shewlessHi there. got a new install of maas 2.0 on ubuntu 16.04. Setup a DHCP network/subnet on my vlan but I'm noticing that maas-dhcpd is not starting.  I see two "problems" in syslog01:35
shewless1: "no subnet declartion for ens3.200" - but I declared a subnet on this vlan in maas.01:35
shewless2: "Not configured to listen on any interfaces" - Hmm. not sure why01:36
shewlesshmm.. can I not use a tagged vlan for pxe?01:43
shewlessI think I may have found the issue.  I named the vlan interface "vlan200" instead of the standard "ens3.200".  Looks like maas made some assumption that my vlan interface is ens3.200.  I changed my vlan interface name and it seems to be working well now.,02:05
shewlessHmm.. well that change allowed my system to pxe boot, but now I'm staring at "maas-enlist" IP-Config: no response after X secs - giving up02:10
shewlessnext problem.. what is multipath?02:30
shewlesssigh.. actually I think it just can't mount the iscsi drive because the IP-Config timed out02:39
shewlesslooks like it's trying to configure the physical interface and it's not trying to configure the vlan.. so maybe pxe on a tagged vlan just isn't supported? Can anyone verify?02:39
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martin123hi all.. quick question: I've looked around in the docs and googled for it but I can't seem to find much... I need to move a maas (1.6) controller from old hardware to newer hardware and was hoping to do an upgrade to maas 2 as well... anyone know of good docs or have any tips? There appears to be no export/import functionality as far as I know.09:41
roaksoaxmartin123: i'd upgrade to 2.0, then fully backup the DB and backup /var/lib/maas/secret09:50
roaksoaxmartin123: and reapply the backedup db to the new system09:50
roaksoaxand restore /var/lib/maas/secret09:50
roaksoaxand that should be it09:50
martin123roaksoax: ok, sounds logical. Thanks, I'll try that :)10:21
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mupBug #1616417 opened: [2.0] The IP of a Machine's BMC is not listed on the subnet details page <MAAS:Triaged> <MAAS 2.0:Triaged> <MAAS trunk:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1616417>11:04
shewlesshello. anyone active here? Just wondering if tagged vlans are supported for the pxe network14:57
roaksoaxshewless: have you configured your hardware to pxe over a tagged vlan ?15:00
roaksoaxshewless: we don't test that scenario, but if the hardware firmware were to support that, I don't see why that wouldn't work15:01
roaksoaxyou'd just need MAAS available on such vlan15:01
shewlessroaksoax: yes I have. I can see the dhcp request and offer works but during the commissioning I can see it's trying to assign the IP to the pysical nic instead of the vlan.. it all goes downhill from there :)15:01
shewlessroaksoax: I'm pretty sure it doesn't work.. just wanted to confirm. For now I've removed the tag15:02
shewlessroaksoax I have another problem maybe you can help me with :)15:02
shewlessI'm deploying a server (16.04) and I see this message after it's done most of the imaging and is just doing the final reboot (WARN: No MBR magic, treating disk as raw).15:03
shewlessI have 2 servers configured the same. works on 1 and not on the other15:03
shewlessI am trying to install the OS on a USB stick.. maybe that's relavent15:04
roaksoaxshewless: ah yes, the commissioning environment wont configured a tagged NIC on the machine15:05
shewlessroaksoax: that explains that then. I'll just avoid the tag on the pxe network then15:05
roaksoaxshewless: on your second issue, did you setup your usb disk as the boot disk ? do you want your usb disk be the boot disk ?15:06
shewlessroaksoax: Okay.. I now have 3 servers configured the same. On two of them I can deploy just fine. On one I get that error about MBR magic.  I tried to replace the USB stick and I also tried to dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=1 to clear out the MBR.. just in case that would help15:07
shewlessroaksoax: Yes and Yes15:07
shewlessit works on 2/3 servers.. weird15:07
roaksoaxshewless: strange. Try to reocmmission your non-working machine and re-do the storage config and see if that makes any effects ?15:08
shewlessroaksoax: tried that already twice..15:09
shewlessin the rsyslog I see this.. not sure if it's relavent:  ureadahead: Unable to obtain rotationalness for device 0:22: No such file or directory15:09
roaksoaxnever seen such message15:09
roaksoaxshewless: what if you change the boot disk ?15:10
roaksoaxshewless: and change it back to what you want it to be15:10
shewlessroaksoax: it works if I use the hard drives15:10
shewless..and then doesn't work when I switch it back to what I want15:10
roaksoaxi'd suggest you file a bug15:14
shewlessroaksoak.. thinsk I fibured it out.. will let you know after I test15:18
shewlessroaksoax: I had the drive boot order in the bios set backwards for that one device15:31
shewlessthat somehow caused this problem15:31
roaksoaxstrange indeed15:32
shewlessroaksoax: Is there a way to change the default use when deploying a node? I see it's ubuntu even though I'm deploying as a different user in maas15:35
roaksoaxshewless: no, not yet15:35
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kikoshewless, there's the argument that it should always be ubuntu, btw16:29
kikobecause this is meant to be an admin user16:29
kikonot an actual machine user16:29
shewlesskiko: fair enough. Not that hard to work with.16:32
kikoshewless, our thinking is that for any simple case, it's trivial to useradd once you have a user on the machine16:33
kikoshewless, and for any complex case, the ubuntu user is really just being used to bootstrap automation16:33
kikoit's a bit of a question mark that the user should be called "ubuntu" and "centos" respectively16:33
kikoroaksoax, is the rhel user "rhel"?16:33
kiko(i.e. we could use maas or maasadmin or maasuser)16:34
shewlesskiko: just call it "maas" then :)16:34
shewlesskiko.. yeah that might make more sense16:34
shewlessshewless: I think it also might make sense to make that user name the same as the deployers user name16:34
shewlessor at least to provide that as an option16:35
kikoshewless, the latter makes it harder for the handoff-to-automation use case16:35
shewlesskiko: not in my situation :)16:35
kikoshewless, can you explain?16:36
roaksoaxkiko: root iirc16:37
shewlesskiko: actually having thought about it I suppose it doesn't matter. Just that I'm running some ansible deployment scripts and I generally run those as the same user as my maas user16:37
shewlesswhich is not ubuntu16:38
shewless(and not root)16:38
kikoshewless, do you use maansible?16:38
* roaksoax otp16:38
shewlesskiko: I wasn't aware of such a beast. Definitely was in the plans to integrate the two at some point16:39
kikoroaksoax, and not with me it seems? :)16:43
kikoshewless, I've never used it but know of it: https://github.com/waldemarbautista/maansible16:44
shewlesskiko: yeah I might play with that at some point. For now I'm okay with a two step process of deploying and ansibling.16:44
shewlesswith teh ubuntu user :)16:44
roaksoaxkiko: sorry, got stuck in another meeting16:45
kikono problem but my time is running out16:47
shewlesskiko, roaksoax: I'm having a heck of a time deploying on a KVM machine. I got the virsh power management working, commissioning works, but it fails on deployment17:00
shewlessthat's the rsyslog.. any ideas?17:00
kikoAug 24 12:46:56 wtllab-guest-1 cloud-init[2310]: An error occured handling 'vda': OSError - [Errno 6] No such device or address: '/dev/vda2'17:03
kikoAug 24 12:46:56 wtllab-guest-1 cloud-init[2310]: [Errno 6] No such device or address: '/dev/vda2'17:03
kikoAug 24 12:46:56 wtllab-guest-1 cloud-init[2310]: Installation failed with exception: Unexpected error while running command.17:03
kikoAug 24 12:46:56 wtllab-guest-1 cloud-init[2310]: Command: ['curtin', 'block-meta', 'custom']17:03
kikoAug 24 12:46:56 wtllab-guest-1 cloud-init[2310]: Exit code: 317:03
kikoAug 24 12:46:56 wtllab-guest-1 cloud-init[2310]: Reason: -17:03
kikoAug 24 12:46:56 wtllab-guest-1 cloud-init[2310]: Stdout: b"An error occured handling 'vda': OSError - [Errno 6] No such device or address: '/dev/vda2'\n[Errno 6] No such device or address: '/dev/vda2'\n"17:03
kikoshewless, you don't have a vda2 on that VM?17:03
shewlesskiko: I don't think so (not on purpose). the config is only for vda and vda1 I believe17:04
shewlesskiko: maas just has "vda" and vda-part1. I didn't mess with the disk config at all17:05
kikoshewless, well, that's the only thing I can spot from the logs17:05
kikowhy is MAAS trying to talk to vda2?17:05
kikois it a UEFI thing, i.e. vda1 will be the UEFI partition?17:05
kikoshewless, is the deployment actually failing, btw? is all of this prior to running curtin?17:06
shewlesskiko: maas is telling me the deployment failed. the console looks like it got pretty far.17:07
shewlessI'll try and create a different partition maybe17:07
mupBug #1616552 opened: [IPv6] ipv6-only machine has region's ipv4 address in resolv.conf <MAAS:New for lamont> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1616552>17:20
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valeechHello. I am running maas 2.0rc4. Whenever I try to deploy a machine with xenial it gets stuck deploying. It seems to install and reboot ok, but then nothing happens after the reboot. I can deploy trusty all day long without issue. Any pointers where to start troubleshooting? I tried commissioning with both trusty and xenial and nothing changes. I am using the xenial hwe-x kernal in all situations.19:20
jpr1trying out maas 2.0 on xenial.  having a bit of trouble getting my dhcp requests to get a reply19:34
jpr1The documented "nodes accept-all" doesn't seem to be an option https://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/nodes.html#automatic-discovery19:35
jpr1I see the dhcp requests on the maas server via tcpdump but there are no corresponding replies19:36
jpr1(note that I am in liberty openstack virtual environment but I do have the subnets dhcp service turned off)19:37
jpr1any thoughts?19:37
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sunny_can anyone give me pointer for openstack-charmer channel as /JOIN openstack-charmers is not working for me20:32
marcoceppisunny_: /join #openstack-charms20:34
sunny_Thanks marcoceppi20:38
Dougihi all, im new to openstack, but im very interesting to learn, so i have a ubuntu maas setup with a controller and 4 nodes deployed, but i dont know what next... and i kind of dont find any good dokumentation. can someone tell me how to find any good dokumentation on how to get juju installed correctly?20:39
marcoceppiDougi: #juju might be a good place to start, but you can also check out https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/getting-started-general20:43
marcoceppiDougi: you install Juju on your machine, not on maas or anything directly20:43
marcoceppiDougi: Then you tell juju about your current MAAS controller, which enables you to create a Juju controller, which you can then deploy OpenStack with Juju20:43
Dougioki... thats make more sense....20:44
marcoceppiDougi: here's the MAAS documentation to configure Juju and MAAS https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/clouds-maas20:45
Dougithanks marcoceppi :)20:45
Dougimarcoceppi: there is nowhere in any documentation that says that i need to use my machine :) i tought allways that i had to installl juju at the controller or maybe a node so that i could start the webgui :)20:50
testeris anyone out there?20:51
kikoif you have some money to send us for instance then we are all likely here20:51
testerhaha i see20:52
testerdo you use bitcoin?20:52
kikotester, no, mostly MAAS. what about you?21:02
Dougimarcoceppi: is there any maps or something that shows how evrything is connected to eachother?21:07
marcoceppiDougi: not that I'm aware of21:08
testerkiko you mean you have weapons of maas deployment21:09
testeranyone know how to deploy rhel in maas?21:09
kikotester, centos works out of the box21:10
kikotester, rhel is delivered to paying customers as we can't redistribute it publicly21:10
kikocentos is supported out of the box in both 1.9 and 2.021:10
testeri have redhat images and licences can i create my own custom image?21:12
kikotester, if you are a paying customer yes21:14
kikowe give you all the tooling21:14
testerdoes the tooling support ppcle arch?21:16
testerthe free centos image suports only amd21:16
Dougimarcoceppi: so i can not run maas-controller and juju at the same server... but can i run juju at a server outside of my "mass network" that controll my maas cloud? is that correct?21:23
kikotester, good question -- you are on ppcle21:25
testeryes i am21:26
tester@kiko i am in need of boot images for rhel6 & 7, suse 11 & 12  (ppcle, s390x and amd64)21:30
kikotester, ppcle is power8, right?21:31
tester@kiko maas deploys ubuntu on all those platforms fine21:31
tester@kiko that is correct!21:32
kikothen yes, the tooling supports it21:32
kikosorry, I was slightly confused by ppcle21:32
kikoas our arch tag is something like ppc64le21:32
tester@kiko how do i sign up?21:32
kikotester, I just privmsgd21:33
pravI am using MAAS 2.0, but I want to deploy Centos7 to nodes. Is there a doc that I can follow. I am not able to get maas-image-builder21:50
pravI have the Centos7, but the nodes still get the Trusty images21:51
kikoprav, just import centos images22:01
kikoprav, go to the images page and turn centos on22:01
pravI did, but where do I tell MAAS to install Centos instead of Ubuntu? Is it in preseed?22:08
pravMaybe I have got it wrong, but I want to use MAAS to deploy only Centos7 images and using it only for baremetal OS deployments including PXE..22:09
pravRight now the 3 nodes are taking the IP and getting Ubuntu.. having issues with logging into the nodes, but I think that has got to do with ssh keys not correctly imported..22:10
pravso when I checked Centos only and unchecked Ubuntu images, the boot failed since it is looking for ubuntu- no such image/boot-kernel failes22:11
kikoprav, when you go to deploy, edit the node22:18
kikoand change the OS from Ubuntu to CentOS22:18
kikoprav, that's an actual bug22:18
kikoprav, that last piece -- could you file it for us at launchpad.net/maas/+filebug22:18
roaksoaxprav: you need ubuntu to deploy centos23:09
roaksoaxprav: maas 2.0 will automatically import ubuntu xenial23:09
roaksoaxprav: and you can go to the images page23:09
roaksoaxprav: and import centos23:10
roaksoaxprav: from there you will be able to deploy23:10
pravkiko, I will file that bug23:13
roaksoaxprav: 18:20 < prav> so when I checked Centos only and unchecked Ubuntu images, the boot failed since it is looking for ubuntu- no such image/boot-kernel  failes23:14
roaksoaxprav: that is not a bug23:14
roaksoaxprav: to deploy centos we need ubuntu23:14
pravok. Got it23:15
pravLet me try few options right now23:15
roaksoaxprav: so you/win 523:27
pravIs there a doc I can look at step by step for acquiring nodes and deploying? My nodes are now in "Failed commissioning"23:36
pravLoading centos/amd64/generic/centos70/no-such-image/boot-kernel... failed: No such file or directory23:39
pravalso complains of power state of manual23:44
pravin maas.log23:44

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