sakrecoerOvenWerks: interesting! i guess the box vonverts the DVI to usb, hence doind the drivers jobb...05:08
flocculantsakrecoer: I'll try and be about a bit for you this week - we're not having anything to do with the b1 milestone so have a bit of time :)07:34
flocculantwork now though :)07:34
sakrecoerflocculant: very kind of you, highly appreciated! :)07:34
flocculantcya later :)07:34
sakrecoer:) cya o/07:35
flocculanttry and watch -release - I just pinged infinity and laney re your iso 07:35
geirdalsakrecoer,  are we still going to do the gallery idea? I have at least 10 images that I can donate10:29
sakrecoeryeah, i think so :) not sure we have the appropriate format yet, but it would sure be a good thing to have.10:30
geirdalis autumna  working in it?10:30
sakrecoerright now she is on holliday, never the less, feel free to suggest anything in that regard :)10:31
geirdalshe wanted to do this from scratch, we could start this by donate our work. I think that could work and then call for peoples art when website is up10:33
geirdalwe need sound, I can give my art and we need video10:34
geirdalyou had some sounds sakrecoer 10:35
sakrecoeri do.. i'm not too sure i want to be the first adding sounds... i get enough frontrow as it is hehe.. but we should be on the look out for material. probably do an anouncement/campaign..10:36
sakrecoeri know for sure mike holstein has got sweet music made in ubuntustudio, maybe zequence? would be a good tribute to feature the founders and past contributors maybe? :)10:39
geirdalI still think its a good idea to use for video Blenders open movie projects for inspiration10:41
sakrecoerdefinitly :)10:43
geirdalthere is a wallpaper contest, we could show some of that10:51
flocculantsakrecoer: fyi, I see you said studio doesn't install in -release, I've successfully done so on kvm this morning11:06
sakrecoerflocculant: hm.. with the daily, or the one from 18th in the tracker?11:07
flocculantone from the tracker, it's your only working iso :)11:08
sakrecoeri tried hardware install on both my machines with the daily and it failed...11:08
flocculantnot sure who you need to talk to about packages and dependencies 11:08
sakrecoerflocculant: this one http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/360/builds/129062/downloads?11:09
sakrecoerbecause i tried this one: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/dvd/current/11:09
flocculantmmm if you look at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/xubuntu/yakkety/daily-live-20160822.log11:10
flocculantat the bottom you can see it thinks it's purged old images and successfully added at 02:23 this morning11:10
flocculantI think someone on -release needs to whack the tracker a bit 11:11
flocculantand yea that one 11:12
sakrecoerok... thank you!11:12
flocculantone on the 19th likely had no networking nor desktop - that would have been smack bang in the middle of some systemd problems iirc11:13
sakrecoerok.. yeah, bothe DE and networking were bananas in the live session.11:13
flocculantyou should find that when you have a real iso on the tracker those will be fixed - they are for us11:14
sakrecoeroh wait... that log is for xubuntu..11:15
flocculantoh whoops :p11:16
flocculantjust change xubuntu to ubuntustudio then :)11:16
sakrecoeryeah... http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntustudio/yakkety/11:16
flocculantI did wonder why you were suddenly building at the same time as us lol 11:16
sakrecoeri mean... http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntustudio/yakkety/dvd-20160821.log11:16
sakrecoerso.. "LiveBuildsFailed: No live filesystem builds succeeded."11:17
flocculantaah yes 963 bytes - that'll be a fail build then :D11:17
flocculantsorry for getting your hopes up ...11:17
sakrecoerbut hey, at least got a chance to taste embarassment in -release whcih is good because my skin gets harder :D11:17
sakrecoeri might sound cynical, but i'm super greatfull for your tip flocculant :)11:18
flocculantyou can see more about 'what' failed at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/280197910/buildlog_ubuntu_yakkety_i386_ubuntustudio_BUILDING.txt.gz11:18
sakrecoeryeah tahnks! that is what was emailed .. good to know where to find those!11:19
flocculantanyway - afaik Laney is running b1 from the canonical side if flavour people help - so he's likely the one to talk to11:20
flocculantmeantime - off out again now :)11:20
sakrecoerok! ryl! o/11:21
sakrecoerthank you flocculant :)11:21
geirdalsakrecoer, would like to see the gallery in a magazine format hybrid gallery11:39
sakrecoerand how does such a format look?11:41
sakrecoergeirdal ^11:42
geirdalcan make a mockup11:42
sakrecoersure.. :) keep in mind it has to work with wordpress11:43
zequenceNew ardour in debian16:26
zequenceNow would be a good time to do a request-sync. I can't do it atm. Will have to be somewhere soon.16:26
zequenceI'll notify the mail list16:26
OvenWerkszequence: is that 5.0.5?16:33
sakrecoeri'm looking at this, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess but i don't realy know how to "ensure the Ubuntu changes have been merged"..19:02
OvenWerkssakrecoer: I am not worried if this is merged or not. I would assume (could be wrong) that this is the 5.0.5 release. So far as I know this release does not add or fix anything in Ardour itself but rather something that allows the Ardour.org packages to build correctly.19:05
OvenWerksSo if Ardour 5.0 bulds correctly, and installs/runs ok we may not gain anything anyway.19:06
sakrecoerOvenWerks: :) i guess i was hoping to read it was super easy, and that i could easily discharge some work payload..19:06
OvenWerks5.1 would be worthwhile19:06
OvenWerksBut it is not here yet19:06
* OvenWerks pushes yet another bit for the Ardour OSC setup GUI...19:07
sakrecoer:/ iso failed 20 minutes ago...19:07
sakrecoersame error, with gnupg..19:08
sakrecoerand kactivitymanagerd19:08
OvenWerksYa I see that. Has anyone dropped a bug on that package?19:09
sakrecoeri poked the release team about it, they were looking..19:10
sakrecoerbut i don't know... are we the only one to distribute those?19:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1615039 in gnupg2 (Ubuntu) "[FFe] /usr/bin/gnupg --version should be 2.1" [Undecided,New]19:11
OvenWerkspart of this maybe?19:11
sakrecoermaybe.. apw said "have renamed gnupg to gnupg1 in debian, which will wreak havoc with our delta"19:13
OvenWerksthere is a gnupg2 as well.19:13
sakrecoer"looks a little like they- have renamed" etc..19:13
sakrecoer< xnox> apw, yeah, and we need to merge new gpg2 to take that.19:14
sakrecoerthe mysteries of the universe in my head: why is it only breaking ours? :D19:14
OvenWerksWell, initramfs-tools-ubuntu-core needs it which may mean nobody is building.19:15
flocculantOvenWerks: we're building fine19:15
OvenWerksMaybe we depend on an older version of one of it's depends19:15
OvenWerksflocculant: just got two emails that says different19:16
flocculantOvenWerks: you said 'may mean nobody is building' and in this context from me, we is xubuntu :p19:16
OvenWerksAh :)19:16
sakrecoerlooks like most flavours had a successfull build today19:17
OvenWerksso we should be looking at the depend that is failing and seeing what we have that requires it.19:17
flocculantsakrecoer: except kubuntu - who'll be wanting the other one you're failing to build with at least19:18
OvenWerkssakrecoer: can you paste the line from the failure? I seem to have gotten rid of it already :P19:18
sakrecoeryou mean this: The following packages have unmet dependencies:  gnupg1 : Breaks: gnupg (< 1.4.20-6+exp1) but 1.4.20-6ubuntu1 is to be installed, kactivitymanagerd : Breaks: kactivities (< 5.20~) but 5.18.0-0ubuntu1 is to be installed19:19
sakrecoerOvenWerks ^19:20
sakrecoerflocculant: :)19:20
sakrecoerwell.. not that it makes me happy, but its good to know we are not alone lol19:20
OvenWerksit appears we have something that says it requires gnupg119:39
OvenWerksI am not even sure what we have that requires gnupg19:40
OvenWerkswe do not ask for it directly19:40
sakrecoerhow can we find out?19:41
OvenWerkssakrecoer: I do not know how to trace what gnupg is a dep of that we have.19:41
OvenWerks We could install a xubuntu ISO and then add our metas to till it chokes.19:42
OvenWerksBut I would bet someone with more packaging/apt-get experience has a command that would trace things back.19:42
sakrecoerapt-cache rdepends gnupg showed me snapd among a big bunch of others..19:45
sakrecoeralthoug admitdely, i have installed a hole bunch of things on this machine..19:45
sakrecoerthigns that mught be using it.19:46
OvenWerkssakrecoer: the things is, it is the one thing on there that is looking for gnupg119:46
OvenWerks(or something that is inside it)19:46
sakrecoerOvenWerks: ? the one thing? in where?19:47
OvenWerksa depend that is looking for gnupg or even gnupg 1.4.20 will not fail. there is something that wants 1.4.20-6+exp1 which comes in gnupg in debian these days.19:48
OvenWerksWhat do we have that is a new version since 16.04?19:49
OvenWerkswhat are the packages we just added in our meta update?19:50
sakrecoerOvenWerks: this item list: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntustudio-y-development19:51
sakrecoeras far as i know,...19:51
sakrecoerOvenWerks: kryten gave me this link the other day: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev should list the lastest changes19:52
sakrecoerOvenWerks: maybe this one is better: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntustudio.yakkety19:55
OvenWerkssakrecoer: I am going through the commits19:55
OvenWerksYa that19:56
sakrecoereasier to see what has happened in the seeds19:56
sakrecoerthanks OvenWerks :)19:56
sakrecoermaybe i should ask in -release?19:56
OvenWerksI don't know19:58
flocculantOvenWerks: you might make more sense of the discussion in -release about gnupg and kactivitymanagerd >https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/22/%23ubuntu-release.html#t14:23 19:58
flocculantseems that the 2 issues for studio are related19:58
OvenWerksAh, It just seemed to me that the last seed update came very close to the time we started having trouble.19:59
flocculantyou, edubuntu and kubuntu are the only people to use kmanagerd, (edubuntu doesn't show on tracker now)19:59
OvenWerksso we should look for things that are kde based like kdenlive20:00
flocculantI'd think so 20:00
flocculantalso look in ubuntustudio-audio, as that's where apt-cache show gnupg1 points20:01
OvenWerksNone of the late additions directly uses gnupg that I can see.20:02
flocculantmaybe so - but kubuntu have been all over the place this cycle so maybe something has gone on over there that's impacted you 20:02
OvenWerksflocculant: really... ok. I don't have a 16.10 partition yet so hard to test.20:02
flocculantOvenWerks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23079393/20:06
OvenWerksI would have thought graphics or video (even office) where we have known kde stuff20:07
flocculantunderstood - I'm just giving you what I see from apt 20:08
sakrecoeryeah that is odd.. i can't imagin any of those audio packages would need gpg.. but what do i know...20:08
flocculantbut I also end up floundering a bit20:08
sakrecoerwould "recommends" pull it in?20:08
sakrecoerthat would be new...20:09
OvenWerksit doesn't ask for any kde libs though20:09
sakrecoerkid3 needing it... woudl be new...20:09
flocculantsakrecoer: doesn't need to need gpg - needs to need kmanagerd according to xnox - which should use gnupg onstead20:09
sakrecoerits QT afaik20:09
sakrecoerflocculant: ok...20:10
flocculantI think that's right anyway lol20:10
flocculantcould be the blind leading the blind here ;)20:10
sakrecoerlol :)20:10
sakrecoerbetter than no one helping no one :p20:10
OvenWerksI think I am back to DL and install xubuntu and adding metas...20:10
sakrecoerflocculant: didn't the iso from he 18th install alright?20:11
OvenWerkssakrecoer: we include all the recomends in the metas.20:11
sakrecoerubuntustudio, you told me you tried that one didn't you?20:11
flocculantanyway - this is all magic to me - I'm only about to help when needed for beta1 :p20:11
flocculantsakrecoer: yea the iso on the tracker installs fine20:11
flocculantsakrecoer: I wonder if you try the one you have which failed - but don't tell it to install -audio 20:12
sakrecoerOvenWerks: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/360/builds/129062/downloads20:12
OvenWerksWhat date is that one?20:12
flocculantthe time is now 2112 - seems like a good time to stop this and put 2112 on instead - night all :)20:12
flocculantOvenWerks: 18th20:13
sakrecoerOvenWerks: that on is from the 18th.20:13
sakrecoerflocculant: worth trying...20:13
OvenWerksmine says 19th20:13
sakrecoerOvenWerks: i tried installing the 19th yesterday and it wouldn't install on 2 machines..20:13
OvenWerksI wonder about curl20:14
flocculantsakrecoer: what I find a bit bizarre is that I supposedly got 18th from tracker, zsync from your 19th iso made no changes20:15
sakrecoeryeah, thats weird...20:15
flocculantI can quikcly try installing that in vm without -audio 20:16
OvenWerkskrita takes kde runtime20:16
sakrecoerit does, krita, kdenlive.. those are the ones i can think of...20:17
OvenWerksand kde-helpcenter20:17
OvenWerkskdenlive does not ask for kde runtime as happens.20:18
sakrecoerhmm.. i'm confused now20:19
OvenWerkskrita pulls in a buch of calligra... makes one wonder we don't just include that.20:19
OvenWerksIt looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnupg/+bug/1615039 may be the fix of it though20:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1615039 in gnupg2 (Ubuntu) "[FFe] /usr/bin/gnupg --version should be 2.1" [Undecided,New]20:25
flocculantthat'd be the one sakrecoer should point -release team at I would assume for when you've got no images to test beta against 20:27
sakrecoersorry guys, had to get emergency sandwich20:48
sakrecoerflocculant, OvenWerks i poked in -release and linked to that bug...20:55
sakrecoernot too confident on what to tell them.. let's see how they respond ..20:55
OvenWerks"No ISO to test"?20:56
sakrecoer< sakrecoer> hello, our iso still fails for same reason. we are having troubles finding what is using gpg1, we have no working image to look in... could this have something to do with it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnupg/+bug/161503920:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1615039 in gnupg2 (Ubuntu) "[FFe] /usr/bin/gnupg --version should be 2.1" [Undecided,New]20:57
sakrecoerOvenWerks: what... do you mean? 20:58
sakrecoerah.. a suggestion of what to tell them?20:58
sakrecoer"will work for ISO" :D20:59
sakrecoerOvenWerks: < jbicha> sakrecoer: deken depends on python-gnupg which depends on gnupg121:24
sakrecoerjbicha added: 21:24
sakrecoer< jbicha> sakrecoer: here, let me revert python-gnupg to 0.3.8-2  to see if that fixes things for this week21:24
OvenWerksI wondered if it was one of those python things.21:25
sakrecoerOvenWerks: he said he "found by digging through germinate"...21:29
sakrecoerwhat is germinate?21:29
sakrecoerOvenWerks: ok, i see its a tool21:30
sakrecoerFor the log, if anyone else wonders: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Germinate21:32
sakrecoeri have to sign off... 21:33
sakrecoerthanks for your help flocculant and OvenWerks ! :)21:33
sakrecoerlet's hope we have an ISO tomorrow. g'night o/21:33
sakrecoerOvenWerks, flocculant, and everyone... i forgot to forward this22:32
sakrecoer23:33 #ubuntu-release: < jbicha> sakrecoer: done, so we'll just have to retry  the iso build tomorrow once germinate has  picked up the change22:32
flocculantread it there :)22:33
sakrecoerit hit me before slumber, thought OvenWerks might want to know :)22:34
sakrecoerbye now! o/22:34
flocculantnight :)22:35

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