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bhyklhello people!17:24
bhyklwhy not release a slimmed lubuntu version with only X org Server running live?17:25
bhyklwith as few services and kernel modules as possible? with only the most used drivers17:26
bhyklshould fit easly on a 512 MB usb stick17:27
bhyklthen it would need less maintenence and a lot less bugged17:28
wxltsimonq2: do you know if that respin fixed the problems nio was going on about?19:04
tsimonq2wxl: I don't know, I'm out of the house typing on mobile, could you ask on #ubuntu-release?19:10
wxltsimonq2: i'm going full boar at work. will you have time soonish?19:11
tsimonq2fine :P19:11
wxltsimonq2: thanks a ton man. it's just nuts here with this kickstarter19:18
tsimonq2wxl: yeah I saw the YouTube video. Congrats!19:18
wxltsimonq2: screen shot that and add it to your library of pictures of me XD19:19
tsimonq2wxl: well that and that picture I linked yesterday19:19
tsimonq2but yes that's going in my library of Walter pictures XD19:19
wxlheh yeah that one is on my biz card19:19
wxltsimonq2: semes the issue is the ubiquity verson https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/lubuntu-devel/2016-August/000746.html19:20
wxltsimonq2: BUT also i think debian-installer and networking https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/lubuntu-devel/2016-August/000744.html19:21
tsimonq2ahhhhh I can't deal with all of this right now19:21
tsimonq2I have to go19:21
wxlall good thx fo9r your help19:21
wxlping me later19:21
lynorianhmm repsin today20:36
lynorianof everything20:59
lynorianwxl tsimonq2 ^20:59
wxllynorian: huh?21:20
lynorianwxl all x86 images are respun21:21
wxllynorian: ah, k. thx21:21
lynoriangrr I had lubuntu install ok in a vm entire disk on alternate and then had no network on boot21:26
wxlthat's the problem i saw nio mention, lynorian21:28
lynorianwxl did he report a bug on it?21:31
lynoriannvm found it wxl21:32
lynorianbug 161640021:33
ubot93bug 1616400 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu's alternate i386 installer cannot connect to a network" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161640021:33
wxllynorian: can you check if server's having this issue?21:45
lynorianwxl sure thing21:46
lynorianargh got the no network thing21:52
wxllynorian: after install?21:58
wxlserver's not participating in beta 121:59
wxllynorian: can you dig through the log files and see if you see anything relevant to networking?22:00
lynorianI am at the end of the install22:06
lynorianand then you told me to dig through log files22:06
lynorianbut really hard without even less22:07
wxlcould put them on a usb?22:08
wxlthen grep it on your regular '[uter22:08
lynorianwxl I was getting nowhere23:42
wxllynorian: oh well. i asked in ubuntu-release so we'll see23:46

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