700GB but only 670 of that is usable17:01
Rarrikinscrazyzurfer: There's also https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/30286/can-i-configure-my-linux-system-for-more-aggressive-file-system-caching17:01
ash_workztrism: that didn't do anything; I'll revert and paste17:02
crazyzurferRarrikins: cools, i'll give it a look17:03
vortex_anybody good with zsh?17:04
vortex_im trying to run a shell script in my zshrc for my prompt but it only runs the script once for the current directory17:05
vortex_its a du script to show directory size17:06
Pinkamena_Dany way to paste a script line by line?17:09
raspyPinkamena_D: i believe use |17:10
fivekeysoops :-)17:10
raspyPinkamena_D: let me try to find an example I did17:11
ash_workzin vim; to delete until "!", you could use `df!`; is there a yank equivalent?17:11
raspyPinkamena_D: hope this helps http://pastebin.com/DM3HSpbK17:12
fivekeysash_workz: usually you just change d for y and stuff works :P17:13
raspyoh Pinkamena_D sorry, you meant paste in here :)17:13
lapsHi guys! Someone can help me to resolve a problem with SystemRescueCD?17:13
Pinkamena_Draspy: no not really17:13
Pinkamena_DI have a bunch of R packages to install listed in a row, I want to copy all of them, but only paste one line at a time, so that I can check for errors.17:14
raspyPinkamena_D: oh okay well in that case, look at my pastebin17:14
AterfaxAnyone know how to check the currently forwarded ports by miniupnpd?17:16
andyworkAterfax: use the -l parameter17:19
AterfaxThat ok if its already running?17:19
AterfaxRunning it as a service17:19
_0xbadc0dehow can I set up ubunto server's SFTP»17:20
AterfaxDoesn't seem to have an -l option17:20
energizerI'm getting a new computer, with a 250G SSD and a larger HDD. How would you recommend I arrange partitions?17:21
trijntjeenergizer: put root on ssd, home on hdd17:21
Aterfax_0xbadc0de, http://www.krizna.com/ubuntu/setup-ftp-server-on-ubuntu-14-04-vsftpd/17:22
tgm4883energizer: on SSD: 30GB partition for /   small partition for SWAP, /home for rest of SSD. Then mount the HDD somewhere else and symlink directories based on large stuff you want to store there17:22
LopeI can't find MMT, Myanmar or Burma inside /usr/share/zoneinfo/ ? any ideas?17:23
RarrikinsAterfax: SFTP isn't FTP.17:24
AterfaxNo kidding17:24
Aterfaxhence why it details setting up SFTP17:24
RarrikinsAterfax: Ahh, sorry.17:24
energizertgm4883: what make you prefer home on ssd?17:25
fivekeysI'd also put everything on ssd... I'd even partition automatically :P17:25
energizerhow come?17:26
tgm4883energizer: 250gb is a little large just for /. Plus things in my home directory are usually things I want to start fast (documents, games, etc)17:26
b-yeeziPinkamena_D: Just create an R script that does trycatch(install.packages(pkg, pkg)17:27
tgm4883energizer: why wouldn't you want your home directory on an SSD?17:27
fivekeyseven if it was 128GB it would be more than enough for me to put everything on it, so why not?17:27
energizerso maybe my question should be trijntje, what makes you prefer your approach?17:28
b-yeeziPinkamena_D: You can put them all in one script if you use trycatch() effectively17:29
energizerPinkamena_D: i wasnt in here for your original question, but you might take a look at the r package pacman17:29
inlimboenergizer, SSD is faster than a normal HDD, besides , `/` wouldnt need all of the 250gb.17:29
trijntjeenergizer: that was based on my own setup, where I also have windows (and my games) on the ssd. If you only have ubuntu, 250GB should be plenty for both your home and /, and you can put the really large files on the HDD as suggested by tgm17:30
Pinkamena_Db-yeezi: looking at it17:30
tgm4883energizer: I think trijntje longs for the good old days when you could make a pot of coffee when you open a document17:31
* inlimbo wasnt born back then17:32
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=== Guest55584 is now known as mathieuii
nemoSo... Ubuntu gave me a big scary warning on several of my machines recently about 14.04 no longer getting critical security fixes17:38
b-yeeziPinkamena_D: Also, If you use RStudio, you can create a basic file with install.packages() and hit ctrl-enter in each line to run it.17:38
nemoI thought 14.04 LTS was going to be maintained for a couple more years?17:38
Rarrikinsnemo: It will be good until 2019.17:39
texlaI recently upgraded two computers from 14.04.4 to 16.04.1 during the startup jut prior to login the message that /dev/sda6 clean files and blocks that will time out and proceed to login how do i remove the clean message17:39
nemoRarrikins: hrm... so.  what does this warning about unsupported hardware actually mean? am I putting myself in any serious risk?17:39
nemoRarrikins: I didn't feel like moving to Devuan just yet.17:39
Rarrikinsnemo: Does it specifically mention hardware?17:40
nemoRarrikins: yeah17:40
Rarrikinsnemo: I'm not sure about that, then.17:40
nemolike. happened on my dell precision laptop just today17:40
nemoRarrikins: just found this ↑17:41
BetaSoulHow do I get Avahi to broadcast multiple hosts, just a jekins.local, magic.local, etc?17:41
nemoew. no more kernel updates17:42
nemohm... maybe I just need to get off this HWE kernel17:42
nemoI wonder what features I'll lose17:43
Rarrikinsnemo: Try its suggestion of running `hwe-support-status --verbose`.17:43
nemo'There is a graphics stack installed on this system.'17:43
nemoRarrikins: yeah, that doesn't seem too informative17:44
nemoRadeon HD 6970M/6990M... not sure why that would matter. maybe something HDMIish17:44
nemorelp. guess I need to figure out how to get off of HWE w/o switching to 16.0417:44
texlaI recently upgraded two computers from 14.04.4 to 16.04.1 during the startup just prior to login the message that /dev/sda6 clean files and blocks that will time out and proceed to login how do i remove the clean message17:46
=== Muppens2 is now known as Muppens1
tgm4883nemo: you should be able to move to a newer HWE https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack17:47
BetaSoulAnybody? I'm trying to get Avahi and Nginx working at the same time on one machine, letting nginx proxy another app not on the 8080 port to 808017:48
weustI pressed some key (combo) and now my X window (with Kodi) shows in the top left of my screen. tried searching for shortcuts, but can´t find them. Anyone know how to get to full screen again?17:49
=== daryl is now known as Guest12662
energizerGuest12662: hello!17:51
nemotgm4883: oh...17:52
nemotgm4883: I guess I misunderstood17:52
nemotgm4883: I thought I had to switch over to 16.04 entirely. thanks for the link17:52
tgm4883nemo: yw17:52
nemotgm4883: strange... after running the recommended command, said I was fine17:53
nemotgm4883: guess the scary HWE message isn't actually checking those package versions17:53
nemoxserver-xorg-video-all-lts-xenial is already the newest version.17:53
b-yeeziI just added infinality font config. So far, everything looks great17:53
tgm4883nemo: when's the last time it was rebooted? It could be installed but not running yet17:54
nemooh duh17:54
thesebAny idea why wifi would randomly die when resume after sleep but not always?17:54
* nemo facepalms17:54
thesebAlso, sometimes it asks me for the wifi password after an hour or so and17:54
thesebsometimes it doesn't all day!?17:54
nemorebooting. yes. that thing I do once in a blue moon 😃17:54
ph88^hi guys, php is looking for an extension that is not available .. but it's not referenced in the php.ini file .. where is it configured to load this extension ?17:56
Guest12662whats this chat about17:56
ubuntu-mateabout sex17:56
weustwhat else?17:57
Guest12662is your mum in chat then17:57
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic17:57
ubuntu-mateGuest12662, na bra why would she be in this chat17:57
Guest12662cos ya mams good at sex talking17:59
h1a mother interested in linux would be quite cool17:59
OerHekskids, take that 'social talk' elsewere please, this is Ubuntu support17:59
tgm4883*whispers* And here we have two wild neanderthals out of their natural habitat. Let's be careful and try not to spook them17:59
SpaceBearnot sure this is the right place to ask, but I have an PC/server with ubuntu and files spread over 2x 1TB wd blacks and a 3tb Seagate, my router has full 1g switch on it, when ftping files between my desktop and server, the file transfer speed will start at say 60-70mbytes/s then drop to <10mbytes/s18:01
texlaI recently upgraded two computers from 14.04.4 to 16.04.1 during the startup jut prior to login the message that /dev/sda6 clean files and blocks that will time out and proceed to login how do i remove the clean message18:01
SpaceBeardoes anyone know why the speed is dropping? I'm using fileZilla, and this is a recent problem18:01
OerHeks"Once your RAM and Disk Buffers are full, which might take several minutes the true Disk IO speed shows"18:03
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JkesslerI'm new to raid and I failed a drive, thinking I could easily readd it.  Now it's flagged faulty. I searched and tried adding and reassembling with this command mdadm --assemble --force /dev/md0 $OVERLAYS -- "cat /proc/mdstat" and "mdadm --detail /dev/md0" output: http://hastebin.com/iluxomavuq.sm -- Both drives are brand new.  It says /dev/sda1 is busy but I can't see what it's doing and how do I remove the faulty flag?  Thanks.18:04
Jkesslerwrong channel! sry.18:04
SpaceBearOerHeks: they're 7200prm drives and should have a speed of about 70~ mbytes a second, 2 weeks ago I was basically getting that speed.18:04
Jkesslerbut i will accept help here18:05
OerHekslots of small files/folders... ?18:05
SpaceBearno, large files of about 10gbs18:05
SpaceBearI limit it to one at a time18:05
swenssonWhen I edit /etc/network/interfaces, ( http://dpaste.com/2QAFPWP ) line 1 (enp3s0:0) works, but line 4 (enp3s0:1) dosn't...? Am I doing something wrong?18:05
RarrikinsSpaceBear: You can check network speeds with https://askubuntu.com/a/7977/14776318:06
aes_y tf18:07
aes_is the ip shown18:07
SpaceBearthanks Rarrikins I'll see if that yields any results: does it have a windows version? otherwise i gotta test it in a vm which might add overhead18:07
Rarrikinsaes_: You mean for you on here?18:08
=== daci is now known as iJens
aes_i can see people's ips18:09
Jkesslernot mine :>18:09
Rarrikinsaes_: If you use XChat or irssi, you can do a bunch of steps to get an IP cloak to hide yours.18:10
aes_i am using a vpn18:10
aes_so it's fine18:11
aladdinit is possible to install unity8 currently with Yakkety ?18:13
aladdinI got this error http://www.hastebin.com/jatizuraka.vhdl18:13
EriC^^aladdin: yes, it's not that functional though18:14
aladdinEriC^^: I can't install it18:14
hbeluscahi! Forget Linux, try https://www.reactos.org/ !18:14
MonkeyDustreactos is still in alpha18:15
macskayhi guys, got a question regarding vhosts. A mate got a domain running and I got a server running. At the moment I have multiple domains running on it, which are registered with the server. however I want to add the domain of my mate to my server as well. Can I do that, when his domain is from another provider and registered with my server?18:15
macskay*not registered18:15
EriC^^aladdin: try sudo apt-get install unity818:15
aladdinEriC^^: other errors18:16
EriC^^macskay: yeah, you have to set the domain's nameserver to point to your server's ip18:16
EriC^^aladdin: paste18:16
macskayEriC^^: In the webinterface of the domain, right?18:17
aladdinEriC^^: http://www.hastebin.com/fulegodapa.vhdl18:17
EriC^^macskay: yeah18:17
BetaSoulStill trying to broadcast two hosts from Avahi if any one wants to help.18:20
snaresdoes anyone have any recent guides on dual booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu with a UEFI laptop? I have found a few but they are old and seem fairly tricky18:27
aqwesnares: boot-repair did the trick for me18:28
akiksnares: i did it by installing grub to the efi partition and adding grubx64.efi to the bios boot entries18:29
swenssonWhen I edit /etc/network/interfaces, ( http://dpaste.com/2QAFPWP ) line 1 (enp3s0:0) works, but line 4 (enp3s0:1) dosn't...? Am I doing something wrong?18:29
akikor is it called uefi boot entries18:29
=== ghostcube__ is now known as ghostcube
snaresakik: I was hoping to get away with a simple GUI point and click haha. Guess it still takes some elbow grease to get everything working then18:30
akiksnares: the first part is point and click :)18:32
nexusguy59identify t09a19c&*18:35
nexusguy59omg it happened again18:36
nemopassword change time18:36
LinuxIRCdarudeWhen will Ubuntu start to be a rolling release? Maybe in a way of Manjaro (not getting all new stuff right away, but after decent testing).18:36
nemonexusguy59: that's why I always say /msg nickserv hi18:36
energizerWhy is it called ack-grep instead of ack?18:37
nexusguy59Yeah I will do that for now one that is very annoying thanks18:38
ivo34hello yesterday I could hear ue4 sound in my speakers today it does not want to change to analogic see the pic: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=106214 any explanation for this?18:38
nexusguy59So that's the second time I had to change it today lol18:38
DarkwellHey , I tried to do : links2 -device directfb www.google.com from an ssh sessiin to make it pop up the framw buffer display... Problem seems that it doesnt work over ssh...any suggestions in how to display webpages on framebuffer commanded from ssh ?18:39
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ubunt18installed 16.04 LTS , went fine, all of a sudden I login to user account ( which is on top of guest account ), enter password , worked fine, but a second or so later it says Im in guest  account, blah blah, is this a known issue ???18:48
ubunt18brand new i3 6100 32gb HD 540 system18:48
ubunt18as of a week ago18:48
LinuxIRCdarudei had the same issue (gave up) but Linux Mint worked flawlessly, Mint is based on Ubuntu so maybe try it on?18:51
energizerWhat is the difference between font size and text scaling?18:51
ubunt18LinuxIRCdarude: OUCH as in user account only logging as guest in 16 ?18:52
ubunt18if so thats major scary, is this a known issue affecting certain cpu types or motherobares or does anyone know18:52
ioriaubunt18, frsh install ?18:53
ubunt18yes, a few days ago max18:53
ioriaubunt18,  did you pick a 'weird' username ?18:53
ubunt18weird as in what ;)18:53
ioriaubunt18,  nvm, can you open a console ?18:53
ubunt18no special symbols or anything if thats what you mean18:54
ubunt18yes I can18:54
ioriaubunt18,  ctrl+alt+f118:54
LinuxIRCdarudemy username "normal" ?18:54
ubunt18ok its a login screen18:55
EriC^^LinuxIRCdarude: only if your password is sandstorm :)18:55
ioriaubunt18,  try to login18:55
ubunt18yup one sec its on the floor LOL18:55
ubunt18dont ask ;)18:55
LinuxIRCdarudeEriC^^ or Oikarinen or Torvalds :D18:57
on2pkHey everyone.  I'm trying to use a USB monitor, but it doesn't seem to want to work.  DisplayLink shows up using "lsusb", but there does not appear to be any additional monitor options19:00
ioriaubunt18,  please, use the public channel ...19:01
ioriaubunt18,  ctrl+alt+f6 or f719:01
ioriaubunt18,  so, you can back to the X session19:02
ioriaubunt18,  you mess up the username,  i think ... you can add a new user19:03
ubunt18ioria: ok im in, now what19:03
ubunt18ioria: sorry it took so long ;0-19:03
ioriaubunt18,  so, you can login in console ?19:04
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
ubunt18ioria: yes19:04
ioriaubunt18,  sudo service lightdm restart19:05
tomreynhi there.19:05
tomreynwhenever i power up my computer (running xubuntu 16.04), audio goes to the headphones (whether or not they are plugged in). but i need it to go to line out by default. where can i configuzre this?19:06
ubunt18ioria: ok worked that time now my desktop background shows up as picked, where when login was forcedd as guest though im sure pasword was right, it was just purple.is this a known issue ???19:07
ubunt18ioria: ty for help, but this isn't for me, its for my brother ( I put a computer together for him, but heis VERY tech illiterate), and if he has to do this semi or alot, it going to drive him insane ;)19:08
ioriaubunt18,  ok, ^_^ better to reboot and login again ...19:08
ubunt18my question is, why is thi soccuring for some people, as guy above noted ?19:08
ubunt18I"d rather know why its happening, if possible ;)19:09
ioriaubunt18,  usually you can find hints in logs ...  /var/logs19:09
ubunt18so fayk, its not a 'known issue' then ?19:09
adam__dude who here loves them some linux mint19:09
ubunt18weird if so19:09
ubunt18really weird19:10
ioriaubunt18,  Xorg.0.log,  ~/.xsession-error, lightdm.log etc etc.19:10
ubunt18honeslty I dont have time for this19:10
ubunt18im no longer a linux 'user',,was ages ago,,for many many yrs,,I lost time for it went to windows 10 ( zero offense !!! meant)19:10
ioriaubunt18,  *_*19:10
ubunt18all my time goes to game developlent, period ;)19:10
adam__what you program in19:11
ioriaubunt18,  sweet19:11
adam__or python19:11
ubunt18c++/ ue419:11
ubunt18scripting lua19:11
bashirhello every one19:11
ubunt18but anyway19:11
adam__lame unity is worse then as319:11
adam__try as319:11
ubunt18im using unrealengine19:11
adam__basically the same syntax19:11
adam__for flash19:11
adam__oh no unity19:12
ubunt18if this was me , I could handle this stuff to a point, but my brother is going to kick me as(*** if I tell hikm you gotta do blah blah ;))19:12
ubunt18he'll hop on a plane come visit me, and kick my  bleep LOL19:12
ubunt18ok seriously19:12
adam__tell him ill teach him ;) ;) <319:12
ubunt18p;oint is it wont like this, I promise you ;0-19:12
ioriaubunt18,  linux=thinking19:12
ubunt18no chance LOL19:13
ubunt18I can barely get him to turn on a computer, let along go to console ;)19:13
ubunt18baaaaaaaaby steps ;)19:13
ioriaubunt18,  ç_ç19:13
=== adam__ is now known as ac3jasper
ac3jasperguys who wants a challenge19:13
ubunt18why is this occuring, that would be nice to know, or does anyone know ? ;)19:14
ubunt18corruption of xauthority ??19:14
OerHeksac3jasper, this is ubuntu support only.19:14
ioriaubunt18,  told you.... logs ... but check this out http://superuser.com/questions/1114398/cannot-login-to-any-user-on-ubuntu-16-04-1-other-than-guest/111441819:14
ubunt18pls dont take offense, but if 'no one'  knows why this is occuring, i'd rather take my chances with another distro, than ask my NON tech head brother to possibly deal with this kind of tech headache,im sure anyone else would do the same for their family member right / ;))19:15
ubunt18checking ..19:15
ioriaubunt18,   btw, check ls -al ~/.Xauthority   and you should provide logs19:16
ubunt18I wont do that19:16
ubunt18as I szaid I have no time for this kind of crap19:16
ubunt18I barely found time to put his computer4 together,,in a windows 10 USER ;019:16
ubunt18but ...19:16
ubunt18he did NOT want to put out for windows ( money) so I suggested we/he try linux ;))19:17
ioriaubunt18,  that's good19:17
ubunt18I think that was a mistake ;)19:17
ubunt18not if it means dealing with nonsense like this, its not ;)19:17
ubunt18reading url you gave me, one moment(s)19:17
dr4c4nhi has anyone tried to use ldaps with phpldapadmin? I'm getting an error that says: ldap_connect(): Could not create session handle19:18
ubunt18ioria: regardless what I decide, ty for taking YOUr time to help19:18
ioriaubunt18,  no prob19:18
ubunt18ioria: I dont thin it was a username,,its just :craigjohnson ;)19:20
ioriaubunt18,  oky19:20
ubunt18does ubuntu 16 freak out over,,time,,,with long usernames possibly ??19:20
ioriaubunt18,  getconf LOGIN_NAME_MAX19:22
raspyis there any reason to create a striped logical volume on one disk?19:22
ioriaubunt18,  kidding, i thionk is 3219:22
ubunt18alright ;)19:23
ubunt18well them i'm astounded as to why its doing this..brand new machine, as of a few days ago, brand new ssd blah,,all new,,a brand new install 16.04 lts, I wouldn't expect this ;)19:24
ubunt18others are seeing it, as your url and user here have shown..so Im not sure my faith in ubuntu is going to stand19:24
dreadkopphey guys. i am looking for a way to create a ubuntu live usb stick (both legacy and uefi supporting) with additional drivers/software/settings to the original one. Is there any guide how to do that?19:24
ubunt18free rocks..but not if such issues happen ;(19:24
ubunt18decisions decisions ;)19:25
SchrodingersScatfree as in freedom, not as in money19:25
ubunt18SchrodingersScat: thats assumed, those involed do so WILLINGLY, so your point is taken but I dont agree ;)19:25
ksftwhy is it ccalled "Free software", then?19:25
OerHeksubunt18, witholut proper logs like var/log/dmesg and Auth and xauthority, what do you expect of this channe;?19:26
ksftthe software isn't what's free19:26
ksftthe people are19:26
ubunt18teh software is also free19:26
ubunt18you're wrong19:26
ksftit doesn't cost money, but the people are the ones with freedom19:26
OerHeksubuntu18 you are just useless ranting19:26
ubunt18OerHeks: excuse me ?19:26
ubunt18well thats nice, if I 'speak my mind' its ranting ?19:27
ubunt18gee thx :)19:27
SchrodingersScatif it's not ubuntu support19:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:27
ubunt18OerHeks: what did I say, that seemed like 'ranting' to you ?19:27
OerHeksubuntulog, you don't want to provide info to work to a solution, fine, but don't blame ubuntu then.19:28
ubunt18ubunulog ?19:28
Obadiah1why do i have to go through the long tedious process of register my nick19:29
ubunt18OerHeks: what would providing logs prove ? its not just me having this problem someone else on this forum is too, plus the URL ioria gave me proves someone else has,,its not just me right ?19:29
PiciObadiah1: 1) its not long or tedious, 2) dumb people spam us.19:29
ubunt18OerHeks: IF I thought there was a 'reason' it does this on a OLD install thats one thing, but a brand new install,isn't that kinda nuts ? ;)19:29
ubunt18Obadiah1: security19:31
OerHeksubunt18, yes, that is why info is needed, i cannot give away a rondom solution like append systemd.unit=multi-user.target to the kernel line in grub/run once19:31
OerHeksjournalctl -b -1 provides info from the previous boot19:32
dreadkoppguys? anyone can help me? or can tell me what to do the use a bootloader which will boot both UEFI and legacy systems?19:33
ubunt18OerHeks: you misunderstood, I might be willing to , if it was a OLD install, this is new, i'm new sure I can be bothered19:33
ubunt18OerHeks: and thats not a rant, btw.19:33
ubunt18its pure frustration , over a brand new install, that should not do this ;)19:34
ubunt18I'll ask on ubuntu forums and see if I can get more information ,,ty all I guess :)19:34
Rarrikinsubunt18: I'd recommend checking the drives using a long SMART check. The drive might be failing or something.19:34
EriC^^dreadkopp: make a bios-boot partition and an efi partition19:35
OerHeksubunt18, oke, so you cannot give info, you got me totally off track :-)19:35
ash_workzhey, sorry, friends took me to lunch; anyway, now I'll post that .desktop file19:36
ash_workztrism ^19:36
trismash_workz: alright19:36
ioriaash_workz, first of all, it is executable ?19:36
ash_workzioria: there's an Exec= line, if that's what you mean19:37
ioriaash_workz,  no chmod +x  file.desktop ... paste ls -l  file.desktop19:37
ash_workzI am just noticing though, an inconsistency in the file and what the dash executes19:37
trismioria: why would it be executable?19:37
ioriatrism, in unity it has... idr why19:38
trismioria: ls -l /usr/share/applications/19:38
ash_workzlet me give the run down19:38
ash_workzI didn't know what to do to resolve an icon in the dash that pointed to the wrong version of a program19:38
ioriatrism, not in there... on the desktop19:39
ash_workzso I went with the suggestion of using "main menu" (alacarte) which worked19:39
ioriaash_workz,  where is you . desktop ?19:39
dreadkoppEriC^^: i guess i need to grub install twice somehow then?19:39
ash_workzit actually presents you with fields similar to the lines in .desktop files19:39
EriC^^dreadkopp: yeah, install both the grub-pc and grub-efi packages19:40
ash_workzso I changed it using that and then all the icons broke, but at least they pointed to the right place19:40
ash_workzopening up this .desktop file shows the old path19:40
EriC^^dreadkopp: install grub-pc so it writes grub to the bios-boot partition, then it won't matter anymore i think, and install grub-efi19:40
dreadkoppEriC^^: thanks! then just install ubuntu to the stick, add packages i need and set it ro , righty?19:40
ash_workzwhich indicates to me that that file is not being used... at all19:40
ash_workzthat there is something else responsible for both the icon and the executable19:41
ash_workzI think I'll grep for the new path maybe19:41
EriC^^dreadkopp: not sure about the ro part..19:41
ioriaash_workz, usually i just add a .desktop ( with +x) in ~/.local/share/applications  ...19:41
EriC^^dreadkopp: i think so!19:41
ash_workzhmm... there isn't any file in the /usr/share/applications directory that has the new path as an Exec= line19:42
ash_workzso how can this broken icon link to the correct file?19:42
EriC^^dreadkopp: never tried to actually run ubuntu as ro, so no idea19:42
ash_workztrism: any ideas?19:43
EriC^^dreadkopp: are you talking about a grub parameter? how do you plan to achieve that?19:43
ash_workzshould I `sudo apt-get remove alacarte` ?19:43
* EriC^^ curious19:43
trismash_workz: that shouldn't change anything19:43
dreadkoppEriC^^: thanks a lot.. will give it a go in the next hours :) thought about fstab19:43
ash_workztrism: well, there's something clearly amiss here19:43
EriC^^dreadkopp: aha19:44
EriC^^dreadkopp: ok, no problem :)19:44
trismash_workz: do you maybe have multiple .desktops with the same Exec in ~/.local/share/applications/ ?19:44
ioriaash_workz, if all the whole .deesktop is correct try to append %u   to the  Exec line19:45
ash_workztrism: `grep -rns 'PhpStorm-162.1121.38'` (which is a component to the correct path) only has one result; the current icon path19:45
trismash_workz: an old thing with alacarte that often messed things up is it would add multiple Icon= (and maybe even Exec=) lines instead of replacing them, so it may still help to look at the actual file19:45
ash_workztrism: I am looking at the actual file19:45
ash_workztrism: I'm just saying, I initially set it with alacarte19:45
ash_workztrism: Idk... maybe it's not working as I expect19:46
namniDoes someone maybe using encrypted multiboot? I had a distro on an encrypted partition with separate boot. I backed up the boot partition, installed Ubuntu on an encrypted partition, also with separate boot, so the earlier boot got overwritten. It worked fine, but I used the backup to get the earlier boot partition back.19:46
ash_workzthis is what I'll do and come back... (1) set the icon file to use the same parent as the current Exec line; log out and in, see if that changed the target of the dash icon19:46
namniNow what should I do in order to be able to boot into Ubuntu as well?19:47
dreadkoppEriC^^: well what i am trying to do is a live linux environment which automatically connects to my vpn so i can access it. Used to rescue harddrives and reinstalling the OS (window... duh) via mounting the internal harddrive in a vm and install it there19:48
dreadkoppEriC^^: all i really need is the original ubuntu liveSystem + virtualbox + vpn clientside setup + a few rescuetools but i really don't know how to integrate that into the original image :/19:49
EriC^^!persistence | dreadkopp19:53
ubottudreadkopp: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence19:53
alkisgdreadkopp: why does it need to be a live usb stick, instead of a regular installation in a usb stick?19:53
EriC^^maybe check that out ^19:53
dreadkoppubottu: thanks for the link, will check it. alkisg: problem i was thinking about was that with 'normal' install to USB i would have either legacy OR UEFI support...19:54
ubottudreadkopp: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:54
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alkisgdreadkopp: no, you can have both19:55
=== us is now known as peglegg
dreadkoppubottu: damn it.. say thanks to EriC^^ to me then :P19:56
ubottudreadkopp: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:56
ash_workztrism: nope, so even when I put the path in as `Exec="/opt/PhpStorm-143.382.38/bin/phpstorm.sh" %f` (old PhpStorm version) it points to the correct version19:56
pegleggI'm having some trouble changing the listening port for ssh on a new install - full disclosure I'm on Mint 17.2, but no help from that channel.19:56
=== jstein is now known as Guest1142
alkisgpeglegg: port xxx in /etc/ssh/sshd_config19:57
ash_workztrism: could alacarte have done some magic to functionally turn that into a link to the new file somehow?19:57
pegleggI changed the config from port 22 to 13 following a guide. restarted the service, and couldn't connect via 13, but still coudl on 2219:57
pegleggopened sshd_config and the new port was saved and still there19:57
trismash_workz: well alacarte should only really write the static file19:57
alkisgpeglegg: what's the output of this? grep -i port /etc/ssh/sshd_config19:58
trismash_workz: so it would seem you have another .desktop file somewhere overriding this one19:58
peglegg What ports, IPs and protocols we listen for19:58
pegleggPort 1319:58
pegleggfirst line is commented out19:58
ash_workztrism: I'll see what the path says in main menu19:58
pegleggjust missed it on the capture19:58
pegleggUSB3 /etc/ssh $ nc -v -z 2219:58
pegleggConnection to 22 port [tcp/ssh] succeeded!19:58
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=== jstein__ is now known as jstein
pegleggSB3 /etc/ssh $ nc -v -z 1319:59
pegleggnc: connect to port 13 (tcp) failed: Connection refused19:59
ash_workztrism: yeah, alacarte still says `Command: "/opt/PhpStorm-162.1121.38/bin/phpstorm.sh"` (new version)19:59
alkisgpeglegg:  sudo netstat -nap|grep :13, or sudo netstat -nap|grep ssh19:59
alkisgpeglegg: and, sudo service ssh restart, and then tail /var/log/syslog for errors20:00
ash_workztrism: now that I've changed jetbrains-phpstorm.desktop to only use `/opt/PhpStorm-143.382.38/bin/phpstorm.sh` (old version) a recursive grep turns up NO instances of the new version path20:01
ash_workztrism: I really don't get what's going on here20:01
trismash_workz: I'm not really sure either20:01
trismash_workz: there's not another .desktop file in /usr/local/share/applications or anything is there?20:02
pegleggyour restart syntax corrected the issue20:02
ash_workztrism: I'll try maybe grepping the parent20:02
pegleggthe guide I was learning from used sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart20:03
ash_workzmight take awhile20:03
peglegginstead of sudo service ssh restart20:03
OerHekstry sshd20:03
pegleggthank you for the fast assistance20:03
trismash_workz: well /usr/local/share/applications may not even exist so it might be a quick check20:03
alkisgpeglegg: yeah that old syntax wasn't correct for new ubuntu versions20:04
alkisgYou're welcome20:04
ash_workztrism: oh... I didn't notice the *local* part of your path... I've been checking /usr/share/applications20:04
ash_workztrism: it would seem that path does not exist20:04
sebaguroHi, can someone please explain how I can obtain: The required dependency 'apt (>= 1.0.1ubuntu2.13)' is not installed.20:05
ash_workzand grep doesn't turn up anything either20:05
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trismash_workz: just trying to think of other places it might be, if you search for say, phpstorm in the dash do you get multiple entries?20:05
sebaguroHi, can someone please help me?20:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:06
alkisgsebaguro: ^20:07
ash_workztrism: no; I only ever had one; and alacarte helped me change the destination20:07
alkisgsebaguro, sorry I didn't see your question above20:07
alkisgsebaguro: you probably have broken sources.list20:07
sebaguroOK, sorry, thanks20:08
trismash_workz: can you pastebin the file? if there aren't multiple entries then I guess it has to be something wrong with that one, I can't really think of anything else20:08
alkisgsebaguro: write the whole line that you're trying to execute and the whole output and put those to pastebin20:08
sebaguroI got a window appear offering to upgrade ubuntu to version 16.0420:08
alkisgWhich Ubuntu version do you have now?20:08
ash_workztrism: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/de9593975d45b1e09cc437d194da4aa920:09
sebagurobut as soon as I try i get a window appear with title "the required depends in not installed"20:09
sebaguroThe required dependency 'apt (>= 1.0.1ubuntu2.13)' is not installed.20:09
trismash_workz: what is the full path of the jetbrains-phpstorm.desktop because alacarte would be editing a file in ~/.local/share/applications/20:09
ash_workztrism: oh?20:10
trismash_workz: it usually creates ones with random names too20:10
dreadkoppanother question: virtualbox will run on even on a old crappy celeron without any virtualization option, however only for x86 host and crappy performance, righty?20:10
ash_workztrism: the full path is /usr/share/applications/jetbrains-phpstorm.desktop20:10
trismash_workz: yeah if alacarte edits that it will save something in ~/.local/share/applications/20:10
trismash_workz: so you might want to look there instead20:11
alkisgsebaguro: which ubuntu version do you have now?20:11
* ash_workz looking20:11
MonkeyDustdreadkopp  true, you need x-vti or something to run 64bit, i have that issue too20:11
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ash_workztrism: yeah, that didn't have the appropriate extension on the Icon= line20:12
ash_workzlogging out20:12
sebaguroalkisg: Linux maquinita 3.13.0-68-generic #111-Ubuntu SMP Fri Nov 6 18:17:06 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:12
damolimasmbclient works, but nautilus doesn't show any devices in "Windows networks". How can I fix this?20:13
dreadkoppMonkeyDust: good to know. sufficient enough for my usecase :) thinking about qemu however, easier to set up the whole 'mounting complete harddrive for the vm' stuff. virtualisation-wise the same thing i guess?20:13
alkisgsebaguro: What's the output of this? grep VERSION= /etc/os-release20:13
=== blackbird_ is now known as blackbird1
MonkeyDustsebaguro  and the output of    cat /etc/issue20:14
ash_workztrism: that worked perfectly20:14
trismash_workz: excellent20:14
ash_workztrism: what should I do with the one in /usr/share/applications ?20:14
dreadkoppubuntu comes with kvm support by default, righty?20:14
jorritOpenVLC flickers like there is no tomorrow after "up"grade to Ubuntu 16.04.1 from 14.04. I use a nVidia GT 640 GPU Can I fix this somehow?20:14
ash_workztrism: just leave it?20:15
trismash_workz: just leave it there it doesn't hurt anything, stuff in ~/.local/share/applications can overriding /usr/share/applications/20:15
MonkeyDustdreadkopp  your hardware must be kvm capable20:15
ash_workztrism: thanks for your help20:15
sebaguroalkisg: grep VERSION= /etc/os-release20:15
trismash_workz: np20:15
sebaguroalkisg: sorry i meant20:15
dreadkoppMonkeyDust: sure. however kernel shipped with ubuntu comes with kvm modules, righty?20:15
MonkeyDustdreadkopp  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Installation20:16
sebaguroalkisg: VERSION="14.04.3 LTS, Trusty Tahr"20:16
ash_workzdamn it20:16
ash_workzI forgot to delete that gist before I logged ot20:16
ash_workzoh well20:16
alkisgsebaguro: try to run a full update first, something like: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. Then reboot, and then try again the update dialog.20:16
alkisgsebaguro: if you see any issues in apt-get dist-upgrade, mention them20:16
sebaguroMonkeyDust: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l20:17
G4b1t_alkisg: isn't it better to sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade and then sudo apt dist-upgrade ?20:17
jon5000hello - ubuntu 16.04 question.  I have it installed on my lenovo yoga 13.  For some reason there is some sort of keyboard shortcut where, when i press ctrl-right or left, sometimes, and I don't know when, and only when doing that repeatedly, , it closes the current window.  This happens alot when I am editing an email, and it is really annoying.  I can't seem to find shortcuts to remove this one.20:18
keinii have some problem with my computer!20:18
alkisgG4b1t_: ...only if he has space issues and runs an apt-get clean inbetween... otherwise I don't see any reason to do that20:18
dreadkoppkeini: did you try turning it off and on again?20:18
nthrowhave you tried fire yet keini?20:18
rajivmarsi am using ubuntu 16.04. sound is not coming in headphones. anybody please solve this?20:18
ash_workznthrow: don't forget lighter fluid20:19
sebaguroalkisg: ok thanks!20:19
nthrowalso, thermite20:19
dreadkoppmiele: test failed20:19
G4b1t_alkisg, ok thanks. I didn't know that dist-upgrade would work out-of-the-box if the system wasn't fully updated.20:19
keinithe bios password probleme!20:20
colintsQuestion regarding ubuntu 16.04 on my old laptop.  The cpu doesn't support AES-NI, yet i dont feel comfortable taking it on the go without at least home dir encryptfs.  Will i see noticeable adverse performance with encrypted home?20:20
ash_workznthrow: still sounding like fire is the best solution20:20
alkisgG4b1t_: dist-upgrade includes the plain update20:20
colintsits runnign a decent Core 2 Duo T930020:21
keinii can't remove it20:21
dreadkoppkeini: not ubuntu related... try cmos reset20:21
G4b1t_alkisg, cool. Well, as long as I brick I learn xD. Thanks again for the clarification.20:21
keinibefore loading the os20:22
alkisgcolints: it shouldn't matter a whole lot20:22
keinii can't enter in20:22
rehat Not sure if this is a python question or just a linux one but I am reading this DigitalOcean tutorial and I am lost as to how this upstart script triggers a virtualenv activate http://pastebin.com/1M26xAx6  is the flask app running in a virtualenv from line 10?20:22
colintsis an encrypted home generally safe enough to keep a would-be-thief from accessing my home data?20:23
tgm4883colints: generally yes, but it wouldn't help against a patient, targeted attack20:24
colintstgm4883, Ok! thanks!20:24
keinii can't enter in bios20:25
tgm4883colints: yep, I generally recommend encrypted home directories unless you can demonstrate a need for FDE20:25
dreadkoppkeini: cmos reset +you're better of at #hardware sice this isnt a ubuntu issue20:26
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sebaguroalkisg: I got the following Warnings on the apt-get dist-upgrade20:26
sebaguroWARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!20:26
sebaguro  r-base-core r-cran-cluster r-cran-kernsmooth r-cran-nlme r-cran-matrix20:26
sebaguro  r-cran-mgcv r-cran-survival r-cran-nnet r-cran-codetools r-base20:26
sebaguro  r-recommended r-base-dev r-doc-html r-base-html20:26
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RebelnetAnyone would recommend an ubuntu ready laptop?20:27
colintstgm4883, yeah i really dont think i need FDE.  Mostly don't want a thief to have access to emails and family photos, etc.20:27
alkisgsebaguro: you probably have a ppa in your sources.list.d20:27
tgm4883Rebelnet: system76 offers laptops with ubuntu preinstalled. Dell also offers a few laptops like that20:28
alkisgsebaguro: try disabling all your unofficial sources20:28
colintstgm4883, errr... wont my swap still be visable?20:28
tgm4883colints: yes20:28
RarrikinsRebelnet: The Dell laptops are called Developer Edition20:28
Rebelneti have see those20:28
sebaguroalkisg: i meant at the beggining but it seems to be continuuing OK20:28
tgm4883colints: you could encrypt your SWAP or forgo swap20:28
colintstgm4883, is there an option to encrypt my swap?20:29
colintsonly 3GB of ram20:29
keinihow can i  install  kali linux20:29
colintstad cutting it close imo20:29
Gio_DEI'm experiencing an issue with uploading through SFTP in a chrooted environment. I am pretty certain that permissions are correct, but I am getting a permission denied error when trying to upload something to the allowed directory. More weird, this was working until my server rebooted. Could anyone help me out?20:29
sebaguroalkisg: should i abort?20:29
alkisgsebaguro: yes, then remove your unoffical sources, then try again20:30
jorritVLC flickers a lot after the upgrade to 16.04.01 from 14.04 (using nVidia GPU)20:30
tgm4883colints: hmm, http://askubuntu.com/questions/463661/encrypted-swap-partition-for-14-04  although I'm not sure how beneficial that would be without FDE20:30
Rebelneti'm thinking of getting the 1049 dollars or 1449 dollars model of the Developer Edition20:30
dreadkoppjorrit: using nvidia drivers or nuveau?20:31
Rebelnetbut i'm not sure which one20:31
Gio_DEI can provide screenshots of my directory structure and permissions should someone be able to help.20:31
colintsi guess ill just wipe the swap and get rid of it...20:31
jorritdreadkopp, nVidia drivers, since I'm a gamer20:31
blackflowGio_DE: chrooted SFTP, home dir is owned by root, you can't upload anything in the docroot20:31
jorritI had a terrible experience using Nouveau and I tend to avoid it after that.20:31
Gio_DEI'm aware of that. I have directories created inside the chrooted directory that are owned by the appropriate users for those sub directories.20:32
colintstgm4883, thanks for the help!20:32
dreadkopphmm... tried a differnet player and checked if same behavior occurs? @jorrit20:32
Gio_DEThe upload error is occurring inside these sub directories. I am using CyberDuck client to attempt the upload. I've also tried psftp CLI.20:33
Gio_DEAnd i get a permission denied error when trying to upload20:33
Gio_DEIt seems permission/owner related, i just don't know why, as they seem correct.20:33
blackflowGio_DE: that's SSH FTP, right?20:33
jorritdreadkopp, I really love VLC because it supports so many formats and has a decent interface, unlike SMPlayer and don't even get me started on Totem...20:34
jorritI'll try though20:34
ase_does anyone know how to get an amd driver working on ubuntu20:34
Rarrikinsjorrit: VLC has, in Tools menu, Preferences, Video, some settings you can try.20:34
blackflowGio_DE: and the directories are writable? u(g)+w ?20:34
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tgm4883ase_: which ubuntu and which driver20:35
dreadkoppjorrit: sure, i love vlc as well.. just to see if this is vlc error or driver problem :)20:35
ase_ubuntu 16.04 and r5 m35020:35
tgm4883ase_: for AMD, should be loading the correct driver by default20:35
sebaguroalkisg: what is best way to remove unofficial sources?20:35
ase_it's showing th integrated intel one20:36
ase_not the amd one20:36
alkisgsebaguro: run software-properties-gtk and do it from the gui20:36
jorritRarrikins, I've already tested all the recommended options. like enabling de-interlacing (yadif) and switching to software rendering. If I choose software, the playback slows down to a crawl. I had no problems running VLC on 14.04 on the exact same machine.20:36
sebaguroalkisg: thanks20:36
tgm4883ase_: laptop with hybrid graphics?20:36
ase_i have an amd driver and an intel one20:36
Gio_DEblackflow: that's correct. The permission on the root-owned chrooted directory is currently 755. The permissions of the sub-directories are 700.20:37
ase_but the amd one is not showing20:37
Gio_DEEach of the sub directories has a specified user for it, and chown is set up properly20:37
ase_R5 M330 tgm488320:38
jorritdreadkopp, SMPlayer runs smoothly, so it must be a VLC-specific option. the UI of SMPlayer looks like it escaped from Jurassic Park 1 though.20:38
blackflowGio_DE: if the dirs are owned by the user, then the only thing possible is a broken apparmor or selinux policy. otherwise what you're saying is impossible.20:39
Gio_DEOmfg, i bet it's selinux.20:39
Gio_DEHang on.20:39
blackflowGio_DE: if it were FTPS (FTP over SSL), then it's possible there are different user mappings involved, but with SSH, no.20:39
alkisgblackflow: note that the users do not exist at all in the chroot /etc/passwd... but I don't know enough about how sshd handles this, to propose a solution...20:40
dreadkoppjorrit: hmm... havent used vlc with linux for a while since i run linux only without X anymore.... there might be some hardware-rendering option though.. try tunring it of... unless you watch some fancy 4k porn there shouldnt be a problem :)20:40
Gio_DEIm pretty sure blackflow just nailed it for me with SELINUX20:40
Gio_DEAm checking now20:40
blackflowalkisg: yes but ssh wouldn't allow sshing into other user's home dir20:40
dreadkoppmight be some problem with vlc an some nvidia drivers (should be fixed then)20:41
jorritdreadkopp, don't worry, I'm not using 4k-monitors and I'm not watching natural behaviour tutorials ;-)20:41
Gio_DEblackflow: thank you so much20:41
Gio_DEall fixed.20:41
_l_k_z_mhey how do I extract files from a .iso image?20:42
dreadkopp_l_k_z_m: just mount the iso20:42
_l_k_z_mor how do i mount an iso?20:42
jorrit_l_k_z_m, you can mount it, and copy the files like you would from a directory20:42
tgm4883_l_k_z_m: from nautilus, you right click and open with archive mounter20:43
dreadkopp_l_k_z_m: http://bfy.tw/7L3e20:43
_l_k_z_mtgm4883, that doesn't work...20:43
tgm4883dreadkopp: not helpful20:44
tgm4883_l_k_z_m: "that doesn't work" doesn't really give us anything to go on. Why doesn't it work? Does it throw an error?20:44
_l_k_z_mdoesn't throw an error doesn't even open20:44
_l_k_z_mis there a command line archive mounter?20:44
Rarrikins_l_k_z_m: sudo mkdir /media/zomg; sudo mount -o loop theisofile.iso /medio/zomg20:44
_l_k_z_mi'm working in awesome20:44
Rarrikins_l_k_z_m: Sorry, that last medio should be media20:45
jorrit_l_k_z_m, sure you can mount the iso as a loop device using iso9660 as format20:45
_l_k_z_mwhat's the format20:46
_l_k_z_mthat doesn't even work20:47
_l_k_z_malright nvm I'll figure out20:47
alkisg_l_k_z_m: maybe your .iso is broken? What's the output of: file /path/to/your.iso20:48
raspycan a logical volume be created with 1 stripe?20:48
_l_k_z_malkisg poweriso direct-access-archive20:49
raspyi tried to create a logical volume with 1 stripe and 8k stripe size but it states that i cannot use a stripe size with a single stripe20:49
_l_k_z_manyone just have a copy of game physics?20:49
_l_k_z_memail me the pdf lol20:49
alkisg_l_k_z_m: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-open-daa-direct-access-archive-files-under-linux-or-unix-oses/20:50
_l_k_z_malkisg, alright thanks20:50
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Bomber4chats2I got myself black screened on boot20:51
Bomber4chats2It may have to do with xrandr20:51
Bomber4chats2I can't reach terminal 120:52
alkisgBomber4chats2: xrandr doesn't run at boot, what do you mean?20:52
Bomber4chats2alkisg  Well, I was working with a script that would change my screens resolution on the fly. Actually, the problem  started after I restarted....and I probably installed a few updates from apt...20:53
Bomber4chats2(before restarting)20:53
alkisgBomber4chats2: do you have automatic user logins enabled?20:54
yao_всем привет20:54
EriC^^!ru | yao_20:54
ubottuyao_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.20:54
alkisgBomber4chats2: then your scripts probably won't run because the user has not logged in yet, and it was an issue with your apt updates... what happens if you select the recovery mode from grub?20:54
Bomber4chats2It is able to access Linux. The system reports that I'm in fail mode.20:55
w0jrlBomber4chats2: xrandr should automatically disable itself when you restart.20:55
alkisgBomber4chats2: what kind of changes did you do? apt keeps a history at /var/log/apt/20:57
Bomber4chats2Btw, I'm able to enter the main image if I set nomodeset20:57
Bomber4chats2(buy again, it reverts to fail mode)20:58
alkisgBomber4chats2: which graphics card, which driver, and are you using a custom xorg.conf?20:58
Bomber4chats2I tried to install 367, but my system insists that I'm running 36120:58
alkisgBomber4chats2: then try booting with nomodeset, remove the driver, and then reinstall it20:59
alkisgYou're using the GUI for that, right?21:00
alkisgI.e. the "additional drivers" tab...21:00
Bomber4chats2So log/apt is mentioning that I've upgraded the following libs21:01
Bomber4chats2Poppler-utils, openssl, vino, libssl,21:02
Bomber4chats2that was before the black screen problem. I will now revert to the proprietary drivers, see if it helps.21:03
curlyearsheigh hough21:03
curlyearsquery:  how can I isolate this problem to determine if it isan Ubuntu problem or a Firefox issue? (to follow)21:04
w0jrlHi curlyears. What issue are you having?21:05
raspyhi can anyone see this?21:08
tgm4883!test | raspy21:09
ubotturaspy: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...21:09
Bomber4chats2alkisg reinstalled, trying to boot21:09
curlyearsoccasionally, after several hours of intense use, Firefox will lock up.  If I happen not to  be  typing when it happens, I can see it happening.  First, whatever I am doing ceases to respond, then the entire screen dims to about 1/2 intwensity, and even if I go up and click on (x) to kill the proggy, it sits for a while (sometimes a second or two,21:09
curlyearssometimes a minute or more) and then pops up a complaint about a "stalled" script, and asks if it should continue to run the script or perform a 'forced quit."  WHen I choose 'forced fit,'  sometimes, it kills the program.  Other times it goes back into catatonia, and I have to go through the process several times to get out of the program *of cour21:09
curlyearsse, I can "kill" the process if I switch to a term screen.  Whassup?21:09
Bomber4chats2alkisg, nope, it's locked in a black screen.21:10
Bomber4chats2But I got more info this time.21:10
Bomber4chats2Log started recording stuff21:10
alkisgBomber4chats2: is it still reporting the wrong version? did you see any error messages while reinstalling?21:10
Bomber4chats2SCAN_REQ_UMAC timeout21:10
Bomber4chats2That and soft lockups21:11
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elricsfateHello all21:16
Bomber4chats2There was an error about prescript failing21:16
elricsfateI have a really annoying issue with my trackpad that doesn't occur in Windows.21:16
Bomber4chats2But otherwise, it went through the installation process without any other problems21:17
elricsfateIf I try and click while moving (I.E One finger on the pad, one finger at the bottom left to click) then the cursor jumps across the screen21:17
elricsfateThis is absolutely maddening and makes it almost impossible to use the trackpad. Can anyone heklp?21:18
w0jrlHi Ahmadzai21:21
alkisg(12:16:44 πμ) Bomber4chats2: There was an error about prescript failing ==> what error? put it to pastebin21:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 365943 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "Mouse cursor jumps when two fingers are used" [Medium,Fix released]21:21
elricsfateThis appears to be the bug I'm experiencing21:21
nopeaI know how to check the amount of Entropy with cat proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail - I am getting low numbers and slow SSL handshaking.  I am using urandom in my conf. so my question is how can I check if openssl has enough entropy?21:21
elricsfateOne of the last comments mentions trackpads that have a dual sensing/clicking area and my trackpad fits into that category21:22
elricsfateIs there a working fix to mitigate this?21:22
Bomber4chats2The distribution-provided pre-install script failed! Are you sure you want to continue?21:23
OerHekselricsfate, looks like the side of your trackpad is scrolling capable. that confuses with your finger position i think.21:23
elricsfateYes OerHeks. Essentially I have an entire trackpad area with no visibally seperate button but there is actually a "button" that exists on each side underneath the trackpad21:24
elricsfateIf I try to click that button down it instead sense my finger in that area.21:24
elricsfateNot actually sure how to fix the issue though?21:24
OerHeksis there any other bug/report known for your machine?21:26
OerHeksunity tweak tool can set some mouse tweaks, but not that area21:27
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Bomber4chats2Is it an issue if my xorg.conf file has an extension with a datetime?21:30
Bomber4chats2Am I supposed to have a clean xorg.conf on my system?21:30
w0jrlGood afternoon FrostByt321:32
MonkeyDustgood evening21:33
MonkeyDust(11.30 pm)21:33
geniiBomber4chats2: No xorg.conf is supposed to exist at all, unless you created one yourself, which it will use if it does happen to exist21:33
Bomber4chats2So if I delete it it will revert?21:33
lordcirthDoesn't the nvidia driver make a xorg.conf?21:33
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. See `man xorg.conf` for file structure and syntax. For Ubuntu-specific documentation and more information, see also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config21:33
lordcirthI guess not anymore?21:34
Bomber4chats2It seems Nvidia uses xorg21:34
bumblefuzzwhat's the best partition table and format for immediate compatibility between mac, windows, and ubuntu?21:34
Bomber4chats2Xserver *21:34
bumblefuzz...for a USB drive21:34
bumblefuzzI just want a drive that will work on all 3 with no quirks21:34
lordcirthbumblefuzz, msdos table, vfat21:35
lordcirthbumblefuzz, note that FAT32 is limited to 32GB partition and 4GB files21:35
bumblefuzzand what would I use for larger drives?21:35
bumblefuzzalso, I don't even see vfat in gparted21:36
w0jrlbumblefuzz: I would use xfat.21:36
w0jrlThe reason is because it supports drives of 1 TB or more.21:37
FrostByt3these pingouts tho21:39
w0jrlMac can read NTFS, but cannot write to it without third-party software.21:39
FrostByt3really no reason to self write on mac. tbh..21:39
LordLaraveldoes ubuntu have support for RedSeaFS? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TempleOS it's from this OS21:40
FrostByt3also don't just use gparted for the gui, setup partitions, through cmd.  not that hard...21:40
FrostByt3what is temple based on again?21:40
bumblefuzzshould I use fdisk instead?21:41
LordLaravelparted can work too21:41
FrostByt3i don't see why rsfs shouldn't work.  open source, just install some dependencies if needed ig...21:42
LordLaravellol it'snot that easy21:42
FrostByt3eh the compiling shouldn't be that bad..21:43
LordLaraveltempleos has its own compilier21:43
LordLaravelfor specially HolyC21:43
LordLaravelhe made it all himself, everything21:43
FrostByt3rsfs is cpp21:43
Bomber4chats2I'm pretty sure my problem has to do with one of the latest libs I've apt-get updated21:43
LordLaravelcompiler, bootloader,21:43
LordLaravelit's HolyC21:43
LordLaravelall of TempleOS is HolyC21:43
LordLaravelit's a mix of C and some C++ stuff21:43
LordLaravelhe also wrote HolyC from scratch21:43
NomadJimI'm trying to get ffmpeg to run on aws lambda, but it says it's missing a library, is there a way to embed more libraries into ffmpeg? I noticed a guy on github had an ffmpeg that was 30MB and min is only 18MB - ffmpeg: error while loading shared libraries: libXv.so.121:44
LordLaravelit mightbe another package you have to install NomadJim21:44
LordLaravelsome codecs are third party or something and have special licences and od not come default with ubuntu install21:45
LordLaravelso you have to agree to terms and then install them21:45
LordLaravellooks like you are trying for Xvid21:45
FrostByt3i don't see why you couldn't just compile it from G++ :/21:45
LordLaraveli've tried FrostByt3, speak with the guy who wrote it lol, if you said what you just said he will blast you21:45
NomadJimwould the size of ffmpeg increase the more codecs I had installed?21:45
NomadJimI'm trying to run ffmpeg -i input.mp4 output.mpeg21:45
k1l_LordLaravel: i cant find anything to that FS. its neither in the kernel not any real open source one, right?21:46
LordLaraveland call you a nigger21:46
LordLaravelit's open source lol21:46
LordLaravelyou can get it from http://templeos.org/21:46
FrostByt3there is a open version on github?21:46
LordLaravelit runs in virtualbox21:46
LordLaravelno he has an ISO, the OS compiles itself in under one seconds when it boots21:46
LordLaravelthe entire os21:46
k1l_LordLaravel: no. we focus on ubuntu support in here. you asked about the filesystem.21:47
k1l_LordLaravel: you sound more like you were advertising that OS which is offtopic in here21:47
LordLaravelFair enough k1l_21:47
LordLaravelNomadJim, probably not. the size of ffmpeg would be the same21:48
LordLaravelthe codecs are probably in another folder21:48
LordLaravelare you talking about folder size ?21:48
LordLaraveldifferent versions and builds too can make different sized executables21:48
LordLaravelNomadJim, if I googles your error and find a solution I will be extremely upset21:49
NomadJimI'm trying all of them21:49
NomadJimThe thing that might account for the size difference is buliding ffmpeg with ./configure --enable-static --disable-shared21:50
NomadJimFrom https://forums.aws.amazon.com/message.jspa?messageID=58391021:50
LordLaravelok so it's not solely related to ffmpeg, it's a shared library, so external top ffmpeg and can be used by many applications other then ffmpeg if they wanted to21:50
LordLaravelyes NomadJim could be it21:50
FrostByt3anoyone else here experment with deep learning?\21:50
k1l_NomadJim: what ubuntu is it exactly?21:50
k1l_!ot | FrostByt321:51
ubottuFrostByt3: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:51
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com21:51
NomadJimk1l_:  I'm running on ubuntu, I don't know what the AWS box is21:51
NomadJim14.04 LTS21:51
k1l_NomadJim: well, if that error is on that aws box, its quite important to know what OS that is at all21:52
NomadJim"AMI ID – ami-f0091d91 in the US West (Oregon) region." so I'm guessing a custom amazon linux distro21:53
k1l_NomadJim: because i dont think that is an ubuntu issue at all. so i suppose you need to ask the amazon guys21:54
bumblefuzzok, I tried msdos and F32 and I can't get my mac to work with ubuntu on recognizing this usb drive... any ideas?21:55
YankDownUnderbumblefuzz: iMac, miniMac, MBP? What ya got?21:56
bumblefuzzYankDownUnder: MBP21:56
bumblefuzz...and to be clear, I'm talking about 2 machines21:56
NomadJimk1l_:  looks like it's an issue of just building ffmpeg correctly on my local system21:57
YankDownUnderbumblefuzz: Got two links for ya: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro & http://www.techonia.com/5774/ubuntu-16-04-running-macbook-pro21:57
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bumblefuzzI'm not running ubuntu on my MBP21:58
NomadJimIs there a general linux channel as popular as this one?21:58
bumblefuzzI'm running OS X and trying to get it and ubuntu on my other machine to recognize the same USB drive21:58
k1l_NomadJim: ##linux21:58
YankDownUnderbumblefuzz: Remember to read the bits about UEFI/EFI and the proper creation of an installation USB...hmm...21:59
bumblefuzzit's not an installation USB21:59
bumblefuzzit's just a drive for moving files between them21:59
k1l_bumblefuzz: and what is the issue?21:59
YankDownUnderbumblefuzz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQIaDO9nR6Y22:00
NomadJimk1l_:  nice ty22:00
k1l_bumblefuzz: good old fat32 doesnt work?22:00
YankDownUnderbumblefuzz: That video is quite all right...might want to watch it...(information is power)22:00
bumblefuzzI formatted it with that and ubuntu won't let me mount it22:00
k1l_bumblefuzz: i doubt it. what is the error?22:01
LordLaravelhttps://github.com/dreamfast/maxxsuite what you guys think of this? seems interesting, it's ubuntu bash scripts22:01
bumblefuzzk1l_: umm... it doesn't automount, 'mount' is grayed out in GParted... no idea what to do22:01
k1l_bumblefuzz: see "dmesg" what the issue is with that usb pendrive after connecting22:02
bumblefuzzI have no idea22:02
bumblefuzzcan I pastbinit?22:02
k1l_dmesg | nc termbin.com 999922:03
net_tecHey guys, I have the question about SSDs, actually should i Swp oh a SSD22:05
LordLaravelnet_tec, if you don't have the extra ram, then yes maybe. it might degrade the life of it slightly if the swap is used a lot22:06
Bashing-omnet_tec: Depends, how much ram do you have , and how often is swap used ?22:06
bumblefuzzk1l_: http://termbin.com/sfum22:07
net_teci have an DELL XPS 13 with 8 gigs of ram22:07
idokojust started experiencing a weird behaviour on gnome with ubuntu22:07
k1l_bumblefuzz: well, it finds sdb1. your desktop should automount22:07
idokothe title on the panel stays even after i minimized every window22:08
bumblefuzzk1l_: it always find sdb... it never auto connects22:08
net_teci'm hoping that is enough RAM22:08
k1l_bumblefuzz: what desktop is it? doesnt nautilus show it on the left side?22:09
bumblefuzzsometimes it automounts22:09
bumblefuzzsometimes it doesn't22:09
bumblefuzzbut never with F3222:09
Bashing-omnet_tec: 'less you are doing some heavy duty number crunching . you will never touch swap  wiht 8 Gigs of ram available .22:09
bumblefuzzBashing-om: what about 16GB?22:10
k1l_hmmm, fat32 is the standard for usb. and on nautilus it does automount. i dont know if mate/caja has issues with gvfs22:10
Bashing-ombumblefuzz: I run with 4 Gigs ,, and light duty .. I have a very small swap partition, and in normal usage never seen it touched .22:11
net_tecok hey thanks Guys XD22:13
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LordLaravelnet_tec, 8gb should be enough, i use about 1gb when not doing dev stuff and normal things22:15
LordLaravelotherwise it's about 3gb becayuse of VMs22:15
LordLaravelso you could get away with it, i have 12gb on this box and never seen it go over 8gb to be honest22:15
LordLaraveli didn't bother with a swap22:15
LordLaravelwhat programming languages would i need to know to conrtib. to ubuntu dev ?22:17
LordLaraveli know ym way around TempleOS and learned a lot about OS from it22:17
mcfdezHello. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 a new purchased PC (Acer Aspire E5-573G) and I have some troubleshootings. In first case I needed to upgrade my BIOS because I was 1.25 and with this not works, then I upgraded the BIOS and Ubuntu LiveUSB started normally. When I was installing I creating manual partitions (one of 40MB for EFI boot, another of 2GB for swap and the rest for the / system). After installation is finished I restarted the22:18
mcfdezlaptop and I see a message thay says "No bootable device". Any suggestion please?22:18
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k1l_LordLaravel: depends on what exactly you want to contribute. there is python, c, c++,.... that depends on what package you want to work.22:21
k1l_!contribute | LordLaravel22:22
ubottuLordLaravel: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu22:22
LordLaravelk1l_, ok cool - i have a drag and drop web interface that builds server deployments for Ubuntu 16.04, based on Laravel and bash22:22
LordLaravelit's kind of fun lol22:22
dukerubioUsuarios de Ubuntu 16.04 Costa Rica?22:27
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Rarrikinsdukerubio: #Ubuntu-es22:29
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dukerubiopor qué todo el ,undo entra y sale enseguida?22:35
tgm4883!es | dukerubio22:37
ubottudukerubio: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:37
dukerubiook...!!! ;-)22:37
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supraleposeurHi - I just upgraded my server from 14.04.5 to 16.04.1 and my RAID1 array is now empty. I'm very new at using mdadm and I don't want to destroy my data inadvertently. Is anyone available to help?22:49
=== lnxm4n is now known as lmcd
YankDownUndersupraleposeur: #ubuntu-server might be able to assist in a more advanced capacity22:51
supraleposeurThanks YankDownUnder - will go try there22:51
sulfasalready to upgrade 15.10 -> 16.04. what do I use $sudo apt-get dist-upgrade or $sudo do-release-upgrade ?22:58
acovrigWhat command is there that will let me re-map keys, like xev, but I remember there being something else, any ideas what I'm thinking of?22:58
k1l_sulfasal: do-release-upgrade.23:00
k1l_sulfasal: ubuntu doesnt use apt to upgrade to a new release23:00
namelessacovrig: ^23:00
w0jrlsulfasal: If you are running Ubuntu Server or an accessibility service like Orca, run sudo do-release-upgrade.23:01
sulfasaleven if I'm not, according to kil_23:02
k1l_sulfasal: on the desktop you can use the update-manager which is a gui23:03
w0jrlsulfasal: If you are running a desktop version, sudo do-release-upgrade will work even if you're not running accessibility services.23:05
sulfasalkil_: how does update-manager supposed to work. I enter at prompt it just runs an update, that's all23:08
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sulfasaldo you mean Muon Update Manager?23:08
w0jrlsulfasal: Try update-manager -d.23:09
sulfasalcoz that's what I see when I enter 'update manager' in Software Center23:09
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k1l_sulfasal: you run kde?23:10
k1l_w0jrl: stop giving bad advice. the -d option is _only_ for developement releases. its not a workaround23:10
sulfasalw0jrl: same thing "software on this computer is up to date"23:10
k1l_sulfasal: and what is the output of "lsb_release -sd"23:11
sulfasalkil_: no the other one, forget what it's called23:11
k1l_sulfasal: there is more than 2 desktops :/ unity, gnome-shell, mate, xfce, lxde,...23:12
sulfasal15.10, Haven't upgraded yet; wanna get my ducks in a row first :)23:12
sulfasalDamn, I thought it was gnome. How do I check?23:13
sulfasalHeck with it. I'll do $sudo do-release-upgrade. Goin...going...23:14
SchrodingersScat!backups | sulfasal23:15
ubottusulfasal: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning23:15
sanitypassinghey, arch linux user trying to learn more about ubuntu 'cause of the windows subsystem. Does ubuntu have something like arch linux's reflector application that will let me sort pacman's mirrors based on their speed?23:15
Kev__Hi Kids23:19
w0jrlsulfasal: For upgrade instructions see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes?_ga=1.109117829.1483747855.147110308223:19
Kev__I finally found a DVD burn program that worked with my laptop and burned a copy of ubuntu that works, but I need to find out how to configure my verizon wireless modem to work with ubuntu23:20
shr30I got more than 200k in bitcoin23:20
Kev__can anybody help me with the VZW thing ?23:21
EmmarofHow do I setup github desktop client on ubuntu?23:21
DeaDSouLHi, is it possible to prevent feeding energy to the battery even the power-cort is plugged-in ?23:21
RarrikinsDeaDSouL: Yes. That's typically done by removing the battery.23:22
shr30I have a heroin addiction23:22
DeaDSouLRarrikins: smart :p ... I meant from software-side not physical23:22
k1lshr30: that is all offtopic in here. this channels focus is only technical ubuntu support23:23
Kev__I have verizon wireless access manager for the modem on a USB but ubuntu keeps getting an error trying to read the file23:23
RarrikinsDeaDSouL: There appears to be a solution for Thinkpads: https://askubuntu.com/questions/218148/stop-start-battery-charging-through-software23:23
shr30k1l: Of course, I am sorry for that23:23
k1lDeaDSouL: mostly no. that is handled by the bios and most times the OS can only get some statistics but not manage it.23:24
DeaDSouLRarrikins: thanks i'll look at it23:25
PikiaHow great is the Bash shell in windows 10?23:42
PikiaTo me, I feel like its only good for devs atm23:42
OerHeksPikia, besides wget & curl, great23:44
doolboothello, i have some questions about installing windows alongside ubuntu23:46
Jordan_U!ubuwin | Pikia23:46
ubottuPikia: Canonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.23:46
doolbootif i already have ubuntu installed on separate drives, will it help to unplug them before i install windows on another empty drive?23:46
jemaduxhow to emulate middle click with touchpad ?23:47
doolboothello guys can anyone who knows about installing windows10 and ubuntu on 1 machine help me?23:50
doolbootif i already have ubuntu installed on separate drives, will it help to unplug them before i install windows on another empty drive? will it still break GRUB like this?23:50
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KowDebian packaging question: Why is it not possible to create a source package without building it? Makes it impossible to use pbuilder-dist. THanks.23:53
OerHeksdoolboot, depends on the bios version i guess, UEFI ?23:53
doolbooti believe so23:53
Kow(Im not about to install 150 build depends on my desktop for a package that i want to build in pbuilder)23:53
doolboot0erHeks my mobo is a TA970, i will go look it up and see if it is UEFI23:54
jancoowHi there. Anyone an idea how to install owncloud ?23:54
doolboot0erHeks : it is a motherboard with UEFI bios.23:55
doolbooti have an extra, empty drive that i would like to install windows on23:55
doolbootis there any difference with UEFI or BIOS when I will do this?23:55
OerHeksdoolboot, yes, then i would install win10 without ubuntu present, and there is an UEFI manual to get things right afterwards23:56
Kownevermind got it with dpkg-buildpackage -S which makes the DSC which I can then feed into pbuilder-dist23:56
doolboot0erHeks so I should unplug all my ubuntu hard drives? and which manual are you talking about? is it on ubuntu website?23:57
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:58
doolbootoh ok thank you23:59

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