cory_fukwmonroe: Pretty sure the Puppet scripts should handle the formatting of the namenode.  https://github.com/apache/bigtop/blob/master/bigtop-deploy/puppet/modules/hadoop/manifests/init.pp#L63900:33
lazyPowerfirl sorry i dropped off there. ping me when you're back around and i'm happy to resume where we left off01:22
lazyPowerfirl - there's 2 ingress options, traefik and nginx. i have rc defs for both, i'm undecided which is a better option at this point01:22
lazyPowerboth have some problems with session affinity i've noticed01:22
firllazyPower - no worries01:23
firlI just remember that juju left the security groups blocked and no ports opened last time I tried.01:23
firlIs there a way to have it accessible externally now?01:24
firl( svc equiv )01:26
lazyPowerI've got a todo item to work on a daemon to read the ingress and open ports accordingly01:30
lazyPowerit hasn't been completed yet its still very much a juju run open-port operation at the moment :(01:30
lazyPowerbut, we're aware and moving towards fixing it. I suspect we'll have something for you to look at there within the next month or so assuming we dont get reprioritized01:30
firlhaha ok01:33
firlI thought you were saying you were planing on having traefik be the ingress object like the GCE load balancer implementation for juju01:34
firlIs the thought just to get nodeport working?01:34
lazyPowerwell we have nodeport basically working minus the firewalling01:50
lazyPowerif you open port 443/80, and stuff in the nginx/traefik  ingress controllers, that handles a good chunk of the workloads01:51
lazyPowerwhat that leaves out in the cold however, is socket based services like irc bouncers, rabbitmq, and workloads like that. Where odd ports may need connectivity. NGINX isn't the best middle man for those workloads. I've been considering building a socat container to handle some of those middlewares01:51
lazyPowersocat is pretty good at proxying connections...01:51
firlI haven’t tested traefik load balancing / ws connections01:52
lazyPowerthe LB works, WSS seemed to fall down if it required session affinity01:52
lazyPowerbut the nginx ingress controller handled it beautifully01:52
lazyPowereven though traefik says they support it, i am unconvinced01:53
lazyPowerand its likely PEBKAC01:53
lazyPoweror picnic, take your pick :(01:53
firlI am using nginx proxy RC’s right now.  ployst/nginx-ssl-proxy01:53
firlhowever I still put a svc in front so that I can keep the same ip effortlessly01:54
lazyPowerright, thats how you do it01:54
lazyPowerthe svc gives you that iptables forward rule that no matter where you enter into the cluster it routes accordingly, which is somewhat nice even if overly complex01:54
firlyeah for a production standpoint it’s a non starter for me01:55
firl( if it’s not there that is )01:55
lazyPowerso, we should sync in the very very near future again, so we can check the checklist together01:57
lazyPowerdid you get that ss i sent over?01:57
firljust saw it ( requested permission to see it )01:58
thumperlazyPower: ping02:37
lazyPowerthumper pong02:42
thumperlazyPower: hey, looking to test migration of a unit with payloads02:42
thumperdo you know of any?02:42
thumpereven fake ones?02:42
lazyPowerthumper - we gutted it, older versions of etcd have payloads though02:42
lazyPowerlet me check my namespace02:42
lazyPowerthumper  charm show cs:~lazypower/etcd-2102:44
lazyPowerthere's one for ya, including the payload(s)02:45
lazyPowerfirl :| i'm not the doc owner. so whenever matt gets that mail :P02:49
firlno worries02:49
lazyPowerah but i can edit the sharing perms. give it another go02:51
lazyPowershould be able to get in now02:51
firli can see it02:55
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thumperlazyPower: can I use that cham in the lxd provider?03:27
thumperand how do I get it to register some payloads?03:27
lazyPowerthumper  yes03:33
lazyPowerand what do you mean register some payloads?03:33
lazyPowerOH! i misread that as resources... really sorry chap03:34
lazyPowermy mistake03:34
lazyPowerit is after all after 10pm03:34
thumperlazyPower: all I need is for it to register one payload03:35
thumperso I can migrate it to another controller03:35
thumperand make sure the payloads are still there :)03:35
thumperlazyPower: so does that charm use resources or payloads?03:42
lazyPowerit uses resources03:49
thumperfwiw install hook failed03:49
lazyPowerbut it wont run in lxd03:49
thumperit doesn't have to "run" but does need to register payload03:50
thumperI'm guessing it wont03:50
lazyPowerits going to have ot "run" to register a payload03:50
lazyPowerits pulling in a docker image03:51
lazyPowerthats what it would register as the payload03:51
thumperI suppose I could deploy anything then just juju run the register command right?03:55
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rts-sanderis there an example of how to use: https://github.com/juju/juju/tree/master/api in a charm?09:24
kjackalrts-sander: Hi there, not sure if this helps, but there is this python library https://launchpad.net/python-jujuclient09:32
kjackalrts-sander: if you are trying to make a charm talk to juju you can look at what the juju gui is doing09:33
rts-sanderkjackal, I tried https://github.com/kapilt/python-jujuclient but it only works for juju 1, I'm using 209:33
rts-sanderI'm reading through the juju-gui charm now to see if I can find how they do it09:33
kjackalI thought jujuclient lib also supports juju2 since it has this "juju2" path...09:34
rts-sanderyeah the code looks more up to date than the code on github09:39
suresh_hii all, I installed juju 2.0 on ubuntu 16.04 by following this link https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/getting-started09:58
suresh_I deployed two charms they are still in pending state here i pasted the juju status http://paste.openstack.org/show/562911/10:00
suresh_and in log i am getting like this http://paste.openstack.org/show/562912/10:02
suresh_please someone help?10:02
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rts-sanderis there an error in the juju go project? http://pastie.org/1093952611:41
rts-sanderdid go get and trying to use api but it doesn't even compile11:42
jrwrenrts-sander: there is a makefile and godeps which must be used.11:59
rts-sandercheers jrwren godeps did it12:20
jcastroballoons: ok so we just need them to push a new snap-confine with our LXD fixes and we should be good to go wrt that fix for running lxd with snappy juju right?12:28
ram____Hi all. For writing a JUJU Charm which language is preferable with community? Actually I want to develop a charm  in Shell script.12:47
marcoceppiram____: shell script is OK, python seems to be what everyone uses12:56
ram____marcoceppi : Ok . Thank you. How can I enable a customized charm as part of Ubuntu Autopilot installation? I mean How can we integrate our customized juju charm along with autopilot openstack deployment12:58
marcoceppiram____: what charm are you customizing?12:59
ram____marcoceppi: I want to configure cinder to change the backend as one of our storage driver. So now we are developing a charm for that to configure.13:03
marcoceppiram____: so you don't need to modify cinder, your charm would be like the other cinder backends. However, to get into the autopilot the charm must first join our OIL program: http://partners.ubuntu.com/programmes/openstack13:05
marcoceppihere are a few examples of charms that are similar to what you describe: https://jujucharms.com/u/marcoceppi/cinder-xtremio https://jujucharms.com/u/marcoceppi/cinder-vnx13:07
SimonKLBhey! trying to deloy the openstack bundle on aws using juju 2.0 beta15, looks like it is panicing because it's using lxc instead of lxd containers - does this need to be updated in the bundle configuration?13:07
marcoceppiSimonKLB: that's odd, juju 2.0 should translate lxc -> lxd automatically13:08
marcoceppiif it's not, it's a bug. Though, a quick fix would be to update the bundle to include lxd: instead of lxc13:08
SimonKLB2016-08-24 11:32:23 INFO juju.provisioner container_initialisation.go:98 initial container setup with ids: [6/lxc/0 6/lxc/1 6/lxc/2]13:08
SimonKLB2016-08-24 11:32:23 INFO juju.worker runner.go:262 stopped "6-container-watcher", err: worker "6-container-watcher" exited: panic resulted in: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereferencey13:08
marcoceppiSimonKLB: I think that lxc line is a red herring13:09
marcoceppithe second line is definitely interesting13:09
SimonKLByea i might be mistaken, but i thought it was caused by: https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/master/worker/provisioner/container_initialisation.go#L10213:09
marcoceppiSimonKLB: possibly, I'd poke the developers in #juju-dev about that one13:10
marcoceppiit might be quite a serious bug13:10
SimonKLBwill do!13:10
ram____marcoceppi: Thank you .13:11
SimonKLBmarcoceppi: is it possible to remove a whole bundle or do you have to remove the applications individually?13:18
marcoceppiSimonKLB: each application individually13:18
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ram____marcoceppi :  how can we certify juju charm? How much time it will take to certify?13:41
marcoceppiram____: that's something that you should inquire with OIL folks13:41
ram____marcoceppi : Ok. How can I get connection with OIL folks?13:48
marcoceppiram____: http://partners.ubuntu.com/programmes/openstack13:48
ram____marcoceppi : OK. Thank you.13:50
petevgkwmonroe, cory_fu: With kwmonroe's help last night, I think that I know why I'm seeing namenode failures: When we setup the openjdk relation, we set JAVA_HOME in /etc/environment. This happens before puppet runs. It looks like Bigtop doesn't do this when it installs java by itself, which means that hadoop_java_home never gets set by the puppet script, and13:51
petevghdfs fails to start. (We don't setup JAVA_HOME in /etc/defaults/bigtop-utils until after puppet runs, so even if puppet has a fallback to that value if it can't find it in /etc/environment, it won't have that fallback until after it has tried and failed to start hdfs.)13:51
cory_fupetevg: I'm not sure I understand.  You're saying it fails because we *do* set up JAVA_HOME correctly?13:53
petevgcory_fu: nope. I'm saying it fails because bigtop *doesn't*13:53
cory_fuAlso, pretty sure Bigtop & Puppet ignore /etc/environment entirely13:53
cory_fupetevg: We've been using the java relation with Bigtop Hadoop this entire time.  Why is it only failing now?13:54
petevgcory_fu: it's no failing when we use the openjdk charm.13:54
petevgIt's failing when we don't use it.13:54
petevgThis is me testing the "make java relation optional" stuff.13:54
ram____marcoceppi: Which version of Autopilot we should use to deploy Liberty OpenStack? you have any idea?13:55
petevgcory_fu: I know that bigtop is *supposed* to ignore /etc/environment, but I don't think that it is doing so.13:55
cory_fuI really don't understand.  The puppet scripts and Bigtop don't look at or care about /etc/environment, AFAIK.  The fact that we update that is just an artifact of how we were doing Java handling prior to Bigtop13:55
marcoceppiram____: I13:55
marcoceppiram____: I'm not sure, but Mitaka is what we currently deploy.13:56
petevgcory_fu: I suspect that it's an artifact that was masking a bug in bigtop (or a bug in the way that we're asking Bigtop to setup namenode).13:56
cory_fuAlso, if you're saying that it fails when we *don't* use the java relation, then how does /etc/environment come in to it at all?  It should just be using the built-in Puppet installation of java at that point13:56
cory_fuI know we have deployed it with that built-in java management before, because we used that prior to adding the java relation13:57
petevgcory_fu: it does use it. And hdfs fails to start, complaining that JAVA_HOME is not set.13:57
petevgcory_fu: there's some context that you're missing -- see kwmonroe and my convo from yesterday evening, around 18:20, Eastern time.13:58
ram____marcoceppi: For Mitaka which autopilot version it used?13:58
marcoceppiram____: the latest? I'm not 100% sure13:58
ram____marcoceppi : OK. Thank you.13:59
petevgcory_fu: basically, namenode is failing to start hdfs, and the clue to what's happening lives in nn.format.log, which is very short: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085142/13:59
cory_fupetevg: We have definitely run this w/o the java relation successfully before.14:01
petevgcory_fu: Maybe I need to pass a third value in to puppet, beyond jdk_preinstalled and jdk_package_name? (If so, I don't see where -- I'm looking at the relevant puppet script now.)14:03
petevgcory_fu: does passing in hadoop_java_home sound familiar?14:07
petevgThis is the relevant line from hadoop-env.sh:14:08
petevgThat's set to undef in puppet/modules/hadoop/manifests/init.pp14:08
petevginitialized to undef, I should say.14:09
cory_fupetevg: I'm pretty sure that the *only* thing we did prior to adding support for the java relation was set bigtop::jdk_package_name.  So, that should be what we do if the relation is attached.14:10
cory_fuSorry, if the relation is *not* attached14:10
cory_fupetevg: Also, that link isn't what you meant to send14:12
ram____marcoceppi: How can we test the newly created cinder-storage driver charm locally ? any idea?14:13
marcoceppiram____: you can juju deploy openstack onto LXD then deploy your cinder-storage charm and relate it to cinder14:14
marcoceppiram____: https://github.com/openstack-charmers/openstack-on-lxd14:14
petevgcory_fu: whoops. http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085177/14:15
kjackalcory_fu: I have a couple of mini-fixes on cwr, should I submit a PR just to show them to you?14:15
kjackalpetevg: I wonder if we could tell bigtop to go and install whatever jave it sees fit, instead of us setting the java package name on the config.14:19
petevgkjackal: that would be nice. It did not do so when I tried, though. I initially just set  jdk_preinstalled to false, and didn't discover jdk_package_name until I was trying to figure out why that failed.14:20
petevgI think that it just tries to do "apt install jdk" in that case, which isn't a valid package name.14:21
kjackalthat would be an easy fix upstream14:25
ram____marcoceppi: I followed the provided link https://github.com/openstack-charmers/openstack-on-lxd. I am getting an error. I pasted juju status error log. http://paste.openstack.org/show/563013/.14:28
marcoceppiram____: at this point, you should probably join #openstack-charms for support14:28
petevgkjackal: possibly. The script is in the distro agnostic bits of Bigtop; I'm not sure that you can drop in a string that will make a good default across distros.14:29
ram____marcoceppi: OK. Thank you.14:29
cory_fupetevg: Link from HO: https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-java15:15
petevgcory_fu: thx15:15
kjackalcory_fu: I also looked at why cwr does not work with mongodb test plan15:22
valeechRunning a fresh install of juju 2.0beta15 bootstrapped to a MAAS 2.0 rc4. Via the juju gui, I added the openstack base bundle to the canvas. When I do this, it sets all the application names to xenial-X where X is the next letter available. Is there something I need to do to get it to keep the application name (ie ceph-mon, neutron-gateway)?15:24
kjackalcory_fu: it seems that the issue is not with cwr. Mongodb fails/hungs when tested through bundle tester (apt-get install permissions)15:24
cory_fukjackal: Good to know.  We should change the example to something that actually works15:25
cholcombecory_fu, i have a ceph relation that sets a parameter that has dashes in it.  It's a param in a dict.  auto accessors won't work for me.  Is there a workaround for that?  I'd like to avoid adding another relation if i can15:53
ram_____Hi. I followed https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/getting-started. I deployed wiki charm. It was giving error. pasted error log : http://paste.openstack.org/show/563091/. please provide me the solution.15:54
cory_fucholcombe: You can always use conversation.get_remote() directly, but auto-accessors also translate hyphens to underscores, so you should be able to access prop-foo as rel.prop_foo()15:55
cholcombecory_fu, oh ok.  i'll try that underscores first15:55
sunnnnyHi all,16:00
marcoceppiram_____: all of your containers are stuck in pending16:05
marcoceppiram_____: can you paste the output of `juju status --format yaml`16:05
sunnyHi all, I have deployed Openstack Liberty with github openstack charms- branch 16.07/stable in HA. After deployment I am hitting one issue with Nova cloud controller. root@radcmaas01:~/deployments# nova service-list +------------------+----------------------+----------+---------+-------+----------------------------+-----------------+ | Binary           | Host                 | Zone     | Status  | State | Updated_at                 | Dis16:20
sunnyHi all, I have deployed Openstack Liberty with github openstack charms- branch 16.07/stable in HA. After deployment I am hitting one issue with Nova cloud controller.16:20
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sunnyIs this right place to ask questions  regarding openstack charm ?16:21
jcastrosunny: yeah, ask away!16:24
ram_____marcoceppi: paste output of # juju status --format yaml    http://paste.openstack.org/show/563096/16:24
marcoceppiram_____: "Failed to get device attributes: no such file or directory" that's an interesting error16:25
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sunnyI have HA deployment of Liberty with Openstack charms branch 16.07/stable.  After the deployment I am hitting a issue which i think is of HA Nova cloud controller(NCC). My compute service ( nova service-list) is flapping meaning UP/DOWN and that depends on which of my HA unit of Nova cloudcontroller is up.  If request goes to unit NCC/0 (when this unit is UP) then it says nova-computer state is UP but when NCC/1 services are UP then it r16:30
sunnyas DOWN16:30
sunnyThis is causing VM spin up to fail as it complains "no valid host found" ( at times then nova-compute state is down). Can you please point me why I am seeing that issue ?16:32
sunnyjcastro: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085632/ take a look at this link16:36
jcastroI'm not an openstack charmer but one of them should be able to take a look16:36
jcastrocargonza: any of you fellas around to take a look?16:37
sunnyThanks a lot and please let me know if you guys need anyu other details as well.16:37
catbus1Hi, after I bootstrapped juju, can I ssh to the juju controller?16:52
cory_fubdx: Hey.  Did we discuss changing the license of the puppet layer to Apache or similar instead of AGPL?  https://github.com/jamesbeedy/layer-puppet-agent/blob/master/LICENSE16:52
jhobbscatbus1: juju ssh -m controller 016:52
petevgcory_fu, kjackal: do you have any updates to last week's review queue doc. Just realized that I never sent it out, but I still only see my stuff in it.16:54
cory_fupetevg: I do not16:55
cory_fupetevg: I got caught up in other things (I think working on the new RQ) and didn't get the charm I was looking at finished16:55
catbus1jhobbs: thank you16:58
beisnerhi sunny can you hop on #openstack-charms ?   also first questions will be:  can you pastebin a juju status output?  and are there 3 units of each service which is in HA?17:30
jesse__Good evening :)17:57
jesse__If someone can point me into the right direction on the following error that would be awesome!17:58
jesse__juju add-relation neutron-gateway mysql17:58
jesse__ERROR no relations found17:58
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lazyPowerwelp, hard to answer when you leave :(18:01
Randlemani didnt18:03
Randlemanchanged my nick :D18:03
lazyPowerRandleman - neutron-gateway doesn't implement a mysql relation18:04
lazyPowerthe listed relations are on the right side of the store listing above the file list18:04
lazyPowerit only implements hacluster, and neutron-plugin18:04
Randlemanso, i have an old canonical workbook?18:04
lazyPowerbeisner thedac - do we know if neutron-gateway had at one time, a mysql relation?18:05
lazyPowerRandleman - sorry i'm not an openstack charmer so i'm not terribly familiar with the history of the charms18:05
Randlemanallright, well thanks anyway :) now i can atleast continue my deployment.18:06
beisnerlazyPower, it did, prior to the 16.04 charm versions.  https://github.com/openstack/charm-neutron-gateway/commit/00f0edc70d68ce846db928ec2304d79fc6d1a5ae18:27
lazyPowerRandleman - ah, seems like thats the case. The latest revisions of the charms changed. so there's a few options. Use the older charms, or see if there's newer documentation18:28
lazyPowerbeisner - thanks for taking a look18:28
beisneryw lazyPower18:29
beisnerlazyPower, Randleman - it looks like the neutron-gateway readme didn't get a necessary update on that.  i'll be proposing a readme change shortly.  tldr; it's now safe to just not relate neutron-gateway to the database, as db ops now happen via rpc.18:31
beisneri'd recommend using the latest stable charm release18:32
petevgcory_fu, kwmonroe: are either of you available to jump into the hangout? I want to point at something and see if it makes sense to you.18:54
kwmonroeyup petevg, omw18:55
petevgthx :-)18:55
Randlemanthanks beisner19:08
RandlemanGot another issue :D yay19:09
Randlemani deployed the neutron-gateway charm and it's up and running19:09
Randlemanexcept for the fact that i can't see it anywhere in the openstack services list.19:09
RandlemanNor is their a neutron user created...19:09
Randlemanall the other services are running fine.19:10
Randlemanit looks like the environment doesn't know about the existence of neutron-gateway19:13
beisnerhi Randleman - please have a look at this reference bundle and its relations to check against your neutron* relations and config options:  https://jujucharms.com/openstack-base/19:16
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RandlemanThanks weird beisner , the bundle file shows me that neutron-gateway has a relation with mysql19:22
RandlemanBut that shouldn't matter.19:23
RandlemanI got all relations it needs... but the neutron/network doesnt show up anywhere.19:23
RandlemanThis could be a thing..19:29
RandlemanAMQP server on is unreachable: [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED. Trying again in 32 seconds.19:30
Randlemanalso not very nice19:32
Randlemanl3-agent cannot contact neutron server to retrieve service plugins enabled.19:32
beisnerhi Randleman - i don't see that there is a shared-db neutron-gateway relation in the current bundle.  neutron-api, yes.19:45
beisnerhi marcoceppi - do you know https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/issues/220 fixes will hit pypi?19:53
beisnerinsert: when.  typing and thinking is hard19:54
beisnertinwood, looks like that merged into master ~1hr ago.  you could confirm manually by using git-foo for charm-tools master in requirements as a check.19:55
tinwoodbeisner, yes, I'll do that to start with.  I've got a review up for interface-keystone with unit tests on WIP at the moment too.19:56
beisnertinwood, feel free to temporarily flip charm-tools to master in that gerrit review just to exercise :)19:57
tinwoodbeisner, I think we also need to do some project-foo on it too, to enable a testing gate - it's only got pep8.  I'll take a look at that too.19:57
beisnertinwood, oh yes, likely so.19:59
marcoceppibeisner: it's in the snap in edge channel ;)20:00
tinwoodbeisner, np, will do.  going back to #openstack-charms now.20:00
beisnermarcoceppi, test runners live on trusty (!snap) until jenkins-slave gains xenial foo.20:01
beisnermarcoceppi, otherwise :cat2:20:01
marcoceppibeisner: it's not a patch release, it'll be a 2.2, which isn't scheduled until October20:02
marcoceppibeisner: but, I'm sure we can drop 2.2 sooner20:02
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beisnermarcoceppi, ok. it does seem like a legit bugfix patch, as the existing ignore logic is unusable in that it makes ignores from any 1 layer apply to all layers globally.20:12
kwmonroelazyPower: i'm looking at https://github.com/juju-solutions/charmbox/issues/37, but local builds are working fine for me (docker build -t charmbox .).  how can i reproduce the env causing failures on docker hub? (https://hub.docker.com/r/jujusolutions/charmbox/builds/bwfmghxnj8xbj85fptqnhw9/)20:14
magicaltroutkwmonroe i hope you're priming your liver20:18
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Dougihi all, im new to openstack, but im very interesting to learn, so i have a ubuntu maas setup with a controller and 4 nodes deployed, but i dont know what next... and i kind of dont find any good dokumentation. can someone tell me how to find any good dokumentation on how to get juju installed correctly?20:40
bdxtls-peeps: https://gist.github.com/jamesbeedy/c20d91bd0087b32dbc0aa0956cde5ed820:46
bdxdoes that^ look legit?20:46
bdxlazyPower, mbruzek, ^^20:48
bdxI'm getting this error -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23086229/20:49
mbruzekbdx: hrmm that is strange20:52
bdxhere is all of feed.py, shouldn't really matter though20:55
mbruzekbdx That tells me that your cred is not there20:56
bdxmbruzek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23086275/20:57
mbruzekbdx: can you do an ls /var/lib/juju/agents/unit-feed-14/charm/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/pki/private/20:57
mbruzekbdx: I need more context on how this is deployed. There are 13 other feed peers?20:58
mbruzekbdx: run "is-leader"20:58
bdxmbruzek: lol, no. I've been iterating20:59
bdxtheres only one20:59
mbruzekOK so that must be the leader.20:59
bdxis-leader returns 'true'20:59
mbruzekCan you gist a "tree" command in:  /var/lib/juju/agents/unit-feed-14/charm/easy-rsa/easyrsa320:59
mbruzekbdx: So it has been a while since I used the tls layer. I remember the leader is the CA and the signer21:00
mbruzekbdx: so maybe there is another Error earlier on?21:01
bdxtotally .. I think I should try a barebones top layer that includes tls and just simply writes out the keys so I can isolate that to being the issue21:03
mbruzekbdx it looks to me that you don't have a CA unless it did not show the stuff in the private directory.21:04
bdxyeah, I def don't21:04
mbruzekIn the log are there any earlier errors21:04
bdxnot that I can see -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23086294/21:05
bdxline 212421:06
bdxI wonder if it has something to do with nginx-passenger21:08
bdxor the phusion repo being enabled21:08
mbruzekIt looks like you get an error there on the cnf file, have not seen that one before.21:08
mbruzekFor the latest uses of tls layer, checkout this https://github.com/mbruzek/layer-k8s/blob/master/reactive/k8s.py#L9821:09
bdxI've thoroughly looked over that though21:09
bdxI'm doing nothing different21:09
mbruzekI only use the user password parameters when you want non root21:09
mbruzekBut yeah other than that21:10
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mbruzekbdx as you suggested build a simple layer with just tls and if you find that it is a bug in my code please create an issue against layer-tls and I will fix it asap21:10
bdxtotally, thanks for your insight here21:11
mbruzekbdx: but I totally think the earlier error is giving you problem down the line21:11
mbruzekBut again I have not see that error before. The tree output shows the file exists, but the error says it is not there.21:12
mbruzekI don't know nwhat is going on21:12
mbruzekbdx: Chuck is using the tls layer in swarm https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-swarm/blob/master/reactive/swarm.py#L21921:16
mbruzekBut it looks like you are using it correctly21:17
mbruzekso I don't know, I suspect those earlier error. If that cnf file is not there or readable I guess that would be a problem.21:17

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