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samwongmswhat is the different between ubuntu and xubuntu?10:18
knomemainly the desktop environment, but many other things as well10:19
samwongmsdo you mean the arrangement of those icons will be different?10:21
knomethat too, but that's not what i mean.10:22
samwongmsthanks, knome, perhaps I shoud stick to ubuntu at this moment10:24
knomeyou can try xubuntu via the live DVD if you wish10:25
YankDownUnderThere are a heap of differences in the "core" bits that make up the "desktops"...Ubuntu (Unity) is quite heavy in the use of GTK3+ and other Gnome3 related libraries...therefore, on systems with minimal resource, it can be a "dog"...10:25
samwongmswill it destroy my data during the trial?10:26
YankDownUnderThe paradigm of the desktop itself is "quite different" from the normal paradigm of the desktop - Unity was a means by which to break away from the mainstream ideologies about how a desktop was to be used...10:26
YankDownUnderNo...your data will be safe.10:26
knomesamwongms, unless you install, the live dvd will not touch any data10:26
samwongmsthanks a lot10:29
samwongmsI want to know if people using this channel are all running xubuntu in their computers10:31
knomemostly yes10:31
knomebut we do not throw out people who don't10:31
YankDownUnder...some of us are running multiple desktops...10:32
samwongmsdo you mean KDE or others10:32
YankDownUnderKDE/Plasma, WindowMaker, Enlightenment, Blackbox/Openbox/Fluxbox, IceWM, AfterStep, Cinnamon, Mate, Unity...there's a few...10:34
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jaltHi, using a default iso of latest Xubuntu (16.04.1 amd64) dd'ed into a usb drive, where/how in the (graphical) boot process can I add the url for a preseed file? Do I have to worry about ubiquity vs. d-i? This is not documented at all (or if there is please point me to it).18:45
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el_diablo  Arawak c'est juste que tu le vois sur aucun salon, mais il reste connecter sur le serveur23:52
knome!fr | el_diablo23:57
ubottuel_diablo: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.23:57
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