davekimblebluetooth manager's icons seem to be the wrong way round - off for on05:58
davekimbleif you get past that and click Setup it gets to pairing but doesn't tell you what to do next - make the device connectable and type in the PIN and press enter. Anything else fails without explanation.06:02
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daifucohi im a gnome user, I am getting a low spec dell laptop today with ubuntu preisntalled. On my desktop I am mostly a gnome user with gnome apps, should I still consider lubuntu?09:38
daifucoor xubuntu is the natural choice09:38
daifucowhat |I like of lubuntu is the plastik like looks, it reminds me of the old times. But I went back to linux and fell in love with gnome3 :P09:39
qswzis it possible to hide the lower taskbar?10:12
qswzand only show it when the mouse is at the bottom or on it10:13
qswzfound it10:16
qswzwhy isn't lsof a command?10:24
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zerocool_is any lubuntu developer here?15:10
Guest25525Hello, I am unable to switch my bluetooth speaker to high fidelity playback17:58
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