prometheanfiresmoser: in your example, was there a reason you did your symlink as relitive?01:12
prometheanfiresmoser: also, I added comments in my gentoo net fix that shouldn't be there (but aren't harming anything)01:14
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ffledglinghello, I'm trying to launch a fedora.qcow2 cloud image with qemu-kvm locally, by mounting the meta-data and user-data files on the cd-rom, but sometimes it doesn't respect those settings, any idea why this might be? Can someone point me to how should begin debugging this?11:08
smoserprometheanfire, it is at least generally prerred in debian for symlinks to be relative. they're easier to work with for sure.11:31
smosereven in the test, the goal is to "render" stuff all into a target root, and easier to read content from that directory if it doesnt leak outside.11:32
smoserffledgling, it fails sometimes ?11:32
ffledglingsmoser: yes, it fails sometimes. When I clean everything up and start it from scratch, it works fine, but if I restart the instance it fails12:06
ffledglingI'm using the no-cloud plugin I think with the user-data and meta-data file12:06
ffledglingI suspect it might be because of "Note: that the instance-id provided (iid-local01 above) is what is used to determine if this is “first boot”. So if you are making updates to user-data you will also have to change that, or start the disk fresh."12:06
ffledglingBut I don't quite get what that means12:06
smoserffledgling, 2 things coudl be happening12:07
smosera.) if you want the system to re-run initialization "first boot", then you will have to provide a new instance-id12:07
smosercloud-init only runs '#!' scripts and much other user-data bits on first instance boot12:08
smoserso it determines 'first instance boot' by seeing the instance id and comparing it to one it stored from the last time.12:08
smoserso if you boot once with instance-id of 'abc' and then change the user-data and boot again with 'abc' it wont pick it up.12:08
ffledglingOkay, I'm not doing that, and I don't think I want/need to. The default behaviour seems to be what I want12:09
smoserb.) it could be a race condition where the nocloud disk isn't there yet at the point in which cloud-init runs.12:09
smoseri've not seen this in practice, but it is plausible.12:09
ffledglingThat would make sense12:09
smoserif you think this is happening, please12:10
ffledglingI don't know if it is, how would I confirm?12:10
smoser - change logging to go to a file only12:11
smoser  see https://code.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/301729 for how to do that.12:11
smoser  (basically change /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/05_logging.cfg as show)12:11
smoser  - boot the system12:11
smoser  - shut the system down12:11
smoser  - collect /var/log/cloud-init.log12:11
smoseryou dont have to shut down if you dont want, if you can log in feel free to get it that way.12:11
smoseri have to go afk for a bit.12:12
smoserback later.12:12
ffledglingOkay, I can't actually login to the box at all, so I'm not sure I can modify any of the cloud.cfg file?12:12
ffledglingI'm using cloud-init to provide a password to the instance.12:12
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smoserffledgling, mount the image and change it before booting.13:19
smoseryou can use mount-image-callback or guestfish or something. http://ubuntu-smoser.blogspot.com/2014/08/mount-image-callback-easily-modify.html13:19
prometheanfiresmoser: do I have to use the returned object? 'ns = parse_net_config_data(netconfig)' or can I use the json directly?13:20
smoserprometheanfire, well, i'd like a Renderer and the Renderer takes network state.13:25
smoseri'd like it to be have like the others, so that as we modify / improve things, we wont have snowflakes13:25
prometheanfiresmoser: it just seems like a lot of work for rendering something so simple13:26
cn28hsmoser: http://dpaste.com/2V9JTX3 here's the full log which I obtained after adding the change you suggested yesterday to the logging config.  Looks like ssh-authkey-fingerprints is running before cloud-user gets created (even though the logs seem to suggest cloud-user was created first?)13:34
smoserprometheanfire, fyi my comment https://code.launchpad.net/~utlemming/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/303471/comments/784454 applies to you also13:39
smoseri assume you probably followed the HACKING ;)13:39
smoseractually, no. it i think says it right.13:40
prometheanfiresmoser: smoser this is an example of doing it all (bridge bond phys vlan) https://gist.github.com/prometheanfire/d1eb9d60fecf25ac7418c8f4160201b313:42
prometheanfireit allows access to a vlan trunk13:43
prometheanfiresmoser: ?13:44
prometheanfirewhat about that comment?13:44
smoseryou ust that you can use a shorter remote13:45
prometheanfireI have three origins for my cloud-init repo13:45
smoseryou have git.launchpad.net/~prometheanfire/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init13:45
smoseryou can do13:45
smoseryou have git.launchpad.net/~prometheanfire/cloud-init13:45
prometheanfirewell, the remote's already set up13:46
prometheanfirethat's how it's already set up13:46
smoserprometheanfire, right. the only value in it is then i can more easily do things like:13:47
smoser for user in prometheanfire utlemming; do git remote add $user git.launchpad.net/~prometheanfire/cloud-init; done13:47
smoserwell, probalby should use '$user' in the url, but i thjink you get the idea13:47
smoseri did that yesterday, and couldn't figure out why getting your remote was failing13:48
prometheanfirenot sure why it was failing13:48
prometheanfiregiven it seems it's set up right13:49
smoseri typoed in that comment13:51
ffledglingsmoser: do you mean the iso or the actual fedora image?13:51
smoserthat is what is confusable13:51
smoserffledgling, the image13:52
prometheanfiresmoser: anyway, soooooooooooooooooo much boilerplate13:57
smoserprometheanfire, i know... let me see.13:58
smosercleaned up hopefully more obvious comment now13:59
prometheanfireI'm just not used to dealing with this much indirection and flow and functions that don't really do aything useful13:59
prometheanfiresmoser: so you need me to do something?14:00
smoserprometheanfire, if you can push to the shorter version, it'd be nice. its just more consistent. but if not , oh well.14:05
smoserwrt the indirection, let me see if there is some sane way to use that for you.14:06
prometheanfirethis is java like python from what I can see :P14:06
prometheanfiresmoser: guess that's what you wanted (push wise)14:10
smoserprometheanfire, yeah, its all there to try to make things easier. :-(14:14
smosertake a look at eni.py and see if that is any easier for you to wor off of than sysconfig.py.14:14
smoserthe network state thing doesn't really provide a lot.14:15
smoserthe interfaces are just like the network-config object that went in... you can iter_interfaces()14:15
prometheanfireI'll take another look tomorrow14:15
prometheanfiretoday is really full14:15
smoserand iter_routes()14:15
smoserit shouldnt' be really too much more difficult to use that than to walk through the network_config object14:16
prometheanfireya, it's more how they construct each network stansa that is hard14:17
prometheanfireno string formating :P14:17
prometheanfireI'll see what I can do I guess14:18
smoserprometheanfire, thank you14:28
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harlowjaprometheanfire yes its not optimal ;)20:08
harlowjai did a first stab at making it better, prometheanfire any more u want to do is welcome :)20:08
harlowja(and yes its confusing as all-hell, lol)20:08
harlowja3 different layers of translation and processing20:09
harlowjafor <?> not really sure why, ha20:09

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