Wiroiam indonesian02:41
hockhamDNew to IRC, new to Ubuntu Studio.  And I can't even get jack to start.  Can anyone help?11:06
sakrecoerhi hockhamD ! it's quite arround today, but hang on.11:20
sakrecoerhockhamD: i'll be around on and off, begin with describing what you want to do and how you do it :)11:20
hockhamDI'm hanging on!11:20
hockhamDMy eventual aim is quite simple: I want to be able to use my midi keyboard to input stuff which I can then edit (probably in qTractor).11:22
hockhamDBut at the moment, I can't even get jack to start!  I had a go at this just over a year ago, when I was running standard Ubuntu 12.04.  I had similar problems then, but the solution seemed to be mainly getting rid of pulseaudio.  I thought Ubuntu Studio would be all set up just to work, but clearly not!  I've got rid of pulse audio again, but jack still won't start.11:24
sakrecoerhockhamD: so how do you proceed when you start jack?11:25
sakrecoerare you using an external soundcard or the built in one?11:25
hockhamDJust clicking on QjackCtl.  Obviously I haven't got the settings right.  I get 'Cannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory' as the first error message.11:28
hockhamDBuilt-in soundcard.11:28
sakrecoerso, once you open QjackCtl, you pressed the "start" button right and you got that error message?11:29
hockhamDNo, that's just when I start the program.  When I click "Start", I get a load of messages, and eventually it comes back to the 'Cannot connect to server socket' message.11:32
sakrecoerright, i get that message too at start, it is because the server isn't started yet.11:33
sakrecoeri mean start of the program QjackCtl, not when i press start...11:34
sakrecoerwhen i press start it works, and i still have pulse audio...11:34
sakrecoerbut there must be something wrong in your settings...11:34
sakrecoerwhat driver is set in there? alsa? what sampel rate and Frames/perios?11:34
hockhamDDriver - alsa, sample rate - 44100, frames/period - 1024.  These are all defaults.11:36
sakrecoerfirst time you opened QjackCtl, would it start when you pressed start? but just not give you sound?11:37
sakrecoersorry bad question...11:37
sakrecoerwould jack start when you pressed start first time?11:38
hockhamDNo, I haven't had jack running at any stage.11:38
sakrecoeri'm not very good at jack... it just works for me basicaly... there always a bit of confusion with jack sink in the PAVU controls... but that is assuming jack starts at all...11:40
sakrecoeryou installed 16.04, or you pulled in ubuntustudio into a vanila ubuntu?11:41
hockhamDI had already done a fresh install of vanilla Ubuntu 16.04 (to replace 12.04) on both my desktop machine and this laptop, which is the one I'll be using for recording from the keyboard.  But then, because I had so many problems last year with jack (on a different machine), I thought a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio would avoid all that.  No such luck!11:44
hockhamDOne of the lines I get when I press Start in the jack window is "ERROR: Failed to acquire device name : Audio0 error : A handler is already registered for /org/freedesktop/ReserveDevice1/Audio0".  This sounds significant, but I've no idea what to do about it.11:46
sakrecoerhockhamD: in the settings under parameters, have you tried another interface?11:52
hockhamDI'll try - it's now showing 3 alternatives, but when I looked earlier it wasn't - it just showed "Default".11:54
sakrecoeryes try them, can't harm... if that doesn' succeed, i would try boot up the live-session form the usb/disk you installed from.11:57
hockhamDNo, I'm getting the same result with each of the 3 alternatives.11:57
sakrecoerthen you could just try start jack in that. if that works, something went wrong during installation.11:57
hockhamDOK - I'll try rebooting from the live USB stick.  Thanks for your help so far.11:58
sakrecoerhockhamD: than you could try with this guide: http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/361/builds/117793/testcases/1676/results11:58
sakrecoerwait no...11:58
sakrecoernot that guide sorry...11:59
sakrecoerhang on...11:59
sakrecoerthis guide, although, note that i just sugggest this so ou have something to follow. come back here if you think you have a bug and i'll try help you with filing it : http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/350/builds/111025/testcases/1676/results12:01
sakrecoerhockhamD ^12:03
hockhamDOK, thanks.  I'll read the guide and experiment with that. And I'll try the reboot as suggested if necessary.  I'll probably be back later!12:03
sakrecoercrossing fingers for you!12:03
hockhamDsakrecoer: I now have sound.  Just altering the sample rate to 48000 and the periods/buffer to 3 seems to have done the trick.  I'll have to experiment some more.  But I can now get qtractor playing a midi file through qsynth, and I can hear it.  OK, the sounds aren't what I want, and the tempo is all over the place for some strange reason, but the basic problem of getting jack working seems to be solved.  So thanks 1,000,000.13:10
sakrecoerhockhamD: \o/ you did all on your own! no need to thank me! :)13:20
sakrecoerglad you sorted it out!13:20
sakrecoermake sure you share let us hear your production whenever you are ready to share it with the world!13:22
sakrecoerwhat kindof sound are you interested in hockhamD ?13:25
sakrecoer(if i may ask.. :) )13:26
* OvenWerks wants another guitar with slightly higher action.13:29
sakrecoernice one OvenWerks :)13:31
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hockhamDsakrecoer: I've just worked through the guide you suggested (using jack, ardour, hydrogen and guitarix) and it all worked as expected (I think), so I'm good to go.13:56
hockhamDWhat I want to do is simply to play stuff in from my midi keyboard (probably multi-tracking), edit it, to get it sounding right, then output it to mp3 or wav.13:58
hockhamDThe is stuff I have written over the past 50 years or so - broadly in what people would call a "classical" style.  So I need some decent sound fonts for conventional instruments.13:59
sakrecoersounds like a master plan :)13:59
sakrecoerdepending on your midikeyboard, you might be interested in this command:13:59
sakrecoera2j_control ehw start13:59
sakrecoerthat is, if you can't see you midi keyboard where you want to see it in jack, that command will save you sweat :)13:59
sakrecoerhockhamD ^14:00
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FManTropyxhi, I updated http://z80.guru/pages/UbuntuStudio-mirrors.html with the new handy subdomain aliases and there is a copy of the download page at http://z80.guru/mirrored/cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/xenial/release/ which points to local downloads, but the .1 release is not there (yet, so far, maybe never)20:17

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